Thor - Part Three

By RotherhamMan -
published November 11, 2019

Thor discovers the truth about his teammates and fiends—but what can he do about it?

“Have you guys heard of the Avengers? Earth’s mightiest heroes. I’m one of them, proud of it too. They’re great guys, all of them. We’ve fought many battles together. They’d never guess that I’m like this when I’m on my personal time. If they could see me now!”

If they could see Thor now they would see him raving in a drunken fashion while he was carried between two muscle giants with his erect manhood jutting out of his open trousers. Despite having shot a large load less than five minutes ago he was almost at full hardness again thanks to being blessed with a quick refractory period and the effect of unwillingly drinking the semen of these giants and others like them. The two giants looked at one another over Thor’s head with a smirk that went completely unnoticed.

“We know of them well, we have followed your exploits very closely,” said Steve Rogers while Tony Stark stifled a laugh.

“They would make great additions to you guys too, they are to Earth what I am to Asgard; the best! They should be ruling the place but they never would, they would say it was too much power—and that’s why they should!”

Stark was still trying not to laugh so Rogers carried the conversation though he too was grinning. “If they are the best of mankind then they must be impressive indeed. Do you bond with them as we bond with each other?”

Thor looked at him with wide eyes. “Do I fuck with them?” he said bluntly and incredulously. “I wish! They’re sexy guys but I don’t think they’d like the idea. Mankind has barely become tolerant of same sex couples and open relationships, a group of us having casual sex like that would blow their minds. They wouldn’t admit to their feelings for each other.” He looked quite miserable now, his wilting cock was a terrible thing for the men to look at.

When they reached Thanos’ chambers they lay Thor down on the bed gently before lying him down on either side of him. It was gone midnight now and the only light was from the lit candles creating an intimate atmosphere.

“We don’t have any of that,” Tony said, Thor’s sadness having swept away his laughter. “We openly admit that we love each other and express it without hesitation.”

“And we can all freely admit that we would welcome you into that dynamic.” Steve punctuated his words by easing up Thor’s shirt to expose his flat stomach and pertruding chest. Once it was drawn up to his chin he gently dragged his fingers back down his body.

“I thought the story you told was hot,” said Tony, “You painted such a picture but I wish I could have been there to see it.” He joined in with Steve and they both took a nipple and pinched them lightly between their fingers. “Would you be up to recreating it with us, sometime?” he breathed in Thor’s ear.

“Err…” Thor couldn’t answer, he was speechless and at the mercy of their administrations.

“Must have been intense, no wonder you’re up for anything and practically shameless!” Steve breathed in his other ear.

This time Thor could answer, “If I was really shameless I wouldn’t have wished for the earth to swallow me whole after I finished telling the whole kingdom!”

“You need to loosen up,” said a new voice.

Thor sat up to see Thanos entering his rooms. He was still wearing nothing but boots, thong and gauntlet, and he had someone slung over his shoulder, their round ass exposed to him. He strode over to him and gentle deposited the prone form on Thor’s lap. It was Lee-am.

He was looking around like he was in shock and when he saw Thor and realised where he was he grabbed the man in a tight hug. Thor had never seen his right-hand-man anything less than sure of himself and held the man just as tight, stroking a hand up and down his back.

“Fuck, Lee-am!” He glared a Thanos accusingly. “What have you done to him?” he demanded.

Thanos grinned. “We had some sun at his expense. I assure you it was entirely pleasurable for him.”

Thor was seething. “I welcomed you into my kingdom,” he growled, “I now see I was mistaken; I have let a snake into our midst. You have lied and toyed with me and my people under the guise of pleasuring them and yet you speak of peace. What else have you not told me?”

The smile faded from Thanos’ face. He looked somewhere between guilty and angry. When he spoke it was in a carefully measured tone. “You are right, Odinson, I have kept something else from you. Allow me to reintroduce you to my men, for I believe you know them all.”

