Nothing for Free!!! and Glory Hole!!!

By published March 1, 2017

Nothing: Arrogant jocks compete for unlimited sex while on vacation, Lucky for them Unda Dakilt always fulfills their contracts./ Glory Holes: A bored trickster gets inspired!!!

Hey all hope you like these two. One a story the other a caption. To see the pictures with both head over to my tumblr: click here

Glory Hole

Football….woo hoo… really wish I had just stayed at home to get to know the new neighbors better. But no, I promised Justin I would come see him. I decided to let this be a normal game, no…antics to get up to…no on…. nothing to collect. It’s the 2nd quarter, and I find that watching the various hot guys on the teams a decent distraction, not to mention Justin’s superior balance with that shelf like fat muscled ass I made for hi…yeah. Needing some refreshment, I climb up the stairs and head onto the concourse, already somewhat crowded. Not wanting to wait in line, just get some water for now. While sipping from the fountain I hear a smug arrogant laugh. Giving the college punk a hot glare when he see’s my bear paw tat, the word fag easy to hear even over the din of the other attendees. Apparently feeling his job done he heads into the nearby bathroom to piss I assume. I will make a point to apologize to Justin later…not that he would even know. Seeing him washing his hands, Ideas blossom in my mind: Looks like a mouse, hmm wind-up toy for the mutts… Dozens of possibilities race through in a matter of 3 seconds, when having spotted me makes it a point to inform me that “There aren’t any fag holes in here so get out before I make one with your head.” Just the thing… walking up to him, I grab his head by those ample ears while his clothes and my jeans dissolve to nothing. Trying to flail, it is quite amusing, like a real mouse in a trap. Dragging him with me to a newly enlarged handicap stall, he yells and gags as my precum starts covering his face. Outside I can hear the quarter is just about over, I am sure he wouldn’t want to forgo helping those men take out frustration or elation…depending on who they root for. Forcing his ass to the cold stall wall while bending his head down, now a perfect lineup. Forcing his mouth open, my cock wiggles in his throat as even more grunts of discomfort and fear as my cock seems to spear right through him. Flinching a bit as his teeth move a bit letting me know he just had his cherry picked, inside out. Thrusting in and out, he feels weird pulses moving through his body. Unable to turn around he just renews his struggles. Feeling a weird draft of air his confusion grows, helping take his mind off his first blow job and reverse fuck. Smiling at the feeling of the cool draft, my precum has created a large leather coated hole at perfect waist height. Beginning my thrusting he feels himself bang over and over on the stall, no matter his attempts to escape. Grunting as he feels immense pressure on everything from his asshole to his chin, looking around, just now noticing he is no longer by the large toilet, but now looking at the toilet paper dispenser, well side of it anyway. The pressure and constriction cease as I fucking spew in his mouth. Feeling his panting as my cock retracts a lot faster than going in. The cock gives one final spurt of cum, covering his mouth/face. Leaning back on the other stall wall I grin, proud of the new form of stress relief for college age and older men. Laughing at the expression of the newest accessory to this stadium, I must say good job. Smirking as The mouth tries to close, only to find it stuck open, if looking through one would see the other stall. Shifting front of the stalls aside for a moment, allowing the new glory hole a glimpse of his new life. Anyone entering his stall will be overwhelmed by the desire to demand relief, as well on the other side, which is now a large semi open hairy warm hole. Kneeling down, “I must say, this was a great day at the football game, I am sure the men will find excellent relief in that warm slobby face or ass.” Hearing a loud cheer “well Glory hole, or whatever your name was, enjoy your new existence as a living, orgasm/cum addicted Glory Hole, for all these horny rednecks and college jocks. And hey if they decide to relieve themselves as well, you might find an addiction to beer piss growing.” After rubbing my fingers around the inner hole, I quickly make my exit, making sure that this is a “MAN” only restroom, no boys allowed, as well as a sign to never be cleaned. Without even a backward glance, I head to get the concession stand to get that still needed drink while under my breath, “Maybe we should change this team to…. the Glory Holes! “

