Creating Dads and Twinks

By here4hairymen -
published December 1, 2019

The development of men into Daddies and twinks may be more controlled than you might think.

Dads and twinks are significant and iconic subsets of the gay male population. At any given point in time, there are Dads and twinks in gay bars, appearing in hook up app searches, porn videos, and fantasies. With the exception of being gay, canonical Dads and twinks are opposite in nearly every way, from age, to muscle mass, to body hair, virility, and dominance, yet either or both types of men radiate sexuality to many men. But is the number of Dads and twinks in the world left to sheer probability? Or perhaps there is something more contrived and elaborate underway…

Mason was in bed, finishing a series of texts to his tight-knit group of friends before winding down to sleep. They had all just returned to their respective homes after a long weekend in New Orleans celebrating Mason’s 40th birthday. The ten of them had rented a large home near the French Quarter and spent 4 days getting in plenty of trouble.

Mason was by far not the biggest troublemaker in the group, but with it being his birthday and the fact that he was recently divorced from his wife of ten years, his friends went to extra efforts to make sure he was in the center of the mischief. Needless to say, he enjoyed himself but was happy to be back home.

Mason was committed to getting a good night sleep and then back on track with his regimen of diet and exercise, a routine of many years that he was proud of. In support of his efforts, very few people ever guessed he was approaching, or now officially, forty. He had a fit, runner’s build with strong, muscled legs, a nice tight bubble butt, a flat stomach with washboard abs, along with lean, toned chest and arms. He had a full head of black, wavy hair, a knee-weakening grin, and a smooth face with no beard or stubble, which helped him look particularly youthful. The only hair on his body was some black hair in his armpits which he shaved, and a small bush above his 7 inch cock, and tight small balls.

Before drifting off, he decided to watch a quick program on the subscription video service he had recently installed on his phone. It wasn’t one of the major video services, but an up-and-coming one that had given him a free trial month in an obvious attempt to lure him in to the monthly subscription fee.

He had briefly considered it as the rate was low and there were a number of good options, but there were two problems that made him certainly he would cancel at the end of the month: he could only stream from his phone, and no matter what movie or show he played there were always these occasional blips or flashes of light. It never disrupted the story, but it was annoying nonetheless.

Mason queued up his next show and watched his phone, as he slowly drifted off to sleep.

The first day back at work was grueling, coupled with the soreness from the morning workout. Mason weathered the day, knowing that the following one would be better. He always knew a weekend away with his friends would come at a cost.

He returned home, and checked the mail. The usual junk mail of credit card offers, accompanied by a small padded envelope with no return address.

He went inside and opened the package, trying to recall if he had ordered something online before leaving for the trip.

He tilted the package to empty the contents on his kitchen counter.

Two small pieces of soft plastic fell out, along with a small tube of lubricant.

Mason’s eyes drooped, and his mouth opened slightly.

He slowly took off his shirt, pants, and underwear, and walked to the bedroom, applying lube to his nipples as he went.

After getting on the bed, he attached the two plastic suction cups to his nipples, and began to masturbate for an extended session.

For more than two hours Mason stroked up and down, edging, while his nipples inflated into the suction cups.

When he finally ejaculated, his tight balls doused his flat stomach in five large spurts of sperm.

He took the cups off his nipples and put them away, as his awareness slowly returned.

The routine of nipple pumping, edging, and ejaculation went on for more than two weeks.

Mason remained oblivious about what he was doing every night.

Each morning, however, he did pause momentarily when looking in the bathroom mirror, noticing how his nipples were appearing more prominent and erect, and increasingly visible through his t-shirt and button-down as he dressed for work.

He dismissed it as some sort of transient effect, and went about each day forgetting about his nipples until the next morning.

It was a Saturday afternoon, and Mason had finished a particularly intense workout at the gym. His whole body felt pumped, with copious amounts of hormones flowing through his body. He returned home and showered.

He was toweling off when the doorbell rang.

Mason quickly threw on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, and went down to answer the door.

Three people were standing on his door step.

The Man in the middle was in his mid- to late-fifties. The Man’s stubbled face had a smirk that unsettled Mason. As he took more of the Man in, he saw that was wearing an extremely tight white t-shirt that clung to his huge biceps and muscular chest. Both his nipples were clearly pierced. Long, thick, black fur coated his forearms and upper arms, and exploded out over the collar of his t-shirt, the black hair is sharp contrast to the white t-shirt. He was wearing a pair of tight joggers, which did nothing to hide the outline of the giant cock snaking down his left pant leg, with a visible Prince Albert piercing indicating the end of the long shaft.

Flanking the Man were two younger men wearing tank-tops and shorts, both clearly in their early twenties. They were shorter than the Man and both had lean bodies and smooth looking skin except for a few patches of stubble around their mouths and jawline, and surprisingly hairy legs on display below their shorts. They both had a dazed look about them.

Before Mason could speak, then Man spoke slowly and deliberately: “Time to make another HAIRY TOP DAD.”

The Man watched closely as the words went right to the core of Mason. His eyes glazed over, eyelids falling halfway closed, and he slumped ever so slightly. Instant submission and loss of control in front of this Alpha.

The Man pushed Mason inside, making room for him and the two other guys to squeeze through the door.

“STRIP,” the Man commanded.

One word that made both Mason and the other two guys jump to respond, with all three getting naked in mere seconds.

The Man grabbed Mason, and pushed him back onto the couch.

His rough hands grabbed Mason by the cheeks, and squeezed.

“I’m turning you into a HAIRY TOP DAD today, boy, whether you like it or not. What you do think about that?”

Mason just whimpered, unable to even formulate a response.

The Man smiled sadistically.

