A Day in the Life of Jeremy and BT5365

By Ng5hvlo4 - tyshicks89@gmail.com
published November 22, 2019
14874 words

Jeremy and Drone BT5365 go about their daily lives in the not-to-distant future, finding fulfillment in their own way

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Jeremy Goes to Work

Jeremy awoke to a warm wet feeling coming from his engorged member. The feeling moved up and down, up and down, from the base of his shaft to the lip of his head. How good it felt. He squirmed a bit and began to thrust. He heard a slight gargle and slowly opened his eyes.

The source of the pleasurable sensation was the mouth of a man who was completely covered dressed in skintight black rubber, featureless except for the opening at the man’s mouth, which was working itself up and down Jeremy’s engorged member. Jeremy let himself relax as the man worked on his hard cock, keeping Jeremy on the edge for some time before pushing him to cum. Jeremy smiled; he loved this part of the morning. It was so much better than waking to the buzzing of an alarm clock.

“Thank you, Drone BT5365,” Jeremy said to the rubbered man.

“You are welcome, Master. It is a pleasure to serve you,” replied the rubber man, speaking in a flat monotone voice that was devoid of pitch and variety. That struck Jeremy as hot, as much as the sight of this smiling rubberized drone serving his every whim.

Jeremy watched as the drone rose from the bed to retrieve a tray of warm food from the cabinet. In the early morning light, the drone looked like an animate shadow of a man, no features present save for three: dark opaque lenses over its eyes that showed nothing of what lay beneath, its exposed chin (upon which a wide smile was fixed), and the purple head of its hard cock, which protruded from a black rubber cock sheath. Jeremy liked the smile; seeing how happy the drone looked as it obeyed him made Jeremy smile back. Of course, with the constant barrage of hypnotic conditioning, the drone was indeed happy to serve and obey. When the drone turned around and saw Jeremy smiling at him, it shivered with pleasure, causing its rubbered cock to twitch and release some precum.

“Your breakfast, Master,” BT5365 set the tray on the bed before Jeremy, then stood at attention to the side of the bed. The drone made no movement while Jeremy ate, immobile aside from the occasional twitch of its hard cock. As he ate, Jeremy would glance up and stare at the drone, admiring the way the skintight rubber caressed its muscular body and made it shine in the morning light. He wished he could wear rubber like that, but only drones could wear rubber. If Jeremy submitted to the drone conversion program, then he could wear rubber all the time. But he wasn’t ready to make that leap yet; he liked how things were with him and the drone, and being a drone probably meant that he’d be removed from the construction team. He really liked his work, making new buildings with the other boys. Years of working with them had forged a strong brotherly bond that Jeremy couldn’t imagine his life without.

Jeremy finished his breakfast, then handed the tray to the drone. At once the drone took the tray and proceeded to the kitchen to clean the dirty dishes. The drone’s movements were stiff and efficient, and Jeremy gazed as it walked away, imagining that it was him in the rubber.

He was still imaging such things as he showered, his cock once again rock hard. He gave it a few strokes as he lathered his body with sweet-smelling soap, and again as he dried off with a tower. He returned to the bedroom and changed into his work clothes, which lay neatly on the dresser: a cloth vest, thick workman’s jeans, and a hardhat. Jeremy worked in construction, one of the few places where clothes were required. He envied those who had office jobs, how they did not need to wear clothes. But safety was important. It wouldn’t do to have his dangling jewels catch on the equipment and leave him a bloody mess. Besides, Jeremy liked the work, it kept him in shape, kept him big and strong. While the jeans did have zippers that would allow easy access to his cock and ass without needing to take them off, it wasn’t the same as being naked. Jeremy left both zippers open, so his cock and ass were accessible to the world.

A loud honking noise from outside snapped him back to the present. He smiled as he recognized the honk from Mark’s truck. Mark was his best friend and it was so nice of him to offer a lift every day. Jeremy rushed to the kitchen, picked up the sack lunch that the drone had prepared for him, and dashed out the door to the yellow pickup truck that was roaring in the driveway. A smiling burly man in the driver’s seat waved to Jeremy, his waving movement a bit mechanical.

“Hey Mark, thanks again for the lift,” Jeremy moaned as he slid onto the thick lubed dildo that protruded from the passenger seat.

“No problem, my friend” Mark said in a slurred voice.

Jeremy glanced to his friend and smiled at seeing the vacant expression on Mark’s smiling face and the pool of drool that was collecting on his vest. “I see you already started programming without me.” Jeremy saw something pumping rhythmically on Mark’s groin. “Is that the new attachment you were telling me about?”

“Yeah,” slurred Mark in a dreamy voice, “There’s a spare under the glove compartment for you.”

“Thanks, man!” Jeremy fumbled around until he found a tube stuffed with a slimy gelatinous material. He guided the tube onto his hardening cock, feeling a rush of pleasure as it slid in all the way and again as the tube began to rhythmically pump up and down, up and down. It felt so good. Much better than jacking off with his hand, like he did every morning on the drive to the construction site.

As he drove, Mark turned on the radio, which broadcasted the daily programming. To Jeremy it sounded like a lot of white noise. Sometimes words came from the radio, but they slipped from his conscious awareness. While he couldn’t remember what was said during programming, he wasn’t worried. He’d remember when he needed to. Jeremy let himself relax as he listened, allowing himself to become lost in the rhythmic beating of his meat and the pleasurable sensations from the plug in his ass. Soon his expression was as vacant as Mark’s.

The drive to the construction site proceeded in silence. When they arrived, some stragglers were making their way from their cars to the main portable office building. The men were dressed identically to Mark and Jeremy, and were stroking their cocks as they walked. Like the two men in the truck, they stared ahead with blank, smiling expressions. Mark turned off the radio and the pair joined the marching men. Jeremy felt an emptiness as he left the car, but he knew that soon he would be filled up again.

The building had only one room and it was already packed with other construction workers. They stood in rows before a giant projector screen that was playing a purple colored spiral across the far wall. The men were packed so tightly that their hard cocks rubbed against the ass cracks of the men who stood in the row before them. Jeremy and Mark took their place in the back row and, like their brothers, started intently at the spiral, losing themselves in its power. Subliminal messages played across the spiral and from the audio speakers lined along the corners of the room. Exactly 15 minutes later everyone ejaculated simultaneously, spraying cum all over their brothers and the room. Then the movie stopped, and the foreman turned from his place in the front row to give the assembled hypnotized workers their assignments for the day, dismissing them once he had finished. The hypnotized workers complied, stuffing their cocks back into their jeans as they left the room, smiling idiotically as they went about their tasks.

Drone BT5365 Goes to Work

Earlier that morning

Wake up, Drone BT5365, came a voice that faded from consciousness. BT5365 opened his eyes but saw nothing. The drone was not alarmed though; it was all part of the morning programming. The blackness soon transformed into a purple pulsing spiral that played across the opaque lenses of his rubber hood. The spiral twisted and turned so alluringly that BT5365 soon lost himself in its power. He found his muscles relaxing against his restraints as he continued to stare at the spiral. He was dimly aware of the pressure pushing in and out of his ass, and the sucking motion on his cock, but he did not pay such things any mind. It was much more important to listen to the voices that came from the wireless earphones that were inside the black rubber hood. Like all the times before, BT5365’s conscious mind could not remember the words; once spoken they faded from conscious memory.

He did not worry about such things; he just needed to listen to the voices and obey. It was so much easier than worrying about little details. It was so much easier to stop thinking and to just obey. It felt good to obey. When he obeyed, he felt pleasure. Obeying made him aroused and horny. His cock was always erect. A hard cock indicated an empty mind.

Exactly 1 hour later, the pressure in his ass disappeared and the sucking sensation stopped. The restraints around his wrists, ankles, and head opened, and BT5365 automatically rose from the chair that he had spent the night in. The chair resembled a dentist’s chair, though it was entirely made of rubber and had a dildo poking out from the seat. A tube with a suction element had retracted into the seat. Both devices were programmed to thrust and suck at different speeds and depths during the night. The dildo and masturbator, in conjunction with the subliminal voices, ensured that the drone sunk deeper and deeper into subservience and obedience even as the drone slept.

The pulsing spiral faded from view, leaving BT5365 standing in darkness that slowly faded to reveal a featureless spare room that for the past 5 years had been BT5365’s sleeping room. The drone did not need anything else besides the chair. It had everything that it needed: a Master to serve.

