Son To Slave: He's My Slave pt 1: Setting A Trap

By Mind In A Box
published February 2, 2020
8439 words

A scientist utilizing a piece of technology has a sinister plan for a man in his area.


Hey, Everybody! Just thought I would throw this here to introduce myself and give a little description this series. I’m Mind In A Box, and this is my first story put on this site. (though I’ve been a long time reader on this site and its predecessor site, NCMC.) After years of reading so many stories, I have been inspired to try my hand at writing one myself, and am very grateful to Martin for keeping this site well-run so I could have this opportunity. Thank you everyone. Please feel free to comment on the story, as I am interested in your feedback, my dear readers.

This story is divided into two series. You are currently reading ‘Son To Slave: He’s My Slave,’ which is the telling of the story in the third-person, through the perspective of the ‘master’ or ‘controller’ for the most part. The other series, titled ‘Son To Slave: I’m His Slave,’ is the rendition of the story in the first-person from the perspective of the ‘slave’ or the ‘controlled,’ if you will. I quite simply couldn’t decide which perspective would be better, so I chose the best of both worlds. Plus, I thought, “different strokes for different folks.” Some people like one perspective or the other better; like one? The other? Both? Read whatever you like! I’m putting this information in here to avoid confusion for you. If you read the first part, for example, of one series, then, due to ignorance, click the second part of the other series, It’s going to seem like a whacky, disjointed tale flying from perspective to perspective. Also, I’m mentioning the other series here in this foreword to bring to your attention that the other exists. Perhaps you have activated some filters which prevent you from seeing one or the other. Now you know.

Alright, that about sums it up.

Please enjoy the story! :)

“Okay, that about does it, I think,” said the man as he finished unpacking his last box. He was finally somewhat settled in to his new home, an acreage thirty minutes out of Hartpine City. This man, named Hector Yuswa, had much history with Hartpine, many good memories and profound moments. But, also included in the mix were many crushing blows and bitter times. He decided it was time for a change, and what better time for a fresh start than at the age of forty-eight years young. Tired of living in the city with its troubles, he cast his gaze towards the countryside, and found a nice house on a decent plot of land. It satisfied his want of being away from the city, but wasn’t a farm or anything like that. Just a house with lots of trees and grass around it. It was a bit plain and devoid of any dazzling features , and technically a bit big for one person, but Hector was quite excited about it. He was excited because this was his first house; up to this point his life had been rather tumultuous, and filled with much hard work. Being a homeowner was a step in the right direction towards a more relaxed, quiet, put-together life. However, Hector did not plan on slowing down at his age. On the contrary, he felt fit-as-a-fiddle, even at forty-eight, though he did have some grey hairs, and some finer lines. Still, there were pleasures and experiences he desired to fulfill while he was alive, and he could only move forward with the time he had left.

Now that he had the house, Hector desired a relationship. And the relationship he desired was not one of the ordinary kind. Due to his constant work that left him no time for his own social life, Hector, in his younger days, didn’t date conventionally and get married like other people his age. Instead, the romantic and sexual aspects of his life went down a different path. In his teens he made the discovery that he was what society called a ‘homosexual.’ That was an easy discovery- his dick would stiffen and almost ‘point’ at any attractive boys and men, as if to say,

“I like that one!” And, thanks to being raised in an atheist, scientific household, his sexuality was free to develop unimpeded. There were no associations of guilt or shame to wrestle with. Although, He didn’t make his sexuality very open anyways, since he considered that his private business.

The other parts of his sexuality, however, required more time to blossom. Over his twenties and thirties, he had done much ‘social experimentation’ with different groups to ascertain where he belonged. He mingled with all types of cultures and subcultures: Goths, Skinheads, Wicccans, and other various Hippie groups. Inevitably, this led to experimentation with non-normative sexual expression, and its corresponding groups. Hector interacted with Nudists, rubber and leather Fetishists, and was introduced to BDSM. It was within this acronym that he found his identity, specifically, within the D and S. He had always loved being in control; organization, immaculateness, and management were key factors in his personality. These qualities wound up bleeding over into his interactions with others, building in him a drive to assertion and commanding of others. In normal, everyday society Hector was unsatisfied. Apparently a forceful, aggressive personality was not appreciated in society, so Hector was forced to bury it within himself, placing a friendly, good natured mask on top to wear in mundane life. However, this was simply a veneer; his true character was a major part of him, even if it was suppressed. The introduction to Dominance and Submission was the final piece of the puzzle. The proposal was made, and it was only a few months of learning about D/s before a wedding was to take place. No, he had not found himself a husband. The wedding took place within himself: a marriage between his dominant personality, and his sexuality. And no tighter bond had ever been formed.

