Thor - Part Two

By RotherhamMan -
published November 8, 2019

Thor’s seduction continues…

Thanos came with a yell and weakly dragged Lee-am’s head up and down his shaft, riding the pleasure with his mouth handing open and head thrown back. He hadn’t bothered soundproofing the room, he wanted everyone in the palace to hear what was happening and be left in no doubt what it was. He wanted Thor, wherever he was and whatever he was doing, to continue to struggle with the erection he had since before he had even seen Thanos (that he had had the whole time they had know each other). He was sure he had accomplished this goal.

Feeling himself start to come down he released Lee-am and collapsed onto the bed with a sigh. Once he had regained his breath he looked down at the young Asguardian and laughed.

The boy had sucked all six of them without complaint and barely a word for over two hours. He had taken even the Hulk’s cock with ease now Thanos had altered him to be able to do so. He had also been altered to hold of their cum in his stomach and that was what had Thanos laughing. Even pregnant women did not look so big, his stomach was distended like there was a bean bag inside it. That’s what you got for swallowing the loads of six super virile supermen! His mouth was hanging open, as if its new natural shape was a permanent state of expecting another cock to enter, and the last dribble of Thanos’ cum was across his face over the dried remains of that of the Avengers.

Lee-am looked down at himself at the laugh to see what was funny. He was still knelt on the floor, he probably couldn’t stand like that, and looked like he was quite out of it.

“Thor’s champion, best friend and brother in arms, is a slut!” Thanos laughed.

Lee-am looked back up to him and nodded with a doped out grin on his face. “I like sex,” he said lazily, “I just can’t get enough once I get going.”

Thanos cocked his head to the side. “Tell me, boy, have you ever had Thor as a bed partner?”

“No, Sir, but I dearly want to. I haven’t even seen him naked,” Lee-am answered without complaint.

Thanos wondered if the cum was effecting him somehow, like some kind of drug. Was it just his or a combination of all their seed. He vaguely recalled leaving a puddle in the Wakandan throne room and the Avengers Tower and wondered what had happened to them. He would have to investigate this further.

The more immediate problem was they couldn’t let the kid be seen like this—not yet, anyway—but Thanos was loath to vanish their seed mixed inside him, it was a mark of their conquest and ownership of this soldier. “Boys,” he said to the Avengers, an evil idea forming in his mind, “Do you think you could each feed this dump a few more of your loads?”

They looked up from where they had been lounging and petting one another on the bed and grinned too. Stupid question, they always had another load in them.

Thor had attended thousands of feasts, many of them thrown by or for himself where he was the centre of attention, but he had never felt less prepared for one than this. After returning to his chambers he had spent the hours since working out as hard as he could, working every muscle group to exhaustion. He needed to put this energy to good use and if it helped his muscles look pumped for his guests then all the better. He had stripped down to his underwear for the session but as the screams and roars from the guest chambers in the next wing had started he had shed them too to exercise naked. The friction between his cock and clothes was a tempting distraction, though having out was too but without the stimulation. Whenever he thought he couldn’t do any more he pictured the men standing in his courtroom and how they might look at him and he would feel a renewed sense of motivation to push past the burn.

With half an hour until the feast he stopped, exhausted and drenched in a shining coat sweat like oil on his skin. Working out was the second best way to work up a sweat but the benefits were longer lasting. Crossing to the pool of water in the corner of his rooms he paused as he passed the mirror.

Why did he feel so insecure? He was the greatest Asguardian alive and he was hot in his own right and he knew it. He had perfectly round shoulders and biceps and a swollen chest above deeply cut abdominals. He had also been blessed with an eight inch manhood with amble balls and a full ass to match. On Earth he had drawn the eyes of everyone at his full seven feet and had revelled in the attention it brought, sexing himself up almost 24/7. it was a wonder he had found the time to earn his father’s forgiveness inetween all the sex he had been having. The men there had looked at him with envy and lust and he had loves that look in them but he had never stopped to think about how inferior they must feel next to him. If it was anything like this he felt bad for them. But all of that was in the past, now he struck a few poses in the mirror and winked at himself. He was a sexy bastard and tonight he would bring his A-game!

He dove into the bathing pool and scrubbed off the sweat in the ice cold water, feeling his cock shrivel to some relief. He had then picked out his most impressive casual clothing and set out for the dining hall for what was sure to be a night to remember! He walked with the confidence of a king and the swagger of a god—he was both and he loved it!

