Hexes Anonymous: Daniel

By imperatenor - imperatenor@gmail.com
published March 13, 2017

Daniel Gordon gets hexed to become a submissive, cock-hungry bottom as revenge, and gets dominated by his roommate.

A/N: This story features graphic descriptions of urination, watersports, humiliation, and male/male sex with dubious consent. I suggest you give this a pass if those things are not for you. Hope you enjoy, imp.

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Dear Hexes Anonymous,

I found your website online, and this whole thing seems so unbelievable and surreal, but I’m at the end of my rope and I’m absolutely desperate so I’m going to give it a try anyway.

Last week, Daniel Gordon tried to rape me when I didn’t want to have sex with him. He put something in my drink when I went to the bathroom, dragged me outside, and was halfway through tearing my clothes off when one of my friends found us and called the police.

I want him to learn that No means No. I want him to learn how to listen to other people. Whenever he continues pressuring any woman, any person, who tells him to back off, I want him to feel how I felt when I realized what happened. I want him to feel stupid. I want him to feel exposed, embarrassed, humiliated. When he forces himself on someone unwilling, I want him to piss himself uncontrollably, to embarrass himself the way he embarrassed me.

But that’s not enough. If Daniel hadn’t been stopped, he would have forced himself onto me, raped me. I want the men around him to slowly become more domineering. I want them to fantasize about him, about dominating him, about fucking him the way he wanted to fuck me. I want them to turn him into the very same slut Daniel tried to force me to be.

And I want Daniel, in turn, to submit to them. I want him to obey them - to enjoy being fucked, the way he expected me to enjoy being fucked. I want him to want it no matter how much he tries to resist. I’m not heartless. I want him to learn to accept his fate. I want him to learn to be happy with it.

Just make sure he isn’t happy with it too soon.

Thank you, Sarah.

When the hex found him, Daniel was in the process of heavy-handedly flirting with a girl who was very clearly not interested, if the agonized expression on her face was anything to go by. Daniel, for his part, was smirking, waggling his eyebrows with every other word.

The hex struck true.

“So,” Daniel continued, telling Emily - or Ellie, or Emma… something starting with an E - about his latest conquests. “Then this other girl sees us, and she gets mad, right, because she wanted me to fuck her instead…”

He found himself trailing off when a soft, unfamiliar warmth suffused his lower body. It felt damp. It felt freeing. “What the-” he started, staring at the large wet splotch forming from his crotch, slowly dripping down his jeans.

That was when understanding finally kicked in.

Daniel’s hands flew downwards as though they had any chance of hiding the lukewarm urine seeping through his jeans. “Holy shit,” he said, face burning red, before turning on his heel and racing to the bathroom.

He barricaded himself in one of the stalls, hands shaking furiously as they fumbled with the lock. Fuck, he thought, glancing down once more to be confronted with the undeniable dark splotch of piss staining his trousers. Fuck! He slammed his fist into the stall door. What the fuck was wrong with him? Did someone put something in his fucking food? Was there something fucked up with his supplements?

He slammed his fist into the door again, panting.

“Fuck,” he said, with feeling, when the smell of fresh piss hit his nose, sharp and tangy. He had to get out of his jeans.

Squirming and wiggling, he did his best to avoid getting his fingers on the uncomfortably warm, damp fabric, undoing his fly as carefully as he could. The dark stain stared up at him, accusatory, as he gingerly peeled his moist boxer shorts away from his groin.

Daniel turned and abruptly emptied the contents of his stomach into the toilet when he caught a glimpse of his urine-dripping penis.

“Holy shit,” he gasped after his stomach stopped roiling, trembling hand reaching up to wipe his face of bile. He chanced a glance back at his dick and found himself retching as he nearly threw up once more.

Daniel’s dick was infamous around the campus, a lengthy fuckstick that he’d used to pound many a girl, some of them willingly and some of them less so. But when he looked at his groin, Daniel didn’t see the nine inch monster he was used to wielding. He was confronted with a tiny, hairless nub that couldn’t have been longer than an inch, two tiny balls dangling from the base of its shaft. It looked absolutely grotesque on his lean, muscled body.

