Small Town Story - Chapter 6: Jeb's Edge

By tauro2
published November 3, 2019

Jeb shakes things up for the pack. But will they survive the change?

Note: This is the last chapter that I had written when I originally wrote this series, but based on positive feedback, will probably return to the series in the near future.


Terry couldn’t sleep. The hunger pangs were too bad. It had been about a week since any of the pack members had anything substantial to eat. Well, except for Razor. Razor, that’s what Ricky wanted them to call him now. At first, everything had been good. They had hunted as a pack and worked well together. They had caught several deer, even a few large bucks, and that had been more than enough for all of them. But the past couple of weeks, Razor had started going off more by himself. He said that he needed some alone time, which was strange coming from a pack leader. Every time that he came back he smelled like a different prey. Sometimes squirrel. Sometimes rabbit. Yet, he would always deny hunting.

Without the pack leader, the hunters couldn’t work well together. Nobody could lead. Gus was the biggest member, but he wasn’t smart enough to stage an ambush. Whenever they attempted to catch anything, even small prey, it would always get away. A few days ago, Cal found an ant mound. They had started licking up the ants, which considering how hungry they were was quite a meal, until Razor forbade them. He said it wasn’t good for a pack to eat insects. Under most circumstances, Terry would agree, but without any decent protein, he felt that eating anything was better than starving.

Just the previous day, Terry caught a rat. A big one, though by itself, barely a snack. For a brief moment, Terry considered eating the whole thing himself. But then he thought of Gus. Terry knew that Gus was suffering more than any of them, though he would never admit it. At the time, Gus was rooting through a rotting tree stump, trying to see if any mice were hiding there. “Hey, Gus. C’mere.”

Gus ran over, eager to find what Terry had. “What is it? What ’tcha got?”

“I caught a couple of rats. Downed the first one already. Here, you can have the other.”

“Seriously?” He eyed the squirming rodent desperately attempting to escape Terry’s paw.

“Yup, really. Mine was mighty tasty. Go ahead.” Gus eagerly grabbed it by the tail and stuck it in his mouth whole. A few chews and a swallow later, and he felt temporary relief. He embraced Terry in a bear hug.

“You’re the best, man. I can’t tell you how lucky I am to have you.” Terry just hugged back. Gus would have never eaten it if he had known that Terry was still going hungry.

On this night, Terry had his arms wrapped around Gus while he dozed gently. Gus could sleep through anything, even going without meals. But he wasn’t well. He had lost quite a bit of body fat. Thankfully, he had a good deal stored, but it was stressing him. Terry on the other hand was quite lean, and he now found himself struggling to walk upright during the day. He found himself having to stick to all fours most of the time.

Adam was about 20 feet away on the other side of the tree ring. His back was to the rest of the group. Terry couldn’t tell if he was sleeping or not. Adam and Cal had a nasty fight the previous night, which resulted in a deep bite on Adam’s shoulder. Terry could smell the wound; it was getting infected. If he didn’t do anything, it could turn gangrenous. But Adam had been silent the whole night, refusing to talk to anyone.

Cal lay in the middle of the ring. He seemed to be sleeping, but every once in a while would let out a whine that sounded like crying. Terry knew that he hadn’t wanted to hurt Adam. But whenever Terry tried to get close enough to comfort him, Cal would growl and snap. One time, he almost got close enough to claw Terry’s face. He decided that it would be best to leave Cal alone, at least for now.

And then there was Razor. He was sleeping soundly on a rock pile covered in furs from the few kills that the pack had made. He was the only one of them that seemed content. Soon enough, he would wake up and decide which one of them he would take for the night. There was no pleasure in it for any of the pack members. Terry didn’t think that there was even any pleasure in it for Razor himself. Terry still respected Razor as the pack leader, but now he felt a great deal of resentment. The pack was falling apart and Razor either didn’t know or didn’t care to do anything about it. Unfortunately, none of them were powerful enough to take it from him. Gus was the biggest and strongest, but even he couldn’t stand up at the best of times. And that wasn’t counting the fact that they were all starving to death. Even Razor, with the prey that he took on the side, wasn’t in great shape. He mostly only ate smaller animals, and the few that he caught didn’t provide enough protein.

If any of them challenged Razor and won, that wolf would become the new pack leader, and Razor would become his first bitch. But if the challenger lost? Then Razor would tear him apart, and the rest of the pack would join in. Ultimately, werewolves only cared about strength. On several occasions, Terry had thought about challenging Razor. Somebody had to. The pack was disintegrating. He would probably lose. Really, he would almost certainly lose. But he could stand the idea of Razor killing him. But then, he thought of the others. Cal and Adam would join in too. It would be their pack duty. And Gus. The idea of Gus taking part in his death was unbearable. That put to rest any thoughts of challenging Razor.