When he arrived there was a cheer from his subjects and he waved it away with a grin. Tonight he would be joined n welcoming their guests by the top tier of Asguardian society: there were the rich and famous and the brave and loyal, all men of great standing dressed in their casual attire. Any other day and Thor might have scoped out the room for potential bed mates for the night, something he still indulged in as king, but tonight he had eyes only for the guests who would be there any second. It crossed his mind that there were only men there tonight, not a woman in sight, but he dismissed it. Everyone knew he was an equal opportunist in every regard, one boys only night, however it had come about, couldn’t hurt.

Stood before his chair at the centre of the head table he grabbed his full and waiting tankard and raised it. “My friends, we are here to honour and welcome our new friends and guest in our realm. Word of them must have spread by now. I propose a toast to Thanos, and his children!”

There was a cheer as mugs were raised and beer sloshed and spilled before it was drunk. As if it had been timed perfectly (and with the slightest flash of green) the doors opened and Thanos himself strode in followed by his men in a procession of flesh and muscle. Dressed as before they drew all attention to them, everyone in the room must have heard about the noises they had made, if having not heard them themselves, but they looked just as perfect as they had before, not a hair out of place. To go at it for hours and still look immaculate was a skill Thor had never mastered (mostly because he wanted everyone to know when he had gotten laid).

“My new friends, I hope you have enjoyed our hospitality.”

Thanos bowed gracefully before him and his followers followed suit. There were gasps from some as the rears of the men were shown at their fullest. “Indeed your majesty. Your man Lee-am was particularly accommodating.”

“I have not seen him since he showed you to your room,” commented Thor. He could not blame the man for disappearing like that, not if any of those screams of pleasure had been his, and if they hadn’t been then he had caused them; which did he envy more. He was getting a hard on again.

Thanos smiled smugly. “Yes. As I say, he was most accommodating. I’m afraid he wont be join us tonight, I feel we… took advantage of his helpfulness and exhausted him.”

There was a murmur around the room. Lee-am was well renowned as the king’s champion and if he could not stand after a round with these men while they looked unfazed then there were going to be a lot of proposals for these men.

Thanos spoke over the murmuring to the room at large, “But in recompense for this inconvenience, and as a token of our friendship, I have a gift for you all.”

Several of the palace guards appeared, wheeling something large between them. It was a large copper barrel with a tap near its base, large enough for a man to stand in with his arms outstretched. Thor welcomed the sight, alcohol was always a welcome gift and this was a supply to last them all for the whole night.

“Would your majesty care to draw the first drink?” asked Thanos with a gesture.

Thor gladly scooped up his tankard and approached the barrel. He had to pass through the cluster of muscled men and he felt them brush against him, he was sure it was deliberate. His breaches weren’t getting looser. The tap was of an unusual design, long and smooth with a release wrapped around it. It seemed one had to take hold of the release and pull on it along the shaft for the liquid to be released. Thor did so and was rewarded not only with a milky substance spewing from the tip of the tap but a groan from the barrel, as if the pressure was being released. How strange.

Thor, however, was a diplomat and knew better than to turn his nose up at a gift from guests. He brought the full tankard to his lips and took a measured sip to taste it. A moment later he downed the whole thing—it was delicious!

“This is…” he began but could not finish. He wanted to drink more but had to be courteous, he gestured for the other party goers to help themselves. Having seen their king down it all in one go they were eager to taste it for themselves and the regular moaning of the barrel soon filled the chamber every few seconds as drink after drink was poured.

Stepping out of the crowd Thor spoke to Thanos, “I should have asked what it was before I drank it. It looks like a milk but tastes like… nothing I have ever drank before.”

Thanos smiled, he was always doing that but they were so many different kinds of smile for him. Thor found he liked the soft ones best, the ones that clearly said he felt contentment. This one was more like he knew something none of the others did. “It is the milk of great beasts, it is a drink for lovers and fighters, and the barrel is one I made specially for you.” Thanos clapped a hand on his shoulder and Thor nearly fell over. “Drink well, son of Odin, there is plenty for all.” If the hand on his shoulder lingered for several seconds longer than it needed to no one noticed but Thor and his cock.