It had all become clear then. He was a Master. There could be no seperation of his personality from any romantic or sexual relationships he partook in. No sex without dominance, no dominance without sex. It was not strange to him. In fact, he viewed it with normalcy. In any ordinary relationship, there was a husband, and a wife. For Hector’s case, there was a Master, and a Slave. Typical of people, society didn’t understand this either, denying and shunning Master/Slave relationships, much to Hector’s frustration. Regardless, He was determined to achieve his dreams. The fact that it was taboo in society only compelled him more.

Yes, he desired a relationship, and the time was now. His ideal ‘mate’ would be a young buck in his early twenties, in the prime of his life, and bigger than he was in every respect. As a child, Hector adored the tale of “Jack and the Beanstalk.” He was fascinated with the story of a boy that outwitted and defeated a much larger foe. Akin to this story, Hector had a penchant towards the domination of a stronger, masculine man. “The bigger they are, the harder they fall” was the motto. He still desired a younger male, however. After all, he was forty-eight. He needed to make up for lost time and youth. He had plans to get his ‘dream man,’ yet he didn’t who it would be, or every detail in how he would do it. This was a pressing concern…

But first, now that he was finished unpacking, he would have to take a trip into the city for some groceries. It was about ten in the morning now, and it was a cloudy, lukewarm Saturday in June. Hector entered his car and began the trip towards the city. Some distance down the road, he swore he saw a man waving at him. When he was closer, he confirmed it. There was indeed a man beckoning him to come over. This man stood in front of what was presumably his house, off the side of the road. Hector retarded his speed, and turned into the man’s driveway to park. Upon exiting the vehicle, Hector found the man approaching to speak to him.

“Hi there! Sorry to bother you, but I wanted to ask you something. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe you’re the new neighbour. I saw a moving van and your car headed in that direction a while back, so I was thinking to myself that maybe someone bought that little number a few miles over.”

Hector was midly astonished by this. Being used to city life, a neighbour by definition lived some feet away, not miles away. Neighbours were neighbours wherever one went it seemed.

“Then you thought correctly,” Hector replied. “I am the new owner of that house off Corman Road.”

“Well, How do you do, then? It’s been a while since we had some neighbours. Do you have a little time? It would be a pleasure if you could come in for a chat and be properly introduced.”

“I’m in it now,” Hector thought to himself. Still, it would spice up this regular Saturday a bit, so he decided to go for it.

“Yeah, I have some time to kill. I’d love to come in for a bit, thank you.”

“Alright, come on in.” As the two were walking towards the house, Hector had a chance to look at the place. The house looked pretty, and tended to, with much landscaping and other improvements to bedeck it. When they reached the front steps, the man extended his hand and said,

“I’m David, by the way.”

“Hector, pleased to meet you,” was the reply along with the handshake. It was in this greeting that Hector took a moment to catch some of David’s features. The first thing to notice was the solid handshake. In terms of manliness code, Hector definitely lost that handshake. It seemed that David was some kind of labouring man by that grip. He appeared to be relatively solid; Hector noticed he had definition in his arms and chest from the t-shirt he was wearing, while his legs were less defined from the view of him in his shorts. Looking back to his head and face, it was obvious he was actually older than Hector. His hair was fully white, yet still full, and his face was more than a bit weathered, yet still handsome. He also possessed a pair of aquatic blue eyes, that stood out in an unusual way amongst the wrinkles of his face. A dapper grey moustache completed his visage, giving him a cute, grandpa look. At this point, Hector was curious to learn about his new neighbour, and entered the house behind him.

Immediately upon entry, Hector was turning his head this way and that way to survey the home. The house looked like a typical family home, but also did not. Something was off about it. It didn’t scream bachelor house, but it seemed to be lacking in feminine touch. There were lots of male elements, such as an emphasis on wooden and leather furniture, traditional design over sleek, modern design, and the sparseness of decoration. The decorations that were present consisted of things like antique swords and various animal heads mounted on walls. The place wasn’t some Lumberjack’s wet dream, but stereotypically masculine imagery was prominent here. Hector was determined to get to the bottom of this. His host led him to a small kitchen and dining room combined section of the house, where they could talk and David could offer refreshments. When they arrived, Hector took the lead in getting the conversation started, as he was itching to get some information:

“Do you live here alone?”

David was quiet for a moment, before admitting,

“No, no, I don’t live here on my lonesome. I don’t really like talking about myself, but, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to tell you I’m divorced. My ex-wife, Margarett left a few years back. We were having some rough times because of…”

Hector wore a sorry expression while David went on his tangent, but at the moment thought himself very clever for guessing correctly about the wife out-of-the-picture look of the house. He was busy mentally clapping himself on the back when he was pulled back into reality after David said,

“But forget about all that. I still have my son.”

Hector’s ears perked up after that beautiful sentence was spoken. Now they were talking! Hector was always interested in sons.

“You have children?” he asked, a little too excitedly. He would have to tone that down.