Thanos brought up his gauntleted fist and the yellow stone shone so brightly it seemed to pierce into Thor’s mind. It was like an illusion was shattered and he saw the truth.

Thanos’ children were all members of the Avengers! They were distorted and exaggerated versions of themselves but unmistakably his friends and brothers in arms! They stood around him grinning in amusement, all practically naked and not a care in the world.

Thor gaped at them. He had openly ogled all of them and they had flaunted themselves like sex on a stick. “Guys,” he gasped before rounding on their leader. “What have you done to them? What magic is this?”

“This is the power with which I am going to bring peace to the universe.” Thanos held up his glittering gauntlet and the gems in if caught the light beautifully and sparkled. “The stones allow me to do anything I wish. I have persuaded them to join my cause and gifted them so they can be their best selves and aid me in my cause.”

“And now you come to me? If you are as powerful as you claim then why not just make me help you like you have with them?”

“I merely helped them see things from my point of view, helping them to embrace their innermost selves. I wanted to persuade you rather than use these powers to compel you.”

Thor gently removed Lee-am from his lap, carefully placing him on the bed, and stood to his full height, for all that it was worth amongst the giants before him. He made a point of making a show of pulling down his tunic and tucking himself back into his breaches—he was flaccid, well and truly for the fist time in what felt like forever. “Your persuasion has failed. You have abused my hospitality and embarrassed me in front of all of my people!”

Thanos again clenched his fist and before Thor could do anything to stop him using the power of the stones a burst of yellow light filled the room. “They have forgotten,” said Thanos. “Now no one but us knows what you did. There is nothing I can do that I cannot undo. I hope this goes some way to make up for what I have done.”

It didn’t. “What about Lee-am? What did you do to him?”

“If you really want to know.” Thanos looked like he didn’t want Thor to know but he was committed telling the truth now. “Once he had welcomed us to this chamber earlier today I seduced him, not that it was hard. He is a very sexual person and lusted after all of us. He performed oral sex of his own free will and swallowed seed from all of us. We are extremely virile so I altered his body so his stomach could hold all of our seed. It was quite amusing, watching him swell up with semen. Once we had all relieved ourselves several times in his mouth I used the stones to transform his body into the barrel of milk which I then served to you and your guests. Every pour from the tap was an orgasm from his cock. He was milked dry over the course of the night by all of them, even yourself.”

Thor was stunned, speechless again in the worst way. He had never come across anything like this in all his life, even when he had uncovered the darkest of sex trades the realms had to offer. His hand reached out for Lee-am and grasped his shoulder tightly. “You’re a monster!” was all he could say.

“I enjoyed it.” It was said with a small voice but everyone heard it. Lee-am looked smaller than Thor had ever seen him and couldn’t meet his eye.

Thor didn’t know what it had been like to be drained like a barrel of ale but he wasn’t going to judge his best friend for how he had been used. He might have been made to enjoy it for all they knew. “But did you consent to it? Did he do this without consulting you?”

Lee-am was silent but Thanos spoke for him, “With the mind stone I could see he would not have voiced any objections.”

“Can you say the same for his unwilling abusers?”

Tony stepped in, waving his hand as if Thor’s words could be dismissed so easily. “You focus on the little things too much. Can you not see what good can be done for the universe with this power?”

“In the hands of someone who uses it for things like this?” lashed out Thor, “I think not!”

“It is clear that you have a firm stance on this,” said Thanos. “I promise you this; I shall not use the stones on you in any way unless you ask it of me from now on.”

“Why would I do ask that? How can I even believe you if you can alter minds like this?” Thor was beginning to feel afraid. He had heard the legends of the Infinity Stones and if this being did have all six—and it certainly seemed as if he did—then he was in the presence of a true god. Nothing was beyond his power and Thor was at his mercy. Hit wits might be the only thing between him and absolutely anything happening to him!

“Because your Avenger friends might be able to persuade you.” Thanos took a step back and the Avengers took the floor and his attention.

