College Lockup Part 4

By Gladeaderxxx
published March 3, 2017

Here I was standing alone in the men’s locker room on campus, looking at myself in the mirror, naked. Well, I guess I won’t ever be “naked” again for a while. See I am naked, except for the new Holy Trainer that is locked on my cock. And I had no way of getting out.

As soon as we entered our apartment, Ryder closed the door and through me against it, landing an eager kiss on me. When I found out that Ryder was my roommate and how hot he was, I never imagined that I would actually kiss him, let alone anything more. Who knew what he had in store for tonight. Whatever it was, I could tell that he’d be planning this for some time. We continued to kiss, feeling each other’s bodies up. His body was so massive! His arms were bulging out of his tank top. Giant boulders for biceps, his triceps equally impressive. Even down to his forearms, so sturdy and strong. Moving to his chest, I was in love. His pecs were basically begging to be released from the confinements of his tank, much like my cock from its own imprisonment. His shoulders were incredible and like mountains. Feeling his abs, so defined, so cut. I couldn’t handle it. I reached down and lifted his shirt off his head. His quarter sized nipples came into view and before I could even process what I was doing, I was bending down and sucking on those nipples.

“Oh God, that feels amazing!” Ryder let out. He grasped the back of my head and kept running his hands through my hair as I sucked on him. As I pushed into him to suck harder, his pecs didn’t give in and kept me at bay. Just how massive could they be! I jumped to his other nipple, licking at it and kissing it. Tuffs of hair surround his nipples and just set me off. I have never been so sexually hungry before, but all I want is to keep worshipping this amazing body and doing whatever I can to please him. It’s not even second nature to me to want to make his life amazing. I want to pleasure him, let him use me, whatever he wants. And I am not use to this thought process. I’ve been the top, I’ve been the one that wants to be pleased. Maybe I am a bottom? No, never. This is all for the competition. Once I’m free, I’ll top Ryder for sure. I’ll make sure of it… Somehow.

Ryder raises my head back to his own and gives me another kiss. He lifts my shirt off of me and starts to attack my nipples. I never realized how amazing it felt. I knew that people have a thing for nipples and his big nipples were too perfect not to suck, but having it done to yourself? I about fell to the floor. It was so incredible. My cock was straining like never before to be free. But I was in such a sexual high that I couldn’t even feel the pain from my cage. He kept sucking and switching between nipples and it was all I could do to hang on to him to hold me up. He eventually stopped and lifted me into the air, my legs instinctively locked around his waist and we continued to kiss. He carried me into his bedroom and dropped me onto his bed.

“Okay Chad, you want to please me and get your first signature?” Ryder asked me, finally pulling away from our kiss.

“I’ll do whatever you want.” I gasped out. I was so out of breath from making out with him.

“Good. Then let’s have some fun.” He said, he sat up and reached behind him and got into his desk drawer. I couldn’t see what he grabbed but next thing I knew he was lifting my left wrist above my head to the top of his bed and put it in handcuffs. He ran the handcuffs around one of the polls at the top of his bed and lifted my other wrist and locked it in. I was officially handcuffed to his bed.

“Hey, what are you doing?” I asked, a little panic starting to grow in me. I tugged at the cuffs and tried to break free but they wouldn’t budge.

“You want to pleasure me, this is going to do it.”

“Well I can’t pleasure you without my hands!” I tried to plead.

“I have something else in mind.” He said with a wicked grin.

He reached beneath his bed and picked up one of his socks. He shoved it into my mouth and then grabbed the medical tape on the night stand next to us and wrapped it around my head, keeping his sock in my mouth, really gagging me.

“Well at least now I can enjoy this in peace. Trust me, I would love to have to you talk and moan, but you aren’t quite ready for that phase yet.” He said.

“Mfffph!” I tried to yell at him, but nothing came out. What was he doing?! I wanted to please him, I didn’t want to be tied up and gagged! Ryder got off me and pulled my pants and underwear off me. My cage flopped out.

