By The Fate of Desire
published December 1, 2019

Jake Rivers has it all: good looks, money, fame… unless a strange text from an unknown number has anything to say about that, of course.

“Fuck, it’s hot,” I said, wiping the sweat from my brow.

My chest heaved up and down as I placed my hands on my hips, my entire body glistening with perspiration. 

Man, nothing like a morning run to get the blood pumping.

My morning runs had become one of my favorite parts of my day: Every day at 5:45 a.m, I’d roll out of bed and slip on my running shorts, lace up my shoes, and head out the front door. Living in a gated community with its own personal track field had its perks; I could run around, carefree, squeeze my cardio in, and I could finish it all before 6:30.

This summer, however, had been a scorcher. And I mean it. With the sun already up and blazin’ by 6 a.m., the temperature quickly climbed into the 90s by the time I’d be finishing up mile 3 of my 5 mile run. And boy, could I sweat up a storm. It’s why I always opted running shirtless because, I mean, what was the point, right? Plus, when you look this good, it’s a win-win situation for everyone. Especially for all the other gay men I’d encounter on my runs… I lost track of how many of them I had already hooked up with in the past, and, quite frankly, they were lucky to be hooking up with me.

I was hot. And that’s if I’m going to be modest about it: I was 6 foot 1, 210 pounds of lean, solid muscle. My chest was powerful, my legs were thick, my arms were chiseled in all the right areas, and my abs were ripped. If I wasn’t so caught up about running my fitness business, I could’ve easily been a fitness model. And, hell, I still got offered up a few gigs every now and then. As a matter of fact, if you check out Men’s Health next month, yours truly will be smacked right on the cover:

Jake Rivers.

Even my name has a ring to it, don’t you think?

“Man,” I said, catching my breath. “I could kill for a smoothie right now.”

And with that, I was jogging back to my house, a gorgeous two-story corner lot in the back of the community. It was, by far, valued the most at this point; I had revamped it several times, gave it a bit of the Jake flair… it was truly a beauty. 

Seeing the looks on some of my hook-ups faces as they stepped into my crib always got my dick twitching. I lived for that shit: and it made them ride my cock that much better.

I mean, I couldn’t blame them. They were riding the dick of one of most successful entrepreneurs under the age of 30 in the LA-area over the last year; my business, Rivers’ Fitness, exploded onto the scene seemingly overnight… I was one rich, gorgeous, and talented 27-year-old. I would fuck me too if I could.

Pulling my keys out from my pocket, I slipped them into my front door and turned the lock. Shutting the door behind me, I plopped my keys into the small china dish on my front door table and headed for the kitchen.

Gathering some yogurt and juice from the fridge, I also rounded up some bananas, strawberries and mangos and set them on the counter next to my Vitamix blender.


Glancing over at my phone a few feet away on the counter, I saw a message from a number not saved on my phone.

Weird, I thought.

I didn’t remember setting up a hook-up with anyone, which had to be who was texting me. All the unsaved numbers on my phone were from my previous sexual encounters. Those who, at least, weren’t immediately ghosted and blocked.

Grabbing my phone, I unlocked it and read the message:

Hey neighbor neighbor! :) your number is almost the same as mine! Except my last two digits are 34 and you’re 35! So you’re my number neighbor just one digit above!

“Great,” I said, chuckling to myself. I had heard about this trend recently. A ton of people on social media were talking about: Strangers were texting people that had nearly identical phone numbers as them, except the final digit always differed by one, either above and below. And some of the interactions actually ended up being pretty entertaining. 

As for myself, however, I hadn’t thought anyone would actually text me, cause I certainly wasn’t going to text someone I didn’t know first, even if it was just in good fun.

But, now, having nothing else planned for this lazy Sunday, I guess it wouldn’t hurt. 

Shrugging, I replied back:

haha yeah I’ve heard about this number neighbor thing. how’s it going?

Returning my attention back to my post-workout snack, I grabbed a small knife from a drawer, as well as a small cutting board.

