Small Town Story - Chapter 3: Territory

By tauro2
published October 28, 2019

A sheriff’s deputy should have trusted his instincts. (Warning: Mild piss use)

Jeb pulled over a car on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. The driver had been going 30 miles per hour over the speed limit. Looks like the office is going to be able to get that new computer, Jeb thought to himself.

Jeb was a sheriff’s deputy, a sweet gig in a county without a lot of jobs. He was pretty good at it. He got along well with Sheriff Thompson, which meant that he got a lot of privileges. Granted, that didn’t make him popular with the other deputies, but he didn’t care. He got to take his patrols where he wanted, which he typically liked the rural roads. Of course, that often meant dealing with drunk rednecks, but he could handle them just fine. Hell, he kind of was one himself. Still, he took his job seriously. He may have had the reputation of being an ass kisser, but he most definitely proved what he could do where it counted.

But as he got to this car, something seemed off. A little ball of anxiety niggled at the back of his head. Don’t do this, it said. Go somewhere else. This isn’t what it looks like. Jeb tried to shake it off. He couldn’t figure out why this stop would be different. It seemed perfectly normal. Granted, there were a few things. The car had brand new license plates, but the car looked old. Not, “Cool, classic car” old, but “Falling apart and ready to be sent to the scrap yard” old. The only other problem was that this guy had been driving 30 mph over the speed limit, but that was hardly surprising where there were so few law enforcement officers.

Still, Jeb liked to trust his instincts. He had no logical reason to think that this would be dangerous, but he wouldn’t take any chances. He unclipped the band on his holster and got out of the car. Jeb slowly walked up to the driver’s window and looked inside. The man was old. Really old. Typically, Jeb didn’t care, but this guy looked like he was about to keel over. But what was worse was the man was smiling. Not a pleasant smile; it was like he was trying to give a pleasant image while holding down some sort of deep-seated loathing. Jeb briefly paused, slightly taken aback. His hand instinctively went to his gun without him realizing it. Thankfully, the gun was on the other side from the car. But he quickly regained his composure.

“Good afternoon, sir. May I see your license and registration?”

“Certainly,” the man said cheerfully. He quickly produced his driver’s license and paperwork.

Jeb looked it over. The license looked brand new. The registration showed the car had been registered less than a month ago. The name on both said “Larry Taylor.” Jeb handed them back to him. “Do you know why I pulled you over?”

“I believe that I was going 32 miles per hour over the speed limit, Officer.” Awfully precise. Jeb tried to think back to the radar gun. Yeah, it had been 32, not 30.

“So you’re aware that you were speeding?”

“Of course. I just thought that I wouldn’t get caught. My apologies Officer.”

Jeb thought more, and decided to ask a few more questions. “Are you relatively new to this area?” This was tricky. People often didn’t like to be asked questions. Typically, they felt that it was nosy.

“I moved back to the county about a month ago. I originally lived here when I was much younger.” Like when wooly mammoths roamed the earth, Jeb thought but didn’t dare say.

“How long ago?”

“About sixty years ago.”

“Oh, maybe you knew my grandfather, Terence Lawkins?”

Immediately, a look of unbridled hate came over the man. It wasn’t even a pretense of cheerfulness. Jeb’s hold on the gun tightened, and he almost shot into the car on impulse. But he managed to get a hold of himself, and the fake-cheerful smile returned. In fact, it returned so quickly, that Jeb wondered if he had just imagined the change.

Mr. Taylor said (with what might have been the faintest sense of a hiss) “No. I’m afraid that I didn’t know him.”

“Sorry.” Jeb was briefly speechless. “I need to enter something into the paperwork. Wait right here. Oh, and I need your license and registration back.” Mr. Taylor handed them back and Jeb walked back to the car. As he entered the information in, the little voice was practically blaring now. Go away! Just leave him. Something bad’s going to happen! But Jeb was too professional. When everything was finished, he walked back to Mr. Taylor’s car and handed everything back.

“This is a ticket for the excessive speeding. You need to pay the fine by June 30. If you wish to appeal, then you need to schedule a hearing at the courthouse. Call this phone number to make an appointment. Do you have any other questions?”

“No questions. I just want to make sure that you know something.” Now, it seemed like the loathsome quality to the smile was gone, and he seemed to be genuinely grinning. “You’re a wolf.”

Jeb staggered back, clutching his chest. What? For some reason, it felt like he had been hit square in the chest. But he quickly recovered and approached the window again. “What do you mean? If you have a problem with the way I work…”

“Oh no problem. But you’re a wolf. An Alpha Male.” At that, Jeb felt it again. He practically fell to his knees with the force, but somehow managed to stay composed. “Don’t ever forget that.”

Jeb stood still, but then managed to say, “You have a good day. Drive safe.”

The fake-grin returned. “And you as well. Have a wonderful evening.” The strange man drove the car off, leaving Jeb behind. That was really weird. Jeb walked back to the car, immediately feeling better and almost forgetting that anything strange had happened.

