The Reluctant Slave - 3

By MickMack
published December 2, 2008

Third part of three.


By: MickMack

(m/m, m/t, forced, slavery, nc, oral, anal)

This story is (c) Copyright 2007, by MickMack. All World Wide Rights Reserved.

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The material covered in this story and all other accompanying parts of this story are fictional. Any similarities to persons living or dead are pure coincidence.

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The Reluctant Slave

The Life and Times of Brad Cahill - Pleasure Slave

5.1 Noel Morgan – The Turning of the Screws

(Compiled from the Confidential Testimonies of Noel Morgan)

Damn that cunt! How could he? He wasn’t supposed to run away, taking five very expensive slaves with him! Well, four very expensive slaves that were really mine, and one stupid old geriatric slave.

I mean, that’s not what I’d planned! And now I was in deep shit. I needed to find them and in a hurry, return them all home, all before my father found out and everything I’d planned became known to the public.

Fucking hell! If I fail now, I could even be enslaved for what I’ve done. Oh shit!

Anyway, I should have known Evan was scheming up something when he wouldn’t let me into his bedroom to see any of the slaves. And I needed to see faggot-girl, I mean Brad. I needed to see him real bad, to see if he really was alright and that he hadn’t been damaged, I mean harmed, too badly.

Funny isn’t it. I haven’t been feeling too well ever since the month long gang-bang. I’ve been feeling depressed and anxious, and not sure what to do with myself. I don’t know why I should be feeling this way about a fucking slave, a fucking gay sex slave, but I kind of miss him now.

And since father gave permission for Evan to look after them, including August, there hasn’t been any other slave in the house that I’ve wanted near me to look after my personal and sexual needs. None of them could compare with faggot-girl’s total obedience and submissiveness.

Also, and I can’t believe I’m admitting this - I just haven’t been able to get him out of my mind.

But apart from that, it just made no sense for father to give the slaves to Evan. I’m the one with the experience and know-how to look after those slaves, and with Mr Hendricks support, I could have had Brad up and about in no time.

The way I had it planned, Evan would have fallen in love with Brad, and then stupidly declared his feelings for him to my parents. As it was, I’d always known my little brother was a closet faggot, but there was no way I was going to tell my parents, especially my mother who dotted on him.

Of course, if he fell in love with another man, a male slave at that, this would have had him instantly enslaved, as was required by law. I would then have been declared the sole heir to the family estate and fortune, at which time I would have bought Evan as a house slave and kept him with me. I mean, he is my brother for fuck sake!

And even Brad and his brothers! I knew I wouldn’t have got rid of them. Not now! They were the best fucks I’d ever had! And how was I to know I’d suddenly start missing the faggot-girl, I mean Brad, and suddenly want him to be my one and only personal pleasure slave?

I already knew I wasn’t going to hurt him physically anymore, because I’d achieved my goal and if Evan did declare his love for Brad, then I’d truly won.

I’d even considered being nice to Brad from now on, especially if he was extra good to me. Why, I was even prepared to let him share my bed every night from now on, as a sort of reward.

But Evan wouldn’t let me near him or any of the other slaves. What made it worse was the fact they were my slaves! I brought them! They were mine! So what if they were in Evan’s name, they were still mine!

What hurt me the most though, was father intended to sell them all. Once the fag, I mean Brad was all better, they would all be taken away from me forever. I couldn’t have that! Not after the huge investment I’d pumped into carrying out my elaborate scheme!

Fact was I felt like I’d been training Brad up to serve me in a way that no other slave could possibly service me. For the short time I’d had him, the month all my friends had used and abused him, I’d realised he needed to be with me and me only.

He was perfect in doing everything I demanded of him. His total submissive broken expression when I made him drink my piss, the way he smiled eagerly as I pounded his pussy and the way he knew how to enthusiastically suck me off just the way I loved it done. It didn’t matter if it was out of fear, or my friends were all watching, he just knew how to give me the best orgasms I’d ever had in my entire life.

And the way his blue eyes would twinkle as he looked up into my face, begging and pleading for me to use him like a woman over and over again. Well, I mean, he was irreplaceable. And I needed him to be with me right now, so I could make sure he was okay. No way could Evan possibly look after him and give him what he needed.

What am I saying? Well, now I know I’m in big trouble, because I just can’t seem to let go of him. His handsome face and muscular physique drive me wild as I’m fucking him, and his total obedience to me is pure pleasure in itself. The horrible thing about all this is I think I might actually be more than attracted to his looks than is legally allowed.

Of course, I’ll always be the real man, the top, and he’ll always only be a queer slave, so nobody would know or really care would they?

But his gone now, taken away by my younger brother. And I know I have to track him down and bring them all back before it’s too late.

You should have seen me when I got home from school the day Evan left. Like I’ve done every day since father said Evan could look after the slaves, I’d gone up to my little brother’s bedroom door and tapped lightly, hoping he’d come out or let me in. Most times he’d just yell out and tell me to go fuck myself, leaving me standing there more frustrated than ever.

But this day, eight whole weeks later, there was answer, no cursing, no sounds at all coming from his bedroom. I tested the door and it was definitely locked, and when I got one of our other slaves to call out and knock on the door again there was no answer.

Well, I figured I’d leave him alone and would see him later that evening, because he always attended the family dinner. Our mother wouldn’t have it any other way.

When every one gathered, I intended to see him there, but as I entered the dining room, father announced that Evan had decided to go out, and he’d probably see us all at breakfast before school tomorrow.

Now I might not be the smartest person alive, but I instantly thought this was a wonderful opportunity to get into Evan’s bedroom. Quickly excusing myself, I dashed up the marble staircase, raced to his room and knocked loudly. Even if he’d gone out, the slaves would be in there, would have to let me in, and I could finally see how Brad was, without my little brother getting in the way.

Again there was no answer, so putting my ear to the door I listened for any sounds of movement from within. It was dead quiet. A queasy feeling rose in my stomach, and before I knew what I was doing, I’d hunched up my shoulder and rammed the door open.

In that moment when the door had swung open, I knew what he’d done. The bedroom was empty. No-one was there. But most importantly, everything Evan owned, his clothing, shoes, computer and the posters on the wall were all gone.

I couldn’t believe it. I looked around frantically, seeing if he’d left any clues or evidence of where he’d taken off to. That’s when I found an envelop especially addressed to me in Evan’s handwriting, and I ripped it open with shaking hands.


I figure it won’t take you long to get into my room and find this letter. You probably even broke down my door to get in?

But that’s okay, because as they say, by the time you do read this I’ll be long gone and there won’t be a thing you or father can do about it. And yes, I’ve taken Brad, Sean, Justin, August and Monet with me.

Noel, I know everything you did to get Brad and his family enslaved. Being a computer geek actually has its benefits. And let’s not forget about poor August, aka Kyle, as well. Anyway, I have all the original documents that prove your involvement in both these terrible deeds, as well as the list of the people you bribed to make it happen. Also, I have copies of your own account statements and banking details that proves you were personally involved.

If you don’t want me to forward these files to the appropriate authorities, including father and his attorneys, you will keep your mouth shut, keep father from knowing what I’ve done for the next five days, and stay away from me forever. Do not come looking for us, because I promise you I will personally see you enslaved for the horrible crimes you’ve committed.

Noel, I will never forgive you for what you did to Brad’s entire family. To have destroyed so many peoples lives just because your ego and pride were dented a little bit. I wonder if you even know whether Brad’s parents are still alive, or if you even care?


It took me a moment to clear my head and for my rapidly beating heart to get back to normal. Evan had done a runner with my slaves, and ensured both father and I wouldn’t come after him until he was safely away.

For one split second, I felt so proud of him. He’d done something I didn’t think he’d have the balls to do. Also, he had ‘gazumped’ me, beat me at my own game and single-handedly ensured there was nothing I could do.

But I knew I couldn’t leave it be. I knew I had to go after them. I had to see Brad. I wanted him back and nothing was going to stop me.

Immediately I left his room, closing the door behind me. I’d only jimmied the springing mechanism within the lock itself when I’d slammed my shoulder against it, so there was no external damage to be seen.

Racing down to the car fleet, I ordered the frightened slave who washed and maintained our vehicles to tell me what cars were missing and where they were at this moment. He stuttered about Evan taking the large limousine out earlier in the morning, which meant he had a 12 hour head start on me.

Suddenly I remembered about the tiny micro-chips in each of the slaves’ necks, so racing back up to my room, I trashed my room looking for the remotes that would provide me with their locations once I’d activated their GPS modules.

For a moment I stood there confused as I scanned the satellite readings. Apparently they were all still here on the estate. That didn’t make any sense, so following the locator, I made my way back into Evan’s bedroom, opened the door to his private bathroom.

There on the cabinet sink sat the four micro-chips, plus a note saying if I was quick, maybe I could get my money back on these extremely small yet valuable items.

I had to hand it to Evan. He was far more resourceful than I’d ever given him credit for.