Even as he watched, a spurt of piss dribbled out of the tip of his tiny nubbin of a cock. Daniel hadn’t even felt the urge to pee. It’d come out by itself.

He was tripping, Daniel decided. Someone was laughing, these choking, horrible noises, and it took Daniel a few moments to realize it was coming from him. He had to be tripping. He’d… he’d… stuck himself with a syringe by accident, or something, and this was all a massive trip. Because things like that just didn’t happen. It couldn’t happen. Dicks didn’t just shrink to a tenth of their size and start pissing uncontrollably. It was a bad trip. Or maybe a nightmare. He’d go back to his apartment, and put his pants in the wash, and he’d come back to his senses or, or wake up and he’d have a good laugh at how silly it was that he’d imagined his monster cock had been replaced by a pathetic little baby dick that couldn’t stop fucking pissing.

Mind made up, Daniel pulled his urine soaked pants back up, gagging at the acrid smell. The fabric squelched unpleasantly against his skin where it had cooled down. The jeans hung loosely off his front, where a once noticeable bulge had stretched them out, making Daniel’s loss even more evident. Except it couldn’t be evident, Daniel hurriedly reminded himself, because it wasn’t happening.

He waddled out of the bathroom as quickly as he could, doing his best to avoid as much contact as possible between his muscular thighs and the damp denim of his jeans. When he reached his car, he slid into the driver’s seat with a damp, screechy squelch, turning the heating on full blast to dry his pants somewhat.

His hands were shaking, Daniel suddenly realized. Whatever. It was probably from the trip, or, or the dream, or whatever. He just needed to get back to the dorm and everything would be okay.

He peeled out of the parking lot with the shriek of rubber on road, accelerating much, much past the speed limit.

“Watch it, asshole!” someone yelled when he skidded to a halt at a red light, breathing hard. Daniel turned to give them a piece of his mind, but stopped short when he saw a chick glaring at him. A hot chick.

“Hey, baby,” he said, twitching his lips into a sleazy little grin without even thinking about it. It didn’t matter how empty his jeans felt, how damp the seat of his car was becoming, how his pants were starting to smell. He was still Daniel. He could still hook any chick he fucking wanted.

The chick raised her eyebrows in disbelief. “No thanks,” she said, window already sliding back up.

Daniel rolled his eyes. Girls. “Don’t be like that,” he cajoled, trying for a wink. “I know how you work. Pretending to be so proper, so upright, but really you’re just gagging for a real big co-”

He abruptly cut himself off when something splashed onto his shoe. It was piss, he realized. He’d pissed himself again. He was sitting in a puddle of it, dripping onto the floor mats, seeping through his car’s leather upholstery.

Daniel pressed his foot to the accelerator when the light turned green and didn’t take it off until, shaking, he reached his apartment.

The elevator took too long to come so Daniel sprinted up the stairs two at a time, trying to pretend like as though couldn’t smell the way he reeked of piss, as though he couldn’t feel his damp jeans sticking to his legs, as though he couldn’t feel the tiny dribblets of urine making their way down his calves and into his shoes.

It took him three tries to fit the keys into the lock, and finally he was barging through, door left wide open in his haste, sprinting to the bathroom.

“Daniel-” yelped his roommate, Brian, practically falling off the sofa from his surprise, but Daniel paid him no attention as he slammed the bathroom door shut behind him and frantically pulled off his urine-soaked trousers.

He caught a full view of himself in the mirror, then. His usually styled hair was in disarray, ruffled this way and that from him running his fingers through it without noticing. His shirt clung tight to his gym honed body, soaked through with sweat, highlighting the curve of every muscle and following the taper of his abdomen as it lead down to… his dick.

To where his dick used to be. Because where his dick was supposed to be, there was still that tiny, little, hairless nub, with another droplet of piss slowly welling up out of its pitiful head. It looked absolutely miniscule next to his muscled thighs, a pathetic excuse for a penis that would be more appropriate on a prepubescent child dangling off his powerful frame.