Suddenly the voices in the earphones intensified and BT5365 marched from the little room and entered the master bedroom, his movements efficient and precise. Master was sound asleep, the faint buzzing of the white noise device by the bed masking the sounds of the drone’s approach. With mechanical efficiency, BT5365 gently pulled the covers from Master’s crotch, leaving the sheets to drape over his legs and torso. The Master’s circumcised cock was beautiful, even when flaccid at 5”. Thinking no thoughts, BT5365 lowered his mouth and began to gently lick the sensitive pink head. Within moments, Master’s cock hardened to its full 8”. With the cock nice and hard, BT5365 began to deepthroat, the cock feeling so good against his insides. The entire time the voices kept whispering in constant repetition deep into BT5365’s mind:

It is good to suck cock. It is good to stroke cock. It is good being sucked. It is good to be fucked. It is good to fuck. It is good to obey. It feels good to obey. It is good to surrender completely to pleasure. It is good to obey the voices form the earphones. Obedience is pleasure.

Time ceased to have meaning for the drone as it continued to suck. When the Master’s load came into his throat, the drone swallowed every bit and felt complete. The voices intensified and the drone ceased sucking the cock and arose mechanically to retrieve the tray of food that it had prepared for Master the night before and that it had warmed up prior to giving Master a blowjob.

As Master ate his breakfast, BT5365 stood at attention in the position Master had long ago specified for him. Master liked the Drone in that position because the morning light accentuated the drone’s physique and package. The Drone simply stood there, thinking about nothing and focusing on the words being whispered from the earphones. How good it felt to obey the voices. Obeying the voices made the drone horny and its cock hard. Time had no meaning because the voices worried about time, not the drone. The drone had no need to worry; it simply existed in the moment. Every command brought it pleasure. Even the act of standing still and in place was pleasurable.

Master soon presented the tray, which the drone took to the kitchen and began cleaning. Once it had done so, it prepared Master’s lunch for the day, finishing just as Master came out of the shower. A loud honking sound was heard outside and Master rushed out the door, leaving BT5365 alone in the house. BT5365 took a moment to lock all the doors and then went out to the street corner to wait for its ride to work.

About 5 minutes later, a plain black van being driven by a drone stopped before BT5365. The pair did not exchange any words, there was no need to. BT5365 simply walked to the back of the van and entered. The back of the van was packed with 11 other drones, all seated along both sides of the van. The smiling drones were stroking the cocks of the drones seated next to them and chanting the morning lessons in unison. BT5365 took the last available seat, slid his ass onto the large dildo that protruded from the seat, then joined its fellow drones in masturbating and reciting the morning lessons. As it did, the lenses of its rubber hood blackened and were replaced by the same purple spiral, sending BT5365 into deep blissful trance.

BT5365 was so happy. He loved servicing his brother drones. He felt connected to them, like the family that the person he used to be did not have. But that sad man was long gone. BT5365 was all that there was now, and the drone was happy to know its purpose and to be connected.

All too soon, the hypnotic spiral went away, and his view returned to that of the cramped van with the other drones. BT5365 could taste cum in his mouth and that excited him. He could see the remains of cum all over the suits of the other drones and knew what to do next. He gathered cum from his neighboring drones and sucked it from his rubber fingers, thoroughly enjoying the salty taste. Despite having came moments before, BT5365’s hard cock was vibrating with pleasure.

Then, simultaneously, all the drones stopped what they were doing and stood at attention, staring ahead. They then exited the van in an orderly single-file line and marched down the parking lot towards the nearby tall multistoried building. As they marched, BT5365 could see other employees marching towards the building. Some were drones like BT5365. Most were not: these men were naked save for a pair of sandals or sneakers. Like the drones, they walked with purpose and efficiency, hard cocks bouncing up and down as they walked, gazes vacant as they exchanged small banter with one another.

Once the line of drones had entered the building, BT5365 separated from the column and made his way towards the Human Resources department. His instructions from last night were clear: BT5365 was to sit on an interview panel this morning. The interviewee was a drone applicant. Not anyone could be a drone; a deep desire to serve and let go was required. While anyone could be hypnotized, not anyone could fall into the deep state of trance that the drone state required and feel content to stay there…at least not without significant expenditure of time and resources. Some companies had invested money into researching how to overcome this problem, as many drone applicants were rejected because they could not maintain prolonged deep trance.

In the 5 years he had been with the company, BT5365 had been involved with the training of many prospective drones, but only 37.4% of the applicants became drones. The remainder were reassigned and often had to undergo extensive therapy as the dronification process drastically heightened the desire to please. Failing the program as enough to prompt most to suicide, but thankfully advances in technique and technology had lowered the risk of that to 3.71%. Failed applicants that resisted suicide regularly reported feeling inadequate or unworthy. This feeling would hover over them for years and years, and little could be done to remove the feeling. Nothing but complete dronification.

BT5365 felt very sad whenever an applicant failed. It was during such trying times, when the sadness would overwhelm the drone, that BT5365 was so glad that he was programmed to share his thoughts and feelings on such matters to the Boss. The Boss was a great man and BT5365 felt so good to serve him. The Boss cared about his employees and did everything he could to make them feel happy and connected to one another. Just one big happy family. Unfortunately, the company did not have the resources to invest in research to improve the dronification process, but they did have connections to partner companies that could. These partnerships had allowed the company to improve their interview process, to better screen potential failures before the dronification process began.

As BT5365 entered the HR department, he spotted a familiar drone seated behind the receptionist desk. Of course, it was hard to tell the man apart from the other drones, with only their mouths, chins, and flared cockheads exposed, but somehow BT5365 could just tell that this drone was GY5829, one of the most recent successful applicants. The drone was dressed completely in rubber like BT5365 and had a fixed smile across his face.

“Good morning, Drone BT5365,” said GY5829 in a flat, monotone voice as he stood before the desk and gave BT5365’s cock a friendly stroke. Despite being a recent hire, the man who became GY5829 had taken to the programming readily and had progressed very quickly through training, showing no evidence of backsliding. GY5829 was a model employee in that he took pride in his work, paying attention to every detail. Despite being his senior, BT5365 admired the drone’s attentiveness.

“Good morning, Drone GY5829,” BT5365 said as he returned the gesture, “Which room is the interview?”

“You are in room 3. Both the applicant and the other member of the interview panel are already there.”

“Thank you, GY5829. I hope this applicant successfully joins the Collective.”

“As do I. Farewell, BT5365.”

As BT5365 made his way to room 3 he passed by several naked employees that were seated at their stations. Their stations comprised nothing more than an arm-less chair and a small desk upon which were a computer and two piles of paperwork. At this time of the morning, all the employees were wearing wireless headphones and staring vacantly at their computers, stroking their cocks and squirming on the dildos that protruded from their seats. They mumbled the morning lessons as they absorbed their commands for the day. Most were leaking precum. BT5365 passed by without a word or glance in their direction. His orders were clear, and he would obey.

Room 3 was a bare carpeted room with 3 chairs, enough for the interviewers and the applicant. The applicant was a young man, in his early 20s, with some tone to his body. He was shuddering slightly, clearly nervous, and his eyes were lowered. His circumcised cock was flaccid. The interviewer (in his late 40s) was also naked and well-toned, but, unlike the applicant, was relaxed (obviously entranced) and his cock was rock hard. BT5365 recognized him as Employee 3182, a fellow employee of the 28th floor.

BT5365 took a seat on the last chair just as Employee 3182 finished with the latest barrage of questions. The applicant had stopped fidgeting and was staring intently at the drone. The beginnings of a hardon were apparent, which BT5365 took as a good sign. Arousal for rubber was one of the first indications of a successful conversion into a drone.

“Applicant Steve, this is Drone BT5365,” said Employee 3182 in a flat, dreamy voice, “He is in charge of training new drones and, if you are accepted, will be your personal trainer.” Steve’s cock rose further. Clearly the young man found becoming a drone arousing. BT5365 mentally catalogued this observation for later. “You may touch and fondle the drone during the rest of the interview.” Steve looked questioningly at Employee 3182, but it was clear that there was desire and lust for the drone. “Go ahead, Applicant.”

Steve tentatively shuffled his chair closer to the drone and began to rub his hands over the drone’s rubber exterior. BT5365 felt pleasure wherever Steve touched him. BT5365 continued to stare ahead even as Steve became bolder and began fondling the drone’s rubber cock.

“Applicant Steve,” said BT5365. Steve immediately jerked his hand away from the drone’s cock, clearly startled. But BT5365 reached for Steve’s hand and guided it back, encouraging the young man to play with his rubber cock.

“You have applied to become a drone. Your application is acceptable and suggests that you will take well to the conversion process. What your application lacks is the reason you want to become a drone. In the application you wrote about your desire, but not the reason. Provide the reason, Applicant,” said BT5365.