But enough of this! I was tired of playing games now, so I went to my own room, speed dialed a number on my mobile that put me straight through to my number-one contact. It was time to get serious and put an end to this.

“Grady, I have a job for you, and I want you on it yesterday…”

5.2 Brad Cahill - A Friend in Need

(Extracts From the Recently Discovered Writings by Brad Cahill – Pleasure Slave)

It seems as if I’ve spent a very long time in warm comfortable veils of darkness, not knowing or caring what was happening to me or around me. Sometimes I’d get momentary glimpses of consciousness, where I’d wake up and insurmountable agonising pain would flow through every cell of my body.

Immediately my mind would shut down, dispelling any outside intrusions onto my peaceful and tranquil dreams and visions, images where life was simple and carefree, and my family and I were gathered together, laughing and playing and talking of old times.

But something would invariably happen to splinter and shatter the serene state of mind I was in, as a myriad of images of Master Noel’s face appearing out of nowhere, demanding I look at him, obey him terrified me and forced me to escape even deeper into my mind.

And when that didn’t work, I’d shudder awake in terror to suffer blinding light hurting my opening eyes, and agonising pain lancing through my body, and once again I’d wish for the soothing darkness of forgetfulness to close in around me forever.

But the time came when I did open my eyes proper, and looking around me I tried to remember where I was, and how I got here.

I found myself in a large bed, with a cool light blue coloured satin sheet pulled up under my chin. The feel of the bedding was wonderful on my skin and for the first time in a long time, I felt strangely relaxed.

And then I felt warm soft hands gently holding onto both of mine, and curious as to who might be here with me, I slowly moved my head. Instantly flaring pain shot through my spine and my head felt like it was going to explode, but as the pain ebbed away, I could see Sean sitting next to me on my right and Justin to my left.

The looks on their faces were of deep concern, as well as love and fear. At first I struggled to sit up, but again the agonising pain struck me, leaving me immobile and gasping for breath. Again I looked up at my brothers and tried to smile.

“Shhhh… Its okay bro, don’t try to move. We’re here with you. You’ll be okay!” Sean said in a gentle voice, but I could hear the tremor in his tone.

Suddenly Justin was leaning over me, hugging me very tenderly and weeping softly. I was a bit confused now, as I wondered why they were so upset, so concerned. And as I looked around at my surroundings, I wondered where I could possibly be. Then my eyes fell on Master Evan Morgan.

Then a nightmare of traumatic memories, of terrifying scenes and horrific images shattered my peaceful composure. Instantly I started to whimper and cry hysterically, wanting to get out of the bed I was in and as far away from here as possible.

Master Evan immediately stepped forward, and with a kindness I hadn’t experienced in a long time, he knelt down next to the bed and reached out to touch my arm. Then I noticed he was crying too, and his face was so sad.

I didn’t know why, but I calmed down a fraction, maybe knowing he wouldn’t do anything to harm me. Not like… It was like a bomb had gone off in my brain, and as the images of Master Noel’s face filled my mind, I started groaning and moaning in terror, knowing I had to get up and protect my brothers. We had to get away from here, now, straight away.

“You’re safe now Brad. No one will harm you. Not in here. Please listen, you’re going to be okay.” Master Evan kept saying over and over again as I tried to struggle to move.

Slowly I did settle down, utterly exhausted, and as I tried to relax even more, the terror and fear I felt abated a little bit more.

Closing my eyes, I could feel my brothers on each side of me laying down next to me and putting their arms over my chest, hugging me gently as they both whispered into my ears that everything was alright. Slowly, my fragile tortured mind slipped into blissful sleep knowing they were all there for me, and I was now safe and sound.

But the sleep I fell into brought a thousand nightmarish memories flashing through my mind.

There I was, sitting naked on Trevor Drummond’s lap facing him, my legs wrapped around his large hairy waist as he sat on a tall stool in the middle of Master Noel’s bedroom. Encircling us were as many as 10 guys from high school, all once friends of mine, who laughed and spat contemptuously at me as I impaled myself on Trevor’s large erect penis.

Holding tightly onto his naked hairy perspiring body as I bounced up and down, I could feel myself squeezing my anus tightly around his throbbing member as I moved up and down, kissing and licking his long thick neck as he threw his head back laughing outrageously and moaning in absolute pleasure.

Repeatedly, Trevor would pull my head back by gripping my blond hair and immediately punch and slap me across my already badly bruised and beaten face, before shoving my head back onto his neck, instructing me to start kissing and licking again.

And then he was speaking to me, telling me how much he’d longed for the day he could make me his slut and fuck my tiny puckered pussy.

“Oh yeah, queer! You just keep riding my cock. Make a real man like me feel really good! God I’m glad you turned out to be a faggot, oh yeah!” he said to me as I slid and squeezed my boy-vagina up and down his thick manhood.

“Know something, faggot? Always wanted to fuck a muscle-bound blond-haired, blue eyed football playing cunt like you! Acting so smug and cool, but turned out you’re nothing but a dirty filthy little homo bum-boy. Now bounce up and down faster and squeeze them pussy lips even tighter, queer boy!” Trevor grunted into my ear as I continued to kiss and lick his neck, while my own throbbing cock rubbed between our bodies, leaking copious amounts of pre-cum that soaked into his thickly matted pubic and stomach hairs.

Then the sordid memory of my best friend Daniel Maddox, sitting back completely naked in one of Master Noel’s armchairs, slouched back with his legs wide apart. And there I was, kneeling between them licking his large fat round hair-covered testicles, bathing them all over with my spit before taking them gently into my mouth.

“God damned fag! You should have told me you were a homo when we first met! You could have been doing this to me everyday! Now take my dick in your mouth and reach up and massage my body! Feeling really horny now and I got lots of spunk to empty down your gullet, faggot!” he said, his voice cruel and vicious.

Immediately I did as he said, running my hands over his chest and gently squeezing his nipples, and then running them over his stomach and inner thighs, making him feel good as I sucked him deeply into the back of my throat. Just as quickly, Daniel started swinging his fists down on my arched back, pounding down as hard as he could, demanding I do it properly and stop fucking around.

Suddenly the degrading memories and the terrifying images faded away as the sounds of someone knocking on a door woke me. A tired irritated voice shouted out as if from afar, telling whoever was at the door to go away.

Slowly turning my head, I was startled and scared to see Master Evan lying on top of the bed next to me, his face turned towards the bedroom door. I could see he was only wearing a pair of boxer underwear. Frightened, I noticed how he had his right arm thrown over my chest and was hugging me close to him.

When Master Evan turned back to look at me, our eyes met and he suddenly appeared all flustered and embarrassed as he realised I was awake. Even though agony lanced through every part of my beaten body I tried to smile widely, and with unsteady shaky hands, I threw the satin sheet off me, slowly spread my legs as wide as I could. Then brining my knees back up on my chest, raising my buttocks high off the mattress, I concentrated on making my penis as hard as possible as I offered myself to him.

“Master, please fuck me, please Master! Master, please stretch my sloppy vagina as wide as you can, please Master!” I chanted loudly, in a little girlish broken voice as I stared up in terror into Master Evan’s brown eyes.

Master Evan’s expression was one of shock and dismay. Slowly he placed the palm of his hand on my knees and gently pressed down, motioning for me to lower my legs.

“Brad, I want you to lower your legs and let me pull the sheet back over you. Now relax. Calm down. That’s it. You’re still healing, and I don’t want you injuring yourself. So no more moving about until I say you can, understand?” He said softly, kindly yet firmly.

“Brad? Look at me. When you’re with me, you never have to do that, okay? You never have to offer yourself to me, or talk in that voice ever again. Please listen and try to understand?” Master Evan said, watching the confused disorientated look fill my face.

“Brad, what my brother did to you was terribly wrong. And I want you to trust me when I say I’m going to look after you and try and get you and your brothers away from here once and for all. I’m going to take you somewhere where you will be safe! Do you understand?” he said gently, as tears fell from his eyes and rolled down his face.

At first I just stared at him, and then I began to tremble all over. I couldn’t comprehend what he was saying to me. Instantly I thought I was being tested, that Master Noel had put Master Evan up to this. If I wavered, I would be punished severely, maybe even worse than the last time. Besides, why was he sidled up next to me, his arm hugging me close to him?

He saw the confusion and distrust in my eyes, and realising his arm was still draped across my chest, he quickly pulled himself off of me.

“I’m sorry Brad, I was just comforting you. You had another really bad nightmare last night. I just thought you might, well, you know, I mean… I didn’t mean anything by it, just to offer you support.” he stuttered, unsure what to say. Then the adjoining bathroom door opened and I watched as Sean and Justin came into the room.

When they saw I was awake, and that Master Evan was speaking softly to me, they hurried over. I could see they were bursting with joy and relieve, and I noticed Justin couldn’t stop himself from crying. Immediately they jumped on the bed and carefully hugged me to them.

“Evan, you should have called us when he woke up. Oh Brad, you look so much better, thank God!” Sean said excitedly, and as he hugged me to him, he reached over and patted Master Evan on the shoulder.

