Corporate Reorientation

By tomozco -
published November 6, 2019

Parker & Johnson was on the verge of shutting down, but it was bought out and saved at the last minute by Mr Masters. After some changes to the company under their new owner, now business is doing great, just like the way it was before…or so they thought…

Like my last story, here’s a second photo story that I’ve written recently again based on a series of online photos that gave me ideas. I’ve only tagged a few selected photos in my posting here, but if you’d like to check out the full set of photos that went alongside the storyline, you can check out my Blogger page. As usual, I’d greatly appreciate your comments and feedback on the storyplot, the format, etc. It’ll really help me improve and also keep up my interest to continue writing. Enjoy!

Mr. Parker and Mr. Johnson knew it was inevitable, despite their best efforts and that of their loyal staff to try and save the business they built over their 30-year career. It was particularly sad for Johnson, since he was hoping to retire next year with the legacy of his business, but now things may be a bit more grim. The sales were just not bringing in enough cash to cover the mounting debts. The firm would not be able to survive more than two months, but the entire office remained dedicated to Parker & Johnson and vowed to fight to the end with their wonderful bosses. Then one day, out of the blue, a mysterious white knight saviour, going by the name of Mr. Masters, approached Mr Parker and offered a mind-blowing deal that was almost impossible to refuse, though it did come with a string of conditions. After some quick discussions with Mr Johnson and their staff, in the name of the survival of their legacy and the benefit of their staff, Parker & Johnson approved Mr. Masters’ proposal to acquire the company. The deal allowed Mr. Masters to take over full ownership of the firm, its assets and debts (which were quickly written off), but both Parker & Johnson can continue to remain as heads within the firm. Business can mostly continue as usual, but Mr. Masters suggested that the failure of their traditional line of business was the main cause of their previous troubles, so he would like to propose some reorganization to diversify the business profile of the firm and expand its revenue sources. However, Mr. Masters did not elaborate on what the plan entails specifically, noting that he would prefer to provide more information at once in a video-conference meeting with all of the staff. He also particularly emphasized that they must make sure that everyone must be present for the meeting. Both Parker and Johnson were a bit skeptical a bit about Mr. Masters proposal, but he was the new owner after all and they figured it wouldn’t hurt to see what their staff thinks as well, so they agreed to set up the staff meeting.

Come the following Monday morning, and everyone in the firm showed up into the main boardroom for the video meeting with their new owner. At 8:00, Mr Parker connected the line, dimmed the lights, and Mr. Masters appeared on the screen, seated behind his desk, immaculately dressed in a suit, an air of strong authority emanating from him, and from his deep calm voice. He started his speech with the usual greetings and all the friendly talk about working together for a great future ahead. He then went onto an intro about himself, his business profile, so on and so forth in a drawn-out monologue that did not seem to end. Throughout his talk, Mr. Masters maintained the same calm deep voice, booming over the speakers across the boardroom, and he never seemed to lose pace of his speech. It soon became a constant monotone rhythm of words echoing around the room, and the audience was gradually losing focus on the words themselves, but was rather drawn to the rhythmic flow of sound. They also never noticed the low static white noise that was gradually inserted into the background, as well as those brief static flashes that sparked on the screen synchronized to the pace of the speech.

Before the clock hit 9:00, everyone in the boardroom was already deep asleep, slumped in their chairs in a deep trance, minds wide open to Masters suggestions. First order of business, Masters instructed all female staff to quit their positions in the firm effective immediately. They will be transferred into suitable functions in other companies within Masters’ business empire. Once the ladies were taken care of and have left the room, Masters can then carry on laying out his true corporate reorientation plan for Parker & Johnson with the remaining all-male staff, as well as the intensive training that they will be required to undergo for the rest of the morning…and then again every morning over the next two weeks…

Two months later…

It would have been the end of Parker & Johnson by now, but ever since Masters acquired the firm, business has been thriving ever since, although none of the guys in the company are really aware of the true source of their renewed revenues. First of all, several changes have occurred with the company since the takeover: the entire office is comprised only of men, and it has moved from its previous office in a downtown tower into a small two-story building in the older warehouse district of the town. Their office is on the second floor, but the guys, including Parker and Johnson themselves, never thought about or questioned what was on the ground floor, even though it’s supposedly part of their office as well. Everything was arranged by Masters and so they never thought of anything odd of it.

