Daddy Next Door

By Twan Andersen -
published December 2, 2019

The new neighbours move in and Topher’s life will never be the same…

A young man skating along the street carrying a grocery bag should not be an unusual sight, but one doing it with a small dog also tagging along for a ride on the skateboard would definitely be. Yet, for the residents of Fordstep Lane, the sight of Topher and his adorable brown Cocker Spaniel skating around was already a usual one.

The young man’s hair was jet black, a mess of thin strands hid by a purple beanie despite the sunny Autumn day. He was chewing on a piece of mint gum as he turned to his street, blowing a bubble as he saw the truck on the other side of the road, with three burly men carrying boxes out of it and moving them inside the traditional two-story house.

“New neighbours, huh?” he asked to himself outloud, but before he could dwell much on it, he noticed another Cocker Spaniel approaching them with curiosity, one that made his dog jump off the skateboard, growling at the black dog in an attempt to halt its approach before it turned to full on barking. “Hey, cut that out!”

The barking eventually grew loud enough to alert one of the men, dressed in a tracksuit with a grey tank top under its open jacket, who started approaching them.

“Avril, enough!” Topher shouted, putting down his grocery bag to pick up his dog, named after the only female artist he’d ever admit listening to.

“Alpha, sit down!” the man commanded and the black dog obeyed, although he cocked his head slightly. “Sorry about that, he gets really excited with other dogs. Guess yours is a girl.”

“Yeah. She doesn’t trust other dogs, especially when they come up to her.” Topher said, petting his dog’s head as he looked at the handsome stranger’s dark eyes. He was easily twenty years older than him, either in his very late thirties or early forties, but there was something about his gaze that he didn’t know how to explain, especially with the way he smiled charmingly at him.

“I guess I’ll see you around,” the man smiled, before whistling and bringing his dog back with him.

Topher just shrugged and picked up his skateboard and grocery bag, walking towards his house, which was not nearly as nice-looking as the man’s. In fact, Topher looked back from the corner of his eye, a hint of envy in its deep blue, before he finally stepped inside and closed the door behind him.

One of his housemates had just finished running down the stairs, staring at him, certainly finding it strange that he was holding his dog. Raising an eyebrow, Topher gently set Avril on the floor.

“The hell you’re looking at?” he asked with his typical unfriendly half-lidded glare.

“Nothing,” his housemate shrugged him off, walking into the living room.

Topher sighed once he was out of sight, looking back at his dog and swearing for a moment she was judging him.

“Don’t,” he pouted.

Topher knew he had been unfairly hostile, but it was already a natural mechanism for him. Orphaned at birth, he had never had the chance of being picked by a couple, a hope he had grown out of at the age of twelve. He was more than used to being judged for being an unwanted reject, which led him to rely on no other but himself, and despite having been on campus for months, he hadn’t made a single friend, considering them all mere acquaintances. His housemates didn’t have that luck, since he was usually confined to either his room, the skate park or the university’s library, studying hard.

Avril was the closest thing he had to a friend. He had picked up the dog from a cardboard box, a reject just like him who had easily picked up his attitude. Thankfully he managed to charm the sweet old lady who owned the house and rented the rooms to pay for a fancy retirement home to allow him to bring Avril inside, the dog well-behaved enough to sleep or laze around while he was in classes, having never ruined anything, as if appreciative of having a space to live in.

“Alright, let me finish the assignment and then we’re gonna hit the park. Deal?” he asked the dog, who answered by wagging her tail happily, lying on Topher’s feet while he worked on his script, a short film he was going to pitch in to get funding for.

After an hour, Topher stood up, put on a sweatshirt in case it got cold, and grabbed his skateboard, a signal that it was time to go. Avril had no need for a leash or a collar, always by Topher’s side wherever he went. So, as he skated down the road towards the nearby park, the dog eagerly followed behind him, companions racing each other in a playful competition.

Thankfully, there was a small skating course near the grass, allowing Topher to practice his moves there while Avril tended to her business. He had easily picked up a skateboard quite early, gifted to him by one of the older kids, growing into the expected image of a 2000s skater boy, having dyed his dirty blonde hair dark and decorated his lip and left ear with piercings, finding the bad boy image useful to avoid people messing with him. Every single piece of clothing he owned was oversized, to hide a thin, lightly developed body, traces of abs visible sometimes whenever he lifted his shirt.

What was sure to be a peaceful, uneventful afternoon skating around was soon interrupted by the sound of Avril barking wildly once more, Topher quickly turning to the origin of the sound to see that black dog approaching again eagerly, making him sigh and roll his eyes.

“Avril, come back here!” he exclaimed, following after his dog, realizing that its owner wasn’t alone this time.

“Alpha!” shouted a man standing alongside him, one who was taller, tanned, and whose bulk made him look physically imposing, his muscles exposed as they were by a tight yellow tank top that did nothing to hide his protruding nipples. Unlike the man he had met earlier, he wore tight red shorts that brought out his log-like thighs, certainly shaped by countless hours of training.

The black dog kept trying to jump on Topher’s, eventually making the young man try to break them apart to pick up Avril, an impossible task until the man he had met first came forward to secure a leash on Alpha’s collar, pulling him back before handing it to the muscular man.

“Bad dog!” he yelled, giving him a firm pull that winded the dog out momentarily.

“It’s ok, you don’t need to be that rough with him,” Topher found himself saying with a petulant tone, though he immediately swallowed his words when he saw the taller man’s eyebrow lifting. However, to his surprise, the man chuckled.

“Of course he does,” the man in the tracksuit chuckled along.

“Without discipline and boundaries he’ll just do whatever he wants. He needs to know who’s in charge around here. Who his masters are.”

“Well… I disagree, but to each their own, I guess.” Topher said.

“You should really put a leash on yours. One day you will get into trouble, it’s mandatory.”

“No, thank you. I’ve raised her perfectly fine so far without a leash or a collar. I’m not going to change that now.”

Topher was ready to turn around and walk back to his skateboard, but both men stopped him.

