the teaching begins?

By BobbyBlobfish
published November 8, 2019

Pete decide to explain his life choices to his cousin.

BlobbyBlobfish’s back at it! Actually it’s because the idea that lead me to write this story wasn’t even present in the first chapter, who’s still my biggest story yet. And I forgot to give anything about my protagonist’s look! Didn’t realized he had no name before I shut down my computer and went to bed! So I started writing the next chapter the following day, albeit too late to properly finish it. Now that this anecdote out of the way; once again English is not my first language, albeit this time no purposefully bad speech! Also Pete is a creep and he disgust me, why did i wrote him this way?!

edit:while looking at the previous chapter I saw a fault; the “Lover cowboy” will obey everything Pete says; just will see it as love rather than slavery.

So something I realized is that I never actually told you who I am. So my name is Pete, I’m 21, I’m in a history course and read a lot about psychology and politics on the side, and as such I always felt like if people were doing the wrong choices in ruling on purpose, witch make me really hated by my teachers. I also grew in a not-so-much religious family, but they all except me voted Trump because they truly believed in his world-view, even my mother and my aunt for crying out loud! I such when I also realized I was very much gay; I became a recluse. My behavior doomed me to have no friend because even the goth at my different school found me too extremist. (I call bull on that; I just want a complete change of government where people would be choose on their beliefs rather than their results.) Physically, I am 5’7 feet tall, my dick is only between 5’4 and 8’6 inches. (not that the cowboy, who has no name, oh well, trial and errors; seem to complain, he treat it as if it was the perfect size everyone wish they had. Love him.) I have naturally raven dark hair, but I put contacts on my emerald green eyes so they look as black as they are. I do a little gym every morning and evening, but I barely have any muscle. I doesn’t have much fat either, because no matter what I eat, I stay thin, but not worryingly thin, just thin, unlike what my mother say. I dress always in black. Today it’s black boots, black vest who reach my knees on the back like a cape, but with sleeves my size, black v-neck shirt, black jeans, black belt with a silver skeleton hand, that goes well with the ring on my finger.( I put it on the left ring finger, I’m not gonna marry if I can have any guy i want!) I also have a shoulder leather belt with a skull today, because it’s week-end.

I’m currently watching the sleepy form of my cousin. I took off the cowboy attire he wore yesterday because he put it back before sleeping after we had sex (He clearly told me that the only reason he accepted to take the pants, hat or even jacket out is only because I wanted it and he would do anything for me. Otherwise he feels the irresistible urge to wear them, even under the shower, and I checked when telling him to clean himself up. Sooo perfect.) and put back his regular “attire”. Anyway he’s not gonna sleep for very long, because I’m planning on teaching him how to be a good society’s leader, AKA doing as I want people to do; because I know what they should do to be happy. So I pinch him up, put a hand on his mouth and… FUck! he bit me! Forgot to put an non-violence order against my person! Well he do look sorry, but that does not suffice me! Before he can apologize, I do what I wanted him to do-

“You should have put your magnificent gun in my mouth, sweetheart…I would have recognized you and suck, even in my sleep….” … And he didn’t switch back to normal in his sleep; he look downright pissed at what he’s wearing, and I’m sure the only reason he’s not throwing a tantrum is because he feel it would annoy me. Anyway, that does not change my plans, and he see my rings before his eyes turn red again (A blood-like red. If only he kept this glassy yet demonic look all the time, look even hotter that way. But I digress; a lot.)

"I’m gonna give you two others persona, Nick, a bit peculiars, but they are really important. However I want to know how to install false memories for them. How do I do? I’m hoping, and thankfully he does answer. It would appear the mind short-circuit happen if you ask too much questions in a limited time.

“If you wanna to put false memo… and make them part of a trig…. just tell me what are the memories and which trigger they corresponds to…” Well It’s a lot more easier than I though. Just how powerful IS this ring?

