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The Grandfather's Gift: Path 3.4.3

By BobbyBlobfish
published November 7, 2019

Sam saw some nice swim team abs…

This is a choose your own adventure story, where I put the set up and you guys write what happens next in the edition section, lets make the longest story here(?), so I could add it as a new chapter/option path. At the end of each chapter you should put at least 2 option. You can make more than that or write an option that is not listed (remember, those are suggestions, not mandatory).

For those who don’t know, lets put an example: Tim finds a magic rock, he tried on his friend just for fun playing and his friend complied, so he decided: A. Make him strip B. Try it on the coolest guy on college.****

And yet you write about Tim falling on the ground and the rock goes near his friend, then that friend would pick it up and use it against him. Making him do: A. Dance naked B. Forgive him and go together to control the bully on the neighborhood C. Use the rock to enslave Tim’s dad.

Etc. The limit is your imagination. One path could have humiliation while the other one just plain vanilla, or not, your call. But remember: What you write needs to have at least 400 words. More than 1 path can be made, like chapter 2.B and there would be chapter 2.A too.~

Blobby; Once again, I apologize if there is any fault. English is not the language I use on a daily basis.

All of sudden I feel a pull on my shoulders and I feel Will dragging me toward his car. Once I feel we are far enough from Scott and his teammates I say “Stop! We’re going towards them!”. I look at Will and I see that he is confused. “But… Sex?”. Howdy! he really think only about that. My brother’s an horny bag. “Well there is a change of plan! If you are not coming with me because you are scare-and is that something i didn’t expect to say ever about Will-I’m going alone!” He seems to hesitate, look at his fist -I did told him to defend me if I’m attacked- and look hesitant. Well I’m having none of his crap anymore, no matter what form it take! I take the pendant from under my shirt and shove him near his face. " You are gonna wait for me next to the car. Don’t worry about me. You know what? Take a nap in the car, I’ll wake you up!" While I walk back toward the lake, I hear him open the door, drop on the couch and snore! Well i did not know he snored! His conquests and bedmates in the army must be so grateful if he’s NOT with them when time to hit the pillow!

Unfortunately for me, when I get back toward the water, I see that 2 of the set of clothes on the dirt are gone, and there is only the lesser blond around. He sees me and call for me to get closer.

“Hey, nice day isn’t it”

“Yeah, you’re on the swim team, no? We are at the same college! But I don’t recall your name, sorry!”

“It’s okay, just the face that you recognize me as part of the team and don’t take me for Scott is enough! Anyway, name’s Josh!” Well the only reason I know he’s on the team and not Scott is because I tend to check them out, and tell he’s shorter and lighter in skin that his leader. Also I didn’t see his eyes before, but now I can appreciate the smiling hazel brown orbs. “The others are not here?”

“Well actually, you just miss Scott and Richard, the one he’s grooming to take his place! But Scott had to go pick his grandma, and Richard follow him everywhere like a nice doggy! I still have my car if you need a lift, but I’m planning on doing a little more muscle workout for now!” Ohhh, now that is nice info, i didn’t miss everything thanks to Will’s intervention! Speaking of what’s left to pick, i take the amulet out of my shirt and get close to the shore; He look surprised i do that, and once his sights are on the cross in my hand, he become relax and stop moving. Thankfully he’s close enough so that his foots touch the ground, or I’ll have panicked. I think for a few minutes about what to give him as orders, while taking in his upper body dripping, while he look content to simply look at the cross. I have a rather good idea of where to start giving input when all of a sudden, he start to speak!

“What can I do, for you? And how to you want me to refer to you?” “Wait? What! What is happening? Neither Ty nor Will reacted like that!” “It’s because they didn’t gaze long enough in the cross. And what should I call you?”

Well, that’s some news! I’m putting Will in this state later on! “Something else you can tell me about this artifact? And call me My lord for now, please.”

“I can’t tell you about the cross’s history or what previous owner did with it, nor why. But I will tell you how to use the cross with the bonding level you have at the moment, My lord. Because as time goes on, you will be able to do more with it. People won’t even need to be in a trance for you to influence them. However, for now, you can do only the basis. Put the cross in someone’s vision and they will enter a state where you can give them order, change their memories and modify their tough process. Order can include feeling a certain way or wanting something they would have never thought of before. If they gaze long enough like me, they will become ready to follow your order even without a trance. However, they won’t be capable of modifying their own brain, like memories or physical and sexual attraction, you will need to put them in a trance once more for that; My lord. To help, those people will immediately do it if you tell them to look at your pendant. I also have to tell you that you can’t put someone in a trance through image or video. This is all I can tell you for the moment. Wait, My lord, if the person is in a deeper type of trance, they will answer back while you give them command, and you can as such ask them questions, as you are doing Now. They will be compelled to say only the truth.”

Giving me lots of though folder, that Josh guy! And sadly enough, this confidentiality mean I can’t learn why grandpa didn’t make dad and Will okay with my sexual preferences. Well, I think I know what to give as orders to him.