The stroking on BT5365’s cock slowed to a halt as Steve thought about what to say. This was common during the application process and BT5365 knew what to do next. The drone reached over and began stroking Steve’s semi-flaccid cock. The feeling of rubber against skin was clearly exciting the applicant, as the cock grew rock hard almost immediately and precum began to leak from the purple head. Steve shifted his chair closer so that the drone could reach his cock better and he began to stroke the drone’s cock in tune with the stroking motions on his own cock. Employee 3182 was watching the scene unfold, absentmindedly stroking his own cock in time to the rhythm of the drone and applicant.

“I want to belong,” Steve said with more confidence that before. He raised his eyes to look into the opaque lenses of the drone’s rubber hood, “I feel alone and have felt alone for a long time. I’ve had friends and boyfriends aplenty, but still those moments were fleeting, and I end up feeling more alone than before. I don’t want to feel alone anymore. I don’t just want to be a drone; I need to be a drone!”

As Steve spoke, BT5365 could see that the applicant was being very sincere. This was very important – prior research had shown that the process would not work if the applicant was not sincere with himself about his desires. It was the one element that had to come from within the applicant and no amount of external programming could induce that. BT5365 was pleased. Of course, he would confirm the sincerity of the applicant during the initial stages of conversion via deep hypnosis, but he had a good feeling about this applicant. It would be wonderful to bring another drone into the Collective!

“Very good, Applicant.” BT5365 heard a command from the voices, and he complied by increasing the speed of his stroking. Steve and Employee 3182 matched his speed. Soon the two naked men were panting from the exertion and pleasure. When the three men came, copious amounts of cum landed on the drone’s rubber suit. BT5365 scooped a handful of cum into his mouth, enjoying the salty taste.

“Your cum is plentiful and nutritious. I look forward to consuming it regularly,” said BT5365, “You are approved for conversion. Conversion will begin immediately. Will you comply?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” said Steve excitedly as he hugged the drone fiercely, his hard cock rubbing against the drone’s rubber clad penis.

“Excellent,” said Employee 3182, rising from his chair, “BT5365, I’ll let the Boss know about the success of the interview.”

“Thank you, Employee 3182. Applicant, follow me.” BT5365 rose from his chair and left the room with Steve following close behind. Once outside of the HR office, Employee 3182 went to the elevator while the pair marched towards the training office. The training office was staffed by more naked, hypnotized employees, who were moving about busily as they prepared training rooms and scheduled appointments. A few drones were busy servicing their fellow employees.

The pair walked to another desk, where a moaning and panting naked man was typing into the computer. “Employee 8912, I am here to convert this applicant to a drone,” said BT5365.

Without looking away from the computer screen, the Employee replied, “Station 12 is prepared for you, BT5365.” The Employee then let out a moan as the drone squatting beneath the desk deepthroated the man’s cock. That will be me soon, Steve thought, his cock hardening at the prospect.

“Thank you, Employee 8912. This way, Applicant.” BT5365 marched past a series of doors, stopping at door 12. The room beyond was sparsely furnished, empty save for a comfortable chair, pair of wireless noise-cancelling headphones, and very large television screen.

“Sit down and put on the headphones, Applicant,” said BT5365. Steve readily complied as he sat and put on the headphones, BT5365 moved to stand behind Steve and turned on the big screen. A beautiful naked man and a rubber drone appeared on the screen, both smiling and with hard leaking cocks. Both talked about the company, its history and mission, as well as some ground rules. The video was laced with subliminal messages and white noise that soon put Steve into a deep trance. BT5365 remained motionless behind Steve, watching him closely to gauge when he had fallen deep enough into trance.

By the time the video switched to a purple spiral, Steve was deeply entranced. It was at this time that BT5365 began the second interview, asking Steve about all facets of his life and desires while gently stroking Steve’s cock, keeping the applicant hard but relaxed. The deeply hypnotized Steve could not lie, nor did he want to. His replies to BT5365’s thorough questions left no doubt that Steve deeply desired to be a drone, which made BT5365 very happy. Based on the applicant’s responses, the conversion process was 90% likely to succeed.

BT5365 ceased stroking the applicant and stood. “Remove the headphones and follow me.” Steve followed BT5365 out of the training room, his movements sluggish and his gaze unfocused. His hard cock bounced up and down as he walked. The pair walked past another set of doors and entered a communal shower room. On the dry wall hung several rubber suits. Currently no one was using the showers. BT5365 led Steve to a showerhead and had him rinse his body with hair-removal lotion from the dispenser. Steve made sure to lather up his body with plenty of the hair-removal lotion. He let out a sigh of relief as he watched the hair on his chest, under his arms, on his forearms, on his legs, and around his cock and balls all fall out and swirl down the drain. He stood under the shower for a moment, just rubbing his hands sensually up and down his smooth body, just imagining how much better he would feel encased in his rubber now that he was perfectly hairless.

Under the drone’s direction, Steve left the shower, took a full-body rubber suit off one of the hooks and shimmied into it, letting out a little moan of pleasure at the feeling of the skintight rubber clinging to his body. Of course, he made sure to leave the fly of the suit open, so his cock and balls could hang out. He then fit a rubber ring around his dick and balls before slipping a thin rubber sheath over his hard dick, leaving only the engorged purple head exposed. Then, Steve placed a pair of wireless earpieces into his ear. BT5365 saw the young man’s body relax further as a result of the white noise and subliminal messages coming from the earpieces. Just like the noises coming from his own earphones. Then Steve put on a rubber hood and stared at himself in the mirror, his smile gradually growing wider and settling into a fixed grin. No doubt Steve was entranced by the swirling spiral patterns that played across the lenses of the opaque goggles of the hood, the same ones that always swirled over the lenses of BT5365’s hood. BT5365 found the spiraling patterns very relaxing and felt like he could just stare at the spirals for hours. No doubt the Applicant felt the same way.

The pair of drones stood idly in the showering room for a few minutes, letting the voices coming from the earphones whisper their instructions on a loop: It is good to suck cock. It is good to stroke cock. It is good being sucked. It is good to be fucked. It is good to fuck. It is good to obey. It feels good to obey. It is good to surrender completely to pleasure. It is good to obey the voices form the earphones. Obedience is pleasure.

Over and over again the voices whispered, the instructions searing deeper and deeper into Steve’s mind, slowly changing his thought patterns. These first few minutes were important and necessary to initiate the conversion of the applicant’s mental state, so BT5365 did nothing but watch.

After standing idly for several moments, both Steve’s and BT5365’s postures stiffened, and they left the shower-room without another word. The pair marched down the hall of doors, out of the training office (passing by the same employee from before, only this time the drone was plowing his ass. The pair reached the elevator at the same time as another drone. BT5365 admired how the skin-tight rubber accentuated the other drone’s muscular torso and the pre that was accumulating on its hard rubber-sheathed dick.

“Greetings, fellow drone,” BT5365 said in a monotone voice as he pushed the button for floor 28. “My designation is Drone BT5365. What is your designation?”

“Hello BT5365. I am Drone AK1829,” the drone replied with a broad fixed grin. “I was just transferred to the same floor as you.”

“That is wonderful, AK1829,” BT5365 replied, reaching out to grope AK1829’s rubber balls as the pair walked into the elevator. “We can train each other during lunch break.”

“I look forward to that, BT5365,” replied AK1829. Looking at the rubber-clad Steve, AK1829 asked, “I do not recognize you, drone. What is your designation?”

For a moment, Steve’s smile faltered. His designation? What was his? Every drone should have a designation. Then a voice whispered into his ears and he replied, “My…my designation is SE9168. I am a drone-in-training.”

“I am glad that you have joined the Collective,” said AK1829 as he fondled the cock of the drone that used to be Steve. “I am looking forward to working with you and to pleasuring the other employees of the department.”

SE9168’s cock hardened further, leaking some pre onto AK1829’s rubber hands. AK1829 collected the precum and slipped it into his mouth, savoring the taste.

“Yes indeed,” said BT5365, “It is important to make others feels good too.” The cocks of the three rubber drones twitched at those words.

Two well-dressed men entered the elevator when it stopped on the 7th floor. Both men wore slacks and dress shirts that hugged their bodies, showing off the muscles that had evolved from many hours at the gym. It was easy to go to the gym and pump irons while on break since the company had an indoor, well-equipped gym on the 19th floor. Every employee spent regular time at the gym. The few who initially resisted this policy stopped resisting after some hypnotic conditioning designed to overcome shyness or uncertainty about whether mandatory gym hours were necessary.

