A Little Magic Powder

By GaymerGeek published January 31, 2017

Two friends heading to a comic book convention get the greatest gift of their lives…

Hello everyone. Big fan of the site. This is my first story… ever! Please give me your comments and thoughts and if you like it then maybe I’ll post some more… Enjoy!

A Little Magic Powder

The warm California breeze felt great after the cross country flight. Scott soaked in the setting sun as he exited the cab. They weren’t far from the beach but that wasn’t what this trip was about…

His best friend Vincent got out of the taxi and met the driver at the trunk to help with the bag. 25 years old, standing just under 6 feet tall with a mop of disheveled black hair, thick framed glasses and a “Star Wars” t-shirt covering his almost sickly thin frame, Vincent fulfilled every single stereotype of a so-called “nerd”. Scott couldn’t say much better for himself. He was in the same category but on the other side of the spectrum. Also 25 years old, 5’10”, Just under 275 and sporting a major case of acne, Scott looked down and remembered he was wearing a “Star Trek” t-shirt, which was way too tight on him. With a sigh, he wondered how he let himself go over the years.

“Can you give me a hand with the garment bag?” Vincent called, knocking Scott out of his negative thoughts.

“Sure man” Scott said. He was more than fine to carry in the long black bag that contained nearly two thousand dollars worth of costumes and props. The two friends had been planning and saving for over a year to attend the world’s biggest comic book and sci-fi expo. They had to book their hotel 10 months in advance and even that early they wound up sharing a room.

Vincent payed the taxi driver and rolled their two suitcases up the ramp and towards the lobby as Scott carried the garment bag and a backpack full of toiletries into the hotel. The hotel was teeming with people dressed as Harry Potter, Thor, Batman and anything else imaginable. This hotel was closest to the convention center and a prized place to be for the 5 days of the convention.

As they approached the check-in desk they heard a loud thumping sound coming from where they had just unloaded their bags. The cab was gone and had been replaced by a candy apple red convertible sports car. A man with sunglasses sat in the driver’s seat wearing sunglasses and dancing to the music. Vincent, a native of Connecticut, laughed and jabbed an elbow at Scott.

“California never changes, huh?” Vincent chuckled.

Scott smiled too. Although he grew up in a posh neighborhood just outside LA, he decided to stay in Boston after attending MIT. It was there that he met Vincent and they formed a friendship over movies, tv, comics and developing apps for people’s phones. They had yet to hit it big but both of them knew they were only one great idea away from being set for life. For now though, it was time to relax and enjoy the convention.

They approached the check in desk where an impeccably dressed man in his early 30’s, someone who looked liked he belonged on a billboard more than working at a hotel, greeted them. He adjusted the tie on his three piece suit and smiled at Scott and Vincent. His name tag read “James”.

“Good evening, gentleman. Here for the convention I see. May I have your name please? James said, almost mechanically. He’d obviously been working the check in desk all day as the conventioneers streamed in.

“Scott Robertson. Room for two.” Scott said, pulling his ID from his wallet.

“Ah yes, non-smoking, two double beds.” James said as he took Scott’s ID and credit card for deposit. He paused as his screen gave him more information.

“I’m sorry, sir. I have you down for three guests.” James inquired.

“Yeah. There’s only two of us here. Let’s leave it at that.” Scott replied.

Vincent leaned in towards Scott. “Sorry man” he whispered.

Scott has broken up with his girlfriend Susan a couple weeks prior. She was always treating him poorly and downing his love of sci-fi and comic books. She had forced herself onto the trip but not even purchased a pass to the convention. Vincent assumed she just wanted to play in the sun and find someone to cheat on Scott with. He was so proud of his best friend for ending their relationship but he knew it hurt Scott to be single after they were together since college.

“My apologies. Let me get this going for you.” James offered.

As James worked his way through the check-in process the sounds of a car horn pierced the air. It came from the red convertible. The dancing driver was now standing outside and reaching in to summon someone from the hotel. After a minute of blaring noise he marched into the lobby and looked around. He quickly moved past the check in counter and towards the bank of elevators where a man in a hot pink button up shirt had just sauntered off an arriving elevator.

