Master's collared servants: A new member

By Tranceguy / Jaybird
published October 27, 2019
1304 words

After Master recruited his first servants, a new member will join to us…

Our master had left us in the storage room where we rest kneeling in our plug station. Arms and the head were hanging down to the floor. Eyes are closed. Our conscious mind was totally locked in the back of our brain. Since he had put the hypno collar on our necks and we had had the first usability test with him, we were now his servants until he wished to let us go. He upgraded us in a hot slave dress with jockstrap and a black leather band on the right upper arm. The hypno collar around our neck lighted up in green in front that shows the carrier has no own will. We were frozen like that for a while. Motionless.

Then our master comes in. Behind him there was a young black haired and bearded guy. He struggled against him. The young guy was bound and gagged. He just can walk. Then master said: “Wake up my servants. Grab this guy and make him one of yours.” We awake immediately. Eyes were opening, we stood up and plugged out. We started saying our mantra: “serving is a pleasure.” On and on… We walked to the guy and grabbed him left and right under his arms that he just hovered over the floor. “Bring him to me, when he is ready for his usability test.” Our master said. We answered synchronously: " Yes, master!"

The guy opened wide his eyes and he tried to scream. A tear runs down his face. He has fear about what will happen to him. He has no hunch.

We brought him in the spiral room. Arrived there, it looks like our first in there. The ceiling was one huge turning spiral in black and white. We put the guy into the middle. Now I grabbed his body behind him to fix him motionless. My hypno bro corrected his head up to the ceiling where the spiral was turning and fixed this position motionless. In the next two hours we all were standing in this position like a group of statues in a museum. Over and over, my servant bro and I were saying our mantra.

“Serving is a pleasure, Serving is a pleasure, Serving is a pleasure…”

The guy was crying. But after a while, he gets emotionless and his eyes begin to spin like the spiral at the ceiling. The brainwash works as expected. After his eyes were filled with spiral, we stopped grabbing him. The guy between us didn’t resist any more. He stands alone looking at the ceiling. Then we both servants started slowly to unbound him first. I opened his trouser’s belt from behind. It dropped down. The other one diloricate his white shirt to not interrupt the connection to the spiral. Now the guys muscled body appeared. We didn’t take notice of it. Just saying our mantra. Serving is a pleasure in a monotonic voice. Now the guy was standing just with his black boxers between us. We wore just with our black jockstraps. It was a gorgeous view.

Then we both together grabbed his elastic waistband and dropped it down to the floor. Now we was crouching. I’m in front of his peach buttocks and my hypno bro in front of the guy’s unerected smooth shaved cock. In this position a sexual instinct, that never can be controlled, not in the strongest hypno trance, did appear in us. We got horny. The bump in our jockstrap grew bigger. After a few seconds we stand up. My hypno bro turns around and walked away. As he comes back he held a hypno collar in his hand. With his outflung arms he went to the neck of the guy who was still looking at the ceiling, totally naked. He placed it on its side and I closed the hypno collar in the nape of the neck. The light in front of the collar lighted up in blue. It was the new version of hypno collar from our master. The improved one works now with a liquid named rohypnol. A fast effective drug administered in regular intervals through a small needle in the hypno collar. The victim gets more susceptible to a hypnotic influence. Nice side effect was the eyes will glow and the pupils will get very small like a zombie. By the way, the old version of the hypno collar works with stimulated vibrations of the brains hypothalamus at the nape of the neck. It’s also much effective for enslavement and mindwiping. After a few minutes the collar began to do its job. The guy suddenly slowly moved his head straight ahead. His eyes were fascinating with a glowing white with a small black dot in each. His mouth opened a little and after a few seconds he started to say his mantra:

“serving… pleasure… …serving is a pleasure. Serving is a pleasure….”

Now the transformation was complete. He was one of us. A servant totally blank and mindwiped. Ready to obey to our master a toy like us.

Now we all together left the spiral room in a row with the new member between us. We walked to the throne room where master awaits his new member for the usability test.

Arrived there, master’s throne stands alone in front of us in three steps high. It was a not glamorous throne. It was black and had a silver trident in background. Master was sitting on it. We all stood in front of him, and we stopped saying our monotone mantra. The master was speaking: “Nice, you are ready with this nice sample at last. It was hard to get him in here, but the work paid off. Cute guy you are. Your glowing eyes are so much hotter. The new hypno collar works perfect. I think you both will get one too soon. So, and you will follow my every command, slave?”

The guy answered: “Yes master. Your wish is my command.” Show me your cock", master said and the guy followed with a: “yes master.” He stepped up in front of him. Master took his huge cock in his hand. The guys view was straight ahead, emotionless. “He is so heavy”, master said. “Let me show how big it can grow.” “Slaves! Come next to me.” We answered with a yes master and followed. You, and point at the new servant, dress off the other servant’s jock and watch their cocks. “Yes master,” he followed. He dropped my jock down first and crouched now in front of me. Looking at my cock who had now enough space to get hard. He waits until it stands upright. Then he got up. His view looks like it would be transparent. His cock shows he was now aroused. Master giggled while he walks to my hypno bro and undressed him too. Crouching in front of him, Master watched the happening intently. As the guy stand up both cocks stands hard upright, pulsing. At the pike the cocks touched itself. Master now speaks with a nasty voice, “Haha! Yes, excellent!” “So, you have shown your vertical stability. And now show me the best blowjob you can.” The guy crouched in front of the master. Master opens his trouser belt and exposes his big meaty penis. The guy said: “Yes master, Your wish is my command.” He grabbed master’s balls and plugged the whole cock into his mouth. He began sucking. Master groaned joyfully. He sucked so intently that the throne began to wiggle. Master sinks deeper in his chair. To not fall from it he spread his arms and grabbed us slave’s cocks with his hands. One to the left and one to the right. Here rubbed them synchronously.

It was an awesome situation.

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