Thor - Part One

By RotherhamMan -
published November 7, 2019

Thor has a new guest in his palace…

“Take him to the dungeons and I will deal with him later.”

The order was obeyed without question by the king’s guards and the prisoner led away. It was a shame he’d had to be gagged, thought Thor, he had come across as cocky and confident and had been making a lot of smart comebacks to his questions until he had seen who was waiting behind him for an audience with Thor next when he had clearly panicked. Still, he looked good with a gag and made fun and frantic noises with and without it. It hadn’t helped that he was, under all his clothes, quite strong and handsome with a cheeky smile and had made as many suggestive comments as he could which now left Thor semi-hard whilst sitting on the throne and holding open court. He didn’t think it was noticeable but he shift anyway—regretting it as his cock was stimulated by the friction of his breaches. Maybe he would visit the prisoner later, he could talk the talk but would he still be talking about how skilled his mouth was when Thor presented himself to him alone? He would never dream of taking advantage of a helpless prisoner—unless the prisoner wanted it.

Open court was a pain but he knew it was not only a duty of his but essential for getting a sense of how his people felt and meeting with diplomats—which was who was next. Thor, who had given his full attention to the prisoner to the exclusion of everyone else, now turned his attention to the party waiting behind him. He almost let his jaw drop. There was a moment where he thought something important and was full of emotion but then there was the briefest flash of yellow which permeated all of his vision and seemed to seep into his mind. Then it was gone along with whatever he had been thinking and Thor blinked confused for a moment. He wasn’t the only one; around the court there was a moment where many looked like they had lost their train of thought but they were quickly distracted by the newcomers.

The diplomatic party were certainly impressive: six men, all barely clothed and perfect specimens of masculinity. The entire court was staring at them, men and women alike all but swooning at the sight of all the exposed skin. Each looked as though they had spent their entire lives working on perfecting every single muscle in their bodies and burning away any fat they might have gotten. Their curves were a thing of beauty as were their hard edges. Thor was glad that Asguard was a place of tolerance where foreigners were allowed to wear their traditional clothing.

Two were dressed similarly with standard Earth weapons—which they looked like they didn’t need, their bodies were surely powerful enough—placed on what might as well be bondage gear, matching harnesses around their barrel chests and small posing pouches for their manhood which were stretched to the limit. One was blond with blue garments, the eye was drawn to his pouch where a white star marked the spot, while the other had dark hair with black garments. They were of identical builds and could have been brothers or even mirror images if not for their different facial features. They stood close together, a bit too close for brotherhood, and what little body language they displayed showed they thought as if with one mind.

The third was more interesting; black skin with fur and muscles that were just as large but more toned, he was built for more graceful movements rather then the brute force of the previous two. He would be good at stealth and, should he turn his mind to it, dancing—an evening’s entertainment Thor would very much like to see. A tail was swaying back and forth behind him and Thor wondered what planet he was from. He was hunched over slightly, as if wanting to be on all fours as much as two legs, and a loin cloth could be seen to be the only thing he wore, just visible beneath the fur.

The fourth was what appeared to be an anatomically correct android. The body was made with needless metal muscles coloured in red and gold and, for some reason, nipples on each pectoral and it seemed clear that although there were no obvious genitals the crotch looked like it opened up to make way for something. The face too was made as if to replicate an actual face and was a tad ere to look at. Thor wondered if it was based on a person or just made to look pleasing.

But the last two were the most eye-catching. They were both giants, one purple and the other green, with muscles like boulders. The green one wore nothing but a pair of small purple briefs what looked stretched to bursting point but somehow not only encompassed his waist and a sliver of his thighs but also contained what was clearly a massive set of genitals. He was almost obscenely huge in proportion, only just capable of walking and toughing on ten feet tall!

Last but far from least was the purple one. He stood in the centre of the troop and was clearly the leader not only from his position but his air of absolute authority. All he wore, other than a pair of boots, was a thin golden thong which matched his single golden gauntlet encrusted with colourful stones. He was eight feet tall, smaller than the green one but still taller than the others.

They were a group of the most masculine men Thor had ever laid eyes on. He was large himself, towering over most Earth men, but he was only slightly larger than the four who weren’t giants. They all however were clearly bigger where it counted for a red blooded man and Thor’s semi-hard cock couldn’t seem to decide whether to wilt in the presence of such manhood or harden to it’s fullest at the sight of such masculinity. He was a well adjusted male of an open minded society, he went both ways and had played many roles with many lovers but this sight was the first to ever make him feel inadequate. If making lover were a battle then he would lose against them but he would be gracious in defeat. But that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to try if the opportunity came.

