Way Too Much!

By Willie Cici
published November 30, 2019

College student is spending too much money on beer. His uncle teaches him how to home-brew …

Jack Kastonder resisted opening his eyes. The Friday night binging of friend, foods and a case of beer did him in. When he did open his eyes, Jack also realized his grave mistake. Her name was Becky.

“Oh, fuck!”, he muttered to himself. “I hope we didn’t.”, he thought to himself.

The handsome Jack Kastonder, the sexy dreamboat of Charles Hall, West Wing, 5th floor, had a deep-seeded secret. To maintain his charade, he routinely bedded the vapid whores in his dorm, women with whom he had no emotional connection. Becky was different. She was a close friend, a confidant of sorts. He did not want to lose her. As he moved around the bed, Becky jostled about and said, “What time is it?”

Jack grabbed his smartphone and said, “10:13.”

Becky sprang from the bed. “Oh shit! I gotta be at work by 11.” Before she left Jack’s bedroom, she turned to face Jack. “How did I end up in your bed?”

“We must have both passed out.”, Jack said. “You’re still wearing your clothes from last night.”

Becky looked down. She was wearing her sweats and oversized hoodie. “You drink too much.”

“I know. There’s a time and place for excess: it’s called college.”, Jack teased.

Becky shook her head. She walked over to her good friend and gave him a peck on the cheek. “I don’t know why …”

“I love you like I do.”, Jack added, singing the lyric of Becky’s favorite song.

Becky sucker punched Jack in the stomach. He faked his pain and laughed. “I’ll see you later.” Becky walked out of Jack’s bedroom, into the dorm’s common room and out of Jack’s dorm room.

Jack followed Becky out of his bedroom. He walked into the common room, where the boys had purchased a small refrigerator and set up a table for a microwave and a hot water kettle. Jack opened the refrigerator and shook his head. “We’re already out of beer. We just bought a case yesterday. What the fuck!”, Jack muttered, as he grabbed the ‘Coffeemate’ to make a quick cup of instant coffee. “This shit has to stop. I’m running out of money.”

And, then, he had a thought.

“Hey, kiddo! What’s up?”, the man said. “You out of money, again?”

“Thanks, Uncle Stan. Nice talking to you, too.”, Jack said. “I gotta question. Didn’t you use to make home-made beer?”

“Yeah. Still do. Why?”, Stan said.

“Can you teach me? I’m … I spending way too much money on beer. I’m going broke.”, Jack said.

“Sure, Jack. I’ll teach you.”, Stan said. “Plus, I’ll teach you the magic in the brew.”

Jack stared into the face of his smartphone, as if to say, ‘What the fuck is he talking ‘bout’?’ Jack then said, “Magic brew. Okay.”

“You don’t believe me, but, it’s … let’s just say, whatever you want the drinker to do, she’ll do. Two beers and you’ll have the hottest hottie on campus in your bed.”

“Sure. That would be great.”, Jack said, deciding to just humor the old man. He did not have the heart to tell his favorite uncle that he ‘played for the other team’, a phrase Jack was sure Uncle Stan used to described gay people. “When can we do this?”

“Do you have a midterm break?”, Stan asked.

“Yeah. In about a week.”, Jack said.

“Okay. When you get home, call and we’ll make a batch. It’s gonna take a couple of days.”, Stan said.

“I understand. I’ve been researching home brewing online.”, Jack added.

“Good. See you soon.”, Stan said.

Jack ended the call and nodded ‘yes’. He knew he could count on Uncle Stan.

Four weeks later –

Jack walked into his dorm room and dropped his backpack near the door. He removed his jacket and hung it on the hook behind the door. He opened the frig and cracked open a bottle of Uncle Stan’s brew, the brew he made with his uncle during the midterm break. He shook his head in wonder. He still could not believe how much he enjoyed the homemade hooch. As he plopped himself on the couch in the common room and turned on the TV, Jack heard the door of the dorm room open and slam. Jack turned around and saw his roommate, Dave, taking off his jacket.

“Dave, you okay?”, Jack asked, as he got up from the couch. His usually easy-going roommate rarely displayed such emotion.

