Brotherly Lust

By Tyrol
published November 12, 2019

Ashton considers how to use his magical remote, but his plan to rescue his older brother from the same cult mindset he used to have does not end up the way he expects, not that he’s complaining.

Author’s Note: I do not condone incest IRL. Quick reminder that it is indeed illegal. Have fun in the fantasy land that is your head but don’t actually do it. Please and thanks. Enjoy the sexy hotness of bro on bro love.

Ashton ![](click here) was studying with his laptop facing the wall so no one could see it. His older brother Oliver ![](click here) was chopping zucchini for dinner. Ashton always felt bad for Oliver. As the firstborn, he was always under so much pressure. Get straight A’s, go to a good college for a good degree. Get straight A’s there, then get a high-paying job. Be fit and do sports. Here he was back at home for the first time in months from his first semester of junior year in his architecture major, and he hadn’t said much about college. Ashton knew his bro well enough to know that he was stalling because he was terrified of how their parents would react to the truth. His brother looked like the most preppy hunk with his life and shit together on the outside, but he had confided in Ashton more than once that he was unhappy and bored.

What the fuck do I do with this thing now? Ashton thought. Yeah, he was cursing now in his thoughts. Everything his parents taught him seemed silly and pointless now. He had a new purpose. He wanted to save his brother. The angels–if that’s what they indeed were–left him no instructions on the mechanics of how this would work. He only knew a few things about how to use the remote to influence others.

He could make someone beg to cum. He experienced himself that turning off his ability to orgasm while cranking up his lust to the highest level would make him willing to do anything to cum, and unable to think straight and make decisions for himself. It was possible this would be the same for anyone he used the remote on.

Sure, that was a powerful ability, but he worried that without the persuasive powers of the angels, he wouldn’t be able to open his brother’s mind to be willing to face change in his mind. He had to come up with a different method. He decided to study up on sexual pleasure and habit conditioning, thinking he could use a scientific approach with this very…admittedly unscientific tool.

Ashton knew these things: 1, Discovering, giving in to, and accepting one’s gay desires was an in to doubting one’s moralistic conformist upbringing. 2, According to the angels, everyone was a little gay, they just needed to open themselves up to the possibility and be willing to try something new. 3, Most conformist habits could be broken with enough stress. 4, Stress on these habits could be applied by increasing one’s desires, lowering one’s inhibitions, and tempting with opportunities. 5, If rewarded psychologically for doing something, a person would develop a habit for doing said thing.

Ashton had a reward system, he just needed to figure out how to apply this reward consistently for doing something homoerotic. Maybe if he increased his lust slightly every time he saw a guy, he could condition him to look at guys more and accept his latent homosexuality. But there was no way to control how often Ashton could be there to press the button. It would also be difficult to know when his brother was looking at another guy. Frustrated, Ashton huffed. This was the only way he knew how to get his brother out from the oppressive conformity he himself had just escaped–mostly (he was still living at his parents’ house, of course).

Ugh, Ashton chided himself. He was always so careful. He needed to just leap in and experiment, hope things would turn out ok.

“Hey, Ollie!” Ashton said to get his brother’s attention. Oliver looked up from his chopping. At that moment, Ashton pressed the up button on the remote. He saw Oliver’s eyes widen with shock, confusion, and lust.

Oliver stumbled over his words. “H-hey, bro…w…what’s up?” he shook his head and went back to chopping.

“Whoa are you alright?” Ashton asked. “You look distracted.”

Oliver didn’t look up. “Nah, I’m good. Just tired is all. Heh.”

Ashton smirked. This could work.

Ashton never planned to make his bro sexually attracted to himself, but it seemed the only logically controllable way he could get into his head and make him accept his gay thoughts, wasn’t it? Once he got to a certain point, he could convince his bro to hook up with some other guy somehow. It would be fine. He walked into the living room where the family was watching TV.

“Hey guys,” Ashton made himself known. The moment Oliver looked at him, he clicked the buttons in his direction from the big pocket in the front of his hoodie. He heard Oliver breathe in sharply, and noticed him bite his lip and look away. The rest of the family, his mom, dad, and younger teen brother, just acknowledged him and went back to the television. Ashton smiled again. There was something very pleasing about having this control over his brother. He liked it.