They all come to work everyday as usual. They are still working on their old trade as they used to, even though the revenues from that are really piss poor, but it did not seem odd to them at all. The guys did not realize that, the real core of their business nowadays that’s holding up the company is actually what happens on the first floor, and each and everyone of them are contributing to its success (and their own degradation), even if they are not consciously aware of it.

In reality, the entire ground floor of the new office location has been set up into a gloryhole parlour. Men who are looking to get sucked off would come in from a back entrance, pay for entry and roam around a corridor that circles around the inside perimeter of the building. The staff from the office upstairs can come downstairs via a hidden staircase directly into the central area of the lower level. This space is completely walled off from the visitors’ hallway, except for a series of gloryholes lined all around the wall separating the two spaces. Staff would be manning the holes throughout the day, ready to service any cocks that came through the holes. So while Mr Parker, Mr Johnson and their staff still believe that they were still running their old business as usual, they did not consciously realize, and would never have imagined, that their new line of business has turned them into seedy gloryhole sluts.

So everyday, the guys would still come to work dressed for the office as they have always been, come in and do some paperwork just to make sure the business is running smoothly. But then when the time came, they would drop everything and make their way downstairs to perform their new real duties. They did try to operate initially on some sort of shift patterns, but as time went by and their services quickly gained popularity among the discreet circles of men seeking quick anonymous relief, the need for someone to be constantly manning the booths became increasingly important. So more often than not, Alex and Mike, the two young interns, always find themselves spending most of their days downstairs, their mouths busy all day long and working tirelessly on anything but office work.

There are also the dedicated, hardworking types that are also always willing to contribute their best efforts and do a good job without complaint, like Samir, Ming and Martin from Accounting. All three of them, humble, soft-spoken and a bit of the nerdy type, would fit the description of good traditional family men. Wonder what their housewives and kids would think if they realized what their hardworking loving daddies had been made to do everyday at work…

But really, no one working at Parker & Johnson had been spared from this nasty new venture that Masters had “reoriented” them into. They are never consciously aware of their actions or of this new side of their business, other than some sore jaws and tongues at the end of each day, or an occasional strange taste in their mouths, but the conditioning has simply taught them to ignore those or just think of it as normal tiredness from work. Regardless, when down by the holes, they simply performed mindlessly as they have been conditioned by Masters. Everyone went about their lives normally as before, none of them had been turned gay, except when it’s time to head downstairs at the office. Down there, their regular selves shut down and the cocksucking automatons that they have been programmed into kick in. Like the sales managers, they would continue to brag to each other about their girlfriends or female conquests in the office or outside work. But for what little time they spent in the office, they would always find themselves down in the holes enthusiastically conducting their “other sales services” on several waiting cocks for at least an hour or two each day.

Despite most of them still being straight macho guys, the intense mind conditioning and oral training they have received during that first two weeks of the acquisition meant that they’d always go all out to please the unidentified dicks that come through the holes and in between their lips. Often this leads to some messy outcomes

But in their altered mindsets, it did not bother them a bit. They would carefully wipe of the spillover from the faces with their fingers straight into their mouths, as if spilled ketchup. They always make sure they are clean and presentable again before heading back upstairs to their real personalities.

Even the guys from IT and Mail Room were required to partake. In between fixing the computer systems and the odd technical issues, or sorting out the deliveries, rather than sitting around chatting, playing video games or web surfing, these guys now spend most of their spare time down in the booths to “maximize their productivity” in the company.