Thor’s right hand man, an old friend and fellow warrior called Lee-am, announced the party. “Introducing the Titan, Thanos, and his children.”

The purple one, Thanos, approached the throne and was followed by his men who, for all their power, deferred to him wordlessly. He knelt at the foot of the throne and his children did so too in a perfect gesture of respect. “Your Majesty, thank you for granting my children and I an audience.” He spoke with a low but powerfully deep voice that no one could miss. Thor felt it go straight to his cock and he was sure he wasn’t the only one.

“Your children?” he said, cursing himself for resorting to small talk, “I can see the resemblance.”

Thanos gave a chuckle which his children echoed. “Not biological, your highness, they are my wards and followers. The best, the bravest, and the mightiest I could find who saw fit to serve me in my cause.”

“And what is this cause that has brought you to my realm?”

“Peace, of course, across all worlds and peoples. It is my hope that you would aid me in this quest. You have more than proven yourself worthy of a place beside me and we would all be glad to welcome you.”

The five followers were looking at Thor and he could see the desire written plainly across each of their faces: they wanted him. There was now no doubt about whether his cock was hard of not, to be so openly desired by such men was enough to make any man blush but he was above men. He daren’t look to see if his erection was obvious but if it was he defied anyone to blame or mock him. These muscled monsters wanted him, not just as a bed partner but to join their number? He was sure he had never received a more flattering invitation—or a more tempting one. The Green one in particular looked like he would take Thor right then and there, one the throne in front of the whole kingdom, and fuck if the idea didn’t have Thor leaking precum but the beast somehow held itself back. All of them, including Thanos, were somehow still flaccid—Thor doubted their scant clothing could hide it if they were anything other—but the looks on their faces were far too sincere for him to doubt their lust. They must have fantastic control over their bodies to resist such a biological response, more than he had but he, by contrast, did not need it!

But he could not afford to think with anything other than his head. With a great effort he politely declined their offer, “I am flattered, but I am committed to my people first. That is not to say I won’t support you in your noble quest, peace across the universe is indeed something I am interested in, but I cannot abandon my people for anything.”

Thanos did not look disappointed or put out by his words. If anything he looked devilishly pleased, as if Thor had issued a challenge. “I thought you would say as much, but I thought it best to ask, none the less. Maybe in time I can… persuade you to see things my way.” He made direct and unblinking eye contact as he spoke the last part and Thor felt himself throb out another drop of precum. If he wasn’t wearing armour over his manhood (he wasn’t wearing underwear, which he now regretted) the stain would be clear.

“Please stay,” Thor said, making sure to speak slowly and casually so as not to appear too eager in front of the whole court. His face must be red enough as it was. “You are welcome in my halls and I would be glad to hear any stories you and your followers could tell of your quest.”

It wasn’t a very subtle invitation of his own to stay at Asguard for a time and he motioned for Lee-am to escort them to some guest chambers. If Lee-am was a bit too quick to show the men to their rooms then he pretended not to notice and if the men in turn gave him looks like he was a free banquet then he pretended not to be jealous. He shifted in his seat again. The open court was going to be a drag from now on and he would not be able to concentrate.

Lee-am could feel the eyes of the six men on him as if their gaze was a muscle in itself. All but Thanos walked behind him, he walked beside Lee-am, somehow managing to appear to be following while in complete control of where they were going. Lee-am knew they were wondering what was under his armour, mentally undressing him, and kept his own eyes straight ahead, already knowing what they had to offer but still wondering about what he didn’t know. It wouldn’t do for the king’s right hand man to be anything less than professional while on duty. Off duty was another matter entirely though but that wasn’t for hours. Damn! He had seen Thor’s reaction to the guests and had felt for the man, having to maintain a professional attitude while he surely had a raging hard on. Now he was the focus of their attentions and he too was now walking with an erection, slightly difficult with armour on but he would be damned before he showed weakness in front of these giants.

The guest room he brought them to was one of the more luxurious they had to offer, large and with a sweeping open space and wide balcony but with plenty of privacy. In the olden days the more promiscuous kings and queens had hosted orgies in here, Thor too had had one in his younger days. The quarters were very large and had one bed made for a dozen—or half a dozen of these muscle bound gods! He stood by the door as the guests stepped in and took in the room.

The two soldiers immediately walked in opposite directions around the room, taking it in in every detail like a good guard would for weaknesses and defendable positions. After a few moments of slowly sweeping his gaze around Thanos laid eyes on the bed and after a moment taking it in he turned to Lee-am. “Why is there only one bed?” he asked in a stern voice.

