Fuxer: Chapter 5 & 6

By abracadabra923 - abracadabra923@yahoo.com
published December 4, 2019

Xander meets his idol…

The First Fight

The five A-listers were out above the HQ’s island, training in full gear, meaning their singlets, boots, gloves and utility belts.

For Xander this meant wearing a white face hood for the first time. Obviously, his visor could not be laced with the alien material that blocked his 4D sight or he would have been useless as a clairvoyant.

Sidekick Filipe served as his ‘flight instructor’.

“When you descend,” the Brazilian twink said, “don’t drop like rock, swole-bro, hehe.”

Xander caught himself as he fell to Filipe’s level, just hovering next to the headquarters’ top floor.

“Use your power on the way down,” the ‘kick said, “just like when you go up. But, uh, less cause gravity helps out.”

Xander was sweating a little in the tropical breeze. He was grateful for the limb-less costume design letting his skin breathe.

“But ascending is so hard,” he complained. “If I can’t go up, how do I go down the same way?”

Filipe rotated upside down. He seemed to do that a lot for fun. It made Xander dizzy just watching. “You fight gravity the most by going straight up. Almost every flyer ascends diagonally, like you’re going up a ramp.”


“You think only in two dimensions. But straight up is not the only way to get higher. Start with a spiral.”

Xander sighed. Flying curves was difficult on its own.

“No”, Filipe said one second into the attempt. “That’s not a spiral, that’s a corkscrew. Don’t rotate, lean into the curve. Like thi- Woah!”

A plastic disk flew just over their heads. A bright purple ball of light with a long tail swished up between them, shattered the disk and exploded above the roof.

“Oops,” Bolt shouted from below, anther purple power ball still in his fist. “Sorry.”

“Watch it, Bolt,” Filipe shouted, dropping down. “You could have smashed my face in.”

The masked ginger looked around. “Guard was supposed to keep a shield between me and the HQ. Did you see where he went?”

Wiz’ shadow fell on Xander as the Korean hunk made his way over the roof. His sky blue singlet left no feature but the groin to the imagination. He wore his white utility belt over the shoulder.

“Anyone seen Aqua?” Wiz asked. “We were doing rounds until a second ago.”

Bolt ascended to them, leaving his sidekick friends to their own target practice on the ground. “We were just looking for-”

A figure with a fluttering cape flew at them from an open window. “Guys, we got a call,” Aqua shouted. He wore large water bottles at his belt. “Serpentior is loose in Sweden. We won’t have backup cause most of Hero-U is still out of the solar system.”

The team rushed for the center of the HQ’s dome where an opening widened for them.

Aqua held Xander back. “4X, you’ve got no training so far, so I can’t ask you to join the fight, but if you want…”

“Absolutely, captain.”

“Good, but just to be clear: You’re an observer unless I give you a direct order.”

“Understood, sir.”

“Here’s a briefing on what we know…”

With them in the Boi Wing were Henry B1 and DeShawn B7.

4X got to sit with the other flying bricks in the front compartment, in the row behind the cockpit.

On a catwalk in front of them was Todd, who now carried the tag B10 on his singlet.

“Are you confident?” Aqua asked B10 through the intercom, after he took the pilot seat.

Todd looked anxious. “I managed it once.”

“Just bring us close.”

Behind Todd was a nicely muscled, dirty blond boy with B3 on his chest. Reuben-B3 could augment other’s superpowers, so 4X was able to guess that Todd was expected to teleport the Boi Wing close to their target location.

The jet took off vertically before- (For a second 4X felt like he was vaguely aware of his position relative to all of earth) –light swirled all around him and- (An almost familiar sensation of stepping outside himself) -they appeared above the North Sea.

Serpentior was an ash-black snake the length of a subway train. Its head was a chaotic assortment of drill-like horns. It was thrashing in a pine forest but the closest village of brightly colored houses wasn’t far.

The Boi Wing stopped in midair, engines pointed down, and the door opened. The forest breeze rushed in.

“Remember it can turn faster than you’d expect,” Aqua reminded them, “and one hit with those horns can knock you out. Pummel the spine.”

4X flew out last and DeShawn’s voice came through the coms in his face hood. “It’s more agitated this time,” DeShawn said. “I’m sensing serious danger for that village. I think Serpentior is bloodthirsty today.”

“Sucks,” Aqua said. “Guard, get into position to force it westward. Bolt, distract it.”

Wiz ascended farther, mumbling. He was ‘casting a spell’ and pale white rune-like patterns circled around him, faintly sparking.

