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Pink Friday: Makeover

By Pup Forte
published January 11, 2020

After Will gets rejected by the girl he likes his gay best friend Zach takes him out for a makeover. Will discovers that a trip to Pink Friday is just what he needs.

Zach must know how things went, Will thought. Why else would he ask to hang out today, on such short notice, after so long? They’d been best friends since meeting at the community college, bonding over nerdy interests. But they’d each been going through their own shit recently and neither really knew how to help the other. Will had been surprised when Zach came out. Will didn’t think of himself as a homophobe, but Zach just didn’t feel gay to Will, and he was still having difficulty processing it. Things hadn’t changed too much at first, though, at least not until Will started getting absorbed by what he called “the whole thing with Katie.”

“We’ve been driving for a bit, dude,” said Will. “I thought you said we were going to the mall?”

“I did, and we are,” said Zach. “Just not the one in town.”

“What? Why?”

“Well, I know that you’ve been a bit, um, lovelorn recently and I thought that sprucing up your look might improve your mood and your romantic prospects.”

Will missed a beat before he tried to respond.

“Yeah” said Zach, “I know, I know, the gay friend trying to give you a makeover, how novel. But come on! Improving how you look improves how you feel, improves how you act, improves how the world sees you.”

“I know what the world sees. It’s hard to miss.” Will was fat. He wore a plain black tee shirt that was generic and baggy even on him, a pair of cargo shorts. For shoes he wore a pair of beaten-up New Balance sneakers. His glasses were large and wire-rimmed.

“Jesus, Will,” said Zach, “lighten up. You know, I’m not that much thinner than you and I can tell you I’ve done pretty all right for myself the past couple of months.”

“You know, man, good for you, totally good for you, and stuff. But, you know…”

“I’ll spare you the details for now.”

“Thanks” said Will, relieved and a little guilty. “But this isn’t going to work. There’s only one person for me. I know it.”

Zach paused for a moment. “Katie mentioned you two were hanging out alone last night. Then you posted that cryptic Facebook bullshit about love being the fate of destiny.”

“Love is the purpose of providence,” said Will under his breath.

“Yeah, what-the-fuck-ever. I knew some shit was going down. Katie texted last night, said she was worried about you. I fucking told you this was a bad idea, Will.”

“So this whole thing is pity, huh?”

“You’ve got pity a-plenty for yourself, Will. And no, this was just the kick in the ass I needed. I miss you.”

“I miss you too, bro. I know I haven’t been there for you during this whole coming out thing. But when you find your perfect match…”

“You’re 26, Will.”

“That’s old enough to know.”

“Maybe, but not old enough to have to know. Believe me when I say I know how it feels.”

Will was glad Zach had wanted to help, even if Zach hadn’t said as much. Will wanted to be alone. He knew he shouldn’t be, not right now. Zach had been there for Will a lot. When Will decided he wanted to do design over going on to medical school, Zach had tried to persuade him to do it when Will’s parents threatened to cut him off. Now, he wasn’t doing either, working a dead-end job, stuck in limbo. All he had was Katie…or all he had had, before yesterday. Zach, on the other hand, had finished his engineering degree and was working at the airport and was sickeningly financially comfortable at the age of 28.

They drove in silence for a while. It wasn’t long before Zach pulled the car into the mall parking lot. Will had never been here before. Zach drove half around the mall before parking in front of a boxy building made of brown brick inside the complex.

“You drove all this way to go to a fucking Sears? What kind of gay guy are you?”

“Fuck you,” said Zach. “And no, the Sears closed down a while ago. I’ve actually never been to this place but a friend recommended it, said we had to try and that they’d know just what to do for a guy in your position.”

“I know how to slit my own wrists, Zach.”

Hearing this, Zach, Zach pursed his lips and looked at Will in a way Will had never seen him do before. Zach put his hand on Will’s. “Don’t say that. If It’s a joke, it’s not funny. And if it’s not, well…I know that you’re heartbroken right now, really, I do. But can we just see what happens today, take it a step at a time? I think there’s supposed to be a pretty cool retro arcade inside the mall. We can do that later.”

Will was surprised that he hadn’t pulled his hand away from Zach’s. He was still navigating the whole gay business, and he wasn’t sure if it was paranoia, or homophobia, but, when he’d started talking to Zach about possibly talking things over with Katie a couple of months ago, he thought he heard something in Zach’s warnings not to do it that was more than concern for Will’s wellbeing. But here, now, Zach just welcomed the comfort, however it came.

“I’m sorry, man, you’re right. I really don’t know how I’m going to get through this. But I’m really glad you’re willing to go through it with me now, even if I don’t deserve it. And, for sure, dude, we can totally hit the arcade if you’re down.”