Tony went first, “He’s just been having fun, if he’s going to bring peace to the universe then why not have some fun as a reward?”

“Because one man’s fun can be another man’s torture. And he hasn’t brought piece to the universe yet,” countered Thor.

“But he has brought piece to us,” Steve reasoned. “Remember how we used to fight with each other? Not anymore. I used to be a firm Alpha Male who would not submit to anyone and was so deep in the closet even I didn’t know it. Now,” he slung an arm around Bucky’s and Tony’s shoulders and brought them in for a chaste kiss each, “I would gladly let any of my brothers here fuck me if he desired because I can admit to myself and the world that I love them. That goes for you too.” And with that Captain America clambered onto the bed and bent over onto all fours by Thor with his back arched, presenting his firm round ass to him.

Thor stared for a second too long before shaking himself. “But are you free to go against him if you don’t agree with him on a matter?”

Bucky fielded this one, a man who had spent many years a slave to cruel people. “We are not bound to him by anything other than love. We follow him because we trust him and are loyal. We will give opinions but, like your Lee-am here does for you, we will firmly support him in his decisions. He is our Master”

Up until the last word Thor had been impressed but now all he could think of were that the Avengers were now Thanos’ sex slaves! Why else would he change them like he had and dressed them so provocatively!

He turned to the person he trusted most in the room. “Liam, please, what do you think?”

Liam looked at him, a bit more confident now Thor didn’t seem to care about what had happed to him. Although being an inanimate object had been strange the orgasms had been amazing. Best of all Thor himself had licked what was his cock! “I cannot make this decision for you, Thor. I don’t even know what I think—other than sex with them is so fucking good!”

Thor looked back to his other friends—Steve still had his ass presented to him, looking back over his shoulder and winking at him, and he would be lying if he said he didn’t want to dive in and loosen it with his tongue before riding it. The others were looking hungry for him too and it was extremely flattering—most noticeably the Hulk’s cock was pointing straight at him and he swallowed at the sight of the monster.

“Okay,” he confessed, “I’ll admit that I want some. This is what I wished for the Avengers for some time. But bowing to you, Thanos, has me doubting.”

“What can I do to convince you?” the Titan asked.

Thor took a deep breath. “You have absolute power, nothing I can do can stand against you and I have no guarantee that your word means anything. Even if I knew you before you had the stones I know that absolute power corrupts, I can only imagine what this power must do. Promise me that my mind will remain intact, and that my people will go untouched—you will not be ruling them through me. You can do anything you want to me—with me—but do not touch them.” Thor didn’t think he could bear the thought of failing to protect his people. He had nothing to offer that Thanos couldn’t take but he still made the offer. If he was honest with himself it was outright begging.

Thanos stared at him with an unreadable expression and Thor, not without reason, felt lain bare before him with nothing to hide. After a long and tense silence Thanos answered. “I agree to your terms.”

“Then, you have my following,” he said slowly before adding, as an afterthought, “Master.” The word didn’t feel right on his tongue, submission never had so he had done his best to never be defeated. It had worked well for him, until now. “Do with me as you and your Avengers wish.”

Thanos grinned broadly and raised his fist. “Welcome to the family, I think you’re going to fit in very well.” The stones glowed together.

Thor felt the power building inside him, like a rising orgasm flooding his senses. His muscles burned like never before as they grew, his god-like body becoming like that of a Titan! By the time his growth finished was now only inches shorter than Thanos himself as just as well built, he was greater than all the other children but for Hulk—who looked the most pleased at his submission and agreement. His clothes tore as he outgrew them and Lee-am moved back to make room for him. His cock too surged out to a foot and a half long and a foot long around!