BT5365 recognized both men as the only two employees on the 28th floor that still wore clothes to work. He felt bad that they still wore clothes because it was good for everyone to be naked, but he also understood that some employees needed advanced methods to keep them entranced. For this pair wearing clothes achieved this purpose, so the Boss allowed them to wear clothes. It was unfortunate, but at least the pair were not opposed to scheduling pleasure time with BT5365. Both had nice smooth cocks that BT5365 enjoyed sucking. Neither man bottomed, but they did love to fuck, often breeding BT5365 during afternoon pleasure appointments.

The two clothed employees stood at attention, staring ahead with wide grins.

“Greetings employees,” BT5365, SE9168, and AK1829 said in monotone voices, though SE9168’s was not as monotone as the other two drones.

“Greetings drones,” the two clothed men replied simultaneously.

“BT5365, I booked time with you for later today. I look forward to your mouth around my cock,” said one of the entranced men.

“I am happy to comply,” BT5365 indicated SE9168, “This is Drone SE9168. He is a drone-in-training. It would be advantageous to bring him to our appointment and participate. Is that acceptable?”

The hypnotized man reached out to give BT5365 and SE9168’s cocks a light stroke. “It is acceptable. I look forward to this afternoon.” The elevator came to a halt and the doors opened to reveal a room packed full of long rows of desks. Dozens of naked employees sat at their assigned stations or moved between stations with mechanical grace. Everyone was grinning vacuously and occasionally stroking their hard cocks as they worked. The group exited the elevator and went about their separate ways. The clothed employees went to their assigned workstations, unzipped the backs of their pants and slid on the chair-dildos. AK1829 marched straight towards the back room where the drones were stationed. BT5365 and SE9168 marched to the Boss’ office, knocked softly, then entered the office.

The Boss sat expectantly behind an imposing wooden desk that had several towers of papers piled high on the left and a pair of computers to the right. The middle was empty of clutter, so that the Boss could give visitors his complete attention. The Boss what not the most physical imposing specimen, but everyone admired him for his leadership and caring nature. Like everyone else, the Boss was naked, though neither drone could see his cock as it was hidden behind the desk. Once inside the office the drones stood at attention with hands at their sides, feet shoulder width apart, pelvis thrust out, cock hard, and head gazing straight ahead. The white noise in the earphones intensified, draining their thoughts as they focused entirely on the Boss. The Boss gazed inquisitively at the two drones. After a few moments he spoke in a deep voice that sent shivers through their very beings, “Drone BT5365, is this the new applicant?”

“Affirmative, Master,” BT5365 replied, “This is Drone SE9168. He appears to be accepting the programing readily. I expect that by the end of the week he will be fully converted.”

“That is good to hear, BT5365. You may cum now.” At the Boss’s command, BT5365’s cock pulsated and spewed a thick rope of cum across the padded floor. As he did, BT5365’s body did not move or make any sound. Smiling, the Boss turned his attention to the new drone. “Drone SE9168, are you enjoying the programming so far?”

“Affirmative, Master. I am happy to comply,” the drone that had been Steve replied, his voice dreamy and soft, not yet the flat, monotone, crisp voice of his fellow drone. Further training would correct that.

“Good drone. BT5365, I leave this drone’s training in your capable hands. If all goes to plan, please bring him to my office on Friday afternoon for his formal welcome party.”

“Affirmative, Master.” BT5365 replied crisply.

“Good. You are both dismissed.” At that command, the two drones turned and promptly left the office, BT5365 leading the way. The pair made their way to the bathroom, which was entirely communal. There were no stalls, just a series of toilets resting against the wall and a large tub at the room’s center for urination. A nervous looking employee was standing at the tub, trying to urinate but was having difficulty and looked very nervous as the two drones entered. Sensing the employee’s distress, BT5365 walked until he stood directly behind the nervous employee.

“You look nervous, Employee. You don’t need to be nervous.” The drone said in a monotone voice. The drone rested his rubber body against the contour of the employee’s back, hands wrapped around his torso and rubbing his nipples. The employee visibly relaxed as the drone continued to rub against his skin.

“Now, urinate like a good employee.”

At this command, piss began to trickle and run steadily out of his cock and into the tub. The drone stayed with him until the employee had finished, then proceeded to empty his own bladder.

“Thank you, drone,” the employee said, his voice a bit dreamy.

“You are welcome, Employee. There is no need to be nervous among other employees. You are in a safe environment. I have something that will relax you and make you feel better.” He turned the employee away from the trough and leaned forward, grasping the man’s balls in one hand and enveloping his mouth all around his hardening cock. The man gasped at the attention his cock was receiving. Within moments he was hard as a rock and riding along waves of ecstasy. Soon, he came into the drone’s mouth, releasing a steady stream of cum that the drone swallowed.

The drone removed his mouth from the man’s cock and rose. “You look much more relaxed now. It is important to be relaxed and to not feel stress here.”

“Thank you, drone,” said the man, “I have been feeling unnecessarily nervous and stressed out. I’m worried that I’m not doing my best for the company. I’m having a hard time staying hypnotized and I feel unworthy of working here. I want to fit in with everyone else, but I keep waking up,” the man said, sounding defeated. BT5365 enveloped him in a warm hug and placed his mouth upon the man’s lips. After a few moments, the man returned the kiss and the pair just stood there for several minutes.

“You are worthy. The Boss hired you because he saw potential in you. You did good by talking to me. Let me help you be the employee you want to be.” The man hugged BT5365 tighter. “Come with me. I will take you to the Boss and then to the Department of Control. The employees there will do what they can to help you. Will you comply?”

“Thank you, drone! Yes! I will comply,” said the man.

“What is your designation?”

“I am Employee 3284.”

“Follow me. Drone SE9168, follow us and watch closely.”

“Affirmative, Drone BT5365. I will comply” the drone replied.

The trio left the bathroom and made their way past the workstations. It was lunchtime and most employees were eating their spartan fare, leaving to work out in the gym, or were staring at the hypnospirals that played across the monitors while listening to the instructions through wireless headphones. The ones that were undergoing programming were stroking their hard cocks and were whispering something that BT5365 couldn’t make out. Neither drone paid the other employees any mind as they walked past with their hard rubber cocks pointing to the ceiling. Employee 3284, on the other hand, was gazing longingly at the other employees, his own cock rising to hardness as he did.

The Boss was still seated at his desk when the trio entered the office. He had not been expecting them and concern showed on his face. The drones stood at attention while Employee 3284 looked at the ground shamefully. Once the drones had assumed the position, BT5365 spoke,

“Employee 3284 is having trouble maintaining trance but is eager to correct the issue. I recommend sending him to the Department of Control, with your permission.”

“Permission granted, BT5365. As always, your diligence is appreciated.” BT5365’s cock twitched in pleasure from the comment. The Boss rose from his desk and made his way towards the downcast employee. BT5365 took a moment to admire the Boss’ well defined six-pack and overall muscular appearance. The Boss had a small erect cock, but BT5365 did not mind. Even such a small cock was beautiful to the drone.

When he stood directly before the employee, the Boss tenderly used his thumb and forefinger to raise the employee’s chin so that the pair could see eye to eye. Once he had the employee’s attention, he spoke in a gentle voice, “Don’t feel nervous, 3284. You are an essential part of the company. You have done good work since you were hired and have been the star employee. From the start you have been the team player and have worked hard to integrate yourself into the team that I have assembled here on the 28th floor. I am very proud of your efforts and you should feel proud too!”

Employee 3284 was touched by the Boss’ words and felt a twitch of pleasure through his cock and rush of blood through his cheeks. “Thank you very much, Sir!” he stammered, “I- “

“SShhh. Don’t worry. This is why we have a Department of Control. The employees there will do everything they can to help you assimilate better. Don’t worry about how much time you are losing here. I will get someone to cover for you while you are there. Just promise me that you will give the doctors there your best effort. I know that you will reach your potential. Can you promise me that you will do your best?”

“Yes, Sir! I will, Sir!”

“Very good. Drones, please take Employee 3284 to the Department of Control.” The Boss turned his attention back to 3284, “I am sorry for the emotional distress you have been experiencing as of late, and I should have recommended this pathway to you sooner. You have my deepest apologies.” The Boss bowed his head at 3284, who blushed and stammered “I-…you are most kind, Sir! I am honored to be working for you!”

“Good boy.” Employee 3284’s cock twitched pleasantly in response. He always felt good whenever the Boss called him a good boy.

One short elevator ride later and the trio arrived at the Department of Control. The employees there were specialized in all manner of hypnosis techniques and their primary job was to investigate cases where the standard procedures did not induce deep or lasting trance in subjects (as in the case of Employee 3284), as well as to conduct primitive research on how to improve current hypnosis techniques and control protocols (especially for addressing the low success rate of dronification). Lacking key resources for the latter, the employees there maintained regular communication with the other Departments of Control from companies around the world, implementing what little they could.

