New Faces

By Willie Cici
published November 1, 2019

Trey and Dirk can’t keep a secret. That’s where Chaz comes in …

Months have passed —

On a summer Monday afternoon, late in the afternoon, Trey walked into the gym and headed for the locker room. As he changed into this exercise apparel, Dirk walked in and greeted Trey. “How was your weekend?”

“Weekend gig in the Hamptons. She was hot. She paraded me around for her friends. ‘This is my toy’ she kept saying.”, Trey said. “It’s good money, but …”

“There’s no but. Service performed. Money paid.”, Dirk said.

“I know.”, Trey replied, sounding dejected.

“Trey, how much?”, Dirk asked. “When I do weekends, I get an envelope filled with cash. I guess they can’t pay it like a regular gig.”

Trey nodded ‘yes’. “$2000.”, Trey said. He turned around and faced away from Dirk, doing his best to hide his deceit. He earned $2000, but did not want to brag about the extra he earned when his host pimped Trey to ‘her’ friends. All told, Trey earned another $2000.

“I gotta figure out where to hide all this escort cash.”, Dirk bragged.

“Dirk, keep it down.”, Trey said.

“What are you worried about? Who from here knows about ‘Dates Unlimited’?”, Dirk answered. Trey shook his head and finished dressing. The two friends headed out to the gym floor, to exercise, pump some irons and feel the burn. Weekend calories needed burning.

“Dates Unlimited.”, the studly youth muttered to himself.

The lockers, one large expansive room, had no separate walls, except where the showers, sauna, wash basins and bathroom stalls were located. The lockers were organized in rows, forming aisles and separations throughout the locker room. Sound was muffled, but it echoed slightly.

Chaz Senzamorale overheard Trey and Dirk’s conversation. The recently unemployed waiter tapped the ‘Google’ app on his smartphone and typed the name of the escort agency, ‘Dates Unlimited’, to research the agency. “All this gym time has to pay off.”, Chaz muttered to himself. After locker his gym bag in a locker, Chaz headed off to the gym floor for his ninety minutes of cardio and weights, his nose buried in his smartphone reading all he could about ‘Dates Unlimited’.

Later that night, Chaz returned to his studio apartment. He grabbed his laptop and searched the ‘Dates Unlimited’ website. He found the link for employment opportunities. He clicked on the ‘online application’ and answered the questions. Chaz read a line, ‘Please attach a recent photograph of yourself. Please no explicit photography.” Chaz smiled. He grabbed his cell phone and hurried into his bedroom to take a selfie. He reviewed his pics, but was not satisfied. He removed his t-shirt and sweat pants. Standing in his briefs, Chaz snapped a couple more pics. Still not satisfied, Chaz put the phone down on the bed, whipped out his rod and stroked his member, getting hard enough that a prominent bulge would form in his trunks. He packaged his package, grabbed the cell phone and took another pic. “Yeah. This one.”, he muttered to himself. (To see Chaz’s selfie, click here).

He returned to the kitchen, as he forwarded the pic to his laptop. He sat behind the laptop, retrieved the jpeg and saved the file on his laptop. Chaz attached the jpeg to his online application and clicked on the ‘submit’ icon. As the application processed, the screen read, “Thank you for submitting your application. You will hear from us shortly.”

Chaz stared at the laptop screen. “Sooner better than latter.”, he muttered to himself. He looked at the clock in the corner of his laptop: 10:40pm. He looked down at his crotch. He rose from the table, grabbed his laptop and headed for the bedroom. He had awoken the beast between his legs to take the selfie. It would not be ignored.

Chaz rode the elevator to the 9th Floor of the downtown skyscraper. He stepped out of the elevator and searched for the offices of ‘Dates Unlimited’. The receptionist greeted Chaz and handed him a questionnaire to complete. “Have a seat. Ms. Khozyainshluki will be right with you.”

Chaz sat in the reception area and completed the questionnaire. “Pretty standard.”, Chaz thought to himself: interests, hobbies, likes, dislikes, and entertainment preferences. When he had completed the questionnaire, a young lady greeted Chaz. “Calogero Senzamorale, I’m Paulina Khozyainshluki.”

Chaz rose from his seat and shook hands with Paulina. “Hi. I’m Chaz. That’s the name on my birth certificate.”

“Let’s go to my office.”, Paulina said. She led Chaz into her office. The oversized rectangular room had a large table that Paulina used as her desk. At the other end, a canvas photographer’s backdrop and bar stool were arranged. “Have a seat.”, Paulina said, pointing at the bar stool. Chaz sat on the bar stool, taking center stage. “Chaz, I’m going to record our interview, if you don’t mind.”, Paulina said.

“No. I’m good.”, Chaz said, making himself comfortable on the bar stool. Chaz was wearing compression gear and a cotton hoodie, the clothes he wore after his pre-interview work out. He assumed the agency would want to see the goods, so he opted for a pre-interview pump. His hoodie clung tightly to his sculpted form.

“Tell me a little about yourself.”, Paulina asked, after she set the recorder in motion.