“Honey! I’ve been waiting for 5 minutes! Let’s gooooo!” He shouted as he kissed the man on the lips and started pulling him from the door.

James looked up from his computer as they walked past the check in desk and muttered under his breath. “Fucking faggots.”

The man in pink screeched to a halt and turned around.

“What did you just say?” He demanded.

Scott and Vincent looked at each other with an awkward fear in their eyes. Scott hated conflict. The man in pink looked at Scott and Vincent, examining the two men as though he could see right through them.

“I’m sorry, sir. I think you misheard me. I didn’t say anything.” James said through clenched teeth.

The man in pick reached into a bag he had over his shoulder and pulled out a smaller leather bag that was tied shut with string. He undid the string and reached in.

“I’m sure you didn’t say anything at all.” He said sarcastically. In a single, quick motion, he thrust his hand out of the bag and threw a multi-colored cloud of powder at the check in desk. It landed all over Vincent, Scott and James. “See if that doesn’t make things right!” The man in pink said, blowing Scott and Vincent a kiss. He glared at James before turning, putting his arm around the driver and walking out of the lobby.

James immediately began brushing the rainbow dust off his suit.

“Goddamnit. I just had this dry cleaned. I am so sorry gentleman. That… person got this stuff all over you too.” James was turning red with anger.

Scott and Vincent also tried brushing it off but it was sticking to their clothes and skin. Scott checked the garment bag as Vincent cautiously looked on.

“Don’t worry dude. Looks like it didn’t get on the costumes.” Scott turned back to James. “Can we wrap this up? I want to clean this stuff off.” “Yes, sir. Again, I’m sorry. I can’t say I like being around… Oh, you two aren’t-“ He stopped himself.

“No! No!” Vincent said, starting to blush.

Scott was starting to get pissed off. Although he was straight, he didn’t have a problem with gay people and this guy’s attitude was a bit too much for him. He reached over the counter and took the envelope with the room key cards from James.

“Room 14-450? Awesome. Thanks man. Have a great night.” He said, ending the check in process. He picked up the garment bag and started towards the elevator. Vincent followed.

“Man, that was awkward.” Scott laughed as they boarded the elevator car.

“Seriously. What was that guys problem? I thought most Californian’s were cool with gay people?” Vincent asked.

“Most were where I grew up” Scott replied. “But I think there are always a few bigots out there…”

The elevator pinged for the 14th floor and they both exited with their bags.

“I can’t believe this stuff is still sticking to me!” Vincent said, trying to brush it off his clothing and arms.

“Yeah, mind if I take the first shower since I got more on me than you?” Scott asked.

“Sure man. Let’s move it though. Vendor previews in the exhibition hall starts in two hours.” Vincent reminded him as he opened the door to their room.

The room was modest in size with two double beds, a flatscreen tv and a great view of the city. They put their bags on their respective beds and Scott grabbed a change of clothes. After a quick decision he decided to go from a “Star Trek” t-shirt to a brand new “Back To The Future meets Doctor Who” t-shirt he found online. “I bet they’ll appreciate this one at the convention” he thought.

“Okay, I’ll make this quick.” Scott said.

“Thanks man. It looks like this stuff is starting to dissolve so hopefully it doesn’t leave any stains” Vincent called out from the window as Scott closed the bathroom door.

Scott flipped on the bright fluorescent lights of the bathroom and stripped down to nothing. He looked briefly at the mirror and sighed again about his overweight body. He noticed the multi-colored dust on his arms was starting to dissipate a little bit.

He pulled back the shower curtain back, turned the water on to a nice warm temperature and got in. As he lathered himself up he looked down at the dust on his arms and tried to scrub what remained off. Much to his surprise it seemed to melt into his skin instead of wash away. Just then he started to feel a strange tingling sensation. After a moment, his whole body shuddered and a wave of warm pleasure washed over him.

Scott looked down in awe as the pounds of fat that he could never seem to shake melted from his body. For the first time in as long as he could remember, he could see his dick without a mirror, but that was only the beginning of the shock. His dick had grown at least three inches and was now almost 9 inches long and hard. An intense need to stroke it overcame him. He grabbed it and started pumping as he watched his arm grow muscles that he’d never seen before. As the changes across his body finished, he came with an intensity that he hadn’t felt since he was a teenager.

