Saving Jeremy

By GaymerGeek
published March 8, 2017

A mysterious company helps people in very desperate situations

Hey everyone. Still finding my sea legs with writing on here but here’s a little piece that popped into my head earlier today.

Saving Jeremy


Jeremy was done. Done with work, which had fired him for gross incompetence. Done with relationships, which seemed obvious since Susan took the car and nearly everything they owned. Done with money since he owed nearly $20,000 of it. Done with life. He sat in the darkened, nearly empty apartment save for a rusty chair and a folding card table. Resting on it was a piece of paper with some random scribblings and a 9mm handgun.

“Why the fuck did I even write that? It’s not like anyone’s going to care.” He thought as he picked up the pistol and placed it at the base of his chin.

He closed his eyes and placed his index finger onto the trigger but just has he prepared to squeeze he felt a sharp pain in his neck. For a split second he thought he failed to shoot himself properly too.

“Couldn’t even commit suicide right you fucking failure.” He thought as he opened his eyes.

Suddenly his arm got very weak and he dropped the gun to the floor. With his other hand, also starting to loose feeling he reached up and felt a small dart sticking out of his neck.

“Whaaa thee fuuuu…” He mumbled out as he slumped forward into darkness.

Chapter One

Taylor straightened his tie as he exited the black town car. Although he was only 28 years old, he always insisted on being well dressed when in public. He felt that the image of an impeccably clean individual accentuated his “stock market wunderkind” reputation. In less than 5 years he had amassed an inconceivable fortune and gained considerable media attraction because of it. Of course, they were even more interested in him since he was young, extremely attractive and openly gay… Three things you don’t usually find on Wall Street.

As he entered the modern building near New York City’s Financial District he prepared himself for anything. This could still be some elaborate scheme to milk a few million out of his account, but his curiosity was far too intense for him to turn back. He had a panic button in his pocket and the driver was ex-Mossad.

The tinted revolving doors revealed a long hallway leading to an elevator, guarded by a massive man in a black suit.

“Good afternoon Mr. Andrews, 20th floor.” The guard stated without look down at Taylor.

“Thanks.” He said without looking up at him.

As he boarded the elevator and pressed the button for “20” he thought back to the night that led to all of this.


“You’re kidding? That’s not even possible!” Taylor exclaimed.

“It’s all true and keep it down!” Robert hushed him as he leaned in to whisper into Taylor’s ear. “I know how hard it’s been for you so I can call them if you want.”

Robert Hawkins was a business acquaintance turned close friend. Taylor met him when he was 23 and they bonded over their seemingly rare openness with their sexual preference. Though Robert was nearly 20 years older, they felt a particular bond over the struggles of being gay in such a heterosexually charged environment. Robert was married to Michael, a very kind man, about 7 years younger than him. Michael was always quiet and very attentive to Robert. Taylor had always wondered why Robert didn’t seem to have many ambitions but now it made a lot more sense.

“Bob. If anyone else said this to me I’d say they’re crazy but I have to trust you aren’t screwing with me.” He looked into his friends eyes. “I’ve been miserable for far too long. Call them.”


“Twenty.” The disembodied voice of the elevator called.

Taylor exited and was immediately met by his “Service Representative” for the past 3 months. He called himself Troy but Taylor had a feeling the name was made up.

“Afternoon Taylor. Ready for this? I think we’ve got the one this time.” Troy smiled as he ushered him into a conference room.

The conference room had a long one way glass window showing a lab with a gurney. On it was an unconscious man. Troy flipped open a folder he had resting on his clipboard.

“Jeremy Meyers. 26. New Orleans. No living family. No job. Deep in debt. Girlfriend left him 3 months ago. We got him just as he was preparing to put a bullet in his brain.” Troy read the data as if it were a trading card.

“Is that how you find all your… People?” Taylor asked.

“Most of the time.” Troy replied. “We find subjects who have no family, no one to miss them. Usually they’re on their last rope, ready to end it all. If all our psychoanalysts think they’re really going to do it then we step in.”

Taylor moved right up to the glass and peered down at the sleeping man. He was disheveled and looked worn down but there was a beauty to him that was unmistakable. If he hadn’t lived such a hard life he might have been a model.

“Parents were lost in Katrina. Never seemed to recover.” Troy read from the file.

“He’s perfect.” Taylor whispered.

Chapter Two

“So what kind of customizations are you looking for?” Troy inquired as he readied his legal pad on the clipboard.

“He has to speak French. MBA level knowledge of finance. Art, theatre, history, travel, charity. Above all.. faithfulness.” Taylor felt a slight wetness at his eyes.

All this came about because Robert saw the pain in his soul after Lewis was caught cheating on Taylor. They had been together for 3 years when Taylor came home early from a symposium to find his partner in bed with an Abercrombie and Fitch model. It didn’t make much sense to anyone since Taylor was as good looking as any of them but then it came out that Lewis was all over the map with his liaisons. Taylor was just relieved he didn’t have any STDs after he found out.