He got back into the car, ready to fill out the paperwork. But as he looked at the forms, something looked weird. He tried to read them, but he couldn’t. He flipped them over. Maybe it’s a foreign language form? But no, they were in English. The letters looked vaguely familiar, but he couldn’t combine them to form words. What the hell? It was like trying to read Chinese. He grabbed several more, but to no avail. Everything was incomprehensible. He was about to grab the radio to find out if the dispatch knew anything about it, but then froze. I can’t remember how to use a radio. Panicking, he suddenly felt like he needed to get away from here. Something was definitely wrong. *But how do I drive this thing. * It had always seemed so simple, but now it was a daunting task. He began randomly hitting buttons and flipping switches, not even thinking to turn the key in the ignition.

Accidentally, he flipped the transmission into neutral and the car started rolling backwards downhill. Fuck! Not knowing what to do, he just grasped the steering wheel and held on, hoping nothing bad would happen. The car turned right and fell backwards into a ditch. Jeb felt the wind knocked out of him. For a minute, he just sat there, breathing heavily. Finally, he decided to get out and assess the damage. The front of the car was sticking in the air, the front wheels uselessly off the road. How am I going to explain this? Jeb looked down the road. There was no sign of anybody coming. It looked like he was going to have to walk. His first thought was to follow the road, but then he looked back into the forest. Something about it felt inviting, like he should take a shortcut through it. And after all, he had been through there dozens, maybe even hundreds of times.

But a worried thought came over him. What if somebody tries to take the car? It’s mine. Then, he got an idea. He walked over to the car and unbuckled his belt. He unzipped, pulled his penis out, and started peeing on the side of the car. When he was finished, he zipped back up, and redid his belt. There. Now everybody will know that it’s mine. He immediately turned around and walked into the woods.

As Jeb entered the woods, he couldn’t help but think that something seemed off. Not bad, but weird. He had been in this forest countless times, but now, things seemed different. It was late afternoon, but the forest seemed quiet. This seemed strange, but it was almost as if the forest was afraid of him. Whenever he saw a bird or small mammal, they darted off, as if they were afraid of being caught by him. Furthermore, the place seemed hillier than he remembered. The trees seemed bigger and older. But otherwise, everything was okay. He just kept walking, forgetting why he was even in the forest in the first place.

Finally, Jeb got to a stream in the middle of the forest. Something was wrong. His clothes suddenly felt very tight. But he was so thirsty: he just had to have something to drink. He carefully walked down to the stream bank, ready to quench his thirst. As he bent down, he felt the stitches in his uniform tear, the fabric giving way to his increase in mass. The ripped fabric started at his upper back on both sides, where the seams met the sleeves, and the tear spread until there was just one long rip from side to side. Worst of all was when his pants split in the rear, like something out of a bad comedy routine. Trying to ignore the temporary embarrassment, Jeb reached down and began scooping water into his mouth. But this wasn’t fast enough; he soon felt forced to plunge his face into the creek and gulped greedily. Each mouthful brought him closer to satisfaction. Finally, he had enough and sat back to relax.

But his discomfort was not over. Suddenly, both his shoes and pants felt uncomfortably tight, especially in the crotch. He quickly slipped his shoes off and gaped at his enormous feet, which soon burst forth from their socks, shredding them in the process. Now, the pressure in his privates was unbearable; he stood up and unbuckled his belt. As he dropped his pants, he couldn’t believe the bulge that greeted him in his boxer shorts. He dropped his underwear, and wondered if what he was seeing was real. His balls had easily quadrupled in size, maybe more, and were now hanging in an especially hairy scrotum. But his cock was the real monster. Jeb had been circumcised, but now he was completely uncut. His member hung down practically to his knees.

By now, he was only wearing the scraps of what had been his uniform and undershirt. He crawled over to the creek and looked at his reflection. His appearance was somewhat familiar, though different. For one thing, he now had a full-grown beard. He massaged the facial hair, enjoying the feeling. Beyond that, the differences were subtler: the eyes were the same color, but they seemed harder, less innocent. His face was less rounded. It was a manly face. Handsome. Rugged. Jeb liked it. He was starting to get a little horny.

He suddenly wanted to see himself all the way. Despite the damage, his uniform was still on him. He quickly pulled it off, popping off the buttons. Then, he ripped the undershirt down the middle and threw the two halves to the side. He stood up tall and stared down at his reflection in the late afternoon sunlight. One word popped to mind: beefy. Jeb had always been in good shape, but now he looked like he went to the gym at least six days a week for a couple of hours. The most conspicuous part was his prominent chest, which sat above an impressive set of abs. He crossed his arms across his chest and stared impressed at how broad his shoulders had become. And then, there were his arms, whose biceps and triceps bulged with each flex.

Finally, there was the body hair. Shit, there was so much hair. All of Jeb’s girlfriends had liked him to keep himself well trimmed. That certainly wasn’t the case now. A trail led from his pubic hair up to the center of his chest, culminating in a carpet that practically covered each peck. There was also a fairly healthy covering on his shoulders and arms, as well as his legs. Checking over his hairy body did the trick. He fell back and his cock came to life, peaking out of its covering. He began jerking away, forgetting anything about sheriff’s deputies, or speeding tickets, or anything else. His thoughts quickly went dirty. He thought back to a time that he had to break up a fight at a truck stop. Two drunk truckers were in the middle of a romantic encounter at the attached motel, when something went bad and they tumbled out into the hallway. Both of them were in the buff, and were generally hairy and overweight. Although he took it seriously when dealing with them, he later laughed it up with his buddies at the station. But now, he wondered why he didn’t join in. He could have dominated them and made them do whatever he wanted.