Soon the feast was underway, the milky drink relaxing everyone with a single glass and everyone was chatting and some were even singing together. Thor retreated to his seat and watched the festivities with amusement but he kept a hand on his tankard, waiting for a reasonable length of time before he got himself another and everyone else had some.

The children of Thanos had spread themselves around the room and all six of them were entertaining a small crowd. Soon enough some grew bold enough, aided by intoxication, to reach out and touch them uninvited, desperate for a touch of their perfect physiques. Not long later the soldier in blue, the Captain of America, was stood on a table and flexing his body like he was a statue on display. His counterpart in black was arm wrestling men but for what stakes he couldn’t tell. He got up for another drink and passed the green giant lifting laughing men for his own amusement. The Man of Iron was discussing his weapons and abilities with a group of the more scholarly men but they all looked distracted by his other assets. The Panther was prowling around, hands stroking his fur as he went by.

Thor filled his drink to the rim and drank it slowly, savouring the flavour on his tongue. Thor wouldn’t have said he was drunk but he was feeling something. A heady sensation and warmth were spreading across his body and relaxing him while making his hear beat faster. He was very aware of his semi-hard cock and how it throbbed. He wanted, more than anything right now, another drink of the wonderful milk Thanos had brought. Thor took hold of the strange tap and pulled but this time the noise was different. Rather then a moan there was a squeal and Thor could only blink in a dazed confusion.

“I fear you have drained it.” Thor turned to find Thanos stood behind him.

“Is there no more?” Thor asked, hoping he didn’t sound desperate. Some people had had three or four cups full but he had waited politely like a fool and the entire barrel had run dry.

“Maybe some drops at the bottom but you would have to really try.”

Thor pulled on the tap hard and repeatedly and the squeal continued but there was no more to give—but for a single small drop appearing at the tip of the tap! Without thinking Thor dripped to a knee and sucked the drop right of the tap. The barrel made a new sound somewhere between and gasp and moan with some squeal too. Thor returned to his feet, licking his lips and suddenly realised Thanos had been watching him sucking the tap, he had done it in view of the whole hall but fortunately no one seemed to have noticed. Even so he felt himself go bright red in the face. “It… err… really is very nice,” he managed.

“However nice it is I can promise you it is much better fresh from the source.”

“I believe you. You never did say what the source was, just that it was milk from a beast?”

Thanos nodded. “It is, a beast you know. You have been entertaining them all evening.” He had a new smile now, a leering grin. “We spent the afternoon brewing it specially, all six of us.”

Thor looked down at his empty tankard, around at his people who were drunk on the milk, and to the tap at the base of the barrel which suddenly looked a lot like a penis—it even had to be masturbated to get it! “So we’ve been drinking… your…” He wasn’t sure if he was revolted or turned on—but for the second time today his cock knew for sure. Sure he had eaten semen, swallowing and licking up the spill, but this was different and involved a lot of people unknowingly ingesting it.

Thanos made a show of looking sorry, he didn’t believe it. “Maybe I should have told you up front, but you might have said no and denied yourself the pleasure of this drink. Are you going to tell your other guests?”

Thor hesitated; not wanting to ruin anyone’s evening. The barrel was empty and everyone had drunk some, so there would be no more harm done. He didn’t want to cause a scene or a diplomatic incident; maybe they could live in ignorance and never know. “Maybe not, let them have their good time.”

Thor swallowed. He could still taste the milk in his mouth and even knowing what it was didn’t stop him from wanting more. Unconsciously he ran his tongue around his mouth for more flavour. “So did Lee-am get to enjoy this drink?”

“Oh yes, he was very hungry for it. He got to drink it straight from the source.”

He suddenly realised what that meant and his eyes darted down to Thanos’ golden thong and the bulge in it. How much did he want another drink?

As if reading his mind Thanos said, “Anyone who wants it fresh need only ask me or any of my men.”

“Ask…” repeated Thor.

“Yes. We would be happy to oblige.”

Thor would bet they were. These men were sex machines, it was a wonder the hadn’t—

He looked around the room and realised that while he had been absorbed with Thanos’ revelations the mood in the room had changed. He recalled feeling warm after the second cup of milk and now saw that many men, all of them, even, had taken of their tops and some had even stripped to their underwear. The posing and muscle admiration around the room had developed in to open sexual acts. The Winter Soldier had claimed his reward for winning every arm wrestle and was now lying on a table with over a dozen men giving him a tongue bath, several focussing on his exposed genitals. Captain America was being stroked and massaged where he stood by just as many. The Hulk had his cock out and no less than twenty men were working together on it and his balls and nipples.