Nothing for free:

Heading out from the bathroom, the shower steam filling the hotel room for a minute or so before disappearing. Looking at the door, he can see a note and bag have been placed on the inside handle. “I knew I heard something! What kind of fucking hotel is this! I should just head to the airport right now…” Looking in the bag You see a large wide cammo looking toga kilt thing. Fucking country of fags, why else would they wear fucking skirts in public, or at all!” Feeling the dense thick fabric, he decides to just put it on, so he is not late to the pub next door.: Idiots! Trying to put these skirts wearing fairies against a buff testosterone filled hairy American jock like ME!” Grabbing his shoes and wallet…just carrying it since he cannot find a pocket in this fucking thing. Trudging downstairs, looking around he only sees a few of the wanna be “contestants” heh, talk about short, those kilts are like 4 inches above their bony ass knees. Walking up he holds his hand out, to one, planning on showing his strength in his hand, to put them in their places. They look at me, with barely an interest, totally ignoring my offered hand. Going back to their conversation, little smirks on their faces, as if they thought Sam was a . Just as he was about to show them they were called to the side door, used as a backstage entrance. “Here ya go guys, you might want to hydrate a bit before the show, you wouldn’t want to have an accident, talk about embarrassing.” Forcing a chuckle along with the now three other contestants, the other Latino looking dude having a toga robe like Sam’s. Hearing the crowd quiet a bit he watches the owner walk out onto stage, no wonder people call him bull butch. Shaking a bit of glare from the stage lights he gazes up at the wooden carved moto over the bar, seemingly screaming the pubs tag line.

  • Unda Dakilt: Where the real loch ness monster hides!!*

“Hows it goin to night men, ‘ready for a new contest Unda Dakilt?!? I recognize quite a few of you from past events, and even more when ya move about! First up after the warmup hype, Sam struts out on stage, trying to hide a sneer at the fags of all shapes and sizes in the audience, and a few bored women…seeming to already be heading out. Not even waiting for his introduction, Sam starts going through his bulging stances, accentuating every muscle group he can think of. He is jolted out of his smug yet banal inner monolog. “Now Yankee Sam, let’s see those arms in action, give us 50 pushups as fast as you can. Sam stares at the host, with surprise for a second before jumping down and belting out, feeling that awesome burn of his muscles doing their work. Not even trying to take a breath after finishing, he gives a mocking bow towards the men in the audience, knowing full well those effeminate punks could barely do one. Feeling a tap on his shoulder, he jumps a bit, surprised at his lack of attention…wow that shower relaxed me way too much. “Now Sam, that was an awesome performance, however we have a number of our patrons begging to see those muscles in action, how’s a bout that lower set, do you think you could belt out 10 slow squats for us, if that is too much, just do what you can…” Almost laughing at the surprised look as he laughs mockingly “Ten! Fuck is that all your buff people can do, how’s about a hundred!?” Not even waiting for an answer, he shoves the host out of the way, and after tearing that girly skirt/toga off, he starts belting them out calling out each number. “One, two three four…” on and on, though noticeably slowing down a bit, feeling the heat of the stage lights, and his sweat seemingly dripping off every part of his body, even his cock as it flops around, seeming like a long piss. By the time, he reached a hundred goals, his legs were burning horrendously, having slowed down to almost 15 seconds per squat. Panting out “ONE HUNDRED!!!!” The crowd goes nutts clapping and cheering, calling for an encore, to which he balked, the host steps over…How about we let this boy rest a bit before his second show…” turning back to Sam” Remember Sam that per the contract, you must stay on, in your spot the entire show, so just lay back and relax”. Actually, feeling relieved, still panting he closes his eyes for just a minute hearing the host Call Sven out for his “performance”. Not to be outdone by a fucking American punk, he follows the same actions, only adding at least 20 to each of the exercises. Sam still with his eyes closed, nodding off for a few seconds at a time, he hears the crowd cheering just as loud as they did for himself. He manages a slight smirk as he can’t wait for the second round, absolutely sure his energy will be restored after the other two losers perform. Opening his eyes briefly when he feels a heavy rumble shake the stage as the large muscle bound Sven mimics him. Still panting a bit, he once again nods off, not worried the two smaller punks would out do himself. During the small punk’s performances, he and Sven don’t notice the completely different set of instructions or the familiar way the host and crowd reacts. Feeling the heat of a body lean close to him, he hears a heavy Scottish accent whisper something softly into his ear, so soft he couldn’t understand some of the words. “You’re going to looks and feel so nice, watching your performance that size will do nicely…” Grunting, trying to ask what the guy said…only getting every other word or so. As the guy stands up, his much shorter kilt brushes his face, cooling the sweat on Sam’s face. Having a bit more energy he is more coherent and leans up to glance at the front of the stage. The strange thing is they weren’t posing, just feeling themselves up, nice smooth pale bodies. Laughing a bit knowing there is no way they could win when compared to himself and even Sven over there. With the soft laughter, the host turns around with a dark glint in his eye. “Once again, we have contestants that never read the contract. Oh well, nothing to do now but let these two fine young men get ready to compete…” the crowd laughs causing a bit of worry to travel up the big men’s spines. “By the coin toss earlier, Manuel has the first choice. So, let’s hear it Manuel which one will look better?” looking between the two, as if he couldn’t decide, he walked over toward Sam, leaning down for a deep whiff of his male musk. “So, looks like you get Sven… not too bad though right “Tonto”. Anyone looking at him, see’s feathers tied in his beaded hair, if he had darker skin tone, he would not be out of place on a native American reservation. “Nope Butch not that bad, not bad at all. Let’s get started please, been waiting for our turn for a while now…Umm SIR…I mean….” “All good my tonto, no problem with enthusiasm. Now you have both decided at the same time, huh, well… as we discussed this might just be a much more productive night. Ok boys, taken away…I mean take it…. the…oh fuck, just go!”

