Mr Owens

By William Penn
published May 1, 2009

Revenge is the name of the game

Mr Owens

By William Penn

The Magic Powder stories are fictional stories that contain graphic accounts of fetish based gay sex.

You should be of legal age to read these.

Chapter 1


Mr Owens was sixty five years old, attractive, tall, slim, golden tan, rich in the extreme He had everything a man could ever want, he had been ruthless in business, he had fucked more woman than his first wife care to remember, but Mr Owens had made a near fatal error, the affairs had been one thing, but to be traded for a trophy wife after forty years of marriage was the last straw.

Mrs Owens wanted revenge and she wanted Mr Owens to suffer for all those years of lies, deceit and for the final betrayal.

Mrs Owens had contacted me through the usual channels, I would never meet her, speak to her, but she knew once half the money had been paid into my bank account in Zurich, the breaking of ex husband would start in earnest.

Mrs Owens file was no different to all the others they were a mixture of spurned lovers, cheated business partners the list was endless, but the person they all wanted to get even with was always a real arsehole that the law never seemed to be able to touch.

I smiled as I always did as the first payment reach my bank, with one phone call the game would start and under no circumstances would the game be allowed to end until Mr Owens was ruined and changed for ever.

I picked up the phone and dialled the usual number, a voice on the other end gave the correct password to my question, start the game I said and with that the game could not be stopped.

Chapter 2

Phase 1

Phase 1 would run to the same course of action that it always did.

In this case Mr Owens would be watch by my team for the next month, every movement that he made would have a tail. He would not be able to piss without us knowing about it.

Phase 1 would also be the introducing of the fine white compound that my late friend, mentor and lover Miles had discovered. He called it the magic powder.

The guys would already be lancing his water supply with this wonder drug, being tasteless, odourless and completely transparent when mixed with any other substance, John Owens would never know he was eating and drinking the stuff into his body. The powder would have no effect on John until he became hypnotised by a very skilled and trained person who could get to John with in a window of two weeks after John had taken the powder for one month.

If John was coached in that two week period the changers could not be reversed.

We offered many new life versions for our clients to pick from.

In Mrs Owens case she had opted for package two, cruel I thought but very apt under the circumstances.

In six weeks time Mr Owens would be broken as a man. He would be transformed into a Gay Drag Queen for any man that wanted to use him and John would think this was the most natural thing in the world, I wondered as I always did, if I were to meet him today and tell him that in six weeks he would not be able to live with out cock, what would the man say. The thought made me laugh like it always did, well the arsehole asked for it and boy was he going to get it.

Along with John his new wife Holly and his Lawyer Charles Durant would also have to go through a complete transformation.

In Holly’s case the choice was quite easy, she had been a little gold digger, so I thought it was time she gave it all back to charity.

In six weeks time she would move to India and work with the homeless, living a very simple and hard life helping people who had nothing.

Charles on the other hand was a different kettle of fish. Rumours were rife about Charles, apparently he was to be made a judge by the end of the year, Charles would be a very good asset to my team, so like a few I hand chosen before, in six weeks Charles would give his service freely to the team in order to join our group of sexual deviants, because Charles would become a part time transvestite slut that would do anything for cock.

Chapter 3

Phase 2

The data had been pouring in for the last two weeks and it was time to have my first sighting of John.

He would be at his favourite restaurant later that evening with wife number two, the ex model who he seem to dote on as according to the data he had not been seen near another woman, too late I thought, should have been more like this with wife number one.

I had booked a table next to his; I knew this because his phone lines and internet was tapped by my team.

I had also sent two of my team to work at the restaurant for the evening as two of the waiters had called in sick that morning, each not being able to last five minutes with out the use of the toilet.

It would only last twenty four hours and they both would be fine in the morning, I knew this again as one of the team had laced there beers the evening before.

I sat at the table wearing a blonde bob wig and glasses; no one would recognise me as Miles had taught me so well. I had dressed up for the night as one of my female characters in a nice business suit, two inch heels, heavy make-up and looked the part as I read some documents from my briefcase.

John and his new wife carried on like the world evolved around them, they had sent back meals asking to see the manager, complained about the service like they always did, why I wondered did the manager put up with this, well John was a big name in town and of course if he eats there others would.