BT5365 approached the receptionist, a man in his 50s that looked up from his work as the drone approached the desk.

“Drone, what seems to be the problem?” asked the receptionist.

“Employee 24, Employee 3284 is having trouble maintaining trance for prolonged periods and is feeling anxiety and depression for not conforming like his fellow employees. He needs your expertise and assistance,” said BT5365.

“Understood. You are dismissed. Employee 3284, please come this way and do not feel ashamed. You are with people who care about you and will not let you fall into depression,” said the receptionist, clasping Employee 3284 on the shoulder in a gesture of comradery. The nude pair left for one of the private rooms wherein employee 3284 would talk with the doctors and undergo to a battery of questions about his preferences and past, all necessary to design a remedy.

The two drones returned to the 28th floor. Drone AK1829 joined them as they made their way through the office, his rubber body slick with fresh cum. Walking past the other employees, the three drones entered their assigned room. The room was furnished with two cum-stained sofas that functioned as makeshift beds, three dentist chairs like the one that BT5365 spent his nights in (though each had an arm that held a laptop computer that was currently running on idle), and a large refrigerator filled with nothing but protein shakes that were specially-made for drones. A single shake was the equivalent of a good meal and provided the proper balance of nutrients for the body and boosted cum production. Each drone drank a single shake, paying the bland taste no mind. It was just another order to fulfill.

Immediately thereafter the three drones sat in the chairs, feeling waves of pleasure through their bodies as the rubber dildos penetrated their asses and the small tubes pulsed on their rubber cocks. Across the hood’s opaque lenses, the purple spiral played before their eyes, relaxing each drone. Minds blank and empty, they listened to the whispers and instructions coming from the earphones. All the while, the tubes stroked their cocks up and down, up and down, and the dildos thrust up and down, up and down.

Exactly 30 minutes later, the purple spirals stopped, and the drones logged in to their computers. They spent the next 30 minutes in silence, responding to emails from within the company and setting pleasure appointments with the other employees.

Then the drones left the room to attend to their various assignments. AK1829 maneuvered towards one of the employees and immediately began sucking the man’s cock. BT5365 and SE9168 made their way to the 19th floor for a tour of the company gym.

The gym was busy during the lunch period since every employee preferred to work out during their lunch break. The gym was well furnished, and, despite the crowd, there were still several unoccupied stations. Company policy helped prevent overcrowding: lunch breaks were two hours instead of one. During the first hour half of the employees would use the gym while the rest ate at their desks and underwent afternoon programming. Then the groups would switch for the second hour.

Most employees worked in pairs, spotting each other and helping with the more difficult exercises. Television screens mounted everywhere broadcasted videos of employees fucking, sucking, and otherwise pleasuring one another (the multitude of surveillance cameras ensured a steady stream of fresh content), or of deeply hypnotized muscular men giving tips and pointers on exercise techniques and habits.

The floor above the gym had a massage parlor, adjoining sauna, and large communal showering area. The showers were packed with men who had finished their mandatory gym workout. BT5365 and SE9168 gazed upon the throngs of men as they rinsed their sweaty bodies with soothing warm water and pleasured one another. In the nearest trio of men, two were enjoying the warmth of the shower while the third stuffed his mouth and hole with the other’s cocks. All three had vacant, blissful expressions on their faces, like the deeply hypnotized employees they were.

“Fellow employees,” said BT5365 to the trio, “I am Drone BT5365 and this is Drone SE9168. Drone SE9168 is undergoing the drone conversion program. It is imperative that you pleasure his body so that his mind falls deeper into trance.”

“Of course, BT5365. It would be our pleasure,” said the man whose cock was being sucked. His colleagues disentangled from one another and positioned themselves around SE9168. The man that had been fucking bent SE9168 over and began fucking him. The man whose cock had been sucked positioned his cock in front of SE9168’s smiling mouth and eased it inside. SE9168 immediately began to suck on the appendage, eliciting a groan of pleasure from the man. The final man positioned himself under SE9168 and began to suck SE9168’s hard cock, which immediately began to leak pre into the man’s eager mouth.

The sensations SE9168 was experiencing were intense and amazing. He let himself succumb to the good feelings, falling deeper into trance as a result. SE9168 felt so happy, so happy that he relinquished further control to the voices and allowed himself to ride the waves of pleasure pulsing in his ass, cock, and mouth. The purple spiral appeared, sending SE9168 even deeper as the voices whispered instructions on a loop:

It is good to suck cock. It is good to stroke cock. It is good being sucked. It is good to be fucked. It is good to fuck. It is good to obey. It feels good to obey. It is good to surrender completely to pleasure. It is good to obey the voices form the earphones. Obedience is pleasure.

Interspersed with this looping track was a second looping track that had begun to play as the new drone was used by the three employees,

You need to be mindless. You don’t need to think at all. You don’t need a brain. It feels good not to think. You don’t need to worry about thinking. You don’t want to think for yourself. Feel your mind flowing into your cock. When you cum, you will expel you mind and will along with you seed. Your mind will expel with your seed. When you cum, you will empty your mind, empty your will.

BT5365 watched the scene intently, paying close attention to how SE9168 responded to the training. He knew that the second loop of programming was taking hold of the Applicant’s mind and it needed time for the changes to take effect. He watched the scene for a good 15 minutes before he was satisfied, at which point he walked over to SE9168 and whispered in his ear, “When the Employees cum into your mouth and ass, you will cum.” SE9168 gave a muffled affirmative as he continued to suck the cock before him. Satisfied that SE9168 was ready, BT5365 spoke to the naked employees, “You three will cum now.” As soon as the command was given, all three men came, followed soon by SE9168.

When they were thoroughly drained of cum, the men returned to their showerhead and finished cleaning themselves. SE9168, meanwhile, basked in the post-glow effects of the orgasm and fuck-session. He felt so good! His mind felt so empty. So much better than before, not needing to worry about anything. The feeling was making him feel horny. Despite having just came, his cock remained hard at attention. As he stood there smiling vacuously, instructions soaked into his brain without resistance, instructions on how to speak like a drone, walk like a drone, and think like a drone. As did instructions on how he was to live out the rest of his life. He would learn how to please other men. He would practice on his fellow drones. He would work out at the gym every day. He would do whatever he was told. He would wake up when he was told. He would eat, workout, practice, and sleep when he was told. He could not make decisions on his own anymore. He didn’t want to make decisions on his own. Too hard to think. Better to let the voices think for him.

The pair made their way back upstairs to their room in the back of the office. The man formerly known as Steve walked with extreme confidence and with a fixed grin on his face. His movements had begun to more closely match those of BT5365. Also, when he spoke, he spoke in a flat, monotone voice. BT5365 was pleased at SE9168’s progress and felt his cock twitch pleasantly. None of the other employees looked up at him as the drones walked by, their (hypnotically reinforced) attention completely on their work.

AK1829 was not in the back room, but that was not surprising. On a normal day, drones spent their time taking care of the other employees who had made appointments with them, be it giving them blowjobs or being fucked in the ass while the employees continued to work. It was an essential part to the company’s success: happy workers are productive workers. And hypnotized workers that were given sexual release as part of their jobs were even happier and more productive.

BT5365 checked his computer for the list of the afternoon’s assignments, then he and SE9168 spent the afternoon servicing the various employees of the 28th floor. BT5365 would lead by example, then have SE9168 take over. As the new drone sucked or fucked, or let himself be fucked and sucked, BT5365 would give tips to increase the pleasure of the employees. SE9168 readily incorporated the tips, giving the employees much satisfaction.

After 2 hours of work, the drones returned to the back room. AK1829 was already there, seated in the chair and gazing ahead, his mouth open and drooling. The two drones joined their brother on the other chairs and underwent additional programming. As the spirals played across his lenses, BT5365’s mind shut down. He was not aware enough to notice that like AK1829, he and SE9168 were slack-jawed and drooling. Instructions came unhindered into their open minds as the masturbators and dildos thrust. At 5:00PM, the spirals stopped, and the three drones reanimated. BT5365 smiled fiercely. He loved training videos. He never could remember what they were about, but he always felt better after watching them.

He then focused on SE9168. The next part of his training would be crucial, as SE9168 would need to learn how to function while remaining deeply entranced. While their fellow employees were entranced only for the duration of the working day, drones were always kept in deep trance. Every hour of every day of every year. This was because drones were always on duty, always ready to serve. This level of dedication and energy couldn’t be replicated with an alternating trance/non-trance existence, and it was this unforgiving requirement that caused most failed conversions.

As his assigned instructor, BT5365 would need to teach SE9168. He had already cleared the situation with his Master, who had granted permission to bring SE9168 home for training. When the drones left the elevator on the first floor, BT5365 pulled SE9168 aside.

