BroPacker Tours - Chapter 1.1 - Ian and Amir

By Scotty.The.Body -
published October 28, 2019
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Mark starts to assemble the team for Matthew and Josh’s honeymoon surprise.

As Ian was leaving his job at the restaurant, he checked his phone. A voicemail from Mark could only mean one thing. He dialed and listened to the message.

“Hey Ginger Snap, Mark here. Great news, your services have been requested. New customers from America, already my new favorites. Come by the hostel tonight and I’ll give you the deets. Can’t wait to see your ass at my door.”

This was the news Ian needed today. Rent in Edinburgh had gone up quite a lot since he moved from Dublin eight years ago and the career hadn’t really worked out as anticipated. The BroPacker excursions were a key part of his financial plan. Two weeks of sucking and fucking his way through the country paid the bills for three months, and all expenses were paid. He couldn’t really remember how he connected with Mark or what Mark had said to accept prostitution as a part of his life, but that didn’t really matter. He was happy to be part of the team.

“Hey man, I’m gonna finish my application today.”

Amir couldn’t believe he was humoring James’ ideas. A tour company that promised to get you laid? Seemed fishy. Still, what was there to lose? Despite having been in the UK since he was 24, he been North of Hadrian’s Wall yet. A whole country up there left to explore.

“Fuck yeah you are. When I get over there, we’re going to tear the place apart.”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself. If they get past the name ‘Amir’, once they see that I’m brown, they’ll reject my application for sure. Outside London, things are less open minded.”

“Oh shut up, you’re one of the best looking guys on either side of the ocean. Definitely an asset to any entourage. Besides, I’ll tell them that they can’t have my white ass if they turn you down!”

“Thanks? Anyways, I gotta go finish this application and get to sleep. Morning comes faster here, I swear. Later man.”

Amir hung up the video call with James. That guy’s confidence that a winning smile and a hairy six pack can overcome a couple millenia’s worth of racism and Islamophobia was really something. Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Besides, his adopted home was certainly better than his native Texas, even on a bad day.

Amir clicked the link that James had sent him and breezed through most of the application. He uploaded a photo of him and an ex-girlfriend, both dressed as scantily-clad Playboy bunnies one Hallowe’en, hoping his sense of humor and proven ability to score hotties would boost his application. After the photo, all that was left was the strange ’Cognitive Suitability Test (CST)’ that concluded the application. Again, it seemed a bit off, but if James did it, how bad could it be?

Amir put on his headphones as directed, and clicked the start button. A handsome, older Scottish man appeared on screen. “You think you’ve got what it takes to conquer the highlands with BroPacker Tours? It takes more than a rockin’ bod and a couple pickup lines to get the best out of our tours. You need to be chill, be able to focus, and let the worries go. That’s where the CST comes in."

Amir was skeptical, but figured going through with this nonsense so he could submit his application was easier than explaining to James that his idea was ridiculous.

"I’m going to count down from five. As I do, you might experience an erection. This is normal. If you are able to relax through this, you’ll be ready for the BroPackers program. This initial trance is to ensure suitability for our program. Ready boy? Five. Four. Three. Two. One.”

Amir didn’t understand why it was happening, but just as The Man said, he got hard almost instantly. Must be some instinct or something. But Amir just kept breathing and stayed relax, a big deal for him given his stressful job in the international corporate scene. His cock was throbbing, but he was serene.

“It looks like you’re hanging in there. Good boy. Now the toughest part of the test.” The Man whipped out his own porn-star sized cock on the screen and started stroking its massive length. “We’re going to cum together, boy. You’re going to watch my cock, salivate for it, and stroke your cock like you want to stroke mine. And when I cum, you can cum, and if you do, you’ll have passed the test. Ready, boy?”

“Yes, sir.” Amir was completely entranced, talking to his monitor. He was stroking his cock in his suit, having come just from work, but didn’t think twice about it. As The Man shot his load on screen, Amir trembled and came all over himself and his expensive clothes. He was hooked.

“Looking good, boy. Make sure to clean yourself up and get those nice slacks to the cleaner. We’ll be seeing you and your pal James in Edinburgh soon enough.”

The window closed and Amir cleaned himself up. He didn’t really remember what had come over him, but dealt with the residue of his impromptu jerk-off session without a thought. He was tired, and needed to get to sleep, especially if he was going to stop at the cleaners on the way to work tomorrow.

Ian showed up at the hostel with a burger and salad from the restaurant as Mark requested.

“Come in, my beautiful Irish muse. Sit down! We’ll catch up.”

Ian missed his sometimes-lover, sometimes-pimp. He sat down and admired Mark as the juices from the burger dripped into his beard.

“So, we’ve got a new lead?”

“A sure thing. American couple, 39 and 40-something, but they’ve aged well. Like me and Brad, you know. Anyhow, just got off an audition with a nice Moddle Eastern bloke in London with a Texas accent. He’s perfect for the request. And he comes with a cowboy buddy. Then of course they couldn’t resist you once they saw you in action. That leaves two spots on the bus. Any ideas?”

“Bring Brad! It’s not fair that you get to have all the fun. That and I miss having his balls on my chin while you fuck me raw.” Ian smirked while sipping suggestively on the Coke he’d brought for Mark.

“I’ll ask him but no promises. He’s a busy man. Believe it or not, I can be high maintenance. Any other ideas?”

Ian thought a moment. “Bear with me, but what about Benji? The Japanese guy from the States? Always good to have another Sir in the back pocket, in case one of the new recruits is a challenge. Frankly I’d give part of my cut to fly him out here to tie me down and put my cocky ass back in its place.”

“I’ll reach out, and pass on your kind regards.” Mark said, knowingly. “I think this tour is going to be one of the best yet, don’t you?”

Ian stood up, stripped down to his jock strap, and bent down—ass out, back arched—and grabbed Mark’s cock from under his kilt. “It’s ALWAYS a pleasure doing business with you, Sir.”

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Category: Brainwash   Tags: #brainwash #daddy #trance #hairy
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