I could see John eating and drinking which of course meant the increased supply of our wonderful powder the guys were kind enough to lace his food and wine with.

Now comes a good bit I thought, I took a small cigar from my bag and blew the rich flavoured smoke in Johns direction.

With in seconds he had asked for the manager who came over to me and asked me if I would please put the cigar out as the couple on the next table did not like it.

I smiled and fixing the manager with a wonderful smile I said of course and how sorry I was. I then paid my bill and left as I had seen enough, John was a complete arsehole and boy was I going to love changing this arrogant shit into a gay whore, fucking him was going to be a pleasure that I could not hardly wait for.

I arrive home to find Debbie waiting for me in a little PVC number.

I look at Debbie as she helped me out of my jacket and trousers, she was so gorgeous a real Barbie doll type, I sometimes found it hard to believe that the first time I meet Debbie she was a short chubby accountant called Derrick who had embezzled millions of dollars from a leading city firm.

Of course the law could not touch Derrick as he had been so clever, so I was approached by a third party to work my magic on Derrick on behalf of the city firm.

They wanted total revenge and of course the money back, after I had finished with Derrick all the money was repaid however Derrick had interested me so much that Derrick would become Debbie and join me as my full time PA.

It had been so easy to coach Derrick into becoming Debbie and the end results after months of painful surgery was the gorgeous person standing in front of me now.

At five feet six, Derrick was already a nice height for a woman; the weight loss had not taken that long due to the manic exercise program I had insisted on.

There had been many months of plastic surgery of course, but Derrick was so hooked he could not wait to go back under the knife to achieve his goal.

The end results were stunning, not one line on her face even though Debbie was fifty now, here lips were so full with the perfect cock sucking pout that every porn star wished for. Her hair now short and platinum blonde always looked so good, which contrast so well with her dark tattooed eye liner.

Derrick had small hands for a man, so again they were perfect for a woman, but Derrick had not wish to be a full woman, no Derrick wanted to be Debbie the perfect she-male as his cock was huge at twelve inches and as thick as a beer can.

The huge ring that she always wore in the head of her cock looked so good and matched her nipple rings that helped show off her 38 DD breasts.

Debbie was beautiful with out doubt and she totally idealised me which of course I had encouraged from day one.

I sat down in my leather chair firing the large Cuban cigar Debbie had prepared for me and took a long open mouth inhale, feeling the smoke deep within my lungs before I blew a long stream of smoke into Debbie’s face knowing full well Debbie’s cock would be standing too attention as it always did when Debbie could see another smoke fetishist perform.

Debbie kissed me hard on the mouth as I blew another stream of smoke into her lungs. I could feel her huge cock push against my chest and I knew it was time to milk Debbie.

I went to work on Debbie’s cock between mouth full of smoke and it was not long before I had all twelve inches deep in my throat.

Debbie had been so good today I felt it was only fair to let her cum down my throat. With her body starting to tense up I knew she was about to deliver another explosion of rich protein which I loved.

Debbie did not disappoint, she never did and cumming with such force the first load hit the back of my throat starting the slid down to the pit of my stomach, before being joined by three more gooey shots of wonderful sperm.

Debbie relaxed at last and regained her composure, turning round as she always did to take my throbbing member up her love whole. No words had to be spoken, Debbie knew what I like and expected from her, so kneeling on all fours I fucked her long and hard for the next twenty minutes as Debbie moan and screamed as I shot a large load deep inside her love passage.

She kissed me and left the room as she knew I still had some work to do, she would be back for one last milking before we turned in, but that would be later I had to finalize my plan of action.

Chapter 4

Phase 3 Holly

Four weeks had past and it was now time to start the transformation process.

Holly would be first on the list as she had to be out of the way in order to gain full control of John.

Holly always went to a health club on Mondays therefore her usual masseur had been taken care of in the same way as the waiters.

I had started work as a freelance masseur at the club the week before so it would be straight forward to obtain Holly’s full attention in a private room for one hour which is all I would need in order to start the process.

Hypnosis would be the key now for all three of our prey as the wonderful powder would have made them totally open to all suggestions when using the light lasers that Miles had developed and used on me twenty years before.

The lasers worked by stimulating the pleasure zones of the mind, which when used in conjunction with the powder no one could resist.