“It’s the second time our dogs force us to meet today, so we might as well introduce each other, don’t you think? My name is Reed,” smiled the man he had first met, extending his hand to greet Topher, who reluctantly greeted him back, hiding his grimacing at how warm his palms were. “And this is Saint.”

“Very nice to meet you.” Saint smiled with a charming wide grin, shaking Topher’s hand and giving it a firm squeeze the made him recoil slightly. “What was your name again?”

“Well, my name is Topher.”

“As in Christopher?” Saint asked.

Normally, Topher would have rolled his eyes and mocked the man for stating the obvious. However, he didn’t know how to explain it, but the warmth he had felt coming from both men’s hands, the way they both smiled at him. It all gave him a strange, fuzzy feeling he didn’t want to dwell too much on.

“Yeah…” he eventually answered. “But I don’t like that name, so I gave myself a different nickname.”

“Well, nice to meet you, anyway. We just moved in to the neighbourhood and were checking things out. Have you lived here for long?” Saint asked.

“A few months.” Topher said. “Anyway, it was nice to meet you and all, but I need to go now. Catch you some other time, I guess.”

“Yeah, we hope he’ll see you around.” Reed said with a mysterious smile.

Still with his dog in his arms, Topher flipped his skateboard over and was ready to go away, but something made him turn back to the two men again, watching them smile and wave at him. Without waving back, Topher skated away, his heart pounding.

There was one secret that Topher had never trusted with anyone, afraid it could be used against him.

His sexuality.

One day he realized he had started looking at the other boys his age in different ways. Paying attention to their exposed bodies whenever he could steal a glance, especially while they changed. Blushing if he was close to them or if he caught a whiff of their scent, soaked in teenage hormones. However, he knew that he could be insulted, beaten up or worse, so he kept it all to himself, repressing any sexual thoughts as much as he could.

Which is why the fact he couldn’t stop thinking about those two men annoyed him beyond no end. Feeling bad for the fact his dog had almost attacked theirs twice, he decided to do the most friendly gesture he could think of, looking up a recipe online to bake a plate of cookies, at the moment taking them out of the oven while wearing an apron over his loose T-Shirt.

“Whoa, smells good!” said another of his housemates as he stepped into the kitchen, licking his lips and ready to take away one of the cookies before Topher slapped his hand hard in annoyance, making him wince in pain. “What the fuck, man?”

“Those aren’t for you, so hold your horses.”

“And here I thought you were going to be apologizing for that shitty attitude of yours. One of these days someone ought to put you in your place.”

Topher merely rolled his eyes and scoffed at him, silently making him go away. He was acknowledged as the moody one in the house and, as long as his housemates didn’t mess with him, he kept to himself, his room always locked shut whenever he wasn’t home. He had even adjusted his schedule so he didn’t have to address anyone at home, eating on campus whenever he could.

Once the cookies were finished, Topher hesitated putting them in a container, hating their sorry state. For a first attempt, they weren’t half-bad, but he had wanted them to be better, almost as if he was craving the men’s approval. Sighing, he eventually grabbed the container and walked across the street, knocking at the two men’s door.

It was Reed who answered the door without even asking who it was, a smile decorating his handsome face as he saw Topher, the man wearing only a pair of shorts that exposed a well-built frame, even if he had more gut than muscle in his stomach.

“It’s you!” he exclaimed. “Almost didn’t recognize you without the skateboard and your dog. Chris… topher, right?”

“Topher, yes,” the young man said, fidgeting slightly and alternating his weight between either of his feet.

“What brings you here? Anything I can help you with?”

“Well…” Topher began, not knowing how to word it, certainly not used to uttering more than one full sentence when he talked to people. “I kinda wanted to give you this as a welcoming gift and all that… and thanks for not making a huge fuss over my dog’s behaviour.”

As he handed Reed the container, their bare hands brushed once more. It made Topher feel butterflies in his stomach, a warmth that made him unable to resist the urge of caressing Reed’s, stroking his skin, before realizing what he had just done and immediately pulled his hand back with a flustered look, gulping loudly.

Reed maintained his perfectly charming smile, easily leading Topher into believing he hadn’t noticed what had just happened, yet loving the way the boy started stammering with his speech.

“W-Well, anyway, it’s nothing special b-but I hope you and… Saint enjoy it.”

“Oh, why thank you! You’re such a sweet young man,” Reed smiled, which intensified the butterflies in Topher’s stomach. “My husband isn’t going to be home for the next few days, he went back to finish dealing with our old house and bringing some final stuff with him.”

“Your husband?!” Topher exclaimed slightly too loud, having never considered the two men were a couple.

“For ten years,” Reed chuckled, showing the wedding ring. “I can’t believe you didn’t notice, we were even holding hands while walking.”

“I’m not one to pay attention to detail,” Topher admitted, feeling more flustered the more he stood in Reed’s presence. He could swear the man’s body radiated heat. “Anyway, I made those for you, so might enjoy them or whatever. And if you need something, well you already saw me so if you need anything… you know. Anyway, gotta go.”

“Wait.” Reed said as Topher turned around.

The boy hadn’t finished turning back to Reed when the man grabbed him and wrapped his arms around him, pulling him into a tight embrace. His body seemed to consume Topher’s as the man’s head radiated around him, a hint of a musky, yet pleasing scent coming from the man’s body, making him allow his eyelids to half-droop before Reed let go, smiling as it took a while for Topher’s mind to refocus.

“Thank you, Chris. That was very kind of you,” Reed said.

“N-No problem…” Topher stammered back, not daring to show offence for the fact Reed used the wrong nickname on him.

So, he excused himself politely, walking a bit too fast back to his house to lock himself in his room, allowing himself to fall on his bed and close his eyes. It didn’t take long for Topher to fall asleep, even though he had done so craving some of that warmth…

Days had passed and Topher had pretty much forgotten all about the two men, too much focused on other things. Of course, whenever he came back home, he sometimes found himself glancing at their front door, but never catching Reed or Saint, an event that occurred less and less.