The break up took its toll on him though. He buried himself in work and made almost half a billion in 11 months but everyone saw the spark was gone from his eyes. Then Robert approached him one night at a dinner party and pulled him into a bathroom. The storied he told him was incredible and equally unbelievable. He told him of a company that offered a very unique service. He told him that once you use the company, you agree that you can only tell one other person for the rest of your life and Robert had chosen Taylor.

Once Robert referred Taylor to the company the process began. Over the next three months Taylor was called in four times but he never saw exactly what he was hoping for… Until now.

“I want to meet him before.” Taylor stated.

Troy looked up from his notes.

“That’s against our policy. We can’t guarantee he won’t have residual memories of you if you do meet him.” Troy explained.

"I’ll take the chance. Throw in an additional million and I want to meet him. Taylor wiped the corners of his eyes dry.

Troy took a few more notes and returned his gaze to Taylor.

“Okay. If that’s all, we’re looking at $8.3 million.”

Taylor nodded.

Chapter Three

Jeremy’s eyes shot open as he gasped for air. The room was blinding bright and he was strapped to a gurney.

“Is this Hell?” He thought.

He struggled for a moment but the restraints were far too strong. He tried to look around more and as his eyes cleared he saw there was a man about his age in the room with him. As the man approached he could see that he was in an expensive suit and had a nice haircut.

“What he fuck is going on?!” Jeremy exclaimed.

“Try to stay calm.” The man said. He knelt down so his head was at the same level as Jeremy.

“How am I supposed to fucking stay calm?! I’m strapped to a goddamn table!” He wailed and gyrated his body trying to get loose to no avail.

“My name in Taylor and I just wanted to say hi before you went away.” He placed his hand on Jeremy’s, who tried to pull his away. Jeremy took another look at Taylor. Something clicked.

“Aren’t you that fag billionaire that’s always on TV? What the fuck have you done to me?” He yelled.

“Nothing yet but I needed a chance to tell you that I know your pain. I know what you went through and I can’t wait to take it away from you and give you the life you deserve.” Taylor had tears in his eyes. Jeremy’s confusion gave way to anger.

“What the fuck do you know about my pain, man? I’ve seen some serious shit go down. I lost my parents when I was 14. I have nothing. You have everything!” He screamed at the top of his lungs.

“9/11. Both my parents were in the World Trade Center. In the years after I buried myself into work. I worked hard and I made a life for myself. I may seem privileged but it’s been empty. Now, you’re going to fix that.”

Jeremy’s mouth was open with confusion.

“I’ll see you soon my love.” Taylor said as he exited the room.

Jeremy began violently pushing against the straps as the room went dark. He felt another poke at his neck and he was out like a light.

Chapter Four

Taylor checked in periodically at the company. The first month was wiping all memories from Jeremy’s past life. Sensory deprivation, hypnosis, every tool in the company’s arsenal. By the end of it Jeremy was nothing more than a mindless body, capable of basic tasks.

That’s when the specialists stepped in. Everything Taylor hoped and dreamed for in a man. Everything that would ensure faithfulness and care for what interested him. Along the way there were some calculations needed before they could proceed.

Troy stepped into the conference room. “Hey Taylor. So, um… I usually handle heterosexual clients so this is a new one for me… Do you want Jeremy to be a… Um… Top or bottom?”

“Bottom, please.” Taylor smiled.

“Sure thing” Troy said as he scribbled a few notes onto his pad.

Every day he was worked on. Mentally and physically. Exercising, dental and dermatology work. At this point Taylor stepped back. He wanted to be surprised by the final result.

A couple more months went by and it was finally time for the big moment. All the documentation for Jeremy’s new life was put in place and Taylor was given his instructions for when to make contact. A VIP ticket to one of his favorite venues in the world.

Chapter Five

As intermission began at Lincoln Center, Taylor approached the VIP bar in the foyer. He ordered a martini and gazed out across the field of New York socialites.

“Are you a fan of Strauss?” came a voice from nearby. Taylor turned and saw the most handsome man he’s ever met. Dressed in a white tuxedo and sporting a stylish haircut, he flashed Taylor a perfect smile as he approached from the other end of the bar.

“Yeah, ‘The Blue Danube’ is one of my favorites.” Taylor said.

“Well, here’s to ‘The Blue Danube’ then.” He toasted. “My name’s Jeremy Burnett.”

“Taylor Andrews.” He offered as their glasses clinked.

“Yeah, I have to admit it. I know. I’ve read most of your papers on global finance.” Jeremy smiled again and blushed slightly.

Taylor smiled back and composed himself on the inside. This couldn’t be any better. As Jeremy looked back up he locked gaze with Taylor’s eyes. Taylor motioned toward the theatre.

“We don’t have much more time. Would you like to join me in my box and we can talk finance later?”

Jeremy smiled and nodded. As they walked towards the theatre entrance he stopped.

“Taylor. Have we met before?” He asked.

Taylor looked at him and smiled “I think I’d remember if we did.”

They entered the theatre together.

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