Lee-am gaped wordlessly like a fish. It hadn’t occurred to him that the men might not be a sexually open group. If he had screwed up this diplomatic relationship before it had even started then Thor would kill him—if Thanos didn’t first! “I assumed—I mean—that is to say…” he gibbered. What was wrong with him? Why was he suddenly behaving like an idiot?

Thanos leisurely walked over to him, power and confidence in every step. All the muscles in his legs could be seen flexing to support his massive build. He stepped behind Lee-am, who didn’t dare move, and placed both his huge hands on Lee-am’s shoulders. His shoulder muscles were well developed and with armour on them were quite large but they were easily covered by the Titan’s hands. Had he been facing the man he would have been at an eye level with the bottom of his pectoral muscles and would have to stand on tiptoe to be level with his nipples! As the Titan moved into his personal space Lee-am felt the heat of his body along his back but, more alarmingly, he felt the bulge of the man’s thronged crotch brush, lightly against the highest part of his lower back.

“Do you think my men and I are…” the pressure on his shoulders increased a fraction, “Intimate together? What about us gave you that impression?”

The men around the room had noticed their master’s displeasure and were now closing in on him. Lee-am was the greatest warrior on Asguard, second only to Thor himself, but he was surrounded on all sides by the largest and most powerful men he had ever seen. They were only a head taller than him (not counting the green beast) but he still felt small and weak. He daren’t look any of them in the eye. This is what he had imagined the Avengers, Earth’s mightiest heroes, to be like—only he had been sure he would be on their side should he have the honour of meeting them.

Swallowing, he quickly made his apologies. “Forgive me, sir, I made a misassumption.”

“Tell me, what is it about us that led you to think that?”

“Well, sir,” The truth was that he had never thought they were anything but gay. Sure, true warriors were well put together and typically had high sex drives (the noises he had heard coming from Thor’s bedroom when he had been on guard outside had made him go red in the face and burn with envy!) and to show off their bodies was not uncommon (again, Thor was a perfect example, he refused to wear sleeves on any occasion) but to do so to such as extreme as these men did spoke of a complete lack of modesty and shame that could only come from a man who knew he was hot shit! Had he really believed they were gay as wishful thinking, assuming it because he wanted it? ”You’re all very strong… and… you dress… in a way that shows it.”

“So this is what a man who likes to lay with other men looks like?” All the men were in close proximity now. They were near enough naked and he could feel the body heat on his skin and thought he could feel their breath too!

“We are stronger than any enemy and we want them to know it,” Said the blond soldier. He seemed to be the second in command. “So they may think better of making enemies of us.”

“I… I was wrong to assume, sir…”

“Are all Asguardians like this? His majesty Thor is a specimen not too far from any of my men, do you believe him to be gay?”

“He’s bisexual,” said Lee-am automatically before quickly backtracking. “But no, it was just me, please don’t assume all my people are like me.”

Thanos chuckled. “Like you assumed?”

Lee-am closed his eyes and begged, ashamed and embarrassed to be so humiliated in front of guests and men he was in lust for. “Please let me make this up to you, sir, let me prove to you we’re not discriminatory in any way.”

Thanos hummed and the yellow stone on his glove glowed, just visible in the corner of his eye. “I like how polite you are. You call me sir, like a good soldier. You know, all my soldiers show me how much they are devoted to me. How devoted to me are you?”

“I am loyal to Thor…” Lee-am said with no hesitation. There was no one more important, there hadn’t been since he had met the young prince in battle, even though he had been a bit of a spoiled brat at the time, and it had only grown since then. He would serve Thanos but only as a guest in his majesty’s palace, not as his master.

“Yes, I can see your devotion to him. But an alliance with me would make Thor stronger, don’t you agree? And to build and keep such an alliance I must get something out of it. So it would be acting in your king’s best interest to be just as devoted to me as you are to him, correct?”

Lee-am considered, it was difficult to think of anything to say to that. “… Yes… it would be… for Thor…”

Thanos turned him around and Lee-am opened his eyes and looked up into the eyes of the Titan. “Just how devoted are you, soldier?” he was asked by the muscle giant.

And Lee-am knew what to do. He knelt on one knee before Thanos. That alone was a great act of submission for he had never knelt for anyone other than Thor. No one else had inspired such loyalty in him but the Titan was right, he would do this on Thor’s behalf. He had seen the way Thor had looked at the men, he himself had looked at them in the exact same way. It wasn’t a chore to nuzzle into the Titan’s crotch and breathe in the scent of manhood, it was a joy and an honour.