“Just one son, actually. He’s here right now, if you’d like to meet him.” Hector couldn’t think of anything better.

" Sure, yeah. Gotta meet all the neighbours, right?"

“You certainly do. He’s out in the back here, I’ll shout for him.”

Hector peered out the back window of the house, and sure enough, there was someone out in the backyard area. Hector observed right away that the son in question was not some toddler or twelve year old, which pleased him greatly. What pleased him more, however, was the scrumptious view: a fully developed male, with his back facing the house. He was wearing a sleeveless flannel shirt, which showed off the muscles in his arms, jeans, (which he filled in nicely) and work-type boots. He was actively engaged in the chopping of firewood, and Hector was enjoying the sight of his body in motion, as he split the wood with a powerful drop of his axe. The silhouette presented due to his form fitting shirt was appealing: broad shoulders and back tapering down to a slimmer waist-an apparent mesomorph body type- Hector’s favorite morphology on a man. The stud was about to cut another log when his father opened the back door and shouted,

“Ivan! Come meet the new neighbour!”

“Ivan…” Hector mused to himself. Ivan. The name was like music to his ears. If the name ‘Ivan’ was the melody, he couldn’t wait to hear the harmony-Ivan’s voice. But that would have to wait a moment, as Ivan signalled to his father that he would be over in a couple minutes. Hector was excited now, turned to David, and expressed,

“He’s chopping wood?”

“Yep,” David answered. “We have a firepit we use all the time. He cuts wood every Saturday to keep us with a good supply. The boy likes working with hard wood.” Hector smirked after hearing that unfortunate phrasing. With those few minutes to spare before the meeting, Hector managed to keep the conversation about Ivan, in order to try and learn some things about this young buck he was starting to get invested in. As Ivan began crossing the yard towards the house, Hector summarized the details he extracted about his life from David. He learned that:

- Ivan was twenty-four years old, having just celebrated his birthday two weeks prior. - He lived here with his father. He wasn’t just visiting, helping out for the weekend, etc. - He attempted to go to college when he was nineteen, but flunked out and was doing construction and other labour jobs when he could get them. - He was planning to give college another shot in the fall semester. - He was having trouble finding a girlfriend. This was stressful to David, who wanted grand-children, and bizarre to Hector, who couldn’t wrap his head around the idea that this hunk was having problems in that area.

By the time this information was sorted, Ivan had climbed the back steps and was coming through the back door. Hector could have sworn he felt his pupils dilating in order for his photoreceptors to capture as much visual data of the male specimen before him. Ivan was tall; if Hector was about 5’11", then Ivan was roughly 6’2", or 6’3". His complexion was of the creamy, ivory kind. He looked like the kind of individual that would burn in the sun if exposed for too long. However, this skin tone contrasted agreeably with his hair, which was of a dark, chocolate-walnut color. The hair was arranged in a basic, trimmed crop, but was thick. He had a pair of aquatic blue peepers, just like his daddy, but where his father’s eyes had a sharper look to them, Ivan had eyes that possesed that cute, puppy dog quality. There was a little facial hair present. He wore a trimmed goatee; one of those anchor shaped goatees without a mustache. It was short, and only covered his chin, but it was a double whammy: it accentuated his strong, sqaure, masculine jaw, and functioned as an arrow pointing to his full, juicy lips. Ivan grinned a wide, charming smile at Hector, before reaching out to shake his hand while saying,

“Hi, I’m Ivan Petrenko.”

“Sexy voice,” Hector thought to himself as he began to extend his hand. Ivan’s voice was a warm, sweet baritone, no traces of harshness or coarseness. Hector felt a soft tingle in his spine when Ivan spoke. Ivan also had a powerful grip. If the handshake between them had been a waltz, Ivan would have been the leader. This wasn’t surprising to Hector though, after having heard some of Ivan’s history. Like father, like son he supposed

“I’m Hector Yuswa, pleased to meet you.”


After this introduction, there was some lighthearted banter between the three men, before Ivan walked towards the back door and said,

“I’m gonna go finish up back here. It was nice meeting you Mr. Yuswa.”

“You too!” And with that, Ivan was outdoors again. David said something to Hector, but it remained disregarded as he was engrossed in imagining Ivan’s firm ass sauntering away in those jeans. Hector came out of la-la land when he noticed David staring at him curiously.

“Well, I guess I better get going, stuff to do today,” Hector said, and prepared to leave. At the front door, David and Hector said their goodbyes, and David was in the process of saying he should visit again, when Hector opened the door to leave. After Hector thanked him, David closed the door.

