Role Reversal

By Willie Cici
published November 14, 2019

Jason listens to his lover’s narration of how the two became lovers …

“The process? It’s complicated. I’m not even sure where to start.”, the man said.

“Start at the beginning, Brad. Tell me everything.”, the younger man said.

“First, you need to get inside your lover’s mind. Learn his fantasies and indulge him. That establishes your loyalty. Then, use his fantasies as rewards. It’s like positive reinforcement.”, Brad said.

“So, for example, if I loved wearing women’s panties, you would make that part of our love life.”, the younger man asked.

“If you were my lover, then, when you were a good boy, I would buy you expensive lingerie, and expect you to wear it around the house or when we had sex.”, Brad replied.

The younger man nodded his head ‘yes’. He was beginning to understand ‘the process’, as Brad described it. “Go on. Tell me more.”

“You have to make yourself the center of your lover’s life. Don’t cut him off from family, friends or workmates, but, when you’re together, you must restrict his privacy. Your lover must become dependent on you for everything. When he misbehaves, punish him. You can’t let him get away with anything. In the beginning, your lover will test you, but you have to tow the line.”, Brad said.

“Is that why you want your lovers to call you ‘Daddy’?”, the younger man asked.

“That’s part of it. It establishes the position. Plus, I think it’s hot to hear a younger man call me ‘daddy’.”, Brad admitted.

“What else?”, the young man asked.

“Discipline is very important. It’s not just physical punishment. That only goes so far. My first gift to a lover is a multi-stranded metal collar with a small brass padlock at the center as a pendant. It sets the tone. Mouth gags, butt plugs – I prefer cock cages. And don’t forget huge thick vibrating dildos. You fuck your lover with the dildo and give him a spoiled orgasm when he’s caged. Works like a charm.”

“Why would you …”, the younger man tried to ask.

“Your lover has to enjoy orgasms, too, but on your terms. His pleasure is dependent on you granting him pleasure.”

The younger man nodded ‘yes’. He was beginning to understand ‘the process’. “Okay. What else?”, the younger man asked.

“Make sure he’s always horny for you. Talk sexy to him. Sexualize the non-sexual. Have your lover groom you. Baths, shaving, trimming: you would be surprised how sexual these acts are. At work, send him a text message asking for a dick pic. Have him go into the bathroom, get hard and snap a pic. Remember: he’s your sexual servant. Pay him with home, food, clothes, and sex. He has one job: to give you pleasure.”

“It sounds so … mechanical.”, the younger man commented.

“That’s why cuddling and spooning is so important. It masks your control. And make sure he can smell you. Let him associate your musk with your needs.”, Brad added.

“Anything else?”, the younger man asked.

“Around the house, submissives wear only underwear or jockstraps or nothing.”, Brad said. He took a breath and continued. “Submissive lovers need to become ‘sexual servants’. When you come home, it’s his job to open the door and fetch you a drink at the bar. He carries the groceries and does the laundry. You control his schedule. Except for time he spends with his family, you control his day.” Brad took a breath. “Control his workouts, his diet, and his sleep habits. Your lover has to be hot. Make him hot. If you don’t like his clothes, throw them out. If you don’t like his hair color or haircut, change it.”

The younger man hit ‘stop’ on the audio recorder of his cell phone. He rose from his seat and stared at Brad. He walked over to Brad’s desk and retrieved the photo album that he found two weeks ago. He studied the photos not more than three years old. The younger man shook his head. He looked so different in these photos. He had brown hair, brown eyes and the body of a college graduate still holding onto the freshman twenty. He was always handsome, with a boy-next-door smile, but he was not hottie that sat at the antique wood and marble desk in the corner of the mahogany-lined library of the mansion of Bradley Hawthorne. No, the hottie was now a blonde, wore contact lenses to shade his eyes blue, and sported a gym-honed physique that made him the envy of Brad’s friends. He tugged at the collar around his neck, a choker made of copper, pewter and a silvery metal, with a small brass padlock pendant. He wore that choker day and night.

And, then, he looked down and stared at his clothes: a pair of white lace panties that barely covered his caged cock and plugged butt hole. He looked again into the photo album, staring at pictures of his college days, a girl that he barely remembers and his mates, all a distant memory.

He rose from the desk, walked back to the couch and stared at his lover, Brad.

“What’s my name, Brad?”, the younger man asked.

“Jason.”, Brad replied.

“No, Brad. My name is Master Jason.” Say it.”

“Master Jason.”, Brad replied.

“That’s right. Master Jason.”, Jason said. “Get up and take off your clothes.”