I had many devices that I used in order to deliver the laser lights that would help send my prey into deep hypnosis, in Holly’s case I would used a black pair of goggles which she would need to wear when on the tanning bed.

Holly walked into the room wearing just a towel; she was beautiful as she had been a top cat walk queen only a year before.

She looked over in my direction and demanded to know who I was; I explained in a fake French accent that I was Dieter and was filling in for Karen here usual masseur as she had called in sick.

I left her in no doubt with my voice and demeanour that I was gay and she would be very safe with me. In fact it was the truth of course, even though she was so gorgeous I would not be able to get hard unless she had a big cock hanging between her legs.

She laid on the bed and I gave her a wonderful massage for the next 30 minutes, Ok I said now please drink this litre of water before you go onto the sun bed, to help stop any dehydration.

She took the bottle and drank the water down which was laced with the maximum amount of compound. She walked over to the sun bed and I gave her a pair of goggles to cover her eyes, she placed the goggles over her eyes and I started the machine.

It would take no more than thirty seconds before the goggles would activate and the miniature lasers would shine into her eyes focusing on the pleasure receptive of the brain.

Suddenly I could see Holly tense up and she moved her hands to remove the goggles, I held her hands briefly and started my pitch.

Look at the lights Holly, look at the lights, they shine so bright for you, they are wonderful, the lights are shining just for you, it only took a few seconds of me repeating the same sentence for her to relax.

She would not be able to resist, the compound was now going to work and soon she was under my total control.

I told her how much pleasure the lights gave her and that pleasure was so important, she loved pleasure so much and she needed pleasure so much.

Her pleasure of course would not be with men any more, she would have no need for love anymore, her love and pleasure from now on would be helping the poor in India.

All she had ever wanted to do since she was a small child was help the poor people of India.

She had brought a new home in the slumps where she would live and work amongst the needy of India. No one and nothing else would ever replace her love for helping the poor.

Her charity that she had set up would take all her money so she could help the poor and she would only feel pleasure from helping the poor.

It took about one hour before Holly was ready to start her new life. I had some documents that she signed without any hesitation and a plane ticket for a flight for that afternoon as she would be going straight to the airport.

The documents would of course be legal when Charles her Lawyer and her Husband John had both signed as well.

One document was devoicing papers; another was to form the new charity and the last to release all her wealth to the new company.

I asked her if she felt Ok as she was leaving the room, she smiled and said she had never felt better but had to rush as she had a plane to catch.

She flew out at five pm in economy of course, all she had was the clothes on her back, but she also had an iron will that she would devote her whole life to helping the poor of India.

One down two to go I thought with a rye smile.

Chapter 5

Phase 4 Charles.

The phone range in my office, I answered technical support how can I help, my monitor has just blacked out on my pc, can you bring a replacement said Charles.

I was freelancing as a technician for Charles Durant’s law firm and as planed his monitor had just gone down.

I knocked at the door of Charles Durant’s office reading his name plate as I waited for the Charles to invite me in.

Yes came the voice, I walked in and told Charles I was Peter and I had a new monitor for him. Good he said how long will it take to fix, no time at all I told him, about a couple of minutes then if you will be so kind can you check the resolution of the new monitor so I can type in the new settings.

Ok then, but hurry up I am a very busy man he said.

I did as I was told and in two minutes the new monitor was working, I asked Charles to site in his normal position in front of the screen and check the resolution.

He sat down and keyed his mouse, instantly the laser in the monitor started to direct bright beams of light into his eyes and focusing on his pleasure zones in the brain.

Charles tried for a split second to move his head but I held him for that split second until he was completely taken with the lights.

That’s good Charles I said, look at the lights, they burn so bright for you, that’s it they burn so bright just for you, ant they wonderful? Yes he said they are wonderful, don’t they bring you so much pleasure I said, yes he said pleasure.

The coffee cup was empty and by the look of the coffee marker he had drank at least three cups that morning which was of course laced with the compound.

I told him to relax and clear his mind, that’s good relax Charles clear your mind.

He was now totally under my control just like Holly had been, so it was time to transform Charles into a gay cock jockey that would crave transgender sex from now on and would never ever want to go with a woman again as they could never bring him the pleasure he craved.