Scott turned the water off and staggered out of the shower. He grabbed a towel and wiped the condensation off the steamy bathroom mirror. Before him stood a man who looked more like Captain America than the overweight nerd who entered the bathroom a few moments ago. He ran his hands over his washboard abs and felt the size of the muscles on his arms and legs. a huge smile came across his face.

“Holy shit!” He exclaimed. His voice was slightly lower than before.

Suddenly, Scott remembered his best friend who was waiting for the shower. Forgoing a towel he partially opened the bathroom door.

“Um… Vincent… How are you feeling?” He inquired before venturing into the room. The voice that responded sounded like his friend but slightly different.

“I have no idea what just happened, but it’s fucking amazing.” He called back.

Scott stepped out into the room, completely naked and looked toward the window. Standing with his back to the room was a perfect specimen of man. Vincent was no longer the scrawny geek that had been shoved into lockers because he wore a comic book pin on his lapel. He had also stripped all his clothes of and Scott could see an equally large dick hanging between the legs of his best friend. Vincent turned around and looked at Scott.

“Fuck man! You look like Captain America!” Vincent said.

“…and you look like Batman! Can this be real?” Scott said, not believing what just happened.

As they looked at each other’s bodies, something different entered their minds. A tiny spark of attraction. Their eyes met and they both felt it. They took a step towards each other, then hesitated. Vincent’s dick twitched as Scott felt his start to get hard.

Scott’s head was spinning with thoughts “I don’t know what’s happening but I feel… different.” He took another step towards Vincent.

“Me too” Vincent replied, taking a step as well.

They met in the center of the room, their hard, naked bodies only inches away from each other. Scott put a hand to Vincent’s now chiseled face and drew him in for a passionate kiss. Vincent took Scott in his arms and their bodies intertwined. They fell together onto the bed in a mess of muscle and passion. As they made love all memories of Susan left Scott’s mind. He felt a passion for his best friend, now lover, that he could never have achieved with a woman. At the same time Vincent wondered if it was the change or if he, deep down, had always been gay. It didn’t matter now. He was happily in the arms of his true love and they were perfect.

After two hours of incredible, intense sex, the two man caught their breath. One of their cell phones was buzzing with a reminder to get to the convention. Holding hands, they walked over to the garment bag.

“What are we going to do? There’s no way we’ll fit into these costumes now.” Vincent said.

Scott unzipped the bag and a small puff of the multi-colored dust flew out.

“Look!” He said. “Some of it must have gotten into the bag!”

Scott pulled the zipper all the way back to reveal two costumes, perfectly tailored for their new bodies. Scott and Vincent smiled at each other and passionately kissed before putting the costumes on. They were going to rule this convention…



Scott and Vincent exited the elevator, entering the hotel lobby in their costumes and hand in hand. They turned heads as they walked by, Scott’s red, white and blue shield attached to his muscular back and Vincent’s black cape and cowl adorning his fit body.

“Sir! You forgot your ID at check in!” they heard someone yell.

As they turned back towards the check in counter they saw a disheveled, overweight man in a three-piece suit that was clearly too tight for him. His name tag read “James”. He handed the ID to Scott and waddled back to his desk. Scott looked down at the ID. There was a little speck of the powder on the side of it, which had altered the image and info on the ID to reflect Scott’s new body and dimensions. Scott smiled and shook his head in awe. As they exited the hotel, looking for a taxi, the red convertible pulled up, music thumping. The man in pink jumped out and ran over to them.

“Hello boys! I can see my magic powder did the trick!” He said, sizing them both up.

“It sure did!” Vincent said, raising and kissing the hand he was holding with Scott. Scott, with his scientific mind, couldn’t help but ask…

“So what made you use that stuff on us?” He innocently inquired.

“Well, it looked like you could need it! I bet there are a million more who could as well. I just need to find them!” the man in pink replied.

Scott and Vincent’s eyes met and they both smiled. Scott looked back at the man in pink.

“I think you need an app for this…”

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