“What’s happening? I don’t understand? You shouldn’t be like…. I uhhh… Why aren’t you acting like slaves? Oh god, if Master Noel finds out, he’ll kill us all!” I was becoming frantic. I was watching them being disrespectful to Master Evan, acting as if he was their friend. Oh God, if Master Noel ever found out.

Instantly Sean and Justin were hugging me again, shushing me, telling me everything was okay. I tried to sit up but they kept pushing me flat on my back.

“You can’t move yet Brad. You have to stay put. The doctor said you have to rest up for quite a while before you’ll be allowed to stand up and go out, so stop your squawking and relax.” Master Evan stated anxiously, a firm look plastered on his young teenage face. Both my brothers were shaking their heads in agreement, as they smiled lovingly down at me while telling me to relax.

It was too much for me. I just lay there and let them talk as they excitedly babbled away, trying to fill me in on what had happened recently and what Master Evan now had planned for us within the next few weeks.

With my mind unable to take in everything that was happening around me, once again I found myself drifting off into a deep sleep, and again recent shameful memories flooded my head.

There I lay on my back, spread eagled on Master Noel’s bed. There was no-one else in his bedroom and he was kneeling between my parted legs, glowering down at me as he roughly fondled with my large hairless balls and slowly stroked and masturbated my eight and a half inch erect penis.

“You’re a gay whore now, faggot-girl! Nothing more than a disgusting queer bottom boy. Now smile up at me and thank me for playing with your girly bits! Thank your new Daddy for making a low-life faggot cunt like you feel really good! Tell Daddy what a fucking homo you really are and beg me to jerk you off!” he said, staring me deeply in the eyes as he continued to slowly jerk my throbbing cock.

And I did. Although my naked body and face had been badly beaten and battered for over three whole weeks, I lay there on my back spread-eagled before Master Noel, looking up into his dark brown eyes, smiling through swollen bleeding lips and thanked him for masturbating me, for making me into his gay sex slave.

As he fondled with my large hairless balls, I pushed my hips up, begging him, calling him my Daddy, pleading with him to make me feel good, acting like the faggot-girl he wanted me to be. I could see how I was frantically humping away on the bed, totally uninhibited as I felt his fisted hand start sliding quickly up and down my raging penis, and instantly I found myself squealing loudly as I shot my ball fluids all over my body.

Suddenly the memories fade once again, only to be replaced with even more humiliating visions of me standing in front of the entire high school football team and their girlfriends, wearing my neatly pressed school uniform. My trousers are around my ankles and my y-front briefs down around my knees.

My school tie is flung over my left shoulder and I am lifting my school shirt and blazer up under my chin, exposing myself to all those gathered before me. Behind me stands tall lanky Marcus Fielding, his throbbing seven inch long rock-hard penis punching upwards in and out of my vagina as he hugs my back close to his chest while reaching around and jerking me off at the same time with his right hand.

Standing there, being fucked from behind and jerked off at the same time, I smile through damaged bloodied lips and tell everyone watching me just how nice this feels and how much I love being a faggot whore for the whole football team, while Marcus slams his fisted left hand into the side of my head repeatedly as he continues to fuck me as hard as he can.

The memories shift as if in time and I watch myself on my hands and knees, naked now except for a pair of Speedo briefs pulled down my thighs a fraction. Before me one of the football team members is kneeling in front of my face, slamming his fat erection in and out of my eagerly sucking mouth, while another kneels behind me and fucks me as hard as he can.

The guy fucking my pussy has reached under me and is furiously masturbating me at the same time. And as they take their pleasures, laughing in contempt at how my whole badly beaten body responds enthusiastically to their brutal use, I feel their fists descend on my back and into my sides as they punch and beat me unmercifully.

Once more the memories shifted and merged, and this time I see I am on my knees. I am only wearing my jock strap, and the cotton pouch at the front has been pulled down and is tucked up under my balls allowing my erection to stand up nearly flush against my flat stomach.

My y-front briefs have also been pulled down over my head, and my face is poking out of the left leg opening of my underwear.

My hands are by my side, unmoving, and I’m looking up timidly into Craig Jessop’s frowning hate filled face. He stands before me tall, naked except for a pair of jockey brief underwear pulled down around his knees.

“I told you to beg, faggot! Beg me to suck my cock before I shove my fist up your pussy!” he snarls at me, and obediently I start pleading with him to let me suck his large fully erect penis.

Immediately he steps forward and starts smashing me around my face, chest and stomach, and even as he pounds his fist into me, I maintain my own erection and continue to beg him. Within minutes I am licking up and down the length of his throbbing organ, sucking on his balls and running my saliva-covered tongue all around the base of his rampant cock, sucking on his pubic hairs.

He cums quickly when he orders me to finally suck him off properly, and when he steps away, Greg Smithers moves forward quickly, demanding I beg him to suck his throbbing cock as well before he begins punching into my pain-racked body too.

Behind him are lined up all the rest of the football team, ready to step forward and demand I beg them each to suck them off. And as I plead with them to let me blow them, they each take their turns smashing their fists into my already severely beaten and bloodied body, before making me worship their erections.

So much agony and humiliation washes through me as I remember the endless amounts of sperm that slide down my scraped raw bruised throat, and I feel my mind shrinking away, trying to find that safe place where no one can follow me to cause me pain, yet wherever I go, I see Master Noel’s face leering out at me, telling me that I am his. That he will never let me go.

But it is one of these many visions and images that follows me in my mind, keeps repeating on me, in my sleep and when I’m awake, that shatters my very existence and nearly sends me insane.

There I lay on my back with Master Noel lying on top of me, my legs over his shoulders as he fucks me in a vicious, brutal way. And as he fucks me he stares down into my severely swollen eyes, and then he’s kissing them tenderly.

“You’re my girl now! We’re going to stay together forever and ever. I’m going to look after you and you’re going to pleasure me like only the faggot-girl you are can. Oh yes, faggot-girl, I’ll never let you go now!” Master Noel said as he gently kissed my puffed-up bloodied lips even as he pounded his cock up me as hard as he could.

As the nightmarish dream-like visions finally disappear and the light between the slits of my eyelids suddenly wakes me, I stare up once again into Master Evan’s worried face, but now I feel nothing.

When he speaks to me, I hear myself respond and answer, all the time smiling, but I don’t know what I’m saying. In my mind, I know I have finally found a safe haven, somewhere deep down inside me completely empty of all pain and shame and humiliation, a place I know I am able to stay there and not be hurt anymore.

I can see my brothers hovering about me, telling me I am getting better. I know I am smiling and saying what they want me to say, but it means nothing to me at all. In my head, in the safety of my being, I curl away, and as I witness another image of Master Noel flashing in my mind, I whimper and cringe and disappear to another corner of my safe haven.

I don’t know how long I am like this, but I vaguely remember them getting me out of bed, of making me stand. Immediately, even though I feel my legs collapsing under me, I try to assume the mandatory slave position.

In my head, I hide away, not caring or worrying what is happening around me, but the outer me senses that for my own physical safety, I must always be vigilant and maintain my slave position no matter what anyone says or does.

And all the time images of Master Noel rise up and chase me around in my head, reminding me there is no escape from him and that I must always be a good faggot-girl.

The days come and go, absently drift by, and I know my body is healing and any bruises I once had are now all gone.

I listen in an abstract way as Sean and Justin laugh and play video games on the huge TV monitor Master Evan’s owns.

I watch in a daze as Monet and August happily race about cleaning and scrubbing the huge bedroom we are in, bringing in food when the sun sets and feeding us all breakfast when the sun rises.

Again it means little to me, and always when Master Evan addresses me, I assume the mandatory slave position.

But then something happens that makes me slowly wake up, draws me out of my mind.

I remember one day, a day like any other, when Master Evan dismisses everyone from the room as I stand next to him in the slave position. Before I know what is happening, he orders me into his bed, so instantly I thought he finally might want to fuck me.

As instructed, I immediately lay down on my back on his bed, spread my legs out as wide apart as I could, raised my hips up off the mattress as far as I can, and placed my arms way above my head, offering myself to him like a good faggot-girl slave.

But again Master Evan stops me as he lies down next to me and cuddles up, and I can’t understand why he isn’t using me. I mean, I thought he was my new Master now and I was his pleasure slave. But since I have been with him, he hasn’t once touch me in that way, never allowed me to please him as Master Noel and others have taught me to.

“Brad, I love you so much! You’re the most handsome guy I’ve ever met in my entire life. Will you hold me and protect me?” he says, looking up into my uncomprehending face. He is gentle with me, caressing my chest and stomach ever so lightly, and when he gently touches my erect penis, and then moves his mouth and tries to suck me, I stare down into his face in utter confusion.

I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, but when he straddles my stiff cock, pushes down and I see the pain and agony he is subjecting himself to as he orders me to fuck him hard, something in my head snaps and I stop him.

Very gently I lift him off me and lay his small thin body next to mine and I hug him close to my trembling body. I don’t know what he wants from me, but I tell him I don’t want to hurt him.