Later that night, Ashton “accidentally” opened the door to the bathroom he knew his brother was using. The light was on, but the door couldn’t lock. His brother was pissing into the toilet while standing. The moment they made eye contact, Ashton double-clicked the lust buttons. His bro’s reaction was priceless, fumbling his big dick into his pants, panting wildly as he yelled, ”ASHTON GET OUT!” Ashton feigned apology and ducked out, noticing the semi his brother was desperately trying to hide. Once again, the feeling of delightful power surged in Ashton’s stomach.

Ashton got into the shower and was planning his next move. He must have been in there a while because Oliver knocked on the door. “Hey are you almost done in there? Save some hot water, dude.”

“Uh…yeah, sorry bro, I uh…” Ashton knew this was an opportunity. He turned the shower off. “Wait right there I’m done. I’ll be out in just a second I’m just a little–naked.” Immediately, he pressed the lust button twice once more. He heard a voiceless thump outside the door. Irritated that he didn’t get to see the emotional reaction, Ashton pushed it further. He opened the door in his loosely-tied towel, and when his dearly confused brother saw his wet, shirtless body, he pressed the button again. He saw discomfort flash on his bro’s eyes. Oliver stammered.

“I, uh…I–I need to get in, excuse me.”

“Well you gotta let me out first,” Ashton said calmly.

Oliver seemed to catch himself and stood to the side. Ashton let his towel catch on the doorknob.

“Whoops,” Ashton said unconvincingly, and laughed. His dick was completely exposed. Without hesitating, he jacked up the lust on his brother with several presses of the remote.

“AUAHHHAugggh!” Oliver moaned loudly, and inadvertently extremely sexually. His hips thrust into the air against his jeans and his shocked, dismayed, and oh-so-horny face was priceless.

“Whoa, are you ok, dude?” Ashton asked as honestly as he could, barely containing his glee. He then noticed he himself was getting hard, so before he revealed himself, he grabbed his towel and re-wrapped.

“What’s going on up there?!” Their mother called from downstairs.

“I’M FINE!” Oliver stormed into the bathroom and slammed the door. Ashton strained to catch a glimpse of his brother’s wet crotch, but it hadn’t been long enough, and he was denied the sight.

Wait, why was he disappointed he didn’t get to see evidence of his brother’s sexual humiliation? He reminded himself he was only doing this to get his brother together with another guy so he could save him from the dismally boring and pre-made life set out for him. Satisfied with his reinforcement of his objectives, he went to bed.

“Hey, bro, can I talk to you?”

Ashton’s light was out, but Oliver walked in anyway. Ashton had nearly fallen asleep already, but immediately he looked for the remote. With disdain, he realized it was out of reach from where he lay.

“Uh, sure. Come in.”

Oliver didn’t turn on the light. Ashton sat up in his bed, shirtless. Oliver appeared to be avoiding looking directly at him as he sat on the bed. It was silent for almost a minute as Oliver seemed to be dredging up courage to say what he needed to say.

“School going ok for you?” he started.

“Yeah, it’s fine,” Ashton responded. “Kinda too easy. I should have gone to a four-year like you but Mom and Dad said–”

“Yeah, that they didn’t want you to be exposed to the liberal propaganda. Heh. I don’t know why it was ok for me somehow, then.”

“They must just think you’re stronger than me.”

“Maybe they’re wrong.”

Oh, this was interesting. Maybe Ashton’s antics had worked better and faster than he expected.

“Why do you say that?” Ashton asked innocently.

“School is hard for me. I keep getting into situations I shouldn’t be in. I keep struggling to hold on to my faith.”

Ashton tried not to roll his eyes. He was already sick of hearing the word “faith” and he hadn’t yet been gay for twenty-four hours.

“I went to a party because the Faith Alliance Club wanted to evangelize there. I shouldn’t have gone. I was too weak.”

Now Ashton was confused. This had nothing to do with his remote.

“The frat throwing the party was hazing a new recruit and they tried to get me in on the ‘fun’. I said no, of course. It was so disgusting and perverted what they were doing to him.”

“What were they doing?” Ashton asked, rabidly curious and not caring that this question was out of character for the brother Oliver had known his whole life.

