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Chapter 11. The End- Part II

By Slave Abdamelek -
published October 30, 2019

After the Pharaoh’s whole army has been enslaved by the Snake God, He and his only two remaining loyal followers summon him for one final struggle.

Chapter 11. Part II

The Pharaoh, Commander Abdamelek and Radames separated. They stood side by side in the armory, waiting, their bodies naked save for their leather sandals.

A few minutes later, there was the sound of men marching. Soldiers. Hundreds of them walking toward them. A line of Beasts entered. Abdamelek and Radames saw their former Brothers, their reptilian faces now filled with anger, their eyes burning with rage. They began to form a circle around them and the Pharaoh. They kept marching inside for a few more minutes, the beat of their feet on the ground slow and hypnotic. In the end, the room was completely packed. A moment of silence, and finally the Snake God entered.

It was disconcerting to look at Abanoub’s body acting in a completely different manner, the physical presence of a gangling buck-toothed young Arabic man who had recently gained some muscle mass, completely covered on snake tattoos, now acting as an ages-old proud and enormously powerful supernatural being.

All the Beast-soldiers shouted in reverence to him and bowed, as he entered the circle, and faced the Pharaoh.

“My former pupil,” said the Snake God.

“The one you killed,” said the Pharaoh.

“I granted you immortality, my apprentice,” said the Snake God. “It was your trust of your followers that was your doom. That is why you must never allow your inferiors to be equals. Look at mine,” he said, gesturing toward the Beasts. “Less than human. Poisoned and tortured into stupidity. Their brains downgraded, their intelligence drained, their bodies more powerful than they could imagine. Your soldiers and mine, all now perfected through my venom and your blood, to serve and obey, and worship their Master as animals. You gave them names, and let them retain memories from their old lives, and deep down they rejected it. Some resented each other."

The Snake God looked at Abdamelek. “My current host profoundly hated your Commander,” he continued. "And the feeling was mutual. When you completely castrate them of their humanity, they all become united by their most savage urges. To serve. To bite. To copulate with each other. No enmity left between them, all working in unison, for me. And they were quick to embrace it. They just wanted to completely surrender their will. To suppress their individuality. Now they truly belong to me as they never did you.”

As he spoke, his hand went slowly up in the air, and his palm stretched out, spreading before the Pharaoh’s face. The Pharaoh looked into it, listening, his expression unreadable.

“Deep down, you want the same. Free will has been the root of all pain and degradation in your life. The only time you were truly at peace was when I lived in your palace and you unwittingly served Me, as I groomed you to command your men for Me. I even gave you some of my powers, and would have shared them all with you, but you would not give in.”

“Do not listen to him, my Pharaoh,” said Abdamelek.

“Avoid looking into his eyes!” said Radames.

But the Pharaoh kept staring, his eyes fixed on the Snake God’s.

“Yes. Yes, my pupil. Give in to my words,” said the Snake God. “Imagine the strength of our power combined, Master and pupil, finally ruling over all men. It will all be so easy. You full army is mine now. All you have to do is let me in. Both our souls, living together in your immortal body will be invincible.”

Living together.

After hearing these words, Abdamelek and Radames felt something shift in the Pharaoh’s mind. Now he was considering the thought. He was very strongly tempted by the idea. Infinite power called to Him, seducing Him. Probably a part of Him missed the days lived in the company of His former teacher.

“We don’t have to be enemies,” said the Snake God. “All doubt and fear can go away. All those thousands of years you and I have been lost because of this enmity can be forgotten.”

The Pharaoh just looked at the Snake God’s palm, his eyes lost. His mouth half-open, now a faint sign of drool appearing in the right corner.

In desperation, Abdamelek tackled the Pharaoh and both fell to the ground.

“You cannot let go, my Pharaoh. Do not give in!” said Abdamelek.

The Pharaoh was keeping his eyes shut with all his strength, his face red from the effort.

“Subjugate him, my pupil,” said the Snake God to the Pharaoh. “No one has the right to give orders to the Pharaoh. Make him obey.”

The Pharaoh gritted his teeth, sweat appearing on his forehead. He grabbed Abdamelek by the shoulders, holding tightly, his face closing in on Abdamelek’s.

Finally, with a yell from the effort, he relaxed his body and opened his eyes, beams of yellow light shooting out from them into Abdamelek’s eyes. Abdamalek tried to push back but the Pharaoh closed his hands more tightly on his shoulders, keeping their eyes in close contact, as he shot more and more fire into Abdamelek’s eyes.

Finally, the fire died and the Pharaoh let go. Abdamelek pushed back violently, his body arching back in pain, as the light burned through his eyes and into his mind, changing it, emptying it of all his remaining memories. Wiping it clean of his individuality.

Abdamelek opened his eyes, now burning a fiery yellow, and turned to Radames who quickly tried to avert his gaze, shutting his eyes tightly and starting to run away blindly. Abdamelek ran after him, finally cornering him. Abdamelek struggled to grab Radames’ hands, trying to keep them from covering his eyes. He was much stronger than the young boy. Finally, with one hand he threw Radames’ both hands down, and with the other he forced his right eye open. Abdamelek’s eyes spit a beam of fire into Radames’ right eye while screamed. His scream slowly died down, becoming a grunt, and in the end he opened both eye willingly, looking into Abdamelek’s eyes, letting the fire in, his mind being obliterated.

Both men turned to look at the Snake God, their bodies relaxing, standing very straight. The Pharaoh rose and stood between them, his expression one of defeat and sadness.

