Small Town Story - Chapter 5: Forming the Pack

By tauro2
published October 31, 2019

At the beginning of the strange happenings in town, a construction crew is visited by a strange man.

One Month Ago

Terry took his hard hat off and wiped the sweat off his forehead. It was a hot day, especially for something as unpleasant as spreading asphalt. The potholes had been especially bad the previous winter, and the five construction workers from Miller Construction Company had spent the past two months catching up on what was left over. Or rather, four construction workers. The fifth one was Ricky Miller, the son of the owner of the company. On this fine day, he was sitting in the nearby, air-conditioned trailer, likely nursing a beer and a girly magazine when he wasn’t taking a nap. For him, the only rule was, look busy when the boss shows up. And since the boss was his father, he would always get a call and would be prepared to look like the busy little worker bee that he claimed to be.

Terry and the others, however, actually had to be busy. Terry, Adam, and Cal were busy spreading the asphalt, while Gus stood by the road directing traffic to go through. Not that there was a lot of traffic to worry about. Terry couldn’t wait until 5:00. It was Friday, and he and Gus were going to head back to his place and get plastered watching the ballgame.

A car was coming. An old car from the looks of it. It was belching black smoke behind it. Gus moved to show the “Slow” sign for him. But the car didn’t slow. It stopped. Gus waited a few moments, and then moved to the driver. “Can I help you sir?”

The man grinned. He looked really old. But Gus stayed professional. The old man continued grinning for an unnaturally long time. “Sir?” What was this guy doing? It was almost like he was nervous.

Finally, he broke the silence. “Who is in charge here?”

“Uh, well, that would be the superintendent, but he’s in the trailer now. Is something wrong?”

The man paused for a little while, then continued. “Nothing’s wrong. I just need to speak with him. Can you grab him?”

“Okay.” Not knowing exactly what was going on, Gus walked over to the trailer and wrapped on the door. “Ricky. Ricky, come out.”

“I’m busy,” a voice shouted angrily from inside.

The old man seemed impatient. “Please, I do need to talk to him.”

Gus rapped again. “Ricky, somebody needs to talk to you.”

“Fine.” About a minute later Ricky came out. He didn’t look happy. “What’s this about?”

Gus gestured at the motorist. “He wants to talk to you.”

“About what?”

“I don’t know. Ask him.”

Ricky glared over at him. “Fuck, he’s old.” He sauntered over and leaned on the man’s window. “What do you want?”

The old man seemed even more nervous than before, but he maintained that unsettling grin. “Are you the Alpha to this pack of wolves?”

Terry could hear the conversation. For some reason, he felt a shudder run through him when he heard this comment. What did he mean by “wolves”? Ricky grinned. He liked something about the way this man talked. “Yeah. Yes, I am.”

“Well, I just wanted to tell you that you are all doing a fine job.” He seemed relieved, as if he had just accomplished something.

Ricky blinked, as if he had just woken up from some sort of dream. “Uh, thanks.”

“You’re welcome. You all have a good afternoon.” He quickly drove off. The workers watched him leave, confused by what was going on. Ricky stared the longest. When the car was out of site, he turned around and started walking into the woods.

Terry was surprised. Where was he going? “Ricky, what are you doing?”

“Fuck off,” Ricky shouted back and flipped him off, while he continued walking. Terry wasn’t surprised by this. Work continued for a little while. But something seemed off about Gus. He kept glancing over his shoulder, as if he was distracted by something. Finally, he apparently had enough and walked over to Terry. “Hey, man. I’ve got to take a piss. Can you take this for a little while?”

“Sure, man. Whatever.”

“Awesome!” Gus said with just a little too much enthusiasm. He ran off into the woods. Terry continued, seeing no cars for the whole time, but now, it was starting to get irritating. Okay, where was Gus? He had to have been gone for at least 15 minutes. Nobody needed that long to take a leek. Ricky going off by himself was unusual, though not out of character, but Gus typically didn’t run off. Terry threw the sign to the ground and walked into the forest to find him.

Terry walked down a path that was the most likely place Gus went. At first, everything seemed okay, but then he saw something on the trail. He ran over and picked it up. It was a shirt. Actually, it was the shirt Gus had been wearing. And there was more. Further down the path, Terry saw an undershirt. Then there were boots, socks, and a belt. Terry was especially surprised to find a pair of blue jeans. As Terry ran along, he saw a pair of boxers. Was Gus running around in the nude? And they were all sweaty and smelly and…

Seemingly without thinking Terry put the underpants up to his nose and took a big, long sniff. And then another one even deeper, as he took in Gus’ man stink. He felt his cock get hard. But then he tried to shake it off. He walked further, and then saw somebody nearby.