Hector was in a state of shock as he slowly made his way to the car. Did that really just happen? This couldn’t be real, could it? He thought he would have to go searching in the city for God-knows-how-long to find a suitable man. This was beyond being gifted lemons; Life was screaming a message, and it was loud and clear. It was almost as if the name “IVAN” in capital letters was written in the clouds. The father had encouraged him to visit again; Hector would definitely be visiting again, but with very different intentions. The scheme was already forming in his head. David’s son was slated to become Hector’s slave. Oh yes; that virile, red-blooded male was going to be his. Hector jumped into his car.

“To hell with the grocery store,” he said as he started the engine. He cranked the wheel and sped right back to his house. With the food he still had at home, he could survive today. There was a plan to hatch, and he wanted to get started right away. He pulled into his driveway, went into his house, and walked directly to the basement. Looking around the room, Hector started to rub his palms together as he contemplated on what to do. This basement held the instruments of his life’s passion. It took such priority, that it was built before he even bothered to move the rest of his stuff in. Hector had converted the basement into a little laboratory of sorts. This lab contained everything related to his scientific past: research notes and data, blueprints, and bits and pieces of various machinery. Browsing these things caused Hector to reminisce on those times.

For, in his twenties and much of his thirties, Hector’s true occupation was as a scientist. Specifically, a scientist studying brain functions and psychology. He worked with a group of colleagues, and, together, they were able to make some brilliant discoveries regarding the human mind and eventually, even learned some things on how to control it. This was published in a scientific journal, which caught the attention of the government. In the beginning there was peace and much cooperation; in fact, thanks to the government’s funding, and the granting of a shiny new facility for them to work in, Hector and his group were free to perform all kinds of crazy experiments and build many strange devices. The crowning achievement was called ‘The Overmind’. This was a gigantic machine, seventy-five feet tall, with black wires as thick as tentacles running around it. ‘The Overmind’ had such an extraordinary power to influence minds; within one application, any desired changes to a subject’s psyche could be completed, with speed and efficiency. Truly, it was a godlike machine. Unfortunately, as they say, “what goes up, must come down.” The government was greedy to take this powerful machine into its hands for its own uses, and prepared for an assault on the facility to capture ‘The Overmind,’ and, ‘negotiate’ with the scientists. The group caught wind of this plan, and knew what it meant. Refusing to become the drudges of the government, or possibly be murdered by this same government, it was quickly decided that everything would have to go. They began shredding research notes and deleting files. They smashed small devices and disrupted machinery. Then, finally, there was The Overmind- it needed to be destroyed, and many a tearful eye there was as they affixed explosives to their glorious project. The facility was abandoned, and after detonating the bombs, came crashing down in a great explosion of fire. The government was furious, and a vindictive hunt was put into operation to punish the group. Many were caught, and their fates’ were undoubtedly terrible. It was a sad end to such an astounding enterprise.

Hector did suffer much after the dissolution. But, the brightside was that, thanks to some divine miracle, he managed to remain undetected. He was never caught by the men sent to nab him. Still, there was no way he would ever touch a career in the sciences again (if this was how genius was rewarded). So, after many bitter years of grinding through the education system for the second time, he graduated with a degree in business. To provide himself with extra protection, and to officially condemn his miserable past to oblivion, he had his name changed to Hector Yuswa- for his original name had actually been Richard O’Flannery.

Hector brought himself back to the present. He had resigned before to forget. He wasn’t Richard O’Flannery anymore, and he wasn’t miserable. There was much to be happy about. He had never been apprehended all those years, and, there was something special to work on. Smiling to himself, Hector approached a filing cabinet in the lab and opened it. Within were original copies of blueprints and research plans for many of the mind control devices and experiments. Indeed, during the time of the destruction, Hector succeeded in saving some of the files and experiments while the others were maniacally ruining all of their hard work. There was no way he would have allowed that groundbreaking research to go up in smoke, as if it had never existed.

After cracking his knuckles, Hector took out the documents and began to work. Life was very simple for the next few days. Hector followed a very basic schedule: eat, work on the project, sleep. Rinse and repeat. Of course, once Monday rolled around, he had to go to his job in the city, but that didn’t stop him from working again in the evening, although he did have to throw showers in the routine to remain hygienic for his job. He never tired, though. Instead, the opposite was the case; he felt electric, alive. This was his soul’s purpose. He likened himself to Michelangelo, who threw himself into his sculpting to the point of forgetting to eat and sleep. It was almost like returning to the glory days at the facility, which supercharged Hector. The work was fervent and inspired. There was a deadline anyway, and that was Saturday. For, Hector had not forgotten…

“… He cuts wood every Saturday…” The phrase David had spoken resounded in Hector’s memory. The upcoming Saturday would be the date to put the plan in motion. he had lived forty-eight years of this slaveless life, he would wait no more. It was time to live his dream, to make his own destiny.

