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Daddy Coach

By Ruffcub
published November 26, 2019
2764 words

A nosy neighbor gets more than he bargained for when he attempts to close down the frat.

To say I was pissed at my new neighbours would be an understatement. They’d bought the place a week ago, with the intention of making it their new frat house and while I had nothing against fraternities in principle, I sure as hell didn’t want one next door.

As chairman of the local resident’s association, I wasn’t prepared to sit back and watch while a bunch of roided up meatheads ruined the neighborhood and when I saw one of them giving the other a blowjob out by the pool, it was the last straw.

Knowing they’d probably be too smart to trip themselves up, I decided that the best way to deal with them would be to capture some evidence of their behaviour on surveillance camera and present it at the resident’s association or maybe even to the cops if, as I thought, they were doing drugs.

As I discretely set up cameras overlooking their yard and out front looking onto the street, I tried to work out where they could have got the money from to buy the place but these days, it was hard to know what to make of these millennial types.

For the first few days, my evening playback of the surveillance footage didn’t reveal anything untoward and I was beginning to think the whole thing had been a waste of my time and money until, on the evening of the fourth day, a Friday, I saw something that made my blood run cold in footage from earlier in the afternoon.

The video started at about 3.15pm when a police cruiser pulled up outside the frat house and onto the driveway. After a moment, an overweight, middle-aged cop hauled himself out of the car and approached the front door which was just about in range of the camera at the front of the house. At the edge of the frame I could see the cop standing at the door of the house and it looked like he was speaking with someone just out of view when he was suddenly enveloped in a kind of pink glow.

A moment later, as I watched in amazement, the cops uniform disappeared leaving him naked and fully exposed before he suddenly began to grow taller and inflate with muscle until he looked like some kind of fitness model. Weirdly, the cop didn’t seem to react and simply stood there on the front doorstep, frozen in place as the changes washed over his body.

In just a few seconds, he’d gone from having a nondescript dad bod to the kind of shredded physique you’d expect from a hardcore gym bunny but the changes hadn’t stopped yet. Without his police hat, the cop’s balding scalp had been obvious but it was rapidly filling in now with thick dark hair that spread down his cheeks into a luxurious beard that ended just below his shelf like pecs and looked like it should have taken months to grow out.

After a moment’s pause, the transformed cop suddenly went from being naked to fully clothed but instead of the uniform he’d been wearing before he looked like he was ready to go to the gym in some kind of camo print spandex tights, neon green sneakers and a black sleeveless hoodie with a backwards red ball cap perched on his head.

Just as suddenly as it had started, the pink glow stopped and the guy who had been the cop turned around as if to head back to the cruiser giving me a full view of his face and the shock of my life. The cop now looked exactly like one of the frat boys I’d seen out by the frat house pool after they first moved in. I paused the video and zoomed in but there was no doubt, it was definitely him. I tried to reconcile several weeks’ memories of the frat boy with what I’d just seen in the video but it didn’t make sense and I was starting to get a headache thinking about it.

Starting the video again, I rubbed my temples, watching in amazement as the former cop, now accompanied by one of the other frat boys walked down the driveway towards where the cop’s cruiser had been where I now noticed that it too had been transformed, in this case into a tacky looking red convertible.

I began to feel lightheaded as a stronger wave of nausea washed over me and looking back at the screen where the video was still playing, looked on in amazement as the two jacked up guys got into the car and drove off down the street.

By this point I was sweating profusely, the headache starting to throb insistently along with a gnawing feeling of fear tugging at my stomach. Realising I’d stumbled onto something much bigger than a rowdy frat house, I decided the best thing to do would be to dismantle the surveillance camera setup, keep a low profile and try to move away from the neighborhood as quickly as possible.

Rising unsteadily from my chair, I was on my way to the kitchen to grab some water when I heard three loud bangs on the front door. I hesitated for a moment, still unnerved by what I’d just seen on the camera footage but pulling myself together, I headed to the door and peered through the door viewer where I was suddenly enveloped in a bright pink glow.