Aqua opened his water bottles and pulled water out like ropes, making it form rings around him.

4X watched with fascination – and a semi hard-on – as Bolt shot purple energy balls at the snake’s middle from above.

Serpentior swooped its body in large motions, unearthing trees and breaking branches. Some debris hit Guard’s immense shield, causing yellow sparks on the otherwise barely visible wall.

“It’s trying to burry itself,” DeShawn’s voice came in. “Danger levels are rising. I think it might head for the village underground if we keep going like this.”

“Fuck,” Bolt said.

“Language,” Aqua said. “New plan. Guard, put your shield into the earth underneath it. Hammer and anvil.”

4X recognized the tactic from issue #83 and others but it had never been used on Serpentior.

“Done,” Guard said. Multiple trees fell over as the shield cut through their roots underground.

Bolt let lose a volley of five purple shots in quick succession. All hit the middle of the snake.

Serpentior rammed its head into the ground, only to bounce off the shield. It twisted around and leapt at Guard but multiple other Guards – slightly blurry - were flying close to it. Henry was creating illusions.

The snake slammed into some of the illusions, then twisted around again and swung itself east, toward the village.

“Okay,” Aqua said, “I’m afraid we have to get closer.”

“Out of the way!” Wiz’s voice came from the coms.

Guard hurried away and multiple lighting strikes rushed from the clear sky, homing into the snake’s spiky face.

Serpentior dropped.

Aqua flew closer and slammed his water into its face as a large ball. He covered maybe two horns.

The snake stirred.

4X touched a nearly un-noticeable button on his mask to speak only to the Boi Wing. “Uh, B7, what is Aqua doing?”

“We think the monster’s got to have sensory organs. He’s trying to cover its eyes or whatever it’s got.”

The snake stirred again, raising its now wet head.

“Should I freeze it?” Wiz asked.

Aqua responded, “Try it. Maybe we can freeze its eye lids shut.”

“Give me a couple minutes,” Wiz said.

“Wait,” 4X said, to his own surprise. “Zeal once compressed a whole town’s snow around Serpentior’s head and the thing just shook it off.” It had been in issue #90.

“Shit, he’s right,” Wiz said. “That would’ve been a waste.”

“Any other ideas?” Aqua said as the snake woke up and began to make its way toward the village only to smack into Guard’s shield. The length of the shield was marked by fallen braches it had severed. The snake dashed to move around it.

Hm… eyes… maybe 4X could see those when no one else could.

He focused his vision on the snake’s face, looking through the horns into its anatomy – gross.

“It has no eyes,” 4X said. “But I think that’s a nose. Yeah, it’s breathing. There are lungs deep inside.”

“Nose?” Aqua said. “Where?”

“Just under the chipped horn next to the bifurcating one.”

Aqua collected all his water into the spot. Serpentior’s thrashing changed to something panicky. It was suffocating.

4X kept looking along the snake’s body. “There’s a spot on its belly where the armor is thin.”

“I can hit it,” Bolt said. “It keeps arching. Just need to get underneath.”

4X zoomed out to look at Guard’s position.

“One third down the length.” A purple comet went down. “Bit farther up.” Another projectile. “Yes, right there.”

Bolt flew underneath the arching creature’s body, shooting purple comets ahead of his path. He smashed into the snake with his glowing fist and bounced off.

There was a cut. Serpentior was bleeding green slime.

“Liquid!” Aqua shouted. “I can work with that.” He gained height and made a pulling gesture. Green stuff squirted out of the snake’s wound.

For the first time, Serpentior made a sound – like a thousand jackhammers malfunctioning.

“Get away, I’m ready,” Wiz shouted.

Serpentior twisted to keep its wound covered, coiling up.

Aqua flew aside and another lighting strike smashed into the dark flesh-train.

The creature swayed as if dizzy… and dropped into a loose helix.

“Is it… is it dead?” Guard asked.

“Still dangerous,” DeShawn proclaimed.

“The wound isn’t deep,” 4X said. “But I see soft tissue just underneath that armor if we go a little deeper.”

“Okay,” Aqua said. “Here’s the pl- Woah!”

The snake-coil leapt into the air, turned in an elegant arc and slammed its horns into the ground, using superpowers to drill ahead of itself, and vanished deeper into the earth than humans had ever gone.

A smear of green slime blood stayed behind among the fallen trees.

“I can’t believe it,” Bolt said. “We injured Serpentior. We really wrecked the Bane of the North.”