Brad rose from his seat and began to disrobe. He was your typical 42-year-old metrosexual. His body hair was trimmed; his body was trim, the product of exercise and drugs. He did not have a Dad-bod. He was blonde and had blue eyes. He looked like an older version of Jason, minus the stunning, sexy physique of a 25-year-old. He stood in the mahogany-paneled library of the mansion, naked. Jason fondled Brad’s junk. Jason pulled out the butt plug from his ass and said, “Turn around, Brad.” Jason pulled the butt plug from his ass and wiped the butt plug with Brad’s underwear. He spit on the butt plug and shoved the butt plug into Brad’s ass. The 42-year-old moaned. “No moans, Brad! You love your ass stuffed with cock. Say it: I love my ass stuffed with cock.”

“I love my ass stuffed with cock.”, Brad answered.

“Now, sit down.”, Jason ordered. Brad took his seat. The blank stare on his face had not dissipated since Jason fed Brad the serum, the same serum Brad fed Jason three years ago. He feared the serum had a short life. Jason walked over to the bookcase where he had hidden the small brown vial. He had poured half of the contents into Brad’s orange juice. Jason approached Brad and said, “Open your mouth.” Brad opened his mouth. Jason poured the remaining drops of serum down Brad’s throat. “Now, close your eyes and sleep.”, Jason ordered. “I have work to do.”, he thought to himself.

Jason returned to the huge desk in the corner of the library. Quietly, he played back the recording of Brad describing how he turned Jason into a submissive lover. He jotted down detailed notes of exactly what Brad did to Jason, and planned his next course. He had originally accepted a position of employment at Hawthorne Industries, but he ended up at Brad’s gigolo, but not for long.

Six months have passed —

Bradley Hawthorne sat behind his steel and glass table-like desk at the corporate headquarters of Hawthorne Industries. He had only just returned from the gym after his daily grueling 2-hour session at the gym with his trainer and his lover. He felt energized and ready to handle the rest of the afternoon. Around 2:45, Brad received a text message. He read the message and smiled: I’m horny for you. Send me a pic. Brad rose from his set and walked into the washroom of his office. He lowered his trousers and his pink thong ‘Pump’ underwear. He stroked his cock, straining to get his 5” prick as hard as possible. Then, he snapped a selfie and sent it to his lover, Jason. He made sure that the pic showed his new gift: a tricolor cock ring.

At the end of the working day, Brad drove to his suburban estate. He entered his home, greeted the staff and ascended the main staircase to the second-floor bedrooms. He entered the master bedroom and closed the door, greeting Jason with a smile. “Good evening, Master Jason. How was your day?”

“Very well. I went shopping after our noon-time workout.”, Jason said. He paused for a moment and retrieved a shopping bag. “I bought you a gift.”

“Thank you, Master Jason. I don’t deserve it.”, Brad replied.

“No, Brad. You’ve been very good. Why don’t you try it on?”

Brad quickly undressed. He loved it when Master Jason purchased him slutty lingerie to wear around the house. He preferred it to the jockstraps and thong underwear he routinely wore. As he removed his ‘Addicted’ boy trunks, Jason shouted, “Where’s your ring?”

“Um … um … I had to take it off. It hurt.”, Brad said. He retrieved the cock ring from the pocket of his suit jacket.

“Did I tell you that you could take off the ring?”, Jason chided.

“No, Master Jason.”, Brad said, his head cowered. He knew the consequences. Before he could object or plead his case, Jason retrieved an acrylic cock cage from a dressed drawer and installed the cock cage on Brad’s flaccid member.

“Now, put on the gift I purchased for you. Which you don’t deserve.”

“Yes, Master Jason.”, Brad answered, like an errant child.

Jason crawled on to the king-sized bed and watched the multi-millionaire don the black hosiery and white lace panties. He could see Brad’s caged cock through the sheer material of the panties. Jason shook his head in awe. Three years ago, Brad drugged Jason and transformed him into the consummate boy-toy lover, a sexual servant, a salaried employee of Hawthorne Industries. When Jason found a mound of boxes in the basement with his personal belongings, Jason discovered the truth. When he realized what Brad had done to him, Jason decided to turn the tables on Brad. Jason had no intention of forfeiting a six-figure salary. Sex was sex, but money was money.

Now, Bradley Hawthorne wore the black hosiery, the white lace panties, and a cock cage for his sorry little prick. After six months, Brad sported a trimmer, leaner, more muscular physique. His signature blonde locks and blue eyes now more resembled Jason’s natural brown hair and eyes. Bradley looked like an older version of Jason. It had been the opposite for three years, but no longer.

As for the sex, Jason had questioned his sexuality. After three years, he had grown accustomed to his male-on-male sex life. Now that Brad was the house performer, Jason enjoyed his man-toy and the assortment of play friends he arranged for his personal entertainment.

“Come here.”, Jason said, as he waved his hand and bid Brad to recline upon the bed. Brad knelt on the bed and crawled towards Jason. He kissed his Master, nibbled on his nipples and swallowed his 8” cock, a Master’s cock. Jason smiled as he stared into Brad’s eyes. “Good boy.”, Jason cooed. “Good boy.”

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