Terry was shocked to see what Gus was doing. Aside from a hard hat, he was sitting on a fallen tree, completely, bare-assed naked, with a lit cigar in his mouth while he jerked his cock. And apparently, this wasn’t the beginning. A stream of semen covered his chest and stomach. Noticing Terry, Gus looked up at him and took the cigar out of his mouth. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“What?” Terry stammered.

“This is a construction zone. Where’s your hard hat?”

Terry suddenly felt embarrassed. How could he be so stupid? “S-sorry.” He put the hard hat on his head and then sat down next to Gus. He had a problem with something earlier, but he couldn’t remember what. But now, everything was okay. Gus looked nice in the buff. He had a nice, thick patch of chest hair, and a thick, beer gut. He looked down at Gus’ bush. It looked nice. Terry had an idea. “Hey, Gus. Do you mind if I smell that?”

Gus took another puff. “Suit yourself,” he said through the cigar. Terry bent down and stuck his nose right into Gus’ pubes and inhaled his man smell. It was sweaty and stinky and wonderful. Just what a man should smell like. He couldn’t get enough of it. "Shit, you really like that don’t you, boy?’ Terry nodded. He took in several more deep breaths and rubbed his cheek against Gus’ cock. A drop of pre-cum stuck to his face. “Yeah, you keep… You keep…” Gus suddenly seemed scared. He jumped up. “What the- What the fuck is going on? Where are my clothes? Why did I let you do that?”

Terry jumped back. What was going on? He had never been attracted to Gus, or any other guy before. “Sorry.” None of this was right. Suddenly, he grimaced. He felt a pain right at the base of his spine.

“What’s wrong?” Gus managed to say, while trying to cover his still hard cock and balls with his hands. He didn’t want to go back to the work crew like this.

Terry winced. “Something bad.” It felt like there was something furry in his pants. He unbuckled his belt and reached back into his jeans and touched something hairy. It couldn’t be a mouse or something, could it? He grabbed it, but it didn’t try to escape him. It almost felt like it was attached to him. If he didn’t know any better, it was almost like he felt it being squeezed. He managed to pull it out, and tried to throw it away. Immediately, the pain went away. He tried to see where it went. “Where’d it go? What was it, a squirrel or something?”

“Holy shit,” Gus exclaimed when Terry turned his back. “Terry, it’s on you.”

“What? What’s on me?”

Gus took a few seconds and gulped. “A tail.”

“Huh?” He reached back, and whatever it was, it was still there. He grabbed it and pulled. He yipped. That really hurt. He pulled it around and opened his mouth in shock. It was the same skin color. It had brown hair. He could feel the pressure where he squeezed it. And it was getting longer and hairier as he held it. He worked his hand back to its source and felt it right above his ass. There was no line or boundary that he could feel. It was part of him. “Shit Gus. What’s going on? What do we do?”

"I don’t know. But, hey, what’s that smell? It smells good. " Terry looked up at Gus’ face. Gus’ nose had turned dark black. He closed his eyes and gave a few sniffs. “It smells really good.” That wasn’t the only change. His ears were pointier and his teeth looked sharper. And when did he grow a full-face beard? Terry had only ever seen him with a goatee, and that had been a while ago. Terry backed away and rubbed his face. And when did Terry get a beard either? Terry looked down at his arms. They were getting hairier, furrier even. His nails were lengthening and getting sharp.

“Hey, I think it’s you.” Gus looked right at Terry. He smiled a toothy grin. “Your sweaty, man smell. I love it.” Terry felt his heart flutter. This wasn’t right. He started backing away. Suddenly, strange smells began invading his nose. All of the flowers and insects and rocks and mushrooms that surrounded him came flooding in. He could pick everything apart and identify exactly where it was. But there was one thing that stood out more than anything else. The man-thing standing in front of him that had once been Gus. He was now unrecognizable. Thick, black fur covered him from head to foot. Terry could smell all of the sweat emanating from his armpits and crotch. He could smell the pre-cum dripping from his foot long cock. Gus’ nose and mouth stretched out into a snout and he began panting. He turned around, almost as if showing himself off to Terry. Gus had now grown a fairly sizable tail himself. “You should get those clothes off. You look mighty uncomfortable.”

Indeed, Terry’s work clothes did feel extremely tight. His arm sleeves looked like they were about ready to burst. Brown fur began appearing between the seams. Terry got down on his hands and knees. He had to run away, and he could do that a lot faster on all fours. As he bent down, the seams on his hips burst, revealing thick, brown fur. His shirt finally tore along the side. His pants burst, revealing his furry ass. He tore the scraps off and threw them to the side. But that was nothing compared to his work boots. Razor sharp, inch long claws tore through the leather, splitting the boots completely open. Terry shook the remnants off, not entirely remembering why he was running in the first place.