“More importantly,” Aqua said, as he flew back to the Boi Wing, “we learned a lot about it, including that it can be suffocated.” He reached 4X and put his hand on 4X’ shoulder. “Well done, newbie. Your first fight and you were a critical asset.”

4X was beaming. “Thank you, sir. I’m only doing my clairvoyant job.”

Aqua passed him, flying into the jet. One by one, the other heroes flew up to 4X and congratulated him.

He was rock hard.

His cup was pushed out far enough that he had to sit with his hands in his lap on the journey back to keep his boner a secret.

Akio stuck to a regular schedule, making him easy to track throughout the day with 4D vision.

Twice a week the Japanese captain invited Katashi-B2 into his room to catch up in their native language. Katashi was a darker skinned ‘kick, 165cm/5’5’’ tall, athletic with slender muscles. He had a delicate face and wore his hair to the side.

Xander had hoped to find a gay ally in him since he looked the part. B2 was fashion conscious with a subtle nose ring. Funny enough, he had a Prince Albert, too. The same Henry had. They must have gotten it together even though Katashi hadn’t been a boi for as long, being a mere 19 years.

Unfortunately, the hot Asian only watched porn of girls jerking off while he humped the mattress.

Regardless, Xander kept an eye on Katashi throughout the day because the sidekick liked to jerk off in places where he could be caught. A stairwell, the laundry room, a closet.

Especially at night Katashi got daring and picked a random corridor or a public spot like the gym to strip and step as far away from his clothes as he dared. Sometimes he even left the lights on in those places when he jerked off.

Usually the ‘kick stood in the middle of the space but sometimes he knelt or crawled farther away from his clothes.

Xander almost wanted to do the boi a favor and ‘catch’ him but he didn’t want the performances to stop.

Katashi’s power was duplication. As far as Xander was concerned that would have been perfect for a vers gay who wanted to fuck himself.

Sadly, Katashi only used the ability to have a duplicate of himself temporarily hide his clothes. Sexy but not the peak of creativity.


One week after the battle:

Xander had gained a tiny bit more muscle. Time would tell if it stayed on but it kept him going to the gym.

He was on his way to the gym’s scale when he saw Todd step onto it.

Coming in from behind, Xander slapped Todd’s ass. “Hey B-boi, long time no talk.”

Todd looked at himself in the mirror as he stepped off the scale. “Yeah, we never got the chance. I heard what happened on the mission. Good job.”

Xander waved him off. “That snake would have eaten a village if we hadn’t been there as fast thanks to you. See, being a hero is not about being first place. Everyone contributes.”

He had quoted the opening words of Zeal’s speech in issue #40 and stopped short of repeating the entire thing verbatim.

“Making good gains, I see,” Xander said instead.

“Yeah,” Todd said, looking shy. “I’m trying.”

“You already fit in, don’t worry. Any plans for the weekend?”

“Kinda,” Todd said. “I’ve met a girl on the night out last week. We stayed in touch.”

“Damn, you work fast. Are you sure you’re not a speedster?”

Secretly Xander was shocked how easy it had been for not-so-handsome Todd when he himself had no clue how to approach meeting boys.

Their conversation petered out quickly.

Xander had gone to bed with a headache too often and instituted new rules. He could only watch one team mate jerk off per day.

Tonight was as exception because Bert’s room was next to his and Garths room just beyond that and they were both fucking their fists at the same time.

Thick ginger Bert was jerking it slow and sensually in the shower, eyes closed, mouth half open. He liked to run his fingers through his hair and to trail the separation of his pecs and abs.

Curly, tan Garth jerked off almost lazily in his desk chair, watching interracial straight porn. He had an iron grip on his balls with the spare hand, although Xander couldn’t tell if he was inflicting pain or just like to hold on to them.

Nothing in Garth’s porn habits suggested the boy liked to have his balls tortured and Xander knew all his member’s porn habits pretty well by now.

Garth liked mixed race couples of any variation. Bert had a thing for anal and bondage.

Akio consumed very little porn, preferring to look at videos his Japanese girlfriend sent him – and film some for her in return. Sometimes he even sent her pictures of his ass, though they were not true hole pics. On Fridays they either went on a date or video chatted, including a jerk off session.

Will loved to watch porn, including some freaky stuff, and jerked off at least twice a day, usually more, sometimes even slipping into his room for five minutes after a meeting just to rub one out.

Xander’s sexual prowess had not changed when he had pulled mass from the 4th dimension, but he suspected that Will’s ‘magically’ altered body was flooded with sex hormones like someone of his size should be.