“OK, great,” said Zach. Will’s hand felt cold when Zach pulled his away, even though it was quite warm in the car. Will got out and Zach, sighing, got out after. It wasn’t until they were walking up to the storefront that Zach noticed that all the parking spaces directly in front of the store were lined in pink. Zach thought it odd, but not as odd as what he found inside.

“Jesus, Zach, where are we? What the fuck?”

“Would you prefer Sears? It’s called Pink Friday and it’s, uh, a men’s alternative clothing store,” said Zach. Will glared at him. “Look, I said I wanted to expand your romantic opportunities. Like, Queer Eye is back! If you ever want to get a girl, this is where you need to be. Here.” Zach took out his phone and began swiping. Will got a text message. He opened his phone to what appeared to be a barcode in the shape of a pink phallus.

“That’s a giftcard,” said Zach. “I want you to use that up and I’ll get the rest. Really, I think it’d be good for you to grab some things from in here, force yourself out of your comfort zone. I’m going to go shopping for some things by myself. You shop around a little bit and we’ll meet up later. See ya in a bit.” Standing next to Will, Zach let the outside of his hand touch the outside of Will’s. “Just try to keep an open mind, try to expand your horizons.”

Zach walked off, leaving Will alone, stunned, and not a little frustrated that he’d been abandoned in this place. He was too stunned for a moment to call after Zach or chase him down. After a minute or so of standing by the entrance to the store, Will began to wander aimlessly. He had no idea what he was doing here. He would definitely never spend his own money here but as long as he wasn’t going to do that today, anyway, he’d find something to buy to placate Zach and then he’d donate it to a gay youth shelter or something later, if that was a thing. At the front of the store, though, there was nothing he could even pretend he’d wear, let alone fit into. He passed a display of lace-up briefs that appeared to come in sizes Microscopic to Statistically Insignificant.

Just beyond this, though, was a rack of tees of various sizes and styles with licensed designs and logos. Will thought this was going to be his best shot at finding something and began searching through the wrack. Eventually he landed on deep blue shirt. It was printed with the words “Bad Wolf” meant to resemble spray paint. That’s cute, thought Will. Cute? Will would never describe anything less than a puppy “cute,” let alone a shirt. What the fuck?

“That is a cute top,” said a voice behind Will. Will knew it was just a comment, but the cadence almost made it sound like the man was responding to Will’s thoughts. He turned around. The man walking towards him had a shaved head and a full grey beard of brown hair that seemed to be half brown and half grey. His body was not lean but was well-muscled. His black tank top was emblazoned with what appeared to be a Starfleet logo made out rainbow and revealed one arm completely full of tattoos. Just above the Starfleet logo was another pink phallus reading “Chris.”

“Yeah,” said Will, “but I doubt it would fit me and it seems like it’s the largest size you carry. Besides, it’s a tank top and I don’t wear those.”

“Oh, come on, Billy. You would look adorable in that. If you follow me to a changing room I can show you. Come on. Now.”

Will stood stunned for a moment. Had Chris known his name? Maybe Zach had told him, but he’d also seemed to know what he was thinking about the shirt. With all that had happened Will felt he should just walk out the door and find a way home. But he didn’t. Maybe it was because he felt like he’d had nothing to lose just fifteen minutes ago. Maybe it was something in Chris’s voice. But either way, Chris walked off with the shirt and Will followed.

When they got to the changing room Chris handed the shirt to Will and will walked into the room. He was surprised again when Chris came in after.

“What are you doing?” Asked Will?

“Helping you change,” said Chris. “I’m not just a sales rep. I’m a stylist. Go on, change.”

Before he could think about it Will had taken off the baggy black tee and popped the tank top over his head. Before it was even on well Will knew the shirt was too tight. He felt it primarily in his gut and a glance in the mirror confirmed his suspicion.

“It’ll be fine Billy,” said Chris. “Try moving around a little.” At this Chris lifted his arms over his head, exposing the hair of his armpit. Will didn’t know what to make of the way he felt when he looked at it. Billy could smell deodorant but there was something else intermingled in the scent. Smelling it, Will felt as though he were seeing a new color, beyond the visible spectrum, with his naked eye. It was beautiful. Will stood, his mind bathed in the scent.

Chris pinched at the shirt he was wearing. “I bought this tank top here about a year ago, when this place first opened. I came in wearing an ill-fitting grey suit with parted hair. I came out…well, I came out. You’re in a dark place, Billy. Would you like to come out?” Will made no reply but continued staring at Chris’s armpit. “I thought so. My tank top didn’t fit either. I’ll show you how I made it fit me and how I came to fit it.” Chris deftly undid his pants and let his erect, pierced, nine-inch cock out. “On your knees, boy.”

“Yes, sir,” said Will. Where the fuck had that come from? He was actually dropping to his knees! He was obeying! Part Will urged him to resist. But whatever of him was kneeling before the man in front of him didn’t care about Katie and wasn’t in pain. If this was a mistake it was hardly the worst mistake he could make today.