Thanos grinned at the growing king and made some special adjustments other than the usual to his throat and rectum that had become standard for him. He knew Thor had lost his hammer but the power was really inside him and that would now be perfectly controlled and amplified tenfold making him a Thunder Titan. He also saw, in his memory, word of an axe the dwarves of Nidavellir had been working on that, apart from being a mighty weapon, could summon the Bifrost at will. With a thought it materialised next to Thor, ready to be wielded by someone worthy. Lastly he turned to Thor’s hair: it looked great both short and long so he warped reality around it, now everyone would see long or short hair depending on what they would think hotter. He had the power to please everyone.

Thor felt as if he had died and gone to Valhalla! He was feeling things he had never dreamed of and wanted even more. As the transformation finished the ecstasy reached its peak and Thor screamed as he came. Out of his raging erection came a fountain of cum so powerful it coated the wall twenty feet away. It crackled with electricity and Thor’s whole body gave off a bolt of raw lightning in every direction. Thanos quickly protected the men in the room with the power of the gauntlet but let it lose everywhere else. The room was devastated by the blast and the structure of the caste was surely much weaker now. It groaned as the walls and ceiling crumbled and the bed and curtains burned. Thanos had only wanted to see the damage his new disciple could do with an orgasm and returned the room and caste to perfect condition with a wave. He also made another alteration to Thor: he couldn’t do that every time he orgasmed!

Lastly he broke his promise to Thor and altered his mind. Thor now looked to him as a superior in every respect. A small change but a powerful one. He also let out a wave of energy from the same stone across all of Asgard so everyone would think Thor had always been this way. In blissful ignorance of this Thor fell back onto the bed, exhausted from the transformation and once again coated in sweat.

“Stand before me, Thor,” Thanos commanded his new child.

Thor obediently picked himself up, the last shreds of clothing falling from him to expose the king of all gods. He was barely five inches shorter than Thanos and only slightly smaller in bulk. He stepped forward and, after a moment of eye contact which showed Thor’s gratitude, his knees buckled—from the orgasm and his awe of the Titan—and he knelt before his Master.

“Master, I cannot thank you enough.” This time he used the title willingly and without regret. The Titan had looked at the so-called god of thunder and seen fit to elevate him to that of a Titan. Before his eyes Thanos’ thong stretched as the Titan got hard at the sight of Thor submitting to him. Thor dared to reach out and touch his Master without permission and freed the erection from the thong. It smacked him in the face and Thor, not caring about anything other than his Master, rubbed his face along it, breathing in the scent. He gently kissed the tip. that was the most he dare do unless ordered otherwise.

Thanos took hold of Thor’s chin, tilting his head up to look at him. With his other hand he then began stroking his cock. Thor’s eyes were drawn to it as it was worked right before his eyes. Soon Thanos came with a grunt, a small orgasm for show rather than pleasure, and ejaculated his seed all over Thor’s face, marking him as his property. Thor opened his mouth wide to catch some and licked as much of his face as he could to get more. The thick white liquid looked so good on his thick beard.

The Avengers cheered, high fives and clapped each other on the back in congratulations. Thor was one of them!

Releasing Thor Thanos pulled him to his feet. He would make clothes for him later, when he was tiered of looking at the naked king. A crown was certainly in order. “Before you bond with your fellows here I think there is one who would benefit from your attention.” He turned Thor around and directed him at Lee-am, sitting on the bed with his mouth agape at his new king.

Thor saw Lee-am truly for the first time. Here was a man who had stood by him for over a century, who had had his back at all times and had gone above and beyond to prove himself worthy of being Thor’s champion. He recalled, with perfect clarity, the lingering looks he had been given but had never noticed at the time, the way he had looked whenever Thor had left his room having had very loud and satisfying sex while Lee-am had dutifully stood guard. The look on his face whenever Thor had finished a workout. This man was more than his best and most loyal friend.

Thor approached his dear friend and cupped his face to kiss it, filling Lee-am’s mouth with his tongue. Lee-am reached up and ran his hands over his king’s body, running his fingers along the cut of every muscle.

Thor suddenly spun them around so he was lying on the bed and Lee-am was on top of him. “Worship your king,” he demanded.

