Professor Pig

By tyl7897
published November 8, 2019

Something isn’t right after Derek Hale becomes TA…

The first couple of weeks of college went great for William. He was getting managing his time well, eating well, and getting good grades. William loved college and checking out all the hot guys, especially his RA, Derek Hale. Derek is new this year, becoming a TA for a prominent burly Professor who William wasn’t attracted too but had him for his math class. The teacher was a bit crass, but he had tenure, so William was stuck with him, but at least the TA was hot.

One day, when William was walking to one of his classes, he bumps into some guy who was wearing leather. He was showing off his big muscular hairy chest and smoking a big fat cigar, “Watch it, nerd.”

William was taken aback, but after looking at the man’s face, it seemed familiar. The man then quickly realized who he was talking too and apologized.

“Oh, sorry, Will, didn’t know it was you. So we still on for dinner later?” Ives asked.

“Ugh yeah, okay,” William stammered out as he was bewildered that this was his friend.

Ives laughed at went on his way. William then took out his phone and checked Ives’s profile, and sure enough, it was Ives looking precisely the same as he was. William could have sworn that Ives was much different but then looked at the time and then started to pick off the pace as he was almost late for class.

Later that day, William was heading towards dinner, meeting up with his friend Ives. He was a bit early, so he decided to go to the bathroom. Once he opened the door, he was shocked at the sight. Ives was pissing on the college’s star quarterback as the QB was stroking his also pissing cock, not noticing William watching them. After a few more seconds, Ives looked up and saw his friend watching them and smirked at him. William then decides to run back to his dorm. He wasn’t sure what to do, so he decided to go to the RA, Derek Hale.

Derek usually has his door opened, so William knocked and then opened it, and he couldn’t move at the sight. It was Derek naked fucking the campus’s known Bodybuilder. Derek saw William and quickly grabbed him and shoved William into his hairy pits. William struggled for a little bit before he stopped and started to enjoy Derek’s hairy pits. William was then transforming, becoming a big hairy muscled, cigar-smoking leather Pig. The Bodybuilder also changed but was ignored as Derek and William made out and started to piss, so he left and sought out the Professor Pig. In the morning, after waking up, Derek was packing up as he explained to his new lover that they need to go as the Professor is getting more unstable and nastier than he would like. He planned to make William the nastiest Pig ever and unleash him on the superheroes, but he won’t let that happen to him. They were about to go out the door but were walloped, knocking both of them out.

William was awakened in a cage that he can stand up and move around but couldn’t get out. He then sees the Professor Pig on a throne, very big with a huge hairy muscle gut and his hard Pig dick dripping pre-cum.

“Glad you are awake, William. The fun is about to start,” Professor Pig said.

“What fun? And Let me out of here,” Wiliam yelled.

“Why the corruption of your dad, of course,” the Professor Pig said.

Then Ives, the QB, and the BodybuilderBodybuilder bring out a cage that has William’s dad, Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow, naked.

Oliver then sees his son in the cage and yells, “WILLIAM!!!”

Ives opens the cage and lets Oliver out as he rushes over towards his son. He puts his hands on William’s face, “Buddy, I’m going to get you out of this.”

Unknown to them, the Professor Pig was moving towards them, the father/son was too busy distracting each other. Suddenly William sees Oliver’s face with a surprised look as he sees the Professor Pig’s looming over him plunging his Pig cock into Oliver.

“Nice tight virgin ass Green Arrow. Can’t wait to break it open. But first, here’s a nice stream of NASTY piss for ya,” the Professor Pig said as he lets loose a stream of NASTY piss into Oliver’s ass.

William sees piss coming out of his dad’s ass and then to his shock, sees his dad’s cock slowly becoming hard until it was rock hard. Professor Pig then takes one of his fat hands and brings it around Oliver’s body to check his Oliver was hard and was leaking pre-cum.

“Nice and hard and some pre. You’re ready,” the Professor Pig said as he starts to move his hips.

William is shocked at the sight of his dad holding onto his cage bars, getting fucked by a NASTY Pig. Every other thrust, the Professor Pig lets out a NASTY fart while Oliver moans like a big slut with a dumb smile on his face.

“You can speak if you can, Green Arrow,” the Professor Pig said as he farts, “Oh, here’s another load of NASTY piss for you.”

“Oh, fuck….William….it feels so good, ohhhh yeah, piss inside me NASTY Pig. OHHHHHHH” Oliver said as he cums inside William’s cage and then pisses.