“You have completed the first day of training, SE9168. Your progress has been excellent.”

“Thank you, BT5365. I am happy to comply,” the new drone said in a monotone voice.

“Very good, SE9168. You will now be trained on how to function when not at work. You will follow me home and will obey my instructions and those of my Master.”

“I will comply, BT5365.”

“Good Drone. Now follow me.”

The drones left the office at the same time as the other smiling employees. Everyone had a faraway look as they marched in orderly fashion into the elevators, packing very closely to accommodate the most employees. This meant packing close enough that each could feel the dick of the employee pressing hard against their ass. It was an efficient way to leave the work area and it felt good.

The ride down was not as long as during the morning. Each floor’s employees left the office at designated intervals, which made riding the elevators very efficient. To further increase efficiency, employees that were stationed on the 1st through 10th floors used the stairs instead.

Once the elevator arrived on the first floor, everyone made their way to their various vehicles or towards the nearby subway station. Both drones joined a line of drones that were marching towards several unassuming black vans. Like the van from earlier that morning each van had 12 closely packed chairs. Drones slid their asses onto the protruding dildos as they sat down. BT5365 and SE9168 sat across from one another. As soon as they sat down, the lenses on their hoods darkened and the purple spiral played again, sending the drones into deep blissful trance. Once the vehicle was loaded, at an unspoken command, the drones reached for the nearest neighboring cock and started stroking up and down, up and down to the same frequency.

BT5365 lost track of time staring at the spiral as he stroked the cock of his fellow drone and listened to the instructions coming from the voices. It was so good to obey the voices. BT5365’s cock felt so good and he leaked pre almost continuously. BT5365 wanted to stay like this forever.

When his vision returned, the van was empty save for himself, SE9168, and another drone. All three sat next to each other, so BT5365 reasoned that they must have moved seats during the ride home. The thought of having done that without conscious memory was enough to nearly send BT5365 over the edge. But he couldn’t cum unless he was ordered to, and he had not been given permission to cum. It would be bad if he came without permission.

The two drones left the vehicle and entered the house. Once inside, BT5365 saw that a drone chair had been delivered to the house. It made sense since SE9168 was going to stay with him and Master for a few days, to better facilitate training. The drones moved the chair to the spare room, then the pair returned to stand before the door to await the arrival of Master. While they waited, BT5365 gave SE9168 some instructions on how to treat a Master, what posture to adopt, and what things to say. Once he did, the pair stared blankly ahead. Soon the purple spiral reappeared and sent the pair deep into trance. As it flashed before his eyes, BT5365 had a rare moment to appreciate just how wonderful his life was and how lucky he was to be a drone.

Jeremy Returns Home with a Friend

As was normal at work, Jeremy and Mark remained deeply entranced as they went about their tasks. Despite being deeply tranced, the men were extremely focused and attentive, traits which had eliminated most past accidents and had greatly improved safety. After the first 4-hour shift, the men took lunch in another of the temporary structures, in a room that had chairs arranged in a circle. Each chair had a thick dildo, which the men sat on as they ate their lunch.

Following lunch, the men removed themselves from the chairs and lay on the ground such that each man’s face was buried in a crotch. What followed was a 15-minute cocksucking session that made Jeremy feel so good, more connected to his brothers. He was lucky that this time he didn’t have to choke on Mark’s monster of a dick. At 10” it was the biggest cock on display. Maybe one other person there could take in the whole beast without gagging.

Once everyone was thoroughly on the edge of an orgasm, the men stood in a line and each inserted his dick into the man standing before him. In short order, each made came, sending a ripple through the human centipede. Thus satisfied, they returned to work for another 4 hours and then left for home.

Jeremy awoke from trance when the pickup truck arrived at his house. He dimly remembered what happened during the day, but that didn’t bother him. He liked spending the day in trance, enjoying the feeling of calm and belonging, yet being attentive and productive. He also loved the bonding sessions over lunch and spending time pleasuring his fellow’s hard cocks as much as they pleasured his. He wished that he could remain in trance all the time. He felt empty inside whenever he was not in trance, especially when he was at home, alone save for BT5365.

Mark was still zoned out, but Mark was a deeper trancer and tended to stay entranced even when he got home, often spending the next half hour in his car before waking up to find himself at home. The tube was still stroking at Mark’s cock gently as Jeremy exited the vehicle and made his way inside. But then, he stopped and looked back at Mark.

“Hey Mark, you wanna come in? The game is on tonight and we can watch it together.” Jeremy hoped Mark would accept, so that he wasn’t alone tonight. Mark seemed to wake up from his trance and turned to face Jeremy, a bear of a smile across his face. “Hell yeah man!” Mark disengaged his cock from the suction and exited his car and followed Jeremy into the small one-story house. As he opened the door, Jeremy saw BT5365 and another drone standing by the door, gazing straight ahead, unmoving like a pair of statues, wide fixed grins on their faces.

“Welcome home, Master,” said BT5365 in a flat, monotone voice.

“Hello BT5365. Is that the new drone?” Jeremy asked, gesturing towards the other drone.

“Affirmative, Master. This is Drone SE9168. He is a new drone and is learning how to take care of a Master. I am his assigned instructor.”

“Very good, BT5365,” Jeremy said, causing BT5365’s dick to shiver with pleasure. “Mark and I are going to watch the game in the living room. Order us a pizza and then have SE9168 take care of anything Mark needs.”

“Understood, Master. I will comply,” BT5365 replied. “SE9168, you have heard the Master’s words. Will you comply?”

“I will comply,” replied SE9168.

BT5365 then pivoted towards the kitchen, his movements efficient and precise. SE9168 followed the two men into the living room and helped Mark undress, starting with his sweaty west, then his pants. Jeremy watched as the drone disrobed Mark. By the time he was naked, Mark’s cock was at full hardness. SE9168 got to work licking Mark’s head, swirling his wet tongue over the pink flesh, then taking the dick deep into his throat. Mark moaned with pleasure as the drone continued to work.

“Damn, this drone has quite the mouth. Look,” Mark pointed down at the drone, “it’s even deepthroating my cock!”

“With a cock like yours, I guess only drones can take it,” Jeremy laughed.

BT5365 appeared in the doorway to the living room. “Master, I ordered one extra-large pepperoni and double cheese pizza with double garlic bread, and a medium one of the same for your friend. It will arrive in 20 minutes.”

“Sweet! You are always on top of things.”

“That is its purpose, Master” BT5365 said in the flat monotone voice that Jeremy found very erotic. Now that he was not close to dangerous tools, Jeremy had BT5365 disrobe him. The shirt was the first to go, then his pants, revealing his hard cock. Jeremy stroked his hefty meat while BT5365 took his clothes to the bedroom. Jeremy glanced over to see how Mark was coming along, and saw his friend expertly sucking the drone’s cock as the drone stood passively at attention. Jeremy chuckled at the sight; Mark had always been the better cocksucker. Jeremy just couldn’t get the technique right despite many nights under Mark’s expert tutelage. Which was fine.

He wondered whether SE9168 had been a good cocksucker before conversion, or BT5365 for that matter. He had tried asking BT5365 about such things, but the drone couldn’t give satisfactory answers. Which made sense, considering the drone was programmed to know and only think about certain things. It was something that he was curious about, not that he’d ever undergo conversion. He had considered it many times over the years, but he was afraid that as a drone he wouldn’t be able to work in the construction site anymore. In the 5 years he’d been with the boys, he had not once seen a drone on the construction site. He’d been afraid to talk with the foreman about his desires, expecting him to say no.

The ringing of the doorbell brought Jeremy back to his senses. Instinctively he went to get the door, but BT5365 arrived first and had already opened the door by the time Jeremy arrived. Another drone stood outside the house, carrying two large pizza boxes and a bag of condiments. The smell of the cheese and baked bread wafted into the house, causing Jeremy’s stomach to growl. He was looking forward to the food. BT5365 finished the transaction with the delivery drone, placed the pizza on a small table in the living room, and moved to stand in the corner. As Jeremy settled down on the sofa, he took a moment to appreciate the drone’s still body. The drone was standing so straight and still that it could have been mistaken for a mannequin, aside from its steady breathing and the twitching of its cock.

“Hey man, you ready for the game?” panted Mark. Jeremy gave his friend the thumbs up. He saw that the new drone was back to sucking Mark’s generous endowment, taking in the entire length without gagging or slowing down.