Until one day when he came back home from his classes to find Avril running excitedly down the stairs to greet him, jumping into his arms so that he picked her up and allowed her to lick his face and make him giggle, the typical dog behaviour of thinking one’s owner would never return.

“Oh, you’re here. Good,” said his third housemate, Marcus, the only one whose name Topher had bothered to memorize. And also the only one he somewhat respected, considering he juggled his classes with his job as a waiter on a fine restaurant.

“What’s wrong?” Topher immediately raised an eyebrow, always in a defensive mode.

“Sheesh, nothing, relax!” Marcus chuckled politely, adjusting his glasses. “A man came looking for you. Reed was his name, I think?”

The mention of the man’s name made Topher’s heart skip a beat.

“What did he want?” he asked, suddenly afraid Reed had brought back the container and that his housemates were going to mock him and bully him for it.

“He said he had something to return to you, asked if you could drop by his place to pick it up.”

“Oh, okay.” Topher tried to act casually, but the idea of actually stepping into the man’s house was much more enticing than it should be. He was about to dash up the stairs, but he only managed to climb a step before his housemate’s voice made him stop.

“Topher.” Marcus said.


“Be careful, okay?”

Topher merely shrugged at Marcus’s words and dashed up the stairs, set his backpack on the floor and quickly took his dog for a walk, knowing she’d ruin everything if he took her to Reed’s house. He felt awful for leaving her in his room once he came back, but eventually found himself at Reed and Saint’s doorstep, knocking at their door once more.

“Hi…” he mumbled as the door opened, feeling strangely awkward.

“Oh, I’ve been looking for you!” Reed exclaimed with his typical charming smile, dressed in a grey beater and cotton shorts. “Please, come on in.”

Topher hadn’t even taken three steps inside the house when Reed stopped him, gently grabbing his wrist. The young man had to close his eyes and take a deep breath to adjust to the sudden wave of warmth and relaxation that filled his body, before he turned to Reed, realizing there was a slight musky odour coming from the man’s body, stronger than it had ever been.

“Sorry, I haven’t gotten a shower yet and I’ve been tidying the house all day. Would you mind taking your shoes off?” he requested.

“I… guess…” Topher mumbled awkwardly, taking off his converse vans without using his hands, only then remembering he was barefoot.

“You don’t like wearing socks?” Reed asked.

“Not really…”


The man had uttered that word with an ominous tone, but before Topher could ask him what he meant by that, he had closed the door behind him and walked towards a rather spacious living room.

“Wow… really nice,” he commented.

“Worth every penny.” Reed smiled. “Why don’t you have a seat on the couch. I’ll fix us a drink.”

“Wait, I’m not even allow–

“Stay there.” Reed insisted with a playful smirk that made it clear he didn’t care about the law. Topher nodded silently in defeat and watched as the man went to the kitchen and came back with two glasses. “Oh come on, you can make yourself at home here! I thought you’d be sitting down by now!”

“Well, I…” Topher had no excuse for himself, not that he needed one with the way Reed’s warm arm came from behind around him and led him onto the couch, forcing him to sit next to the older man. “Much better. Here, a toast to new neighbours.” Reed chuckled, clanging his glass with Topher’s before starting to drink from it, sighing after his sip.

Meanwhile, on his end, Topher took a much shyer sip. He wasn’t used to drinking, much less to the taste, which was unusually strong and actually made him tear up slightly after the first gulp.

“Strong…” he uttered under his breath, before he turned back to Reed, whose charming wide smile seemed as if it were glued onto his face.

“I’m so glad you could make it.” Reed started. “I’ve been thinking about you these past few days. I wanted to return you the container and I didn’t really trust your housemates to give it to you. So, I decided to have you come over, at least that gives us an excuse to get to know each other better. I hope it’s okay, Chris.”

“I… don’t like being called that.” Topher interjected, despite doing his best not to sound very offended considering he was being a guest at their house.

“My apologies. Anyway, tell me about yourself. I can see that you’re really into the whole ‘skater boy’ image or you wouldn’t be dressed like… well, like that. But tell me, what do you do?”

“I’m currently studying Cinema at university. I’d love to become either a screenwriter or a director, I’m not sure yet.”

“Interesting,” Reed said with a chuckle. “And where do you come from? Clearly you’re not living with your parents.”

“My parents are dead.” Topher said, his voice slowly, yet gradually gaining a sad hint. “They died in a car accident while driving my mom to the hospital so she could give birth to me. There was no immediate family that would take me so… I lived in an orphanage until I turned eighteen.”

“You poor thing…” Reed said with genuine pity in his voice, softly caressing Topher’s cheek with the back of his hand, but brushing it against his skin so lightly it was almost as if he didn’t want him to feel his warmth for that specific gesture, just his affection. “Was it rough?”

“A bit, yes.” Topher said, feeling like he had to take a second sip of his drink to not let himself get too affected by his own story. “A few rough events here and there, but… I managed to survive. Luckily, a benefactor pays for our first year of college and housing so we can settle in to a life once we leave the orphanage, so I am working my hardest. If I can get to produce a film by the end of the year, maybe it can be enough to start helping me pay for the rest.”

“Still, it sounds like a very lonely existence. Having so work so hard, when you are so young. With no one having ever stepped up to care of you. It really breaks my heart.”

“It’s okay, really.” Topher said. “I’m not alone, anyway. I’ve got Avril to keep me company. We’ve been inseparable since I found her abandoned on the street two years ago.”

“And now you’ve got me as well.” Reed said, lifting his hand and placing it on top of Topher’s, this time allowing him to feel the warmth radiating through his body, making him at ease. “This house’s doors are always open for you whenever you want, Chris.”

“T-Topher…” the young man mumbled weakly, trying to fight not to succumb to the warmth of Reed’s hand. However, it felt like he was being wrapped in the most comfortable blanket, ready to enjoy a nice nap. It made him want to give up everything and just lie back, to forget about his problems and his frustrations.

