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Nappy Assimilation

By Hypnosoda
published December 14, 2019

Why is everyone at the all boys college wearing nappies all of a sudden?

I sat down at my desk relieved to have made it to college on time, I had barely gotten any sleep the night before - as per usual - I didn’t even get the chance to have any breakfast so I already wasn’t having the best of days. I was thinking about what I could grab on the way to my next lesson when suddenly I was interrupted by the loud voice of none other then my arch nemesis, Jack Lewis.

“What’s good Sammy boy?” He shrieked at me as the bell rang - oh great. He sat down uncomfortably close to me - he knows how much I hate my personal space being invaded - especially by a fag like him. (Oh yeah for the record - I’m straight. I don’t fuck with fags, they don’t fuck with me.) He dares try and touch me up and I’ll be telling Melissa (my fucking hot babe) and she’ll spread it like wildfire - he fucking dares.

It was only a few minutes before he started to annoy me - he placed his hand on my thigh and leaned over close and whispered in my ear. “Psst, Sammy - guess what?” I looked over trying to stay calm. “What?” He looked around shadily before instantly and quickly grabbing my hand and putting it into his pants - what the fuck!?!? this little fucking fag is going too far. “WHAT THE FU-” I was cut off by him putting his hand over my mouth - oh this little bitch dares, he can’t just rape me like this - nah he’s gonna fucking get-wait a minute, the fuck? Why is my hand wet? What the fuck? What the fuck? What the fuck!? I quickly dug my hand out and managed to force his other hand off my mouth, I stood up in a hurry stumbling onto the table next to me. “WHAT THE FUCK? ARE YOU TRYING TO RAPE ME YOU LITTLE FAG?” I shouted - this little fucker was done now - everyone saw that and heard it.

I looked around expecting a commotion - the fuck? It was silence. Complete and utter silence with everyone staring right at me - blank looks in their eyes. Are they dense? I frantically shouted again - maybe they’ve all gone deaf? This ain’t the time for jokes man. “HE JUST TRIED TO RAPE ME, HE PUT MY HAND DOWN HIS PANTS, DID NONE OF YOU SEE THAT?”

Yet again - nothing. What? “I’m not joking! Did none of you see that? I’m not playing games!”

Not even a whisper - just sat there with the same blank looks. And that’s when I realised that they weren’t just sat there - they were doing something - they all had their hands down their pants. Hang on. There’s something in their pants too - what the f….

Nappies. They’ve all got nappies on. Jack stood up and pulled down his pants to reveal his - his cock poking prominently through clear as day. Is this a prank? It has to be. “Join us, Sammy. We brought you one too.” I looked on in pure confusion and horror as Jack bended down - reached into his bag and pulled out a fresh nappy. This was going far beyond a prank now, I’ve fucking had it. Jack was beginning to approach me - nappy in hand. I started to edge towards the door. “This isn’t funny Jack - just stop it.” He was still coming - blank look in his eyes. “Join us, Sammy.” And on that, the whole class stood up all at the same time - pants down, nappies fully revealed and cocks poking firmly through them - and on that - I bolted out the door - fuck this shit man, this is creepy - some sick ass perverted prank - Melissa’s gonna fucking expose them swear down.

I ran down the corridor and skidded towards the toilets - it’s period one so John’s gonna be in there skipping class I know it - please tell me he’s not in on this. Please. I looked around - the class were following me in rapid succession - fuck! I turned a corner hoping to evade them - salvation was in sight as I saw the mens bathroom door - with the speed of a thousand lions I ran towards it - running in and slamming the door shut quickly behind me.

Thank fuck for that.

John looked up at me. “Sup?” I was so relieved he was here - no way he’s gonna be in on this faggy shit, as soon as I saw him, I just burst out frantically trying to explain what just happened. “Dude we need to get out of here rapid, you’re not going to believe this right, that little fag Jack sat next to me in class and he grabbed my hand and put it down his pants and he tried to rape me and everyone just watched and bro everyone was acting all dodgy too and they were all wearing nappies and he was wearing one and he wanted me to wear one and they’re fucking com-” John shushed me. “Bro. Calm down alright, probably just some perverted fag prank - just go chill in the stall for a bit - I’ll lock the door.” I sighed a sigh of relief, thank fuck for John - he got out the bathroom door key and locked the door as I began walking over to the stall - he found that key just lying there months ago and has been able to skive lessons ever - what a legend.

As I walked into the stall, I was overwhelmed with the smell of absolute piss - even though the stall itself was clean as could be. Why did it smell so bad in here, the fuck? Wait a minute. That’s not just piss I’m smelling - that’s… baby powder and… the crushing realisation came far too soon as John snuck up behind me and began pressing a cum and chloroform tissue against my face, I struggled against him and tried to fight but I could feel myself drifting into unconsciousness… slowly. Slowly. Slowly.