Instantly he falls asleep, and I just stare down at his sad lonely face. Memories of sadness and pain rise up in my mind once again, but as I look at his small gaunt child-like boyish face I realise I cannot do what he wants, and that’s to fuck him as hard and brutally as I can.

But then every day afterwards he does the same thing, and every time I have to stop him and lay him next to me so as to stop him hurting himself on my thick cock.

I don’t know exactly how it happened, but suddenly I was looking down at him, and I felt a little of the old me returning from deep inside my mind. It felt as if I was instantly pulled out of my safe place and like a jigsaw puzzle, all the pieces were connected in the correct pattern.

As I looked down at him, I realised what he’d been doing, how he was prepared to sacrifice himself to me to try and get me back, prepared to use his sexuality to try and save me. In a world where gay free citizen men were immediately enslaved, he had opened himself up to me and let me know his deepest secret to try and save my sanity.

And as I began remembering all the many daze-filled days that had past by while I was under Master Evan’s care, I understood how he’d also looked after and cared for both my brothers and August too.

I was staggered by the realisation he was trying to help us, that he was being so kind. And then I remembered how he’d said he’d loved me, and as I looked down at his face once more, I knew I loved him too and would do anything he asked of me to try and protect him.

  1. Evan Morgan – The Great Escape

(From the Private Diary of Evan Morgan)

A few tear drops ran down my cheeks. Looking back at the family estate disappearing in the distance as the black nine seat limousine we were traveling in exited the two massive iron-wrought gates decorated with the family crest, I wondered how my departure would be taken.

Of course, it was too late to turn back, and so this was it. I had made my decision, and it was unlikely I would ever be back anyway. I doubt father, mother or Noel would ever forgive me for what I was about to do.

Not that I cared that much about how Noel felt.

Looking across at Brad, his two brothers, August and Monet, I could see the fear in their own eyes as they each contemplated the danger we were all in. I tried to smile reassuringly at them all, but for the first time since I’d thought up this plan, I actually felt like a silly naïve 16 year old boy, a young boy trying to play in an adult’s world.

I shivered as I considered how much risk I’d put them all in, but I tried to keep my thoughts fixed on what would happen to them if I didn’t do anything. For me, it was time to put things right, and this was all I could come up with.

For the entire time Brad and his brothers were in my care, I had been doing a little homework of my own. I needed to know how my brother had enslaved them, how he had gotten away with it.

Using my computer and my access to the Internet, it turned out to be quite easy to discover the relevant details of all those involved in Noel’s elaborate plan. For a supposed smart guy, Noel hadn’t really covered his tracks all that well! The amount of e-mail footprints leading back to his deceptions was incredible, and none of it security.

So I was able to determine how he did it, and who was involved. It was an amazing list of ‘who’s who’ within high public office through to other disreputable persons involved from all sectors of local and state government.

But the biggest coup for me was access to all his banking details, every transaction, every payment he’d made to try and hide his duplicity.

And then I found the document outlining what he intended to do to me. I was shocked that he was planning to discredit me, have me enslaved and then secure as his the entire Morgan family fortune. Somehow, he’d worked out my little secret that I was gay, and he intended to use it against me.

Instantly I knew I had to get away. Not only that, I had to get Brad and his brothers out of there to some safe haven. The memory of it staggered my imagination the lengths Noel would go to get his hands on our family wealth.

Suddenly Brad slid across next to me from where he’d been sitting staring at me. He looked at me with a beautiful gentle smile on his face, probably trying to make me feel better, as I reckon he could see in my expression all the fears and concerns I was carrying.

He looked marvelous in the casual clothes he was dressed in and I couldn’t help but think how extraordinarily sexy and handsome he was.

Instantly I felt so ashamed of myself, knowing I shouldn’t be thinking like this, especially towards Brad and his two brothers. But when he put his arm around me and hugged me close to him, making me rest the side of my face against his large muscled chest, I knew he wouldn’t be too angry at my silly stray thoughts.

“Evan, no matter what happens today or tomorrow, I want you to know, deep in my heart, I will always love you for trying to save my brothers and me.” He said, and as he lifted my chin so he could look me directly in my eyes, and I felt my heart pound and shudder, I knew instantly I was deeply in love with him.

That’s when I started crying. Soft little sobs that erupted from my throat, choking me as I felt myself losing control of my emotions.

How could I ever expect their forgiveness, especially after everything they’d all suffered at the hands of my big brother? And Sean! I had taken advantage of him too. I was no better than my brother!

And what Brad had just said to me. Yes, I believed him absolutely, his sincerity and kindness shone through his handsome features, and it was so like him to declare his kindheartedness and virtue at a time he could see I was so frightened. Yes, he would love me as a brother would, and even include me as one of his for a little while.

But it also struck deep inside of me, like a paring knife, because I knew I couldn’t allow myself to love him without endangering the freedom of every one here. Anyway, I was a closet gay, too ashamed to come out, and I didn’t want to declare my true feelings to Brad for fear of being overwhelmingly rejected by him and embarrassing him too.

When I had lain with him previously, it had been a means to break through his protective mental walls he’d constructed to save his sanity.

Unfortunately, where we were going, there may not be any slavery, but being gay was still not considered socially acceptable. You may not go to prison for it, but society would still frown down upon you for being a fag, a homo.

Besides, as Brad got better and he slowly put his and his brother’s lives back together, he would most probably pick up his life from before he’d been enslaved, study hard, get back into football, and get a great job, meet many girls, and eventually meet a beautiful woman and marry.

As I considered all this, plus the fact I was now homeless and without family, it seemed rather weird how quickly things progressed from that moment on. Before we knew it, we were at the airport, checking in, and walking down the aisle in the ‘first class’ section of the Boeing 787, being politely escorted to our seats.

Fifteen hours later, and we were booking into the executive penthouse apartments of the Le Grand Hotel.

One minute I was crying in the family limo, the next I was walking around our new luxury accommodation in stunned amazement, wondering how we’d gotten away so quickly and so easily.

I found the complimentary welcome bottle of very expensive champagne, and with Monet’s help, we uncorked it and filled up five champagne flutes. Then gathering around, I raised my glass and looked up at every one of them.

“Well guys. I’d like to make a toast. Congratulations and welcome to your new home!” I said out loud, a big smile on my face.

Everyone was looking at me strangely, wondering what I meant. Immediately I went and got a file out of one of my travel bags, came back in and handed it over to Brad.

At first he stared at it cautiously, but he opened it and I watched as his eyes grew wide with incredulity.

“This says this whole apartment block is ours. It’s got all our names on it!” he said in shock as he handed it over to Monet. Monet looked at it and then up at me, stunned that he was now part owner of one of the most expensive hotel chains in the nation.

“You paid $465 million for this! But… I mean…” Monet stuttered, and I rushed forward when he looked like he was going to collapse. Brad beat me to it and helped my old friend into one of the luxurious lounge chairs. Everyone was now looking at me with stunned looks on their faces.

“Of course I did. It’s my money and I’ll do what I want with it. Besides, I need to know that you are all very well looked after from now on.” I said softly, a little embarrassed by their shocked response to me.

“Why isn’t your name on here?” August suddenly said, looking up from the title deeds, and when he asked, all the others gathered around him to look as well.

“Well, I didn’t want to impose on you all. You mightn’t have wanted me to stay here, especially if it made you feel uncomfortable.” I answered truthfully, hanging my head in shame. But then I remembered we had three more things to do, one of which was probably the most important of all.

Again I went and got out another file from the same travel bag,

Asking Monet to help me fill their glasses once more with champagne, I asked them all if they minded me doing the honours again.

“I cannot tell you how sorry I am for the pain you have all endured, and I wish I had been more of a man and done something to help you all much earlier. But I didn’t back then, so all I can do is try very hard to make amends. Anyway, I sure hope this goes some small way towards you one day forgiving me.” I said, and then handed each one of them a personalized envelop.

Justin was the first to open his, and like a kid at Christmas time opening their presents, he emptied the contents onto his lap. He lifted up the fancily decorated certificate, and the plastic sleeve containing a personalised savings account key card.

“This says I’m free! That I’m a free citizen! And this here says there’s a bank account under my name! It says I’ve got $5 million in it!” Justin exclaimed in astonishment.

“Is this for real, Evan? And this account you opened for me? $5 million! Why?” Sean asked, tears in his eyes. All I could do was smile sheepishly, looking at everyone until I saw the confusion on August’s face.

“You’ve made a mistake, Evan. There are three certificates here? Ones for me, but the other two are for my sister and my mum? I’ve haven’t seen them since the day we were all enslaved!” August said shaking his head in sadness, fighting back the urge to cry at the memory.

“Evan, you’ve included in my envelop certificates for our mum and dad as well?” said Brad, a question in his sad eyes as he looked at me in confusion. Lowering my own eyes, I quickly walked over to the phone on the coffee table, dialed reception and gave them the go ahead to proceed.

Then we all heard a knock on the door, and as we all stood there frozen, not one of us making an effort to answer the front door, I looked at the four of them and grinned like a Cheshire cat.

