Howl County part 5, changing 6

By Jeep
published October 28, 2019

The saga of the Wuulf continues…

After several minutes the big man composed himself, and looked up as if he sensed something. He pushed the wallet into my hands and said,

“They’re waitin’, it’s time for me to go..”

With that he stood, and headed toward the front of the office. I asked when we could meet again, and he replied,

“Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing me soon enough. You still gots lots you need to know…”

I walked him out of the office, and saw them leaning lazily against the building across the street, two nearly identical young men, one with long hair streaming over his shoulders, the other with his hair in a long braid. Even from here I could see a streak of white in his beard. They wore matching, filthy hi viz vests without shirts underneath, exposing the thick shelflike pecs, and cobbled midsections covered with dark hair, tattered Dickies work pants and mud covered boots. I instantly recognized them as the young men Blaidd had described, Rolo and Rolf…

Seeing Blaidd they moved across the street toward us, and as they drew closer I could see the devotion in their eyes, their desire to be near the bigger, older, Alpha male.

“Boys,” he grunted, “less go…”

To me, he turned and said, “Soon”

With that, they all turned and walked together, the boys matching the pace of the older male. They reached the end of Main Street, turned left onto Route 88, and vanished from my view.

I spent the rest of the afternoon going over the fantastical tale in my head, researching and testing facts against the big mans words. Surprisingly, I found that all the names of the brothers were words for wolves around the world, and I did find a few legends of the Wuulf and the battles between the Warg and Skoll. My rational mind told me that the oral tradition was still strong among the hill people, so maybe Blaidd was just telling me fairy tales of his family…. but still, there was the wallet, the unfinished story of what happened to Marc Connor. I contemplated turning that wallet into the police, but my reporter’s instinct told me that I’d get a better story if I probed on my own. At the end of the day, I threw the wallet, my notebook, and my phone i to my backpack and made my way home.

Once there, I fixed myself a quick bite and continued my research into Marc/Blaidd. I could find no logical connections, so I read what I could about the mother, although it was scarcely more than what Blaidd had told me. There’s just not a ton of interesting facts out there about the working poor, they just seem to live and vanish without any notice from the greater world. Even the picture from the obituary was no help, just another picture of a thin, frail woman made old before her time by worry and hard work… frustrated I played around on social media, flipped channels for a bit, and then pulled myself up to bed. The weather was still fair, so I cracked my window and went to bed.

I don’t know how long I slept before I woke to the weight of a body in the bed next to me. I could feel the bulk of heavy muscle, smell a heavy, inscrutable musk, almost taste the hot breath that whispered in my ear, ’" Soon enough?"

I felt a tongue licking my face, and then I felt nothing…

I woke in a clearing, terrified at what it might imply, when I saw him fully in the moonlight, the most magnificent creature I’d ever seen, thick with muscle, his fangs glittering white against the darkness, his eyes cold, yet glowing… I knew I should run, I should scream, but I simply couldn’t…. I had to move closer, I had to touch this beast, I had to somehow communicate to it, with it. It opened it’s hand in welcome, and I reached forward, carefully avoiding the black, curling claws… the musclebound beast plulled me toward him, his musk becoming heady and overpowering me senses. It brought me to my feet, and sprayed, sprayed me with it’s seed. Just as Blaidd had said, it burned like Hell, imagine lighting matches all over your body, with your body being kindling for a bonfire, and you get an idea of half the pain… but at the same time I didn’t want it to stop. When it did from out of the darkness came the two I’d seen before, the pups who were almost twins, but they were pups no more, they were full Wuulf, just slightly smaller than the one who was spraying me…

They sprayed me with their seed, and I watched as it soaked in. Then I felt the change begin, the change that made these monsters my brothers, the change that made me grow, and change, and howl with sexual liberation. This pain was freedom, was good, was good, arrrrrrroooohhhooooo…

Blaidd, my pa, my master, mounted me and humped me once, twice, a dozen times, markin’ me as his, sealin’ off parts of my mind that I wasn’t gonna need in the comin’ days, releasin’ the power of the Wuulf, fuuuuuuccckkkk I WANTED it, wanted more. My brothers from another Pa musta sensed this cause when he roughly pushed me away, one was there to take my leakin’ hole, one was their to fill my mouth… all I needed and would ever need was in this clearing, just me, my pa, my brothers…

Dawn was comin’ and I could feel the power of the moon lessen, could feel all of us changin’ form…

My Pa looked at me, his eyes no longer cruel and dark, and told me…

"Boy, tonight was the night of the Sixth Changin, the night I become truly Wuulf. I done sired pups, became a leader to the young, and now, fuck if I ain’t tracked down a human to make one of mine. Your name is now Harou, warrior wolf, now and forever you is clan Warg, prepare yourself for the battles to come. We will be victorious at last!

Months later, they would find a tattered backpack at the bottom of Deadman’s gorge. In it were a smashed phone, a water soaked notebook, and two ruined wallets, one with the ID and credit cards of a missing New York city attorney, the other the wallet of a small town reporter last seen with three big mountain men.

The folk in the cities and towns wondered about the mysteries, but they wouldn’t worry long, for Howl County was about to give up her secrets…

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