And, with Reed’s thumb tracing light circles over the palm of his hand, it was becoming harder to realize that his predicament was not a normal one. The two stayed for a few minutes like that, with Reed feeding Topher his warmth, until he finally pulled his hand back and chuckled at the young man’s half-lidded eyes.

“Anyway.” Reed smirked, calling Topher back to reality. “I guess it wouldn’t be fair if I just sat here and had you talk about your life, so it’s your turn to ask questions. Ask anything you want, don’t be shy.”

Topher had an uncertain look on his eyes for a moment. He wanted to ask the man questions about his sexuality, but did not have the courage to, not feeling comfortable with coming clean with the truth about his own.

So he asked the most mundane thing he could.

“What do you and your husband do?”

“Oh!” Reed chuckled, as if he had been waiting that question. “Saint and I are… well, I guess you can say we work in cinema as well,” he answered with a sly smile.

“Really?!” Topher’s eyes lit up at that answer, before he recomposed himself.

“Yeah. I’d show you one of our products, but unfortunately my internet ain’t working properly yet. Something wrong with the computer, never been too good at these things.”

“I can have a look if you want.” Topher offered. While no computer whiz, he was usually good at googling his problems and fixing them on his own, having maintained a well-working Linux laptop for five years now.

“That’s very kind of you! Well, come with me to the office, then.” Reed smiled and stood up, with Topher quickly following, before he stopped him. “Let’s finish our glasses here, if it’s okay.”

“Oh… sure.”

Topher struggled to intake the rest of his drink, doing his best to hide the almost gulp-like sips he was swallowing, eventually setting it down a bit too roughly on the glass table, immediately gasping at the sound he made.

“Shit! Sorry!”

“It’s okay.” Reed smiled warmly, his hand coming to ruffle his jet black hair, messing it up. The young man closed his eyes as Reed did it, loving the feeling of those rough, large fingers playing with his hair, massaging his head. And Topher never allowed anyone to touch this hair, so it was even more surprising to himself. “Is it your natural colour?”

“No… I’ve been dyeing it black for years,” he said with a mellow tone.

“I see…” Reed mused before letting go of Topher, giving him a pat on the back. “Come with me, then.”

Topher followed Reed along to an office that surprised him to say the least. It was in the basement, a wide area that was still in construction apparently, due to how empty it was and due to the amount of boxes. In the corner, a computer was already set-up, one with three monitors that Topher immediately lusted for, certainly not having been cheap.

“Whoa…” he commented in awe.

“It’s really good, huh? Got one of those computer whiz boys to set it up for me, it’s up to date with the highest specs.” Reed chuckled proudly, before sitting down on one of the computer chairs, patting Topher to sit on the other. Topher didn’t just sit on it, however. He practically sunk into the leather chair.

“So comfy…” he sighed happily.

“It is, isn’t it? Had it made from the finest material. Saint and I spare no expenses, you know? Life is meant to be lived with comfort…” he trailed on, before his eyes widened and he closed his mouth. “Crap, I didn’t mean it! So inconsiderate of me!”

Topher did feel stung by Reed’s words, but he tried not to show it, cleverly hiding a pout but not a disappointed look, even as he shrugged.

“It’s okay. I’d probably think the same way if I had your money. It’s just that I have to use a wooden chair I found near a dumpster.”

“Tell you what, you can come over and study here if you need, anytime you want.” Reed proposed with a smile, grabbing Topher’s hand. “After all, it’s the least I can do since you’re going to help me with this problem. Have we got a deal?”

It was too much of a good offer not to take.

“Deal.” Topher smiled. “Now, what is the issue?”

“It won’t connect to the Wi-Fi. I don’t know what’s wrong. Here, I have the password and everything,” Reed said, handing Ian a piece of paper, using that opportunity to get closer to him.

Of course, he neglected to mention to the young man that he hadn’t set up his network yet. So, as Topher struggled with the impossible challenge Reed proposed to him, the man took the chance to just allow his natural musk to surround the boy, for his heat to influence him with their close short distance. Topher tried everything he could, every option, every single shortcut he could click, to no avail. If he hadn’t forgotten his phone at home, he would have googled the exact problem, but he felt so comfortable on that chair, so close to the man, that he didn’t really want to stand up and go get it, the thought of just asking Reed to use his phone so he could google a solution having never crossed his mind.

After half an hour, Topher sighed and leaned back, sinking further into the chair in defeat.

“I’m sorry. There is nothing I can do.”

Reed just chuckled and beheld the boy’s state. His cheeks were flustered red, his eyes half-lidded and the blue having faded somewhat, with the pupils slightly dilated. It was enough for the man to gauge how much of a hold he had on the weakened boy, enough to make him slither his arm behind Topher’s neck, fully wrapping it around his shoulders and pulling him close, close enough so he laid his head on his shoulder.

“It’s okay. Just sit there and relax. We can even chat for a further while, what do you think?” he asked.

“Fine…” Topher sighed, although he was wondering why exactly he hadn’t protested to the sudden closeness.

“Do you want to ask me anything else?” Reed suggested. “I can tell you anything you want.”

Topher hesitated on asking Reed questions about his sexuality, choosing instead to focus once more on the man’s career.

“So… what exactly do you and Saint do? You said you worked in cinema, but not what.”

“Oh?” Reed chuckled, moving his other hand to stroke Topher’s cheek. “Well, Saint and I… we do castings, of a sort," he chuckled then looked over at Topher, who now looked clearly exhausted.

“Oh…” he sighed.

“Whoa, kid… are you all right?” Reed asked with fake shock and worry. He then let go of Topher, standing up from his chair and turning Topher’s so he was facing the boy. “Your face is all red…” he began, stroking his face and then placing a hand on his forehead, as if measuring his temperature. “And you’re too hot… oh, I know!” he exclaimed, beginning to lift Topher’s shirt.

“N-No… stop…” the young man pleaded, knowing this was starting to enter dangerous territory, but too powerless to stop Reed.

“Fine. But at least let me take you somewhere more comfortable, then.” Reed said, making it clear he would not be denied.