I was about finished cutting up everything when my phone buzzed again.

I’m good :) just chilling. You a guy or girl? And how old?

Scraping the fruit into the blender, I quickly scooped out a few ounces of yogurt and added a quick dose of OJ before placing the blender lid ontop of the machine. I hit the power button and replied back:

Nice, same here. Just finished up a run. I’m a guy, and I’m 27.

I laughed to myself, wondering what I had gotten myself into. Shaking my head, I turned on the TV, letting the news play in the background as I powered off my smoothie and poured it into a tall glass.

I sprawled out onto my couch, kicking my shoes off, and placed my feet on the coffee table in front of me. I sighed, feeling the cold thick smoothie chill my chest. Damn, that was exactly what I needed.

I clicked through the channels, unable to settle on one show, until I finally gave up on some random movie that I wasn’t entirely sure with what was going on. 

It seemed to be some kind of sci-fi, coming-of-age flick. Something about some teenager that wasn’t really a kid but was actually a man that got trapped in a younger body after pissing off some wizard. 

Boring, but it would do for now.


I grabbed my phone and read the message from my newly acquainted stranger.

Cool! I’m a guy too. I’m 20. The name’s Adam. What’s yours?

Well, at least this kid wasn’t some old man or some child. That would’ve been really awkward and weird.

I replied back:

that’s cool, man. I’m Jake. Nice to meet you. Any plans today?

Placing my glass into the sink, I headed to my bedroom, fishing out a clean pair of underwear and tank top that I would lounge in for the rest of the day. I was just about to turn the shower on when Adam replied:

Nice to meet you too, Jake! :) I’m not too sure. I wanted to try out something my friend told me to look into. But, I’m not sure yet. Random, and forward, but are you gay? I am, so it’s all cool. Just don’t have many gay friends. Would you be interested?

I laughed a little under my breath, agreeing that Adam’s text came off as borderline desperate, but, hey, at least the kid had some balls for even asking, I guess.

Yeah, I’m gay, I started replying. And sure, dude. We can be friends.

I turned the faucet on, and slipped off my running shorts and boxer briefs, letting them pile up on the ground. I groaned, cracking my neck a couple times and stretching out my hamstrings. I was looking forward to the hot water relaxing my tired muscles.


Damn, this kid sure was a fast texter.

Not bothered by standing nude in my bathroom, I read the message as I continued stretching out my legs.

Really? Thanks dude! Wanna send a pic? So we can see what each other looks like? You sound cute :)

I rolled my eyes a bit, before opening the camera app. Hey, just because I was a little annoyed didn’t mean I could pass up on an opportunity to take a nice pic. Especially when I still had that post-workout glow going on.

Plus, I really had no plans today. So if I could sneak in a potential hook-up sesh, I was down. Adam having the same area code as me had me hopeful he at least still lived in the area.

I angled my phone a bit, making sure the picture captured my jaw in the best lighting, while also showing off my pecs. But, most importantly, to conceal most of the fact that I was totally naked. I flashed a quick smile, before taking the photo.

I smiled at myself, as I examined the photo. Damn, this cut was doing me good. I think I was down to nearly 10% body fat, and every muscle on my body was popping out in the best ways. I was feeling myself with how nice my beard looked. It wasn’t long enough to be considered anything intense, but definitely was a lot fuller than the light stubble I usually sported. I felt more distinguished with a beard of this length, and it made me feel more powerful and in charge. The last few guys I hooked up with even said I was on track for total daddy status, so, it definitely was working up the magic I wanted.

I typed out my message, attached the pic, and hit send:

Sorry for the lack of clothes haha. You caught me right as I was headed into the shower.

Stepping into the shower, I let the water flow over my aching muscles, particularly my legs. I lathered my body up, letting my cock bob up and down as it hardened slightly at the idea of seeing what Adam looked like. 

“Fuck,” I said, turning the water temperature up a bit further. “I really hope you’re cute, Adam… this,” I said, wrapping my hand around my thick 8-incher, “could definitely use a good fuck tonight…”


Perfect. I smiled to myself and quickly cleaned myself, actually eager to see what Adam looked like.