Staring at each other for a moment, they both gave the other a kiss before standing over their stud’s feet…before lowering into a squat position, only going lower and lower…moaning a bit as the twitching toes and the foot slowly slides inside, the twitching already hardening their cocks. Even better when the hot moist sensation engulfs their feet, both muscle studs start to squirm…moaning out loud then lifting up slightly, seeing not their feet…or ankles…their calves following…impossibly into an ENORMOUS asshole, almost too shocked for words as the person to who it belongs to, is one of the smaller wimps. As the four men on the stage moan…the feelings allowing a short spray of pre-to leak out and glisten as it soaks the pubic bush. Knocked out of their reserve at the same time, they flail around…as much as they can…still feeling their lower thighs and legs, albeit warm and nice an… the more they flail the louder the wimps moan and scream. louder and louder, which in turn accelerates the pulsing…gulping hole. “What the fuck get off of me you fucking faggot, how the hell are you, let me go…shit, my legs I can.t.. oh FUCK YEAH tha…. Holy fuck let me go, FUCK HELP HELP PLEASE FUCKING HELLP…only then do they realize each other are going through the same thing….yelling at the other to help …..They feel their nutts getting warmed…going wide-eyed, they scream ever louder, they both reach down and pull their nutts and cock as high up they can….screaming in terror and pleasure…they watch as the whole speeds up…gulping the rest of their groin and lower body in one big GULP. But only now do Sam and Sven realize their mistake…as their hands…then arms are now stuck… Looking out at the audience the mixed looks of shock, awe, desire and outright sexual fury kills any hope of rescue. They both look at each other and try to grab each other to hold on as long as they can with their sweat soaked hands, well their sweat, their…consumers sweat and juices squishing out around their bodies. Screams getting louder…and airier as they are constricted…the two eaters turn around, asses facing the audience…the lowest part of their short kilts barely reaching the top of their cracks. Sam and Sven continue to try and scream…their head and faces turn 180 degrees…so they are now facing the crowd right side up…. still trying for help. The audience and the jocks both go wide-eyed…the jocks tongues grow…thickening, inflating…covering the jocks faces and their current crack home…looking like they are blowing the weirdest bumpiest bubblegum. Sounds vibrate through… Reaching backward at the same time, both “wimps” reach back and pull their kilts down a few inches…then reaching down, they grab the hugely enlarge tongues…and begin stretching and smoothing…pulling it up towards the cloth kilt, they moan at the warmth and vibrations coming from their holes. As they stretch and “mold the tongues they begin to darken…from normal skin tones, to a dark rough black. The audience watches in a lust filled silence as what was once two lithe slim muscled albino twinks…are now wearing thick strong leather handmade kilts…those looking close can see a ring, and then a large butt plug hanging down from their taint. “You men ready?!” Yes yes, fucking do it…!” with a tell-tale smirk he leans down stroking the leather kilt and accessories…” How about you me… well you, you living leather kilt…” the men moan at the strong vibration. Turning to the audience, “Now, let’s see if those so call Study Jocks can really fuck like they said…” The men give each other a long look at the others bodies… Lithe lean muscles, track and field made, facial features similar but also different. Tonto Having solid black hair…. Is undoubtedly A pure blood native American, born as if to run the forests and plains running with the wolves and wild horses. While Manuel looks to be a perfect specimen of a Mexican Latino Man, looking perfect for tending the farm, raising the animals, and defending from the invasive white men. With that one last look, their eyes bulge and face tense, as Butch slips the tight leather cock ring over their hard cocks and nutts. The screams of surprise and pleasure echo as butch