Fuxer: Chapter 11 & 12

By abracadabra923 - abracadabra923@yahoo.com
published December 10, 2019

Xander goes back there…


Obviously, Xander couldn’t stop thinking about the homo-verse with the orange singlets.

He flew a few rounds along the coast of the HQ’s island in the evening sun to clear his head. Occasionally, he cast 4D-glances at the building to check on the inhabitants but everybody was doing the typical, heterosexual things.

Once back in his own room, Xander stripped fully and stood in the scale in front of the mirror. He was still below dicksplosion threshold and feared that he’d cause another reality shift if he tried to muscle up all the way.

Well, would that be so bad? He couldn’t be blamed for trying to get his body back, could he?

Xander anxiously looked left and right as if Oliver could be hiding in a corner to arrest him for misuse of powers – and para-flexed.

With a mix of relief and disappointment, Xander watched his muscles bulge, his definition increase and the scale tick up. No world shattering.

His dick refused to ‘splode, however.

Even with his outrageous physique at the maximum weight of 86kg/190lbs his dick was only growing at the slow rate, now at a ‘mere’ 17cm/6.5’’ soft, dangling between his ultra-cut thighs.

He felt that he could… keep growing? Had the reality-shift given him greater power?

The blond superhero wasn’t even sure he liked that. He wanted to be a muscle god, sure, but a comic book character, not a cartoon character with biceps the size of trucks.

Well, he could always muscle down again.

Xander para-flexed and looked back and forth between the mirror and the scale. 88… 89… 90…

Finally a weight tugged at his crotch as his cock and balls grew to their old 20cm/8’’ flaccid, resting on balls so large they pushed his dick forward despite hanging low.

Then he hit 92kg/203lbs. Now he was on par with Will, except 10cm/4’’ shorter and therefore more thickly muscled. His ripped pecs now poked far enough out that his nipples were pointing down and out a little, his eight pack was so deeply cut that he could have held a pen in the abs-canyon, his side-abs were pointing at his dick like neon signs guiding the lost in the dark.

His arms were bigger but also farther apart as his entire frame broadened to accommodate the mass, with shoulders and neck both widening.

The legs bulged more, his calves now prominent from the front as they thickened even more past his shins.

Xander stood at 94kg/207lbs as his new maximum, looking like he had been fed nothing but steroids since he hit puberty.

Too hot, too sexy, too divine to handle.

It took him about ten seconds to jerk himself hard, his dick growing a tiny bit in the process, needing both hands again. One to jerk off near the head and rub the frenulum, one to jerk off at the base and keep his balls from flopping everywhere.

It took only another thirty seconds to cum. He let the load – all five shots – hit the mirror.

Once he felt ready to, Xander muscled down to 90kg/198lbs, just enough to keep his dick ridiculously massive. He wanted to stay muscled up like this on missions despite rules of decency. He wanted to flaunt it – always.

The next day was like every one of Xander’s birthdays packed into one. He got what he desired more than anything short of Zack’s love: an entry in the Hero Chronicles issue #370.

He’d already gotten a ‘mention’ in the minor victories section of the last issue as a tiny, human-shaped smudge among his teammates, with the wounded Serpentior in the foreground on a single panel.

This time, he was drawn in detail, eyes aglow and pointing in the direction Zeal rushed as the city-swallowing Chodian was assaulted from all sides.

4X, Nova and Zeal, side by side in his favorite comic. Xander would order a copy of the panel to frame it. Even if his crazy bulge was sadly deemphasized.

But it didn’t take long for the frustration to return. Every time he played or trained with Zack, every time they found a common interest, every time Zack absentmindedly touched him at the gym or during exercise…

Maybe Xander could go back to the homo-verse and shift reality a little more. Was that possible? The ‘maybe’ was killing him.

As the next party night rolled around, Xander had all night to ponder alone as the others were celebrating and probably fucking pussies.

He couldn’t not try.

So as the sun rose – he hadn’t gotten much sleep – Xander stood in the middle of the room in nothing but sweatpants and tried to focus.

He reached for his 4D muscles and para-grabbed outward at the twisted web that was the fabric of reality.

Downside up. Here and nowhere. The universe stretched and smushed and shuffled.

A knock.

“Uh, come in,” Xander said, head still spinning. His room looked a little different but not quite how it had been in the homo-verse.

Garth entered, wearing a towel low around the hips. The black curls on his head seemed dry but little water droplet clung to his brown skin.

“G’morning,” Garth said and dropped on Xander’s bed, legs spread just enough to make the towel ride up and expose the tip of his semi.

“Uh, hi,” Xander said. Garth hadn’t been gay last time. This made no sense.

