Fuxer: Chapter 3 & 4

By abracadabra923 - abracadabra923@yahoo.com
published December 1, 2019

Xander’s adventure continues…

Rise Of 4X

The BOI-HQ was a glass, steel and concrete building the size and shape of a domed-over football stadium, where the ‘pitch’ was a hangar for the Boi Wing jets.

It stood on a lone, tropical island – a cluster of palm trees on flat, white sand in azure sea.

Xander took in the whole building by seeing through its walls as soon as they had landed and the dome above began to close.

There were staff areas with kitchen, laundry and such, a bunch of labs and a dozen or more B-list bois training in sky blue singlets. Overall, the place felt more like a high class hotel than a base of operations. Expensive furniture, big rooms, marble and mahogany.

Jed and Deshawn disembarked, leading Xander and Todd onto a catwalk that connected the hangar to a lobby.

“Oh shit,” Todd mumbled and flinched. “Wow, uh, hi there.”

Xander stopped looking at every room at once and refocused on seeing what was right in front of him. Hovering next to the catwalk was a veritable A-list flying brick.

He had his arms crossed, making his biceps and pecs bulge in the legless singlet – sky blue contrasting brightly with his orange hair. Since he was invulnerable, he needed no protectors on his pale, freckled limbs. The singlet was all he wore.

Xander recognized ‘Bolt Boi’ from his research but got to see him without mask for the first time. As the guy hovered toward them, Xander saw how short the ginger really was.

Bolt Boi had a round face, his orange hair in a high fade quiff. His short stature made him look buff, even a little chubby, at 67kg/148lbs.

Xander swallowed hard. “Hey, Bolt Boi.”

The superhero have him a smirk and a nod and uncrossed his arms. He touched the ground as they reached the lobby.

“Jed, Deshawn, good to have you back,” Bolt said. “Please show Todd his room and give him the tour.”

Xander felt small in the cool, sterile room with fancy, abstract art. The three B-listers entered an elevator. Okay, he had to make eye contact now.

“So…” Xander started. “You’re Bolt, huh? Wow. I’m-”

The superhero grabbed the offered hand. “Call me Bert. Short for Norbert. Come on, I’ll show you around. Don’t be so stiff. We’re playing in the same league.”

Xander sure hoped Bert was playing for Xander’s team, because as Bert walked off, 4D vision revealed a thick, bouncy ass that begged to be fucked. Xander had also gotten a glimpse of a neatly shaped ginger bush over a small package but he hardly cared about that.

Xander’s room was bigger than his parent’s living room and about twenty times more expensively furnished.

After settling into the comfy desk chair, someone carried in his bags from the plane. “Hey newbie. Here’s your stuff.”

“Thanks,” Xander said, “appreciate it uh…”

Xander’s mouth stayed ajar. The would-be bellman was levitating.

Despite being a twink, the flying boy in khakis and a band shirt carried both suitcases like they weighted nothing.

“I’m sorry,” Xander said. “I don’t recognize you. Are you new, too?”

The boy chuckled. “Nah, I’m a sidekick. Not a flying brick, just flying.”

Xander got up and shook hands with the boy who called himself Filipe aka B6. A blue eyed, tan, 20 year old Brazilian. His power wasn’t just flight though.

“I can go places,” Filipe said. “Flight, super speed. I don’t even need to breathe in space or under water. I’m basically the scout.”

Xander checked out what was under those casual clothes and found a thin, lean body with tiny nipples and a pretty dick. Filipe was hairless everywhere, including the crotch, unlike the other heroes Xander had met so far. His ass wasn’t much but he’d be fun to pin down and ravage.

“You’ve probably been told,” Xander said, “but I am one of those flying bricks.” He flexed both biceps as if it were the muscles that gave him his powers.

“I’ve heard,” the Brazilian twink said, looking a bit shy. “I guess I’ll let you unpack. Garth is going to get you for suit measurement in half an hour.”

“Got it. Thanks.”

“Are you Garth?” Xander asked.

The boy in jogging pants and a tank top was a light brown twunk – about as muscular as Xander’s original body. Probably mixed. Tall and quite pretty. He had a fade with messy curls on top and thick lips.

“That’s me,” Garth said loudly and confident with a posh accent. His smile was bright. “Better known as Guard Boi.”

