Sexual Escape Room

By Tkhon -
published February 14, 2017

A group of men go to a special escape room that promises the most immersive experience in the business

“Is this your first time at an escape room?”

“Yes,” Chris replied to the girl at the desk. He and his friends had happened to stumble onto this somewhat hidden area and decided to give it a look.

“Awesome, let me just give you a quick rundown on how this works then!” she said cheerfully, before settling into a monotone as she recited the lines she had said to many newcomers before “Break Free Ultimate Immersion Escape Rooms pits you and up to four friends against a series of challenges that you must overcome. We use secret immersion enhancing techniques to ensure you have the best most authentic experience possible. If for any reason anything should go wrong one of several handlers will be there to help you. Any questions?”

“Uh, yeah,” Samuel spoke up, “when you say immersion enhancing techniques, what do you mean?”

“Dude they’re not going to tell you how the hotdog is made,” Jeremy butted in.

“Yes,” the receptionist responded, “but more importantly knowing what we’re doing to improve your immersion would more than likely BREAK the immersion. But yeah, also I’m not allowed to say. If I’m totally honest I don’t even know, I’m just here for the desk job.”

“That’s fine,” Robert stepped in, “this sounds fun. How much?”

“We have a special price for first timers, and bigger groups save a little too. It’ll be 180 dollars for the five of you.”

“I’ve got this,” Carlos moved in waving a wad of bills, “you guys can count on me for cash-“ he leaned towards the receptionist, “And you-“ “Ugh dude don’t be a creep. You have a girlfriend.” Robert pushed Carlos out of the way.

“Hey hey! I’m just being friendly. Yeesh,” Carlos stepped away with his hands raised. Under his breath he continued, “you’re just bein’ a bitch because Alexa broke up with you.”

“With teamwork skills like these how can we possibly fail,” Samuel muttered rolling his eyes.

The group ended up paying and the girl directed them to a waiting room.

“There’s a thirty minute initiation before you can begin,” she explained, “it’ll explain the specific rules for this room and also begin the immersion experience. Have fun guys.”

Chris removed his blindfold. He had no idea how where he was, or how he got there. Eventually the haze lifted and he remembered. He and his friends were trapped in an escape room and needed to figure out how to get out. It looked like the room was supposed to be a temple of some sort. It certainly looked almost real, he figured this must be the “immersive” stuff they were talking about. He looked around the fake stone walls to see the other four shaking their heads and removing their blindfolds.

“The hell? This room Is practically empty, how do we get out?” Samuel started to panic.

“Okay, okay, let’s calm down and have a look at the room. We can figure this out.” Robert said smoothly, gesturing at the large rectangular room they were in.

Some dim torches were the only light provided in this room. The men inspected the walls and found they were all lined with carvings of people.

“Carvings of MEN,” Jeremy blurted out.

“What?” Chris asked, turning to Jeremy.

“They’ve all got their cocks out, see?” Jeremy pointed at one of the many carvings. Indeed every single etched person had a fairly prominent dick and a set of balls hanging freely.

“Man, they’re really making this authentic,” Carlos laughed, “got that whole naked art thing going. Hope none of their dicks are a clue.”

“Wait, holy fuck,” Jeremy stammered.

“What?” Carlos looked incredulously at Jeremy.

“I think you just stumbled onto it. I think this is a clue. We need to have our dicks out. Like the guys in the carving.” Jeremy replied.

“Hm… yeah, that makes sense,” Carlos mused.

In a matter of moments five sets of clothes had been hastily discarded into the cold floor. They stood for a moment. Much like the men in the carvings they didn’t feel particularly concerned about the fact that they were surrounded by exposed cocks. Instead they continued to search the room for the next step.

“Found something!” Chris called.

He had stumbled onto a row of five waist high holes.

“There are switches inside each one,” Jeremy explained, looking inside the holes, “we probably have to press them all at once.

“I can’t reach it though,” Chris said, sticking his finger into one of the holes, “my fingers aren’t long enough”

“I think I know what would work,” Samuel mused. He waited for someone to prompt him. When nobody did he continued, “we could use our dicks.”

“That makes sense,” Carlos said, “that would explain why we had to get naked. And look at the carvings. All the guys carved here are jerking off and pointing their fat cocks at these holes. That must be it.”

And so, with little hesitation all five men began stroking their cocks. They stroked vigorously, like nobody was watching. It was pretty normal to jack dick around other guys, they found themselves all thinking. While a lot of the carvings depicted guys stroking their own dicks, sometimes they worked another guys’ dick, some handled two others at once, ther own cock staying hard presumably from the feeling of dick in their hands. There was nothing wrong with that. Having a hard dick in your hand is what mattered, that and making it feel good. And the five of them were making their dicks feel VERY good. One by one they dropped to the floor, masturbating furiously, moaning openly.

When they were satisfied with the hardness of their dicks they lined up and shoved their cocks into the holes. There was a clicking sound somewhere, and a secret entrance revealed itself before everything went black.

