Christmas Muzak: Introduction & Automotive

By S. Q. Neemie -
published December 2, 2019

Disaster strikes Hendricks Department Store when an employee accidentally changes the normal Christmas music playing on the loudspeakers to a station that plays subliminal gay messages. In the Automotive Department, a suburban dad finds a new son in an unlikely place.

The dial for the streaming music service for Hendricks Department Store was normally set at 15.031, Light Classical Rock.

On the first day of December, Mr. Olivera, the store manager, told Jimmy Swetson to change the dial to 40.321, Classic Christmas Tunes.

No one had trained Jimmy on the store’s intercom system, so it took him most of the morning searching the internet to figure out how to change the dial.

At last he got the dial to 40.210. It wasn’t the station that Mr. Olivera had asked for, but it was a Christmas station, so Jimmy decided it was close enough. Besides, Mr. Olivera radioed Jimmy to let him know that there was a spill in one of the register aisles, so he needed to get a move on.

But he should have double-checked the station listing, because 40.210 was listed as Subliminal Christmas Fuck Tunes and was meant only for gay sex clubs. If he had stayed even five minutes, he would have seen the havoc his mistake caused in the departments at Hendricks…


“This suuucks,” said Kelsey Anderson to her mom. “Hendricks never has anything good. Let’s go.”

“I thought you loved Hendricks,” said Haylee Anderson, frowning. “But you know what? You’re right. I’m not finding anything here. Let’s go to the mall across the parking lot.”

“I’m going to stay here a bit,” said Haylee’s husband and Kelsey’s dad, Jason. “There’s still some things I need to pick up. Besides, I like the music.”

As Kelsey and Haylee left Hendricks, they might have thought it was weird that all the other women in the store were leaving too. But Haylee and Kelsey were focused on their shopping, and too busy to notice.

With his women gone, Jason wandered over to the automotive section. He wasn’t planning on buying anything, knowing how Haylee would bitch about him spending money on himself in December. Still, he liked to see what was there.

There was another guy in the automotive center, a short guy with a mop of blond hair that made him look younger than he was, which Jason guessed was probably mid-twenties. He was wearing a beat-up jacket and had a messy three-day beard. The guy was looking at the car tools and biting his lip.

The music was making Jason feel friendly, and the guy looked like he could use some help. “Car trouble?” He asked the guy.

The guy snorted and nodded. “Fucking thing died in the parking lot. I don’t have the money for a mechanic, so I’m trying to figure something out.”

“Shit, man, that sucks,” said Jason. He walked up next to the guy, close enough to smell the cigarette smoke on his clothes. Guy was a mess. “Did it give you any warning before it died?”

“Nah, man.” The guy shrugged. “I’m just lucky my daughter was with my ex-wife today.”

Guy was more than a mess, Jason decided. Deadbeat dad, probably. It would be the right Christmas spirit to help him out. “My name’s Jason,” he said.

“Troy,” said the guy.

“Nice to meet you, Troy,” said Jason. “Let’s go fix that car, shall we?”

“What?” said Troy. “Nah, man, I don’t need your help.”

“Yeah, you do,” said Jason. “I’ll get your car fixed for you, send you on your way. Then maybe we can throw out the smokes too, huh? Get you healthy for that daughter of yours.”

“What? Fuck off, man,” said Troy, his blue eyes flashing angrily. “I don’t need anything from you. Get out of my face.” He turned around and crouched down to look at the bargain car tools on the lowest shelf.

When Troy crouched down, Jason could see the top of Troy’s ass peeking over the waistband of his ratty Levi’s. Jason watched the blond guy for a second, humming along with the music playing over the loudspeakers.

This punk needed straightening out, thought Jason. Could be a good guy, just needed a little help to get there. I mean, look at that pale ass. Guy can’t even dress himself properly. Someone needs to take him in hand.

Troy noticed him watching and looked up at him. “Seriously, back the fuck off, Pops. Just ’cause my car broke down doesn’t mean I need some dude with a stick up his ass taking care of me.”

Jason grinned. The music was really getting to him. “You just called me Pops,” he said. “Pops is good. Let me help you out there, kiddo.” He grabbed Troy by the shoulder and pulled him to his feet.

“Shit, man, what are you doing?” shouted Troy. He struggled, but Jason had been making good on his gym membership and held him firmly.

“I’m putting a stick up your ass,” said Jason. “This is for your own good, okay?” Not breaking eye contact with Troy, he shoved his fingers into his mouth, getting them slick with the drool that was suddenly flooding his mouth.

Troy stopped struggling. He looked scared. “What are you going to do to me?”