Daniel gripped onto the counter in front of the mirror. The room was spinning, he noted absently. It felt like he might fall over if he let go.

There was a sound that he could barely hear over the thudding of his heartbeat in his ears, this repetitive beat and something that almost sounded like a voice. He ignored it, staring at his own wide, panicked eyes. That way he didn’t have to see the impossibly shrunken member that had replaced his treasured dick.

The repetitive beating was loud, now, and getting louder still. If he tried hard, Daniel could almost make out something that sounded like words coming along with it. But whenever he tried to focus, his attention was drawn to the offending little nub between his legs, the miniature dicklet that was steadily drizzling piss all over the bathroom floor.

That was when the door burst open with a resounding crash.

Daniel whirled before he could think any better of it, and found himself frozen when he came face to face with Brian.

Brian, who was staring at the shrimpy excuse of a penis between Daniel’s legs.

“Huh,” said Brian, after a moment that felt like forever. His eyes flicked up to meet Daniel’s own. Daniel couldn’t move a muscle. A great, big grin slowly stretched across Brian’s face. “So I guess this is the nine incher that the great Daniel Gordon is so proud about?”

Daniel flinched. He and Brian weren’t on the worst of terms, but Daniel had loudly and proudly boasted about his conquests to Brian, bedded a different girl every other night with no regard to Brian’s repeated pleas to keep the noise down or take it elsewhere, and relentlessly and mercilessly teased Brian for his own “wimpy” seven incher.

A seven incher which had sprung up to attention inside of Brian’s skintight jeans, Daniel was shocked to note.

Brian chuckled. “Speechless, eh? Guess there really isn’t much to say when someone’s caught you before you could stuff your pants.” He took a step towards Daniel, then another, eyes roaming across Daniel’s body as he slowly began pacing around him.

Daniel shivered, helpless. No matter how much he wanted to he just couldn’t seem to move to cover himself from Brian’s gaze.

“I’m surprised you managed to bed so many girls,” Brian commented, still with that great, big grin on his face. “I could hear the noises they made from the other side of the apartment. Or, wait-” his grin grew even wider, “Were those noises you? Those whines, those squeals, those little shrieks? You couldn’t have been fucking them with that pathetic little nub - so reason dictates that they must’ve been fucking you.”

“N-No,” Daniel managed to breath out. He didn’t understand it, this feeling that kept him from moving, from speaking, from punching that smug grin off Brian’s face. He felt… weak. Helpless. Vulnerable.

He felt so, so embarrassed.

“Aw,” Brian said, tilting his head with a mock little pout. “You don’t need to lie. I get it, Daniel, I do. Or should I call you Danny now?” he added, lips curling into a snide, mean smirk. “Tiny Danny, with his pathetic, shriveled prick?”

Daniel was crying. “Stop it,” he choked out between his little, hitching sobs. “Stop it.”

“Stop what?” Brian said. “I’m just saying it like I see it, is all. And the way I see it, your tiny excuse for a dick just doesn’t cut it. Do you even know how to use that thing? Or… hey.” He stepped closer. “I could show you. The way you use a real dick. I could show you, if you want me to.”

“N-” Daniel started, but found himself unable to finish. “N-n-” he tried, but no matter how hard he struggled, he just couldn’t make himself say no.

Brian moved even closer, breath tickling Daniel’s ear. “Thought so,” he whispered, making the hairs on the back of Daniel’s back stand up. The sound of a zipper coming undone couldn’t have prepared Daniel for the hard, throbbing cock that was suddenly pressing itself into his ass, needy and slick with precome.

Despite himself, Daniel somehow found himself face down on the counter, legs spread apart, biting back a low moan as Brian slowly worked his cock into Daniel’s ass.

“Fuck,” Brian bit off. “You’re so fucking tight.”

Without warning, a hand landed on his ass. Daniel couldn’t hold back a whine as Brian’s cock rammed another few inches into him.

