Boys on the Couch - A New Couch

By Willie Cici published February 7, 2017
Series Finale: The superintendent heads south for rest . . . and recreation

The calendar said February, but the temperature in Jupiter, Florida read 82 degrees. Hansen managed to escape criminal prosecution and continue to operate the webcams for several months. When the superintendent decided to shut down operations, he restored his boys to their point of origin, leaving them no memory. Hansen destroyed any digital imprint of the webcam. Luckily, the boys were masked during their webcam sessions. The special ops military intelligence genius took every precaution to safeguard identity.

With some creative accounting and off-shore evasion, Hansen had squirrelled about seventeen million dollars. With that money in tow, Hansen decided to move to sunny Florida. He purchased a waterfront property along the Intracoastal Highway. He would, for the first time, lavishly spend on himself.

Hansen had returned from an errand in town. He parked his classic 1967 restored Mustang convertible and walked into his home. He called out, “I’m home.”

“I’m here, Daddy, waiting for you.”, a voice answered in sexy, seductive tone.

Hansen walked into the living room. He found Rex lying on the couch, naked, poised and ready to please. (To see Rex, click here.) “Rex, I thought you were going to the gym.”

“I went and came back. I wanted to be home when you returned.”, Rex answered. He rose from the couch and kissed his lover. Hansen fondled the stud’s buttocks. Rex cooed as he felt Hansen’s hands caress his buttocks and tickle his boy box.

“Take off my clothes.”, Hansen demanded. Rex removed Hansen’s clothes, leaving him naked. Hansen led Rex to the pool. As they plunged into the cool waters, the two lovers swam into each other’s arms and kissed. Hansen moved towards the stairs that led to the shallow end of the pool. As he reclined on the steps, Rex drew close and swallowed Hansen’s massive cock. Rex knew how to suck Hansen’s cock. The piercing on his tongue tickled Hansen’s cock. His cock hardened and grew. Rex sucked and swallowed every inch of Hansen’s cock, making sure that he pleasured his demanding lover.

Two months ago “Hi. I’m from the pool cleaning service.”, the young stud said, as he knocked on Hansen’s glass door. Hansen lustfully stared at the young stud. He had refrained from sexual pleasure since moving down to the Jupiter area. He admired the sexy form of the young stud in his tight board shorts and teal blue tank top.

As Hansen approached the young stud, he said, “I’ll show you around.” As he offered his hand, Hansen said, “I’m Hansen. You are …”

“Rex.”, the young stud answered.

“Of course, you are.”, Hansen said, in his mind. After explaining what type of service he required, Hansen left Rex alone to perform his duties. As Hansen entered the home, he pondered his situation. For the first time in many months, Hansen was alone. He had no one to satisfy his sexual needs. He did not want to invade the local bar scene. Hansen enjoyed his privacy. His skillful use of technology afforded him many opportunities. As he turned again to the sliding glass doors that lead to the pool, Hansen stared and lusted after Rex. He nodded. “This one will do just fine.”

He walked into this bedroom and opened the closet. In a metal lock box, Hansen retrieved a glass vial containing a yellow substance. He grabbed the vial and walked into the kitchen. Hansen poured several drops of the yellow substance into a glass of lemonade. Hansen walked towards the pool area and said, “Rex, come in for a glass of lemonade.” The unsuspecting youth dropped what he was doing and entered the home. As he drank the lemonade, Hansen asked him about his family, education, girlfriends, and social life. Hansen needed time for the narcotic to take effect. Rex spoke very frankly about his home life. He grew up in foster homes and has been on his own for the last five years. He attended community college, but had no sincere interest in learning. He prided himself on his sexual prowess with women. He regularly bedded two to three women a week, not counting the milfs he fucked while cleaning pools. He admitted that he earned good money collecting ‘tips’ from the sexy milfs. Hansen smiled; he knew he hit pay dirt.

After ten minutes, Hansen said. “Follow me.” Rex followed Hansen through his home and into the bedroom. He sat Rex in front of a computer screen. Hansen hit the play button on a paused video. The video played repeated images for Rex, who quickly became aroused. His cock tented from his skimpy board shorts that he was wearing. Having discarded his tank top to the hot, afternoon sun, Rex tweaked his nipples, then stroked his cock. The images flashed faster and faster. His mind soaked in all the images. Slowly, the images erased his mind and allowed Hansen to rewrite his new boy toy.