Unseen above him Thanos smiled at his boys, he had another devotee in the making and they all knew what that meant. The boys grinned and touched themselves in anticipation of the pleasure the young Asguardian would give them. Thanos was pleased with how little he had had to manipulate the young man’s mind, merely cloud his judgement a little, confuse being loyal to Thor with being loyal to him, and nothing else. Thanos gently stroked at his hair. He would not change the Asguardian soldier any more—yet, but maybe later. He could see in his mind a fierce devotion to Thor and a love for him like a brother but beneath that a lust for him too. The man was a slut and knew it but knew how to compartmentalise too.

Lee-am was breathing heavily through his mouth and running his hands up Thanos’ thighs for something to so with his hands. He wanted more but daren’t make a move that might upset the guest, it was his job to make them feel welcome. He was already pushing his luck with his grip on the thighs of the Titan but they were just so powerful he knew he could give it all his strength and not so much as bruise them!

Thanos gave Lee-am what he wanted and vanished his thong to release his cock to fall on the soldier’s face. “Worship me,” he commanded. Lee-am opened wide and did his best to take the monster in one go and failed valiantly in the attempt. Behind him the boys chuckled at his amateurism and spurred on by this Lee-am doubled his efforts and used his tongue to lavish the head in his mouth.

“He is an eager one,” commented Thanos, “None of you were this easy to sway to me.”

Lee-am dared to use his hands and moved them to cup his mighty balls and fondle them. He would be grasping Thanos’ ass if he had a free hand but he could barely fit a single ball in one of hand and needed both for this. It was his ass cheeks or his balls and Lee-am was maddened by choosing between the two. He was Thor’s champion, his number one man, and he if he had to give oral sex on his behalf (a pleasure in itself) he would do it like no other but this cock was besting him.

Thanos took pity on the boy and used the stones some more for some physical alterations. Moments later Lee-am was taking his member with ease all the way to the hilt. Thanos sighed in contentment, it was too easy to find a capable mouth now he could make them able to handle his meat but genuine enthusiasm like this was hard to come by. He wondered if Thor had had the pleasure of this mouth and liked the idea of stealing the king’s playmate. Maybe he would leave the boy ruined for all others and Thor would not be able to please his favourite toy.

The boys were looking hungrily at the boy as they touched themselves and each other. They would chew up the kid and spit him out like chewing gum and Thanos like the sound of that. “Lee-am, do you want to extend your hospitality to my men as well?” he asked.

Lee-am pulled back off his cock and looked up at the muscled men above him. All their hard cocks were now out and inches away from their faces and his eyes went wide. Wordlessly he nodded. Thanos made an alteration to his body again but left it at that before nodding to his children. They snatched up the young Asguardian and ripped off his metal armour like it was paper and fought over who got to use his mouth first.

Having not cum yet Thanos lounged on the sofa to watch as Captain America claimed first rights and began fucking the boy’s face. Lee-am was just as willing and eager to suck them as he was Thanos and if he wanted to taste Thanos’ seed—or release his own for that matter—he would have to swallow a load from each of them. Knowing each of them could fire off buckets of semen in a single orgasm Thanos had modified Lee-am’s stomach to stretch and swell to hold it all. He looked forward to seeing how swollen he would look with all their cum sloshing around inside him. What would Thor say when he saw him!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the castle, Thor had finished open court and left the throne room as quickly as he could for his own chambers. He had not gone flaccid for a moment since seeing Thanos and his men and could only think what Lee-am, who had not returned yet, was getting up to. If it were any other guard or any other guest he would be reprimanding them for doing anything untoward but he was so horny himself he knew he could not judge.

Seeing he was alone in the corridor he palmed himself through his armour, having not touched himself all the while he had sat on the throne and needed a moment of relief. The head of his cock was slick from all the precum and slid against the inside of the armour with ease, he swore he could even feel a drop running down his leg. When was the last time he had been so horny? He had to get off but what if there was a chance he would be approached by one or more of Thanos’ men for a night of pleasure? He didn’t want to be spent but nor did he want to fire off too soon and make a complete ass of himself! God he just knew he would cum from a single touch from any of them and went red at the mere idea, if it actually happened he would die of embarrassment!

The king of Asguard groaned and returned his hands to his sides. He would take a cold bath—a very cold bath—and save himself for tonight. A feast was in order and maybe a night with the guests would be worth the embarrassment.

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