“Very good, my pupil,” said the Snake God to the Pharaoh, smiling with evil. “In the end, the bond I have created with you is the oldest and strongest you have with any other being. You cannot help it. You will always answer to me, your true God. Now tell me, WHO is your true God?”

“You are,” said the Pharaoh.

“What do you live for?”

“To serve You, my God.”

“You know what to do, slave.”

The Pharaoh fell on his knees, and opened his mouth as big as he physically could. The Snake God approached him, also opening his mouth, his jaws separating an inhuman distance.

Dark green smoke shot out of the Snake God’s mouth, snaking around, and finally entering the Pharaoh’s, rapidly filling his body. Abanoub’s body quickly emptied itself, his mouth finally closing. He stood weakly, his skin very pale and his legs trembling, his pupils, dark again, rolling up, and he collapsed.

The Pharaoh’s body spasmed, its insides shifting and ripping as it adjusted to its new owner.

I feel terrible pain, in my stomach, and now in my chest as my body is broken.

“Pain is good, embrace the transforming pain.”

I embrace the transforming pain. Tears form in my eyes.

“Your tears are from joy. The joy of becoming one with ME.”

My body is torn apart and put together in His image. I cry in unbearable pain. I suffer it gladly for I know I cannot die.

“As the tortuous pain fuses us into one I know I will never die.”

I am Him.

As I suffer I rejoice for I will never die.

“My spirit… It aches…”

Time suddenly stands still, and no movement or feeling exists. Now, I feel fear. Paralyzing fear. Agonizing fear.

Not fear of death for I have already died.

I have already died.

“What is this feeling?”

You are afraid. You are terrified. It is the fear of death.


I feel the heat as your spirit is suddenly engulfed in a sea of suffering. I initially feel your pain. Then, as I begin to wake up, pain is dulled, as sound does when running away from the source of screaming noise.


I feel relieved, and no pain. I do not feel what you feel anymore.


I am not your slave.


No, you are not.


You must ask me on your knees.




In your arrogance, you never considered one thing.


You killed me 4,000 years ago. You can only inhabit a living mortal body.


The blood of a mortal resurrected me. I am not a living mortal anymore.


I am a GOD. You cannot inhabit my body.


I can imprison you in an eternity of pain.


Get on your knees and worship me as your GOD.

“I WILL NEVER…” A scream of agonizing pain.

Your spirit feels weak as I absorb your powers and make them my own. Very soon you will be unable to put up any resistance. All that will remain will be a tiny speck of your consciousness, incapable of any action but feel incredible pain. Unless you get on your knees and worship your God. The Pharaoh God.


On the floor, my body stirs. My eyes slowly open. I look around and see hundreds of Beasts around me.

Me. What is me?

Who am I?

I had a name.

It was Abanoub.

I am Abanoub.

Before me stand Abdamelek and Radames, their eyes flaring like fire, unmoving, in a trance-like state. Between them is him. Him. My God, the Pharaoh.

No. He is not the Pharaoh. His body is possessed.

The Pharaoh’s body is standing up, bending over, apparently in pain, his body very pale and sweating profusely.

The Pharaoh slowly calms down, his eyes still closed. He lowers his right knee, standing on it. Then, a spasm of pain takes hold of His body. Reluctantly, He lowers his left knee, standing on them both, and bowing.

What is happening?

I am your God.

Say it.


“You are my God.”

You will obey me.

“I will obey you.”

You will undo your curse on my army. They are my soldiers.

“They are your soldiers…”

You will undo your curse on your army and make then mortal men again, suitable to become my soldiers.

“They are my army…”




“Yes. My God.”

I am Abanoub and I serve the Pharaoh.

I feel a rush through my body, once again knowing my right place in the universe.

I see the Pharaoh rise and lift His right hand in the air. In one swift move, powerful rays of light come out of it, and quickly spread around like tentacles, going through the Beasts, as they roar savagely, rejecting it.

Their bodies quickly change, into their former selves. Into my Brothers. The Pharaoh’s soldiers. I can see before me the countless naked bodies of my Brothers, but also many other men I do not recognize. They are mostly young and able-bodied. Most look like the race of men on the towns bordering the land of the snakes, invaded by the Snake God’s soldiers, recruited by force to serve him. There are also some men of different races, possibly travelers and immigrants lured into his kingdom. All are now being freed to acknowledge the Pharaoh as their true God. They look confused and scared.

The Pharaoh jerks ahead, His mouth opening, his body retching. Dark green smoke starts to come out of His mouth. It sneaks around, taking a very weak snake-like shape.

Abdamelek and Radames awake from their trance, and both bow before the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh addresses His army. I rise from the floor and stand very proudly as he speaks.

“My soldiers. These men are yours to convert. Do it now!”

Each soldier quickly approaches one of the frightened men, who initially begin to run, but quickly stand very still, their eyes darkening. Each of them will now receive the seed of our God from one of Us and become our proud Brother. I run to join them. I must spread His seed.

Prince Radames ran towards the men, along with his Brother soldiers. But suddenly, he felt something in his right leg. Something cold, attaching itself to his skin. It began to coil around his leg. He stopped to look down. It was a snake. He had never seen one in the pyramid. But it could have entered from outside. Or from a crack in the ground.

He felt dizzy. Sweat began to appear on his skin. The snake bit a second time, then a third. Another snake appeared on his left leg and sneaked around his thighs, toward his left arm, biting it.

Radames felt very weak. The world was becoming very dark. He slowly collapsed on the ground.

Now all around him was darkness, and he was alone.

To be continued.

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