rubs the Ass Plugs… looking at the audience…” Come men take a close look….” Those up front see the shiny rough surface of the plug shift, as the screaming moaning face of the jock, it used to be. Orgasms blow from numerous men, Butch just smiles at the plugs and with determination shove them both into their new residence. The boys stand up…. apprehensive for some reason the audience doesn’t know…that is until they both reach down to their pale cocks…watching with amazement as they not only grow abundantly in width and length…as…. they also darken to an all-over café o latte creamy tone…from there the skin tone sweeps up from their groin as well as down their legs, there the similarity ends. Tonto’s yelp of surprise gains the attention as his skin tone now looks like a caucasian male with a slight tan, he begins to feel an itch all over his body, as short light brown hair burst forth…only the thinnest covering on his arms and legs, Getting slightly thick under his pits, over his cock, but not a single hair on his new back and ass. Along with the skin tone, gasps and moans of pleasure come from the crowd as Tontos entire body seems to be swelling…. well not swelling as much as bulging. Slowly but surely moving from his feet, his muscles enlarge dramatically, his calves swelling to the size of a loaf of bread, knees only slightly smaller, his thighs inflate, causing his leather held cock and balls to push forth, so as not to be crushed between them. Letting out a louder moan he turns around, giving the audience a side view as he ecstatically watches and feels his once small toned ass, inflate, bigger and bigger, a beautiful fat thickened bubble butt…well to be more accurate a basketball sized butt… From there the changes speed up, abs swell and multiply to a 6 pack, back swelling with muscle, his pecs seemingly grow like the ass, but only a smaller bowling ball half sized, on the end grows enormous 3inch long 5inch wide nipples looking a bit rough as if having been chewed and pull to achieve that desired size. Hitting his shoulders his back finishes bulking up, as the change goes down his arms, enormous biceps emerge, leading down to thick veined forearms and hand. Mirrored on the other side. Barely holding back, the urge to pounce, the bar patrons are all in some form of cock stimulation…. fucking…sucking being sucked while keeping their eyes solely on tonto. Letting forth a loud deeper moan, his voice lower as his Adam’s apple triples in size. Straining a bit as the changes wash over his face…instead of completely changing, it is easy to figure out that he is now the perfect mix of sven and himself. Letting out a yell he sprays the audience with 13 long thick ropes of juicy cum. After catching his breath he looks around with an at first sheepish grin, which quickly changes to confidence. Almost passing out from the change, he sits down squarely on his much larger ass, raising his body at least 6 inches. Leaning back, he closes his eyes and just dozes, while the entire club focuses on the now Viking Native American looking like a hunk. While on the left section of the stage our once sheepish tall lithe but muscled latino Similarly goes through his own change. One noticful difference is the shortening of the once tall lean Manuel. As he shirks inches, his body grows in muscles and width. Moaning loudly his voice changes from a higher pitched twink to a low rumbling like rumble. He scatches himself, as his once hairy body sheds all hair below his head, deep rumbling slowly changes to a very noticeable moan and groaning pattern. His hands have now grown in size, and what was once slight palms and fingers, thicken and grow rougher, now truly fitting his farmer’s life. The rough palms feel incredible as he roams all over his chest and body. Leaning down he can see his body bulge bit as a soft but thick layer of fat spreads over his body, now forming the once slim twink, into a short but massive wide bear of a man. Looking down, his feet grow in size as well, not enough to look freakish but are very noticeable. Nipples swell to large thimble sized buttons, touching as well, showing the now obvious connection to his dick. Shivering