BroPacker Tours - Chapter 2 - Arriving in Edinburgh

By Scotty.The.Body -
published November 2, 2019

Matthew, Josh, Amir and Benji converge on Scotland. Mark, Greg and Ian prepare for their arrival.

After a five-hour, red-eye flight from Seattle, Josh was feeling grimy. Thankfully, the first-class lounge at JFK had individual shower stalls that anyone could use. There were worse ways to spend a connection than refreshing yourself.

Josh was in deep relaxation when the door to his stall opened slightly. His new husband, Matthew, came into the stall, silently making the “Shhhh…” gesture, leaving his towel on the floor.

“You’re gonna get us in trouble. Or worse: downgraded to coach.” Josh’s cock couldn’t lie though: he was happy to see his man on the floor. Matthew silently got down on his knees and started off on a handjob that escalated quickly.

Matthew had been insatiable since shortly before the wedding. Their sex life had always been good, but they taken it to a whole other level for the last month. Handjobs at the movies. Fucking in public bathrooms all over Seattle. A threesome with an old friend visiting for a week. What was it about the prospect of marriage that caused Matthew to take this unexpected turn? Josh didn’t complain: it was a good problem to have.

Josh was furiously fucking his husband’s mouth, holding the top of the shower door for support. When he was ready to cum, he grabbed the back of his husband’s head and forced his cock down deep. Matthew was all about swallowing lately. Again: good problem to have.

Matthew stood up and kissed his man. “Thank you, hubs.”

“Anytime, babe. I mean, we probably shouldn’t risk it on the plane.” Josh reached down to Matthew’s still-throbbing cock. “You want something in return?”

Josh waved off his husband’s advance. “I’m sure you’ll get me back later. I’ll wait.”

Benji had clocked the couple from across the first class lounge. The matching platinum wedding bands and the not-so-subtle hookups in the shower were hard to miss. He’d thought about joining them and showing them the ropes, so to speak, but it felt rude to intrude on their marital bliss. Better to wait for Mark’s okay.

“What do you mean you’re not coming?!?”

“Dude. I’m not happy either. I’m the one with a broken ankle.”

Amir was furious. He’d planned this entire vacation around his friend’s whims and desire, and now James was marooned in Texas. Amir had a train ticket for the next morning to meet his best friend at the airport. What now?

“Seriously, bro? Skateboarding? What are you, 12?”

“Fuck off. Look. I’m sorry. But also, how am I supposed to hike around the Highlands high on painkillers with a pair of crutches?”

Amir felt for his friend, but was frustrated at the situation. “It’s just. Fuck. It was not easy to get the vacation approval at work.”

“Go without me! You’d said you haven’t made it up to Scotland yet, now’s your chance! Besides, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been crazy horny leading up to this. You’ve got to bag a few extra lasses for me!”

Amir HAD been feeling ‘crazy horny’ lately (to borrow the phrase of his less sophisticated friend). It was strange. He’d went from his work life completely consuming his sex life to having a libido that wouldn’t stop. He’d been touching himself at work, edging but holding back before soiling himself. He’d never imagined doing anything like that before. Maybe he really did need a break.

“Okay, you’re right. I should still go. Besides, given the crazy vetting that we went through, there’ll probably be some other guys I can get on with.”

“That’s the spirit!” James said. Amir could have sworn that James was jerking off out of view of the camera, but second-guessed himself. That didn’t make any sense.

“Fuck, well. Feel better, man. I’ll be back in the States sometime before the summer’s over. You better be better.”

“Alright, I’ll work on it.” Yeah. James was definitely distracted. His arms moving faster and faster, with no acknowledgment from either man.

“Okay. I’m gonna go pack. Train to Edinburgh leaves early tomorrow morning. I’ll send pictures.” Amir rushed to close his laptop. He was doubly confused. Could James really not control himself? He’d never done anything like that before. But Amir couldn’t really judge. During their conversation, Amir’s cock had sprung to action too. He’d resisted the urge to grab it, mind you, but still. He needed to regain control over himself, and hoped the vacation would get this out of his system.

Amir packed his bag, but his hard-on wouldn’t go away. It begged for his attention. After getting the last things in place, he decided to attend to his body’s needs. His masturbation sessions had also become more involved in recent weeks. He’d started playing with his ass while jerking off, using two fingers to pleasure himself. He’d taken to sucking on the end of his hairbrush like it was a dildo or something. This was all very confusing for the heretofore-heterosexual professional stud, but he put it under the category of being healthily in touch with his body.

After a forty-five minute session in front of the bedroom mirror, Amir was finally exhausted. His train North was leaving Euston Station at 8:45 am. He’d be short on sleep, but he wouldn’t let that stop him from getting the R&R he obviously needed.

Matthew and Josh arrived at the hostel around 8 pm, GMT. It had been a long flight with a lot of under the blanket teasing, and the two were ready to go to town on eachother once they could find a mattress.

They arrived to a sexy redhead with an Irish accent manning the reception desk. “Welcome to BroPackers. My name is Ian. Do you have a reservation?” Ian could barely contain the excitement on his face. The two grooms had, if anything, buffed up a little bit since their submitted photo.