“I’m Chaz Senzamorale.”, Chaz said. “I’m a native Chicagoan. Not much to tell. I trying to get into modeling.”

“Tell me what you’re looking for on date.”, Paulina said.

“To be honest. Sex. I’m not into getting serious. I’m too young.”, Chaz answered.

Paulina smiled. “That’s honest.” She paused the recording and said, “I need you to pose shirtless.” Chaz understood Paulina’s request. She activated the recorder and motioned for Chaz to removed his hoodie. Chaz removed his hoodie. Paulina ogled for a moment, undressing the young stud in her mind. Paulina paused the recording for a moment and said, “Now, look into the camera and say ‘I’m here for you. For a good time.” Chaz smiled. Paulina activated the recorder. After Chaz spoke his cheesy line, Paulina said, “Perfect.” She walked to her desk, grabbed a digital SLR camera and returned to the staging area. “I’m going to take some stills.”

“Take all you want.”, Chaz said, with a confidence that only a stud would have.

“Do you mind posing in swimwear?”, Paulina asked.

“I prefer nude.”, Chaz bragged.

“That’s not necessary.”, Paulina answered with a giggle. After taking some photos of Chaz bare-chested, she handed him a pair of white speedos. “You can go behind the screen to change.”

Chaz changed into the speedos and sat on the bar stool. Paulina snapped several photos of Chaz. “You look great. You can get changed.”

Chaz stepped behind the screen and donned his clothes. He returned to the bar stool area. “Anything else?”

“When can you start?”, Paulina said.

“Tonight.”, Chaz answered.

Paulina smiled. “HR requires you to sit and watch a video on company policy. Do you have the time? It’ll take about an hour.”

“Not a problem.”, Chaz answered. Paulina led Chaz to a video presentation room. Chaz sat in the comfortable chair and stared at the movie house-style video screen. As the lights dimmed, the video began with soothing music and husky woman’s voice. He watched the video intently, keeping his eyes glued to the screen. Within minutes, Chaz felt sleepy as the video lulled Chaz to sleep. Chaz felt his eyes getting heavier and heavier. Eventually, Chaz closed his eyes, and fell asleep.

Suddenly, the lights in the video presentation room turned on. Chaz jostled in his seat, hoping that Paulina did not notice that he had fallen asleep. “When can I expect …”, Chaz started to ask.

“Boy whore.”, Paulina said.

Chaz heard Paulina’s voice and fell into trance. “When you hear my voice, you will obey me and always tell the truth. Do you understand?”

“Yes.”, Chaz replied.

“When you receive emails or texts from the agency, you will report to your assigned client. You will perform as expected. Escorts are paid sex toys. Do you understand?”

“Yes.”, Chaz answered, robotically.

“Your client is paying good money for you to perform. Do you understand?”

“Yes.”, Chaz answered.

“You will have only one memory of your clients: that you date women. Do you understand?”

“Yes.”, Chaz answered.

“You won’t remember any names, faces, places. You will remember nothing of your experience. The only memory is that you fucked hot women and earned money. Do you understand?”

“Yes.”, Chaz answered.

“When you introduce yourself, you will say ‘My name is Chaz Putano.’ Do you understand?”

“Yes.”, Chaz answered.

“What is your working name?”

“Chaz Putano.”, Chaz replied.

“Every time you hear me say, ‘boy whore’, you will fall deeper and deeper into trance. You will always obey me. Do you understand?”

“Yes.”, Chaz answered.

“Good. Tonight, you have your first assignment. Check your phone. The details will be in the text message. The client expects you to perform. The more you perform, the better your tip. Do you understand?”

“Yes.”, Chaz replied.

“Any moral objection you had with prostitution is gone. You harbor no objections to random sex with anonymous partners for a fee. Do you understand?”

“Yes.”, Chaz replied.

“You like having random sex with strangers for money. It makes you want to stay young and fit. Do you understand?”

“Yes.”, Chaz replied.

Paulina’s cell phone rang. She looked at the id and answered the call. “Okay. I’ll take care of it.” Paulina ended the call and returned to Chaz. “How did you hear about ’Dates Unlimited’?”

“Guys at the gym. They work for you.”, Chaz answered.

“Do you know their names?”, Paulina asked.

“I think the one guy is Trey and the other is Dick. No. Dirk.”

“Do you ever talk to these guys?”, Paulina asked.

“No. We’ll say hello to each other at the gym, but it’s two strangers saying ‘hello’.”, Chaz replied.

“Boy whore, you will forget everything you know about Trey and Dirk. Do you understand?”, Paulina said.

“Yes.”, Chaz answered.

“Boy whore, you will remember nothing about Trey and Dirk working for ‘Dates Unlimited’. Do you understand?”

“Yes.”, Chaz answered.

“Good, boy whore. Now, on 3, awake. 1-2-3.” Chaz stood there, staring at Paulina. “I’m so glad you’ve joined our ranks. The company pays $50 per client. The company has no knowledge of anything else you may earn.” Paulina paused for a moment. “You’ll do very well. Tonight’s your first assignment.”

“Is what I’m wearing okay?”, Chaz asked.