Topher was surprised by the way the man easily lifted him up to his feet, letting go of him so he could wobble and easily catching him back, supporting him with a warm, sweaty arm around his frame, holding him so close that Topher would have no other choice but to follow, waddling pathetically with every step Reed took. They somehow went up the stairs, but stopped on the hallway when Topher started to grow even weaker, even though Reed was coaxing him to start climbing the next set of stairs into the upper floor.

“Wha… what’s happening to me?” he asked with a whining tone, feeling his body so heavy that it took a lot of work for him to move his head to look at Reed, who kept smiling warmly at him while they ascended the steps, exhausting him even further.

“Well, I guess you could say I’m doing a little private casting call, Chris,” he smiled down at the boy, speaking with a tone that was both sweet and seductive, loving how he didn’t object to the nickname this time. “And I say you’ve already got the part for my project.”

“What part? I’m not a good actor…” Topher mumbled, a tone of fear in his voice.

Reed chuckled, an evil glint flashing through his eyes for a moment before returning to that handsome grin.

“The perfect next door neighbour boy," he said with a ominous tone.

Topher’s eyes widened in confusion at the statement, before something caught his attention from the corner of his eye. It was a framed picture of Reed, clothed in leather and with a furry chest on display, grabbing a pair of cuffs. Next to it was a picture of Saint dressed as a cowboy, in very short and tight jean shorts that left nothing to the imagination, a lasso of rope in his hand.

“You never told me…” the boy mumbled with fear, the realization coming to him. “What kind of films do you do?” he asked, yawning as he did so.

Reed couldn’t help but contain his laughter as they finished climbing up the stairs, headed into one of the two rooms, the largest one, which had an enormous bed at the end, one where Reed laid Topher on his back, helping the boy up before taking his tank top off and resting his elbow against the mattress, his hand holding his head, a dirty grin on his handsome face now.

“What kind of films?” he chuckled and let his deep voice reveal just how horny he was. “I think you might already have a guess, kid,” he cooed in a sensual way Topher had never experienced. It was as if Reed’s voice alone could bring about orgasm.

As the realization came to the boy finally, the man allowed his hand to trail down and lift his T-Shirt up, caressing his toned stomach.

“You see Chris, Saint and I don’t cast for your typical kind of film. Our project is porn… gay porn. Saint and I moved here looking to cast innocent sexy boys like you… and lucky for you, you got a very special part,” he chuckled again, loving how he could feel Topher tremble at his laughter.

“W-what part?” Topher stuttered dumbly again, gulping softly, as Reed helped turn him to his side so their noses brushes together.

“I already told you, sweetheart. You’re going to be the perfect boy next door. The boy who can’t help but be seduced by his neighbour daddy, unaware of the trap he is falling into… sounds fun doesn’t it?”

The look on Topher’s face was priceless, a sharp contrast of the petulant, aggressive young man he usually was. But before he could voice his objection, Reed interrupted him.

“Now, don’t you worry… I’m not recruiting you for any porn, unless you want to of course. I have a different role in mind for you. Your part is a private role… just for me, mmkay? You see… Saint and I, we’ve got a problem. Since we’re both top dogs, we’re often looking for a boy who will meet our needs… And that’s where you come in, boy… You’re gonna be my good little boy, understand?”

Reed finished his reveal by claiming Topher’s lips out of nowhere, closing his eyes as he treated himself to the sweet taste of Topher’s mouth. He was far from imagining that he was actually the third person Topher had ever kissed. The first was a girl from the orphanage, but nothing other than a chaste one. The second had been the only time Topher had ever attempted a hook-up, a man in his late twenties who mocked him for his lack of experience, eventually regretting his words once Topher punched him for it.

But, for Topher, Reed made those two experiences disappear from his memory, his lips feeling like the first kiss he had ever had. While there was a salty taste to them, they were tender, gentle, as if asking for his permission to advance every time, even when the man’s tongue came in to caress his three times, both moaning into each other’s mouths.

When Reed broke the kiss, he looked at Topher’s eyes and confirmed that the boy was pretty much his. Standing up and whistling confidently, the man took his time undressing Topher naked.

“So beautiful…” he began. “Such lovely pale skin to match those deep blue eyes… hmhm… can’t wait to find out what you’ll look like with that hair nicely fixed and back to your normal colour,” he continued, caressing Topher’s lip. “And we’ve got to take care of those piercings as well.”

However, Topher did not register the man’s words. He merely panted softly as he was undressed naked, his cock only still close to half-mast, but leaking somewhat. The warmth Reed had corrupted him with had been enough to tear down his walls of hesitations and insecurities. Right now, the young man only wanted more. More of Reed. More of that warmth. More of everything the man could give him, turning his head to him as he laid back down on the bed.

“Come here, kid,” Red said, playful and demanding, pulling Topher towards him and wrapping his thick limbs around him, claiming him in yet another rough, but lovely kiss. “First things first… You gotta get used to your scene partner’s body…” he grinned and could see the look on confusion in Topher’s eyes. “That’s me, silly. I’m your scene partner, boy… and you want to know what role I’m playing?” Reed asked. He waited again and loved the adorable way Topher shook his head in a negative confirmation. “I’m your daddy next door.”

Faced with the boy’s shock and awe, it took every ounce of willpower that Reed had to not just start ravaging the weakened, helpless boy in his arms, not that it showed on his handsome, confident face. Reed even rolled on top of the boy, pinning him down to the bed with his weight as his sensuous humming only grew louder and louder. His arms squeezed the boy possessively, the wheels in his head already turning with all the things he wanted to do while he still had the boy to himself.

“Feels good, doesn’t it, boy?” he teased the breathless Topher, nuzzling tenderly against the boy’s face. "Just imagine… doing this whenever you want. Lying under my nude body, surrounded by my warmth, my smell, my voice…” Reed’s voice kept rambling on, until the man finished his sentence by kissing the boy once more, grinding gently as though allowing the boy to feel every inch of his cock rubbing against him. “Mmm…”

Temporarily satisfied with claiming Topher’s mouth, Reed’s kisses began to trail lower, this time onto the boy’s neck. Reed was loving the way Topher stiffened sensitively as Reed lightly nipped the skin before beginning to speak in a sensuous whisper again.