Men were now his thing, gay transvestite men had always been his number one special pleasure in life and he could not live with out dressing up as a gay slut for his special girls and admirers.

I had decided to give Charles the full package of kinks as he would be joining my team because of the help he would be able to give me in the future when he made the move into the judges chair.

For that reason I told him he would have to stay in the closet for now, but not to worry because his new friends would make him so happy, the pleasure that his new friends would bring him would make him feel so good, just like the lights that shine so bring for him.

Charles was a widower so there was no need to worry about a silly wife trying to get in the way, he would devote all his free time to helping his new friends as they would give him so much pleasure.

The final twist was my own speciality that I had shared with Miles, Charles at fifty five was a health nut and like John a big anti smoker, well not anymore, like al the other kinks I had just fed him, Charles would have a very strong smoke fetish for cigars and the guys that smoked them.

I told Charles that he had smoked all his life in secrete and now it was time to smoke his wonderful large cigars out in the open, he would promote cigar smoking because of the pleasure it gave him and at every opportunity he would try to convert all those silly anti smokers that he could not stand.

After two hours and a couple of trips to the van for some new equipment for Charles, I turned off my monitor and replace it with another.

Well My Durant I said, what do you think, the screen is it OK, yes he said and thanks for all your help, you really are a nice guy.

He smiled at me in a way that I had seen many times before; I could tell what was on Charles mind.

Tell me Peter isn’t it, yes I said, please tell me you do not have to rush off, I was just going to have a coffee, would you join me, yes I said I would love that.

Be so good as to shut the door he said, lets sit over there in those nice leather chairs, they are so comfortable he said.

Now then Peter how about a cigar, I have these wonderful large Cuban cigars that I just know you are going to love.

As he fired his cigar he inhaled his first lung full with out batting an eye lid, wow he said always hit the sport, now you he said as he handed me his lighter, that’s nice I said, gold Dunhill must of cost a fortune, I am not sure but I expect so, it was a present from my late wife, we were both avid cigar smokers. This was of course part of the story I had fed him.

That’s good I said, must of brought you closer together, oh yes he said I loved her so much, but to be honest we were more friends than lovers he smiled as he made the last point.

Oh I said, why, I thought husbands and wives were always at it, he smiled back, oh no Peter I could of never done that with her, I am gay, always have been always will be, now unless you find that not to your taste why not come over here and show me those stocking clad legs, I can see you are wearing them under your trousers you naughty man.

I was and I had made a point to pull my trousers tight when I sat down so he could see the line under the material of the trousers.

We slipped off our trousers because both of us were wearing silk stockings; I had shaved his legs and covered them with the stockings before I had released him from the laser.

Oh Mr Durant I said, you look so good, call me Charley please he said, I like to be called Charley when I am fem, oh Charley you are so big I said, let me help you with that as I took his cock in my throat.

I power sucked him for a few minutes until he blew his cum down my throat, he loved it when I blew smoke over his helmet and he smoked like a man possessed.

He sat there with a satisfying smile and I knew as I watch him for that moment he was on cloud nine, I asked him if he was free that evening, he said no sorry I have a date with a special friend of mine called Debbie, she has a large cock and I can’t wait to take it all.

I kissed him on the mouth and left after he had sign some documents, of course they were the same as Holly had signed and one more as he was now a Lawyer for a firm called Laser technologies, my firm of course.

Two down and one to go with a new asset in Charley, things were going great and with just John to transform.

Chapter 6

Phase 5 John

The phone range and I answered the call with Johnson’s electrical how might I be of service to you? The voice on the other end was loud, slurring and in a foul mood.

It seemed that Johns house had suffered a power black out and after calling the electrical suppliers they confirmed that the fault was on his property and therefore down to him to sort out.

Will be right there Mr Owens I said as I was freelancing for his preferred electrical contractors.

When I reached Johns house I found the place in darkness, it was a large house and it had just started to get dark, so John was in no mood for pleasantries.

Both the maid and the handyman who were married had called in sick that day, seems they were suffering with stomach cramps which was no surprise to me as one of the teem had given them a little something to keep them from work the night before.

John did not look good, in fact he looked a mess and he had been drinking heavily by the look of the decanter on the table which was a great thing for me as it was laced of course with my compound.