Whatever part of Will that resisted Chris’s command died away the moment Will tasted the head of Chris’s cock. When had the whole cock in his mouth, he began grinding in his shorts, feeling his own cock stiffen. He bobbed his head up and down Chris’s shaft, rubbing the cock ring with his tongue. He didn’t know how long he went on like this. Just once he tried to remember why he’d been so upset before realizing it probably didn’t matter.

“Yeah, boy. Suck. Take it,” said Chris. He could feel his precum leak into his shorts as he tasted the precum leak into his mouth. Chris grabbed Will’s head and began fucking his skull. “Get ready, boy, it’s coming. Ah!”

Will felt a last, hard thrust down his throat and tasted the cum sliding down his throat. Chris stayed in Will’s mouth for a moment, then pulled his cock out, still holding Will’s head for a few moments. Will shivered a few times before Chris let go of his head. Will sat on his knees for he didn’t know how long before he rose and looked in the mirror.

Where before Will’s belly had protruded too far out to make the tank top work, now his belly was smaller and more proportional with his chest. He was still chubby, but he now had visible muscles shaping the fat of his arms. His pecs were almost firm enough to qualify as bara tiddies.

“See, boy?” said Chris. “We ought to get you done while you’re still pliable. I’ll have your shopping done by the time you’re finished. Over to the salon.”

Will didn’t see the point. He shaved his head almost to bare skin all the way around. He didn’t want it any shorter than that. But he obeyed like a good boy. No one spoke to him in the salon. A large man with an impeccable fade grabbed his hand and led him to the shampoo station. The man grabbed a dark blue bottle from a shelf and squeezed its contents onto Will’s head. It felt cold until the man began massaging it into Will’s scalp. He must have done this for 10 minutes before he rinsed Will’s head.

The man guided Will to a chair and began cutting something on top of Will’s head with scissors. Will was confused but entirely unworried and sat just enjoying the experience, the warmth of the man as he leaned over him, the feel of his erection against Will’s arm. He then buzzed Will’s facial hair and, when he finished, he pointed Will to the space next to the salon.

When Will entered the space, again, no one spoke to him. A young man, 22 or so, with more piercings and tattoos than will could count, led Will to a room. He took Will’s shirt off and, as Will admired the man’s tattoos and the way they framed the muscles of his shoulders, Will felt slight, numb pain in his nipples, his earlobes, and his right ear cartilage. It subsided quickly. Will giggled, then sighed.

“You should go find Chris, he’s still waiting to finish you up,” said the young man, grabbing Will by the crotch. “I’m here Tuesday through Saturday if you want anything else done, or if you ever want to play, cutie.”

Will giggled and walked out of the piercing station to find Chris waiting for him. In his hands he had a pair of black boots, a pair of calf-high black socks with rainbows on them a large red jockstrap, a snapback printed with a classic NES controller, and a pair of booty shorts. “Put these on, boy, right here,” said Chris.

“Shouldn’t we go to the changing room?” Asked Will.

“I think the changing’s already done. Just put these clothes on.”

Will giggled at hearing this. He did as he was told. Some of the men, especially the straight-looking ones, looked at Will with disgust and confusion as they came in, but many hardly noticed, as if this was the most normal thing in the world. A few men, mostly larger, even looked admiringly. Will had never had attention of that sort before and he began giggling when one of the men looked him up and down and gave him a wink. When he was dressed, he found a mirror.

Standing in the mirror before Will was an adorable cub. His rather large nipple piercings were clearly visible through the tank top, both his earlobes were stretched to what appeared to bee 00s with metal tunnels in each, and his right ear had a metallic industrial bar crossing its cartilage. He wore the snapback back on his head and blue hair swooped beneath the brim to the from the left to the right of his forehead. He could still think. He didn’t feel dumber, per se. But he didn’t have to, now.

The shorts could barely contain Will’s erection.

Chris walked up and put a pair of blue acetate glasses on Will’s face. “Go find your Zach, Billy. He’s been waiting for a long time,” said Chris, grabbing Billy’s ass. “I’m sure I’ll see you around here again.”

“Like, totally,” said Billy. He walked up to the cash register and saw Zach paying for his things. Zach turned around when he was finished but said nothing. Billy could see the astonishment in Zach’s eyes and the erection spring up in his jeans. He’d never noticed how nice Zach’s beard was or how green his eyes were before now. It seemed so obvious now, and he wondered how he’d always missed it. He’d always been self-conscious about his height compared to Zach’s but now, looking up at Billy, he felt his dick get hard again. He wrapped his arm around Zach’s shoulders, rubbed his beard against his, made a crooked smirk, and giggled without saying a word as he pulled away.