Samuel blinked. He had no idea where he was or how he got there. Gradually the haze lifted and he remembered. He and his friends were trapped in some sort of ancient temple. If they wanted to get out they would have to solve the various riddles and trials of the temple. They had managed to conquer one, but he knew they would have to be on their toes if they wanted to make it any further.

He stepped into the threshold of the second room, anxious that he and his friends would manage to escape. The new room was more or less the same as before, though the walls were different, adorned with meaningless patterns instead of carvings of men. Besides that the only decoration in the room were a set of five poles jutting out of a wall, very much mirroring the five holes in the previous room. Samuel also noticed a strange soft sound emanating from seemingly everywhere in the room. When he focused on it he was filled with a feeling in his core, something that told him that everything happening was real and natural, no matter how strange it seemed. That made sense, Samuel reasoned. It WAS strange that he and his friends were trapped in a temple and had to use their dicks to proceed… but it WAS real and it WAS natural.

His thoughts were interrupted by a booming voice.


“Depth, huh?” Carlos muttered.

“Oh, wait I thought of something!” Chris shouted, “if we need to prove something to do with depth, do you think it might be like… how deep we can take each of these things down our throats?”

Chris gestured at the poles sticking out of the walls, each one was at a slightly different angle. Their sizes varied slightly too, but on average they were slightly longer and wider than the guys’ cocks were while hard.

“I think you’re onto something,” Samuel replied, moving towards one of the poles. On closer inspection it seemed to be made of stone. He figured he wouldn’t know where to start, but acting on instinct he found himself naturally working his lips around the thing. He kept going deeper and his friends followed his example. He had worried about triggering his gag reflex, but it never came. Throughout the time he spent with that hard pole in his mouth he couldn’t shake the feeling he had experience doing this.

When all five of the had taken a pole deep enough there was another click and yet again darkness overtook them.

Jeremy blinked. He had no idea where he was or how he got there. In fact he couldn’t remember much of anything. All he could recall was that his name was Jeremy and he was trapped in some sort of temple and needed to escape, and something about being a champion. He was surrounded by naked men he didn’t recognize, not that being surrounded by naked male strangers was strange, he felt certain that was natural, but much like him they remembered very little. Still, they had banded together to get past the previous two trials. Jeremy felt confident they could make it past whatever came next.


With that five doors opened simultaneously and out stepped five men. They were each in peak fitness, covered in hair. Their muscular bodies completely exposed save for a loincloth that stretched obscenely over their massive hardening cocks. They grinned down at the five men. One beckoned towards Jeremy, gesturing towards his bulge, his grin growing wider.

Jeremy slowly walked towards the adonis of a man. Almost in a daze he got to his knees, undid the loincloth, and lowered his head into the man’s cock. He bobbed on it for a while, happily. The hairy brute stood stoic, only acknowledging his efforts with an occasional grunt or by roughly moving his head. Jeremy couldn’t keep track of time, but soon he found himself taking the cock so deeply that he found himself burying his face in the mass of hair that surrounded the man’s crotch. He loved the feeling of it rubbing against his own light beard scruff. The feeling of the hair triggered a sense of déjà vu, which made Jeremy hornier than ever. He rubbed his tongue over every facet of the cock and teased the slit, he also stretched out his tongue to play with the man’s balls a bit. His renewed vigor broke through the man’s stony exterior causing his face to show pleasure. He looked down into Jeremy’s eyes with a smile of almost fatherly pride. Moments later he came in Jeremy’s mouth.

Similar events unfolded for the other four as well, and soon the men returned to the doors they had arrived from. The five tried to follow but the doors slammed shut before they could get off their knees. Before they could panic, there was a click, and a new door opened. Then, as usual, they blacked out.

Robert blinked. He had no idea where he was or how he got there. But as the haze cleared the memories came back to him. He was a villager, trapped in a mysterious temple with four of his fellow villagers. Together they had made it past the riddles of the temple and even managed to please the Temple’s guardians, but he knew there was still more to come. He and his friends stepped into the next room.

Contrasting the previous rooms’ Spartan design this fourth room was adorned with a variety of adornments. The first thing that caught Robert’s eye was the ten life size statues that filled the majority of the room, depicting men fucking.

“I’ve got it, it’s super easy,” Carlos shouted, “look, there are two rows with five statues. But these ones on this side have a pair. We need to copy what the missing statue is doing.”

They all nodded in agreement, and picked a position. It turned out all of the corresponding statues were missing a man to get fucked by the other statues’ stone cock, so it wasn’t long before the five of them found themselves impaled on the statues.

Robert found himself thinking it was strange how easily the rock hard cock slid into his ass. He was fairly certain that shouldn’t happen, but then, how could it not? It was completely natural to have something long and hard up there. He and the others sat there for a moment, crouching hunched over the statues’ cocks. Nothing happened.

“Well what the fuck do we do now?” Chris yelled from across the room.