“Looks like someone is liking this bondage!” He said, and he swatted my cage. Pain shot through my body. I was no longer feeling that sexual high. I was horny and wanted to be with him, but I couldn’t do a thing but wait for him to release me.

Ryder got up and went to his closet. He grabbed two ties and came back over to me. He tied one tie to each of my ankles and then lifted them up and over my body, up to my head. He tied each ankle to his head board. My ass was completely exposed and up in the air, for his own pleasure.

Ryder bend down and started to rim me, licking at my ass hole. This new sensation brought new pleasures that I didn’t even know existed. I moan into my gag and Ryder knew that I was enjoying it. He started to stick his tug into me and I was in bliss. I tugged at my restraints. I was in torment of being so horny and having no control of my own pleasure and that was just making me more horny! Ryder stood up and dropped his shorts. He reached into his desk drawer again and grabbed some condoms and lube. “Don’t worry, I’m always prepared and play safe.” He said, slipping on a condom. He placed some lube on his fingers and started to stick a finger in, first one, but he managed to get two in pretty fast. This full feeling was incredible and I wanted more of it. I kept moaning into my gag. I was loving this. Way more pleasurable than anything else I had ever done before. Once I was relaxing with two fingers in, he stuck a third in and a new wave of horniess hit me. Precum was starting to drip out of my cage.

“Ready for the big guy?” He said, he moved so my face could see. This was the first time I really saw his member. Probably around 7-7.5”, so smaller than me, but it was THICK! I didn’t even know that dicks could get that thick. He smacked it against his hand and it resonated with a resounding SMACK! Oh this was going to be amazing. I shook my head up and down frantically. When did I become such a little bitch? I’ve never cared to have a dick inside me and now I was practically begging for it.

Ryder got behind me and started to push his dick against my hole. Fresh cherry to be popped. He slowly entered and I started to scream in my gag. It was so painful and yet a little pleasure at the same time. He backed up and slowly entered again. Each time going a little further than the last. With each passing, the pain slowly started to ease up and the pleasure increased. After some time, I finally felt his ball sack slap against me, he was in balls deep.

“There, not too bad right? Want me to continue?” He asked, his face poking between my legs. I again shook my head up and down.

Ryder smiled and start to fuck me, in and out. It was incredible, I never knew pleasure came like this. With ever thrust, a wave of pleasure hit me. He must have found my prostate and is riding it now. He started to pick up speed. His hair, which had been up in a man bun since we left for the meeting, was starting to fall, covering his face and falling off his head. How I wish I could just run my hand through his hair, kissing him as he fucked me harder and harder. He kept going faster and I was in heaven. Precum was running like a faucet out of my cage now. As he kept going, I could feel myself starting to feel an orgasm coming. Could I even cum in this cage? It was certainly starting to feel that way. The pressure kept building up and I felt the release coming.

“Ah fuck I’m gonna cum!” Ryder yelled, he pulled out of my ass and ripped the condom off. He kept stroking and within a few strokes and blew his huge load all over my body, he first flew straight onto my face and then with each continued burst fell onto my body. I was so close to cumming but without any pleasure from anywhere, I just shook in frustration as I was brought to the edge but not over. I screamed in my gag.

“Wow… That was incredible man. We should have been doing this a lot sooner.” Ryder joked. He reached down to my pants and pulled up the folded-up paper that I got from the meeting. He grabbed a pen from his desk and quickly signed the paper. “And just like that, you got your first signature!” He dropped the paper next to me and released my legs from his bedpost. He then pulled out a key from another drawer and unlocked the handcuffs. He helped me off his bed, his cum already dried on my body. He pushed me toward the hallway. He shoved me out the door, the gag still in my mouth. “Have a good night man, see you in the morning!” And there I stood, naked, cum dried on my body, gagged, first signature in hand and honestly happier than I’d been in a very long time.

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