I checked the fuse box and clicked the power back on, the main chandelier was still off in Johns study and I told him that I could go and get another one for him as we had some in stock; it will only take thirty minutes I said.

Yes, do that he said, I need to get some work done in here tonight, so make it happen, god this man was rude I thought.

I drove out of the drive and sat round the corner on the next street for twenty five minutes.

I already had a new chandelier on the van of course along with some other goodies for John, the new chandelier was fitted with a laser of course and John was about to get a light show he could never forget.

I arrived back and walked back into the study with the new chandelier, John was sitting in the dark room staring at a picture of his second wife on the wall, the decanter was now nearly empty and I could see that Holly’s disappearance had knocked him for six.

I asked him if he was Ok and he said no I am not, my wife has gone to bloody India and I can not get hold of her and that bloody useless Lawyer of mine will not return my calls.

I said I was sorry and John said what for, now mind you own bloody business and fit that new light so I can try and track that bitch down on the internet.

I thought to myself, there will be no need for you to worry soon John old boy; your wife will be the last thing on your mind in about two hours.

I replaced the chandelier and said to Mr Owns can you check this please, you have to sign to say the light is working when I leave, otherwise I will get in trouble with my boss.

Ok then he said as he walked over to stand underneath the light, I switched on and within a few seconds I clicked a switch in my pocket that energized the laser.

John tried to look away but I held him for a split second that was needed for the bright light of the laser to shine a beam of light into the pleasure zone of the brain.

I said sit down John and look at the light, the light that shines so bright for you, it’s wonderful, look how it dances for you and don’t you just love it.

Yes, said John the light, its wonderful.

That’s good John, look at the light, see how much pleasure it gives you, the light John it shines for you, only for you, it brings you so much pleasure, yes said John, pleasure.

Good I said as John was now completely under my control.

John had drunk so much whiskey laced with the powder he was totally under my control, even more so that Holly and Charley had been.

John I said now listen to what I have to say, you love that light so much because it gives you so much pleasure and you love pleasure don’t you John, the kind of pleasure that only men can give you, not woman, your wife Holly is a bitch, she had left you because she never loved you John, she has left you because she is a gold digging woman.

What is she John? A gold digging bitch he said, good John, now you will never have to feel that pain again because woman are not for you, only men can give you pleasure and you like men don’t you John? Yes I like men? You love men don’t you John? Yes love them he said. You want to suck every cock you can get your hands on, you want to be fucked by everyman that you desire, yes said John I want cock he said, you need cock I said, cock gives you so much pleasure you have always wanted cock so bad it the only pleasure you will ever enjoy, yes said John I want cock I need pleasure.

Now John this is important, from now on you will not live in this house, it is to be sold and along with all of your shares all your money you will give the lot to your first wife, yes said John I will give it all to my first wife, that’s good John you are doing so well, how do you feel? Wonderful the light is so wonderful he said it burns so bright for me, that a good boy John I said.

Now John you have special friends that you will always pleasure, they will give you so much pleasure because you want to make them happy, don’t you, yes I want to make them happy.

John, Debbie is your most special friend and she is going to help you turn into Joann, you know you have always wanted to be Joann haven’t you, yes said John I want to be Joann.

Joann is a special girl that has the most wonderful implants, not a line on her pretty face, lips that can suck the chrome off a bumper at one hundred yards and a arse pussy that is so stretched that she can accommodate as many cocks as she wants, because she wants cock she needs cock don’t you Joann, yes said Joann, I am Joann I want to ride cock so bad he said.

Joann does not have any hair at all, completely smooth all over so she can pleasure her men when being filmed because you love being filmed taking loads of cum dripping cocks don’t you, yes said John I love cum.

I then started to program John with every kink known to man all with a gay twist of course, he was smiling as he said each one after me, he also had a wonderful big bulge showing in his trousers and I knew John was gone for ever and Joann was emerging for ever.

It was time for my favourite part it only took a few moments to turn this arsehole anti smoker into a life time cigar smoker. Taking one of the big cigars from my bag I offered Joann the cigar which she clipped like a pro before turning the cigar above the flame until the giant Cuban pleasure stick was smoking hot, now my gorgeous girl, take a big inhale I said remember to keep practising the open mouth inhale as men love that and you want to pleasure your men don’t you, yes he said as he took a huge lung full of thick heady smoke deep into his lungs, he held the smoke in his lungs for a few moments and I can see the bulge in his trousers increase in size, then he blew a great stream of smoke at the lights the wonderful lights that shine so bright for him as he was totally hooked.