Razor stirred and woke up. He stretched and licked his lips and then eyed the pack. “Okay, which one of you is the lucky one tonight?” Gus stirred and looked over. He had been the longest without being mated. Razor turned his gaze on him as if reading his mind. The pack leader’s erection made clear his intentions.

But all of a sudden, Terry heard something. It sounded like heavy footsteps. Everybody else heard it too. The footsteps were getting closer. And then Terry smelled something. Something good. Or, rather, two things that smelled good. One smelled like prey. The other…

Razor sat up and ran to the edge of the clearing. “Another wolf,” he muttered under his breath. And he was right. It was. The question was, who was he? The figure came into view. Terry gasped. The werewolf was enormous. Taught muscles rippled under thick, brown fur. He was even bigger than Gus. It carried something big on its shoulders. Terry couldn’t see what, but it smelled delicious. Oh, and the newcomer had a hard-on like he had never seen before, even from Razor.

Razor tried to block his entrance. “Stop. Who goes there?” The muscle wolf just walked on by, as if he were stepping around a log. “Answer me!” Razor shouted at the stranger. The werewolf crossed to the center of the ring and tossed his capture down with a grunt. Terry gaped at it. It was an elk. A very big elk. Even when they had worked together, they had never been able to catch an elk. Terry’s mouth watered at the thought of sinking his teeth into it.

Finally, the stranger spoke. “You all look a little hungry. Bon appetit.” Terry, Gus, and Cal moved towards the carcass. Adam just stared.

“Don’t any of you fucking touch that!” Razor snarled, and they all backed away. “None of you are getting anything until this asshole tells us who he is and what he’s doing here.”

The stranger grinned. “If you want my name, it’s Jeb. If you want to know what I’m doing here, well, I’m here to take over the pack.” Terry looked at Razor. The look on his face was priceless. It was like somebody had just told him that he was pregnant. The very idea that anybody would challenge his role as Alpha was almost inconceivable. But quickly, he became angry and started growling.

“Oh, really? Let me ask you, why did you bring that elk here?”

“As a good will gesture. Your scent indicated that all of you were weak and without food. If I win, they get to eat. If I lose, they get two meals.” Razor grinned at the second suggestion, but he wasn’t sure if he would let the pack at the provided meal. After all, he hadn’t provided it; it would undercut his authority. In any case, it would have come from somewhere else. Better to pick the meat off of Jeb’s bones himself and then toss the rest of the carcass into the river. “So, Alpha. Do you accept the challenge? Or are you going to go off and lick your own asshole for an hour?”

All of the other wolves tried to hold back chuckles. Razor seethed. When he won, he may need to kill one of them to get them back in line. He dropped to all fours and walked up to Jeb, who mirrored him. “Challenge accepted.” Immediately, he sprung at Jeb, ready to sink his razor sharp fangs into his jugular vein. Jeb was barely able to get out of the way in time, feeling sharp teeth scrape by his shoulder. In an instant, Jeb whirled around and grabbed Razor’s arm and shoulder and flung him to the ground. Terry was amazed at Jeb’s agility. He was big, but Razor was bigger. The odds weren’t good.

Razor quickly rolled over and grabbed Jeb’s leg, knocking him off his feet. Razor sunk his teeth into Jeb’s calf. The challenger howled in pain and kneed him in the stomach. Razor gasped, his breath knocked out. Blood streamed down Jeb’s leg. He was temporarily distracted, which allowed Razor just enough time to get Jeb into a headlock. Razor squeezed his left arm around the challenger’s neck. Terry gasped. Despite his obedience to Razor, he knew that Jeb had to win or the pack would die. Not to mention that he was pretty fucking hot.

Jeb attempted to gasp for breath. His arms seemed to flail without any purchase. But abruptly, he planted his feet on a nearby boulder, reached up and dug his claws into Razor’s arms, and pulled him over onto the stone. It was now Razor’s turn to gasp for breath. He must have broken a bone in his left leg. He attempted to stand up straight, but wobbled precariously. Ultimately, it was fine. He could just attack from three legs. He turned around and faced Jeb, who had mostly recovered from the choking, but now was feeling woozy. He had lost a lot of blood.

Razor studied his opponent. He was slow. Too slow. Now was the time to strike, to end this and establish himself as the undisputed leader. He jumped and latched onto Jeb’s shoulders, wrapping his good leg around him. With the last of his strength, Jeb grabbed Razor by the scruff of his neck, and his tail, swung him around, and threw him right at the base of a huge oak tree. The impact threw splinters and left a large hole where Razor had collided. Razor howled laconically. It was the saddest thing that Terry had heard since his transformation.