I woke up to find myself naked and stuck to the toilet seat - now covered in cum tissues - ew. I looked up to find none other then Jack and John stood there watching me keenly - Jack still with his clothes on but John naked aside from… a nappy. Immediately I began to shout at them while struggling to break free from whatever the fuck they’ve used to keep me here. “John are you in on this fag shit!? You fucking perverted fags can’t rape me, I have a girlfriend, I’m not gay!”

Jack smiled before beginning to walk towards me - when the fuck did this fag get so intimidating the fuck?

“We don’t want to hurt you Sammy. I just think it’s finally time you began to see things from my point of view.”

The fuck? “What the fuck are you on about you fucking gaylord!? You’re fucking dead when I tell Melissa about this perverted prank - you both are you fucking weirdos! Especially you John! You used to beat up fags like him, you used to hate him!” John didn’t even react - he just stood there with the same blank looks like the rest of the class earlier.

Jack laughed. “John did hate me, yes. That’s exactly why he was the perfect first specimen to try this on.”

I looked at Jack in pure confusion. “What the fuck are you on about?”

“You see, Sammy. I used to be the only one who wore nappies around here and I was getting quite sick of that - so I did a bit of research on the dark web and found out that it’s possible to… make people see things your way. John used to hate me - and he’s your friend and always hangs out in the toilets - so what better way to get at my arch enemy or should I say soon-to-be boyfriend then by assimilating one of his besties first? It was simple enough albeit with a bit of struggling but all it took was for me to slap one of these bad boys on him and he was turned to my way of thinking. Now he is as gay and horny as can be and the only thought in his head is to assimilate others.”

I looked over at John - still totally blank. There’s no way this was true - it’s all one massive joke - no fucking way. It has to be-hang on. Did he just say I was gonna be his boyfriend?

“Listen you fag, let me go, I have a girlfriend - I’m NOT gay - John might be but I’m not okay and I’m not wearing your stupid fucking nappies ever - so let me fucking go!”

Jack sighed. “I always knew you were going to be a hard one to convince. Don’t worry, soon we’ll be together. Assimilated. Converted. Together.” And with that - Jack reached into his backpack and pulled out a fresh nappy. This can’t be happening. This can’t. I began to plead with Jack." Please, I’m not gay, I don’t want to be gay, I don’t want to wear a fucking nappy, oh fuck. Oh fuck. No please no. No no. I’ll leave you alone, I promise, I won’t get Melissa, I won’t call the police or anything! Jack please!"

Jack simply laughed as he grabbed me by the arm and bent me over - John walked over and was holding me firmly - I couldn’t break free.

“I will be your new master, Sammy. Soon you will obey the nappy just like John does. Obey. Obey. Obey. Obey.”

John joined in on the chanting - holding me tighter as Jack began to bring the nappy closer and closer to me. Please no no no no no no, as the nappy made contact with my skin, I felt a surge of pure pleasure run through my body - making my dick shoot up fully erect instantly - oh god, oh god. I’m going to resist, I will not give in. I will not give in. I could suddenly hear a voice in my head that wasn’t my own - it was Jack’s voice! “Contact has been made.”

Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh f…. Jack had finished putting the nappy on, I let out a moan as my mind became more and more clouded, I could feel my dick leaking pre-cum. “Obey. Obey. Obey. Obey.” The voice in my head was saying over and over. No, I have to resist, I can’t give in. “Obey.” I will not become a fag, I will not become a fag, I will not become a fag, I will not–“You are Jack’s slave. Jack is your master. You will obey Jack’s every command, Jack controls your mind and body. You want this. You want Jack to think for you because you are an obedient slave. Obey.” I can’t, no! “You are a slave to your master.” NO! “You are a slave to your master.” I AM NOT! “Jack Lewis must be obeyed. Obey Jack Lewis and assimilate.” I WILL… NOT. “Assimilate. Jack Lewis will think for you, assimilate.” I AM NOT…

I obey.

“I am a slave. I will obey my master Jack Lewis at every command, he is my master and will do with me as he sees fit. Jack Lewis thinks for me, I am just a little fag who loves cock and my only objective is to convert and assimilate boys for Jack Lewis. I am his slave and will obey the master forever.”

Jack smiled the biggest smile as he began to put his hands down my pants. “You’re assimilated then?” he said in the sexiest voice my master could manage.

“Yes. My mind and body are now to do as Jack Lewis pleases. I obey the will of the nappy.” I said without any hint of emotion in my voice - a mere drone, a slave to my master.

Jack began to massage my penis, he whispered into my ear. “I think it’s time you and I got down to business.” Jack said as he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me closer to him and forced me to kiss him.

I will forever obey the master. I will convert and assimilate others into wearing the conversion nappies. Everyone will assimilate and obey the master.

((((Thank you for reading, sorry for the bad writing - first attempt! Feel free to add on your own chapters.))))

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This is a community series!
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