“Oh wow,” Xander said with an exhale. Guard Boi was only seventeen. Younger than the normal entry limit because he was just that good – at flying, at punching and at creating large, impenetrable shields that gave him his moniker.

Garth laughed lightly. “Don’t be so star struck.”

“It’s an honor,” Xander said with a playful bow. “I loved how you bounced that plasma ball right back at Drake-Man in issue #348.”

Guard Boi Garth chuckled again. “Yeah, alright, that was pretty awesome.”

“I had no idea you’re English though.”

“Can’t miss the accent, huh? I try my best to fit in.”

They bantered on the way to the elevator and down into the basement. Xander took a look under Garth clothes. The youngest boi had a curly bush and pretty well developed pecs for his size. Not bad.

Adam-B8 was a tech manipulator, while Buck-B9 had the power to construct things, making them the resident super scientists.

They had also designed and built the machine Xander was now standing in, stripping. It was a glass cylinder with rings hovering around its inside.

If he was going to be nude, there was no way he could resist putting on a show.

As he kicked the last of his socks out of the cylinder, he crossed the dicksplosion threshold. He turned around with his monster rod flopping between his legs, mushroom exposed.

He noticed with satisfaction that everyone tried hard not to stare at his mega-dick but stared anyway. Fuck yeah.

“Here,” Buck said and flung a little piece of plastic at Xander. “If you want to keep your crotch hair for some reason, you can. The cup keeps the singlet fabric from touching that area.”

“Got it,” Xander said and pulled the little plastic piece over his pubes. It was slightly sticky at the rim. His soft 8 incher’s base barely let him fit his whole bush in.

Buck closed the glass cabin’s door and flicked a switch. “Please stand with your legs shoulder wide apart and arms slightly raised.”

Adam at the computer hit a button and the rings spun, shooting lasers at Xander, everywhere below the throat. The teen muscle god looked straight ahead as he had been instructed.

After a minute Adam said, “Great, we finished hair removal and measured your size. Now please muscle down.”

Reluctantly, Xander shed his mass. He felt truly naked now. He also sensed the guys in the room relax a bit as they quickly glanced at his normal-sized dick. He was still skinned back and fought the urge to pull his foreskin into place.

“Finished,” Adam said and the lasers turned off. “Stay muscled down for the moment.”

The rings returned to their initial positon and Buck opened the door, handing Xander his jockstrap and stretchy sweatpants back.

Garth was conversational while they waited for the new singlet to be printed. They sat on a bench in front of the lab. Xander didn’t like being small in the presence of other heroes. He wanted to take up more space. He wanted his massive dick back.

But… It was nice to be on the same level as Garth and others, too.

He noticed their attitudes toward him changing when he was ‘normal’. Intimidation and dominance were villain things. Xander wanted friendship, like in the Cooperation Contest of issue #79 where Zeal showed the council of Nexus Prime how- Right!

“Garth, have you ever met Captain Zeal?”

“Wow,” Garth said. “You’re grinning from ear to ear. A fanboy?”

“Uh… Obviously? Zeal is the most heroic hero ever.” And the hottest, Xander added silently.

“Yeah, we had some ruin-ins, but I’m only on the roster for big stuff since last month so I’ve never had a mission with him.”

“Okay, but what is he like? Not during missions. In general.”

“Pretty imposing.” Garth thought for a moment. “If you’ve seen interviews, you know as much as I do. He’s not exactly going to share his secret private life with me.”

Xander was a little frustrated but that changed when his uniform was ready. He stripped and slipped into the sky blue singlet in front of a wall height mirror.

Fuck, he looked kinda hot, even muscled down. His now totally hairless skin let the high-tech, part-alien fiber slide into every nook on his body but smoothed over all the tiny irregularities like little moles and his nipples.

Then he para-flexed and his body muscled up.

It was almost like back in his room when he had first pulled mass from the 4th dimension. He levitated as his uncovered legs and arms grew. His cut abs and rippling pecs pushed the fabric out as the uniform stretched to accommodate his form perfectly.

His monolith of a dick pressed hard against the cup, making his bulge obscene despite being totally featureless. He was a fucking sex monster. That smile was probably never going to leave his face.

“Any problems?” Adam asked.

“None whatsoever. I love it.”

“Great,” Adam said, typing away at his terminal. “So have you thought about a hero name yet?”