“Wait, guys, these are cocks. Cocks need stimulation. Move up and down along it.” Robert said as realization dawned on him. He led by example and started fucking his own ass on the statue. The others followed suit and the room began to echo with the sounds of five men groaning. Despite the cacophony they still heard a distinct click as a new path opened and again everything went dark.

Carlos blinked. He had no idea where he was or how he got there. Finally, after some time his memories started to resurface. He was a villager from nearby, and very into men. He and his fellow villagers had decided to brave this ancient temple in search of some legendary reward. Luckily their nonstop lust for the same sex had proven an invaluable asset in overcoming the trials. Still, this was no time to get cocky, he reasoned.

They stepped into a large circular room and were reunited with hairy studs from before. They each paired with the one that had sucked them off and guided them into one of five doors that opened up.


Each man reached the end of their hall, at which point the men all stopped and turned to face their mate.

“Make me cum,” each of them said to their partner.

And that was that. Each man got to work bringing their man to a climax. Chris immediately zeroed in on the dick. He reasoned it was the simplest most direct way to his goal, and began sucking his man off. Meanwhile, in another room, Samuel found his eyes invariable attracted to his man’s dangling balls. He decided that that would be the best way to make his man feel good and he got into his knees, groping his crotch. At the same time Jeremy found himself invariably attracted to his man’s ass. A man’s ass is the true key to their pleasure, he found himself thinking, as he buried his face in the man’s hairy butt. Robert, meanwhile couldn’t decide the best route and took all over the above, finding himself feverish licking and groping his man’s entire body. Carlos thought of himself as a bit of a romantic so he decided to start making out with his man while rubbing his dick.

Things continued like this for a bit. Then, one by one, each of the hairy men found themselves on the edge. They bellowed “I AM SATISFIED. NOW PREPARE FOR ME TO BREED YOUR ASS.”

And with that they began pounding the asses of all five men, thrusting their cocks into their willing holes hard and fast. It didn’t take long for their balls to tighten and their cocks to swell.

“YOU ARE MY MATE, NOW PROVE IT BY TAKING MY CUM UP YOUR ASS” they all shouted at the men in turn.

Each of the men couldn’t help but think about the word mate. They found themselves loving it. It was simple. Animalistic. It made them feel like a hole to be used. Soon they were finished. Each of their men pulled them into a rough embrace, patting them on the ass and saying “You can take it in the ass like a champ. Proud of you.”

They all returned to the circular room, their asses dripping with cum and feeling immense pride in their accomplishment. They turned to face a final door, which opened slowly to reveal their reward.

They all blinked. Before they sat the most gorgeous man in the world. He sat lazily on a chair, legs spread wide to give them an unobstructed view of his gigantic mouth-watering cock, his perfect round balls. His gorgeous muscles accented by a layer of hair. All five of them immediately understood what their reward was. It was the honour of being to pleasure this man.

Wordlessly they moved into position as if on instinct. Chris began using his mouth to worship the man’s cock, slowly and sensually licking it from every angle. Samuel got to work on polishing his balls, savouring the feeling, while Jeremy pressed his face into the man’s furry hole. Robert took care of the rest of his body, licking his nipples while rubbing his muscular chest. Carlos finished things off by submissively making out with the man, letting him explore his mouth with his tongue. None of the men were concerned with their own sexual pleasure anymore. They now on some level understood that their role was to worship this man’s body, to bring him pleasure in any way they could. Nothing could make them feel more fulfilled than that. And so they continued like this for hours.

There was a flash of light. A door opened. Several people filed into the room. Chris blinked. He and his friends were worshipping some guy’s body, like usual, but what else was happening? Gradually the haze lifted. They were in an escape room of course. They had won. And claimed their reward. Then men entering the room were their handlers. He gave the man one last playful lick before getting up to follow the handlers. They arrived in the first room to find the five hairy men jerking off onto their discarded clothes.

“Hey, we were just saying great you all were, one of the best fucks we’ve had here, so we decided to give you something to remember us by.” One of them flashed them a smile.

Chris had to admit it was pretty hot as he put on his cum stained clothes. One of the handlers was telling them about an app we could use where we could upload a photo of all of them worshipping that guy’s body and see if any other guys would be interested in them doing the same with him. The idea of publicly sharing a photo like that didn’t bother him or his friends so they agreed immediately. On their way out Carlos started talking about hitting some gay bar but Chris was distracted by a large photo in the main area. There was a name under it, apparently it was the CEO of the company, but what really caught Chris’ attention was the uncanny resemblance he had to the guy they had been worshipping. As if reading his mind one of the handlers approached Chris and told him that they would be allowed to return to worship any time, as well as participate in their other exciting escape rooms. He and the other handlers then took the five of them into an alley behind the building and fucked them from both sides at the same time. As he happily sucked and got fucked Chris thought about how great of an experience he had had, this escape room was every bit as immersive as they had said, and he couldn’t wait for more.

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