“They were…making him…put his mouth on them.”

“Like…a blow job?” Oliver flinched at the word.

“Yeah…like that.”

“I’m sorry, it sounds like you had a rough time.”

“When I saw it, I…”

Ashton’s heart leapt. Whoa, was this it?

“I tried to call the cops.”


“But they stopped me and held me down, locked me in the room with them. They told me I’d never tell anyone what I saw because they were going to make me complicit in it.”

Ashton’s eyes widened. Where was this going?

“They…pulled my pants down, made the recruit…”

Holy fuck. Ashton felt so shitty. This whole time he was probably traumatizing his brother for remembering this horrible thing that happened to him.

“And I…I think I–I liked it.”

Ashton blinked. He was getting whiplash.

“You must think I’m sick.” Ashton saw actual tears pooling up in his brother’s eyes, though he still wouldn’t look directly at him. He almost never saw Oliver cry. The story, up until now so halting and slow, sped up as words spilled out of Oliver’s mouth.

“Later I tried to stop myself, but my thoughts kept going back to how good it felt. I’ve masturbated before but after then–after my virginity was stolen, I couldn’t help it anymore. I started thinking of him, that boy sucking me. Every time I imagined it, I felt so good. I couldn’t stop–I still can’t.”


Oliver’s eyes flitted to his brother. “Good? Wh–”

“Yeah, good. You heard me. I’m sick of pretending I think sex is bad. You found out what you liked and it made you happy. You’re just not letting yourself enjoy it. I think you should be happy.”

“No, Ash, no. It’s wrong. It’s dirty and disgusting. I’m dirty and disgusting.”

“No, you’re not, and don’t say that ever!”

“If you only knew the thoughts I’ve been having, you would think so too.”

Yikes. This part was Ashton’s fault. He kicked himself in his head. But he had come too far to stop now.

“What thoughts? You can tell me.”

“I…I can’t.”

“No matter what it is, I can handle it. I’ll still love you.”

That triggered something in Oliver. It was obvious on his face.

“Would you love me if I was gay?” Finally, Oliver looked at Ashton square in the face.

“I’m gay too.”

Stunned silence.

“Wh-what?” Oliver snickered. “No way.”

“Yeah. I am. Always have been, only recently became ok with it.”

“You’re joking. Don’t do this to me.”

“I’m not. I even had sex with a guy.”

“Shut up. I don’t want to hear about it.”

“It was so hot, Oliver. So worth it. Made me realize what our faith has been holding us back from.”

“No. No, no, no.” Oliver put his palms on his temples. “This can’t be happening.”

“You’re in denial. Here. Let me help you.” Ashton extricated himself from his bed and hobbled in his underwear to his desk where the remote lay. He grabbed it and pointed at his brother, who wasn’t even looking up for fear of seeing Ashton’s shape.

“Being gay is so good and freeing and…so, so hot,” Ashton proclaimed, and hit the up arrow. He saw Oliver squint, as though in pain.

“It’s so good to give in and just be yourself. Do what you want, and fuck.” He pressed the arrow again. Oliver moaned lightly.

“You have no idea how good it feels to have something in your ass.” CLICK “To have a man on top of you” CLICK “To smell him, feel his skin all over you.” CLICK.

A distinctly sexual groan escaped Oliver’s throat, and he opened his eyes, a wild look in them. Ashton suddenly realized he himself was painfully hard, and now, looking at his brother’s handsome, chiseled, jockish face, he knew they both wanted the same thing–screw how wrong it was.

Surprisingly, or perhaps not considering the amount of lust Ashton had pumped into him, Oliver was the one to pounce on his brother. He leapt up from his sitting position and grabbed Ashton, one hand on the small of his back and the other wrapped around his head, pulling him into the most sensual kiss either of them had ever witnessed, let alone experienced.

Oliver and Ashton fumbled to take off each other’s clothes. The room was dark, but the moonlight illuminated their soft skin, the rolling hills of their torsos, the valleys of their backs. They kissed and grabbed and felt all over, and Oliver could not resist grasping at his little bro’s muscled ass.

“I know…this is wrong…but I can’t decide…what I want more…” Oliver said between lustful making out. “Your dick…or your ass.”