Last but not least, Mr. Parker and Mr. Johnson. The original founders and owners of the firm, now under Masters’ control, are still the co-Presidents of the company on the surface and to outsiders in their original field of business. But down below, in the realm of their true new core business instilled by Masters, the two ex-owners are no different from the rest of their staff: just another mouth waiting at one of the gloryholes to service the anonymous cocks that come through. Mr. Parker is the more active partner with still a number of years to go in his career, so he is still quite busy with the “regular business” with clients and meetings, but with any spare moments he has in the office (including lunch time), Parker would always be compelled to head downstairs to assist his staff to work on a cock or two here and there.

Mr. Johnson, on the other hand, is set to retire in a couple of months, so he has scaled back and passed on a fair bit of his workload and duties to Mr Parker. As a result, he has more free time in the office and therefore, like the interns, Johnson would end up spending most of his days down below servicing one dick after another. Despite his more senior age, the “clients” did not seem to mind or notice any difference from the other staff, so it has no impact at all on the overall “productivity”. Lately, Johnson has started rethinking about his retirement plans, with business seeming to pick up some momentum again, he was beginning to consider coming back later to help Parker and the guys out. He was thinking about whether he should return to the company as a “Special Advisor” on contract, or perhaps even just as volunteer…Of course, he believes this are all his own ideas.

All in all, business is definitely thriving at Parker & Johnson. As word spread around about their spot and the highly skilled oral service they provided, more and more men started to come regularly to relieve their loads into the “talented” unseen mouths of the staff. It is not uncommon these days to regularly find more dicks in need of service than available staff on duty. Those working nearby would simply need to step up and attend to more than one dick at the same time to satisfy the demands. Masters has already instructed Mr. Parker to hire some more new staff…perhaps a couple more interns who could then stay on as permanent staff upon graduation…

So far, Masters has been kind with the guys at Parker & Johnson. For their decency and sanity sake, he’s been keeping their identities discreet and private behind the walls of the gloryholes, and of course their conscious minds have never been exposed to their “alternative business practices”. However, with the guys gaining popularity around the gay sex community and the business continuing on an up trend with growing demands, Masters thought it may be time to step up the game and diversify the business. But he wanted to give it a test run first to see how it goes. So he hand picked a couple of hunky guys in the office one day, and got the IT guys to set up some cameras next to the booths where the guys were stationed at. Then he instructed the hunky guys to simply play with themselves while they worked on a customer. At first, the guys were a bit clumsy and robotic with their masturbation show as they tried to focus on servicing the cocks in their mouths at the same time.

But as they got into the flow of it, they quickly managed to put on a bit of a show for the cameras. Heck, Peter from HR even somehow managed to pull down his pants and started fingering his ass…much to Masters’ surprise and delight.

Once he got enough footage of the guys, Masters instructed the IT guys to pack up the cameras and to go back and edit the videos. Once those are ready, he will have them upload it to the secure website that had already been set up to promote their gloryhole services. These first four clips are going to be a teaser for the users. Masters was pretty sure it is going to be a hit, but still, he wanted to gauge their followers’ responses so that when he fully launches the streaming video service, he would have a better idea of what would sell better with his videos. He has decided to blur out the guys’ faces in these teaser videos for now, but when the actual pay videos site will start, the faces of the guys will no longer be hidden from view at all. So the guys will be fully exposing themselves to the internet, engaged in all kinds of scandalous acts for all to see. Masters couldn’t help but flash a cruel smile as he thought about that. The possibilities will be endless that…he could already picture a montage of various steamy sex scenes that he could instruct the guys to act out, letting the world see them engaging in dirty gay sex with each other but yet remaining completely clueless and oblivious to it themselves.

“Well, honeymoon’s over. It’s time for some more hard work and some real dirty money, my sexy office slaves!” Masters thought to himself as he made his way back up to the main office, leaving the disheveled hunks downstairs, as they continue to mindlessly busy themselves at serving yet another round of anonymous cocks pushing through the gloryholes…

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