“I think it’s for you. You’d better answer it!” I said to the lot of them, and then watched as Sean and August went to the door together.

At first there was an uncomfortable silence as four complete strangers walked slowly into the room. Everyone looked at each other, until Justin, staring at the eldest couple who’d walked in, slowly rose up from where he was sitting, shaking all over.

At the same time Sean looked at Brad in stunned shock as a huge smile spread across his face and Brad moved forward towards the man and woman with tears cascading down his cheeks.

“Boys, it’s really you! It really is you! Thank God you made it!” Sam and Joan Cahill cried out as their three sons rushed into their open arms.

And as August moved forward towards the young 12 year old girl and the smiling grey haired woman hugging her closely and holding on to her shoulders, he wept as he swept his mother and little sister up into his open arms in a huge bear hug.

By now I was making my way to my new bedroom, a lavish room with a massive bed in the corner and a large sofa couch facing a huge LCD TV. It also had an adjoining bathroom with sauna and spa, and a small modern kitchenette. I caught Monet’s eye, and gestured that maybe he should come with me so we could leave the reunited families to get reacquainted.

As I closed the door behind us, Monet went to turn down my bed sheets, getting it ready for me to retire, but I pulled him aside and made him sit down as I put the kettle on.

“Monet, you don’t have to wait on me anymore. You’re your own free man now. You can do whatever you please, and no-one can ever again tell you what to do.” I said to him as I served him up a cup of his favourite tea. At first he just stared at me, and a big kind smile formed across his wrinkled face as he chuckled softly to himself.

“Master Evan, I’m seventy one years of age, and I’ve been a slave for thirty of those years. It’s all I know. I don’t know anything else. So if you don’t mind, I’ll continue to look after your needs and make sure you look presentable at all the time. It’s what I do best!” Monet said happily as he shushed me when I tried to interrupt him.

“What you did for us all was splendid Master Evan. I have always been very proud of you, as if you were my very own son, and even though I was only your slave, I feel it was a great honour to have served you. Of course I will go on serving you, but I want you to do a favour for me Master Evan’s?” he said.

“Of course I will! Just ask and I’ll do it.” I answered straight away.

“Just be yourself Master Evan. And when good things come along, grab them and don’t let them go, no matter what! Life’s far too short to be apologising all the time, or feeling sorry about the woes or tribulations of the world. Take it from an old man when I say, enjoy every moment without any regrets.” He said wisely.

“I have a feeling that out there in the living room right now, your apology is being accepted. Now get into bed and let me tuck you in. Time we all got some sleep and see how the rest of the young ones are in the morning! Besides, I want to see if my bedroom is as grand as this one!” Monet said firmly, smiling as he finished his tea and went to fluff up my pillows.

I fell asleep soon after Monet had left me, but I was instantly awoken by the hysterical cries and weeping of Sean and Justin as they came bursting into my room.

6.1 Noel Morgan – The Solitary Stance

(Compiled from the Confidential Testimonies of Noel Morgan)

I couldn’t believe it. I’d finally found them all and now here he was, on his back completely naked, his arms thrown back way above his head and his legs lifted into the air and spread wide apart, inviting me to take that which was rightfully mine.

His large thick penis was fully erect, leaking and throbbing as it lay huge on his flat stomach as he waited in fear and anticipation for me to step forward, kneel at the base of his buttocks and slide my own rampant cock all the way up his fuck-hole.

I felt like I was floating on air, on ‘Cloud 9’, feeling so light and marveling at having faggot-girl, I mean Brad, back in my possession. And as I stared at his recently stretched puffed up, red raw anus, I smiled with happiness that we were now re-united and I could show Brad how much I really did care for him.

Immediately I leaned over him and stared deep in his frightened face.

“Open your fucking legs even wider faggot-girl, and start playing with that clit of yours. And why aren’t you begging me to fuck you?” I said, unable to hide the huge smile of joy plastered across my face as I watched him obey me. Immediately I began lightly slapping his large hairless balls about between his inner thighs, watching as little spurts of pre-cum bubbled and oozed out the tip of his penis to dribble in long sticky drips onto his hard washboard stomach.

“I’m sorry Master! Please Master, please fuck me really hard, please Master!” he replied quickly, his quavering voice breaking as he stared meekly up at me. How amazing to think Evan could possibly think of taking Brad away from me. I could even tell faggot-girl was lost in his own daze of overwhelming lust as he stared up at me, silently begging me to fuck him, to make him mine.

Yes, this was good! My contact Grady had come through even quicker than I could possibly have imagined. Immediately after my call, he’d checked all air flights out of the state, instantly finding out the flight number and time of departure for Evan and his fleeing entourage.

Then he’d quite simply done a very quick phone around to the most expensive hotels in the huge metropolitan city of Morrisett, New Holland. Within minutes he had all the details of when they were to book in, how many were staying there, and likely time of arrival.

I’ve got to hand it to him. Grady was good, but when he rang me back less than an hour after I’d initially contacted him, he suddenly made a demand which I had to accept if I wanted to see faggot-girl any time soon.

“I want the slave bitch for 48 hours. I’ve heard he’s a good looking kid and a great lay. If you let me have him for that amount of time, all to myself for 48 hours, I’ll go pick him up, and once I’ve had my way with him, I’ll bring him to a place of your choice. We got a deal?” he’d stated.

What could I say? Actually I had plenty, but at the moment, I wasn’t in a position to argue with him.

“Okay, it’s a deal! But remember this! If I find one mark on him, or if you so much as damage him in any way, I’ll make sure you end up in a plutonium mine west of Kazakhstan! Not only you, but every family member you hold dear to you. Do you understand me?” I said, the threat oozing like treacle from my tongue.

“Now that’s not very neighbourly, is it? Okay, I agree, but I will warn you. I like my sex really rough, so expect him to have lots of bruises all over his face and body by the time I deliver him to you!”

I slammed the receiver down on the phone, pissed off I’d allowed myself to be hoodwinked by that conniving bastard. Well, it wouldn’t matter, because once I got Brad back, I’d make sure that sleaze suffered severely for his total lack of respect for me.

But it was the waiting that nearly pushed me over the edge. I wanted the fag with me now. I hated the fact I had to wait, and believe me, 48 hours is a fucking long time to wait.

Anyway, as planned I went up to the northern state of New Holland, booked into a seedy looking motel on the outskirts of Morrisett, and messaged through my current location to Grady.

Finally I heard the knock on the door that I’d been waiting for. As soon as I opened it, Grady, a huge bear of a man threw faggot-girl stumbling into the centre of the small one bedroom apartment where he collapsed in a quivering weeping heap.

“Here he is as promised. And thanks for the extended time so I could get acquainted with the queer slave. Anyway, I don’t think I ripped his pussy up too much, but I can’t guarantee you that! If I have, take it out of the money you’re paying me, cause believe me, it was well worth it. Best fuck session I’ve had in a long time. Now, do you want me to wait for you at the Devonport Motel?” he said, smiling contentedly as he waited for my reply.

“Okay then. When I’m done here, I’ll call you and you can smuggle him back across the border for me. Just wait by the phone and I’ll call when I’m finished here!” I said, unable to take my eyes off of faggot-girl cowering there in front of me.

Dismissing Grady, I locked the door, and immediately went over and knelt down next to Brad as he tried to cringe away from me. Quickly I ran my hands over his body, making sure that no bones were broken. I must have appeared close to hysterical, really concerned that Grady might have hurt my faggot-girl in some way.

Suddenly I hugged him close to my chest, and before I knew what I was doing, I leant down and kissed my queer-boy on his trembling lips. The look of shock that appeared on his face was no different to the look of stunned disbelief that appeared on mine.

But it didn’t seem to matter any more as I quickly reached down and unzipped his pants so I could reach in and slowly stroke his thick uncircumcised penis as he lay there on his side in utter confused silence. Again I leant down and kissed him, and this time not allowing him to move as I ran my tongue inside his mouth.

Immediately I stood up and stared down at him smiling. I couldn’t help myself.

“It’s great to have you back, faggot-girl. I really missed you, and like I promised you earlier, I’ve come to take you away with me.” I said happily, watching Brad’s face intently.

Faggot-girl just lay there speechless, but I could see he was still terrified of me. Well, that was okay, because I didn’t want him to suddenly think I was going soft on him, giving him ideas he could somehow get away from me.

“You look a fucking mess. Now get up, take those clothes off and get your sorry arse into the shower. Oh yeah, and leave the door open. I want to watch as you scrub yourself clean!” I instructed, aware of the

Sniffling and trying to contain his tears, Brad quickly got up and stripped his t-shirt, jeans and underwear off and hurried into the shower cubicle. For me it was pure delight to watch him as he suds himself up, washing away the last few days grime and dried sperm caked to his skin, and the rancid lingering scent of Grady from his smooth muscular body.