Bert cummed with a serene expression and continued to shower. Garth was nowhere near cumming. He got twitchy and trembled whenever he approached the edge. It was kind of cute.

Xander stopped watching and focused on rereading the Heroic Chronicles. He looked for a sliver of hope, a hint of what to do. There were no openly gay heroes. There was no one to turn to and Xander didn’t want to come out to the team unless he knew somebody was going to be on his side.

He threw himself onto his bed, issue #35 open on a page-sized drawing of Zeal as lighting struck behind him.

One more week later:

The alarm made Xander almost fall out of bed. He slipped out of his brief and tried to put his legs into his singlet. It was the wrong hole. Ugh.

Aqua opened his door just as Xander found the leg holes. “You coming?”

“Yep,” Xander said, on the move before he had even put on the mask.

They all met up in the elevator. Aqua was tapping a tablet. “It’s a dark angel. Just appeared over Portland. There’s only one so far but if it managed to slip out of the prison dimension, so can others.”

“Bullocks,” Garth said. “Are we getting help?”

Aqua swiped on the tablet. “Hero-U is sending someone but most are busy with Wave-o-tron rampaging in the Atlantic.”

Bolt sighed. “Why does so much shit always go down at once?”


They didn’t make it to the Boi Wing.

With a vortex of white sparks, Ranger teleported into the hangar. The world’s most powerful teleporter was the reason why the Manly League headquarters was a space station – they didn’t need shuttles to get down.

Ranger wore a red bodysuit that covered his nicely muscled body like a layer of paint. Black utility belts were strapped across his chest and hip. His black mask was custom, giving him the illusion of a ‘face’ even though it wouldn’t have been based on his real one.

Other features were black armor pieces. Ranger was no flying brick, a B-Lister with immense powers.

Almost on instinct Xander took a look at the hairless, veiny cock and balls, tightly constrained in a protective cup. Ranger looked great naked but the costume was clearly padded around the shoulders.

“Akio, I’m here to grab you and your bois,” he said with an Australian accent.

“Is it that bad?” the team captain asked.

“Could be,” Ranger said and waved them closer. “Is that everyone? Zeal might be checking by if possible. I can’t go underwater, so I’m not sure I can get a hold of him.”

Xander didn’t hear the rest of the conversation, too preoccupied with the idea of finally meeting Zeal.

Seconds later, the team and a few sidekicks teleported onto a skyscraper in Portland, getting blinded by the low sun.

While the team got set up, Xander stared at the dark angel. The creature had the shape of a human under a pure black, tattered blanket, but three times the size of one. And there was nobody underneath. It was ‘blanket’ all the way through.

It hovered roughly level with the bois, a few blocks ahead. Occult symbols danced around it, dull sparks arching between them. Some sparks dropped the long way down. A house below had already caught fire.

“Todd, Filipe,” Aqua said. “Get down there and get any civilians out who are right under it.”

The dark angel noticed them, adjusted its position and sent a bright blue orb at the skyscraper.

“On it,” Guard shouted.

The orb shattered Guard’s shield and broke into many erratic, little projectiles that caused quickly dying fires on the concrete roof.

“Fuck,” Wiz said. He had been caught in the blast and the fire had consumed the top of his singlet, exposing his chest. His face hood was singed.

“Are you hurt?” 4X asked.

“Don’t think so,” Wiz said. “Only the angel’s green fire can hurt the invulnerable, right?”

“I know,” 4X said, remembering issue #19 when the dark angels had first invaded.

“Okay,” Aqua said. “Alternating hits. Bolt, stay at a distance. Go.”

Wiz mumbled and sharp patterns danced up his arms as he flew toward the angel.

The creature from the prison dimension prepared for them. It unfolded itself, giving its body a winged appearance. Blue fire came their way.

They evaded but 4X had to admit he was not maneuverable enough to dodge reliably if the angel picked him as a target.

He told himself ‘It’s only blue fire, it can’t hurt me.’

Aqua made first contact, punching the angel in the chest with little effect and retreated. From this close up, the sheer size of the pitch black being was terrifying.

4X reached the angel, punched it in the head with all his super strength, twirled and gave it a kick, too. The angel wobbled briefly and sent blue fire at him from a ‘wing’ tip.

The flames sizzled past his face and hit Guard’s shield. Again the shield broke and Guard was hit, losing a strap of his singlet and his utility belt that dropped off him in tatters.

A volley of purple comets peppered the angel’s body, seeming to douse its blue fire.

Meanwhile, the symbols dancing above the enemy had doubled and the sparks falling now inflicted light shocks even on 4X’ invulnerable skin. This was a bad sign.