“Grit your teeth and listen to the music,” said Jason. “This is your early Christmas present. Sorry I don’t have time to wrap it.” Still holding the man’s shoulder with one hand, Jason slid his other hand down the back of Troy’s pants, firmly stroking his lightly furred ass-crack.

“Oh, fuck,” whimpered Troy. “C’mon, man–”

Jason found Troy’s tight, grasping asshole with his finger. “God, that’s nice, Troy,” he murmured into the shorter man’s ear. A second later his finger pressed up into Troy’s hot muscular hole.

“Oh, fuck!” shouted Troy. “FUCK!” He tried to get away from Jason’s probing finger but it just kept pressing deeper into him.

“Now what do you say, kiddo?” said Jason. He began to massage Troy’s ass from the inside, stroking the smooth walls of his asshole with his fingertip.

“Fuck you, man,” gasped Troy. Despite himself, he was crouching down on Jason’s hand, giving the larger man a better angle to finger-fuck him.

Jason grinned. “Try again, little guy,” he said. His finger sought out Troy’s prostate and stroked the little joy-buzzer. Troy’s whole body shook and he started whimpering.

“What do you say?” asked Jason.

“I don’t know, man!” whined Troy.

Jason shoved in deeper. “What do you say when someone gives you a gift?”

“Th-thank you?” gasped Troy.

Jason didn’t stop reaming Troy’s love-button. “Thank you, who?” he said.

“Thank you, sir!” shouted Troy.

“That’s it,” smiled Jason. He picked up the tempo of his finger-fucking, plunging his finger in and out of Troy’s hole, being sure to hit that secret spot at the end of every thrusts. Troy was almost yodeling, climbing the display shelves so he could buck his hips up and down while Jason’s milked his prostate.

“Call me Pops, kid,” said Jason, smiling proudly at the young deadbeat dad posting himself on his fat finger.

Troy looked at Jason. His eyes were out of focus, but he nodded. “You’re Pops,” he said.

“Good job,” said Jason. “You can come now, tiger.” He put a second finger next to the first and then buried both of them up Troy’s ass in one solid punch. Troy yelled in surprise and pain and his feet came right off the ground as the two fingers rang his bell from the inside. “Oh, oh, oh,” said Troy as he thrashed on Jason’s hand, and for a second Jason thought he was singing along with the music, but then he realized Troy was coming buckets into the crotch of his ratty jeans. Soon the blond man’s lap was soaked in the sexy stink of cum.

Jason let Troy down, holding the shorter man up since his legs were shaking. “You did a really good job, sport,” said Jason. “Did you like it?”

Troy bit his lip and nodded. “Yes sir.” He started to cry.

“Oh, hey, none of that,” said Jason, pulling Troy in for a hug. Troy snuggled his head into Jason’s shoulder. “I guess it’s a little overwhelming, huh?” said Jason into Troy’s blond hair. The guy still smelled like cigarettes, but that wouldn’t be true for long.

“Yes sir,” mumbled Troy. “Also my asshole kind of hurts.”

Jason grinned. “Well, Pops will kiss it better, huh? Let’s get you out of those wet things, first. Strip down, boy.”

Troy hesitated. “Here, in the store?” Jason raised his eyebrows and Troy blushed. “Yes sir,” he said. He chucked off his pants, shirt, and jacket, revealing a wiry, strong body with a nice dusting of hair on his abs and chest.

“Good boy,” said Jason approvingly, leering at the naked man. “Now, show me where it hurts.”

Troy bit his lip and then pointed to his asshole, sticking his butt out a little.

“That’s right,” said Jason. He knelt down and spread Troy’s narrow buttcheeks. “Oh, fuck am I gonna enjoy this.”

With his tongue buried in Troy’s ass, Jason began to plan. First thing that would happen is that he’d buy Troy some new clothes. It would be nice to lead Troy naked around the store so everyone knew Troy belonged to him now. Once Troy was in more appropriate clothes they’d ditch his broken car. Troy wouldn’t need a car if he was living with Jason, right? Haylee was going to have a hard time understanding why Jason was adopting a guy in his twenties, but she’d just have to get used to it. Troy needed a lot more sticks up his ass if he was going to become a responsible adult, and Jason was willing to be there to give it to him 24/7.

The music on the loudspeaker shifted to a happy, upbeat Christmas song Jason had never heard. It made him think of how nice Christmas was and how good it would feel to fuck Troy full of his cum on Christmas morning–if he could wait that long. Jason started humming along with the music. Troy felt the vibration all the way up his asshole and started whimpering again. Pretty soon the sounds of piped in music in the automotive department were joined by a young man shouting, “Thank you, sir! Thank you! Merry Christmas!”

Meanwhile, the music was changing things in other departments, too…

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