There he stood, the fine spray of the shower cascading over his head and down his trembling body as he obediently scrubbed himself. I could see where Grady had repeatedly beaten him. Large bruises covered his torso and his left eye was blackened, and his lower lip was puffed out and hugely swollen.

“Bend over and pull your butt cheeks wide apart faggot-girl!” I said to him as he stared at me in defeat. Quickly he turned around and bent over, pulling his arse cheeks wide apart. I could see how he’d been used, how Grady must have fucked him continuously over the 48 hours he was in his care.

There didn’t appear to be any damage, but his anus was puffed up and red raw. That was important for me to know. I needed to know I could still shove my dick up faggot-girl’s pussy and take my pleasures without him bleeding all over me.

“Okay, you can dry yourself. I want you standing in the slave position before me in 2 minutes. Now hurry the fuck up!” I snapped at him, watching as he hastily grabbed up a towel and quickly ran it over his firm body.

Before I knew it, he stood before me, legs wide apart, hands clasped behind his back, his head bowed low so that his chin rested on his chest, and his groin thrust forward as far as he could push his hips out. But more importantly, his large penis was rock-hard, standing up to attention and leaking pre-cum, waiting for me to touch it, to inspect him.

That’s when I truly knew my faggot-girl Brad was really mine. I knew he no longer had a micro-chip implanted in his spine anymore, but his cock stood up rigid before him, inviting me to stroke and inspect it. I also knew he was once more a free citizen, and if he really wanted to, he could just as easily have walked out of here without saying anything to me.

And believe me when I say, if he’d made that decision to walk out on me, there wouldn’t have been much I could have done about it. He was bigger than me, taller than me, and as he’d proved to me on a number of occasions at high school, he knew how to look after himself.

Of course I would never have let him walk out on me. I would have had Grady here in a split second to take him down, and then got him across the border as quickly as I could.

But here he stood, offering his body, offering up his huge erect penis to me in all his naked glory. I knew his will had been utterly broken when I’d initially had him enslaved, and here was the final physical prove that he needed me to look after his submissive needs.

“Did you miss me, faggot-girl? Have you missed servicing all my manly needs?” I asked him as I wrapped my fingers around his fuck-pole and started slowly jerking him off. At first he just moaned and whimpered before he answered me.

“Master, yes I missed you very much, Master! Master, I missed so much the feel of your big manly cock in my mouth and fucking my loose sloppy vagina, Master!” he intoned, and I could tell he was actually speaking the truth to me.

“Okay then faggot-girl, prove it to me. Give me the best blow job you can possibly give me!” I said letting go of his dick and standing up as he slid down onto his knees before me.

Again it was wondrous! How he looked up into my face, his blue eyes reflecting his total obedience to me as he reached up with both hands and unzipped my pants. And then very carefully, he lowered them and my underwear down around my knees as he quickly tongued the length of my growing penis before taking it into his mouth.

“Yes, that’s it! Be my good obedient little faggot bitch! Make your Daddy proud how good a cock-sucking homo you really are!” I gasped out loud with pleasure. And he did. He looked me up into my eyes and smiled around the girth of my throbbing penis as he slid his swollen lips tightly up and down its long pulsating length.

“Oh yes, that’s it! Now when I cum, I don’t want you to swallow, faggot-girl! Just keep it nice and warm in your mouth! Then I’ll use it to lube you up when I’m ready to fuck you, baby!” I grunted as I felt my large hairy balls contract, my body shudder and quiver uncontrollably, and as I grabbed the back of his blond head and pulled his face flush against my crotch, I suddenly exploded into his sucking mouth.

“Good faggot! Now that was a great blow job!” I said to him, and then gestured for him to get up on the small single bed on his back.

“See, darling! My dicks still as hard as ever! Now spit out my jism into the palm of my hand, and then reach around and pull your arse cheeks wide apart for me. A few dabs and we’ll be ready to have a lovely slow fuck! Won’t that be nice, faggot-girl?” I said to him as he obediently dribbled my spunk into the palm of my hand and I quickly fingered it up into his arsehole.

Then putting his knees over my shoulders so his ankles rested on my lower back, I entered him with one smooth push all the way up his gripping massaging anus. And even without his micro-chip to enhance his own pleasure against his will, his anus instantly responded to my penetration by opening up as wide as possible to wrap itself around the full length of my thrusting penis.

I took my time as I fucked him, all the time looking into his dazzling blue eyes. At times I hammered as hard as I could into his responding loudly squelching boy-pussy, and other times I just let him feel the thickness and length of my cock sliding slowly in and out of him.

Yes, he was mine, and once again I placed my lips against his, pushed my tongue into his mouth and forced him to kiss me long and hard as I began to fuck him with sharp savage lunges that made him shake and bounce about under me.

“You’ll always be mine, no matter what happens from now on, faggot-girl! You’ll continue to pleasure me whenever I want it, and every time you submit to me, you’ll put your whole heart and soul into it, understand!” I breathed out heavily, wanting to embrace him as tight as I could to my humping bucking perspiring body.

“Master, I’ll do anything you want, Master! Master, please fuck my vagina even harder, please Master!” he replied in a low sad voice, a voice filled with his own uninhibited lust, yet full of a despairing understanding he was now nothing without me. That he needed this more than anything else in the world.

That’s when I lifted my chest up a fraction and began slapping his face as hard as I could while fucking him even harder. And as I watched his reaction to my viciousness, I smiled in joyful love for him as he looked up at me in a frightened terrified way, like a timid naughty little girl who knew she had to accept her punishment.

Yes, this was what he wanted the most. I could see how he’d crossed over to being a complete submissive cock-loving masochist, loving the endless humiliation I was subjecting him to. He knew there was nothing else he could do now in life but submit to me completely and service every one of my sexual needs.

And finally, as I felt myself bracing against the most intensive orgasmic ejaculation I’d ever experienced, I leant my head back down and took his offered tongue between my teeth and bit down lightly as I flooded his bowels with my copious amounts of never-ending spunk.

Slowly I let go of his tongue as my breathing steadied. I could taste a small amount of his blood in my mouth as I ran my tongue over my teeth and gums. And as I stared down into his face, I knew I had to get him and me away from here as quick as possible.

I know I can no longer take anymore chances, and that returning home may not be the best option for us right now. I needed a safe place for us, somewhere where neither Evan nor my father could find us.

As I untangle myself from Brad’s naked body, I reached for the phone, my mind made up. It was time to pull in some favors’ owed to me, and I knew Grady would also do what I wanted, especially if the incentive and payment was high enough.

6.2 Brad Cahill – Catch 22

(Extracts From the Recently Discovered Writings by Brad Cahill – Pleasure Slave)

I no longer know how much of the young proud masculine Brad is still left in me anymore.

That huge part of my personality now seems to be missing. Where I vaguely remember I was once a fearless excitable young free citizen teenager, thrilled about the world and my future. I kind of feel at times that this glorious character trait I once had, no longer exists at all in me now, and the queer slave girl Master Noel has commanded me to become has finally taken over my entire personally.

Sometimes I wonder if I miss the old Brad, the young handsome macho 18 year old teenage football star, who took no bullshit from anyone as he looked forward to a very bright future in professional football.

But I know that’s all gone now. I can’t pine for what I used to be. I can still remember vaguely how I was once free, and then enslaved to Master Noel. How somehow Master Evan had freed me for a very short time afterwards before I’d allowed myself to be enslaved once again.

Again, I mustn’t dwell on those thoughts, and I should be very happy that I am now a highly valued male pleasure slave, and will always be used as a sex slave until I eventually lose my handsome looks to old age.

In this life, where being a sex slave means I don’t have any choices whatsoever but to please my master and be exactly what he wants me to be, I know the old rebellious, carefree Brad has been utterly defeated, beaten out of me, and what is left is an empty shell where the former proud youth I used to be once resided.

Oh, my muscular strong 18 year old teenage body is still the same, and my face is still considered extremely youthful and boyishly handsome.

And as I attend to Master Noel’s every sexual needs and desires, I obediently grovel and cower, and act exactly like the little faggot-girl he demands I be.

Sometimes as he uses me, and he’s looking deep into my eyes, he’ll start slapping me real hard, snarling into my startled frightened face.

“I can still see you! Staring out at me defiantly! But don’t worry cunt, you won’t be in there much longer! Just you wait!” he’d grate through his clenched teeth, and then savagely beat me up as he continues to fuck me as hard as he can. Most times I don’t know what Master Noel is ranting on about, but sometimes I feel something in my mind shift, and I do wonder if it’s the old Brad in there.

Anyway, they say once a slave has been enslaved and he finally lets go of his past and learns to accept his future, the slave will achieve a euphoric feeling of freedom that no free citizen can ever possibly hope to achieve.

Maybe they’re right!

Even now, six months later, as the dawn breaks signaling another beautiful morning rising on the eastern horizon, and I kneel on my hands and knees between Master Noel’s parted legs, I silently give thanks to Master Noel for showing me what a good little girl I am and how it is important to show my gratitude at all times to him.