"well then, here is the first set of memories, they are connected to the “True Self, Awake”. You have, and since I started acting like a goth, wanted to be like me, but you were sure you could not be as cool as I as a goth, and as such decided to become a surfer. However you actually hate being one, and yesterday we had a conversation were you decided to come out to me about that fact; realizing you’ll be satisfied with being number two to me, so much I’m awesome. Today we are going shopping for you to make you goth persona. You trust me, and it’s my money; so I decide what you will take and wear; and what piercing you will wear; because you really insisted for having at least 3 piercing; and I can pick them all, what they are and where. In the “True Self, Awake” state, you will be very vocal how much you hate putting on the surfer facade and drop it when you are with me; but you are actually not brave enough to come out to everyone (yes, I’m putting him in a closet-type situation on purpose, so that he’ll feel the angst.) So when you are with family other than I or you quote-on-quote “friends” that you secretly hate, you will put on the surfer pretense, and be good at it; you ere doing it since years and nobody noticed, not even I, and I’m the smartest person you know! So your goth clothes are gonna be hidden in my room (So he does not ask questions, when he’s in “surfer, Up” mode for example)and you will put them on only in the safety of the house; because you are a goth who’s too much scared to be true to himself. But your cousin’s awesome, you will tell him everything he ask even if it brings you to tears; because he deserves to hear everything about your sad little ass. Also; he is the only one you feel close enough to drop the surfer lingo. And as such you will call him Pete. You feel like talking surfer to him is one of the biggest insult you could do to him. You will come in this state when I will pull the ring away from you.

Now; for the “True Self, Arise”. In this state. you are my goth boyfriend Sean. Sean winchester. We are dating since two year; and you hate it when people take you for my cousin Nick; because you hate his conformist surfer behavior and his bros; both in his mouth and his friends. It’s simple; you see one of them; and you know more of them than me; you will feel the urge to beat them down; and only can stop you; and I can stop you in any way I can; just a shoulder touch; a “no”; a “stop”; you’ll just stop thinking about them and start thinking about how much you are happy to be my boyfriend and kiss me. Because I’m your boyfriend and Nick’s never there; you live in my room; and you find normal that all of you very few clothes are there. (you won’t get out much either, given the fact that it would raise questions, unfortunately.) Also you are a huge kinky, somewhat power bottom that call me his “daddy” or his “master”; you want to be bit; you dream of having a leather collar showing that you are my propriety; and you wake me every morning by sucking my cock. However; you do not hesitate to cock-block me if you are not happy, or to order me to take you. Because they are two different peoples, the subconscious orders given to Nick do not applies to Sean."

“Also; before I forget; except Sean who can be rough in sex to a extent; none of the personalities can harm me; even if they don’t realize consciously it’s me.”

“Yes; As you say…Pete” He hasn’t call me that in years! This ring is the best thing that ever happened to me!

Once he start talking on his own, however; he aggravate me by whining about how much it’s gonna cost me; and that he should stay in my house. For the latter, I explain that because I asked him to go out with me, it’s okay. He won’t go out on his own, witch he accept. For the former I tell him to dress up to go to the mall without looking like a surfer dude (gonna be complicated; he only has those “people” clothes, he will have to dress up in my clothes; and I’m way smaller and thinner than him so they are gonna be tight on him.) and that I’m going to see an neighbors who’s rich and my friend (At least, I muse, he is gonna be very nice toward me very soon).

So, among the neighbors, there is this lawyer named Ron Willson. He’s one of those self-centered assholes I complain about, who succeeds because they are corrupt. He get enough to own two Rolls-Royce Phantom VII; so clearly he own a lot; and yet it’s well know in the neighborhood that he apparently show barely pay more than I do to the taxes. I am really good at lock picking, so I get trough a window and watch where he is. He is hanging up on a lady who’s swearing on the phone; sit on his couch, and close his eyes while pitching his nose.

I take the advantage and put my closed left fist in front of his face, and when he opened those eyes; both the ring’s and his glow red, and he become lifeless; I take in his looks, because I mostly heard about him and haven’t been close and personal like now. He has very defined muscles, with a defined six-pack. He has brown hairs in a buzz cut, but a light blond goatee as well. while making sure he can still see the ring, i lift his brown cardigan, and see a hairless built. Well time to do modifications. I only came for his money; but I think I’m also gonna appreciate his work-outs;

“Ron, I am gonna give you three different triggers that will put you in different states of obedience: The first one is the “Friend” trigger. If I, and only I say friend in any phrase, you will become a sugar friend. You will buy me anything I want in exchange for hanging out with me; because you really wants to be my friend. You will tell me anything honestly if I ask too. You have lots of money right?”