“You’re going to have to shrink that thing,” the British twink said with a look at Xander’s dick print. “I’m not ready to be basically fisted by a cock. Not this early in the day, hehe.”

Xander was confused but he’d be stupid to pass. He muscled down a kilogram to shrink his dick to ‘only’ pre-splosion size and slid his pants off.

Garth dropped to his knees and eagerly sank his throat onto the tool all the way despite desperately choking. He struggled so much that Xander felt pity but Garth didn’t slow down at all, giving a full throat blowjob like his life depended on shoving a fuckrod as deeply into himself as possible.

Xander thought the twink was only coming up for air but Garth hopped onto the bed on all fours and pushed his little ass out, already lubed.

Xander grabbed the slender hips with both hands after lining up his tip and slowly pushed inside. He couldn’t go balls deep, meeting the resistance of Garth’s guts.

He fucked his teammate while 4D-looking at his own dick getting anally milked. Then his 4D vision fell on the wall and he took a peak at Will’s room.

The big magic guy was jerking off like he did every morning – while looking at straight porn. His ass seemed sadly flat, just like it did in normal reality.

Yeah, things were different this time.

Xander leaned forward and hugged Garth, groaning into the twink’s shoulder as he cummed.

“Thanks, bro,” the small superhero said with a heavy sign. “Needed that before morning cardio.”

They half-cuddled but Garth wanted to get dressed and left with the towel held in front of his crotch, cum running down his inner thighs.

Xander looked after him through the walls. Garth didn’t actually get dressed yet but instead licked Xander’s cum off his legs while fingering his sore hole. It was funny that even this version of Garth thought he had privacy and that Xander wouldn’t know just how much of a cum-whore he was.

Akio and Katashi were both in the team captain’s room, which wasn’t unusual. But this version of Katashi wasn’t Bert’s boyfriend. Instead the Japanese sidekick was fucking the Japanese A-lister and they made out passionately.

The blond lord-of-reality tried to find Bert in his room but the boy was out. There were, however, the usual posters on his walls, including naked woman.

Interesting. Would Akio or Bert have been Katashi’s first choice in a world were both were gay?

Xander decided he had to find out about Zack eventually. The beautiful hunk was absorbed in a game with Henry in the A-lister lounge.

For a second Xander pondered what he’d do if Zack already had a boyfriend after a reality shift but he decided he’d just have to figure things out as he went.

Not sure he recognized half the stuff in his wardrobe, Xander reached for the singlet. It was emerald green.

Well, he now had an orange and a green homo-verse.

Xander was almost at the lounge when Henry left, apparently having finished the game. Good, that meant private time with Zack.

A sidekick in a green singlet was waiting in front of the door and jumped into Henry’s buff arms. It was Todd, which made Xander chuckle. He wished this Todd and the old, homophobic Todd could meet. Preferably with this gay Henry present.

“Get a room,” Xander said, grinning, in a great mood.

Henry dragged Todd along with him, breaking the kiss for a moment. “Look who’s talking,” Henry said. “Mister Exhibitionist. Maybe you should learn not to facefuck Garth in the open.”

Todd chuckled but averted his eyes.

Apparently the Xander of his reality’s history had overstepped his boundaries a little. Yeah, that was totally his style.

“Hey Zack,” Xander said as he entered but he found the room empty. “Uh… Zack?”

“Flew off,” Henry said, stopping even though Todd pulled him along by the hand. “Why? Did you need anything from him?”

“I… Do you know where he went?”

“He’s got a date. Ever since Akio gets dick on the regular, he’s a lot less strict with letting the straighties hop over to the mainland for a date here or there. Guess, he doesn’t want to be a hypocrite.”

“Oh,” Xander said, trying not to sound as crushed as he felt.

“If you ask me,” Henry said, finally going along with Todd’s pull, “Zack should just get a steady girlfriend and stop fucking three bitches a day. I mean, seriously, half of them have definitely figured out who he is by now.” The couple turned the corner and Henry raised his voice. “It takes only one jealous blabbermouth and good bye secret identity, you know?”

“Right…” Xander said to nobody, alone.

Better to be the only gay hero among the bois in a world where Zack was stuck at the HQ by Akio’s orders.

Xander shifted reality back to its original configuration, his singlet turning blue as he walked with grim determination.

He needed help. And he had finally figured out where to get it.

Too Straight, Too Gay

They had reserved the lounge for themselves that night.

Sitting in silence for ten minutes wasn’t Xander’s style, so he was glad when Will was done ‘spellcasting’ to protect himself from the coming reality shift.

“From one reality bender to another,” Will said, “I’m not sure we should be doing this.”

Xander grunted. “We have to explore. You realize how powerful I’d be if I could control these shifts, right?”