Jeb looked like he was about to collapse. The four pack members ran to him to hold him up, but he waved them off. He stood up tall, lifted his head and howled. All four of them joined in, in celebration of their new pack leader. Razor just whined. The fact that he was still alive, much less conscious, was astounding. Jeb collapsed. But then he got back up and walked over to Razor. Razor was now on his back, his legs in the air, displaying his genitals.

“You fucking bitch,” Jeb growled, looking down at him. “You have no idea what it means to be a pack leader.” Razor whined. He had never been talked to this way. “You were willing to let your pack die. This is better than you deserve.” He dropped down and started nuzzling Razor’s balls. Razor gasped, partially from the feeling of Jeb’s cold, wet nose, and partially from the realization that he was now submissive. But he couldn’t challenge Jeb again. If he lost, he would die. Jeb’s nuzzling turned to licking. Razor rapidly developed a hard-on. Jeb’s licking turned to deep throating. Razor moaned.

Jeb turned Razor around so that he was on his hands and knees. Razor lifted his ass in the air, revealing his hole. Jeb mounted him and entered. Razor had always been the pack leader, which meant that he had never been fucked. It was a tight fit. Jeb managed to get all the way and then started rutting. He pointed to Terry. “You.”

Terry was surprised. “Me?”

“Yes, you. Suck him off. The rest of you can start eating.”

The other three moved back to the elk corpse and began to dig in. Terry went underneath Razor and began licking his massive erection. “Oh, fuck yeah,” Razor exclaimed. A small drizzle of pre-cum formed at the end of his shaft, which Terry happily licked up. He went from licking to sucking, remembering just the way that Razor liked it. “Oh, yeah. Don’t stop!” Terry’s blow job intensified, until Razor’s panting accelerated. He was about to blow. “Oh, yeah, yeah…”

But then Jeb ordered Terry to stop. “Enough. Go get something to eat.” Terry let go and obediently ran over to the elk.

Razor was confused. “What - what? I was about to cum.”

“Yes, you were. Who is the large one?”

“That, uh, that’s Gus.”

“Gus, come over here.” Gus stopped eating and stood in front of the pair. “Start blowing Ricky, when his cock dies down.”

“No, I’m Razor, not Rick…”

“You’re Ricky, you little shit! You have no business choosing your own name. Okay, Gus, it looks like you can begin.” Gus dropped down and began sucking Ricky off. Once again, he followed the same pattern, and Ricky was about to cum, when Jeb stopped him.

“What’s the deal, huh?! I have to cum. You can’t do this. This is torture.”

“Maybe so. But Gus needs some food. And I won’t let you cum until you’re good and ready. Bring the other two over.”

Soon enough, the elk was picked clean down to the bones, and the wolves alternated blowing Ricky, only allowing him to get close enough to the edge before denying him the release. But now, all four of them were over. Eating something had done wonders for Adam’s wound. While Cal was busy giving a BJ to Ricky, Adam straddled Ricky’s head, giving Jeb a clear shot at his cock. Jeb deep-throated him until Adam came. Jeb swallowed a decent amount, but then spit a whole wad onto Ricky’s head. Ricky was humiliated. And yet, in a weird way, it was kind of exciting. He had a strange liking of the humiliation.

The sun started to rise. Ricky was shocked. They had been going on for at least a few hours. Finally, Jeb ordered them all to stop. “Ricky, do you know why I did this to you?”

“Y-yeah,” Ricky stammered. “Because you’re the pack leader now, and you have to show wh-who’s boss.”

“No, that’s the reason that you would do it. I did this to show you that I know what’s best for you. Terry, go ahead and finish him off.” Terry rolled onto his back and moved under Ricky, then began deep-throating. This time, he didn’t slow down, but accelerated, beyond even what Ricky had liked. Ricky began to pant. What was going on? He was reaching climax, and then his cock practically exploded with ecstasy. As he blew practically a liter of semen down Terry’s throat, he felt the orgasm in his veins, in his muscles, to the deepest levels of his bones. He had never experienced anything so good in his life. As the orgasm died down, Terry moved out and gave each of his pack-mates a kiss, sharing the bounty with each of them.

“I also did it to show that I would do the same thing. I’ve been edging as well.” He began thrusting, and Ricky felt himself filling up. The others stood up and began jerking, covering him in semen, but this time he was too happy to be humiliated. Jeb pulled out, still spilling seed, and began licking Ricky’s face. They all got in on the act. Just a few hours ago, the pack was on its death throws, but now, they were stronger than ever.

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