It was a weird feeling like that floaty, detached from reality feeling you get as you fall asleep but I didn’t have time to contemplate it for long as I heard a voice coming from the other side of the door.

“Hey neighbor, you’re going to calmly open the door and invite us in.”

The voice was right, I definitely was going to invite whoever it was in. I instinctively knew that something bad was probably going to happen but for some reason, I was completely calm and it just felt right to do what the voice said. In no time at all, I’d unlatched the chain and swung open the door to reveal two of the frat boys from next door, one of whom was pointing some kind of toy ray-gun at me from which the pink glow streamed out.

I recognised the guy holding the gun as the one who’d been giving head by the pool last week and the other one, with a sudden sinking feeling, as the middle aged cop I’d just seen transformed on my camera footage.

“Listen up bro,” said the guy with the gun grimly. “you’re going to tell us truthfully why’ve you set up cameras and shit all over the place.”

“I put the cameras up because your frat house and everyone in it are a blight on the area.” I began enthusiastically.

I didn’t want to spill the beans but for some reason, I blurted out the whole story about the surveillance cameras and my plans to snitch them to the cops or resident’s association.

“I don’t want a frat house next door with you guys fucking each other out by the pool and disrupting hard working folks with your all night keggers. I was going to capture footage of you doing something that would get the university to close you down or the cops to throw your asses in jail.”

For a moment, I wondered why I’d told them my whole plan until I realised the pink glow from the ray-gun must have something to do with it.

“Not cool, bro, not cool” said the guy with the gun shaking his head sadly. “Well, we’ve come to an agreement with the cops which I guess just leaves you to deal with. What do you think we should do with him Clyde?”

The former-cop eyed me judicially, stroking his luxurious beard with meaty fingers before replying. “Since he’s so into security, what about someone to keep an eye on the frat house for us when we’re out?”

“Bro!” said gun dude excitedly “you’ve nailed it! OK, looky-loo, what do you do for a living?”

Once again, I found myself on autopilot as I told him about my freelance writing work before he cut me off.

“Whatever dude, that sounds like total buzzkill. You’re not smart enough to be a writer, you’re a security guard now.”

I thought about it for a moment because it didn’t seem right and wondered if he was changing me somehow using the ray-gun, just like he had with Clyde, the guy who’d been a cop before. I knew I should be freaking out about the whole situation as tried to think what he might be changing but there was nothing. After all, I’d always been a security guard ever since I flunked out of school and couldn’t land anything more lucrative.

I looked confusedly around my hallway which seemed a bit shabbier than I remembered somehow but the guy with the gun was talking again.

“Looks like your job gives you plenty time to hit the weights though bro. Your uniform looks like it’s sprayed on.”

As he finished speaking, I felt a weird sensation of pressure all over my body like an all over deep tissue massage followed by a feeling of constriction as my clothes shifted into a new form. I knew I looked kind of freaky but I loved the way my uniform looked on me with the corded muscle of my arms bulging obscenely out of the short sleeved blue shirt and my thick quads pressing together against the fabric of my black polyester uniform pants as I strutted through the mall on my rounds.

“That’s a lot better bro, you look more like one of us now but we’re not done yet. You didn’t install the surveillance cameras to rat us out to the feds or your resident’s association, you installed it because you’re a sleazy voyeur and you dig checking out our sweet asses and jacked bodies when you think we’re not looking.”

I was sure that wasn’t right but the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like something I would do. After all, my new favorite pastime in the evening when I’d finished at the mall for the day was to fire up the surveillance gear and jerk my huge pole off as I watched my sexy neighbors fooling about by the pool in their yard. Man, I was getting wood now, just looking at the bulging delts on the guy with the gun, Jake, I think his name was.

“But you weren’t happy just watching us in the evening after work were you?” Jake continued, “When you saw me use the ray-gun you decided that you wanted me to use it on you to make you part of the frat didn’t you?”