Once I was finished showering, I wrapped my towel around my waist, not caring that I was letting water drip over my marble floor. I grabbed my phone and brought it up to my face to unlock it.

holy shit, you’re Jake Rivers. Dude, you got no idea how awesome I think you are. You totally inspire me to get fit like you one day…

I smiled, feeling myself tent under my towel. I got turned on whenever a fan drooled over me.

My smile, however, quickly faded as I continued to read Adam’s text.

… okay, dude, so I know you’re totally out of my league… so my selfie is definitely not going to be impressive.. so… I’m sorry about that but I hope you still wanna be friends…

Underneath that was a photo covered in Apple’s “invisible ink” feature… a feature that allowed you to send people photos covered in a shimmery layer that you had swipe away with your finger to see the picture underneath…

Adam sending his selfie in invisible ink definitely could not be a good sign for me…

I swiped the shimmery texture away and pursed my lips at what I saw.

Well… he definitely wasn’t ugly… just one thousand percent not my type at all…

Adam tried emulating the pose in my selfie almost completely down to where the picture cut off. 

Adam was a dweeb. Like a total dork. He had a pair of circle-framed glasses that made him look like a wannabe Harry Potter, or Clark Kent. His black hair was swiped over to the side in a very unkempt manner, that was not entirely covering a spattering area of zits near his hairline. 

He wasn’t skinny either, but also not fat. Average was definitely how you could describe him. 

He was wearing a white tank top that was nearly as pale as his skin color, and it wasn’t doing his soft tummy any justice. In fact, it hugged it a little too tightly that it made him look like he had a bigger gut than he probably had. 

Adam also was in the process of attempting to grow a beard, but it was splotchy and patchy in all the wrong areas. It made him look like a kid trying hard to look older but it only made him look ironically younger in the process.

And to top it all off, his teeth were a mess and covered in metal. 

In the background of his picture was also a giant poster of Batman… and a desk covered in about a dozen comic books…

Yeah… hooking up with this dude was looking slimmer by the second… 


Jake? You there?

Shit, I forgot my read receipts were on.

Quickly thinking on my feet, I thought of a half-assed fake response before slipped on a pair of my favorite low-rise trunks. They accentuated my bulge perfectly and hugged my ass like a dream. It was a surprise to no one that this style of underwear was hands down my favorite.

yeah man I’m here. sorry, got distracted with this movie that i have playing on the TV. thanks for the love! I always love meeting a fan! But don’t be so hard on yourself, buddy. you’re pretty cute!

Hitting send, I threw on my dark blue tank and strolled over to my desk and opened up the message app on my laptop. This would make texting Adam easier, plus I could start making a dent on getting through all my e-mails I had been pushing off since Friday afternoon.

you think so? :) thanks! I think you’re so hot haha.

I rolled my eyes as I opened up my e-mail inbox. Damn, I hadn’t been this disappointed about something in a while. And to think I got myself all worked up about possibly hooking up with this loser.


wanna help me out with something? my friend did it yesterday and it looked really cool, and I’d love to do it with you.

I sighed, wondering how I could end this conversation without sounding like a total dick, but even the possibility of completely ignoring him seemed extremely appealing. I’d give the kid a few more messages, but then it was over. I replied:

what is it? 


FaceTime me! It’ll be easier to explain.

Yeah, nope.

Uh idk man I’m kind of busy.


Pleaseeeee, it’ll be fast I swear. It’s really awesome.

10 minutes. Tops.

I’d tell all my friends about how chill you are. I’m sure it’d be good for business.

“Fuck,” I muttered under my breath. This is why I didn’t want to come off rude earlier because the last thing I needed was negative press spread by some dweeb. It would definitely look bad on my end… Things were going too good right now for some dumb scandal to put me under…

Whatever, I thought. If shit got too weird, I could always just hang up: 

All right, sure.

I clicked the FaceTime symbol shortly afterwards and waited for Adam to answer. 