With his thick semi-hard penis lodged in my mouth, and looking up into his yawning face while he sits perched on the side of his bed rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, I once again praise him in my mind, thanking him for selecting me to be his little faggot-girl, and I can feel my tight little vagina twitching in anticipation for when he decides to fuck me later.

Then when I hear Master Noel sigh softly as he relaxes completely, the warning sign he is about to release his bladder and I should seal my lips tightly around his thick uncut penis so no urine can escape, I look into his handsome adorable face, willing him eagerly to hurry up and bless me with his morning pee.

As the first squirting drops of his bitterly pungent urine trickling onto my tongue turns into a powerful gushing torrent spraying the back of my throat to instantly fill my mouth, I quickly swallow and gulp down all of Master Noel’s morning glory piss. Immediately I feel my eyes tearing up with pure joy and happiness as I service my Master’s early morning toilet needs, and thank God I am his one and only little faggot-girl pleasure slave.

Sucking the last droplets of piss from out of his long thick tube, and then using my long pointed tongue to lick under his foreskin to clean it out, I keep my twinkling blue eyes focused on Master Noel’s contented face. I remember I must at all times be completely docile, and cower before him so he is happy with my absolute obedience to him.

Then, having just swallowed every drop of Master Noel’s urine, I immediately obey him when he orders me to lie on my back next to him and spread my legs as wide as I can so he can look down at my total submission to him.

And like every other morning since he rescued me, I am wearing the skimpy pair of frilly girl’s crotchless knickers he has bought me. They have been pulled down off my hips and are stretched out thinly between my widely parted ankles.

Master Noel’s hand gently caresses my inner thighs, enjoying the feel of the tight silk stockings he makes me wear, and sometimes in the mornings, when he is in a happy and generous mood, he’ll flick the elastic band of the garter belt and suspenders holding up my stockings.

As always, I wear the high heels he has brought me, as he likes the look of them as he orders me to sashay around the room we are staying in, or feel them bouncing about on his back when he is fucking me with my legs over his shoulders.

Again I listen intently as he begins to remind me I am his little faggot-girl, and that I must act and behave like a proper little queer girl for his pleasure, and his pleasure only.

And as he speaks to me, and I actually feel him stripping the last vestiges of any manhood and masculinity he may see in me, referring to me as his personal homosexual sex slave, as his little faggot-girlie, and I know he is only doing this for my own good.

I know what he doing is very good for me, as Master Noel has always told me ever since he came up to New Holland and brought me back with him that he is the only one who can truly look after my faggot and queer homo needs.

That he is the only one who can love me with the proper discipline to make me respond to his ever-increasing lustful desires.

As he reaches between my legs and fondles with my large hairless balls, squeezing them gently and patting and slapping them about, I listen obediently as he refers to them as my little girl’s ovaries, regardless of their large walnut size. And when he runs his fingers and fisted hand up and down my very thick erect penis, I eagerly smile and agree with him when he calls this my little clitoris, just part of my sweet little adorable girly parts.

And as he roughly slides three fingers up my anus, and the muscles inside my anal passage gently squeeze and suck on his thrusting fingers, I simper and giggle like a naughty little pubescent girl as he makes me tell him how nice it is to have him finger-fuck my sloppy vagina or loose girl pussy.

Yes, I lie there giggling like a little girl for him, lisping out loud in a girlish voice, acting out the role he wants me to play. And every time he does this, I can feel his growing love for me swelling up inside him as I quickly start passionately kissing and licking his hairy body all over.

But when he pushes me onto my back and lies down on top of me, placing my silk stocking-covered legs over his shoulders, and I once again reach down and gently take his rock-hard leaking erection in my hand to guide him into my faggot-girl vagina, I know I love him with all my being, that I will do anything to make him proud of me.

Then as he stares down into my timid smiling face and my body starts responding enthusiastically to his rapid cock thrusting pace as he drives himself all the way in and out of me, I thank him for being a real man. I thank him with all my heart for teaching me what my real nature is, and how important it is for me to act like a faggot, a real queer girl for his personal pleasures at all times.

I can’t help it when my butt cheeks spread even further apart for him, pushing up frantically to get as much of his raging thrusting cock all the way further up into me. Willingly I open myself up to him, my body vibrating and pulsing, my girl-pussy sucking tightly on his rigid penis, caressing and massaging it every time he plunges deep inside me.

And between our bodies, my fully erect clitty aches for release, begging to be touched and jerked, leaking huge amounts of pre-cum onto my flat stomach, demanding attention that will let my fully charged ovaries explode and empty. And the feel of his hot hairy masculine body against my smooth hairless girl’s body drives me into a heightened aroused state that nearly knocks me unconscious.

He taunts me again, reminding me of the first time he’d taken me in front of his two best friends, how he had made me squirt my girly juices twice as he’d fucked me hard, and how no real man, especially a supposed tough young teenage sports stud like I used to be, could ever claim to be straight if I’d cum while being fucked up my eagerly hungry vagina.

And as he slams up into me, he continues to remind me I am nothing but his little sex toy, a naughty little girlie-boy born to be fucked, and that I must have always been a queer, a faggot. Just look at my clitty, he says.

See how much girly juices I’m leaking, and then he demands that I admit I love being fucked up my pussy like a real homo. Immediately I smile back up into his lust filled face and tell him I will always be his faggot, his homo, his queer-girl, and that I love the feel of his large erect penis sliding in and out of my vagina.

Again, I can feel and sense a little bit more of my original self vanishing as he continues to berate that part of me that used to be Brad. I know Brad is finally lost forever and Master Noel’s new little fuck-girl has taken over completely and will submit to whatever Master Noel wants her to do.

Once more he increases his fuck-pace, growling into my simpering smiling face now, reminding me to move my lipstick-coated lips up and start kissing him passionately all over his muscular manly shoulders, upper chest and neck.

And as I respond, obeying him willingly, completely, licking and kissing his hairy upper torso as he pounds away, I keep my twinkling blue eyes open and stare into his loving vicious ginning face.

  1. Evan Morgan – A Reversal of Fortunes

(From the Private Diary of Evan Morgan)

Not many people will forgive me for what I did to my own brother. Not my parents, not Noel’s friends, not Brad, and not Noel himself.

In fact, as I look at myself in the mirror, sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever truly forgive myself, wondering what really drove me to act in such a despicable way. Was it because I had had enough, that I wanted it to end here and now? That if I didn’t do what I’d done, Noel would have continued to come after us, making all our lives a living hell!

Or was it because I truly thought Noel deserved to be punished for the horrible things he’d done to so many innocent people?

Or maybe it was because I was so insanely jealous of Noel, of his hold over Brad, and how Brad rushed in to try and defend my brother, declaring his undying love and loyalty to him.

In a way, all the above are the reasons for why I finally set in motion a plan to trap my older brother and have Noel enslaved for life.

On the evening of our escape, when I lay in my bed feeling safe and secure for the first time in a long time, I would never have dreamed I would choose the path I eventually took in wanting to finally destroy my own family and my brother once and for all.

To have Sean and Jason race into my new bedroom at the Le Grand Hotel where we’d literally just booked in that evening, and to tell me Brad had been abducted right outside the front of our executive suite doors, filled me with a panic that nearly drove me hysterical.

It should have been the happiest night of all our lives, where Brad, Sean and Justin were re-united with their parents, where August was re-united with his mother and little sister, and where Monet and I watched with tears in our eyes as they came together.

And the moment Sean and Justin came bursting into my room, sobbing out what had just happened I knew it was Noel and that he was behind this.

At first I thought it would be easy to track down Noel, and once I knew where he was, then I would work out a way to get Brad back.

But it wasn’t so simple at all.

On the first night he’d been snatched, while trying to calm the boys and their parents, I was able to discover from the concierge that a large bear-like man in an old duffle overcoat was seen lugging a large bundle out the front door of the Le Grand Hotel.

Immediately I called security for the hotel, and demanded to know why they hadn’t done anything about it. When they admitted they had seen the man on their monitors but not moved to query him as to why he was on the premises, I exploded.

That’s when I instantly realised most of them had been bribed to turn the other way. None of them cared and they literally smirked in my face when I demanded an explanation. Of course, within the hour, none of them were smirking anymore as I watched them walk out of the hotel carrying their severance pays.

Then I called in a high-priced lawyer, and when he arrived I authorized him to commence proceedings to sue the contracted security firm for a sum of money that would see them put out of business within the week.

But what needed to be done next? Time to me was passing too quickly, and every moment meant the man was getting a bigger head-start on us.

With the assistance of the lawyer, I was able to secure the employ of a creditable well-known private investigator, as well as a private security firm that specialised in contracts such as this. I needed them all to track down the man, find out where my brother was, and work out a way to get Brad back.

Also, I needed full-time security and body guards for every one of Brad’s family, for Monet and for August and his family. I couldn’t afford to think what would happen if either of Brad’s brothers suddenly disappeared and how this would affect his already distraught parents.

By the end of the first week, few leads had been discovered, so it was agreed that the man was definitely a professional under the employ of my brother Noel. Also, it appeared Noel had dropped out of sight. There were no leads whatsoever, and no-one could guarantee me when they could get Brad back.