Brian laughed breathlessly. “Thought so,” he panted, then smacked Daniel’s ass again, forcing a high, shocked yelp from Daniel’s throat. “You were the one making the noises, weren’t you? Dirty little boy,” he purred, when Daniel audibly squealed at the way Brian’s cock brushed against something inside him that sparked across his entire body.

He couldn’t help but groan when Brian worked his cock even further into his ass, brushing against that spot again. Daniel’s mind was whirling. He wanted to push Brian off, to push Brian away - but it just felt so…

Daniel couldn’t hold back the high pitched whine he gave when Brian’s cock moved back, cutting off with an abrupt whimper as it rammed right back into him.

“Just- like- that,” Brian said between thrusts, punctuating each word with a jerk of his hips that sent Daniel’s eyes rolling back into his head. “Just like that, you dirty little slut.”

He laughed when Daniel moaned low in his throat, arching his back to meet Brian’s thrusts. “Yeah, you love it, don’t you? You’ve been waiting for me to do this, show you what it feels to be fucked by a real cock.”

Daniel let out a high, inhuman little shriek when Brian’s fingers found his nipples, pinching down hard.

Brian laughed again. “Dirty little slut,” he purred, ramming into Daniel’s hole, relentless, balls slapping against Daniel’s muscled ass with a vengeance. “My dirty little cockslut.”

Daniel was sliding on the counter from the force of Brian’s thrusts, his miniature, shrunken little baby dick lying shriveled and limp underneath him in a pool of his own piss. It felt so good he just couldn’t bring himself to care.

“Look at you,” Brian said, almost in wonder. “Pissing all over yourself with that little nub you call a dick. I bet you’d lick it if I told you to, wouldn’t you?” he asked Daniel, slowing down his thrusts. “I bet you’d do anything to get my dick back into your ass, where it belongs.”

Daniel whined helplessly, trying to contort himself back onto Brian’s dick. He choked out a gasp when Brian’s hand landed on his ass, hard.

Brian tsked. “Naughty little slut,” he said. “If you wanna be fucked by a real cock, you gotta show me you deserve it. Lick up your piss like a good little bitch.”

He couldn’t believe he was doing it, but Daniel found himself lapping up the acrid, salty liquid, the sharp bitterness harsh against his tongue.

Brian laughed, long and low, before slamming himself back into Daniel with a vengeance, pummeling into Daniel’s hole with all the force he could muster.

Daniel moaned, long and low, bucking his hips in time with Brian, trying to get as much of Brian’s huge, throbbing shaft inside him as possible. It felt so big inside him, stretching him out so much. He couldn’t imagine what it would have felt like if Brian’s dick was nine inches instead of a seven.

He arched off the countertop with a scream when Brian twisted his nipples again, chuckling with savage glee as he shoved his dick into Daniel over and over again. “You nasty, nasty slut,” Brian breathed into his ear, and Daniel groaned, so stretched out, so full. “Such a filthy little cockslave, so desperate for cock you’d do anything to get it into you. If you wanted me to fuck you so bad, all you had to do is ask.”

“P-please,” Daniel begged, not quite sure what he was asking for. “Please-”

Brian’s cock slammed into that spot inside him that made his entire body seize up, that spot inside him that made him cry with relief. Brian bucked his hips, again and again, and Daniel was sobbing, mumbling nonsense at how good it felt. And suddenly Brian’s dick was swelling up, even bigger, before it erupted, thick jets of come streaming from the tip, painting Daniel’s insides with sticky white, streams of fluid dribbling from his stretched out asshole.

A ragged, breathless whine tore itself from his throat when Brian pulled his dick out with a wet, squelchy pop.

Brian chuckled quietly. “Never knew I was living with such a greedy little whore,” he said, pulling his softening erection back into his jeans. Daniel couldn’t even muster up a yelp when Brian’s hand smacked his ass once more. “If you wanna be fucked by a real cock again, all you gotta do is ask.”

He reached up to ruffle Daniel’s hair condescendingly.

“See you later, Danny,” he said as the bathroom door closed behind him, leaving Daniel stretched out on the counter, come dripping from his gaping hole, lying in his own little puddle of piss.

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