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big romance 2

By BobbyBlobfish
published December 1, 2019

A nerd has a crush on another.

Author’s note: English is not my first language, so I apologize for any faults you may find. Also this is something I just came up with when I saw some wrote fics with characters they find hot. Somebody want to do something else with that, they can’t. Just focus more on romance than smut if possible, and don’t hesitate to just take the setting (disney’s BH6) and do your own characters. Heck, can even do something else with Tadashi.

Sota Tanaka was finishing his third year at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology (STIT for short), one of the most prestigious tech school in the entire world. After the earthquake of 1906, San Fransisco had to be rebuilt, and japanese immigrants helped a lot to the reconstruction, being use to seismic events in their home country. Since them, the city only grew, taking both it’s American and Japanese roots and blooming, becoming a melting pot of all ethnicities and the place in the west coast where new tech appear. Sota isn’t one of the brightest students, but he’s work on prosthesis, notably on the neurological connection between the mind and the prosthesis, were quite advanced and he was sure to succeed and live a fulfilling life. However, he was working on how to use his latest breakthrough for a quite selfish and amoral purpose.

You see, Sota was quite enamored with his classmate Tadashi Hamada. To be fair, so was more than half the school, with several more-or-less officials and open fan-clubs. Tadashi was quite the prince charming: Always ready to help with your homeworks or your inventions; except if he had to take care of his younger, trouble-making little brother Hiro or help his aunt; with who Hiro and he lived since the death of their parents when they were young, run her café. He never swore, was always patient and gentle with anyone, even those who were rude to him; the smartest of his robotic class; and even those who weren’t working with robotic tech could receive guidance from him. He also was the star pupil of the dean, professor Callaghan.

Tadashi was of mixed Japanese and American heritage, was 5 feet 9; slender with a large built. he had large, warm and innocent brown eyes, black hairs cut shorts, a somewhat-large jaw. He was always wearing Cardigans sweaters, Blazers and crew neck t-shirts, varying between black, red, white and green in color. He also always wore, even in buildings, a black San Fransokyo Ninjas cap with red-and-gold lettering.

On the other hand, Sota was 5 feet 7, had blue eyes that screamed hostile, a pointy chin, dark brown hairs that reached his shoulders, and worn a collection of leather jackets, sleeveless shirts covered with oil and fat. he however was hitting the gym from time to time, so he didn’t have much fat in his body, yet wasn’t much muscular. He clearly didn’t have the look easy to hang on with, yet he actually was friendly, albeit rash and blunt.

Despite the fact that almost everyone in the student body and the faculty knew about Tadashi’s success, and that he was either loved or loathed because of it he himself was one of the few to not have a single idea of how popular he was, and as such hanged regularly with only a select few friends, who made quite sure he wasn’t bothered by fans.

However, Sota was someone Tadashi sometimes went to see to check his progress, and as such, visits to Sota’s weren’t checked by his chaperones, witch helped a lot. To go back to Sota’s invention, he managed, by incident, to make a chip that would allow to influence on someone’s else neural system, controlling their thoughts, body and memories. When sota discovered that during a test where he was trying to control a prosthesis worn by somebody else, he made sure the subjects didn’t recall what happened in the office, and started planning on how to make Tadashi Hamada his.

Luckily for Sota, Tadashi did one of his surprise visits in the afternoon, after Sota finished to work on a needle that would not be feel when penetrating the skin. While Tadashi was busy taking out stuff from his bag to show them to Sota (not that the latter wasn’t interested in what Tadashi was making. It was often the subject of a lot of rumors, and it appeared like he was on something big, given all the nigh-timers he pulled recently), he receive the chip in the neck.

At once, Sota gave a quick mental command for Tadashi to follow anything he say, and to feel pleasure while doing it, and to not find it weird, to begin with. Tadashi fell to his knees and started to convulse on the ground in pain. Sota did feel a bit of guilt at that. Reconfiguring neural response hurt, quite a bit. But if a bit of pain at the beginning was necessary to have the perfect boyfriend, so be it. It’s also why Sota decided to make the changes gradually, so that it hurt less. After a few seconds, Tadashi rise up, not understanding where did that pain came from and where did it go.

Sota decided to see what were the extent of his control over Tadashi “Tadashi, give me your cap so I can wear it.” It was already a big ask, as said previously, Tadashi wore it even in class, he only took it if he had to put on the helmet for his moped. And yet, Tadashi immediately said “Sure.” and handed him the cap, that Sota eagerly took and put on his head. “So how do I look?”

“Okay, I guess, but I would prefer if it was on my head, to be honest. Without wanting to force you to hand it b-back, d-d-d-don’t get me wrong, Sota.”

Sota had just asked the cap to see if Tadashi, however, and seeing the eagerness to please and the puppy look of longing, ha gave back the cap without any fuss. Sota then sent the modifications so that Tadashi would be in love with him, and would ask him out. Tadashi barely even seemed to be affected, only a slight pinch, before kissing Sota. The happiness of Sota was important, and he kissed back once Tadashi pulled them apart. To Sota’s surprise, however, Tadashi suddently stopped to kiss him, and instead started to nibble his neck. Sota was surprised that angelic tadashi was the biting type, but that wasn’t something he would complaint about. Instead he started to zip off Tadashi’s fly, only to be stop and to hear “Hum, I’m sorry, Sota, but I’m not ready to do that yet. Sorry. But I do want people to know about us, so that’s something?” Tadashi was clearly sad, and he seemed self-conscious about perhaps not giving Sota what Sota wanted. Sota could have just made Tadashi okay with it, but Sota did want to respect Tadashi consent to an extent, so he closed off the fly.

Now it is the annual science fair at SFIT, and not only Tadashi is gonna present his invention, an robot nurse named Baymax, his little brother Hiro is gonna make his presentation. Sota was really surprised to learn that the little bro was 13 when he finished college. Even smarter than Tadashi but a much more selfish guy. The only reason he was interested to begin with was t impress professor Callaghan, who’s a major celebrity in robotics world. Hiro’s invention really interesting, however: microbots that can do anything you mind can think off. Sota is really interested to, because he might find a use in his research.

In the last few month, Sota put chips in everyone close to Tadashi, both friends and teacher. He has yet to be invited to Tadashi’s house, because Tadashi isn’t sure how to introduce Hiro and Sota, but it’s okay. Hiro will soon be okay with Tadashi neglecting him, if Sota manage to get close. Sota also made a second type of Chip he put in himself, one that allow him to know the feelings of those he injected. He can’t have their thoughts, but that would just be impossible.

After the standing ovation for Hiro’s invention, everybody goes out to celebrate. Tadashi take Hiro on the side to discuss. All of a sudden, a fire is started. Professor Callaghan is presumed inside and Tadashi want to go to save him. Sota see this and send a command for Tadashi to stop. However, it goes against Tadashi’s moral, and he fall in pain to the ground. That does however save him, as ten seconds latter, the building explode. However, Sota feel that Callaghan’s chip is actually getting away from the site, and fast. So he take his own motorbike, and goes that way, after sending a message to stop where nobody will see them and to wait for Sota. Callaghan will then obey everything Sota says and tell him everything, because Sota think the dean is responsible.

And indeed he is. He started the fire to steal Hiro’s microbots, because his daughter went missing during an experiment on dimensional travel by Krei tech, and he wanted revenge. Well, Sota make him stop any plan of revenge, and come back to STIT, saying he manage to survive due to quick-thinking and the bots.

Sota send some reassuring vibes to Tadashi, and get invited to sleep at the Lucky Cat Café, because Cass, Tadashi’s aunt, figured out the link between Tadashi and that guy he keep talking about….

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