BroPacker Tours - Chapter 1.2 - Benji and Greg

By Scotty.The.Body -
published October 29, 2019

Mark convinces his business partner Benji and husband Greg to join him on the honeymoon tour. Cameos by Benji and Patrick from my first story on the site: Customer Service.

Benji had a big day at the store. Customers were in and out the door all day, but Benji’s mind was elsewhere. His employee Jason was the one who introduced Patrick to the store, but it was Benji who took over the grooming responsibilities for the last six months. Under Benji’s direction, Patrick had piled on muscle, stretching the limits of his clothing until it started popping at the seams. And today, much to Benji’s excitement, was his solo playdate with Patrick.

Benji locked the front door, flipped the open sign to closed, and headed for the back storeroom. “Sorry to keep you waiting, boy. Someone’s gotta pay the bills.” Benji smirked as he entered, admiring his handiwork.

Patrick didn’t have much to say in response, or at least nothing that could be heard through his rope gag. Saliva pooled at the corners of his mouth as he grunted a reply. Patrick’s wrists were tied together in front of him, fastened to the ceiling by Benji’s ropes and pulleys. He was kneeling on a custom-built platform, his calves fastened securely to its surface, leaving his plump ass exposed for anyone to play with. His cock was twitching and hard as a diamond, having been edged by Benji and his staff throughout the day. He was anxious for release, but knew he had a lot of work to do first.

Benji grabbed the tortured cock while biting Patrick’s engorged right nipple. “What a day we’ve had, boy. What a day.”

Just then, Benji’s phone rang. “Fuck”, he said. “I thought that was on silent.” He looked at the caller ID and instantly brightened up. It was Mark, the Scottish entrepreneur he’d met at Folsom last year. He had fond memories of flogging Mark’s giant husband and compartively-little Irish friend in the streets of San Francisco, so he answered the video call.

“Hey Mark, long time no see. Check out my latest project!” Benji held the phone’s camera up to Patrick, who tried to shy away. “He’s a work in progress, but I like them with a little bit of pushback. An excuse to tighten the ropes.” Benji got out a crop and gave Patrick’s torso a firm smack for the camera. “How’s life?”

“Can’t complain. Business is slow in winter you know, but with spring break and summer vacations around the corner, things will pick up soon.” Mark reached down to stroke himself at the sight of Patrick squirming on the phone. “Can’t say that I’m having more fun than you though.”

Benji grinned. “The work sometimes is a bore, but the job has its perks. This one’s a lawyer. Files my taxes for me when his hands aren’t otherwise occupied. So, what couldn’t wait ’til morning?”

“I’ve got a business proposition for you. We’ve got some hot American daddies who’ve purchased our honeymoon tour, and I’m in need of your expertise on the bus. 10% cut on the profit and all expenses paid. Oh, and Ian will be there.”

“That’s quite the pitch. Throw in that giant husband of yours and I’m in.”

Mark thought for a moment. Greg really enjoyed his time with Benji last summer, so what was the harm? Newlyweds can’t be the only ones having fun. “Sure thing. I’ll get him on board. Great doing business, as always! Send me some pictures of your conquest later, for inspiration.”

“Sure thing, boss. We’ll work out the details later. Say goodbye, boy!” Patrick mumbled into the camera as Benji hung up. “Hear that boy? I’m going on a trip. Don’t worry. Jason will take good care of you. But tonight, you’re all mine.” Benji mounted his prize, violently penetrating his boy’s ass, and fucked him wildly for an hour before sending Patrick home on his walk of shame.

Mark was lying in his bed, with his humongous Greek-god-of-a-husband on top of him, riding his cock like he was in heat. Greg might be of bodybuilder proportions and have the cock to match, but he was a more desperate bottom than even Ian. More often than not, the two of them were fighting over who got to ride Mark’s cock next.

“Hey babe,” Mark said between groans, “come on tour with me next month.” Greg ignored him, bouncing up and down like a maniac, stroking himself raw, desperate to get off. He was whimpering—pathetic, but in the cute way that made Mark smile every time. He came all over Mark’s abs and chest, the ropes of cum so furious that Mark’s beard was drenched. “Babe, you hear me?”

Greg hopped off Mark and, like he was coming out of a trance, snapped to attention. “Sorry, I got distracted.” Greg grabbed Mark’s still-throbbing cock. “What were you saying?”

“Come on tour with me. Ian and I miss you when we’re on the road.”

“Oh I dunno, Marky…” Greg said, still stroking. “I’ve got a lot going on at home. I’d have to close the flower shop for two weeks. It’d be a lot of hassle.” Mark was tantalizingly close to cumming when Greg pulled his hand away. “I need to think about it.”

Mark, feeling tormented, hit a button he kept next to the bed. Desperate times, desperate measures. A flash went off, dazing Greg. “Babe, you’re coming on tour with Ian and me. You’re going to show our customers a great time. Now kneel down on the floor so I can cum in your mouth. I’m messy enough as it is.”

Greg eagerly did as he was told, cleaned his own cum off of Mark with his tongue, and climbed back under the covers, cuddling his husband.

“Oh, did I mention our friend Benji is making a special trip?”

Greg smiled, happy and oblivious as a clam. “Benji? Good thing I chose this tour to come with you, eh babe?!”

Mark sighed with equal parts contentment and relief. “Yeah, babe. You always know best.”

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