“Jake!” Adam said, excitedly. He was sitting at the desk in his photo, presumably his bedroom. The lighting was pretty low, but luckily there was an open window behind him that made things a bit more visible.

God, he even sounds like a dweeb, trying not to cringe at his slightly nasally voice.

“What’s up, man?” I said, putting my hand on the back of my head, making sure to flex slightly. Hey, maybe I could even sweet talk him into buying some gear or maybe even a workout plan.

“I can’t believe you’re actually my number neighbor,” Adam said, shaking his head. “This is so cool!”

“Yeah,” I said, forcing a laugh. “Shit’s pretty crazy. So, what did you need help with?”

“Alright,” Adam said, typing on his computer. “I’m sending you a link to this website. Click on it when you get it. It’s supposed to take you to this page and all the instructions are there. It’s kind of like, a game if you will.”

“Sounds interesting…” I said, lying. The sooner I got this out of the way, the quicker I could return to rummaging through my emails.

“And… sent!” Adam said, smiling. “Lemme know when you get it.”


“Got it,” I said, staring at the link. The link preview was odd. It didn’t say anything, really. Just showed a blank, white square, and no text. “What kind of game is this?”

“All the info is in there!” Adam said, repeating his statement from earlier. “But, it’s kind of like… a sci-fi type of concept.”

Shrugging, I clicked the link.

Suddenly, my web browser opened up a page with a painfully blinding white flash of light.

“Shit!” I said, squinting my eyes shut. My vision got hazy briefly, my eyes attempting to recover from being assaulted by an unnecessarily bright screen. A few moments later, I reopened them. When my eyes focused back on the page, there was nothing but a couple sentences:

subjects determined. lives accessed. player 1 selected as subject in power. player 2 selected as subject without power. begin altering at will.

“What the fuck is this, Adam?” I said, reopening the FaceTime call window. “I got blinded by some white light and now I finished reading the instructions but I don’t understand them at all.”

“Holy shit,” Adam said, giggling. “It really worked!”

“What did, Adam?” I said, crossing my arms over my chest. “What kind of shit is this?”

“You’ll see soon enough, Jakey,” Adam said, smiling.

“Okay, dude,” I said, scowling. “I think that’s enough of this. I gotta draw the line at Jakey, plus I don’t appreciate getting involved in whatever this is. But, I’m gonna hang up now…”

“No, Jake, I don’t think you will,” Adam said, crossing his own arms over his flat chest. “You’re going to stay on this call as long as I say so.”

“Cya, Adam,” I said, hovering my mouse cursor over the red button… but I couldn’t click it. As much as I tried to… my finger wouldn’t press down. 

“What… what the fuck?” I said, furrowing my brows. “Why… why can’t I hang up?”

“Cause I said you couldn’t,” Adam said, smiling. 

“What?” I said, my voice rising slightly. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“You’re the subject without power, remember?” Adam said. “And I’m going to be making some changes. Starting with… you know I really love your beard. I’ve always wanted to be able to grow one, but, as you can see… I can’t really…”

My face started to heat up, and my mouth dropped at what I was seeing. Within seconds, I saw hair sprout on Adam’s face, coating it all in a nice, healthy well-groomed pattern nearly identical to mine… but what was most frightening was what was happening to my own face.

My beard was vanishing. It was withering away at the same rate Adam’s was growing, until there were just a few stray scraggly wisps on my upper lip, chin, and random areas of my cheeks. It was the most pathetic looking beard I had ever seen. 

“What the fuck?” I said, almost at a whisper-level. “What the fuck is this? How are you doing this? Stop this right now you fucking dweeb!”

“Oh?” Adam said, rubbing his newly acquired facial hair. “Me? A dweeb?”

“Yeah, you little shit,” I said, almost yelling. “You got superhero posters plastered in your room and comics all over the fucking place. Give me back my facial hair back and go buy yourself some Rogaine if you want one! You probably wear Spider-Man undies since you clearly have never been laid before.”