all over his now 8inch long 6-inch wide cock explodes seemingly like a continuous firehose, actually 13 separate thick ropes of cum. Panting, he leans down putting his hands on his knees, he finally notices his now deep potent musk. Already causing nearby patrons to soak their lower body. Catching another whiff, he turns to the now standing Tonto, mirroring the surprised expression, but only that. Tonto pants out deeps breaths looking down and watching his thick full chest and belly. Finally finding a mirror, he now sees himself as a: 7’ 3 tall Latino hunk, no longer hairy like his previous form, but now sports a bush of pubes and patches of hair beneath his pits. Glancing down his torso heaves over and over, no longer the thin lithe runner twink, now an enormous barrel like chest, with a slight but noticeable belly. The bulging continues enormous thighs, down to wide thick feet. Turning to look sideways he gasps/groans at the sight of what could be the largest bulging linebacker size ass ever present in history. Testing a bit, he jumps a bit and watches as the now bigger ass jiggles up and down. As tonto tries to reach back to his hole, Butch stops him “not just yet my boy…not just yet.” Moaning a bit, he runs his rough large hands over his now much bigger bulging body. Purposely not grabbing for his now anaconda like cock in fear of blowing too soon. However, he relents to just stare as it hardens to its full length. A loud gasp, slightly lowering the oxygen level in the club as the full brilliance of his new organ is realized. Balls now an enormous cantaloupe sized bag with similar sized nuts. Above that, a thick veiny shaft extends from the hairy groin. Topping out at 13in long 7inch wide, enormous head, on the Cut cock. The skin beside the head stretches taut, emitting an odor of pure male musk and testosterone like gas. Once again those in the audience jet out pre as the scent wafts over their bodies. While still defined, it is easy to see that the term chubby is not even close to a description. A Deep vibrating moan shakes the building nearest himself, Manuel barely contains his lust while huffing his lover’s scent. That rumble pulls almost all of the attention away from Tonto to himself. Where there was once a 6’4 tall lithe track athlete, is now a 4’11 Enormously muscled fireplug of a man. His body fitting every trait associated with that height, with a barrel-sized chest and thick enormous body, well enormous wide. While obviously there his abs are covered by a thick layer of fat, However, in the back, His once small flat ass has become the exact opposite. Now the size of a medicine ball, with every move of his body the massive yet still soft vibrates his now gravity defying posterior. “All right men if you still have energy left for these two, I suggest you pull it up since you are definitely going to need it. Now Obviously the same thin twinkish men have gone through quite a bit of change, changes caused by the most generous, Jock volunteers.” At this, both tonto and manual groan a bit. Don’t think that we here did not plan to help them out for their commitment. As some of you here at the Unda Dakilt pub know we always fulfill our agreements, no matter the price. Now when these two strapping men were in town last week they saw the advertisement for our little contest here, Finding out the winners prize ensured their participation. As stated in the contract both men would, while here in Scotland would be able to fuck as much as many people as they want/can. While seeing the pictures of our previous volunteers hanging around some of our Lesbian patrons, they incorrectly assumed they would be fucking any Lass they could. Neither asked specifically and signed the contract. Now before we head to the next set of contestants arriving soon, let’s set “worried” minds at ease. Walking over, Butch pulls a small tag on the Kilt tounges, causing them to be absorbed. Now as most of you know, we pride ourselves on the sexual enhancement of men of all walks of life. What not all of you know, the changes are partially fueled by the present sexual energy provided by you the patrons. With the energy presented tonight, we were