“Sure, but there’s a reason we benders aren’t ruling the world. We all have fucking limitations outside our specialties – some sharper, some fuzzy. Getting the body I have took me months and a shit-ton of concentration since I’m only really good with elemental forces.”

“Yeah, I know. You shoot lighting. Once every ten minutes or so,” Xander said and poked his tongue out.

“Fuck off,” the Korean muscle hero said, chuckling. “Your reality-fuckery hasn’t been useful so far. How would that even work? Baddy attacks and you, what, shift reality so he slips up?”

Xander tried to look nonchalant. “We’re here to find out, right?”

“Sure,” Will said. “Now let’s give it a try. I think I won’t be affected. I should be tied into your shift. Also, remember to tell me when you’re turning things back, so I can protect myself again.”

“Got it,” Xander said and para-grabbed the world.

The universe unraveled and wrapped around itself. But Will’s presence noticeable changed the nature of the shift. The Asian wasn’t in charge but he was like a weight pulling the move in a certain direction in 4D spacetime.

Their singlets were pastel red.

They looked just the same otherwise. Two super-hunks with huge, cut muscles now painted a different color by the changed uniforms.

The room was similar but some things had changed. Most noticeably…

“Hey, I like this,” Will said as he got up.

There were huge posters of naked women – girls, really – on the lounge’s walls where generic art had hung before.

“Sir?” said a female voice behind them.

They both whipped around. There was a young lady with the appearance of a supermodel in a white crop top and a mini skirt.

“Do you need anything?” she asked.

“Um, who are you?” Will said, forgetting all tact.

The girl looked playfully crushed. Maybe she was cutely acting disappointed, maybe she was playing over real disappointment. “Wow, was our sex that forgettable? I’m Candy.”

“Candy… You sure are,” Will said with a dumb grin.

Xander wanted out. But at least he needed to know what reality had turned into.

“Uh, Will? Let’s check up on the others,” he said and dragged Will outside the lounge.

Two more extremely pretty girls in little clothing crossed their path, carrying food trays.

“Hello, sir,” they said in unison.

“I like this reality,” Will whispered. “And you two,” he said to the girls, “were are you going?”

One of the supermodels giggled cutely. “I’m just getting the Captain a snack and a blowjob.”

“Nice,” Will said, all intelligence having left him. “So when’s my turn?”

The other girl seductively curled her hair with a free hand and said, “Garth banged me sore at lunch but we can do anal if you want, sir.”

“Fuck yeah,” Will said.

The girl giggled. “That’s what hero-bangers are for.”

Xander wordlessly dragged Will to his room and looked up ‘hero-bangers’. In the old reality there had been girls who called themselves that. Girls who tried to fuck heroes and usually just landed some guy claiming to be super. There probably were a lot at the night club.

In this reality, hero-bangers were official. Something like interns. They made sure heroes were ‘comfortable’.

Xander took a 4D scan of the building. Bolt was cuddling with two naked girls in his room. Filipe got a blowjob in his bedroom. Todd of all people was motorboating a hero-banger’s tits in the Boi Wing cockpit. Yuck.

“Wow, I like this,” Will said, looking out the window. Must have been his new catchphrase. “This universe is great. It’s the per-verse, haha.”

Xander stepped up to him and looked down at the white sand of the island.

Jed and DeShawn were tag teaming a ‘banger’ on a large towel. Some distance away Katashi was laying on his back, a girl riding his dick while feeding him grapes.

Everything had gone very wrong. Will’s presence was the likely culprit.

As Xander pondered depressing thoughts, his 4D vision slipped instinctively through a sunshade and he saw Zack’s naked backside, his pronounced back muscles and tight ass flexing as he… fucked the hero-banger underneath him and made out with her.

Xander recoiled and started shifting reality.

Will was blabbering about how much he loved it here and that he wanted the world to stay like this and wouldn’t Xander agree that this was the best reality and… uh…

Their singlet were sky blue. On the island below eight sidekicks played volleyball.

“Um, Xan? Why are we in your room? Did it not work?”

Xander threw himself on the bed. “No, sorry. You weren’t unaffected. I brought us here while I explained that we were shifted. Ha, you barely believed it.”

“So what reality did you create?”

“Oh, nothing much. Our singlets were red.”

“That’s it?”

“Some subtle things,” Xander said and stretched. “I’m kinda spent now, actually. Thanks for the help, even if it didn’t get us anywhere.”

The fellow bender grunted an acknowledgement and trudged out.

Will had altered Xander’s reality shift in one direction in 4D space. What if the blond hero used his godly powers in the other direction?

Almost as soon as Xander was alone, he attempted another shift. After the shock of seeing Zack fucking a girl, Xander needed to switch to a homo-verse. Any would do. Orange, green, something entirely new…

First he thought his singlet had vanished, but the speedo part was still there. No, it was really a thong now. In bright pink.

