The Head Hunter I

By bleuboy published March 4, 2017

A mysterious businessman acquires the most curious of subjects.

The Head Hunter I

“So Rodney, what would you say are some of your best qualities?” I asked. It was early evening, the fancy restaurant I was holding this interview in was filled with a variety of starlets and influencers. We were in a private balcony overlooking the dining floor and ballroom. I took a sip of my Pinot Grigio, savoring the mild lemony, flowery taste. Quite refreshing.

The man I was interviewing, Rodney, was a prime prospect. When I met him, I was a bit taken aback. He stood at about 6’4” and if I had to guess, weighed about 280. Probably a bit more or a bit less. I was usually very good at estimations being a part-time stock speculator and all. His dark brown skin and handsome angular face were quite enthralling, his chestnut brown eyes and military fade only added to his allure.

He wore a white button-up shirt with a black suit jacket and slacks that looked painted on his. I was only able to see his front, I admired that pendulous package of his lustfully. While I wanted a glimpse of his backside, I knew he had a rotund bodybuilder ass that probably stuck out at a 90 degree angle. He had a silver Rolex on his left wrist. Stainless steel with a black face. Elegant. He wasn’t wearing a tie and the first few buttons of his shirt were undone to give space to his overladen pectorals. His fragrance was spicy, probably a Mugler or Camuto scent, that also had a tinge of sweat and musk.

In short, he was perfect.

“I would say my confidence, wit, and my ability to learn fast,” he schmoozed, shooting me a gossamer white smile. He took a sip of his sangria and followed it with a mouthful of filet mignon.

“I can definitely see that. Still amazing to me that you were able to seek me out. Tell me, who’d you fuck to get a meeting with me?” I smirked.

“Well your assistant, Susan, couldn’t just say no,” his said smugly. I chuckled. Oh straight men, when will they learn? It was a rather other odd sight to see such a massive man sitting along a smaller one like me. I was a short 5”7” and weighed a lithe 165. Light brown skin, curly brown hair, spectacles, decked out in a tan slim fit Christian Dior custom. Blue shirt, no tie. Just like my dinner companion.

“Well she did blush rather deeply when she updated me on my meetings. So tell me, why do you want to work for me? For The Dullahan Group?”

“You’re one of the most up and coming consulting firms globally. You command a lot of influence in the business world. People listen to what you say and every other firm tries their best to imitate you. Why wouldn’t I, a skilled individual like myself, not want to work for the Dullahan Group? I think my résumé speaks volumes as to what I’m capable of,” Rodney answered. He also was very cocky. Annoyingly so.

I had his resume and portfolio under my hand, I glimpsed through it and was rather surprised. He worked for Belko Securities for 5 years, Yurlungur Inc. for 5 years, then worked at Puck and Co. for 10 years. All of those positions were in leadership or higher. If I could place a date on him, he probably was in his late 30’s. He seemed to me to be one of those brown-nosing business students who probably sucked a few dicks and broke a few hearts to get the experience he had. He made me sick, in all honesty but the raging hard-on I had belied that fact.

“Well it is true. Dullahan is giving the market a run for its money. We do market defining work, definitely. I think I may have a position for you—,” I started, when I saw out of the corner of my eye the signal. The waiters and waitresses here were so easy to manipulate. Well anyone is easy to manipulate with a wad of cash and a quick incantation. But I’ve done so many acquisitions here that it’s gotten to be almost trivial to do so. The signal I received meant that what I wanted done had happened, “I’m sorry. Got distracted.”

“No problem, I tend to do that to people,” he said and gave me a salacious grin. I have to be honest, I was reading his mind throughout the whole dinner. He knew I was gay and dressed the way he did to try a schmooze me, the Chief of Human Capital of Dullahan, to get him a good position with nice pay, benefits, and other little bonuses. However, that would not be the case as he would soon find out.

“Ha. Funny. Anyways, the position I have opened up for you…may not be what you expected,” I said snapping my fingers. He gave me a quizzical look.

“What do you mean—,” he started, as his head tumbled off of his neck. Rodney’s head laid on the floor, confusion plastered on his face. His body stayed perfect still, almost like a statue. I reached down and picked up his disembodied head.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” he shouted. I covered his mouth to prevent further outbursts.

“Listen, and listen well. I know exactly what you were trying to do tonight and it won’t work on me. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll be quiet.” I uncovered his mouth, he was paused. Trying to parse what just happened.

“What…what even…who are you…no…what are you?” He said, panicked.

“Well I am the Chief of Human Capital at Dullahan. What? Did you think I made my fortune and got to my position working that boring old day job? No, no, no, no my bodiless friend.”

“What?” he said as I got up.

“Hey, big fella. Follow me,” I laid an indiscernible amount of bills on the table for payment. I was happy we finished our food and wine before leaving. These sorts of arrangements usually took less time. I grabbed Rodney’s head as his massive body got up and followed me. We took a secret elevator down to the garage where my driver was waiting for us. I got in and Rodney’s body did as well.