“That was great, and fuck yeah, I’m still hard,” Oliver said, still looking the same, giving William some hope that his dad can fight this.

“Yes, it was. Ready for round two?” Prof Pig said.

“Oh God, yes,” Oliver said as he lets out a fart.

“Glad to hear. Listen, want to become a NASTY Uber Pig like me, Green Arrow?” Prof said.

“Hell, yes!! What do I have to do?” Oliver asked William is now losing hope.

“Just have to eat my NASTY cum producing ass,” Prof Pig said as he bends down, revealing his dripping ass as he lets out farts.

Oliver then digs in the NASTY Professor’s ass as he licks up the ass cum. Oliver does this for a minute until the Prof speaks up, “Oh yeah, that’s the stuff. I’m sure you are wondering, William, on why you can’t look away? Well, earlier, John Constantine came here to investigate, but I corrupted him, and he did a spell on you while you are out and became my spy on the Legends team.”

William then grasped as he suddenly sees his dad letting out a huge, loud fart that afterward starting to drip out the same ass cum that he was eating. Soon after, Oliver was beginning to transform. First, Oliver’s ass ballooned out and becoming hairier as more and more ass cum was gushing out. Then his whole body was growing bigger and bigger and fuzzier. He then sees Oliver stopping and then standing up with a big fat cigar in his hands, which William has no idea where he got it from. Oliver puts it in his mouth and puffs a smoke, William seeing the rest of his dad’s new body. No longer was Oliver’s rock hard abs but a rounder and smoother hard gut with his pecs less defined but still looked powerful. His biceps are a bit bigger, and he was very hairy all over his body. His cock was soft, but it was one of the longest cocks he ever saw, longer than some erect cocks.

“Oh, that’s the stuff,” Oliver said as he smokes his cigar, “I need to fuck someone, come here.”

Oliver grabs the quarterback and then bends him down and fucks him as he smokes his cigar. To William’s shock, the quarterback becomes older and becoming more like his dad and Prof.

Time Skip

William had no idea how long he was watching as his dad and the Professor corrupting the campus. First, they corrupted the chancellor, and then the Dean becoming NASTY Pigs like them. Some others they corrupted the friendly janitor who became a trash-talking Pig and some more Professors.

Soon after, William hears a crash, and then suddenly, Derek came in naked but unchanged the last time he saw them. William gains some more hope and sees his lover beating up the lesser Pigs. He then looks at the Professor Pigs and him, which lets out a loud howl. He jumps at William’s cage but then is suddenly shocked and slumped on the floor. Before he could get up, Oliver went out of the shadows, and the Prof came up to Derek and started to piss on him. Derek could have resisted one uber Pig piss, but he didn’t know there was another unstable Pig, and he knew he would soon join them, so he didn’t resist. Derek was transforming, becoming a cross between Oliver and the Prof as the two uber Pigs left.

“Honey, Derek, please tell me you are still in there?” William said.

“Will yes I am, but its too hard,” Derek said, wincing.

“Fight it, Derek, we are so close, fight it and get me out of here,” William pleaded.

“AHHHHHHHHHH,” Derek yelled, “William?”

“Yes, Derek?”

“Thanks,” Derek said as he walks toward the cage and opens it with his werewolf strength.

William then hugs his lover tightly as Derek does too. After a couple more seconds, William says, pushing out, “Let’s Go home.”

Derek didn’t budge. William tries again, and Derek doesn’t move as he looks up, Derek smirking at him, “We are home.”

Derek then lets out a massive stream of piss covering William as Prof and his dad turns and hugs William too as he pisses on him too. The piss of three uber Pigs is too much for William as he did not resist at all and was soon pissing himself also. He was growing too, becoming looking older like the three other uber Pigs. Soon devolved into a big raunchy foursome. Oliver fucking his new NASTY Pig son as the Prof fucks Oliver. William is sucking off Derek while they all fart and leaking ass cum. Other lesser Pigs came in and started to piss on the uber Pigs,

They lasted all night and even got too loud that cops were called in, but it didn’t take long for the cops to get corrupted and join in on the orgy.

Time Skip

The four were sitting on couches smoking big fat cigars while getting sucked off by lesser Pigs, discussing what to do next as soon people will start noticing.

“So I know what I want to do,” William said.

The three looked at him.

“Let’s corrupt the world!!!” William said.

The three let out a huge fart and started to piss, indicating that they love the idea. * To be continued?*

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