They walked hand-in-hand to the registers. Billy showed the gift card to the cashier and asked how much it would be after he applied it.

“Oh, it covered it,” said the cashier.

“Really? With the clothes and the piercings?” asked Billy.

“Yeah, it’s all about making new customers” said the cashier, eyeing Billy up and down before winking and giving a lascivious smile. Billy giggled in response and winked back.

Billy took Zach by his hand again and led him out to the car. New as everything was, it all felt like momentum as they walked towards this inevitability. Billy folded the back seat of the car down, creating a rather large open space in the back. Billy pulled Zach in, closed the door, and ripped Zach’s pants off and took Zach’s seven-incher into his mouth. It wasn’t as big as Chris’s had been, but it was better because it was Zach’s. The moment he tasted it, he exploded all over again all over. He tasted Zach’s precum and smelled the musk as he moved his mouth up and down the shaft. Occasionally he would lick Zach’s balls a few times before licking from all the way from beneath them to the tip of the cock and taking the cock in his mouth again. Zach grabbed Billy’s head but, unlike Chris, there was a tenderness mixed in with the firmness, half control, half caress. It made Billy feel safe. Feeling safe was hot.

Zach’s grunting moans got louder until he finally said “stop.” Billy backed away and Chris took off his shirt, revealing a newly-purchased leather harness. He grabbed a bottle of lube from his pocket bearing a Pink Friday logo and spread lube up and down his cock. “Get on your hands and knees, Will,” said Zach, lubing up his fingers.

“Call me Billy, Zach,” said Billy, “or boy.”

“All right, get ready, Billy,” said Zach. He grabbed Billy’s ass and kneaded a few times before slapping it once hard on the right cheek. He put two fingers up Billy’s hole.

Billy let out a moan. Had his voice gotten higher, or had he always just spoken in the lower part of his register? Either way, it made him harder, which made him moan louder and higher, which made him harder. Zach pulled his fingers out and got behind Billy. Billy could feel the tip of Zach’s cock pushing against his hole, and he let out another long “ung.”

“Oh, god, Billy, I’ve waited for so long to hear that” said Zach. As Billy felt it pop into hole, he let out a short, punctuated moan almost like a whine. “God, it feels better than I could ever have imagined,” said Zach. “I can’t believe this is really happening.”

The feeling of Zach’s cock fucking him felt like pure exhilaration to Billy. It felt like every heady emotion of their friendship crammed into the space inside his hole. Every moan Billy let out was an affirmation that this was right, this was always right, and he was so glad he could finally have it.

“Oh, god, babe. Oh, god, babe. Fuck. Fuck. Fuh. Uh. Unh. Unh, ung, ung.” Billy moaned louder and louder. He could see people walking through the parking lot and, although the windows of the car were fully transparent, most of the people didn’t notice. Only the men entering the area with the pink spaces seemed to be able to see. Some just kept walking but a few gave applause or loud screams of “yaas!”

It was all perfect beyond words. Billy moaned “babe, babe, ugh, ugh” until it smashed together into an incomprehensible babbling modulated by Zach’s increasingly powerful thrusts rocking his body. As the thrusts got deeper and stronger Billy was reduced to an “ah!” synchronized with every thrust.

Finally, Zach said “oh, god, here it comes. Here it comes. Here it fucking comes. Oh, god. Fuck!”

“Yeah, give it to me, baby. That’s it, baby.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, ugh!”

The last of Will disappeared as Zach grabbed Billy’s hips, pulled them onto his dick, and released a massive load into Billy’s ass. Billy came at the same time, spraying his load beneath him. Zach stayed in Billy’s ass for a moment, then collapsed on his back, kissing his neck, before they both collapsed down together, their legs intertwined.

Billy had never felt warmth like this before. It was already warm in the car and outside but Billy was desperate for the warmth coming from Zach as if they were caught in a snowstorm. “Oh, my god, Zach,” He said. “This is the best day of my life. You need to, like, thank that friend of yours, like, ASAP.”

“You have Katie’s number, do it yourself.”

Billy didn’t know how to respond to this. He just sighed a contentedly and backed further into Zach, wrapping Zach’s arm tighter around him. Billy didn’t know how long they stayed in the car before they got dressed. They did go to the arcade, and Billy did have a great time, but he couldn’t tell if it was the arcade or his boyfriend at his side, his load in his ass, that made it so much fun.

Billy couldn’t even call what lay in front of him a new life because what he had before was barely life at all. How long had he spent pining over someone else when the perfect person had been there for him the whole time? Now, he had a whole new world to explore and an awesome boyfriend to explore it with. By the time they left, they were ready to move in with each other. Zach said he’d take care of Billy while he went back to school for design. Everything was going to be fine.

He just needed a trip to Pink Friday to make it all work.

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