“Well, my powers are based in the fourth dimension, apparently, so… 4X?” Xander tentatively tried.

“Ooh,” Garth made. “I like it.”

Adam typed. “Welcome aboard, 4X.”

Xander couldn’t help but raise his fist in triumph. “Fuck yeah.”

Among Gods

Xander got to “rest” in his room for half an hour, which meant jerking off in the singlet. He only needed to shake the cup and his skinned back mega-dick got hard as fuck.

Rubbing his dick through the singlet fabric, Xander flexed at the bathroom mirror, legs spread wide as he sat on the chaise. Yeah, the bathroom was big and luxurious enough to have one of those.

Then it was time for a quick shower and a change of casual clothing – tank top, gym shorts, sneakers.

Just as Xander fixed his dried hair, Garth came back and called him to the A-lister lounge on the top floor. The rest of the flying bricks had returned from target practice.

Xander tried to look confident, swaggering into the minimalist, wood-toned saloon that overlooked the shallow ocean.

He instantly recognized Aqua Boi, leader of the Brotherhood. According to the wiki: 22 years old, a weight of 58kg/128lbs, Japanese origin.

The Asian super’s face was sharp, with narrow eyes. His hair was brushed to the right, with the left side shaved. He had a ring in his left helix.

A long, flowing, white cape marked the twunk-y Captain Aqua as head of the team. He had the slender v-shape of a swimmer. His athletic limbs made Xander want to see more, so he used 4D vision to check out the perky little ass.

When the captain turned around, Xander saw a hairless crotch with a small dick and a fittingly tiny sack. Xander felt at ease knowing he was the bigger man – the much, much bigger man. Even if 4D shenanigans were involved.

Garth and Bert were already present, wearing comfy, civilian attire. A gray-haired staff member prepared snacks and drinks.

“Pleasure to meet you, sir,” Xander said. “Huge fan.”

Aqua shook Xander’s beefy hand with his own, small one. “Don’t be so formal,” he said with the slightest accent. “You’re going to be one of us in no time.”

“Still an honor,” Xander said as they moved toward the seating area. “I’ll be happy to work under you, Captain Aqua.” And you can work that little ass on my dick, he added in thought.

“I’m off duty. Call me Akio. You already met Bert and Garth?”

The four sat down and Garth started loudly slurping lemonade.

“Yeah, it’s amazing to see everybody in real life after reading articles and watching videos for so long.”

“Ah, you must be well informed then,” Akio said. “But there’s a member you haven’t seen yet.”

“Wiz Boi?” Xander asked and received a wide-eyed, approving nod.

The prevous recruitment had seen BOI announce a new flying brick member on their website. “Wiz” was called so because of his immense powers – seemingly magical ones. He could bend reality to his whims with a few minutes of focus. Most reality benders had sharp limitation, but Wiz Boi’s confines weren’t public yet.

“I’d like to meet the guy,” Xander said, “if I’m going to steal his newbie status. There’s little info on him.”

Akio grinned. “I think he can’t wait to meet you either.”

Bert said, “I have a feeling you’ll be best friends. Whoop, there he is.”

Xander looked at the door and froze.

Wiz was a perfect muscle god.

The magic boy was a 190cm/6’3’’ Korean with a broad face topped by an undercut. Other than Xander, Wiz had some fat on his muscles, which added up to, as Xander later learned, a full 92kg/203lbs of a muscle worshipper’s dream.

Basketball shorts, stretched to the max, revealed diamond shaped calves that shook with every step. Even though Xander now had an incredible physique, he felt envious on behalf of his old self.

Best of all was Wiz’ shirtless torso, still damp from the shower. He had comic book character proportions that easily rivaled Xander’s, even surpassing him in sheer mass.

“Yo, I’m Will,” Wiz Boi said as he dropped his divine body on a groaning sofa. “William to my enemies.” He grinned and reached out.

“Xander,” said the clothed mega-muscle teen to the shirtless one. “Pleased to finally meet you. I wasn’t expecting that.”

Will threw a peanut in the air and caught it in his mouth. “Yeah, I heard you can pull body mass from the 4th dimension or shit like that. Well, I’m a fucking wizard, so…” He flexed and Xander felt his own boner grow.

“It took me weeks,” Will continued, “but I used my magic on myself until I had what I wanted. Glad to know I’m not the only meathead freak here, hehe.”