Ashton felt the same. “I know how you feel…I’ve never wanted anything more in my life than these two things at once. But I’m going to be honest with you.” Ashton stopped Oliver, pushing him down on his bed, taking in the desperation in his eyes that made him feel so wanted, powerful, sexy.

“What?” Oliver asked, confused and horny, each emotion compounding the other.

“I want you to be gay, and stay that way. I want you to be happy because of it. And right now you do too, but you won’t feel that way tomorrow when you’re filled with regret.”

“I agree, but hurry up with your point or I’m going to die down here.”

“I think that in order to fully convince your fucked up brain that this is good is to make sure you can’t regret this. And I’m going to make sure that happens by giving you so much pleasure it eclipses the Lord himself in your mind. You won’t be able to forget. You won’t be able to even consider life without getting more. You’ll be trapped. In paradise. And the best way to get there…is through your hot, gorgeous, hungry ass.”

Oliver stared at his brother. “That monologue just made me feel like my ass came. Fucking put your cock in my hole now.” He tried to keep his voice down lest he be heard through the walls.

Ashton reached for the sample hand lotion he kept in his bedside table and slathered it on his prick. His brother was lying on his back, chest heaving and sweating with need. His arms were behind his head under a pillow, his triceps bulging like the rest of his thickly muscled body. The sexy layer of fat on top of his muscles made his hot body all the more luscious as Ashton could clutch his brother’s yielding flesh. When he eased himself in to his gasping bro’s warm hole, he let himself fall into Oliver’s body, like a warm, fleshy pillow. Oliver’s eyes rolled back into his head as he let out quiet whining breaths. Ashton began to push and pull, grinding up and down in a circular arch, as though his dick was doing pull-ups on his big bro’s prostate.

Oliver’s face was pure bliss. “Oh, Ash, bro, it feels so good, bro. Oh my God what am I doing, God, don’t stop. Fuck me, fuck. So so so good. Oh, Ash I can feel it coming. Bro I’m gonna cum.”

“Oh no you’re not,” Ashton said deviously. “Not until I say.” CLICK.

“Oh God, ok. I’ll try. But you might wanna…ooOOOooohhHH…slowww down.”

“I have a better idea,” Ashton said. CLICK CLICK CLICK. He pulled back, pausing long enough to hear his bro sobbing suddenly with overwhelming need as he devolved into a puddle of brainless lust. Then, he rammed his brother’s sexy asshole, jackhammering as hard as he could into Oliver’s virgin cave. Ashton had been slightly worried that Oliver might scream loudly like he did, but he didn’t. Instead, it seemed like he had lost so much brain capacity that he couldn’t even think to make a sound. His tongue lolled out of his mouth in a stupor as his eyes wildly crossed and uncrossed, his head turning back and forth searching for something and nothing. He breathed rapidly in and out, and actually began forcing his body into the fucking, slamming his busty ass into Ashton’s thighs as hard as he unconsciously could. The slapping noise was the loudest sound in the room, and it was likely someone could hear it from outside, but Ashton didn’t care, and Oliver was beyond being able to care about anything but his prostate and his pulsing eight-incher meat that he frantically pumped with both fists, not even looking at what he was doing.

“Bro, fuck me, why can’t I cum? I’m there I’m there I’m there but I can’t! Holy shit this is so goood let me cum, bro, please, oh this is so fucking hot I love your cock in my ass!” He was delirious with pleasure and started to laugh hysterically, tears pooling in his eyes as his brain fired pleasure message after pleasure message endlessly.

Ashton decided to have fun himself. He pointed the remote at himself and cranked his lust up with four clicks. Before it hit, he pointed it at his simpering bro and pressed the power button.

The two simultaneously howled as Ashton filled his brother with five full squirts of liquid lust. They grabbed each other and made out fiercely, muffling their screams into the kiss.

Cum in meeee!” Oliver panted halfway through the orgasm. “C-cum i-i-n meeee…” He himself powerwashed the headboard with the his pulsing rock-hard dick. The sound was like a hose on jet-mode cleaning a kiddie pool in quick spurts.