Jeb reached back and began playing with his asshole. Somehow, he got even stiffer. He spit into his right hand to create lube, and when he grabbed himself again, it was pure ecstasy. He began imagining taking the two guys out to the woods and taking turns mounting each other and howling at the moon. And then, he imagined them changing, gaining fur and claws and fangs. Finally, they all came together. That did it. He began pumping furiously, growling in between breaths, and came with explosive force. The first shot covered his chest. The second one hit him right in the face. The next few flew right over his head. He moaned loudly, reveling in the salty taste that dripped into his mouth. Finally, his orgasm began dying down. He sat up, feeling exhausted.

What just happened? He felt confused and embarrassed. * I just masturbated in the woods. * He stood up, his beard and chest hair soaked with semen, dripping the copious spunk. Jeb was trying to get a hold of himself, but it was getting more difficult to stay focused. By now, the sun had gone down, and a pale twilight hung over the forest. He sauntered by the stream. I’ve got to get back to the road. I’ve got to find somebody. I need help. This isn’t right. He stumbled and fell on his knees. Then, something caught his attention: his shadow. He managed to get back to his feet and turned around. He gazed his eyes onto the full moon, which had just risen over the horizon. He just stopped and stared at it. At that moment, it was the most beautiful thing that he could look at. And then, a sudden dizziness came over him.

He fell onto his hands and knees, trying to shake away the feeling, to get up and make this nightmare stop. Every hair on his body stood on end. His muscles tightened up as if ready to spring into action. Something in his chest began building up, as if it were fighting to escape. Jeb tried to keep it down, but the more he fought it, the stronger it got. Finally, he couldn’t hold back anymore. The feeling moved to the back of his throat, almost seeming to celebrate as Jeb gave way. Suddenly energized, Jeb sprang onto his feet, stood up tall, and let out a long, celebratory howl.

Now, the real change was happening. First, what had been hair quickly began thickening and spreading as brown fur. He could feel it spread down his neck and back, then over his ass and down his legs. Soon, his arms were engulfed, with the fur finally spreading over his chest and abdomen. Then, his muscles began expanding. Jeb once again fell over, this time from the loss of balance. As he hit the ground, he felt his body lengthening. Jeb could feel his teeth sharpen and lengthen into fangs. His nose turned black and wet. It began spreading out into a muzzle. He was starting to like this.

Suddenly, it felt like somebody had put two lead weights between his legs. On his hands and knees, he looked between his legs and gazed upon his massive nuts. Fortunately, the groin muscles managed to pull the scrotum back in to a more manageable appearance. Jeb could practically feel his balls pumping testosterone into his body. His penis had also gained quite a bit of heft. Even with the change going on, Jeb couldn’t help but reach down and feel himself.

But now, the sensation was a little different. Jeb put his hand in front of his face. The hand was still human shaped, but his palm and fingers were covered in paw pads. As he watched, fur spread down his wrist to the end of his fingers. His fingernails sharpened and lengthened, quickly becoming claws. Jeb arched his back as a sudden pain erupted from his lower back. What the fuck could that be? He reached back and felt a small nub, which was quickly lengthening. *I’m growing a tail! Fuck yeah! *

His ears lengthened and became more pointed. They moved to the top of his head, and he instantly noted the improved sense of hearing. The sound of owls, leaves blowing, water rippling, and all the other sounds of the forest practically assaulted his ears, but he quickly learned how to filter out what he needed to hear. Suddenly, his eyesight shifted, and he marveled at how well he could see in the dark. Finally, he took in a big breath through his new muzzle. He couldn’t believe what he had been missing before. What had before smelled like generic flowers, he could now pick apart, even identifying specific species. He could smell each individual squirrel and rabbit nearby.

He couldn’t hold back anymore. He was strong, and powerful, and horny. He stood up on his hind legs, shakily at first, but quickly with confidence. Proudly, he stood up tall, an eight-foot monster, ready to claim his forest. He faced the full moon, and from the bottom of his lungs, bellowed a howl that expressed dominance and fury and strength. At the same time, his cock blew a load, pleasure emanating as he gave into his urges.

Satisfied, he bent down to check himself out. He liked his new form, he liked it a lot. His two-foot long tail swished behind him happily. What was he going to do now? Where would he go? Before he could even consider answering these questions, a new scent came across his nose. Curious, he followed it to a strand of trees. As he got closer, he felt that he knew the scent somehow. Yes, he did. It was the scent of werewolves, ones who had marked their territory. He got more excited the closer he got. Finally, he got to the strand of trees, and took several deep sniffs at the base of each tree.

Wolves, definitely. At least four, maybe five. About a day ago. And there was a trail of scent going off in another direction. Well, I know what to do. *I am an Alpha Male after all. *

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