Xander honestly laughed, partly because Will’s personality put him at ease, partly because he was glad to have an ‘ally in muscle’, and maybe a bit because he was nervous.

“Yeah,” Xander said, “we could make a great team.”

“Perfect,” Garth said, dripping with sarcasm, and rolled his eyes. “Two of those oafs. I think Xander’s even worse.”

He looked at Will. “At least you didn’t give yourself a murder anaconda.”

“What?” Akio said, holding his chip into the salsa in frozen confusion.

Garth grinned. “Xander’s you-know-what grows in proportion with his muscles. Don’t ask me how. We all know that thing isn’t muscle tissue.”

Will shrugged, his grin lopsided. “Gonna be honest. First thing I did when I got powers was to see if I could make my dick bigger.”

“Gentlemen,” Akio warned. “Language.”

“But there’s a limit,” Will said, “to what my girl can handle and I gotta make sure she gives me access to the pussy.”

Xander had never considered if his monster would actually fit anyone’s ass but he was too caught off guard by the mention of a girlfriend.

“Speaking of girls,” Akio said. “I’ll give mine a call. I promised her a date when I’m back.”

As Will rose, Xander used his vision to check out the all-important dick, which looked notably above average but still reasonable, unlike his meat baseball bat. Will’s crotch was hairless.

Then the hunk turned around and presented a disappointingly flat ass. With all the magic that had gone into building that body, Wiz Boi had neglected the buttocks. Sadly, a very straight guy, but Xander brushed that thought aside for now.

“Hey Xander,” Garth said as all rose to part ways. “Come with us to the mainland? The HQ is close to Seaboard City. Bert and I are taking some sidekicks to a club. Maybe we can get you a bitch to bang. You’ll wanna shrink down a little, though.”

“Uh.” Xander felt caught. “Actually, today was a lot to take in and… I haven’t decided if I want my secret identity to be muscled down all the way or be a middle thing… or whatever.”

“Oh, makes sense,” Garth said, looking to be in thought. “Yeah, I can see how that’s tricky. Rest up then. Next time?”


Xander was the last to leave the lounge. He could already tell this was the beginning of many more heterosexual disappointments he’d have to endure and comments he’d have to dodge.

A staff member had brought dinner to Xander’s room and afterward, the teen had roamed the HQ to figure out where everything was. It had gotten dark out.

As he slipped into bed, wearing only briefs, his mighty body illuminated by a clear starry night and his bed lamp, Xander heard the elevator arrive.

Using 4D vision, he watched Akio enter the apartment across his own. The captain had the biggest space, using half of it as an office.

Xander watched the 22 year old, Japanese twunk strip, quickly shower and slip into bed. Within a minute he was jerking off.

The muscle teen slowly handled massive rod, zooming in close to the leader’s tense body. If only he could hear through walls, too.

Almost the second Akio was finished, Will arrived. He occupied the apartment to the left of Xander’s. It was filled with posters of half or fully naked women, a lot of random clutter, gym equipment and enough clothes on the floor to fill two wardrobes.

Will meditated for ten boring minutes, then stretched and finally stripped. He sat in his chair and jerked off rapidly, one hand on his nipples. His dick grew to about a 7 incher/16.5cm and his balls jiggled at the brutally fast jerking.

Xander hardly even masturbated himself, too captured by the sight. It didn’t last long. Will was a quick shooter.

Unlike Akio’s neat tissue disposal, Will cummed all over himself. Was that a normal amount or had he used his “magic” to give himself more porn-worthy cumshots? Probably the latter, given the volume and how it flew higher than his face. The shot splashed down onto his abs and Will used a random shirt on the floor to clean himself, still breathing heavy.

While the giant muscle freak went to sleep, Xander picked up the pace on his own jerk off.

His power use was giving him a light headache. He had overdone it. But there had been a lot to see.

During much of the early day, the headquarters’ gym served as hang out spot. Xander wasn’t sure if he needed to train but if there was a chance he’d grow more, he wanted to take it.

Maybe there was also the fact BOI gym clothes consisted only of a knee-length, white tank top, so most boys didn’t wear pants to the gym, only underwear, showing off their thighs anytime they sat down.

Ultimately though, he and Will spent most of the time goofing around, flexing and showing off – especially toward the sidekicks.