The drone continued to pleasure Mark throughout the entire game, not once stopping for a break and without sending him over the edge. After the first goal, Jeremy had BT5365 stand near him so that he could idly fondle the drone’s balls and cock while watching the game. He really liked the feel of the rubber and he was sure that BT5365 was enjoying the attention immensely. No doubt its programming was being reinforced even then. Despite the attention that he was giving to the drone’s cock, the drone did not once moan or give any visual indication that it was experiencing pleasure. Had their positions been reversed, Jeremy would have been moaning and thrusting his cock to increase the stimulation. The drone’s lack of response aroused Jeremy. He found it hot that the drone, even while pleasured, maintained such discipline. Of course, if he wanted to hear moaning, he need only command and the drone would comply. It wasn’t important right now.

Once the game was over, Mark looked over at Jeremy, a wicked grin on his face. “So…you wanna have some fun?”

Jeremy looked at his friend in puzzlement, “What do you have in mind?”

“Well…” Mark said sheepishly, “I’ve been watching you watch your drone. Watching any drones. You admire them, so why not experiment a little?”

Jeremy stopped fondling his drone’s junk and looked straight at his friend, “Don’t keep me in suspense.”

“Why not try the drone suit? BT5365 has extras…”

Jeremy was feeling decidedly uncomfortable. Yes, he had fantasized about such for a long time, but to actually do it…. “Mark, it scares me. I…I’m afraid of losing my job and…” Jeremy began to cry and shudder, “I’m afraid that I’ll be kicked off the construction team”

“Are you afraid that by becoming a drone, you won’t be able to be with our brothers on the construction team? Is that what you are so afraid of? Being alone?”

Mark’s words struck Jeremy to the core. Mark was right, completely right. Jeremy was overcome with emotion. Not trusting to speak without breaking into tears, Jeremy gave a subdued nod.

“My poor friend,” Mark said as he wrapped his powerful body around his fragile friend. Jeremy relished the feeling of Mark’s warm body against his own. It felt good.

“Fuck. I really like you and I don’t want to lose you.” he choked.

“I love you too,” Mark said softly. He gently clasped Jeremy’s hands and looked at his best friend in the eye. “I know you are scared. But your fear and uncertainty are consuming you. Do you know how hard it has been to see that every day for the last 5 years? I’ve wanted to…well, I was scared of losing you if I pressed you then. I’m still scared that you will push me away. Please don’t push me away!” A small tear left Mark’s eye.

Jeremy did not speak for some time. Mark had just shown how much he cared about him, much more than Jeremy thought he had. It was…he didn’t know what. He didn’t want this moment to end. As the pair embraced, Jeremy reflected on the past 5 years and how hard it had been for him. He’d graduated high school with no idea of what to do with his life. His family was practically non-existent during that time, and he had no luck with the other guys. He was too preoccupied with how lonely he felt that he did not think enough about what the other person was going through or wanted from the relationship.

With no good prospects in sight, he ended up taking a job at the construction site because he had nothing better to do and he needed money. He had been pleasantly surprised at how friendly everyone was, especially Mark. He had always been there for him. He didn’t talk him down or make him feel worthless. In a short time, Mark became Jeremy’s only friend. The pair had spent a lot of time together over the years. Whenever they were alone together, Mark would dare Jeremy to do little things, just to break him out of his shell. He had objected strongly to each one but had eventually given in. In hindsight, he realized that these little dares had been for his own good. Mark really understood his inner conflict and had been subtly helping him overcome his inner demons. He never asked for thanks. Not once.

And this was another such time. Jeremy had long wanted to be a drone but was too scared to take the leap of faith, especially knowing what happened to those who failed the conversion process (which was a significant number). Still, Jeremy fantasized about it. Even got himself a drone to gaze upon and play with. In a way, BT5365 had been there just as much as Mark. The drone always supported Jeremy unconditionally. Yes, that was because the drone had been programmed that way, but still, every little bit helped.

Jeremy now thought long and hard about what Mark proposed. Essentially, Mark suggested that they indulge Jeremy’s fantasy and find out, once and for all, whether it was what Jeremy wanted. Of course, once he put on the drone suit, there was no turning back. Things would not be the same again. To say that he was scared would’ve been an understatement. He was terrified.

Mark began to stroke his hair, calming Jeremy a bit. “I will be with you no matter what you decide. I love you and I don’t want to lose you to.”

“If I go through with this, promise me that you will become my Master. Forever and always.”

Mark gave Jeremy a loving kiss, then replied, “I swear to you that I will always take care of you. I will become your Master and won’t ever leave you.”

Mark was dead serious, and Jeremy knew it. Well, might as well find out now. But first, there was one thing he needed to do first.

Jeremy looked up at Mark and said, “I need to talk with the foreman. I need to know if I can still work at the construction site as a drone, assuming this works out.”

“Of course. I will be by your side in case you need me.”

Jeremy had BT5365 retrieve his cell phone, then he dialed the foreman’s number. There was no reply for several rings, but eventually the foreman answered. “ ‘ello,” said the foreman in a gruff voice. Jeremy almost put the phone down right there, but he didn’t. Mark was there beside him and that was what mattered now. It gave him the strength to continue.

“Sir, it is Jeremy…”

“Jeremy, by boy! What can I do for you?” the foreman replied in a friendly tone.

“I…I really like working with you and the boys. You are the family I never really had.”

“I am glad you feel that way. What’s on your mind?” When Jeremy did not respond right away, the foreman continued, “Son, don’t worry. I won’t think any less of you if you aren’t feeling good or if you want to move on.”

“No, no, it’s not that, Sir!” Jeremy cried, “I want to stay on the team…as a drone.”

“Ah, so that’s what’s been on your mind all this time,” he said.

“You…you knew?” said Jeremy.

“I knew something was bothering you, but I wasn’t sure what. I’m glad that you called about this”

“Please, Sir…I…”

“Wait a moment, son, I ain’t finished yet” the foreman interrupted, “You’ve been a great member of the team. The boys like you and it would be a shame to lose you. You can be a drone and still be on the team.”

“I… thank you, Sir!” Jeremy cried, tears forming in his eyes. “I…”

At that moment, Mark grabbed the phone, “Hello, Sir. This is Mark. Sorry to interrupt, but I have a question that I think Jeremy will want to know the answer to.”

“Ah, Mark. So glad you are there to help Jeremy during his time of crisis. I am glad the two of you became good friends.”

“Thank you, Sir. My question is, why aren’t there any drones on the construction team?”

“Simple reason, my boy. There aren’t any drones on the team because no drones applied to be on the team. Drones are usually in those office jobs; haven’t seen one in construction myself. But they are hard workers and they are good for morale. I’d have hired one sooner or later. Now it seems that one has come my way, one that will fit into the team most excellently.”

“Thank you so much, Sir! This really means a lot to Jeremy.” Mark passed the phone back to Jeremy, who gave Mark a gentle kiss before talking to the foreman,

“Yes, thank you, Sir! I’ll be sure to work extra hard.”

“Don’t push yourself too hard now, you hear. I want all my boys to be fit, strong, and healthy. Take as much time as you need to convert. When you come by work, I’ll re-introduce you to the boys, let them spend some time to get to know you. I’m sure you’ll be eager to play with their cocks and them with your holes.”

After thanking the foreman again, Jeremy ended the call. He took a moment to breathe, then turned to Mark and passionately kissed him. The pair went at it for many moments before finally pulling away.

“Let’s handle the legal stuff before we lose ourselves to the fun, ok?” said Jeremy.

“Of course.” Mark replied.

Jeremy turned to BT5365 and asked, “Drone BT5365, what happens if your Master becomes a drone? Whom would you serve?” asked Jeremy.

“Control Directive 26, a drone whose master has become a drone or who is no longer able to properly house the drone is to become immediate property of the State and is to live in the drone commune. A drone cannot be a master to another drone.”

“But is there a way to transfer ownership to someone else, like to Mark?”

“Control Directive 87, a Drone’s Master may transfer ownership of the Drone through verbal or written consent, provided both parties are in agreement.”

“BT5365, tell me in all honesty, what do you think my chances are of successful conversion?”

“Your desires and awareness of them, as well as your arousal for rubber and fantasies of becoming a drone have raised your chances to 90%.” BT5365 replied.

“Ok then. Let’s do this,” Jeremy said to Mark. Turning back to his drone, Jeremy pronounced “BT5365, as of this moment, Mark is your new Master. Also, you will help me during my conversion into a drone. Do you have any objections with this, BT5365?”

“I have no objections, Sir. I will comply and help you become a drone.” replied BT5365. Turning to Mark he said, “Master, how can this drone serve you?”

“Prepare the legal papers for transfer of ownership and also for the registration of a new drone,” said Mark.