On Thursday evening he put the finishing touches on his new machine, and reviewed it. In appearance, it resembled ‘The Overmind’ on a smaller scale. Ebony black wires ran in vertical and horizontal directions across the back wall of Hector’s basement lab. There was a direct connection between these wires and a computer sitting on a nearby counter. This computer would be utilized by Hector to create code, and run the applications of his creation, which he decided to call ‘The Overmind II,’ in homage to his old group of colleagues. However, this version was in no way as powerful as the original. Hector continued his review. The mass of wires congregated around a central feature: a lone, black, steel chair, affixed with sturdy leather restraints for the wrists, ankles, torso, and neck. A weighty helmet hovered above the chair. This was bowl shaped, with many of the wires connected at the top dividing into smaller and smaller wires, so that the inside of the helmet was coated in countless wires with suction cup ends– meant to be attached to a subject’s scalp. The helmet was additionally equipped with headphones and a piece of eyewear resembling a phoropter. Except, instead of measuring and adjusting vision, the knobs attached were for measuring and tampering with brain activity. Lastly, there were surplus wires running around ‘The Overmind II.’ They would need to be attached to various places on a subject’s body for electrostimulation. Hector checked everything twice before he turned his attention to part two.

At the facility, the government had been responsible for providing test subjects. These were acquired via good ol’ fashioned kidnapping. Unluckily for Hector, he no longer had access to that luxury, and he was by no means capable of abducting individuals himself. His ingenuity was put to the test, and he invented the perfect solution to this problem: nanisites! This was a combination of the words nanorobot and parasite. It was a nanorobot because it was programmed by Hector, and a parasite because it was required to bond with a host to perform its function. The nanisite was, in actuality, a by-product of the parent machine, The Overmind II. Its function was a simple one: pair with a host, and return to the parent machine, where it would be happily obliterated. This made the nanisite a semi-conscious being with a purpose in its short existence. A nanisite would concentrate and work hard on its small list of goals, as it couldn’t bear being away from its home- The Overmind II. Also, the name was a bit of a misnomer, as it was not nano sized. It was fashioned after the structure and size of a tick. Its many strong legs would be capable of clinging to hair, clothing, and skin. Now, the function of the nanisite may have been simple enough, how it achieved the function was more complex.

Hector had written research notes on the operation of nanisites for his future reference. The contents of these notes were thus:

"Once a nanisite effectively places itself on a host, it must scurry up to the back of the subject’s neck, where it makes a quick injection, or ‘bite,’ to burrow into the neck. It then attaches itself to the subject’s brainstem, where it becomes dormant until its activation time. This activation time shall be at 12:00 a.m.- which is a convenient time for a subject to disappear- when it rouses the subject’s body awake, and begins its assault on the brainstem. All sensory information descending from the cerebrum and cerebellum, and ascending from the body must pass through the brainstem. The brainstem plays a major role in motor function and is responsible for sending sleep-wake signals to the body. After a ‘wake’ signal is triggered, and the subject bolts upright in bed (as most people are usually in bed by this time), the fight begins for the control of the ‘Upper Motor Neurons,’ the UMN’s. These are the neurons that travel down the brainstem to various parts of the body, making it move in whatever way the brain wants. It is the nanisite’s job to disrupt this activity, and instead direct the subject’s body towards the target destination. The moment the subject awakens, he will have his brain firing off hoards of neurons coming from his Primary Motor Cortex, or M1. These will race down the brainstem, to tell his body to move this way or that way, and, cooperating with his cerebellum to balance and ensure smooth movement, it would usually occur in this manner. But, not with the nanisite present. The nanisite uses its many legs to sift through descending neurons, catching the ones that are contrary to its plan. It ignores other neurons descending the brainstem, such as the ones controlling automatic functions like heart rate or breathing, for obvious reasons. When it catches a neuron that is opposing the plan, like a neuron propelling the body to step in a certain direction, for example, its extra tick properties come into play. It sucks the neuron in through its mouth as if it were a drop of blood, and then lays an ‘egg.’ This ‘egg’ is a replacement neuron, which will send the impulse to the body muscles to act in accordance with the nanisite’s purpose. With this ‘chokepoint’ at the brainstem, the subject has control over his own body removed from him, and the reins are handed over to the nanisite, who directs him towards the destination.

Hector, during the creation of these bots, discerned a fault in the programming.

“There is a slight weakness, however. The nanisite only deals with descending neurons from the Motor Cortex. Ascending neurons, like one coming from a nerve signalling that the target’s foot has made contact with the ground, are ignored because there is no use for them from the nanisite or the brain. It doesn’t matter to the brain because all it relays is that the body moved, even if it wasn’t in the direction it originally tried to move in. This is a weakness because the nanisite wants to get to the destination as quickly as possible. It detects the direction to move towards through magnet and GPS signals. It can detect basic obstacles, such as doors and walls, since it will need to navigate the subject through these, but the nanisite is not omniscient, nor is it omnipotent. En route to its destination, if left to its own devices, it could potentially walk the subject through fire, into a large body of water, or off a cliff. Intervention of some kind will be a necessity.”