Will thought it was hilarious to slap and grab everyone’s ass, which was a prank Xander gladly took part in. “Spanking the ‘kicks” Will called it.

Once Will pushed his flat ass out at the squat rack, Xander smacked it and ran, as if fearing retribution. It had become a little inside joke between them.

Xander stopped in his tracks when he came eye to eye with a blond muscle god. Wait… He turned to the mirror. The guy in front of him was an exact copy of himself.

A clone? Oh, right.

“You must be B1,” Xander said.

His ‘clone’ grinned and crossed his arms. “How did you figure that out so fast?”

Was that what his voice sounded like? So deep and jockish and… kinda douchy? He liked that.

“I mean, B1 is pretty famous,” Xander said. “It was genius how you pretended to be the president and the assassin fell for it.” It had been issue #309 of the hero chronicles, although an assassination attempt was obviously also one for the regular history books.

“Thanks, bro.” The doppelgänger dissolved into a shorter, handsome white boy with a lightly muscled body and a broad neck. His hazel eyes were full of mischief. “Feels like a lifetime ago.”

“Yeah, it must have been one of your first missions.”

“Pretty much,” B1 said. “I’m Henry by the way. 22, from Toronto. I’ve read your file already, Xander 4X.”

“Wow, you’ve been here as long as Akio.”

Henry thought for a second, probably remembering how long it had been. Xander used the moment to check out Henry’s package. Nothing special but he had a Prince Albert ring. Hot.

“If he finds a successor and moves on to a big league team,” Henry said, “I’ll follow I guess. By the way, I don’t usually make an illusion of someone without asking, but this is how we haze the newbie’s here.”

“Gotcha. No hard feelings. I know it’s awesome being me. Hehe.”

Henry smirked. “Wouldn’t know. It’s only a shell of light. Are you actually training or just showing off.”

“Guess,” Xander said, slipped his tank top down to his hips and flexed.

When it was time for lunch, most guys in the gym hit the gym showers instead of going back to their rooms. Xander joined them.

There was nothing to see he couldn’t see whenever he wanted but it was the perfect opportunity to show off his monster dick.

Will and Garth were the only A-listers in the showers and they already knew what he was packing.

He sensed the ‘kicks practically freeze with shock and awe as he swaggered nude onto the tiles, dickhead exposed and glistening. The massive meat-sicle swung side to side, slapping his smooth, rippling thighs.

Oh yeah, he thought, take a good look and dream of me tonight.

The best part started when he was letting the water run over him with eyes closed. He could 4D-look through his own eyelids.

Half a dozen boys – including Garth and Will – stared with blank faces at his crotch, believing he was none the wiser. It was tough not to burst out laughing.

“So,” Henry B1 said and cleared his throat. “Doesn’t that thing tear pussies to shreds?”

Xander kept washing his hair with eyes ‘closed’. “Prob’ly. Haven’t had this tool for long. I guess I’ll muscle down a little for my secret identity.”

“A little?”

Xander grinned and opened his eyes. “Yeah, not too much. Wouldn’t want to shrink down to your level, hehe.” He smacked Henry’s ass and swaggered out of the showers. He couldn’t let the others see that he was getting hard from excitement.

Over the next while Xander kept an eye on the ‘kicks in case they jerked off in a way that gave them away as homos but no such luck.

Henry-B1 liked pulling his balls, kneeling on the ground and choking himself a little when he jerked off, so he was probably into being dominated but he watched plenty of vanilla straight porn.

Adam-B8 and Buck-B9 spent all their time in the lab but rarely interacted outside of it. Both jerked off in their beds but Buck liked to rub one out in the lab on the rare occasions he was there alone. But looked at female superhero fake nudes.

Jed-B5 and DeShawn-B7 loved hanging out together but it seemed they both had non-exclusive girlfriends. Jed had a weird habit of humping his pillow, while DeShawn almost never jerked off without using a pussy-fleshlight.

Filipe-B6 was into amateur porn. Always straight, mostly Brazilian, sometimes violent.

Todd was practically addicted to lesbian porn although he didn’t even jerk off every day.

So Xander knew everybody’s deepest, darkest secrets. And felt pretty alone in his gayness. At least everyone respected him. He’d keep it that way. And he’d keep 4D looking at their inviting holes.

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