Something more revealing 2

By Keeky published April 18, 2009
kyle attempys to understand and reluctantly tries his new powers
"Well Kyle, I see you received the package."
Kyle turned to see the man in the white suit he had encountered on the beach the day before. "Yes, sir, I did. Thank you."
"Oh you're welcome. After all, it is for my own purpose that I sent it. Now tell me, what do you really think of your present apparel?"

Kyle had dressed that morning in a tight pink lycra cropped tank top, matching thong and translucent high-cut white shorts. All had been provided by this same mysterious stranger. Now, for the first time, he became aware of how much of his body was on show and he was suddenly acutely embarrassed. Desperately he tugged at his tiny shorts, trying to cover more of his sweet butt than they could possibly accommodate.
"What the hell have you done to me?" he yelled at the stranger, "I look like a complete fruit. I gotta get home." He tried to push past the stranger but, as at their first encounter, he found that he was unaccountably unable to match action to intention. He was forced to stand where he was, his jaw working needlessly as anger and fear fought for control of his mind.

The stranger held up a hand, "Calm down boy," and at once Kyle stopped struggling against his invisible bonds. No longer angry or afraid he was now merely puzzled and willing, indeed eager, to listen to the stranger. "Kyle, this morning you dressed in that revealing and, may I say, highly fetching outfit of your own will. But, of course, when we spoke yesterday, I tweaked that will just enough to achieve this change of opinion.

"At the moment I have allowed you to revert to your former repressed self because the unadjusted mind is easier to adjust further. But you need not worry about that. Simply be assured that in a few moments your embarrassment will cease.

"Now tell me, how did your family react to you this morning?"
Kyle cast his mind back to the scene at breakfast. "Well sir, at first my folks were freaked. Then I just told my mom and dad that it was okay and they accepted it. Mom told my sister Susan and she was cool too. It was easy."
"Yes, I'm glad you thought it was easy. It was a little harder for me. I didn't want your home life ruined, so I gave you the power to do that. But I can't spare so much of myself that you will be able to convince others so easily. So I'll tell you what I am going to do with you. You are totally heterosexual aren't you?"
"Yes sir, I am. "I've never had a gay urge in my life."
"Good. I have made that your power source."
"My ...?
"Your power source. Nothing comes of nothing. If you are to be my instrument and change others as I have changed you, you will need power. And I have arranged to draw that power from your own sexuality. Of course, over time, your power might begin to run down. But we'll not worry about that just now."
"Sir, I don't understand. How can I change others? If I tell them they should dress like this they'll think I'm a fag. Shit, dressed like this, they'll think I'm a fag whatever I say."
"Oh innocent youth. That's why I am giving you certain abilities. First, you will be able to absolutely convince any man as long as you can stimulate him sexually. How you do that is up to you. But as a further power, to protect you while you do my work, any man who abuses you will find his supposed insults will rebound on him. Will that suffice?"
"What? Oh, yeah, I guess. No! Wait a minute ..."
But as Kyle's mind tried to rebel against his conditioning the stranger once again seemed to recede and vanish, leaving the half naked teen alone beside his car.

As soon as the stranger had left him Kyle's self-consciousness at his state of dress had melted away. Yet, as he drove to the beach he still struggled to comprehend what he was supposed to do. What he needed, he told himself, was some kind of test, and, just as he had the thought, he spotted a suitable test subject coming out of a store. Harrison was a guy he had known at high school. At the time Kyle had considered him just another jock but now he realised that he was a total asshole and a bully. He must, Kyle, thought, have made life miserable for some of the less sporty guys. If he could be persuaded to accept that this new style of Kyle's could at least be tolerated on another man then maybe this would not be the suicide mission it felt like, Kyle told himself.

He stopped the car just ahead of the jock and stepped out. "Hi Harrison," he smiled, nervously.
Harrison, himself dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt, saw an obvious fruit step out of a car in front of him and address him by name. "What the fuck are you doing talking to me, you fucking queer?" he bellowed, then, as recognition struck he raised a finger accusingly, "I know you. You were at my school. You were okay!" This last sentence was delivered with a tone of angry betrayal. "Get away from me you goddam .."

The words suddenly dried in Harrison's throat as he put his hand against Kyle's chest to push him away. The instant his hand connected with the other teens lycra sheathed pecs he felt an orgasmic wave of pleasure wash over him. "Jesus!" he gasped as he staggered back on his suddenly trembling legs. "Jesus!" he gasped again as he sank to his knees. He had no idea what was happening to him; he could not think beyond the fact that Kyle was suddenly so beautiful to him that he was getting an orgasmic sense of pleasure just from looking at him. Too debilitated by the enormity of his lust to get to his feet he attempted to crawl toward the object of his desire but fell onto his side. Craning his neck so that he could still see Kyle and intermittently gasping and screaming he pulled at the waistband of his jeans so hard that buttons flew in all directions and the denim tore half way up his ass. Ripping and flinging off his sweater with one hand, with the other he took out his engorged cock which immediately sprayed his seed onto the sidewalk.