In the parameters of his scheme, with the subject in question being Ivan Petrenko, Hector wouldn’t have to worry about those particular problems. Ivan would only need to walk the approximate six to eight mile distance from his house to Hector’s, and there were no bodies of water or cliffs in the way to impede him. Plus, it was highly unlikely that the small forest he would have to walk through should catch fire. All that was left in the notes were the specifications of activation, and an extra detail.

“The subject is sent an impulse to awaken, if he is asleep. He is then directed to stand, and, once standing, is sent an impulse to remove his clothes. Once he is naked, the nanisite uses the subject’s body to advance to the closest exit of the house. The owner of the nanisite should have in his possession the corresponding ‘Guidance Module’ to issue basic emergency commands to the nanisite, and track its location, along with information regarding host pairing and activation status.”

The nudity portion of the nanisite was there to relieve Hector of some burdens that could arise. If a subject had a cell phone in his pants, or some other stupid thing that could lead people to him, Hector didn’t want to have to add to his work the careful disposal of such items. The last detail underlined in Hector’s notes was,

“A nanisite can only pair with a male host. As soon as it makes contact with a host body, it will detect testosterone levels before advancing towards the brainstem. Since male organisms are the only ones capable of producuing sufficiently high levels of testosterone, it is impossible for a nanisite to pair with a female host, since the testosterone levels would be insufficient.”

That safeguard concluded his notes on the topic of nanisites. It was time for Hector to get some well-deserved rest, as he had much work to do Friday, to set up his scheme for Saturday.

When he arose on Friday morning, Hector was grinning from ear to ear. He was one short workday away from the beginning of his great plan. Whistling a merry tune during his routine, he ate, dressed himself, and went to work. Time flew by today, and his boss let him out of work early for the weekend. Beautiful.

The work for his diabolical plan was almost ready, but for the last bit of preparation, Hector needed to go for a hike. In the distance between his house and the Petrenkos’, he set up little magnetic checkpoints. These were placed in strategic locations throughout the forest and open field areas, in order to create a roadmap of sorts for the nanisite, once it (hopefully) paired with Ivan- Hector’s intended victim. The magnetic path produced would be a gentle and easy route for Ivan’s body to traverse, even in darkness, as the nanisite did not actually require the use of his eyes to travel. The signals would attract the nanisite and guide it to the destination, The Overmind II, at Hector’s house. With that step completed, all that was left to do was to wait until nightfall.

At some time in the early a.m., Hector snuck onto the Petrenko property, and into their yard space. He had parked his car some distance back, thinking it cautious, and he was dressed totally in black. He slowly and quietly approached the small woodworking area Ivan had been chopping at last week, and opened a satchel at his side. Extracting a small silver nanisite from inside, he glanced around himself momentarily, before planting the tiny bot in some taller grass near the woodcutting station. It would remain there until it ascertained that a potential host was nearby. With his mission complete, Hector quickly fled the area, returned to his car, and drove home. It was up to the dinky nanisite now. Hector hoped that it would not fail him.

It was on Saturday in the late morning when the nanisite was triggered due to the sensing of a stationary potential host in proximity. The puny machine sped off in the direction of this potential host, and soon, after climbing up a shoe, was clinging to leghair and making contact with the skin. It began its testosterone detection function, and was happy to discover that the host in question was a suitable match. Better than suitable, really; the nanisite detected that this host was overflowing with testosterone of potent quality. The nanisite immediately raced towards the nape of the neck, moving as fast as its tiny legs would take it. As it was solely designed for this purpose, it was not long before it found the mark and drilled itself into the host’s neck, firmly clamping onto the brainstem, and entering its dormant state. Activation sequences would become effective at 12:00 a.m.

Hector was having a cup of tea and reading a book during that fine morning when he recieved a notification on his Guidance Module. According to the information displayed on the small tablet, a nanisite at the location of the Petrenko house had successfully coupled with a host, and was now in the dormant state, awaiting activation at 12:00 a.m. Overjoyed with this news, Hector decided to drive into town to pick up some congratulatory treats. A nice bottle of champagne, some ingredients for a splendid dinner, and something sweet from the bakery would be the perfect combination to celebrate, after all these years, his scientific prosperity. He would enjoy this on Sunday after the first step of his gambit was complete. By the time evening came around, Hector put himself to bed for a nap. He would need some sleep for the interesting a.m. visit he was expecting.