“UUUuuuUUUnngh!” Oliver finished finally, his tense body finally relaxing, exhausted. Ashton had collapsed into the pool of jizz on his chest and stomach, and both still gripped the other’s body tightly. Oliver’s high lasted three more entire minutes as he stared at the dark ceiling in a daze. When he came to, he flexed his newly-sexual ass and discovered his little bro still inside, softening slowly.

Ashton was right. Normally at this point after an orgasm he was already doubting whether he was a good person. He was already worried that he was going to hell, hitting himself on the head and talking down about himself. But not this time. This time, all he could think was “wow” and how good it felt to be so close to someone, how awesome it felt to have something in his ass, and how fun it was to have gay sex, even with his brother. He didn’t regret it. He knew then that he had to make a change in his life, and screw the consequences. No, literally, especially if the consequences were more boys, he would actually screw them. He chuckled at that thought. Yes, he was excited to meet more boys and fuck around with them, but this first time with his brother would be special, and he had to imagine he’d come back for more.

The next morning, Ashton and Oliver woke up in bed together. Ashton’s cock had slipped out of Oliver at some point in the night.

“Can we…do that again sometime?” Oliver asked as Ashton cuddled closer.

“How about right now?” Ashton prodded. He grabbed his bro’s dick playfully. It got hard nearly immediately.

“No, I need to–yes, nevermind. Please now, Oliver responded.

Ashton tried not using the remote. Sure, it wasn’t as intense as the night before, but it was somehow more. They took their time, exploring each other in the daylight. Ashton sucked his bro’s big cock, making him breathe heavily. Then, they decided they needed to try out reversing the actions of the previous night. Ashton laid face down and stuck his pert bubble ass in the air while Oliver grabbed him by the hips and thrust his lotion-lubed power cock into his little brother. Ironically, neither had felt more religious than in that moment. Sparks flew between them and Ashton felt even better about not needing the remote for this. It was pure and loving but also raw and primal. Oliver wasn’t aiming for his love button, but the feeling of the hugeness inside him gliding past it was no less holy. And this position made for a beautiful orgasm when Oliver bent forward, hugging his bro tight as he came inside while Ashton jizzed all over his already-stained sheets. They laid there a while glowing and cuddling, Oliver’s cock still planted in his bro-lover’s hole. Then the most terrifying noise shattered their moment into a sobering reality.

Knock. Knock. “Hey, Ash, are you decent?” It was Jeremy, their 18-year-old youngest brother who had just finished high school and had taken a semester off.

“NO!” Ashton yelled, regretting how forcefully he used the word.

“Do you know what happened to Ollie? He’s not in his room and his bed isn’t slept in.”

“Uhhh…he came in here to talk to me last night and sorta fell asleep on my floor.”

“Oh ok, well you both should get up soon. Breakfast is almost ready. Hurry up!” Ashton and Oliver heard their little brother walking away.

“Holy shit, that was close,” Oliver gasped. “They’d either literally kill us or at least throw us out if they found out.”

“Not to mention this is kind of illegal,” Ashton said.

“Fuck, you’re right. Why don’t I care?”

“Because it’s so hot.”

“You’re so fucking right.” The two kissed deeply before groaning. “We should get up.”

Oliver snuck out of the room as stealthily as he could to shower. Ashton would need to as well. Risking the parents’ wrath over breakfast lateness would be less dangerous than showing up drenched in cum. He waited patiently, but then the remote on his bedside table caught his eye. There was a sticky note on it.

Great job so far. Don’t forget the other buttons! I bet your other brother would like to experiment with them. -E.L & E.C.

Ashton hadn’t forgotten that he could apparently control body fat percentage or genital size on a guy that was willing, he just hadn’t gotten to that point yet. He hadn’t even thought to use it on himself because he had never had the desire to be anything but himself. He considered. My other brother? Jeremy. Oliver had been an easy target due to his apparently pre-existing gay feelings. Would Jeremy be the same? Could he use the other buttons somehow to add to the manipulation? And most importantly, could he have a threesome with both of his brothers? He couldn’t wait to find out.

*Can ya blame me for taking so long? These chapters take half a day to write. Guh. And now I’m like, really horny. See y’all next time. The more feedback I get the more likely I am to come back with another chapter and yes that’s me attempting to fish for compliments. I love them, can’t get enough. Shower me with praise. Thottie out. *

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