“Yeah. I’m fine.”, Dave said, his tone oozing pissed off and disgusted. As he opened the frig., he shook his head and asked, “Ain’t we got any real beers?”

“No. Only my microbrews.”, Jack said.

“Fuck! I’ll drink anything.”, Dave replied. He grabbed a bottle, cracked it open and walked towards the couch and plopped.

“What happened?”, Jack asked.

“Guess?”, Dave said. When Jack paused, “I didn’t get the internship.”

Jack shook his head. “Dave, what did you expect? Professor Andrews propositioned you. You said no. She chose someone who said yes.” Jack shook his head. “You’re an idiot. If Stephanie Andrews said to me, ‘Eat my pussy and get a $10,000 a year internship’, I’d eat the bitch to the bone. I’d eat the bitch if she were ugly. Stephanie Andrews is hot.” Jack shook his head again. “The stud of the Charles West 5. All of sudden you developed morals. What the fuck were you thinking?”

“It’s not that simple. I have a girlfriend.”, Dave whined.

Jack shook his head again. He did not have the heart to tell Dave that his girlfriend fucked half the guys in James Hall. “You’re an idiot.”, Jack muttered. He gulped the last of his beer and head to the frig to grab another beer. “You want another?”, Jack asked.

“Yeah. Might as well.”, Dave replied, as he finished his beer and handed the empty bottle to Jack. Jack grabbed two beers and returned to his roomie. As Dave drank the chilled brew, he said, “You should give this beer a name. ‘Tasteslikeshit’ works.”

“I know you hate my beer, but it’s not that bad.”, Jack said. “Plus, it’s all we can afford.”

Dave nodded ‘yes’. The two dormmates drank their beer and watched tv. When Jack got up to get another beer, he grabbed another one for Dave. He returned and handed Dave the third bottle. “Have another.”, Jack said. Dave finished the last gulp of his second beer, handed the empty bottle to Jack and started drinking the third bottle, without a word.

Jack headed to the kitchen to throw away Dave’s empty bottle. He returned to the couch and watched TV with Dave. When he turned to Dave to ask him a question, Jack noticed Dave’s distant look and listlessness. “You okay?”, Jack asked. Dave didn’t answer. “Drink up. There’s plenty.”, Jack insisted.

Dave chugged the rest of his beer and handed the bottle to Jack. Jack walked to the frig, grabbed another round of beers and returned to the couch. “Drink up. Too good to waste.” Dave consumed the fourth beer in two gulps. He handed Jack the empty bottle.

Jack remembered his Uncle Stan bragging about the ‘magic’ of his brews. “Get the girls to drink your beer. They’ll do everything you want.”, Stan insisted. Now, Jack wanted to test Uncle Stan’s beer on his roommate, Dave. He grabbed another beer from the frig and handed it to Dave.

“I can’t, Jack.”, Dave insisted. “I’m already drunk.”

Jack stood in front of Jack, blocking the TV and handed him another chilled bottle. “Drink.”, Jack ordered. Dave stared into Jack’ eyes. Despite his objection, Dave found himself drinking the cold brew.

Jack sat on the couch and smiled. He lowered his gyms shorts, whipped out his cock and started stroking his cock. “Is your cock hard?”, Jack said. “All this beer is making me horny.”

“Dude! What are you doing?”, Dave mocked.

“Dude, it’s just us.”, Jack said. When Dave hesitated, Jack said, “Dave, take out your dick and jerk-off.” Dave stared at Jack, shaking his head. “Dave, take off your clothes. Now.”, Jack said in a stern, dictatorial tone. Jack rose from the couch and removed his clothes. He sat on the couch and fondled his junk. “Good. Now stroke your cock. Nice and slow. Just like me. Nice and slow.”, Jack ordered. The two roommates wrapped their hands around their cocks and stroked, slowly, up and down, spitting on their cocks when they needed some natural lube.

Jack then took Dave’s hand and placed on his junk. “Stroke my cock.”, Jack ordered. Dave stroked Jack’s cock and Jack reciprocated, as only fair. The two roomies stared into each other’s eyes as they stroked each other’s cock, getting harder and harder.