"Of course.. it’s not just my lips you wanted to kiss, right Chris? Hmhm… don’t worry. I am going to let you know every single inch of my body, I promise.” Reed chuckled as Topher looked sceptically at him, rewarding him by moving his body further up, resting Topher’s face against his chest before he bore down again. He then squeezed Topher’s head, cradled as it was in his arms against his chest as the boy tried to complain, a muffled groan reverberating against his skin.

“Shhshhhhhh… there’s no need to be embarrassed around me, my sweet boy. I told you that you are going to share everything with me, remember? And besides… there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the feel of another man’s body effortlessly entrapping you… the strength… the musk… all of it effortlessly smothering your face and your thoughts at the same time….”

Topher’s arms instinctively tried to push Reed away as he spoke, although they grew progressively weaker and weaker, until they dropped limp at his sides.

"It’s useless, boy. I know all about it. The way you looked at me and Saint, don’t you think we didn’t notice? I’ve seen that look in countless boys like you, denying yourselves the pleasures of the flesh with other men, foolishly thinking it is wrong to appreciate someone the same sex as you. I knew you needed a push.”

He ruffled Topher’s hair before leaning in to kiss it, smiling as he noticed Topher’s arms dropping uselessly to his sides. He sniffed, audibly, Topher’s smell, the smell of a horny young man making his cock throb against the boy’s torso, leaving a trail of pre on his skin.

“Thaaat’s it, Chris…. take deep breaths with me.”

Reed’s powers weren’t just in his touch. While the feeling of the warmth and the smoothness of his skin were handy tools to weaken and lower a boy’s defences, making them feel like they were craving a warm hug that had been denied all their lives, it was his musk that brought out their arousal, their desires. And the more Topher breathed his essence, the more he would find the idea of resistance appalling, the more he would find the idea of Reed appealing.

Eventually allowing himself to raise slightly off Topher, Reed then turned his body slightly and raised his arm. He smiled down at the boy’s face, before he slowly began to lower it, even taking hold of the back of Topher’s head with his other hand so he could keep it steady.

“Close your eyes, Chris…” he whispered softly, “You’ll want every conscious part of you focusing on your sense of smell… all the better for you to enjoy what comes next…”

He could see the boy’s nostrils flare, even though there was still uncertainty behind those eyes that hadn’t quite closed compliantly yet.

“It’s okay…" Reed hushed as the boy’s face finally made contact with his sweaty armpit, rubbing it up and down before he sniffed audibly. He smiled as he heard Topher sniff in response, even if he’d somehow managed to stop himself from doing it for as long as Reed had. “No need to fight it, boy… we both know that by it’s useless for you to resist me…” Reed took another loud sniff and this time the hand behind Topher’s head pressed it in slightly harder. “Remember how safe and warm you are… how good smelling my ripe, strong body makes you feel…. how good it’s making you feel right now….”

Resuming casually moving Topher’s face, wiping it up and down his pit, Reed felt his own cock throb as he continued. This time, Topher sniffed even longer than before, his lips melting out a prolonged groan by the time his lungs were filled to the brim.

“Thaaaat’s it, such a good boy, one who knows that obeying me… listening to my voice only makes him happier… makes him feel better and better. Now, Chris… keep being a good boy and stick your tongue out…” Reed couldn’t hold the pleased grin on his face as he felt Topher’s wet tongue against his armpit, sucking in some saliva and sighing in content at his victory.

Topher was in pure bliss. He had never dreamed he would end up in bed naked with a man, much less than he’d be sniffing his scent, taking in his whole essence and taste his armpit. The smell and taste of sweat had never been something appealing to him, but Reed tasted like the ambrosia of the gods. It only made him harder and harder, his cock becoming unapologetically erect, which prompted him to cling onto the man, never wanting that sensation to end.

“Good boy… Mmmm…” Reed encouraged as Topher embraced him, seeing the boy perfectly happy with where he was, where his face was.

Topher was slowly but surely starting to move his head of his own accord, although his tongue was already starting to lap at his strong smelling sweat without much hesitation. The man was loving the sensation, although he had to restrain himself from moving too quickly, wanting the boy to take his time, and enjoy himself. Reed felt his own cock throb at the soft ’mmm’s of delight that were soon coming from his armpit, affectionately tussling Topher’s hair in response. “There’s nothing quite like the taste of good armpit sweat, don’t you think? Makes you hard… makes you lose yourself while your mind becomes all the more receptive to my words… just the way it should always be from now on…”

Reed then pulled back, wanting to see the look on Topher’s face when he was suddenly exposed to fresh air after a few good minutes of getting to know Reed’s right pit more intimately than he would have likely expected. Topher barely had the time to worry if he had done something wrong before he saw that Reed had raised his other arm, a horny, boyish grin on his handsome face.

“You’re loving being horny around me, aren’t you, Chris?” Reed asked, keeping his armpit up teasingly. “Or… wait. Maybe you love being horny for me… just… for… me… " he said those three words seductively with a soft baritone, before lowering and then moving his armpit in slow, teasing circular motions that the boy would be compelled to follow helplessly, so utterly enthralled. “Feel… squeeze… sniff… taste to your heart’s content… so much that even when you’re gone you’ll still be able to remember every detail when you’re feeling horny….”

Reed allowed the boy to thoroughly work through his left pit, his face reeking of his scent by the time he was finally allowed fresh air (or as much as Topher could have considering how consumed he was by Reed’s body) even though those adorably innocent eyes were clearly torn between the man’s handsome face and those pits, almost like he wanted to go straight back in.

However, Reed did not give him that opening, instead wrapping his thick arms around his neck and allowing his weight to settle onto the boy, resting further on him and enjoying the soft wheezing sounds as Topher could feel it was becoming harder to breathe.

