Fuxer: Chapter 7 & 8

By abracadabra923 - abracadabra923@yahoo.com
published December 6, 2019

Xander meets his idol… differently.

The Rift

“What is this place?” Todd asked. He had lost his mask, just like Xander. And he smelled a little singed.

“I think this is the phantom zone.” Xander let the sidekick go and they floated next to each other. He was sweating from the battle and the magenta fog was a bit moist. He pushed his singlet down to his hips, letting droplets run through his abs separation.

He was lost in thought for a second. “Zeal was trapped here in issue #112. Phantomicum tried to assassinate the Fortuna ambassador aboard the diplomatic vessel from Fortuna. Zeal saved him, naturally.”

“Right. How did he leave the phantom zone?”

“Oh, the whole ship was trapped here so they reconfigured the warp drive.”

“Right…” Todd said.

Xander didn’t want to say it but he had no idea what to do.

If he could see… Of Course! His 4D vision penetrated the fog just fine. “I see multiple huge crystals floating around us. Maybe if we find a pure enough one we can use it like Torrent-Man, when the Grand Cosmicus brought him to the phantom zone to test him.”

He wanted to sound confident but he had no idea how to replicate Torrent-Man’s feat from issue #302.

“Wait, there’s someone.”

Todd looked in the direction even though he had no chance to see through the misty pink.

Xander grabbed his teammate and flew toward the figure.

“Omen! Hey, Oliver.”

“Ah, Xander,” Oliver said. He had ditched the helmet, too, and wiped sweat from his brow. “I’m in telepathic contact with the others but we’re not sure where everyone is in relation to each other.”

Filipe was easy to spot, sitting on a house sized crystal. His singlet’s taint had torn apart so he had pushed it down to wear it like a skirt. His little dick print was clearly visible.

Will and Akio had found each other and Oliver could use his mind powers to triangulate their position. They both had lost most of their uniforms, torso’s bare. Akio’s boots were gone.

This left only Zeal. He didn’t try to find them. They were supposed to come to him.

The captain of the Manly League was already working on their escape.

“Of course,” Xander said as he saw what Zeal doing. “Heat vision! He’s burning out the impurities from those crystals.”

“How does that help?” Todd asked.

“Warp drive uses Hypercrystal fusion,” Akio said. “He’s building a tiny warp drive.”

“What?” Todd said. “But that’s too high-tech for humans.”

Akio shook his head. “Nuclear power is also highly sophisticated but even a monkey can poor water on a uranium deposit.”

Will laughed. “Are you that water monkey, Aqua Boi?”

Their captain answered with a huff.

“It’s ready,” Zeal said, monotone.

“I’ll guide us,” Oliver said. “But I’m not confident about seeing the future here in the phantom zone. It’s only somewhat connected to our reality.”

“I’ll create the fissure that way,” Zeal said and pointed. The purified crystals – both the size of a car – moved apart.

“What’s he doing?” Todd whispered.

Xander grabbed the sidekick who lacked flying powers. “He’ll smash them together to make a dimensional fissure.”

“Just like that?”

“Zeal’s telekinesis is extremely precise. He can ionize a single atom, like in issue #198.”

“Fanboy,” Todd said with a grin. “Why don’t you go suck his fat, sweaty hero cock?”

Xander wanted to drop the twink and leave him in the fog. “Language,” he said, cold.

The crystals shattered with a roar and the fog quivered as waves traveled from the fissure where the crystals had met.

“Now,” Oliver said and headed into the glowing rift.

The fog rushed past Xander as he dragged Todd into the portal and… Cold air hit them.

They came out over a mountain range.

Zeal was the last to escape, just as the portal closed.

Within minutes, Ranger responded to their call and brought them home.

The worst part of the day was that he had nobody with gush over Zeal with.

No, the worst part was that he hadn’t even gotten to talk to Zeal or gotten a single nod from him.

Xander sat in the lounge, surrounded by celebrating teammates, and sulked.

He’d had this elaborate fantasy of Zeal recognizing his potential and becoming his mentor and friend. He’d also had a fantasy about wrestle-fucking Zeal into submission but that was beside the point.