Midnight. Within the Petrenko dwelling, a pair of blue eyes were fluttering open, due to a signal of awakening from a captive brainstem. These eyes belonged to none other than Ivan Petrenko, who found his body sitting up in bed shortly after their opening. His body rose from the bed to stand, and the nanisite controlling it began to have its host systematically remove his clothes. Oddly enough, Ivan was wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and socks, but this was inconsequential to the nanisite, who only was concerned with getting this host naked and sending him to the destination. It began with his t-shirt, having it stripped off and dropped carelessly to the floor. Each sock was then pulled off. Next came the jeans; after utilizing its host’s hands to undo the belt, the jeans were pushed down, along with the underwear in one fluid motion, and promptly stepped out of. The nanisite was prepared to depart with the host body, until it sensed an additional piece of attire. A leather bracelet was discovered on Ivan’s left arm. This was roughly detached from said arm, and joined the chaotic pile of discarded clothing on the floor. Now, certain that the host body was completely nude, the nanisite walked Ivan to his bedroom door.

Stepping out of the bedroom, the nanisite determined the coordinate for the nearest exit out of the house- the front door. It navigated its way through what appeared to be an upstairs hallway, and had Ivan’s body descend the staircase to the main room. Throughout all of these interactions, Ivan had not said a word; the nanisite was working at top capacity, catching even the neurons attempting to send messages to trigger vocal muscles, and cancelling them out. In fact, if someone was to look upon Ivan, he would see a calm, expressionless individual seemingly in possession of all his faculties. (Insofar as an individual going for a walk in the nude was considered in possession of all his faculties). Once Ivan’s body reached the bottom of the stairs, it would only need to cross the living room and walk out the front door; however, the boy’s father was present in the living room. It would have actually been more accurate to say his body was present, for he was passed out on the couch in front of the TV, which was still on. The cans around him indicated a strong, alcohol-induced slumber. It was a shame, really. If he was not in such an inebriated state, he may have heard his darling boy, as he was not making any particular effort to be silent. The nanisite controlling his movement was programmed to neither sneak, nor rush. Ivan’s body was taking even, regular steps at an average, leaning towards slow pace, his bare feet producing that characteristic slapping sound as he walked across the wood panel floor.

Ivan walked past his sleeping father, the shadow of his fetching body dancing across his snoring face as he did so. David was not awakened by this, and therefore not shocked to see the fruit of his loins, naked as the day he was born, gallivanting to who knows where. Once Ivan’s body was through the room, it took a sharp left and, after opening the front door and walking through it, officially moved out of its father’s house. If all went according to plan, this would be final, and Ivan would be making the journey to his new forever home.

The evening was a warm, calm one; excellent weather conditions for Ivan’s ‘nature’ walk. The nanisite caught on to the signals from Hector’s checkposts, and steered Ivan’s body in that direction. It walked him around the house and began the march across the field towards the forest area. This was going to be a jaunt; Hector’s house was about eight miles away. The algorithm in the nanisite estimated the trip to take approximately two to three hours. Nonetheless, the nanisite pushed the host body forward, determined to reach the destination.

Hector’s eyes had also snapped open at midnight, although for different reasons. Where Ivan had been roused and immediately placed under the nanisite’s control, Hector had woken up after hearing the Guidance Module indicate that a nanisite had been activated, and a subject was en route to the destination. Hector considered the implicatons of this in his imagination.

“What could be sexier,” he thought, “than a muscle-bound hunk delivering himself to your front door in the middle of the night, au naturel?”

The result of this imaginative play was a stiffy in his pyjama bottoms, which Hector casually stroked. His dick deflated rapidly when a horrifying prospect flew to the forefront of his mind. He glanced at the Guidance Module in his hand; it read that a subject was on his way, but who was this subject? Perhaps he had been too sloppy, and the subject travelling to his house wasn’t Ivan, but his father, David. That would be extremely disappointing. Hector admitted to himself that David was attractive for an older man, but he wasn’t whom Hector wanted. It would be like asking for chocolate, and receiving strawberry instead. Everything would be fine, but that’s all it would be, fine. If Ivan was coming, things would be fantastic! So, as worried as Hector was, he hoped for the preferred outcome of this experiment. All that was left was more waiting. During some of this time, Hector set up a spotlight facing the entry of the body of trees the subject would be appearing from. Closer to the time, Hector would turn it on, in order that he may watch for the arrival of his prize.

By this point in time Ivan’s body had crossed the field and the nanisite was now maneuvering its host through the forest checkpoints. There were no problems so far, and the nanisite/host couple was making great time. The experience, in a sense, for the nanisite could be likened to driving a vehicle. It had to get home with the ‘car’ it was given. Thankfully, the machinery it was piloting was in excellent working condition. Ivan’s body was fit and capable, the result of his active, outdoor, labouring life. The nanisite found that the pace never lagged, as Ivan’s muscles were accustomed to hard use, and weren’t easily exhaustible. No possibilities of fatigue or bodily collapse were expected during the hike.