Xander wanted to step up to his mirror and realized that the mirror now covered an entire wall. His room was more sparsely furnished and the floor was mostly foam mats instead of wood.

Looking at his hero body, he admired the low cut pink thong with a rising erection. Oh, there was no cup holding his junk either. The fabric hugged his 8 inch boner as the thong was pushed out, revealing his blond pubes.

There was writing on the hem in the font in which his normal singlet said ‘4X’ on the chest. The hem read ‘Fuxer’.

Hm, like a pervy version of ‘Four Exer’. Funny but not suitable for general audiences.

Xander jerked off through the thong and dared to cast a glance into Will’s room. It was a gross mess as always but the walls were decorated with posters of muscular hunks, artsy nudes and even a few close ups of leaking erections.

Yeah, this was a homo-verse, and possibly the most explicit one yet. Xander felt at home, sort of.

The big Korean guy himself wasn’t in, so Xander turned 90 degree and cast a look into Akio’s room. Not there. In fact, none of the A-listers were.

Two guys in uniform teleported into his apartment.

The first was clearly Norbert aka Bolt Boi, in a pink thong and with his white mask on. He wore white boots and a utility belt over the shoulder.

He was easy to recognize by the freckle-dusted, buff, pale body. His thong however read ‘Nut’. Norbert the Nut? Oh, nuts and bolts. That did make for an easy pervy-fication.

The other guy had to be Todd since he had teleported. The twink wore sidekick gear with forearm and shin protectors even if his torso was left bare by the thong that ready B10.

“Where are you?” Norbert aka Nut Boi asked impatiently. “We have an emergency and…” His eyes fell on Xander’s erection. “For fucks sake, jerk off en route. Come on.”

Xander got to grab his mask and boots and Todd brought them directly into Boi Wing Two.

Akio was in the pilot seat, his white cape hanging off a utility x-harness in lack of singlet straps.

“We’re ready,” Nut said.

“Bring us close, B10,” the Captain commanded.

4X dropped into his seat. No, not 4X, he was Fuxer right now.

Next to him was Guard Boi, Garth, whose thong had the tag ‘Girth’ on the hem. Clever, but what did that have to do with his powers? Maybe sounding pervy was more important than fitting the superpowers in this version of reality?

The jet trembled lightly and Fuxer squinted as the sun hit him. They had teleported from the hangar into the sky above a red, rocky desert. For a second Fuxer thought they had gone to mars until he spotted the dry vegetation.

“Aurum Boi aboard Boi Wing Two here,” Akio said. “We’re on course.”

Akio was called Aurum here? ‘Gold’ in latin, but why? That was neither slutty nor fit his water powers.

“B1 here,” answered Henry over the com. “Boi Wing One is close behind you.”

Will had been in the back with their sidekicks and now dropped into the seat behind Fuxer.

The blond muscle god turned to give a nod of acknowledgment to the Korean one and to read his hero name. If the posters in Will’s room hadn’t been enough, his magically enhanced body made it clear he was a homo-verse version – that ass was big enough that even then Will was sitting Fuxer could tell he liked to draw attention to his globes.

The hem on Will’s flimsy thong read ‘Wank’. It didn’t keep with the magic theme unless ex-Wiz was going to use his rod as a wand.

Fuxer chuckled at the thought.

Captain Aurum swiveled his chair to face them. “Lord Arcticon is active in a sparsely populated area so we can use our powers at full force. He’s appeared outside the arctic circle for the first time, so his powers must have grown.”

Lord Arcticon? Fuxer scraped together his memories from issues #25 and #233, but Zeal had never personally fought the ice-villain so he recalled little.

“We’re going to support the girls from the Valkyrie Vanguard,” Aurum continued. “The Manly League will send someone once they’ve mopped up the extra-dimensional robo-invaders on the moon.”

“Battleplan?” Girth Boi asked.

Aurum nodded. “B8 and B9 have constructed a heat ray, to be deployed by the sidekicks from Boi Wing One. You protect them best you can. The rest of us? It’s our duty to keep Arcticon’s attention away from the heat rays.”

“I’m gonna start casting,” Wank said.

Aurum went back to his pilot position.

The flight continued in silence except for the sound of… wait. Fuxer turned around and saw Wank jerking his smooth 7 incher through his thong, eyes closed, lower lip bitten.

His dick was a wand.

Lord Arcticon came into view. A man on top of a rock pedestal, glistening pure white in the sun. Ice covered the pedestals surface. A trail of ice crystals led up to it like a spiky ladder.

“I’m pulling in. Ready?” Aurum said. He downed a bottle of water. “Bois, deploy!”

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