Today sucked. But he had to act satisfied since they had beaten a dark angel and survived a hostile dimension. Well, really Zeal had done it all for them and they were being dumb by not worshiping the ground he walked on – or flew over.

Xander retreated to his room to have a calming wank.

In the gym showers, Xander’s more-than-soda-can-thick 8 incher was still the subject of stares when he showered facing the other boys with his eyes ‘closed’, observing their envious expressions with 4D vision.

He stayed under dicksplosion threshold most of the time but showed off in the showers. The other bois dropped occasional comments about how fucking him would be like getting fisted and feigned pity for his future girlfriend.

Aside from the last part, he loved the comments that were dripping with hidden envy.

“Yo Xander,” Todd said. “Wanna join us this weekend? We’re going clubbing again.”

“Come on,” Will added. “You’ve never been. You need to check it out.”

Xander liked Will a lot, but he didn’t like sharing the attention in the shower. At least the tall Korean muscle god’s dick paled in comparison.

“I guess I should, huh?” Xander said. “Maybe next month. I’m still figuring out my secret identity. But I’m not muscling down much. I want my civilian looks to match the real me. And it’s not like you,” he opened his eyes to look at Will, “are getting smaller before you go out.”

Will chuckled. “But I’m also not swinging a murder weapon between my legs.”

“Hehe, yeah,” Todd said. “Any bitch who sees that is gonna run, bro. The hoes don’t want a forearm up their pussies. What are you overcompensating for, huh?”

That little bastard was entirely too confident around him, Xander decided.

“Can’t help it,” Xander said and swung his hips to jiggle the mega-dick, “it just turns out like that.”

Just like you can’t help having a twink ass screaming to get fucked, Xander thought to himself.

The alarm almost made Xander fall out of bed. Why couldn’t crises happen at reasonable times?

He slipped into his singlet and out the door. Notorious morning person Aqua was already waiting by the elevator.

“What is it?” 4X asked.

“A rift to another world has opened near the Bering strait. Hero-U is closing it. We’re backup in case anything hostile comes through.

One augmented Todd-teleport later, the Boi Wing was racing across ocean.

“What’s the situation, Charlie?” Aqua asked the screen.

The man on screen wore the white and gold Hero-U costume without the mask. He had a pale face and a lithe body with developed pecs. 4X wished his vision worked through screens.

“We now think it’s a tear in time. A parallel timeline must have suffered a catastrophe and it broke through to us.”

“What can we do?”

“Just stand by.”

4X recognized the voice, now that he thought about it. This Charlie was Cheetah, the flying brick speedster, Captain of Hero-U.

They approached the barren, rocky island and disembarked flying. Half the island was covered in a shimmering rift. Sometimes that part of land was differently lit as the time of day didn’t match up between timelines, sometimes it didn’t even exist for a few seconds.

Five guys from Hero-U were using equipment on the ground. Six women in dark purple bodysuits set up nearby, overseen by a flying one with a cape – the Noble Nymphs.

“It’s bad,” Charlie aka Cheetah said, levitating closer to them. “We measured at least six timelines overlapping. From about 40 years in the past to 20 years ahead.”

“Can you close it?” Aqua asked.

“We’re trying but there isn’t a team of heroes in every timeline so we can’t tackle it from all ‘sides’ as it were.”

“Watch out!” shouted a Hero-U sidekick on the ground.

The rift wobbled and consumed more of the island. The Noble Nymphs retreated from the fracture.

Cheetah glanced at his wrist watch. “Chrono-radiation is over 300 Ticks. 400 now. 5- Oh god.”

“It’s gonna blow,” a sidekick down below shouted.

4X felt helpless. He used his vision on the portal but only got vague glimpses of men in costumes standing or floating in various states of panic in alternate timelines.

“This…” Cheetah said. “This is the end for earth. We… Maybe this can be reversed. Frank, we need Omnio’s last known position in the galaxy. Erasing the past is our only option. Spaceoid, get us out.”

A sidekick down below created a doorway in the air. 4X recognized the power. Spaceoid could open a portal to different places in the solar system.