“Is it an aphrodisiac?” asked Thor, bluntly and dumbly.

“I must confess it is.”

Thor took a few deep breaths to try and clear his head and forced his mind off his libido. “It could be said that you have taken advantage of this feast to lower my guest’s inhibitions.”

For the first time Thanos looked uncertain, a drastic change from his unwavering confidence in everything he had said and done up until that point. “It could be said…”

“Then I must ask you to return to your chambers,” Thor snapped. “I will deal with this matter in the morning when I am in my right mind.”

“But all I have done is open your minds,” Thanos protested. “You’re so much more fun when you are open with everyone.”

“I am a king, it is not my place to be open.”

Thanos suddenly looked dangerous and Thor felt a flash of the fear this man must inspire in his enemies. His low voice was now as hard as steel. “Well let’s fix that shall we? Why don’t you tell everyone here about you sexual adventures? Tell them about the most shocking sexual thing that their king has done?”

And Thor did. To his horror he found himself calling attention to himself and unable to stop talking once he had the complete attention of everyone in the hall. He went on to tell a story he had never told anyone—not even Lee-am—to everyone in the court. It wasn’t like his mouth and words were beyond his control, the words weren’t being drawn from him unwillingly, it was like he wanted to tell the story. He even dramatised it and acted out some of the actions. He spared no detail and for over an hour he lavished the whole hall, an audience of a hundred of the most powerful and influential of Asguardian society, with tales of his sexual exploits that would make most people die of shame. It was a chapter of his life that he had never been too proud of and which he had kept to himself—until now.

When he finally reached the end he seemed to come back to himself and realised what he had done. The whole hall was staring at him with varying emotion on their faces, all sex acts with Thanos’ men long forgotten. There was utter silence, no one had interrupted his story with so much as a cough.

Thor then did something he had never done before: he fled. A little unsteady on his feet, he made it out of the dining hall and into a corridor leading to his rooms before he realised he had taken a wrong turn and was lost in his own castle.

Fuck! What had come over him to do that? Somehow Thanos had made him spill his inner most secrets to everyone and the whole of the kingdom would know soon enough.

To add insult to injury the hard on still hadn’t gone away but he was too confused to trust his judgement to have sex with someone—if anyone wanted to even look at him now. He needed to get off though so he would have to resort to Mr. Hand and his five sons tonight, when was the last time he had needed their help rather than an actual person?

Forgetting that he was in a hall where anyone could see he slumped against the wall and undid his breeches. His cock was out instantly, looking for something to stimulate it. Thor stroked it and moaned, the milk—the cum of his guests—that he had drank was making him so much more touch sensitive and he shuddered at his own fingers, they had never been this good!

He took hold of the shaft and ran a thumb over his head, a bead of precum oozing out of the slit. He used it as a lube and slicked up his head with a shaking thumb. With both hands he took hold of his shaft and gently pumped it, feeling so close to the edge but wanting it to last. But it was no good, he had to cum and sped up with pleasure.

He came with a cry, shooting ropes of his own milk across the hall, and his feet gave out beneath him. He slid to the floor, legs spread wide, and gasped as the last dribbles dropped out. He had shot all the way to the other side of the hall, five long ropes stretching seven feet in length. He could produce large loads but never one like that, nor an orgasm so intense from his own hand alone. This milk was a game changer for sex. It had driven the mighty Thor, god of thunder and king of Asguard, to masturbate in an open hall of his castle where anyone could have come across him whilst cumming!

He opened his eyes, not remembering closing them. There were two figures above him! He had been so self-absorbed he hadn’t noticed he had an audience. He blinked quickly and saw, to his simultaneous relief and horror, that they were two of the Children of Thanos! The Captain of America and the Man of Iron stood over him with grins on their faces.

“I…” Thor gasped, for the first time at a complete loss of what to say. He was adventures in sex but this was different and he had just been caught masturbating by two men he lusted for—he still had his cock out and it was still hard! what must they think of him, and this after his tale in the hall.

