Howl County part 3 changing 2 and 3

By Jeep
published October 26, 2019

Marc adjusts to life as Blaidd, some history of the Wuulf

I was incredulous thinking about the story this bumpkin behemoth was telling me, yet I could tell he was sincere in his brlief in everything he said. I remembered my own Great Grandmother who died when I was 10, and her telling stories of the dark wolves, or Blaidd in Welsh, who ran silent in the night looking for innocent souls to steal. How would this man know that obscure name, I doubted it was something he’d read somewhere. I made a note to check into Welsh settlers in Howell County although I thought my family the only Welsh in this part of West Virginia…I began listening again, glad that I’d been recording everything.

"…days was full for me, and Pa, and my brothers. We had a couple of camps out in the Devil’s Holler, but we didn’t spend much time inside this time of year. We spent days tendin’ the vegetables we sold out of our old Chevy Silverado on the side of Route 88. That give us enough money for things we liked by nature, alcohol, chaw, cigars and things we needed to pass among the humans like clothes and such. Amongst ourselves we don’t cotton too much to clothes, ain’t no need, we don’t feel heat and cold like most folk, and it just gits in the way of the things we do when the sun sets. That’s when we hunts for our food, rabbits, hens, skunk, whatever we can catch with our speed and power. Sometimes when we done huntin’ we go and run the streets of the town, markin’ off territory, makin sure any clans comin’ through knows we’re in charge here. Sometimes, we look through the windows at y’all while you sleep, wonderin’ how you stand livin’ shut up from nature… other nights we fuck, sometimes two brothers together, sometimes the whole pack includin’ Pa. Fuck, I love it when Pa picks me and breeds me, can’t believe I was ever disgusted by him… sometimes when the breeding is done, Pa will tell us stories about our people and of the places we are from… I love listening to them stories, think thats probably part of the old me, the one who wanted to know everything bout everything..

Pa told me that we were what was known in the old countries as Wuulf, and that we was older than humans… we begun when the serpent convinced a wolf to breed with ole Adam’s first wife, Lilith, and she give birth to the first litter, two pups she named Warg and Skoll, cause one was dark, and one was light, who spread their seed to the ends of the Earth, those pups bearin’ the names of me and my brothers, the names given to each generation. Most of the time we looked like other folk, but we was cursed to change in the full moon to our other forms, cursed by the misdeeds of our parents, but we didn’t mind. We grew strong and proud, and we took charge of things the human folk wouldn’t, huntin’ and warring so they could have peace. The Wuulf was the warriors, the men who was hunters, the fierce… we would take the children of Eve and sire pups with them, or breed their menfolk when we needed. We protected them in the world their God had abandoned them to, and they took care of us, givin’ freely what we needed to increase our packs.

All that worked until those men come up with a religion that called us abominations and sinners cause it is our nature to lie with our own kind, hell, name me one animal that don’t… anyway, they begun shunnin’ us, drivin us into the woods and mountains where we learned to live among ourselves. There were still some who understood, like the human . clan “Conn Or” which means wolf lover, or the Adolphe or the Lupino… they still give us womenfolk to welp our pups, and sacrificed menfolk to be changed when we needed to replace our ranks after battles. Over the years we come to America, blendin’ into the land with the settlers, hidin’ in places that were far from big settlements. We grew our clans, but though we’re all kin, not all clans git along. There are still wars bein fought that human folk know nothin about between the clans of Warg and Skoll…

Yep, I loved hearin’ about my folk, and I loved the life Pa had bred me for, runnin free in the woods, part of the pack, stoppin’ to wrestle or fuck when the mood hit, catching the musk of my brothers and sneakin up on em, sniffin their glorious holes… I couldn’t imagine nothin’ better until the night of the second changin… again my body pulled apart in pain, growin’ harder, stronger than before… I jumped Vuk as soon as I saw him come outta the wood, rammin my fuck stick into him, fuckin him hard, reminding him of his place, lettin anger and rage flow into my love for him… I fucked out a little more of who I was, my human name, all them letters and numbers I used to know, and in their place I got hearing that was sharper even then before, and though I can’t see colors like i usta no more, I see better side to side and hear for miles around… after the second changin’ Pa pulled me to the side, and told me that at the next changin’ it would be time for me to sire my first pup with a human, that over the next weeks my urges was goin to overcome me, and so they did. Every day I needed to fuck somethin more than the last, my brothers, crooks in trees, holes in the mud, none of it was enough to satisfy me… I was doin my work with one hand and pleasurin myself with the other, and so were my kin. Pa said anytime a youngin went through first heat, do did the clan. Saturday nights we’d climb into that ole truck of Pa’s and head into town lookin for womenfolk to seed. The night of the third changin’ we was like ole drunks we was so horned up.We knew those families who believed in the old ways, and had mapped their scents for weeks, and soon my nose picked up a scent that I couldn’t resist. I broke off from my brothers and run through town till I saw her standin’ outside the Dairy Dream. I had to fight the urge to take her then and there in that parkin lot, but I knew folk didn’t let it happen like in the old days, do I went over to her and scratched my belly with my hand in a way that you could see the muscles in my arm flex and move, and in a way that she couldn’t miss the bulge in my Levi’s… I said, “Hey,” and she said hey back… fuck the sound of her voice was sending chills up and down my body. Told me her name was Brianne Shaw, and whispered in my ear that she knowed what I was and her folk still followed the old ways. It was fuckin’ music to my ears… I took her hand and we walked through the town, my dick growing harder with each step, until we come to a little bit of woods out behind the school… there she pulled down her shorts, and undone my jeans. I was drippin’ as my fuckstick come out, I knew it was time… I went to turn her around, but she giggled, and directed me to her woman hole… I fucked her hard, and she loved it, she begged for me to let go, show her who I really was and as the moon reached it’s high point, fuck if I didn’t, the pain of the changin mixin with my floodin her body with seed. Instinct told me I’d done my Pa proud, I’d added to the pack. I told her I’d come to town time to time to check on her and my boy, but she told me it wasn’t in our nature, that I wouldn’t think of her or our pup until he was ready for his first changin’ at 18 unless we was to breed again, but either way it was okay, it was just the way of Howl County..

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