Where they abandoning the planet? What if Omnio didn’t help? The god-like being refused to interfere in matters as small as a single world.

“We’re giving up?” Aqua asked, breathless.

Cheetah spoke into his communicator. “League HQ, you need to leave orbit, do you copy? Earth is lost. The tear is…”

“Wait!” 4X shouted, louder than he had even planned to. “Someone’s jumped in.”

His 4D vision cleared the image. Someone had flown into the rift, withstanding the temporal sheer of six intersecting dimensions.

Despite the situation, 4X’ dick twitched at the sight of a young muscle god. Soot was washing off the tan skin as sweat ran down the bulging arms and strongly separated pecs, down the thick brickhouse midriff and into the tattered remains of a white uniform - used as a loincloth - or past it down deeply separated leg muscles.

This guy had the proportions of Zeal, with a bit more of a v-taper, lower body fat and much younger skin.

His face was contorted from exertion but he had steel blue eyes and pitch black hair that stuck to his head in dirty strands.

“He’s… closing it,” Cheetah said, incredulous.

The immensely powerful hero hovered in the middle of the rift and pulled telekinetically at the fabric of time itself.

The rift closed a tiny bit.

“Help him,” Cheetah ordered and the forces on the ground aimed ray guns into the rift. “Maybe that’s enough.”

The rift trembled as the rays hit it and snapped shut violently. Rocks went flying as the temporal forces tore chunks out of the little island.

A body dropped to the ground. The mostly naked muscle god had exited the tear into this timeline.

He rose with a groan.

“Keep your distance,” Cheetah said to the others as he approached the guy.

4X zoomed in with his vision.

“Where…” the unknown hero said. “Did it work?”

“You did it,” Cheetah said. “You closed the rift and saved six timelines. I’m afraid we have no way of bringing you back to yours.”

“It was doomed,” said the guy, sitting up. He looked even younger now, in the light of their stable timeline. “We… we fought Chronofax with all we had. We couldn’t… hold him off. This was our last hope.”

“Well… uh,” Cheetah said. “You’re alive. And we dealt with Chronofax in our timeline with aid from Nexus Prime. So you’re from an alternate past.”

“I guess so,” the guy said and levitated to face the A-listers. He wiped sweat off his handsome but pained face. “Your uniforms and equipment look decades ahead.”

Akio ushered his bois to the plane. The crisis was over. Hero-U could deal with the time refugee.

Cheetah asked what year it had been in the refugee’s timeline, introduced Hero-U which hadn’t existed yet back then and finally asked, “Who are you, exactly?”

“I’m Zack. I’m 19. I was with the Brotherhood of Initiates. Is that still a thing?”

“Yes, there they are,” Cheetah said.

4X waved at the muscle god as he flew backward to the Boi Wing. Maybe the beautiful colossus was going to join them soon.

They were almost out of hearing range.

“What is your hero name?” Cheetah asked.

“Oh, I hadn’t picked one yet.”

“Which one did you consider?”


What? Xander felt his head spinning all the way back to Headquarters.


The usual half dozen teen hotties in long white tank tops worked out while Xander did stretches under the critical gaze of the A-listers’ personal trainer.

She was a fit, young woman in tight pants, so everyone’s eyes but Xander’s seemed drawn to her ass.

Usually Xander had a rule against using 4D vision at the gym but today there were obviously a lot of semi and full boners to see. He zoomed in and out across the training sidekicks and judged their prides.

Todd had a fairly average, spotty dick, fully hard and crusted with precum as he did planks to keep his package hidden.

Filipe was above average in thickness, even then not fully hard, as he stole glances toward the female trainer from the squat rack.

Katashi was doing seated butterfly presses and had pulled his boxers down a bit, using the hem to keep his pulsing dick head from poking up. The boxers were barely hidden by the long tank top. He probably liked semi-stripping with a chance to be discovered.

Jed and DeShawn were more competitive about biceps curls than usual, trying to impress the un-distractible trainer from across the gym.