Jack closed his eyes. He could not believe what was happening. He harbored his lust for Dave since Freshmen Year. The two juniors, now enjoying the benefits of upperclassmen, in a two-bedroom dorm pod, entertained their respective partners, but Jack always kept a leering eye on Dave, his muscled frame, lean, not model sculpted to perfection, but clearly in shape. Now, Uncle Stan’s ‘magic beer’ fulfilled his lust.

Jack rose from the couch, opened Dave’s legs, and knelt in between his legs. He stroked Dave’s cock and licked the tip of his thick, mushroom head. “What are you doing?”

“Sit there and be quiet and enjoy.”, Jack ordered, as he swallowed Dave’s throbbing member. He could feel the blood coursing through the veins that lined the 8” beast. “He’s so big.”, Jack thought to himself. Dave’s cock felt so natural in his mouth. He happily bobbed up and down, massaging Dave’s cock with his tongue and mouth. He deepthroated Dave’ rock hard cock to the point of gag, released and then did it again.

“Feels so good.”, Dave moaned, as he grabbed the back of Jack’s head and forced Jack to deepthroat Dave’s monster cock.

That only made Jack suck Dave harder. In minutes, Dave moaned as Jack stroked Dave’s cock, cum spraying all over his face, neck and upper chest.

“What the fuck is going on here?”, a voice called out.

Jack looked up and found his friend, Charlie, standing near the door of the dorm room, holding a six-pack of beer.

“Come in. It’s just what you think.”, Jack said. “Grab a beer from the frig. It’s that home brew you said you liked.” Jack smiled. “This could be fun.”

The next morning –

Dave felt a slight chill on his body. (To see Dave and Jack, click here). He opened his eyes and quickly closed them. When he opened his eyes again, Dave found his cock, morning wood erect, deep in Jack’s ass. He hopped off the mattress and shouted, “What the fuck happened?” He scrambled to find some clothes and disassociate himself with the morning’s stark reality.

Jack opened his eyes. He turned around and said, “What?”

“What happened last night?”, Dave insisted.

“I don’t know. We drank. We watched TV. We passed out. I think we went through our beers and the six pack Charlie brought over.”, Jack said.

“Charlie?”, Dave said, scratching his head. He did not remember getting drunk or getting naked. He clearly didn’t remember Charlie.

“You can never tell anyone what happened.”, Dave insisted.

“Nothing happened. I don’t even know what you’re talking about.”

“I woke up with my dick in your ass.”, Dave shouted.

“I don’t think so. I think I would have felt your dick in my ass.”, Jack said, as he pointed towards Dave’s dangling phallus.

Dave quickly donned his underwear and said, “And stop looking at my dick.”

“Dave, I don’t know what happened. But since, I don’t remember anything, then nothing happened. So forget it.”, Jack said.

Dave took a deep breath and looked at his roomie. “You’re right. I’m sorry.” Dave extended his fist for a ‘bro-fist pump’, which Jack reciprocated. “I’m gonna shower and then go to the library.”

“You do that.”, Jack said, as he watched his roomie saunter into the showers.

Jack walked into his room and found Charlie asleep in Jack’s bed. He shook his head, as he spooned with Jack, slipping his semi-hard cock into Charlie’s boy pussy. It felt so wet and warm. He draped their naked bodies with the blanket on Jack’s bed.

Charlie opened his eyes and turned his head to face Jack. “You okay?”

“Yeah. I’m fine.”, Jack said, as he kissed his boy.

“I thought I heard Dave.”, Charlie said.

“Poor bastard! He drank way too much last night.”, Jack said, with a wry smile.

Charlie resumed his sleeping pose, arched his back and cooed as Jack adjusted his harder member in Charlie’s ass.

Dave would never remember how he lost his gay cherry that night, fucking Jack and Charlie, the dorm twink with the sexy body and tight ass. Charlie stumbled into Jack’s dorm room as Jack was blowing Dave. Jack could not let the opportunity pass.

It was way too much for Jack to handle.

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