“Mmm…” Reed sighed, feeling Topher hugging him tighter in response. “Feels so good, doesn’t it? I’m gonna have you hugging me all the time, I promise, kid. You’ll never have to restrain yourself around me ever again. Do you know why?”

“W-Why?” Topher tried to utter with what little air he could breathe.

“Because you’re mine…” Reed whispered as his lips joined Topher’s once more in a few kisses, before he finally parted them and claimed the boy a passionate kiss that almost stole his very soul, making him writhe and moan. Reed then shifted his body, allowing his thick thighs to grind against Topher’s leg, his feet wrestling with one of Topher’s, trying to interlock their toes while he ground their cocks together, keeping the boy in a state of sublime ecstasy.

Those sweet kisses that constantly had the boy craving for more would occasionally be interrupted with the man kissing and nibbling Topher’s neck, trying his best to contain marking him with a hickey, loving how that made his cock throb wildly. Yet, it made Reed proud that Topher was not trying to go further on his own, as if knowing deep down that Reed was the one controlling their dance. One of Reed’s hands then slithered down Topher’s chest, tweaking his nipple erotically before joining their cocks, pumping the boy’s cock as his own cock ground against his hand.

“Hmmm… I bet you’re ready to shoot at any moment now, aren’t you, Chris?” Reed asked, and the pleading yes that he got as a reply, an almost desperate cry, made him laugh openly, almost mockingly. “I thought so. But good boys wait for their daddies to tell them to cum. And you are a good boy, aren’t you Topher? That’s right. You’re such a good boy, on the right path to become a perfect, submissive slutty thing.”

Before Topher could register those words, Reed squeezed his cock, but he was momentarily shocked when the boy brought his arms up, squeezing the pillow with his hands, holding onto it to control himself.

“You poor thing…” Reed cooed, stroking Topher’s foot with his own feet to soothe the boy down. “No need to do that. I have something much better for you to hold…” he uttered, grabbing Topher’s hands and once again bringing the boy to hugging him, this time a bit more downwards. “Lower…” he whispered into Topher’s ear, encouraging him to slide lower with slow, erotic licks, until he finally felt the boy’s hands on his ass. “That’s it…” he chuckled, even biting his own lip as Topher couldn’t resist squeezing Reed’s ass, the man’s legs now straightened between the boy’s open ones.

The man’s arms then came around Topher’s neck to hold him tightly against him, his lips once more kissing him with hunger and dominance, his tongue leading Topher’s after having wrestled it down to submission. “Mine… all mine…” he would repeat between kisses, even growling sometimes in a display of dominance.

The erotic torture continued for over an hour with the two men locked in the same position. Topher had been coaxed to caress and worship the entirety of Reed’s back side as much as he could reach with his own slimmer arms, their lips almost never leaving each other as if Reed’s lips belonged in that place, eternally kissing Topher’s. The man dictated the pace of their love making with the grinding of his hips, speeding up to bring the boy close to the edge before slowing down to a more mellow place with very occasional thrusts, before once again speeding up and eventually setting a rhythm.

“Get ready Topher…” Reed eventually whispered as he broke the kiss, though the grinding and worshipping kept going on. “You’re going to do it for me… just for me… daddy’s sweet boy obeying him and coming right when he commands to…” he encouraged the boy as he began nibbling and even biting on his neck, being careful to not leaving a lasting mark, even if he wanted to brand the boy as his right there and then. “Let’s go… three… two… one…”


Topher’s vision even went blank for a moment, as his stomach contracted and his cock throbbed almost painfully. One, two, three seconds passed before he clenched his eyes shut and even dug his nails deep in Reed’s back, not deep enough to hurt him, though. Reed even quickly moved his legs to clamp Topher’s cock between them as the young man finally came with a powerful, mind-numbing orgasm, much stronger than anything he had ever experienced. His cock shot like a geyser, ropes upon ropes of cum fired straight into the air and landing on Reed’s ass, the poor boy clinging as tight as he could with his weakened body onto him as he rode the throes of his orgasm, unleashing all the cum he had stored in him before collapsing on the bed, completely drained.

Reed on his own part merely kissed the boy one last time before sitting back, straddling Topher with care to not hurt him, knowing his cock would be spent and aching by now.

“Did you enjoy it?” he asked.

“Yesss…” Topher even hissed, looking up at Reed as if he were on ecstasy, eyes half-lidded and pupils completely dilated now.

“That’s good. It makes me so glad that you enjoyed it… but I didn’t cum,” he then revealed with a sad look on his face.

“Oh…” Topher mumbled dumbly, not knowing how he was supposed to help, considering how tired he was.

“I know, I know. You probably wouldn’t be able to get off the bed even if it were set on fire… but I know just the thing. You see… there is a way I really love to get me to cum, but Saint isn’t a huge fan of it. You, however, enjoyed pleasing me so much, my smell, my taste, that I am sure you wouldn’t mind at all helping me with this.”

As he said those cryptic words, Reed lifted his large ass off Topher, turning around and straddling the boy’s chest this time, as if presenting him his ass. Without a word, he began sitting down down and let his crack open over the boy’s face, his cheeks squeezing the sides of his head.

Topher’s reaction was delayed, but panicky enough. He was about to gasp and shout for Reed to get off him, his hands shooting up in a feeble, desperate attempt to pull him away but the man grabbed his hands and gave them a gentle, reassuring squeeze, filling him with his warmth once more.

“Shhh… it’s alright. Relax kid, you’ll love it in there,” he chuckled, spreading his fingers open and interlocking them with Topher’s.

The man then began wiggling his hips, making his cheeks slide even further down, until he could feel Topher’s nose pressing against his tight hole, even though there was still a touch of panic to the way he was breathing from his ass.

"It’s okay, kid. I promise… you only need to focus on one thing. It’s okay. Just keep breathing… keep focusing on that delicious ass sweat while I hold your hands… each squeeze reminding you that I’m here… that I’m looking after you… just the way you’ve always been craving, but never knew… and just the way you will be from now on…” Reed kept cooing, squeezing Topher’s hands as he did so.