Xander had a suspicion she wasn’t into guys. Or else her discipline must have been harder to break than the door to Doctor Explodo’s evil lair in issue #120.

There was also the new guy, Vince aka B11, who did astral projection. He reminded Xander of his old self and not just because Vince was blond and among the skinniest of the athletic teens here. Also in the way he looked kind of lost.

Oh, and of course Xander had checked out the fairly nice ass, the tight, tiny hole and the now hairless crotch with an unspectacular dick.

Once the muscle god’s trainer was satisfied with his ability to touch his toes, Xander walked over and patted Vince on the shoulder.

“Hey there, newbie.”

Vince flinched lightly. “Oh.”

“Looking for a spotter? Has anyone shown you around yet?”

“Uh, yeah, Henry.”

Xander nodded. “The bois are probably going to haze you a bit, but you’ll be one of us in no time. Just ask anyone for help. We don’t bite.”

Vince glanced at the personal trainer who was packing up. “If that’s so,” he said with a leery smirk, “can you get me that bitch’s number?”

Xander frowned. “That’s not a particularly heroic comment.”

“But that’s one ass worth saving the world for,” Vince said and got a fist bump from the approvingly grunting Todd.

“Yeah man,” Todd said. “I’d tap that.”

“Well,” Xander said, retreating, “I’ll leave you to it.”

“Hey, you can’t blame me for wanting a piece of that,” Vince said already turning away. “I ain’t no faggot.”

Xander decided he didn’t like the newbie.

It had been two weeks and Xander had gotten into the rhythm of punching the occasional minor villain, training to work together with the ‘kicks, watching his teammates jerk off at night, and dodging questions about girls.

Then Akio made an announcement as they hung out in the A-lister lounge. They were getting a new member. And even though the captain was annoyingly secretive, it could only be Teen Zeal who’d join - or re-join? - the BOIs.

Xander volunteered to show the newbie around. It was only fair he’d repay the kindness he’d been shown. Akio agreed, perhaps a little surprised.

“Hi, I’m Zack,” the incomparably beautiful, perfect, amazing, teen muscle god said as he stepped into the lobby, being perfect and amazing.

Okay, Xander had to cut back on the internal gushing.

“Welcome, I’m Xander.” He extended his hand and got a bro-slap handshake.

“Yeah, I’ve heard. The ‘Four Exer’, huh?” Zack nodded at the 4X on Xander’s chest.

Xander was in uniform, while Zack wore a tan shirt that nearly burst at the seams and white baseball shorts that hugged his bulging thighs.

In fact, everything about Zack below the chin could have been described as ‘bulging’. His muscles had a quality beyond even Xander’s fatless 4D mass and Will’s magic body. Where the two current muscle god bois looked like teen bodybuilders in top form, Zack’s proportions were almost adult-like under his boyish face.

He was the mouthwatering epitome of the ‘comic book physique’.

“Let’s hop into the elevator,” Xander said. “Anything you need first? Adam and Buck are ready for your costume scan.”

“I’m fine,” Zack said. His suitcases hovered next to him – a perk of telekinesis. His eyes darted over the surrounding.

“Must be a lot to take in, huh?”

Zack hummed. “In the beginning, yeah. Things change a lot in a few decades. But Omen helped me catch up. He sorta beamed knowledge into my brain. I’ve learned a weeks’ worth each day.”

“Wow, what did they teach you?”

The two emerged on the apartment floor. The corridor overlooked the hangar and Zack glanced down. “Bit of everything. Whatever I was curious about. Oh, I browsed the Heroic Chronicles. They were only just starting with those in my timeline. Loved it.”

“Seriously?” Xander half-yelled with embarrassing excitement. “Did you read how Zeal smashed Cybertron’s armor into the Doom Droid Drive and short circuited the whole thing?”

Zack beamed. “Yeah bro, that was so awesome. And how he dug under the ice fortes on the moon of Frosticon and saved the senate of Nexus Prime?”

“Hell yeah,” Xander said and they instinctively fist bumped. “And how he punched Bear-tron into fucking space?”

“And that time the memory-phage took over the Manly League HQ?”