“Where are you taking me?” the head asked, panic still laced on his voice.

“That’s none of your concern. And to answer your previous question, I’m a Head Hunter. Well, a warlock more precisely.” I closed the door and the driver began driving, my windows were tinted darkly so no one could see who was in the vehicle making the ferrying of headless bodies much easier.

“A warlock?” I could read his thoughts, he was trying to figure out a way to escape. Get his head back on his body. Call for help. Anything to get power back in this situation.

“Yes, a warlock. Me and a few friends practice magic. It’s in our blood. We also love artifacts from the old world. So you could imagine our surprise when we won an old grimoire from an auction in Italy. While there were some rather unrefined and dangerous spells in there, there was one that intrigued us. It was the same spell that originated the Headless Horseman and Dullahan myths,” I smirked. His eyes got wider as he heard Dullahan.

“Holy shit…no, no, no, no…this must be a nightmare,” he sobbed.

“Nah, it’s quite real. This is also how I make money. By renting out the headless bodies of hot fuckers like you to thirsty, closeted business professionals and government officials. You can imagine how much money they would pay for one night,” I replied. The driver made it onto the highway and picked up speed, driving hellishly fast.

“So what are you gonna do with my body?”

“That’s for me to know, and you to find out. But your thoughts and wild imagination right now is basically giving you the answer,” I smirked. He looked at me, fear in his eyes. He knew I was in control. Something he had lost in not only this situation, but his life. The reality was setting in rather fast for him.

My driver made it to our destination. I lived in a private mansion in Upstate New York. It was secluded in a rather beautiful wooded area that looked creepy during the night. I would often hear the howls of wolves that would lull me to sleep. My driver came up to the security gate and I put in my code. The gate unlocked and let us in. We arrived in my garage and my driver got out, he was headless as well and wore a tight chauffeur’s outfit. He opened the door for me and my new acquisition.

“Thank you Eric,” I said, tweaking his nipple. His body shuddered, “You can retire for the night.” He bowed and sauntered off inside. I loved watching his massive muscle butt shift up and down in those tight pants. Really I loved seeing that on any bodybuilder. Speaking of, I turned back towards the car.

“You coming Rodney?” the headless body crawled out of the car, “Close the door please. Once you do, head inside and turn left. Keep going till you reach the living room. Take your head along while you’re at it too.” I handed the body his head and he walked. And I was right about his ass as I followed him. 90 degree angle, jutted out about 4 or 5 inches. Genetics and a focus on squats are definitely the source of that ass.

We arrived in my living room I commanded Rodney’s body to set his head down on the coffee table and for his body to sit.

“Fuck, I’ve been waiting for this moment all night,” I said as I stripped down naked, strewing my clothes and shoes all over the living room floor. I straddled Rodney’s body and his cock perked right up.

“Whoa, what are you doing? S-stop!” Rodney shouted.

“I don’t think you’re in any place to tell me what to do,” I said, sucking on the bullish neck of Rodney’s body. I undid his button-up as I grinded our bodies against each other. I pulled off his suit jacket, shirt, and undershirt to unveil his beautiful torso that glistened in the soft light, “Oh fuck yeah,” I purred. I loved this part of the acquisition. Making their heads watch me molest their body, to further cement how much control they really have now.

I undid Rodney’s belt buckle and unveiled his anaconda sized foot long. It was as thick as a plantain and as hefty as one too. It was vascular and pulsed with his heartbeat.

“Quite a monster you got here. I knew you were going to ruin something tonight…the elasticity of my butt,” I smirked at my own joke. Rodney groaned. I grabbed some lube from a nearby drawer and lubed the body’s massive tool. I lubed up my hole and then sat down, hissing in pain and pleasure, “Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuck yeeeeeeeeeah,” I moaned. I slid down slowly till I felt his cock in my lower guts.

“You watching Rodney? Fuck, what did your parents feed you to get a dick this big?” I called out behind me. I massaged and squeezed the body’s massive pecs and tweaked their nipples as I slid up and down on the massive shaft. I heard quiet sobs and smirked.

I continued to fuck myself silly, my own 9 inches bouncing and hitting my abs. My legs grew tired and I issued a new command, “Pick me up and fuck me like a man.” The body gripped my legs as I gripped around its waist. Its pants fell to its ankles and it began to forcefully pound me. Each thrust struck my prostate and that spot deep inside my ass that sent mind clearing pulses of pleasure throughout my body.

I was like sex doll, mindless with pleasure for this body’s use, “Oh my goooooooood,” I moaned as the body rammed my ass like a steam piston. My perky little bubble butt was being tortured but I was loving every second of it. I gripped around the body’s neck and got a great view of its ass jutting out, it flexed and tensed with each thrust rhythmically. I could see why Susan blushed the way she did.

“Please, make it stop!” Rodney cried out.