It took a while for Topher to relax, but he eventually did and his breathing slowed down to a point where it was as if Reed’s ass affected him with the way the rest of his body did.

Squeezing the boy’s hands once more for good measure, Reed rewarded the contented sigh coming from under him by rubbing his ass backwards even further, utterly smothering the boy. “So relaxed… so submissive… just the way you’ve always wanted to be… Your body is mine to possess and mark to my heart’s desire… which I guess that are your desires now, too…” the man chuckled, keeping his hands on Topher’s.

“Now… I want you to stick your tongue out, Chris.” Reed said, laughing as he felt Topher’s tongue tentatively starting to stick out, not a care in a world to what he was about to do. “Good boy… you remember how good it felt to clean and lick my pits, don’t you? How relaxed and content it made you feel… You wanted to get to know every inch of me… didn’t you? This is your chance, son… lick… mmm… thaaat’s it…. lick….”

Slowly he felt Topher’s tongue starting to move, soft grunts starting to become more and more audible. Just as Topher was starting to move faster and faster, Reed stopped him from getting too excited by pressing his ass backwards once more. “What’s the hurry, son? We got all day!” he exclaimed, bellowing a deep laughter. “Nice… slow licks… try going in a circle around my hole…”

Reed closed his eyes and smiled as Topher easily obeyed, easing up so the boy could resume. He soon found himself licking his lips as if to savour Topher’s tempered eagerness, his obedience. The feeling of that tongue probing against his hole made his cock throb, staining the boy’s torso with more of his pre.

“Ssssuch a good boy….” Reed actually hissed. Even without seeing Topher’s face, he could almost imagine it. Seeing his pre-seed staining the boy’s body, hearing those muffled groans coming from behind him, even the way those precious hands were clinging to his as though for dear life. It was almost too much.

“Keep licking… don’t… nggh… stop, Chris…” he grunted. “The more you lick… the more your hands want to squeeze mine, almost as if you want me to never leave… the way you’re holding onto me shows me how much you want me, you crave me, you need me. So, give in, kid… you know you’re starting to feel it… every lick takes you deeper… every time you circle around my hole makes you hornier… You’re happily showing your daddy how much you’re falling in love with his ass… with him…"

Reed even reached forward flicker Topher’s cock as though to encourage him, loving the way it made him groan achingly. The man took his time with allowing the boy to explore his ass, allowing him to lick faster, deeper, smothering him harder under his weight.

Before long, all semblance of control on Reed’s demeanour seemed to go, his hips soon gyrating mechanically against Topher’s face, even as the boy’s face helplessly tried to follow it with his tongue still desperate for more.

“Ngggh…. g-get… get your tongue right in there… I want to taste it in your mouth when I kiss you later… mmm… faster… faster!”

The boy’s movements were soon as frantic as his, their cocks almost mirrors of one another in their perfectly synced throbs and twitches, even though both of them remained untouched, one already spent.

And so, Reed found his release, groaning out as his spilled his seed all over Topher’s body, some of it even splattering his cock. As he caught his breath, Topher didn’t seem to stop working, still licking, his cock still hard as a rock. Reed softly slid off of the boy and smiled at the total look of dazed afterglow on his face. He stepped off the bed and walked into the attached bathroom and dampened a towel, then returned to clean off both their bodies. As he did so Topher seemed to rouse a bit more and the man greeted him with his handsome smile, but not without kissing him and tasting his ass on his lips as promised.

Eventually, he helped the boy get off the bed, both of them getting dressed once more as Reed led him down the stairs with an arm around his shoulders. Knowing the brutal orgasm Topher had had was enough to somewhat shield him against his powers, Reed enjoyed having the boy conscious and aware of what they had done, smiling as he escorted him to the front door.

“How are you feeling, kid? Think you’ll want to keep doing scenes with me?” the man chuckled as Topher put his shoes back on.

Topher merely looked back at Reed’s eyes intensely at first, gulping softly before sighing, coming clean.

“I guess it’s useless to keep any secrets from now on, so I won’t deny it, but… what did we just do? It was… amazing…” the boy asked with a tone of wonder, not that he regretted or felt guilty over it, still panting slightly.

“Well I don’t really know how to explain it, Chris… wait, you don’t mind it if I call you that, do you?” he asked.

Topher couldn’t believe himself, but he shook his head slowly. The man said his name with such a sweet, gentle tone that it was impossible not to love, allowing Reed to christen him with that more common nickname.

“Good. Anyway, to answer your question. All I know is when I come in contact with guys it makes them go weak… Like a horny kind of weak… Add on top of that the fact my sweat is apparently an incredible aphrodisiac and what just happened happens. And will happen, if you want, of course.”

“Yes! I want to do it again in the future. I mean, if you want to…” he blushed as he stepped closer to Reed, the man wrapping his arms around him and giving him a gentle, tight hug.

“Of course I do,” the man said. “You know where to find me and Saint won’t be back for a while, so come knocking anytime you want.”

“That’s so cool, Daddy!” Topher exclaimed, before suddenly covering his own mouth, uttering a clumsy ‘oops’.

“Oops? What oops?” the man beamed and squeezed Topher a bit closer. “Call me Daddy any time you want, I love it!” he laughed deeply and kissed Topher on the lips, loving how at first the boy tensed up now that he was more conscious, clearly still not used to such intimacy.

The two then exchanged their phone numbers, before Reed returned Topher his container (having filled it with cookies baked by himself for the young man to enjoy) and then bidding him farewell on his way home, closing the door behind him and brandishing a dirty grin.

Of course, Reed had just given Topher a very basic and superficial explanation of his powers. The truth was that he had discovered them at a young age, allowing him to rise on the ranks and become one of the most solicited escorts and porn actors, but that was a story he wasn’t going to tell Topher. In fact, he wasn’t going to tell the boy the full extent he had over his powers, how he had studied the art of Hypnosis to fully take advantage of them.

But that was a story for another day.

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