“Yeah… over 7 billions in the Caribbean, and over four hundreds millions in Europe. More the official 3 hundreds thousands in Americans banks…” He’s even richer than anyone could I guess. I seriously doubt he gained all that with mere trials; even if he got bought by the Mexicans cartels or something. I’m gonna have to turn a blind eye; for now I need his money.

“The second trigger is “Servant” If I call you as such, you will become my butler. Your house will be my house in your eyes, and as the owner, it’s only natural you do as say without question. You will not feel anything but duty when obeying me; No shame, no happiness, just the feeling of doing as you should; and no order is off limits. Covering a murder or becoming a slut, you’ll do it without question.” “Yes…” “Also, my name is Pete, so you know. The third, and for now final trigger I will bestow upon you is the “lawyer” trigger you will come back to your sense; and will treat me as a mere friend you don’t care much about. Before I wake you up however, what was this quarrel on the phone?” “I don’t want to take care of my four year old bastard or his mom. She’s a literal whore, so justice is on my side when I say he is not mine, but I looked at pictures of him and dates, and yes he is mine.” He is really representative of everything I hate about the current system; I decide to do one change for the better, for now. "You will start to give the woman enough to live, not much, but still what she need to have a comfortable life and look for a better job. Also you will see your son on week-ends and recognize him as such. You will be the best dad you can get (I don’t expect it to be much, but it’s for starter, I’ll change his parental ways if I’m not satisfied.) “Will make sure he gets the best education and always feels loved” (Might have spoke too soon!)

In any case I take my hand away and put it in my pockets. When he sees me he look surprised. “Pete? Doesn’t recall seeing you enter. You don’t have a double of the keys either…” “Come on, we’re friends, you don’t suspect me of breaking in, do you?” “Of course not, you’re way too awesome for that, but in any case, here’s my keys, make as many doubles as you want! Is there any other way I can help you with?” “Actually yes! My cousin need a shopping trip, and I’m low on money…” “Say no more, everything is on me!”

Once we go back to my house, I see Nick waiting at the door, barely fitting in leather jeans and a simple black shirt. I ask Ron to wait for us outside, tweak Nick a little more so that he also accept to let Ron on the big “secret”; and we are to the malls. I even take profit of the walking master card that’s almost begging to be use to get some more expensive stuff for myself, not only clothes of high quality but also key chains, sex toys(why is there a sex store in a public mall? Children!!!) the new game console, a new computer (the previous worked very well and I’m gonna kept it, it’s just because it’s cool and I can), exotic food (for myself only) and even a sport car at the sale next to the shopping center. (a Lamborghini Diablo. Hey, he is really rich).

Nick gets all sorts of cheap clothes, through, they are for my enjoyment only, and will often get taken off anyway. For the piercings, however, he gets quality: false diamond earrings, real silver circles nipple piercing, and a more average dot in his tongue. We did discuss about what a surfer could hypothetically get as to not raise suspicions, so I’m satisfied of what he got, and Ron still told me it barely weighted anything and than in a week, it will be almost entirely replaced in his pockets. I touched a gold-mine. Once we are back, we say goodbye to Ron (after I called him a lawyer, of course.) and we go in to my room. When Nick is only in his underwear I say “True Self, Arise” and he get immediately on all fours, show me his butt and take off his last piece of clothing. I hear Sean begging me “Now fill that hole as a thanks for the piercing, boss. Fill that slut at once or she’s gonna make you evening a major pain in the ass!”

Well he said it so nicely, of course! We spend the next hour doing all sorts of positions, Sean admits it’s like we haven’t had sex in weeks and I decide to continue with Nick for finishing. “Surfer, Kneel!” “Br-Pete? What where we doing? and why am I feeling blood in my mouth? Did I got a piercing?” “You should stop worrying about that and suck my dick” He’s bleeding? Sean didn’t told me! and I realize I did not kiss my boyfriend, not even to say goodbye! I need to become a better guy too, it would appear! “Sure, great idea, Peter!” (My name’s only Pete. Not sure why he decided to make it sound more ancient…)

Well I’m going to think as to where to go next,but the mouth that is approaching is likely to make me a mess, so not now. Later.

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