“I’m far from done,” I huffed, blowing my load all over the body’s chest. My white sticky cum against its dark brown skin looked appealing. The body’s rhythm grew ragged and came deep inside of me. Hot cum dripped out of my ass and down the body’s throbbing cock. The body sat back down on the couch, its chest heaving and skin glistening. I lifted myself up slowly, the body’s cock slipped out of my ass with a a wet ‘pop!’

“Wow, my legs are weak right now. But I still have another load in me. Take off your pants and shoes and present your ass and feet to me,” I commanded. The body did as such, showing off it’s muscular bubble butt, “unf…Your feet are fucking sexy,” I said. Rodney was silent.

“Aw c’mon, at least say thank you to that compliment!” I said as I smacked that body’s fat ass. Its bull sized balls and cock hung heavily, but I knew there was at least another load in there. I lubed up my hand and began to jerk it off with one hand as I used the other to part the body’s titanic cheeks. The valley between each cheek smelt sweaty, musky, and had a twinge of sweetness to it. It was devoid of hair and I saw the prettiest little pink hole.

“So you’re a straight man who bleaches and shaves his ass? Very convincing,” I smirked as I dove straight for the hole. The body shuddered at my actions, its cock jumping back to attention.

“Why are you doing this to me?” Rodney could only muster a whimper, he was too far gone. He watched his body fuck a guy and now was watching it act like a woman. Shuddering and shaking while its giant cock being played with. Watching its perfect ass being molested. He was in disbelief at the events occurring but was powerless to stop it.

I continued jerk off the body’s cock, I reached for my own and began jerking off my already throbbing member. Its massive cheeks encased the front of my face as my tongue penetrated the body’s tight, virgin hole. “Oh yeah,” I said, but the body’s cheeks muffled my voice. I retracted my face and hands and stood up straight. I parted the body’s ass cheeks once more and slide my lubed up cock in. I was met with a lot of resistance. Imagine trying to slide into those jeans you can’t fit anymore, it was that tight.

I finally slid in to the base, the body was the shivering most likely tied up in the battle of pain and pleasure. I slid out and slid back in slowly. When my crotch hit the body’s full moons, they bounced ever so slightly. “Oh this is going to be fun!” I exclaimed, and then proceeded to pick up my pace. I grabbed the body’s neck and pulled it up, it’s back was arched to the mask which showed off really just how its ass was. Each thrust made a clapping sound and made each cheek jiggle widely.

My hands slid down the body’s massive shoulders, quads, triceps, biceps. I admired their sized and form till I reached its forearms. I gripped like you would grip reins on a horse and rammed into the body’s virgin hole. The tight, warm insides were getting to be too much and the friction was causing its ass to cream. The heat and now low resistance was getting to be too much. I came inside of the body’s ass with a shout and promptly collapsed on the body’s muscular back.

“Wow…that was great. Each and every time, this never gets old,” I huffed. I peeled my sweaty body off of the body. I pulled out my spent cock and watched my cum drip out. The same was happening to me as I felt a wetness drip from my own hole, “Whew. Well, time to clean up. Mario! George!”

Two headless bodies arrived shortly after. Mario’s body stood 5’11” (without his head) and George’s stood at 6’1”. They were also bodybuilders. Mario was a Puerto Rican escort I acquired a year or so ago. He weighed 265 and had a monster cock as well along with the most bubbly ass you’d ever seen on a guy. It beat out Rodney’s by a long shot since Mario also had wider hips. George weighed around 300. He was a powerlifter bear I met on Grindr. His chest was hairy and while he didn’t have that big of a cock, he made up for it in the size of his ass.

As you can tell, I am an ass man. The two headless bodies were wearing lycra leggings and muscle tees, their bodies were sweaty. They had just finished a few jobs and their nightly work outs.

“George, I want you to clean up the room. Mario, I want to you take Rodney and his head to the Boy’s Quarter. Get him a room, uniform, and a head bag please,” I then clapped my hands, “Chop chop!” The bodies set out on their tasks as Rodney’s body rose up from the couch shakily. It grabbed its head and followed after Mario.

“Where are you taking me now? Was what you’ve done with my body enough?!”

“Sorry but…no. Sleep well Rodney!” I called after the bodies. I retired to my upstairs room, a hot luxurious bath was waiting for me. Another body, David, was waiting for me. He was a football player I had a crush on back in high school. I purposefully sought him out after he retired from professional football. He stood 6’2” and weighed 310 pounds, the years of wrestling and football left him with a powerful frame. He wore a skimpy gold poser that did nothing to contain his cock and fat ass. It looked good against his light brown skin.

He had just finished a job with a local government official that netted me a large amount of cash, he was going to get something special tonight. I slipped into the large tub, “Care to join me?” David’s body slipped off its posers and slipped into the tub with me. It slid over next to me and began to jerk me off while I used his massive arm and chest as pillows. Tonight couldn’t get much better, could it?

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