“Don’t worry, friend,” said the Captain.

“We got you covered,” finished the Iron Man.

And without another word or sign of hesitation they both dropped to al fours and began lapping his cum off the floor! Thor watched, slack jawed as they cleaned the floor of every drop until they were almost fighting over the few drops beneath his cock. They settled by kissing each other around his cock head.

Thor moaned at the attention to his still sensitive head but it was short lived. They drew back and slumped on either side of him. Thor was in a muscle sandwich. What the two had done was nowhere close to what he had described—in great detail—earlier but he felt a little better for it. The two put their arms around him like old friends and Thor released a shuddering breath as all the tension truly left his body.

“Feel better now you’ve drained those balls some?” the Captain asked.

“Some,” Thor confessed. Somehow he felt he could be just Thor with these two, not the king he was meant to be. It was like they understood his story, even respected him for it.

“I think a lot of the people in there will need to get off after that story,” said the Iron Man abruptly.

“What?” spluttered Thor.

“They’re all as turned on as you are, thanks to our milk. What you did was mind-fuck them in there, like masturbating them with your words. Painting a mental picture so they live it through you.”

Thor didn’t understand. He buried his face in his hands. “I’ll never be able to show my face again, in or out of this castle.”

“You think too little of yourself,” offered the Captain, hugging him close.

“This from you two muscle giants,” murmerd Thor but he let himself nuzzle into the hug, grateful beyond belief for the physical contact.

“You’re a great man, Thor, that’s why Thanos is here for you. Come on, it’s time you saw what he really has to offer.”

And the two men stood and hefted Thor to his feet too for a brief moment before the slung his arms over their shoulders and practically carried him to Thanos.

Thor’s cock was still out and was hard again, pointing in the direction they were heading like a compass.

Back in the hall Thanos was thinking hard. Thor had a stronger will than he had anticipated and had been able to resist some of the effects of the milk, enough to think with a clear head and not his cock. The milk seemed to not only lower inhibitions but make one very impressionable, everyone had listened to Thor talk and he had talked just as he had been ordered to—although he had used the stones to reinforce his power over the king, just for fun and so far the only thing he had done to him. Thanos had not been expecting this turn of events but was very glad of it, there wouldn’t be a challenge otherwise.

The hall was, as Iron Man had predicted, turning into an orgy as the men shed the last of their clothing and began openly pleasing each other and themselves. Thor’s story had kindled their imaginations and some were even trying to recreate parts of what he had told them. Men were sucking each other in large circles and others were fucking like conga lines. Thanos laughed at the sight, they truly were weak willed. Then again, they had drunk a lot more than their king had.

Thanos clenched his fist and made sure they would not be disturbed or overheard by anyone who was not already involved. He and the Avengers would not be staying to enjoy the action; it was time to step up his plans for Thor and take a more direct approach. Flattering and trickery had gotten him this far but he was now going to have to use less subtle means.

Before he left the hall and met Thor though he might placate the king with the return of his champion.

The red reality stone glowed and the tankard morphed back into Lee-am. The Asguardian swayed as he got his bearings, having been a sentient inanimate object for about six hours; seeing, hearing and feeling everything that had been happening but unable to move or speak, only able to moan as he was drained of his contents. His stomach was now back to normal, all of the cum they had fired down his throat having been milked out of him and drank. Each tug of the tap, really his cock, and each spurt of milk was to him its own orgasm, each as good as the last, one after the other with no reprieve or mercy. Thanos had enjoyed watching Thor try to get more milk from his brother in arms and the squeals of Lee-am as he had experienced dry orgasms. But the best of it was when Thor had, influenced only by the milk he had drunk, sucked the last drop of milk from Lee-am’s cock. Their first, albeit brief, sexual encounter.

Lee-am was stunned by what had happened to him and what his king had confessed to and made no protest as Thanos threw him over his shoulder and left. The doors slammed shut behind them, they had their own orgy to start with the king as its centrepiece!


The story that Thor tells has been left unsaid but that doesn’t mean I’m going to leave you wondering.

I have an idea for a spin-off, Thor’s Hell Week, that i might do if there is enough interest—however it wont have any GSS themes, just a filthy excuse to put Thor through all sorts of depraved sex acts!

Feel free to offer ideas but if until then you can imagine what you want.

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