The process was simpler than it sounded. A half hour later and BT5365 had e-forms ready to go on a small tablet, which the lovers signed under the gaze of an attorney drone (available 24/7) via online webcam, and, just like that, everything Jeremy owned now belonged to Mark. Jeremy was now classified as a drone, and extra suits would be sent to the house right away, as well as another drone chair. Jeremy was surprised when the drone attorney said that the supplies would arrive in only 30 minutes. After giving BT5365 orders to handle the installation, Jeremy led Mark to the drone’s room. Once inside he retrieved the extra bottle of hair-removal cream and went to the shower. Mark massages the cream all over Jeremy, which filled Jeremy with such joy and pleasure. He felt all tingly inside and out, as his dream was coming true. And he was going to be with Mark!

Once Jeremy was completely hairless and dry, the pair returned to the drone room, where Mark helped Jeremy put on one of BT5365’s spare rubber suits. The suit slid on easily, as did the boots, the cock ring, and cock sheath. Despite his apprehension, Jeremy felt a tinge of arousal at finally putting on the rubber suit. His hands started to shake as he held the last item: the rubber hood. Sensing his distress, Mark wrapped Jeremy close against his warm, muscular body, letting him know without words that he would be there the entire time, that he would not let anything bad happen to him. Mark reached for the hood, but Jeremy’s arm caught him and gently pulled the arm away. Mark understood; Jeremy wanted to be the one to put it on, to prove to himself that even though he was afraid, he would see this through. Hands slightly shaking, he produced the pair of earphones from inside the hood and placed them in his ears.

At once, Jeremy felt calm and serene. The white noise coming from the earphones was familiar to him, like the white noise from Mark’s car radio. Jeremy thought he heard voices through the white noise, but his conscious mind forgot the words as soon as they were spoken. The voices whispered instructions on a loop:

It is good to suck cock. It is good to stroke cock. It is good being sucked. It is good to be fucked. It is good to fuck. It is good to obey. It feels good to obey. It is good to surrender completely to pleasure. It is good to obey the voices form the earphones. Obedience is pleasure.

Mark could see that Jeremy had noticeably relaxed and that he was slightly unfocused, a clear sign that he was going into trance. Then, with steady hands, Jeremy placed the rubber hood over his head and stared ahead. Mark watched as a grin began to grow across his friend’s face and took a moment to appreciate just how sexy he looked in the skintight rubber and how for the first time in years his friend was feeling genuine peace of mind. Jeremy had confessed to him multiple times that even when entranced his mind would fuss over his insecurities. Well, putting on the suit seemed to be giving him the peace of mind he desperately needed.

Jeremy suddenly stiffened and turned towards Mark. “Thank you for convincing me to put on the rubber suit and to start the conversion process. I feel so much better than before.”

“I’m…I’m glad to hear it,” stammered Mark. “But tell me, are you still Jeremy?”

“I…” Jeremy paused and said nothing for several moments and stared into space, “I do not understand the designation Jeremy. My designation is Drone JY5269.”

“Ok. What do you want to do now that you have put on the suit?”

“I want to serve you and bring you pleasure. It is important for a drone to serve and obey,” said Jeremy, his voice sounding slightly flat and monotone. Mark smiled, pleased that the drone conversion seemed to be going smoothly.

“You are so hot right now. I’d really like you to kneel before me and sucking my cock.”

“Yes, Master!” Jeremy was on his knees and had Mark’s semi-hard cock in his mouth right as he finished speaking. The intensity of the sucking took Mark by surprise. It wasn’t the sucking alone that had done so since Mark had been sucked off many times. It was that Jeremy was deepthroating him without gagging! Clearly the lad had relaxed sufficiently that he could now take his monster cock without problems. And it didn’t look like he was going to gag anytime soon, as Mark’s cock grew to its full size and still Jeremy continued to suck. Damn, he could just let this go on forever. It felt so good. It was better than when the other drone was sucking him off, because this drone was the man that Mark loved! Mark came as he thought this, his cum being sucked greedily by the new drone.

The drone that was Jeremy pulled his mouth from Mark’s cock, his smile wider than before. “Your cum is plentiful and nutritious. I look forward to consuming it regularly.”

“Tell me, what is it like in the suit?” asked Mark.

“It is peaceful. Like I have no cares in the world. That I don’t need to worry about anything anymore. It feels good to not have to worry. It feels good to just obey.”

Mark grabbed Jeremy and began to kiss him everyone, “I love you so much. I love you. I love you. I love you.” Mark then hugged his rubberized lover tightly in his arms, then noticed that BT5365 was standing by the door. “How long have you been there, BT5365?”

“I have been standing here for 7.52 minutes, Master. The drone chair has been installed and the extra suits have been placed in the spare room as instructed, Master.”

“Very good, BT5365. What should we do now to further Jeremy’s conversion? I want it to be successful.”

“As do I, Master.” BT5365 turned to face the drone that was once Jeremy. “Drone, what is your designation?”

“My designation is JY5269.”

“Master, it is important that both of the drone’s holes and cock are pleasured at once. This will cause an important training track to run through his mind. The longer he is pleasured, the better the programming will take effect.”

“That sounds good, BT5365. Let us go to the living room. I’m sure SE9168 will want to join the fun.”

When the trio returned to the living room, they found SE9168 still kneeling before the couch, the drone’s mouth still hanging open and drooling slightly. Once everyone had assembled into the living room, Mark got things organized. BT5365 would suck Jeremy’s cock, SE9168 would fuck his mouth, and Mark would fuck his ass. Jeremy’s ass was pleasurable as Mark shoved his monster cock inside. Soon he lost himself into the rhythm and focused on lasting for as long as possible without shooting his load. After 10 minutes he needed a break, and had BT5365 take over fucking the ass, and commanded SE9168 and JY5269 (Jeremy) to 69. As he recuperated on the couch, Mark watched the show unfold before his eyes. He ended up stroking himself as he watched the hot scene before him.

After a while, he asked BT5365 how much time had passed, and was surprised when the drone told him that 1.12 hours had passed, which was more than sufficient. Not knowing what to do next, Mark asked BT5365 to handle the next step of the programming. When the drone explained that all three drones would need to cum and asked for permission, Mark granted it. Like the scenario with SE9168 in the company shower, both BT5365 and SE9168 came simultaneously into JY5269, and, feeling the cum inside of him, JY5269 empties his cock and, with it, his free will and mind. The drones were still for many moments, and when all three stood at attention and spoke in a single, flat, monotone voice, Mark knew that it was time they got him off.

“Master, how may we serve you?” the drones replied in unison.

“Well…” said Mark as he gently lay atop the couch, “JY5269 can fuck my hole, BT5365 can suck my cock, and SE9168 can let me suck his rubber cock.”

“Yes, Master!” said all three drones simultaneously. The drones gathered around Mark and began to pleasure him in the manner which he instructed. Mark was in 7th heaven. He loved sucking cock and being sucked and fucked. It felt so good, having Jeremy plow his ass! He loved Jeremy so much! How good it felt to have his lover turned drone fucking his ass with his rubber cock! So exquisite! The drones pleasured Mark long into the night, keeping him on edge for two hours. By then, Mark was panting and ready to release his load.

“JY5269, switch places with BT5365. I’m gonna cum and you’re gonna swallow my load.”

“Yes, Master.” The drones switched and as soon as JY5269’s mouth went over his cock, Mark exploded into his throat. The drone sucked every last drop of cum. Mark was panting.

“I want you all to stand up and point your cocks at my face, then cum on me,” he said. The three drones immediately rose to comply. As soon as they pointed their cocks, thick spurts of white cum gushed onto Mark’s face and into his mouth. When they had finished, Mark had the drones lick the cum off his face, then help him retire for the night. The drones brushed his teeth, helped him shower, and tucked him into what was Jeremy’s bed. They turned on the white noise device by this bed, so that no noise would disturb his slumber.

Mark wished that his lover drone could sleep with him that night, but BT5365 insisted that JY5269 be strapped in the drone chair for the first few nights of his new existence. It was important to reinforce the constant barrage of drone programming during the initial stages. Failure to do so had been shown to reduce the success of the conversion by 25% or more. However, the drone continued, it was permissible to have JY5269 stay with Mark until Mark fell asleep. Mark readily agreed to this. It was only for a few nights. Mark was so tired and happy that he was soon fast asleep. His last thought before falling asleep was just how happy he was that he and Jeremy were at last truly together.

Satisfied that Mark was deeply asleep, JY5269 joined his brother drones in the room with the chairs. Both drones were waiting for him and helped him into the drone chair before sitting down on their own chairs. The restrains automatically locked them in as they sat in the chairs. As the chairs began to fuck and suck them, the purple spiral appeared within their hoods, sending the drones into deep trance, and, eventually, sleep. Even as they slept, their wide grins never faded.

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