Xander was feeling light headed. “Yeah. Fuck man, I can’t believe you are a Zeal fanboy.”

“I mean…” Zack shyly stared at his shoes. “I guess he feels like a big brother to me. Hard to see myself turn out like that. But we have a lot in common, obviously. He’s future me, kinda.”

“Oh right, you must have talked to him a lot.”

Zack shrugged. “He checked up on my a few times. We- Shit, is that all my room? I thought we had it good but the old headquarter is a shithole by comparison.”

Xander waved at the large space, built like a super-high-end hotel suit, overlooking the island.

“I’m two rooms over,” Xander said. “Will lives between us. The captain is opposite.”

“Cool. Uh…” Zack blinked and frowned as if remembering something. “That’s what you’d say in this timeline, right? ‘Cool’.”

“I sure would.” Xander chuckled. “Ready to grab your uniform?”

Zack gave the shorter muscle god a once over. “Yeah. This looks way more sophisticated than anything we had. Tighter, too. Can’t wait.”

Zach stripped in the glass cylinder with laser rings that would remove any remaining body hair and scan him.

Until now, Xander had refused to check out Zack’s package with 4D vision. But Zack was getting naked and that was fair game.

While the breathtaking bubble butt had already been obvious in those pants, seeing it naked practically forced Xander to imagine himself shoving his dick between those buns.

Zack’s dick hung appetizingly between his monster thighs, the head only half covered by his foreskin. His balls hung low, resting on his almost touching thighs. Above it was a trimmed, black bush.

“Here,” Buck said and handed a piece of sticky plastic to the new hero. “Cover up if you want to keep the crotch hair.”

Zack held it, tongue poking out of the corner of his mouth. “Nah,” he said and tossed it out.

“Legs apart, arms out,” Adam said from the console. “Hold still.”

Xander walked around Zack as he got laser-scanned, to keep looking at the ass, continuously imagining himself invading that no-doubt tight hole.

“Any ideas for a hero name?” Buck asked when Zack was dressed again.

“Not sure,” Zack said. “The Manly Leaguers kept calling me Teal, for Teen Zeal. Not a fan, though. I don’t like the constant comparison.”

“Maybe,” Buck thought out loud, “something that reminds you of where you’re from. Something past or future related.”

“Or something that reminds you,” Xander said, “that you’re your own person. A fresh start. Uh… Brand New Boi. Novel Boi.”

He glanced at the file on Adams screen. The teen version of his idol was just as tall as the original at 185cm/6’. Zack’s biceps measured 50cm/1’8’’ around, his thighs a glorious 90cm/3’. He weighed 94kg/207lbs of comic book character shaped muscle.

Xander felt like swooning.

Zack wiggled his head, eyes narrow. “Something that works with my powers would be nice. I have awesome telekinesis and heat vision that blows shit up.”

“Like the dying star in issue #180,” Xander said. “Like a supernova. Nova Boi?”

Zack grinned. “Nova… Works for me.”

Adam put the name into the file.

Minutes later, Zack aka Nova Boi got to slip into his very own singlet. It fit like a thin layer of paint.

Then it was time to introduce him to the rest of the team.

It wasn’t surprising that Zack got on well with everybody at the lounge, especially with Will. The two super jocks talked about the gym for ages.

But in the end, Zack always drifted toward Xander to geek out about superhero stuff. Xander was overjoyed but tried to hide 90% of it. He was clearly developing a crush – one stronger than the one on Zeal.

Damn it.

Xander was jerking off in bed. He had grown tired of needing two hands to wrangle his monster dick and often muscled down below the dicksplosion point where his genitals drastically dropped in size, albeit still far above average.

He heard the elevator arrive and took a 4D look. Zack was going to his room.

For a few minutes, the muscle god unpacked his suitcases, then stripped out of his singlet and sat down naked at his desk, legs wide.

Clearly, he had been taught how to use the internet, navigating it like someone who had grown up in this timeline.

He looked at porn – busty girl solos, faux lesbians and fff threesomes. Xander felt a bit crushed but shoved the thought aside, jerking to the image of Zack, who was flicking his nipples and getting a boner.