The Man took his big, strong, hairy hands, and cupped Mason’s chest. Then he took his thick fingers, and started to tug and twist Mason’s nipples.

They jumped to life, extending out to lengths that weren’t even possible just a few weeks back.

Suddenly Mason gasped, and a warm, milky substance leaked out of each nipple. It was an odd, but very pleasant feeling as more and more fluid started to stream from each nipple in response to the Man’s hands.

“FUCK YEAH,” the Man said, “I knew your tits would be ready. Now the fun can begin.”

“NURSE,” the Man commanded, removing his hands from Mason’s chest.

The two guys raced over, one on each side of Mason, taking his nipples in their mouths.

The sucking feeling was sending rolling waves of pleasure through Mason like he had never felt before.

“Fuck yeah, drink that TWINK MILK boys,” the Man said.

The boys kept sucking and sucking, feeding on Mason’s tits, oblivious to anything else.

Only the Man was watching for what happened next.

First, the guys lips - which were in direct contact with the milk - began to puff out. Then the hair on their faces, first around the mouths, and then up the jawlines, slowly retracted until their faces were completely smooth. Their prominent Adam’s apples shrank as the milk ran down their throats and into their stomachs, allowing for the systemic effects to start happening. All their muscle definition went away, leaving behind skinny bodies, with the exception of their ass cheeks which grew wider and thicker, turning into smooth bubble butts. Their formerly hairy legs became totally smooth. Lastly their cocks begin to shorten, and their balls shrank down to the size of little grapes.

At the same time, Mason began to change.

His nipples, in response to the tugs from the nursing, started extending farther, hanging down a bit. His erect cock started to widen and lengthen at the same rate the boys cocks were shrinking. His bush started thickening and expanding, until it was going from hip to hip, and standing out several inches. His balls blew up to the size of large eggs, and dropped lower and lower in his newly hairy ball bag. His biceps, shoulders, and legs became muscular and thick, while his six pack abs vanished, replaced by a strong muscle gut. Hair started creeping up from his bush, forming a thick, wide happy trail. A five-o’clock shadow appeared high on his cheeks, extending all the way down his neck.

The Man looked at the two new twinks, still nursing away, and saw that they had changed as much as he wanted.

“ENOUGH,” he directed as he pulled them off Mason’s nipples.

The boys sat, hungrily licking their puffy lips, awaiting further instruction.

“Now my favorite part,” the Man said, pulling Mason’s legs apart.

He spit on Mason’s smooth pink hole, and then spit a few times on his giant, erect cock.

Mason jumped when he felt the cold tip of the Prince Albert on his pucker.

The Man started pushing.

“POP,” the head was in.

Slowly, the Man pushed more and more of his cock into Mason until his thick bush was up against the virgin hole. Mason’s eyes were bulging from the deep penetration.

Then the Man began to rhythmically rock his hips back and forth, his piercing dragging back and forth, creating a rut inside Mason that would allow the cum to run up even farther inside him.

He leaned down, rubbing his hairy body all over Mason’s chest and stomach, wanting him to feel the psychological effect it has on the bottom. Something that would be helpful for Mason to know very soon.

Once the Man had sufficiently stretched Mason open, Mason’s hole was prepped for what the Man really wanted. He grabbed Mason’s shoulders, and began to thrust. Hard.

Thrust after thrust, the Man assaulted Mason’s hole, while Mason remained in a stupor, taking the Man’s wide, long, raw cock.

After fifteen minutes, the Man began to grunt. The grunts became louder and more frequent, until the man shouted.


The Man stopped thrusting. He had released his seed, and it was now swimming deep inside.

He had bred Mason. The Man’s DNA was now absorbing into Mason’s body.

After waiting a few minutes to make sure his cum had fully soaked in to Mason, the Man stood up to watch his cock slowly slide out of the gaping hole.

He knew what he would see, it was the same every time, but he always enjoyed it.

Mason’s formerly smooth, pink hole was now surrounded by thick black fur. The tight pink pucker was now a stretched, brown, hairy manhole.

And that was just the beginning.

The Man looked at Mason’s body.

Black fur covered his entire stomach and chest. His arms, hands, legs, and feet were all hairy. The Man could even see some hair on Mason’s shoulders.

The final testosterone boost from his Alpha Dad sperm did it to men every time. But the Man never got sick of seeing the transformation before his eyes.

“When I snap my fingers, you are going to wake up, HAIRY TOP DAD,” the man said, his cum still running out of Mason’s used hole.


“What… Where did… WHO…?” Mason tried to figure out who this Man was in his house, standing over him naked.

Then he heard some noises to the left and right of him.

Who were these two naked twinks staring at him??

“UHHH…,” an involuntary noise came out of Mason.

The Man smiled.

“UUHHHHH…,” another one.

“That’s right HAIRY TOP DAD,” the Man said, his knowing smile looking a bit more sinister.


After the third time, Mason’s animalistic urges took over.

He flipped around, lifted up one of the boys and put him down legs up on the couch.

The Man quickly did the same with the other boy.

Within seconds, Mason and the Man were pushing their raw Daddy cocks into the two boys.

They began thrusting in unison, a strong, power fuck of the boys, until the Man and Mason came in unison up the boys tight pink holes.

When they finished, they both pulled out of the used holes, smacked each boy on the butt, and then high-fived each other.

Then they sat down on the couch, enjoying the post-fuck haze, while each of the boys nursed on the nips of the Man who fucked him.

Then Man and Mason closed their eyes, enjoying the tugging feeling on their nips as the milk escaped.

As they continued to be nursed, the Man and Mason’s stubble turned into full beards, and the already thick body hair became thicker and longer, their masculinity increasing in preparation for the next Daddy and twink targets.

The next morning Mason sent a free one-month trial for a new streaming video service to his friend Jason.

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