“Yes. Obey. Yes. Submit. Yes. Obey. Yes. Submit.”, Rex repeatedly answered every question the images demanded. His breathing became shallow as he drew closer to climax. As he moaned, Rex said, “I’m … gonna … cum.” Rex shot his load, the cum soaring inches above his body and landing upon his chest. Hansen watched the entire episode. Rex, for his part, did not release his hand from his cock. The images demanded that Rex stroke his cock. From behind, Hansen whispered in Rex’s ears. “The images please you, don’t they?”

“Yes.”, Rex answered.

“The voice pleases you as well, doesn’t it?”

“Yes.”, Rex answered.

“You want to obey the voice, don’t you?”

“Yes. Obey.”, Rex said.

“You want to submit to the voice, don’t you?”

“Yes. Submit.” Rex said.

“You want to do everything the voice commands, don’t you?”

“Yes. Obey. Yes. Submit.”, Rex answered.

“You want to live here with me and be my boy toy, don’t you?”

“Yes.”, Rex answered.

“Yes, Sir.”, Hansen demanded.

“Yes, Sir.”, Rex answered.

“Good. Stare at the computer screen and watch the images.”, Hansen ordered. For the next hour, Rex watched images and gifs of men pleasuring men. Rex needed to learn his place in Hansen’s world. Rex would serve his master.

After an hour, Hansen again whispered to Rex, “Who do you obey?”

“You, Sir.”, Rex said.

“Get up and follow me.” Rex rose from the chair and followed Hansen to his king size bed. Hansen lay upon the bed, his head resting on the pillows placed at the head board. Hansen had removed his clothes while watching Rex jerk off. He made sure not to blow his load. He wanted Rex to taste him. Rex knelt on the bed and sucked Hansen’s cock, using all the skills he learned in the videos and images he watched for the last hour. His tongue wrapped around Hansen’s beefy cock. Hansen smiled. His new lover learned well. He suspected that Rex had some intelligence, but not enough. That was fine. He would make Rex his own, in every way. When he was ready, Hansen said, “Rex, make sure to slurp every drop of Daddy’s cum.” Hansen shot his load down Rex’s throat. Rex made sure to swallow and lap every drop of cum.

The daddy and his new boy toy nestled in each other’s arm, as they lay upon Hansen’s bed. Hansen whispered to Rex, “You want to live here, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir.”, Rex cooed.

“And serve me?”, Hansen asked.

“Yes, Sir.”, Rex said.

Hansen jumped off the bed. He opened his closet door and grabbed a pouch from one of the containers in the closet. As he opened the pouch, Hansen grabbed the base ring of a cock cage and placed it the base of Rex’s shaft. “Don’t move.”, Hansen said to Rex. Hansen placed some lube on Rex’s shaft. The icy balm shrank Rex’s shaft, making it easier to place the clear plastic shaft cover on Rex’s cock. Once he secured the shaft cover, Hansen secured the cock cage with a miniature padlock.

“You are mine and only mine. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Hansen led Rex out of the pool. They toweled each dry and entered the house. Hansen reclined upon the couch. Rex knelt and sucked Hansen’s cock. The pool water caused some shrinkage. Now, in the heat of Rex’s mouth, Hansen’s full glory was on display. He bid Rex to kneel on the couch. As Hansen fingered Rex’s tight little hole, Rex said, “Fuck me, daddy.”

“That’s right, boy. Daddy’s gonna fuck you good.”, Hansen said. He slid his beefy cock into Rex’s tight boy box. Even after two months, Rex maintained a tight fit. The grooves of his ass massaged Hansen’s cock in ways that Hansen never experienced. Rex had an ass made for fucking. He fucked his boy toy regularly. As Hansen climaxed, cum spilling from Rex’s hole, Hansen lay upon the couch spent. Hansen lay on the couch on his side, Rex spooned before him. Hansen kissed the nape of Rex’s neck and his shoulders. Rex’s physique was incredible. Hansen made sure that Rex kept his sexy body in shape. Hansen also maintained his physique. He was at least twenty years Rex’s senior, but it did not appear so.

Hansen was happy. Hansen and Rex became the boys on the couch.

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