For his part, Kyle was momentarily baffled. But he quickly realised that Harrison's behaviour was the result of the power the stranger had given him. Harrison's violently homophobic response to him had rebounded on the jock, turning his extreme hostility into equally extreme gay lust, while his sexual arousal at the site of Kyle had driven him to shed his clothes, just as the stranger had said. "Wow", thought Kyle, climbing back into his car, "I just made my first convert!"

Feeling strengthened by what had happened to Harrison, Kyle decided to try his luck at the beach. When he got to his favourite spot it was still early and there were few people about. But after a moment or two he sighted an interesting group, two men and two women. They had obviously been jogging on the beach and were now finishing their stretching exercises. The two women had on shorts as short as his own, though theirs weren't see-through. They also had on bra tops. The two guys, by contrast, both had on baggy, below-the-knee shorts and loose t-shirts, pretty much what Kyle himself was wearing when he first attracted the attention of the stranger. He walked straight towards them.

The two women looked at the approaching teen and his wisps of clothing with the hints of smiles. One in particular, Kyle thought, really looked liked she approved. The two guys, true to form, took on more and more coldly hostile expressions as he got closer, but said nothing.

With each step he took Kyle became increasingly aware that he had no idea what he was going to do. Harrison had been unconsciously easy since his own aggression had trapped him. But these guys were keeping their hostility polite. It was beginning to look like he was going to have to get them sexually aroused and he wasn't sure if he could even attempt that. No he couldn't! Suddenly his nerve failed him and, trying to kook at nonchalant as possible, he veered off at right angles.

"Holy crap!" he heard one of the men say, "you can see his ass. Hey, pretty boy, we don't want to see your gay ass!"
Kyle stopped and turned back around. "Excuse me?" he asked, looking from one guy to the other and wondering which had just called to him. One of the guys was looking at him with cold contempt while the other had a slightly frightened look and was sweating quite heavily. Kyle guessed that this was his man, and going a little closer he looked him in the eye, "Did you say something to me sir?" he asked.
"Yeah," the guy said quietly, as if his mouth had suddenly gone dry, "I said I wanna see, I mean, I DON'T wanna see your gay ass."
Kyle half turned and pushed his shorts down his thighs, revealing his hard, smooth young butt in all its glory. "You mean this?" The two women laughed and the guy who had remained silent made a scoffing noise and turned away. But the first guy, Kyle noticed, was showing further signs of giving way. He stared at Kyle, apparently transfixed and with both hands he was twisting the bottom of his t-shirt revealing his hard stomach. Kyle decided to push it and shook his ass at the guy.

With a loud groan the guy completely pulled off his shirt, to the obvious amazement of his companions. "David?" one of the women called, "David are you okay honey", but David now seemed to have eyes only for the teen posing before him in skimpy pink lycra and he was actually drooling as he fumbled with the cord of his shorts.

The other guy looked at his friend. "Dave man, what the fuck are you doing giving this little fag a free show?" As he said the word ‘fag', Kyle, alert for any signs to change, noticed that his nipples rose under his shirt but, apparently unaware of any shift in his own attitude, he moved towards Kyle, fists clenched, and lips pulled back to a snarl. "Fuck off you little queer!" he yelled.
Glancing past him, Kyle could see that Dave had now stripped to his black briefs, through which he was stroking his obvious erection while the two women fussed around him with increasing alarm.
Turning his attention back to the other man, Kyle asked quietly, "What did you call me?"
"A fucking queer" he replied, his face becoming less aggressive.
"A what?"
"You heard me," the guy persevered, despite the look of alarm he was now wearing, "you're a little .." he struggled with the last word, getting it out at last, "queer", but followed it immediately with a gasp.
Kyle put his head a little on one side as if appraising the guy, then asked, "Why did you ever think that shirt was right for you?"
The guys face had now taken on a completely shocked look and he stared at Kyle open mouthed, but he managed "Wha?" in response.
"That shirt - it's awful. Take it off."
"Yeah, awful," the guy mumbled, pulled off his shirt and dropped it on the sand.
"And those shorts - they're awful too."
"Awful too," echoed the guy and without further prompting, he pulled them off. Beneath them he had on no underwear and so he was left standing in just his sneakers, his hard throbbing cock pointing straight at Kyle. He stood for a moment, contemplating his own nudity before giving way to his new urges. "Ohhh God," he gasped, grasping his distended cock with both hands, then "Please ..." he said, looking at Kyle with obvious desire. In spite of himself, Kyle did feel a slight stirring in his own thong, but he smiled apologetically and said, "Sorry dude. I'M not gay. You'd better talk to Dave. Oh and hey, you might want these when you've finished," and he handed the guy his own tiny translucent shorts.
"Thanks man," the guy managed, hoarsely. Then he turned and walked straight into a clinch with Dave, while the two girlfriends uselessly yelled their demands for explanations.

"My work here is done," Kyle said to himself and started to once more walk along the beach. Just ahead six guys were fooling around with a football. All wore the ‘regulation' long shorts, though two had been brave enough to try tank tops. Figuring that homophobia was proving to be his best weapon Kyle decided on a direct approach and, stripping off his own tank top, so that all he had on was his pink thong, he set off to walk through the middle of their game.

"Hey faggot," he heard yelled at him, "carry on and you're gonna get stomped on."


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