Liam had never been so happy to follow an order; he had been waiting for this for decades. He started by liking up all of Thanos’ cum that was painted all over his face, not caring what effect it might have on him, before moving to the neck, nuzzling into it and licking in the hollow that was barely there for all the muscle. He then moved to the pits; Thor folded his hands behind his head as Lee-am ran his tongue over the shoulder to the perfectly smooth armpits where he licked for any drop of sweat to clean his king. The biceps received kissed, each was as bigger than his head!

Thor looked down with anticipation as Lee-am then moved to the nipples and sucked on his right one like a babe on a mother’s tit while he pinched at the other. Thor’s head fell back and moaned as the feeling went straight to his cock between Lee-am’s legs and it went from semi-hard to full-mast. Had Lee-am practiced his technique on other guys? He would hunt them down and fuck them hard for receiving the attention meant for him!

Liam’s tongue could barely reach to the bottom of the cut of his ten-pack but he tried his best and that was more than enough. But to Thor’s irritation the bastard bypassed his cock and went to the balls, licking them and trying to get one into his mouth to suck on but to no luck—it was too big!

“Your king is growing impatient,” Thor growled with a playful edge.

Liam obliged and ran his tongue up its length and tickled the head and slit with the tip. Thor gasped and his mighty chest heaved. Drops of precum appeared and then disappeared just as quickly, scooped up by Lee-am before he decided the best way to produce more and drink them was to just take the whole head into his mouth. He didn’t touch the shaft with his hands; he wanted his mouth to be the centre of Thor’s attention.

It was. Thor was gasping as Lee-am leisurely took more and more of his length into his mouth and then retreated to the tip before taking a little bit more.

“Fuck this,” Thor finally snapped. He sat up and pulled a surprised Lee-am off him and flung him onto the bed and got on all fours above him. “Fuck you!” he lined up his cock with Lee-am’s entrance. The two shared a moment of eye contact, both with pupils blown wide and heavy breathing, before the slightest twitch from Lee-am’s hips brushed Thor’s head and he plunged in, burying the whole shaft in a single stroke. The two screamed together in pleasure and Thor eagerly withdrew to repeat the motion, Lee-am’s hips moving away in a mirroring motion before the two met again. Thor wrapped his arms around Lee-am, one around his lower back and the other around his shoulders, holding him close and tenderly despite the ferocity of the thrusts.

“Is this what you wanted,” Thor growled as he fucked his champion. “When you’d stand outside my room as I fucked some cumdump slut with my seed, did you touch yourself and wish it was this cumdump slut I was fucking?” He was roaring it now into Lee-am’s face as pounded his ass. Lee-am couldn’t answer with anything more than a wail of pleasure as his prostate was hit hard every time.

Thor came again, this time into an ass but with no less power. A fountain of cum was unleashed into Lee-am’s bowels and his stomach swelled to take it like before. The crackle of electricity that came with it went straight to his prostate and he screamed as he too came all over himself for his king.

The two panted together, Thor able to support himself on his elbows above Lee-am’s face, the first thing he saw when the sparks faded from his vision. Thor was grinning broadly.

There was a slow clapping from Thanos, having enjoyed the show immensely. “Very good, boys, but there is someone else who wants a piece of you.”

“I’m ready to go again,” Thor said between pants. “Is it time to take the Captain up on his offer?”

“Not quite,” laughed Thanos.

“My turn!”

Thor was yanked back and out of Lee-am, making them both yelp, by a large pair of hands. The Hulk was holding him aloft, two feet taller but twice his size and strength. Thor panicked as he was thrown on his back beside Lee-am and the green beast loomed over him.

“Hold up there big guy, I think I need to get ready—”

But the Hulk was done waiting. He raised Thor’s legs and slammed in with a single thrust like Thor had to Lee-am—but he was much bigger! Hulk’s cock was more than two feet long and almost a foot in diameter and it all went up Thor’s ass.

Thor screamed at the top of his lungs—this was beyond anything he had taken before!