“Uh, hi.” Matthew stammered, responding to Ian. He’d recognized the man from Mark’s promotional materials and couldn’t believe he was here in the flesh, playing receptionist. “We booked a package with Mark. Is he here?”

“Yes, he is. Just a second.” Ian went to the back room to fetch his boss. As he turned around, both husbands took in the sight of his firm, youthful ass. Josh was practically salivating.

“You like?” Matthew nudged Josh. He was happy he knew his husband’s taste well and was excited to see the entire cast of characters assembled. Josh just nodded, a bit overwhelmed by the combination of travel, sex, and eye candy surrounding him. The only other person on the first floor was an Asian hunk–almost as big as Josh himself–reading and drinking coffee next to an intense-looking trunk on wheels. He tried to keep his thoughts under control Unlike his husband, apparently, Josh still didn’t feel 100% comfortable with a public erection.

Ian came back into the front hall. “Mark will see you now. Go on back. I’ll take your bags to our honeymoon suite.”

The two men did as they were told. They entered the room and saw Mark and another man, who could only be described as a 6’5" pile of pure muscle.

“Matthew! Great to finally meet in the flesh. Come in, take a seat. You must be Josh, the lucky husband. You’re in for a treat. How much has Matthew filled you in on?”

Josh was confused. “Um, the Highlands, Isle of Skye, you know. The basics.”

“Ah, I see. Well, come sit down. Where are my manners? This is Greg, my husband.” Greg got up to greet the men. “Sorry they’re dirty. I work with my hands. Landscaping.”

“Anyways, Josh. As you know, Matthew has organized a very special tour for you.” Mark reached behind his desk and a light flashed. Instantly, both Greg and Matthew’s heads dropped, and they just sat there, stupefied.

“Umm, what’s going on? Are they okay?” Josh was concerned for his husband, but Mark was calm so he didn’t panic.

“They are better than okay, right boys?” The two responded to the question with an enthusiastic “Yes, sir.”

“You see Josh,” Mark said giddily, “I’ve put our husbands in a trance. This is what Matthew has paid for. Our tour is basically designed to satisfy you in any way you see fit. Understand?”

“Uh, no? I’m lost. Help me out. Why are they acting like this?”

“They’ve been conditioned. The light acts as a kind of reset, so they can be reprogrammed. Don’t worry, it’s 100% safe. Otherwise I wouldn’t let my dear Greg do it. The only real side effect is that it might make the person a better lay.”

Josh was still struggling. “So, they’ll listen to you?”

“For now, but that can change. I am able to adjust their experience so that they have different levels of consciousness, control, submissiveness, memory, etc., depending on your mood. And if you want your sweet Matthew fully with you, that’s alright too.” Mark smiled mischievously. “Greg, Matthew. You’re doing great. How about you snap out of it a bit, but give us a show. Strip each other down to your underwear slowly, and make out a bit.”

The two men’s personalities returned in full force. “You okay with this, babe?” Matthew asked as he reached for Greg’s zipper. Josh nodded, taking it in.

“Do you like what you see?” Mark asked, trying to get a read on his new client.

“Yes. Definitely yes.”

“Good. We’ve procured a few extra men to join us on our tour. You met Ian out front, an old friend. I think our pal Benji got in a few minutes before you. And we’re expecting Amir tomorrow night. They’ll be in a similar situation to our beloveds, ready for reactivation whenever a change of pace is needed. Except Benji. He’s a colleague of mine who will be helping keep everything under control.”

Josh was watching Greg and Matthew. Both had thought to wear skimpy jockstraps and the view was amazing.

Mark looked over to him: “You look tired. Want a blowjob from one of them? Both? Or do you just want to watch?”

Josh was tired and overwhelmed, but Matthew looked eager to play. “Why don’t we have yours blow mine?” He said, getting in the spirit.

Mark smiled, and snapped his fingers. “You heard the man, Greg. He’s in charge, too.” Greg led Matthew to a chair, sat him down, got down on his knees, and got to work.

Josh stared at the miracle taking place in front of him, and started rubbing his cock through the fabric of his genes.

“Okay, Romeo. Just a minute. We’ve got one more piece of business to figure out.” Mark was taking a serious tone.

“Sure. I’m pretty sure Matt already paid?”

“Oh yes. That’s all taken care of. The last piece of business has to do with you. You, as the star of the show, have a choice to make. Would you like to be put under?”

“You mean like them?” Josh pointed to his husband, moaning in the corner in pleasure.

“Yeah, like them. Benji and I will always be lucid and taking care of you all. It depends: do you want to take control, or lose it?”

“Do I have to decide now? Can I sleep on it?”

“Sorry, mate, there’s an incubation period. We need to start the process tonight if you are going to be ready by the time we leave.”

Josh was torn. Matthew and Greg looked like they were in profound ecstasy. But did he want to be a part of it, or in control of it? He was really struggling.

“So. Josh.” Mark stared intently into Josh’s eyes, stroking his cock under his kilt. “What’ll it be? Who’s in charge?”

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