“Well, Jake,” Adam said, chuckling. “I’m not sure what you mean. I’m pretty sure you’re the dweeb with the comic book obsession. And don’t you love wearing Y-cut tighty whitey briefs?”

My eyes widened as I noticed Adam’s background change. The posters in his room disappeared, being replaced with music vinyls, and sports trophies. The comics on his desk turned into health magazines and notebooks.

My room also shifted spontaneously. I gasped watching massive posters of the Justice League, Aquaman, Superman and Batman cover nearly every inch of my walls. My mouth gaped as crates of comic books cluttered underneath my bed, replacing the free-weights and other exercise equipment I typically stored there.

The biggest shock, however, was my low-rise trunks melting away and becoming a pair of skin-tight tighty whiteys that looked severely out of place on my massively muscular body.

“Holy fucking shit,” I said, standing up from my desk and running over to my nightstand. I opened the top drawer and choked at the sight of rows and rows of white briefs. Gone were my trunks, my boxer-briefs and even my jockstraps. Instead, were the same style of childish underwear that I hated even when I was an actual kid.

“Fuck!” I said, holding my head. Memories of comic store visits as a child plagued my mind. Thousands of trivial facts on every comic book imaginable flooded my brain. I could distinguish between even the most obscure series, and I even remembered going to a comic shop yesterday and being thrilled at finding a variant for a comic I had been searching for for months now.

“What are you doing to me, you fucking pale freak!” I said, yelling.

“Pale?” Adam said. “Me? Nah, I’m always a golden tanned man. You, my friend, seem like you could get a little sun. You’re looking pretty pasty.”

“No!” I said, pushing my arms out in front of me. My stunning tan dissolved into nothingness, my entire body taking on a pale white that looked like it burned instantaneously if I wasn’t wearing at least 100+ SPF.

“Stop this!” I said, nearing tears. “You can’t do this to me!”

“Aw, Jakey,” Adam said. “But I can! Don’t get too upset now. You’re gonna knock those glasses off your nose.”

A pair of thick-lens frames materialized on my face, identical to the pair Adam had been wearing just moments before. I ripped them off my face, horrified when I realized I couldn’t see a foot in front of me without them.

“This isn’t happening to me,” I said, gasping. I walked back to my desk, gawking at the man on the screen.

Adam was looking more handsome with every command he spoke. His olive tan contrasted amazingly with his white tank top, and that beard truly made his jawline pop. And without his frames, I could notice how beautiful his blue eyes were. He was looking less of a dweeb and more of a handsome man.

“Please, Adam,” I said, realizing the dire situation I was in. “I’ll do whatever you want, man. Just please, stop this. Change me back. I can give you anything.”

“Don’t worry, Jake,” Adam said, laughing. “I’m sure you’re still a catch with the guys. I heard some men really like muscled dudes with small packages.”

I yelped, feeling my junk dwindle away.

“No, no, no!” I said, pawing at my crotch. My impressive bulge vanishing before my eyes. Where there once was an obscene protruding mound now lay a flat, hardly noticable lump between my thick, muscular thighs.

I pulled the waist band back to peek inside and started crying at the sight. My cock couldn’t have been bigger than 2 inches soft, whereas before it was a solid 6.5 inches flaccid. My balls were tiny, perhaps the size of grapes. I looked like a freak.

“Wow, thanks for these inches, Jakey,” Adam said, his hands in his pants. I think I’m over 8 inches now. Let’s see how big you are hard, shall we?”

My cock sprung to life, stiffening to its full potential. It hardly made a difference.

“You took away nearly all of it,” I said, miserably. “I must be like 3 inches..”

“Aw, relax, Jake,” Adam said, smirking. “Your voice always cracks too much when you’re upset. I guess that’s what happens when you have a high pitched, nasally voice.”

“NooOOoOo,” I said, whining. My voice cracked on its way up, my healthy baritone creeping up into a lighter timbre. “AdaM, you need to SToP this!”

“Take off your shirt, Jake,” Adam said, his voice booming as it deepened. “Pose for me”

I flung my tank top across the room, posing in various positions.

