Lingerie Wearing Finally Come True

By Anonymous -
published February 13, 2020

My Lingerie Desire Becomes True.

At 32 years old and gay, you would think I would have learnt that everything has its price. I have been yearning for the last 16 years to buy some hot female underwear to wank off in, ever since stealing the neighbours tights (pantihose) off the washing line.

I work in a bank and have plenty of great days getting turned on looking at the guys working in the building in their tight bulging suit trousers, I then decided last week, a trip to a town about 50 miles away and a visit to a department store, would quell my desire.

Saturday morning, I drove for an hour and parked my car, not much chance of spotting anyone I knew here I thought, went into a large dept store and made for the ladies lingerie floor.

Honesty is the best policy here I thought, and spoke to a nice young lady on the counter and explained that I was playing a female role in a amateur stage production, and we had to buy our own clothes. I was not sure of what sizes t buy. She measure my waist and chest and inside leg and said I would need a 34D Bra, dress size 22/24, stockings size 5, panties 22/24, tights XXXL ( I have fairly muscled legs as play football) and size 11 in shoes which she found, could only buy a small heel due the size. She suggested I try all the clothes on in the gents changing rooms on the other side of the floor and picked up the phone.

I walked across the floor and a really nice pleasant man of about my age, said would I follow him and he would help as much as he could, and he led me into a nice room with mirrors and said “My name is Thomas, if you need help at all please just press the bell and I will assist you, or” he smiled and added “I could always stay with you”

I was flummoxed what do I do? “My name is Andrew” I stammered “I have never worn womens clothes before and its for a stage play”

Thomas helped me off with my clothes, too late I remembered I was wearing a red jock strap, and as he pulled pulled my trouser zip down, his hand lingered more than it needed at he gently felt my bulging cock, which to my horror was getting hard

He laughed, “Andrew, wait until you get Tights and panties on you will be sporting a right old boner, I have seen it all before don’t worry, here if it make you feel any better watch this”

With that Thomas removed his jacket tie and shirt and then shoes and trousers, I gaped at him, he was wearing black lace hold up stockings and black lace see through panties underneath, and well above the waist line of his panties a large red slightly wet cock head peered out.

He quickly tried the bra on me and said “That’s fine, fits ok, you are lucky being well built, your chest and nips fill the bra anyway, you wont need padding” and took it off.

He then gave me a pair of rather nice white lycra lace trimmed panties and told me to pull them up. To my surprise the material stretched enough to get my 7” cock and large ball into, although somewhat spoiled the look, Thomas gently patted my cock to one side and ball the other “There,” he smiled “That looks better” and laughed when he spotted a wet patch of pre cum on the panties.

He told me to sit down and he pulled lace topped hold up stocking on my legs, I am 6*2” and the stockings still pulled up to my crotch I loved the feel of them and how the lace matched my panties.

“Ok Andrew, time to look in the mirror” I looked and gagged, he had somehow slipped a blonde wig on my head which was short and curly and looked rather good with my blue eyes, the bra had somehow got back on again, and with my slim waist, I felt pretty fucking good. I looked in the mirrors, which were on all four walls, and I could see my ass which looked good too. I suddenly realised I was wonder what Thomas’s big headed cock would feel like, pushing aside my panties and forcing its way up my butt hole/

Looking in the mirrors I saw that Thomas was now at the back of me, I could feel his massive hot hard cock pressing against my panties, involuntarily I rubbed by ass cheeks against it, his hands encircled my bra and he was feel y rock hard nipples, too late I felt something push aside the leg of my panties and force its way inside the edge of my hole.

“Shit” exclaimed Thomas “Andrew you are soooooo tight, hold on” he kissed my neck and suddenly the world turned upside side he was pushing his cock inside me. It hurt like fuck, it was o big, then I felt his balls slapping my inside thighs and realised he was in all the way, and it HURT.

I felt something warm inside and then he was pulling out, only to start and fuck me well and truly.

God I loved this, how I have waited for this time/ An hour later we both sat down on the sofa provided, “Well Andrew” said Thomas “How do you enjoy wearing female clothes now then?”

“I love it” I admitted “Can I try the dress on now please?” He slid the dress over my head, it was in pale pink and fitted to the touch. “Only thing spoiling it Andrew” he added “Is the bulge showing through, hang on I will go and get some tight lycra briefs that will hold you really tights and smooth you out”

He pulled on his trousers, shirt and tie and was back in a flash. “Here let me pull down your panties and pull up these briefs” One set down and one set up, dress pulled down, I looked amazing, The dress fitted me like a glove and only showed a minute bulge.

“Told you” laughed Thomas, “Looks like and camel toe, shit I am hard again, fancy letting me fuck you again?” , Oh hell, I did, first foray in lingerie and I am a slut this is awful. I did not really feel myself, I felt light-headed and excited and fucking sore but I needed to take his cock again and feel him ramming me so hard and filling me with his seed.

“Thomas, what time is it? I have to meet a friend this evening for a drink. Thomas looked at me oddly, you have only been in here 5 minutes “ and showed me his watch.

I still have on dress, lycra briefs, stockings and wig and shoes and am still wet with his cum and ALL THIS IN 5 MINUTES???

“No rush then, is there?” I smiled at Thomas as he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me very thoroughly, “No rush at all Andrew, lets try something a bit different now”

I was very much aware that his tongue as getting very invasive, and I loved it, his left hand was squeezing my nipples through my bra and I knew I was getting wet again, He was still kissing me and his right hand lifted up my dress, and I felt his massive cock forcing itself between my lycra briefs and my thigh as he searched for my hole, next second, I felt him pushing inwards and thrusting away, he was still kissing me and playing with my tits.

What the fuck is happening?, I tried to ask him but he was still tonging me. One more thrust and I felt his cum burst inside me, but it all feels wrong. He pulled away from me and gently stroked my face.

“You still don’t get it, do you Andrew?” I shook my head.

“Here let me show you” he added. He carefully lifted my dress off over my head, I stood there in my briefs and bra and still the penny did not drop.

“Andrew, look at your lycra briefs and see how smooth they are, apart from the cum oozing out that is” he adding laughing again.

He leaned across, kissed me firmly, and pulled my briefs down,

“Thomas, where the fucking hell has my cock and balls gone to” I screamed. I was looking at a complete;y smooth crotch, which had just got a slight bulge between my legs. Thomas reached down with his hand, next minute I felt his fingers gently probing around which was now, I presumed, my boy pussy, and it was a proper vagina”

I felt his fingers, gently feeling inside and suddenly I wanted his cock again, front or back, not bothered I just wanted it.

“Andrew” said Thomas “I hope you are able to accept a little bit of magical transformation, I knew you were the right candidate, you were so enthusiastic, so I used the powers I have access to, if you d not approve of this, I can reverse the changes”

It took all of 30 seconds to make my mind up, I can wear lingerie when I wanted, get fucked by two guys front and back and be myself for the first time ever.,

“Thomas, I LOVE IT” I shouted………

He burst out laughing, “Thanks goodness for that, I fell for you when I saw you talking to the sales girl across the floor, I hope you will move in with me as my partner” and with that I felt his stocking clad legs against me, his cock was way above his panties AGAIN, 3 seconds later he was inside me again, unfortunately we had reverted back to normal time and the store closing bell rang, so we dressed leaving our clothes on and went back to his massive house some 20 miles even further away from where I lived., but that’s another story.

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