Wiz dropped down and rammed his boots into the angel’s head, before regaining height.

Aqua was back for another punch. 4X went in at the same time.

The angel swiped at them with its pseudo-wing and smashed their heads together. 4X’ visor got shattered and little shards fell into his eyes. His eyeballs were invulnerable and couldn’t get cut but it still meant having something in both eyes.

He pulled his hood off and let it fall. While blinking and rubbing his eyes 4X used his vision to see through himself and keep an eye on the angel.

Green fire.

4X rushed toward Aqua and pulled the leader out of the path of the flames.

The temporarily blind Aqua managed to pull his own hood off as they tumbled away from the enemy.

“Here we go,” Wiz shouted over the com.

His massive arms and naked torso crackled with lighting and metal chains appeared around the dark angel, constricting its wings. The green fire on its wingtips died down and it struggled in the grip.

Aqua freed the shard that had been lodged in his eye socket and blinked heavily. “Ah, that hurt. What’s the status?”

“I see only black inside the angel,” 4X said. “I have no idea if we’re making progress.”

“Not looking like it,” Aqua said and gestured at the sparking ring that still rained onto the city. It had grown.

A whirl of white flashed atop the skyscraper they had come from. Ranger was back and he had brought Omen.

The golden cape fluttered as Omen raced toward them. “We’re in trouble,” the man spoke right into their minds.

“We know,” Aqua said.

In that moment, the angel shattered the chains and summoned rings of green flames.

“It’s not creating a portal to the prison dimension,” Omen said. “I can’t see what will happen if it succeeds but the city will be doomed.”

“What can we do?” Bolt asked through the coms.

“Keep it busy until help arrives,” came the telepathic answer.

The ginger boi got back to throwing his power orbs at the creature but it hardly seemed to matter.

Omen flew in, evaded a wing flap, and rammed his fist into the angel’s chest. His armor got shredded, exposing his hand and forearm. He followed up with a hit from the other hand and shredded the other sleeve just as much.

4X flew at the angel feet first and landed on its face, kicking out for good measure. The weight made the angel tumble but it caught itself and 4X had to fly aside as green fire shot vaguely his way.

Aqua and Wiz hit the enemy in the head from opposite sides, crushing it between their fists. The flames died, but only for a second, giving the bois enough time to escape but not to land more punches.

A flash of white on the roof. Ranger had brought…

“Zeal!” 4X shouted.

The captain of the Manly League wore the chest and hip utility belts of his club but no skin tight suit. His weathered, adult muscles were on full display - veins, sweat and scars. The only clothing were his black mask, shorts and boots.

He had a true comic book physique, at 185mc/6’ with an estimated weight around 90kg/200lbs. He didn’t have the pretty shape of a teen bodybuilder but the toned, massive body of an adult muscle god. His abs were a thick barrel, his pecs sat on top of his body like two firm melons and his limbs were cut through by big, sharp veins.

He carried a bomb.

“Out of the way,” Omen shouted into everybody’s mind.

4X flew backward, to keep looking at his super crush.

Zeal evaded an assault of green fireballs with an ease and elegance that made it look choreographed. He stopped in midair as if momentum didn’t exist and sent the bomb forward with his telekinesis, giving it such speed that it blurred as soon as it left his hand.

The blast was blinding.

Blue sparks exploded within the summoning ring and vanished. The creature’s cloth-like body was tattered.

Zeal followed it up without hesitation, pummeling the angel’s chest at two beats per second. At the same time, he stared at the enemy’s head, using his heat vision, eyes aglow.

The angel burst apart like a storm of ash, mixing with the remaining occult symbols circling above.

Zeal flew away.

“Move!” Omen urged telepathically.

The creature’s remains turned into a twister of black and blue, rapidly gaining length until it touched the ground and seemingly the clouds.

4X fought to escape but felt himself pulled in.

The heroes shouted to each other for help but only Zeal was able to grab someone. He caught Bolt and threw the boi telekinetically towards safety, then was sucked in himself.

The closer 4X was sucked, the faster he fell in. Before he knew it, he crashed into it and-

Floating serenely, Xander shook his head to clear it. Wasn’t he… in danger? He was forgetting something… right?

There was nothing but magenta fog around him. Beautiful, glowing, pink clouds.

Then Todd fell past him, screaming for his life.


Xander dove after the sidekick. Not down, exactly – there didn’t seem to be gravity.

He caught the shocked Todd and brought them to a halt, relative to… something. There was no up or down. Nothing but magenta fog. Nothing at all.

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