The Hulk grabbed his hips with the force to crush anyone less than one of Thanos’ new children and fucked into him relentlessly and powerfully—any mere mortal would have died at the first stroke inside but Thor had been remade to take it. His stomach bulged out as the shaft made itself visible under his abs and Thor watched in horror and arousal unable to close his mouth for the constant primal noise he was emitting. He was hard and his prostate was being abused like never before, every single fibre of it being hit with every thrust!

Thor could only wail in pain and pleasure as the Hulk roared above him, enjoying his first fuck with him in control.

The Avengers had gathered around to cheer them both on; encouragement to the Hulk and support for Thor who could only lie there and take the treatment whether he like it or not! They grabbed Lee-am and brought him into their circle to watch, Thor’s love making him an honorary member, and he too cheered on his king.

Thor’s head fell back and he saw Thanos stood over them, watching with a hard cock. If his Master was pleased by this then Thor would do it every day for the rest of his life. The pain was subsiding and the pleasure increasing and Thor knew he could learn to love this.

When the Hulk came it was overwhelming, the Hulk’s scream shaking the whole castle and his own completely drowned out. Thor felt as if the cock was growing inside him, the cum was hitting his guts so hard and filling him up. His rectum clenched down on the shaft forming a tight seal. His large firm body strained and bulked out into a muscle gut but there was comparatively little give in it and the green cum had nowhere to go but up his gut and digestion system. To his amazement Thor began coughing up the cum that had been fired up his ass, his breathing undisturbed thanks to his new body’s abilities. His mouth became a babbling brook for the green seed and it gushed out and down into his beard and chest. Thor felt like he had been used as a sex toy, that the Hulk had used his ass—his whole body—like a human fleshlight.

The spectators all cheered and fought to lick Thor’s body for the Hulk’s. Lee-am kissed him, tonguing up as much of the cum as he could from him.

When the orgasm ended Hulk wrapped his arms around Thor much like he had done with Lee-am and rolled onto his back so Thor was on top of him and he found himself being hugged, very tenderly, but the green giant. He hugged back with shaking limbs and went into a content sleep.

The sun was rising but the boys were in need of rest. Thanos created curtains to block out the light of the dawn and eased his men into a deep sleep to regain their strength.

Only Lee-am was left awake. Thanos put an arm around him and guided him out of the room. “I think you and I need a chat,” he said to the young Asgardian. “Serving me will have Thor by my side for the foreseeable future and Asgard will need someone to rule in his absence, someone he trusts.”

Liam looked up at the Titan. “I’m not sure I’m worthy of such a position.”

“Well, let us test that.” With a glow from the gauntlet a brand new Mjölnir materialised on the floor before them, handle upwards to be lifted by someone worthy. “Give it a go,” encouraged Thanos.

Liam hesitantly stepped forward and took hold of the hammer. A moment later he had lifted it from the floor and was staring at it in amazement. “I don’t believe it…” he gasped.

“I do,” said Thanos, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Anyone who can be worthy of Thor’s trust and love is worthy of his hammer.”

“I’ll have so much to do,” babbled Lee-am. “There’s people to see, borders and relations to maintain, Thor makes it all look so easy! And then there’s that new prisoner to deal with.”

“The one who Thor saw before me?” Thanos asked. He remembered the man who had recognised him and tried to warn Thor. He had been cute and handsome with a fit build and had been there for trying—and succeeding—to break into the king’s vault! Was he a potential recruit on the side?

“Yes, he was all talk, that one. He has a reputation for it; he’s called Peter Quill but likes to call himself—”

“Star-Lord!” spat Thanos.

“You know him?”

“Oh yes. He’s the man who stole my daughter from me. And I think he needs to answer for it!” Thanos clenched his fist and the air crackled with energy.

Lee-am gulped and backed away. Whoever this Star-Lord was he didn’t envy anyone who was the focus of the wrath of a man who could do anything!

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