“Not a problem.”, Paulina said. Paulina shook Chaz’s hands and said, “Welcome aboard.” Chaz exited the video presentation room and headed for the reception area and the elevators.

Paulina watched Chaz exit the office. She walked to another office down the hall and said, “Good work, Sam. I never thought to check the database. Title his video, ‘Chaz Putano, gentleman caller’.” Paulina walked out of Sam’s office and smiled. “He’ll be good for $10,000 a month.”

Chaz walked out of the downtown office building. He found a fast food restaurant and grabbed a quick burger. When he finished eating, Chaz walked to the Quincy Station to catch the ‘Orange Line’ to ‘35th and Archer’. The text Paulina sent said that his client’s address was on South Hamilton Avenue, near McKinley Park. He rose the train to the ‘35th/Archer’ Station and walked the three blocks to the rowhouse on South Hamilton.

Around 8:00pm, Chaz knocked on the door of the home. In seconds, a man wearing gym shorts and an athletic short opened the door. “Can I help you?”

“I’m from ‘Dates Unlimited’. I’m Chaz. Chaz Putano.”, Chaz answered.

“Come in.”, the man said. As Chaz entered the home, he heard the man whisper, “Nice ass.” “Would you like a drink?”

“Nah. I’m good.”, Chaz replied.

The man stared at his studly escort. “So. You’re here to train me.”

Chaz smiled. “Yeah. I’m here to train you. What do you want to work on?”

“My chest and back.”, the man said.

“Well, let’s see what we’re working with.”, Chaz said, continuing the charade. The man removed his shirt, revealing a well-defined chest and core. “You look pretty good.” Chaz caressed the man’s chest. “Really good.” He lowered the man’s gym shorts. His cock was tenting his black boxer briefs. Chaz fondled the man’s junk and said, “Really good.”

Chaz removed his hoodie, revealing his beautiful physique. He lowered his compression gear. He stood wearing only his black jockstrap, his cock bursting from the basket of the jockstrap. The man kissed Chaz’s chest and suckled on his nipples. He then knelt before Chaz and lowered his jockstrap. His cock dangled to mid-thigh. The man fondled Chaz’s cock and then swallowed, to the base of the shaft. “You’re so big.”, the man said. He did his best to swallow Chaz’s cock, which engorged as the man fellated Chaz.

Chaz then kneeled on the couch and exposed his ass. “Company policy: we serve.”, he remembered. The man grabbed a tube of ‘Spunk’, spread the lube on his cock, and plowed Chaz’s ass. Chaz hooted as he experienced the pleasurable pain for the first time. No one had ever played with his ass. Chaz’s moans were a turn on for his client. He rammed his cock into Chaz’ tight little hole. Chas bobbed back and forth, let the man’s cock rest from time to time. For minutes, the man fucked Chaz’s ass, until, with a yell and a moan, the man climaxed, spraying his load on Chaz’s buttocks. Chaz collapsed upon the couch, tired from his maiden voyage. The man likewise fell upon the spent stud’s body and lay upon the couch.

“How much to do that again?”, the man said.

“I dunno. How much were you going to tip?”, Chaz asked.

“$200.”, the man said.

“Make it $300.”, Chaz said, nonchalantly. The man smiled. He grabbed Chaz by the hand and led him up the stairs, into the bathroom. The two naked studs stepped into the shower. As the steamy waters cascaded upon their frames, they fondled and caressed and eventually fucked. The client, however, returned the favor and sucked Chaz’s cock to climax. They bathed and toweled each other dry.

The man walked into his bedroom. Chaz suspected he was retrieving his tip money. He stepped out of the bathroom and walked into the bedroom. He did not see the man in the bedroom. A minute later, the man returned to the bedroom with Chaz’s clothes, which lay strewn upon the living room floor. When Chaz had donned his compressions pant and hoodie, the man tucked the folded currency into the front waistband of Chaz’s compression pants.

“Any time. Call again. Ask for me if you like. Chaz Putano.”, Chaz said. The man escorted Chaz to the front door. Chaz grabbed his gym bag and walked out of the man’s home. The street looked different at 1:00am.

As Chaz began walking the transit station, he suddenly his dilemma. The Orange Line stopped running at 1:00am. “Now what?”, he thought to himself. He made his way to the 35th/Archer Station. In the relative safety of the transit station, Chaz summoned an Uber driver using his cell phone app. “Wait! I don’t have …”, he thought to himself and then remembered his tip. He retrieved the currency and found $350.00. “At least I can get home.”, Chaz muttered to himself.

Chaz opened his eyes, as the sunlight filled his bedroom. He walked into the kitchen of his small one-bedroom apartment. He looked at his phone and noticed several text messages from ‘Dates Unlimited’. He smiled. “I must have gotten rave reviews. Three clients this afternoon and tonight.” Chaz calculated his potential payday and smiled. “Pussy and money. Yeah baby!!” As he prepared his morning protein shake, Chaz said to himself, “Gonna have to go to the gym earlier than later.”

I’m at cross-roads in this story arc. Your suggestions are welcome. Thanks. WC.

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