He was right, of course. I wasn’t smart enough to get into college and ever since the frat opened and began to fill up with hot gym rats; I’d wanted to be closer to them. After I saw the surveillance footage of Jake transforming Clyde into a muscle bro, I’d jerked off thinking how awesome it would be if that happened to me so I’d decided to invite Jake and Clyde around and asked them to bring the gun.

“Listen man, I’ve seen what that thing can do so you gotta let me be part of the frat. I’ll do anything you guys want, just make me part of it.”

“Anything bro?” asked Jake, smirking.

“Anything, please…” I begged, self-consciously rubbing at the damp patch where my cock was starting to leak precum through my pants.

“Well, OK.” said Jake. “But first we gotta change a few things brah. You work for us now so you gotta look like one of the bros not some dumbass mall cop. You really care about fitting in at the gym which is why you only wear bodybuilder gear in bright colors and shiny fabrics.”

I felt a shimmering sensation across my skin and looking down saw my uniform had changed into an orange football jersey, black basketball shorts and red high-tops. I could just make out the words ‘DADDY’ and the number 69 in white block letters across the shelf of my swollen pecs. Fuck I looked hot. I know some people thought this look was too much but the feeling of dressing like an overgrown jock always made me horny and I loved the envious looks I got from the weaker guys at the gym when they saw my huge guns straining at the shiny, metallic fabric of my football jerseys.

“If you’re going to be on security detail,” Jake went on “you need to look tougher bro. That’s why you love your ink and you don’t mind that all those roids have nuked your hair. That’s it bro, you’re a cueball now but don’t worry; you always wear a backward ball cap to hide the chrome dome.”

I felt the snapback slip into place as I watched two full sleeves of tattoos bloom onto skin of my forearms and up over my guns before disappearing under the sleeves of my football jersey. It was weird, I felt like the tatts were out of place somehow but that was ridiculous, I’d got them ages ago so everyone who met me would know I wasn’t someone you fuck around with.

I flexed my forearms, enjoying the striation of the muscles rippling under my taut skin and reminded myself I needed to get waxed again or my thick pelt of hair would start to obscure the ink.

“Oh man,” said Clyde laughing, “he looks like a total meathead now!”

“Awesome right bro?” Jake said laughing “But we’re not done yet.” turning back to me he asked “What’s your name?”

“Stanley” I said promptly.

“Oh man, that’s a douchy fucktard name.” Jake said with a grimace. “Your name’s ‘Coach’ but round the frat everyone calls you ‘Daddy’ because you’re at least fifty. You live with us but not in the main house, you’re in the security annex with access to the frat through the gym.”

I felt a lurch and the hallway suddenly shifted into a small office with a computer and a monitor showing images from around the house. My two bros’ eyes went wide as they looked around before they high-fived each other, Jake finally lowering the ray-gun.

“Bro, you rock!” rumbled Clyde, clapping Jake on his meaty back. “He’s a total fuckin’ stud man.”

“You know it dude, but I think we need just one more change don’t you bro?” said Jake looking at me with a critical eye.

I was pleased to finally be part of the frat and was already throwing a boner in my ball shorts at the thought of fucking these two jock bros on my lifting bench but I wasn’t going to let myself be changed anymore. Unfortunately, Jake raised the gun one more time and before I could react, he squeezed the trigger sealing my fate.

“On the outside, you look like a jacked muscle daddy” intoned Jake emphatically, “but in reality you’re a cock hungry bottom who can’t help acting and speaking like a sex addicted twenty year old.”

I felt a sort of electrical tingle in my temples as Jake finished speaking but I didn’t really care about that. I was suddenly horny as fuck and the only thing I really wanted then was get one of my bros to stick his baby maker in my daddy pussy and breed me.

Jake and Clyde were laughing for some reason which I didn’t really understand but I didn’t care, I could see the tents in their ball shorts and knew what to do.

“Joke’s over brahs, I got like totally fuckin’ horny watching Beef and Ox humping by the pool all day.” I dropped my ball shorts, snapped the strap on my jockstrap and gave each of my dudes a good look at my tight hole. “Who’s first tonight?”

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