That’s a good girl I said to Joann, you are now Joann and when I turn off the lights you will sign the documents in front of you, Charles and Debbie will be here in a moment so Charley can sign your document concerning all your wealth going to your first wife who you may never contact because you will never have any dealings with woman again. Yes said Joann.

With that clear in Joann’s mind I turned off the laser which had burned so bright for Joann.

Joann signed the new documents that now included the form for her new name, Joann Detour who would be the new mature she-male on a local cable channel, even at sixty five Joann would still knock then dead at the fetish end of the market, she would enjoy pleasuring men and other she-males for the rest of her life and with the surgery which would be painful Joann would accept it as she wanted it so bad she could not think of anything else.

Charley sign the last few documents and it was all perfectly legal, I turned to both Debbie and Charley who were both wearing PVC full body suits and high heels. Charley’s make-up looked good as Debbie was brilliant, not even his late mother could have recognized him dress like that especially with the black bob wig.

Well girls I said, I think we should give Joann I good send off before she leaves this house, what do you say? They all agreed and Joann with out being told laid on her front over the table.

That’s a good girl I said as I thrust my eight inch cock deep into her arse, she screamed with a mixture of pleasure and of course a little pain, Joann would become a very big girl down below but at the moment her tight arse was driving me insane with pleasure as I fucked her with everything I had, my balls were slapping her arse cheeks and she was experiencing her first split roast as Debbie had her massive weapon deep in Joann’s throat.

Charley filmed the whole scene until I came with a thundering climax which filled Joann’s now broken pussy with hot sticky cum.

I took over the camera as Charley fucked Joann with his seven inch thick cock, Joann was in heave as Charley came deep inside her, as Charley pulled out his cock I could see he was sporting a huge cock ring, I thought to myself Debbie had been busy the dirty slut.

Next it was Debbie’s turn to push her twelve inches deep into Joann, Joann cried out as the whole cock disappeared into her love tunnel, Debbie told her to shut up and take it like the bitch she was and Joann said sorry mistress, that’s better Joann said as she hammered away at Joann’s now sloppy pussy with her baseball bat cock.

I could see Debbie was about to cum her eyes started to glaze over, she always looked like that when she was about to deliver a large portion of pleasure juice.

Joann’s legs were shaking as Debbie pulled her massive cock out of her love passage. As Joann cleaned all our cocks with her tongue I could see cum dripping out of her pussy and the look on Joann’s face told me more than any words, she was in heaven, but she still craved more, much more.

Chapter 7

Phase 6

The last Phase was always about proof.

The house had sold very quickly and Charles had been busy closing down all of Johns accounts and trading in his shares, Mrs Owens was going to be a very rich lady indeed, also we would take a further ten percent of Johns final estate that meant clear profile of One Million dollars and some change for the six week project.

That did seem a lot of money, however as a company we had a lot of overheads and until Joann was making the company good money we would have to pay for all her surgeries she would need to turn her into a mature gay Drag Queen that fetish producers wanted to use.

I had seen Joann the day before and her first plastic surgery had gone well, she was starting to look good and I would think in six months time she would be pain free and ready to fuck full time on the cable channel.

Mrs Owns had been so pleased with the film we had sent her of her ex husband being fucked near to death at his knew flat in Debbie’s building.

I was pleased that we had turned a complete arsehole into a cock sucking Queen that could provide a good service for an increasing client base.

Mrs Owns was even happier with her new settlement as she now had the lot and Holly wife number two was really doing good work with the poor in India, being mentioned in a magazine for her good work, but she did look very tired in the picture and not at all like the queen of the cat walk she had once been.

Charley had worked out so well, but I had to explain that for now he could not go full time as a she-male as we needed him in that judges chair in case of troubled waters in the future.

With the final payment made into my bank account in Zurich the case was finished, I smiled to myself and fired up a giant Cuban, it was time to go and see Joann again and fuck that wonderful sloppy pussy.

The End

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