“You know, I’ve always wanted to be 6 foot tall,” Adam said, “I’m only 5 foot 4 after all.”

The room began to grow around me as I plummeted towards the ground beneath me. I screamed and I dropped further and further, inches of height transferring over to the monster on the other side of my computer monitor. The first few inches were sudden, but the last several took their sweet time as I approached my new height of 5 foot 5, having surrendered 8 inches of my stature.

“God dammit, Adam, please” I said, grabbing at my throat, wincing at how pathetic I really sounded. “I’ll give you money, anything!”

“How bout your muscles instead?” Adam said, ripping off his tank top.

“Nooooo!” I said, yelling. My hard work melted away like it was nothing. The years I spent sculpting my muscles to perfection, the hours of putting together a routine just right, the power and strength I held so dearly… all stolen from me.

My pecs shriveled up on my chest. My arms thinned rapidly as they lost all definition. My legs followed suit, giving me an overall puny appearance. My abs vanished, giving me a flat tummy that hadn’t seen a crunch in years. My briefs hung lamely on my hips, now a couple sizes too big.

I looked like a loser.

Adam, on the other hand, was a stud. He looked like a man anyone would want to get laid up with, man or woman. He was ripped, sculpted, built. I wept, staring at my image on my computer screen.

I really was a dweeb. A dweeb with no muscle tone, a pasty skin tone, thick glasses, a tiny prick, and way too many comic books that kept all the men I was interested in away from me. Zits began to sprout near my greasy hair-line as I continued to cry.

“Please, Adam,” I said, desperately. “I’m begging you… there’s still time to fix this… I can’t be like this… I’m too old for this kind of shit and I worked too hard for this…”

The tears ran down my cheeks, and down my totally flat chest. My twig-like arms shook as my knobby knees threatened to give out at any moment. “There’s nothing wrong with being an 18-year-old obsessed with comics, Jakey, baby,” Adam smiled, flexing his pecs for the camera.

The years reversed themselves. All my memories of college disappeared from my mind. Gone was my business, my life’s work. My degrees, my car, everything I had spent time building.

Even my room changed, until I realized I no longer owned my own place. Instead, I was back in my childhood room, living once again with my parents. My new interior decor still hung on the walls and my comics still lay under my now twin-sized bed covered in flannel sheets.

“Oh my god,” I said, not caring anymore about how much I blubbered.

“So, yeah, thanks for the money too, man,” Adam said. “Guess it was a win-win, huh? But don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll have all the time in the world to get back to where you were. Once you know, once you graduate high school. I mean, you did flunk both the 4th and 7th grades, so you’re still considered a sophomore in high school… but, hey, you’ll be graduated in just a couple years!”

My brain turned into mush as my IQ dropped drastically. I remembered the embarrassment of watching my friends graduate on time as I sat in classrooms filled with kids 2 years my junior because I spent too many nights when I was younger reading comics under my bed sheets instead of studying for exams. My parents were grounded me for a whole year after I flunked 4th grade, and a year and a half after I failed 7th.

“Adam,” I said, moaning. “I can’t… I remember who I used to be… this isn’t right please, please stop…”

“It’ll all be over so soon, Jakey,” Adam said, now poking at his stomach, his abs buried underneath a layer of fat. “First, time to get rid of this…” I gasped feeling the fat accumulate on my bones. I watched in horror at my jawline became hidden under a soft double chin, and my nipples became slightly droopy on my chest. My flat tummy became a little belly, then a rounder belly until I looked like I needed to start running to get rid of it. My legs jiggled as the weight piled itself on.

I was officially a chubby nerd. Gone was 10% body fat. I was now somewhere between 20-22%, and it would take months, maybe even longer until I could even be considered remotely skinny.