able to change them better. Now, all of you need to come a little bit closer. Remember other than their form both jocks are still straight minded, but their pleasure centers are attached to their very being. “Tonto and Manuel here came to us battered and broken by the dregs of society, I promised once they healed we could repair the damage to not only their bodies but also their core selves. It has been a long 13 months but I am glad to report all promises in both sets have been met. First off, I do ask that you do not try and…manhandle them just yet, later though, well I highly doubt even I could stop you. Now without further Banal speeches from me, Tonto, Manuel, Spread ‘Em! Turning around slowly, still getting used to their new bodies mass, Giving the other a look, before bending forward and spreading their enormous ass cheeks. The resounding gasp and shock…as well as multiple orgasms…is palpable as their holes assume the form of Sven and Sam, looks of shocks and fear and disgust easy to see on their faces. The only way to describe their form is a tattoo of their face between the cheeks and the mouth forming the pucker..noses right above the…mouths. Even the differing skin color, can be seen. As Tonto and Manuel flex their ass muscles, one can see the jock holes twitching and their mouths puckering in and out. Accidently putting to much pressure awards the audience with a short but sputtering fart….had they been able to fully notice, the smell is normal ass gas but mixed with the “breathe of the past jocks.” Giving them a slap on the ass, the audience laughs at the surprised faces as they are sealed once more, between their new “owners” massive cheeks. “Ok boys turn around! Blushing a bit at the groans and cum glistening all over the different patrons,” “They both nod at Butch as if giving him an ok signal.” Now if you remember the contract did not only mention Fucking but also receiving all the head they can take. Course they assumed they would be getting head from a long line of local Lass’s. However…” Butch reaches partly around the shaft of each and slowly peels back the skin, stuck over the head. With a yell of shock, orgasm, and passing out patrons as the cock heads, form into yet another jock head. Only the entire head has reformed as a full head and face, mouth being a bit wider. A confused look at the new but similar sight and feel, they attempt to make a sound, their “mouths” gaping open and closed a few times. “ Now men, should I fulfill their contract? Or let them out of it and send them on their way…?” The screams of hell no shake the entire building. “Ok then, “ the two huge men step back, Tonto kneels down while manual positions himself behind his lover’s delicious looking ass. “Remember you to, you can snack all you like afterward, but we must fulfill the contract first. “ Both nod, a look of disappointment, but still loving it. “Ok you two, Tonto get ready to spread ‘em, and Manuel skin that fucking monster back. On the count of three, ONE, TWO, TWO and a half……………………………………………………………………………THREE!” Both former jocks blink at the bright lights above them, getting the “spots” out of their eyes however when they take in the sight they wished them back. Looking right in front of them, Is an enormous fags ass/ gigantic weird looking cock. As they look closer, they finally realize the real meaning of what they signed… THEY would be ones getting and giving head and themselves getting fucked…. Both Manuel and Tonto moan loudly at the cool air from their gaping screaming orifices. “While I know you all would LOVE to hear their…thoughts…on this, but I do believe our men have waited long enough. Okay boys Let ‘ErRip.” Manuel grabs Tonto by his enormous hips while positioning his new cock shaft, sliding its length through the crack. Now finally allowing the jocks to get close enough to “talk”, with a final thrust, and clench…The final condition of their contract complete. While watching the fuck show, the crowds see, after the flip fuck….not cumming yet….the jock heads roles reversed, Sam now literally an asshole…while Sven now a true PRICK….. To be continued…..

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