To any spectators, the undressed man strolling through the forest would have made a peculiar sight; an exciting one, to those who greatly appreciated pleasant masculine forms, or a disturbing one, to prudes and other moralisers. One place they could agree upon however, was that the image presented was wholly primal. Maybe, to the sensitive, artistic type, it spoke of “Man in the days of Innocence.” To others more in tune with their ‘primeval urges,’ it probably screamed ‘caveman.’ The reality was, however, that the image spoke to none, as there was not one witness present to spectate the scene unfolding in the forest. Only one set of eyes would be viewing this male, exposed to nature, and the viewing of his body would be a private showing.

Much time had passed, and Hector had turned on his spotlight. He was now waiting in the house near the window, with a pair of binoculars in his hand. His heart was pounding: it was so close to the time of arrival, and Hector was anxious to see who his subject would be. It needed to happen pronto, as Hector was going to faint from the suspense…

Then, Hector, in his overexcited state, thought he saw some movement in the trees. He raised the binoculars to his eyes so quickly, that he bumped his head in the process. After cursing himself for his clumsiness, he peered through the binoculars to verify if he had seen correctly. Lo and behold, there was a figure approaching, and all would be revealed as soon as he stepped into the light. Hector’s hands were shaking, and he was sweating bullets. A sharp intake of breath, and then, a massive sigh of relief, as the nude body of Ivan Petrenko stepped out of the trees, and into the clearing. Hector cried out in victory, and did a jig around the room. He was ecstatic! His plan had worked, and perfectly at that. The little bug had did it; his lab baby had achieved the objective of delivering its host to Hector, and Hector himself felt proud as he watched Ivan’s body marching directly to his front step.

“Yes, my slave-to-be, come, come to your new master,” Hector murmured to himself as he watched. Time seemed to move in slow motion as Hector observed Ivan’s body, now that it was close enough to be viewed properly. His body was well-proportioned and lean, no excess fat sagged in any areas on his form. He was quite hirsute; from the top of his chest to his toes there was hair. It was not a bear pelt, but he had a complete covering of coarse, dark hair, thicker in some places than others. There was more than decent musculature present in his arms, chest, back, abdominals, legs, thighs, and buttocks. This was organic muscle though, not the cut, defined lines of a gym monkey on a protein powder diet. Ivan’s abs, for example, were not a chiseled six, eight, or ten pack; but, they were solid, and looked like they would be satisfying to touch. And, all of this muscle was wrapped in that exquisite, ivory skin.

Even though the nanisite controlled him, there was grace in his movement. Hector took great pleasure in watching him approach: comely feet conveying a comely body to his grasp, step by step. Now, Hector shifted his view to Ivan’s crotch, and was delighted. Ivan’s dick swayed gently with his gait, encased in its proper, uncircumcised sheathe. Tied to that dick was the fleshy sack containing his lovely pair of low-hangers. Hector licked his lips as he thought of Ivan’s male essence churning in those orbs. Ivan’s dick size in itself was actually only average,but it was thick. Hector snickered to himself- he had the bigger cock. For his build though, Ivan’s dick suited him. His balls made up for the fact of his dick size as they were larger and more voluminous than what would be average for his build.

Ivan’s body climbed the front steps and Hector was at the front door ready to receive him.

“Good evening, do come in,” Hector said while stepping to the side to let his ‘guest’ in. Ivan simply ambled on past him, without acknowledgement. Ivan himself may not have been familiar with the house, but the nanisite knew exactly where to move towards, and was in the process of going there with the host body, until it stopped in its tracks. Hector had pressed the ‘STOP’ button on the Guidance Module,

“Not so fast,” he chided. “I know you’re excited to get to the basement, and I couldn’t be happier with your work, my little nanisite, but Master wants to inspect the merchandise.”

He sidled up behind Ivan, and began by running a finger down his spine. It all felt so surreal. That one interaction was better than any hookups or other sexual experiences Hector had in his whole life. His dreams of true control were starting to become a reality, and this male was the ideal. Trying to dominate this beefy, bigger, hunk of man was going to be a challenge, but the reward would be worth it.

Hector brought his nose close to Ivan’s neck, and took a long sniff. He cared not for what the scientists had to say on pheromones only affecting the opposite sex, as his cock went full mast after inhaling Ivan’s natural, manly scents. After circling Ivan’s body a few times and ingesting him with his eyes from every angle, Hector opened the basement door, and resumed the nanisite’s mission on the Guidance Module. He didn’t touch Ivan again for the time being, as he did not want to spoil everything by being too familiar with his new subject’s body.

“After you,” Hector stated as Ivan’s body passed by him to descend the stairs to the basement. Hector followed close behind,enjoying the sound of Ivan’s bare feet pitter-pattering down the stairs to his lab. He declared the swinging of the basement door shut behind them to be a historic moment for his young subject; it marked the end of his life as a free man, and marked the beginning of his life as a slave.

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