Right as he was about to sprint, the now fully transformed Gus stuck his nose into Terry’s asshole. Surprised, Terry spun around, and, with a growl, clawed Gus right on the cheek. Gus whined and clutched his face. “What’d you do that for?”

Terry felt awful. What did he do that for? He had never hurt his Gus before. How could he make it better? “I’m sorry. Here.” He came over and started licking the wound. His tongue still wasn’t extremely long, but it did the trick.

“A little better.” Terry suddenly realized how big Gus had gotten. He had to be at least eight feet tall standing up. He was really muscular, but also kind of fat, just like he had been as a human. “I think there might be something else that you can do that will make me feel even better.” He sat back on the fallen tree and lifted his legs in the air, revealing his asshole.

Part of Terry still wanted to run, but he couldn’t just leave Gus like this. “Oh, all right. I guess since I did hurt you.” He walked over and began nuzzling Gus’ package. Gus moaned with pleasure. Terry then moved up to Gus’ abdomen and bit him gently. Gus hadn’t expected that, but he liked it. He started massaging Terry’s shoulders as he moved up and nibbled on his left nipple.

Terry couldn’t last much longer. He began licking Gus’ neck and then positioned himself to enter. Gus braced himself. A small part of him still couldn’t believe that this was happening. And then Terry plunged in. It was heavenly. He had never felt anything so good before. Gus squeezed, but it was only to create a force to push against. Terry was more than up to the task. He kept humping, getting a little further in. Finally, the resistance lifted, and he entered all the way. Gus sighed with relief.

Terry began thrusting, almost violently. Gus grabbed his own cock, jerking away. Occassionally, Terry would be able to bend down and deep-throat Gus, but mostly he focused on the task at hand. Finally, Terry couldn’t take it any more. He started pumping away and filled Gus. Gus, not wanting to feel left out, gave one last squeeze and sent one burst into Terry’s face and then into his own.

Both of them panted, completely exhausted. Some small part of their human selves was still there, but whatever form they were in, they could do nothing. Suddenly, Terry heard noises. Wounded prey, maybe? No. Even better. He pulled out and they both ran back to the trailer.

Adam was at the trailer door trying to get in when Gus and Terry reached the work area. He had partially transformed. Only his legs at the knees and below were wolf-like. They were very muscular and furry (with a reddish-brown color), and sharp claws, but he could barely stand up with them. What were left of his work boots lay on the ground, torn to shreds. His pant legs had split where the muscles had burst at the calves.

A look of terror came over his face as he saw the two werewolves approach. “Please. Please leave me alone. I-I d-d-don’t want to be like you. Please. Just stay away! Don’t hurt me!”

Terry ran up to Adam and started nuzzling him. “Stay away. What’s wrong with you, Adam? How could we stay away from you? You’re a pack member.”

Gus joined them and began nuzzling as well. “Yeah, you’re one of us. We could never treat you bad.”

Adam felt his heart flutter. The fur began spreading again and the muscles followed suit. His pants legs burst. “No.” But it was too late. Finally, the fur reached his nuts and the transformation accelerated. He tore the remainder of his work pants off (and apparently, he had been going commando). His now fully aroused man-hood was met with a welcoming tongue from Terry. Now, there was no stopping it. Gus went up to Adam and stuck his tongue down his throat. Adam’s snout expanded and he began giving as good as he was getting. He now had a quite expansive gut, but it was all muscle. Muscle began building on his chest and arms and pulled Gus in tighter. As his tail expanded, he reached back and began fingering his asshole. Terry knew exactly where to put his tongue. Adam had gotten several fingers in, and was about to put his whole fist when he finally lost it. He broke lips with Gus and let out an enormous howl as he filled Terry’s mouth with warm cum.

The three began licking each other in affection. Terry, of course, resulted in semen getting spread to the others’ fur. But they suddenly realized that they had been watched. Two werewolves were down in a hollow, downwind. One was Cal, having completely transformed into a cream-colored muscle-wolf, only a little smaller than Gus. But he was now occupied with something: madly deep-throating their new Alpha. Ricky stared back at them and smiled as they all ran towards their new pack leader.

Simply put, Ricky was enormous, even bigger than Gus. He had thick, white fur, but his substantial muscles were still visible beneath. His abs, his pecs, his glutes, his biceps. Everything. He laid back and smiled. Everybody knew what to do. Adam mounted Cal from behind and began humping furiously. Gus presented his dick to Ricky, who began happily blowing him. And as Ricky began jacking Cal, and himself, off, he had never felt closer to any group before. This was where he belonged. And as they all came at the exact same time, anything that remained of his old self finally accepted what happened, and knew that this would all turn out well.

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