" Alright. Listen up, Josh. For now, I am gonna ask a few questions about yourself. Give me the most comprehensive answers you can, without shame nor going on and on for rants. If an answer doesn’t satisfy me, I will change things about you till I’m satisfied with who you are. Understood?" “Yes, My lord.”

“your romantic and sexual life,” “Straight, My lord. Had lots of sex, never got into a serious relationship.” “Well, it’s because you are bi but you always wanted your first serious relation to be with a guy. When you will wake up, you will fall in love with me and stop thinking about having sex or being in a relation with somebody other than me or somebody I told you to do either.” “Yes, My lord!” “Living with?” “Richard, My lord. Or I’m supposed to. But he share a house with Scott.” Sad, but I can do with it. “Any kink or sexual preferences?” “I am a top. I like to fuck and to be sucked.” “Well from now on, you will be ready to take either position. But you will prefer to see me toping. No matter what I do during sex, you will find it the most exciting thing and you will feel only pleasure.” “As you wish, My liege.” I went from his lord to his liege? Cool!!! “What do you see me as? How much are you ready for me?” “For now, you My king, My lord, and I am ready to do anything for you. But once I will be awake, you will just be the one I am in love with, and I won’t feel open enough to be explicit in my affections in public and to do much than I would do to a mere friend. In private, I will let you boss me around a little, but that will be all.” "Actually, even if you will not say you are my boyfriend, because you will confess as soon as you awake, you will treat me as your best bro in public, take my defense in arguments and going along with what I see to a platonic and tolerated by society extent, so no murder, but perhaps fight. In private, you will happily do anything I tell you, no matter how humiliating, and you will tell me anything without filters nor lies. “It will be as you say, Your majesty.” “How would you describe yourself? What are you goals in life? Normally, I mean, because now you are obedient and just want to do as you are told.” “Normally, I am collected but friendly, focused on my wish to be a professional lifeguard, but when I come to a party, I’m way more wild and ready to do anything that pleasure me.” “In public,you’ll stay the same, just protective of me too. But when we are alone or with people I said you could relax with, you will take your party persona. Also you will keep your lifeguard dream, but your first and foremost desire is to make me happy. Scream your answer, this time” “YES, YOUR HIGHNESS!”

For now, I am satisfied with what I did, so I put the cross under my shirt. Josh take a little more time to awoke that the others, but he was apparently deeper. Once he got back to his senses, he look at me, and I see an adoration even bigger than Will’s; he shout: “I love you. Please, I know we haven’t meet before today, but I have the feeling I will never love somebody other than you, please command me!”

“It’s a joke, right?” The despair in his eyes! He come moaning and begging at my feet asking me to take his love seriously, he even call me My lord, to my surprise! When I ask him why, he simply tells me that it feels right. “You sound sincere enough. Now pull your swim suits down and show me your ass!” “Yes, your majesty!!!” He has, I kid you not, he has tears of happiness! I take off my pants, but not my shirt, so that he doesn’t see the pendant, and pound him as best as I can, but as it’s my first time doing it with someone ever, I’m not really good. Despite that, he act like every time I am an expert rimming his prostate and making him discover new horizons and pleasure. “I’m not hurting you, am I?” I’m still asking “No, I feel only the most intense pleasure I ever felt. I though getting fucked hurt, at least to an extent, but you are proving me wrong; This is awesome, My king!” When i feel like I’m ready to cum, I tell him to lay on his back, and to come on his torso at the same time as I. When he does and I see in his look that for him, obeying my order is the only thing that matter to him, I have a huge orgasm. shockingly, both our cum managed to landed entirely on him; albeit his reach his chin and mine is close to the ribbing; “Lick it all up, it’s gonna make ma REALLY happy.” I say to see the results. His eyes starts to burn with desire, and in 10 seconds, he managed to drink everything and his sensually sucking his already-cleans fingers; and he didn’t waste a single drop. “I am really satisfied, josh. Albeit when we are in public, just call me Sam.” “Thanks you so much for letting me come out of the closet at my space, My lord. And also, I have to say you have the most beautiful name i ever heard.” “Well, it’s a common name, so you must hear it often, flatterer!” “No, it’s beautiful only because it’s yours, and as such any other Sam name is bland and forgettable. But not your Sam!”

I turned him into a courting master, or what? Anyway, I tell him that I have my own car waiting for me, and that he should resume his practice, but before that we exchange numbers, and I make him promises he’ll send shirtless or nude pictures of him and any guy he gets the chance to take.

I put back my pants and underwear, go back to my car and see a sleeping Will. I’m too tired after my first time being laid, and what a first time, to also have sex with him, so I put the amulet out. When I touch him, he startle but go lifeless at once when he see the cross. I say "Will, we are not going to have sex, you just know it, you saw the hotties earlier on and know you can’t compete (it’s true, he’s good-looking, but not as much as them, I’m gonna keep him in a sexual relation only for revenge.) but you are okay with it because I had fun and you won’t raise the issue. Also, you now will be always interested to stay around when I seem interested by guys, even if it mean dropping what we were doing.

I’m planning on waking him up, but then I think he could be put in the “deep trance”. Do I messed him up even more or do we go do something else, he is still my brother, after all, I care for him at an extent…

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