A Year Off

By The Dirty Spiders
published November 6, 2019

A Gay Bar owner with strange powers is redecorating his bar

“Yeah, leave this wall to me, men”

The workers nodded.

I stood there with my metal scraper, summing up the job.

I was having the bar gutted for a complete redesign in time for this year’s pride. The men I contracted were helping me knock a wall, and do a few other bits.

On the wall in front of me was my own work; 6 or 7 good looking men plastered on the wall. They had been there all year, and by now the painted-on speedos and weightlifting vests, etc was starting to crack. It was time to take them down and change the decor.

I sprayed the the first two with alcohol solvent to soften, then scraped them off one by one. It seemed kinda cruel, but it barely mattered. I was well used to my flattening and unflattening magic by now and where and how I can cut corners safely. His head and right arm tore off and completely separated with my scraper, “shit!” but I just carried on until I had most of him in a damp, squishy lump.

“That’ll do, on to the next one”.

I did 4 of them and kept the tattered, soggy-newspapered lumps of each of them seperate. They’ll just need a few hours in a completely dark room and they’ll completely turn human again. The dirt and paint, graffiti, holes drilled into the wall didn’t really affect anything. I kitted out one of the rooms above the bar with a few beds and absolute blacked out windows for just such a purpose.

“I’ll do these four now, and do the others tomorrow, once these are back”
I told myself that’ll do for now, and I nipped to the toilet.

I chose to trek to the toilets by the upstairs bar. All the toilets were being redone anyways, but the builders were using the downstairs ones all day, and the upstairs ones were nearer my office anyways. I entered the cubicle, and noticed the lock was broken “These are all fuckin broke…” I said to myself, wondering how drunk people so consistently manage to break cubicle door locks.

Sitting down waiting for my shit to happen, a builder, the only one on this floor presumably, suddenly entered the toilet while talking on his phone. He probably didn’t notice I was here, my door was still hanging ajar.


“No, I’m on the job for that queer fella”

“Haha. yeah, it takes all kinds!”

“I might get a raise if we did!”

“HAHAHA!!…. right, gulluck. beep.”

I wasn’t sure what the conversation was, but it sounded like it was at my expense. Did he realize I was there? He hung up his phone, and moved to facing the bowl. I knew this because I saw his shadow passing the huge and obvious glorlyhole some fucker drilled into the cubical wall about two weeks ago in my damn bar! I was already furious someone vandalized my propery, now I was stuck on the loo doing mind-maths wondering who could see who, where the windows cast shadows, and where the gloryhole is in contrast to the builder’s perspective. In the end I just sat there and turned to awkward, silent no-shitting.

I heard the splash of his piss hit the center of the bowl. I waited wide eyed, and with paused bowels.

“That’s you next door isn’t it, boss man?”


“I hope that call didn’t give you the wrong impression…” The pissing stream continued.

“No, I assumed you were laughing at something else” (this was a polite lie)

“Well… I feel since you caught me red handed, and that I am beyond embarrassed, and this is a opportunity out of nowhere were I’m next to the only gay man I ever met, with a glory hole between us that’s two days away from getting patched up… that the world is trying to tell me something" His piss stream finished.

What is this guy saying?

“…I was laughing at your expense and I’m sorry. I’m actually questioning my own… sex, and it’s easier to pretend you hate fags, when you’re messin’ with the fellas, work, so they don’t catch on”

His tone was incredibly sincere. Wait, why am I listening to this?

“Emm… that’s cool. Thank you for sharing…”

He poked his little uncut dick through the glory hole. I heard him breathe nervously but determinedly. I could see his black pubes and the base the tip was still damp from his pissing.

“I’ve never shown….” his voice was low and serious “I’ve never shown anyone…MMMM” I lifted the dick with my palm and it silenced him. “Listen, builder-guy…. I’m not sure you want this… me, to be your…”

“I don’t know what I want, but I wanna stop lying all the time”

His dick, with just me touching it briefly and letting it go again went to absolutely stiff.

“No, I mean… I’m a dangerous person; you shouldn’t have sex with me., and not like this least of all”

“Does it happen every time?”

“No… but I know it would happen this time, plus there are people here… they might barge in any second”

“They’re all gone to lunch. I’ll be honest, bossman… I know that if it happens, I won’t care… no one will miss me for a year or two”

“For a year or two?”


I took his dick in my mouth and I heard him crying with satisfaction. I heard the clunck of his knees pressing against the cubicle wall for support. My mouth and hands started growing sticky. I nursed the shaft of his dick with my tongue and then drew back sucking all the way to the tip. It was sticky and covered in my saliva now. I flipped it up and made it stick slightly to the wall above the glory hole. “Wait there” I commanded, as I walked pants-at-my-ankles around to his cubicle. He was standing there, his high-viz work pants at his ankles loosely falling over his dust and clay covered boots. He was splayed up against the wall with the shaft of his dick disappearing into it.

I took off his cotton vest in one swoop. He’d already put his heavy, high-viz over coat and hard hat on the door hook.

He kept his head facing into the wall as if he didn’t want to look at me, but stood there experiencing me approaching his soft, nice smelling skin. My hand and dick were secreting more and more of my pasty material. I stood behind him and embraced his chest and stomach rubbing my hands all over his body hair and nipples.

“Mmmmmmm…. Yes….. Is this just you or…”

I know he was trying to ask, “is this me, or is it all gay sex?” I felt there was no decent answer; the only sex I’ve ever had all involved me because I am me. I found the crack of his arse and started teasing my dick into it’s opening. He seemed to cotton on and hold his ass still. With one expert jerk I pierced him slightly and squirted some of my strange gluey material into him. His reaction was one of pain and ecstasy. “Ouu that feells smmMMM!” I smeared his face with my open palm and then pushed it into the cubicle wall where it stuck, restricting him to only humming.
I rubbed forcefully, like a firm massage from the small of his back to his shoulders, flattening him by almost half into the wall. It was tough to distinguish by his muffled humming he was exhibiting pleasure or alarm, but either way it was too late to disengage.

I jerked my dick for some more sticky paste and then spread his arms, sticking them at full spread to get his lovely muscle definition into the flattened version of him. I entered him again, fully this time and fucked him until I came. His ass was new and very tight. I pulled out and now more firmly flattened him to the wall from his back upwards. This time, flattening him almost completely from his trunk to his head and making sure I was showing off his back and shoulder muscles too.

I looked just below his ass to where his balls were hanging. I didn’t want to squish them painfully, but I wanted to try pop them through the hole. I managed to fish them through one-at-a-time and now they were hanging out the other side of the gloryhole.

I flattened his arse downward and worked down his thick legs, flattening them down to his ankles. His ankles now hung from two-dimensional-him and dangled down below the cubicle wall. I undid his bootlaces and stripped him of his high-viz work pants, underwear and then his white cotton socks. Soon, his bare feet were dangling free of clothing. I was surprised to find they were soft and clean and not smelly and rough.

I came back around the other side of the cubicle wall to meet his sticky, but still normal cock and balls flopping out of the hole in the wall. I lathered his feet with my sticky stuff and rolled them upward, flattening them onto the wall this side. I took his dick again and blew him, enjoying him and his balls completely. He eventually jizzed triumphantly and I rolled and flattened his cock upwards onto the wall, making sure to get it done while he still erect. I finally flattened his balls downward. I went back to his other side checking the gloryhole was sealed nicely. I rolled out some air bubbles from his back and ass and arms before patting him affectionately.

Once he’s dried, we can drill him for a new toilet roll dispenser or paint over him or whatever.
We can leave him there until the next redecoration.

"Poor guy.,

He seemed like he needed the break"

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