That was a beautiful, perfectly proportioned 18cm/7inch rod. It was so good looking that total top Xander wouldn’t have declined a chance to suck it. Before fucking Zack’s ass all the way into the phantom zone, of course.

Will arrived and hopped into the shower. Xander zoomed out a bit to watch them both at once. Luckily Zack’s desk was almost in line with Will’s shower.

The Korean hunk pissed forcefully down his legs before turning on the faucet and shampooing his undercut.

The three muscle gods jerked off together but only the blond one was aware of it.

Will cummed first, his altered body being unnaturally horny. He splashed a magically enhanced load onto the shower wall and didn’t even bother to clean it.

Zack’s whole body shook with orgasm, every muscle and vein popping just a little bit more. He cummed onto his thighs but a stray shot splashed along his forearm.

Xander kept watching his crush calm down as he himself cummed. He didn’t bother to refocus on his room and let the cum go wherever it wanted to. He couldn’t take his eyes off Zack for even a moment.

With three unnaturally muscled guys – plus the decently big Bert – all working out at once, the gym felt almost crowded. Sidekicks threw glances at them, not used to Zack’s presence.

Everyone knew he was Teen Zeal and while nobody’s obsession with Zeal reached Xander’s level, earth’s greatest hero had quite a few fans. Zack talked to his would-be admirers with patience and warmth.

But also… Will, Bert and Xander showed Zack the ropes, meaning the new muscle god was soon spanking the asses of unsuspecting victims as a ‘joke’.

Things got interesting in the showers.

The marble tiles echoed with the splashing of all shower heads together as the ‘kicks filled the space. Leader Henry, Jed, newbie Vince and four others crowded around Zack to keep chatting with him as the muscle god cleaned off.

Xander and Will both shoved themselves into the showers, making Vince move in to share Reuben’s water flow and Jed to share Buck’s.

“Wow,” Zack said, glancing at the audience. “You’re all staring at me like you’re about to devour my ass.”

He stood with his broad backside to the crowd and pushed his ass out, one leg angled out, hips cocked seductively. It earned a lot of chuckles.

Zack grabbed a shampoo bottle and dropped it between his legs. “Oh no,” he said with mockery, “I dropped the soap. Whatever shall I do?”

He bent over with stiff legs, hip-wide apart. His hands reached the floor. His tight, slightly pulsing hole was on full display.

The crowd roared.

Xander had to muscle down by about a kilo to keep his dick looking soft as it thickened with lust.

His eyes met Will’s mischievous ones.

The two bodybuilder-looking heroes at the shower entrance reached for the floor, pointing their holes at Zack.

“Oh noooo,” Xander said, “My soap is soooo slippery.”

Laughter echoed from the tiles into the locker space.

“I better pick it up,” Zack said, rose and slut-dropped to a full squat. He got up with a body roll that showed off every muscle in his back.

“Oh, me too,” Will said and did the same.

Xander slut-dropped into a mostly full squat, or else his dick head would have smacked into the ground.

The sidekicks thought it was hilarious and filtered out of the shower, chattering and fake-slut-dropping.

“Man,” Zack said as he passed Xander on the way to the towels, “I had no idea the Four Exer had an eight incher. Look at the size of that thing. That’s a forearm. You don’t fuck bitches, you dick-fist them.”

“Comes with the mass,” the shortest muscle god said and hit double bi. He followed Zack to the towels.

“I bet you have more notches in your belt than me,” Zack said with a wink.

Xander grinned and tied a towel around his waist as casually as possible, hoping it wasn’t obvious that he was getting erect.

“I can shrink if it scares you,” Xander said. “But only so much.”

Zack laughed, then got closer, now at normal talking distance. “I’m glad to have a friend here,” he said. “Things were scary in my past, but this future is awesome. You’re alright, Four Exer.”

Before Xander knew how to respond, Zack had left him with only a pat on the wet shoulder.

Xander went to his room and jerked off, watching the always-horny Will rub one out and shoot messily into his laundry pile.

NOTE: Gay things will happen soon, I promise.

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