Howl County part 2, first changing

By Jeep
published October 25, 2019

Marc’s story continues

The big man scratched himself slowly. I watched, and couldn’t help but admire that big, muscular arm covered in dark, wiry hair, and the languid grace with which he scratched, his agitation from before momentarily forgotten, his concentration fully in the act of relieving his itch.

“Anyway,” he said, "preacher finished up the service, and a few of us went out into the churchyard and they laid my Mama to rest. i walked back to that house on Hill Street, and plannin’ to spend a quiet evenin’ thinking about Mama and my life. But when I got to the house, he was there, that ole man who called himself my pa. He was standing there in the dusk, pissin’ on the front steps like it was the most natural thing in the world. He didn’t turn around, didn’t apologize, just went on about his business while he talked to me…

“WHOOEE boy, you done right by your ma, didn’t ya? This fine house for that simple bitch, don’t seem right to me, not when she denied you who you is, denied you your legacy… guess it don’t matter none, I can always tell when one of my own is around, no matter where they is in this county…”

Fore I could say anything about Mama sacrificin’ for me, or him abandonin’ me, or nuthin’ he zipped up and turned around to face me. This was my first chance to look on him proper, and what I saw I didn’t like one bit… he stood well over six foot tall and had the muscles of someone who’s done heavy liftin’ every day of his life. He had a heavy ball gut that was peekin’ outta the bottom of an old work shirt that he wore untucked over greasy jeans. His beard was full white cept for the tobacco stains down his chin, and it reached midway down his belly. He didn’t have much hair on his head otherwise, but it sure covered up his body everywhere else, white and curly. His eyebrows looked like two wooly caterpillars about to fight each other, and his tan skin was loose and folded like an old apple left to rot. His eyes was deep set in his face, and they was dark as night and cold as ice. He spat, and it landed on my cheek.

“Bet you thought you didn’t need to worry bout your Pa, listened to the lies of your ma, the lies of her folk, the lies of the city, but you’re wrong. That ain’t who ya are, not deep down. Just remember you wear my mark, you carry my seed, yer a part of this holler, and we always claim our own…”

With that Pa moved off down the street, walking proud and tall like he’d won some fight. Guess in a way he did, I just didn’t know it then, I was too citified to know he was trying to gain dominance over me, I just thought he was a mean, crazy old man.

That night I went to sleep, and I dreamed, I dreamed strange dreams about these huge wolves, shaggy and bright eyed, carryin’ me away, tearin me to bits, and of my cryin’ and howlin’ like a pup lookin for it’s ma’s teet. I finally found that teet in the dark, and I sucked and sucked until that teet gave up it’s load. It sure didn’t taste like no milk I ever had before, it was bitter and salty and warm, and that teet kept pumpin’ and pumpin’ fillin’ my gut, till I couldn’t take in no more, and spit some outta my mouth. It kept sprayin’ me, all over my body, while that crazy ole voice just kept sayin’ I was marked as his own, I was truly his kin, I was part of his pack…that milk it burned, it seared into my body like the fires of Hell. I started screamin’ and screamin’ I woke up. I wasn’t in ole Miz Adolphe’s house no more. I was outside, somewhere in the woods laying nekkid as a jay bird on the ground, and I was wet. I was soaked, in fact, soaked in somethin’ sticky and white, somethin’ that tasted like the milk from that teet, and I was alone. Or was I? I could feel rather than see multiple eyes lookin’ at me, I could fuckin’ hear their breathin’, I could smell their musk. I tell you, I never smelled nuthin’ so sweet in my life, it was raw, it was real, it was the smell of manhood, lust, and power, fuck, I was gettin’ hard out here in the woods, hard knowin’ I was bein watched, hard while the breathin’ around me grew stronger… I stood up to my full height, and arced my shoulders back as the bright, clear moon broke through the trees… I leaned back and I howled with pleasure, I howled as the thin red rod come outta the tip of my pecker… howled as all around me I heard howlin’ and heard his voice, Pa’s voice sayin’, “Okay boys, make him, welcome yer brother into the fold, show him who he really is…”

Suddenly I could see their eyes as they moved into the clearin’, my brothers with their deepset, glowing eyes. Fuck they was a sight to see, nekkid like me, but not like me, they was amazin’. Their haunches was thick with muscle and covered with fur, their feet and hands endin’ in black curlin’ claws, their faces not quite human no more with protrudin’ snouts and sharp teeth that come over their beards. There bodies was even bigger with muscle than I remembered and they was all rubbin on their giant cocks, some of em showing red rods like mine, some not. They circles me growlin a bit while they do, when the biggest one, one I know now is my brother Vuk charges at me, rammin’ his rod in me, biting and grabbin’ me roughly. I hear his pantin’ as we couple him rammin’ me strugglin,’ He arca back and howls when he explodes. My brothers around me explode. They’re all coverin’ me with their seed, cept they’re not. Their cum is just soakin in and my body is takin it, takin it all… Vuk pushes me off of him, just as the pain begins. Every bit of me cramps, seizes, and grows. I can feel myself becoming like them, growin’ thick, growin strong, becomin’ more than human. My cock grows and grows harder until my seed explodes and all becomes clear as my other life slips away, my smarts becomin’ power, my body becomin heavy with muscle… I look at Vuk, as a little spit drips from my jaw, growlin’ I snarl, “mine,” and so he become. That night I bred him over and over while Pa and my brother’s watched Before dawn, Pa give me my new name, Blaid. Damn I likes it… the name is strong. He went round with me to each brother telling me their names, Wilk, Raf, Osuf, Seath, Rezso, Ajag, Rawls, Azouf, Gurgen, Ujk, Varu, Uwals, Skoll, and Lyfing, telling them mine, lettin’ me git the scent of each, letting them git my scent. Vuk trails behind us, his head low, his spirit broke, no longer Alpha amongst the youngins, just another pack bitch…

As the sun begins to break, we change back to human form, them like I’d seed before, me different, me how you see me now… that was the night of the first changing..

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