“Oh my god,” I said, tears rolling down my plump cheeks. I lifted my belly up, watching it flop slightly over my waist band. My ass jiggled as I ran over to my closet mirror, my briefs readjusting to an appropriate size. My entire wardrobe shifted itself into an array of gaudy graphic tees and khaki pants. Seatbelt belts with comic logos and caps with slogans littered my shelves. All my workout gear was replaced with board games and video games; the only sport I played must have been Wii Tennis, something I hadn’t touched in years since I bought my Nintendo Switch with the money I saved up from working at the comic shop around the corner.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked, miserably. “Why me?”

“Well,” Adam said, as he posed in his tight low-rise trunks, cupping his junk and flexing his legs. “You were an accident. I never thought it would be you. My friend did this shit with his number neighbor last night. We didn’t know the power of the website… it was all an accident. But when he turned into a stud and the other dude ended up becoming a sniveling skinny guy, I knew I had to join my friend. You ending up being, well, you, just made things so much more fun. I had so much I could change and take from you… so thanks, little guy. Or, should I say, big guy?” Adam chuckled, pointing at my shrunken, chubby body.

“Fuck you…” I said, holding my head in my hands. “You’ve ruined my life!”

“And given you a new one,” Adam said, rolling his tongue over his brackets. “Oh, almost forgot about these…”

My groaned in pain as metal chunks glued themselves onto my crooked teeth, rubber bands finding their appropriate pattern in my mouth. The orthodontist said he hoped I’d only have to wear my braces for about another year or so. I really hoped so too.

“I’ll help you find someone else, Adam,” I said, still begging. “Change me back and we can find someone better… please, I want to be me again…”

“But that’s the thing, Jakey,” Adam said, mocking me. “This, is you now. A sad, chubby, little dweeb. That’s what you are. The 27-year-old, fit, rich, douchey asshole, is gone. And me, Adam, the soft, average-Joe, is also gone. Now, I’m probably hotter than you ever were. And smart, and rich. And I’m gonna have so much fun… hell my birthday is next month. I’ll be 30. And god, what a blast that is gonna be…”

“And who knows,” Adam said, bending over his laptop. “Find me in a couple years… maybe, and just maybe. I’ll let you worship this body. Cya, dweeb.” And with that, he was gone.

I stood in silence, tears still staining my cheeks. A sad, pathetic, dumb, nerd. Who knew nothing about getting in shape, who know everything about Batman, and who would be living with his parents for many years to come.

BUZZ. I checked my phone, an old iPhone 7 instead of my previous iPhone X Max. It was Adam.

oh, don’t worry. I’ll let you remember who you were from time to time. I’ll check on your regularly. But, now, number neighbor. I’ll let you forget this. so you can have fun with your new life ;) text you next month.

I shook my head, confused who this person texting me was. Deciding to ignore it, I deleted the message and walked back over to my closer, pulling out my favorite Avengers tee and a pair of appropriate cargo pants to go along with it.

They made my butt look a bit nicer than anything else I owned, plus, the cute regular was gonna show up to the D&D tournament tonight at the comic shop. He was sooo dreamy… he had muscles and everything and I actually think he was flirting with me last time.

Me! Of all people… I hoped he would talk to me, maybe ask for my number. I lost track of how many times I dreamt about him fucking me… god, just the thought of it made my little dick stand straight up…

“Jake!” My mom said, yelling from downstairs. “Breakfast is ready!”

“Coming mom!” I said, yelling back. I pushed my glasses up on my nose and threw on my clothes quickly.

I hoped she was making pancakes; they were the easiest and quickest to eat, and my shift at the shop started in about an hour.

God, I couldn’t wait to see Steve later that night… I really needed a good fuck…

This has been sitting in my drafts for months now - I was never sure if I actually liked it. I wanted to revise it, edit it a bit, but I never got around to doing so.

However, here I am now, a bit drunk, and just finishing re-reading this, and, honestly, I don’t think it’s half bad. Maybe you guys will think so too.

Hope you enjoy this. Maybe I’ll post something else in the near future. Like the story I’m drunkenly typing up based off an idea I got earlier today. Or maybe it’ll live in my drafts for another few months. Who knows.

Till next time? Raul.

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Mind control
Wanking material