By the end of the second week, we were all feeling lost and frustrated. I concurred with my security people that it was very unlikely the man, Noel or Brad was still in the state of New Holland.

That was when I launched a class action lawsuit against my own brother and his accomplices, claiming Noel Morgan was responsible for the illegal and improper enslavement of the entire Cahill family, as well as for the Mathers family, which were August’s mother and little sister.

Sweet August immediately made arrangements to have his family moved to an island resort, which was surrounded by security, before coming back to me and declaring he would stay with me until we found Brad.

Sean and Justin wanted to do the same thing with their parents. But they quite eloquently argued that there was no way they were going to sit this out, especially considering this was their eldest son who would need their support as soon as we found him.

Monet was just Monet. He was the emotional and rational anchor of our small group. He kept us sane and kept our spirits up at all times. Never once did he cave in to the lowest depths of depression that I sometimes found myself floundering in.

Of course, my lawsuit immediately brought out the national media, who instantly began reporting it as a protest movement against slavery. At the urgent advice giving to me by my growing team of lawyers, I immediately hired on a public relations firm. I needed this whole situation to be seen for what it was, and that was my brother’s illegal actions against innocent people.

And then before I could even scratch myself, there were my father and his team of legal beagles confronting me across a huge oak table in the executive boardroom of the Le Grand Hotel.

He looked devastated that I could even do such a thing as this to my older brother, exclaiming I was ruining the family name by going down this path.

Abruptly I held my hand up, demanding he shut his mouth. Then throwing down copies of all the documents I had gathered over the last six months, as well as three dozen video tapes from Noel’s personal library collection I had secreted from his room before I’d left the family estate, I told my father to look at the evidence, and I would speak to him the next day.

It was a much more subdued man who faced me the next day. But he still whined and threatened me, demanding to know why I hadn’t come to him in the first place. Easier said than done, I’d answered, and should we like always just sweep all this under the carpet as well.

No, I informed my father! There was nothing he could do, and I doubted he had the guts to follow up and punish his eldest son for what he’d done.

So now it was my turn, and it was my full intention to go after every person who had abused Brad, to have them all enslaved, along with all their families, and let them experience firsthand what they’d done to Brad and his family.

I remember watching my father leaving, and although he looked like a shattered man who was seeing his presidential chances fly out the window, I could also see he was impressed by my stubbornness, my determination to see justice finally done.

Two months had flown by, and still no leads were picked up to where Noel and Brad had disappeared to. Immediately I hired another two private detectives as well as another three security agencies.

I now had eyes and ears looking in every state and territory of our nation. I was determined to bring Brad home, and bring Noel to justice.

Of course the ramifications of my class action lawsuits escalated across the country, and before I knew it, anyone who’d been associated with Noel was now subpoenaed to appear before the Supreme Court.

Also, word got back to me that the once much-heralded Regional Slave Induction and Training Facility where Brad and his brothers were first imprisoned had now been closed down due to the suicide of the general manager Mr Kindred, and the enslavement of up to 40 of its senior slave training officers.

This was followed by more news of many suicides across the state, of people who had been in the direct pay of my brother. Even the FITO (the Federal Internal Tax Office) and Slave Enforcement Authority were being investigated in depth, and I would soon here about the suicide of one Mr Jonas Pearson.

But the fact was no-one who was involved in Noel’s highly illegal enslavement of the Cahill family could have gotten away or pleaded innocent, mainly because I had all the video evidence.

Noel, to his credit, and to my advantage, had video recorded everything he’d ever done or organised, and everyone involved with him was seen within those recordings.

But still no word came back of where he and Brad could be. As five months flashed by us, I agonised what else I could do to find them.

But it was in the eleventh month that the man known as Grady was finally caught, and in his possession, a video recording of his 48 hours with Brad.

Immediately it was confiscated by the authorities, but I was given a private viewing so I could verify that this was indeed Brad Cahill at the time of his abduction.

But this is where things became really weird for me. In a way, the lewd video recording also told the story of a young man who wasn’t abducted, but who had gone of his own free will with the man known as Grady, to a shady hotel room on the outskirts of Morrisett City.

And as the film played, there sat Brad on the edge of single bed, speaking into the camera lens with tears in his eyes as he admitted to following Grady to this filthy one room bed-sitter.

And the reason why? Because Brad knew Noel would never leave him or his family alone if he didn’t obey Grady and do what he was told. At least this way, he explained, if he submitted to Noel’s will straight away, his family would be free of being harassed or stalked or something far worse.

Then Brad stood up and with trembling hands, lowered his pants and underwear, stepped out of them and holding his large uncircumcised penis up to the camera, began masturbating himself while smiling a sad defeated smile.

Suddenly Grady walked into camera range, and raising his fist, he punched Brad in the face, knocking him onto his back where he proceeded to tear his clothes off his body and then violently rape him in the vilest ways possible.

Immediately I left the viewing room, heart-broken and weeping as I considered my next move. With my team of lawyers on hand, I knew we could get Grady put away for life, because at the time of the video recording, Brad was a free citizen, and it could be proved beyond a reasonable doubt that what was recorded here was nothing more than outright coercion and rape against the victim.

Upon meeting Grady, it took all my strength not to pick up the closer heavy object and slam it across his smirking sneering face. I listened as my lawyers offered him a way to reduce his sentence, and at the federal prosecutor who nodded his head in agreement. All he had to do was give us information that led us straight to Noel and Brad.

Grady immediately tried to haggle, laughing that we had nothing on him.

“I want him enslaved, castrated and sold to the Zasiadko mine pit in the Ukraine. Also include his wife and any children he may have!” I said aloud, watching the smile melt from his face and a scared, panicked look replace it.

“No! You can’t! That’s not legal!” he spluttered, suddenly outraged that a young punk like me could ever make such decisions like this.

“What you did to my friend Brad wasn’t legal either!” I replied softly, and turning towards the prosecutor, I told him to let me know when the jury had made there decision and were ready to sentence Grady.

“It’s a foregone conclusion! You’ll be convicted, and then I want the most severe punishment possible to be meted out to you and every one of your closest relatives. Like they say, we should always keep it in the family!” I said as I turned away from him and made to leave.

“Wait! Wait! Look, I’ll tell you what I know okay? It ain’t much, because your brother didn’t leave any following contact details! He was too concerned of what you might do! But I know how to find out! If you’ll let me keep my balls, and leave my family out of this, I’ll help you find him!” he blurted out, desperately.

Turning back around, I nodded my head to one of my lawyers, and then stormed out of the room.

True to his word, Grady led us directly to Noel’s doorstep, in a southern state of the country, where he’d stayed low and avoided bringing any attention to himself.

He was now 20 years of age, maybe an inch taller than I’d last seen him, and he was working from home for a small electronics outfit near the city of Fairfax. The house he was renting was a dingy small one bedroom affair, with a tiny kitchenette, toilet and shower room.

To me, twelve months had gone by, and I knew I must have appeared to everyone else as if I was a fanatical zealot on my quest to find Brad. I had grown over a foot and a half, and I had begun to really fill out.

I doubt Noel would have recognised me at first if he’d just seen me in the street, as I’d also altered my appearance a bit as well by dying my hair dark brown with bleached blond streaks which was the fad of the day for people my age.

But it was time to drop in and visit him. I know my heart skipped a beat as I knocked on his door, and when he opened it, I must admit it was me who didn’t immediately recognise him.

He appeared to have a permanent five o’clock shadow, his eyes were hollow and he was a lot skinnier than I remembered him to be. Whatever he’d been doing lately, he definitely hadn’t been looking after himself. All he was wearing was a filthy stained t-shirt and a pair of very dirty tight jockey briefs.

At first he just stared at me, dumbfounded, and casting wary glances around outside to ensure I was alone, he stepped aside and let me enter.

The room was a pigsty. Maggot infested food was strewn around, left unattended in a thick covering of buzzing flies. The light was pitifully low, and it took a second for my eyes to adjust.

And that’s when I finally laid eyes on Brad for the first time since he’d been taken from us, from me. He was on his knees which were wide apart, his arms behind his back, his head lowered with his chin resting on his chest and his groin thrust forward towards me as he maintained a raging rock-hard erection.

I nearly cried as I saw how much weight he’d lost. The fact I could see his ribs through his once muscular chest sent shockwaves through me.

Not taking my eyes off him, I made my way to a short stool where I sat down, before turning my full attention back to Noel.

“Well, you’re not looking too good at all, Noel.” I said casually. Noel just stared at me, and then ran his hand through his long oily unwashed hair as he tried to think of something to say to me.

“What the fuck do you want? Why are you here, Evan?” he said, his voice full of fear, knowing what I was about to say.

“Noel, I’ve come to take Brad back to his family. Why else would I be here?” I answered, acting surprised he’d even asked me such a stupid question. Immediately Noel moved over towards Brad as if to protect him, and then I watched in amazement as Brad wrapped his once strong but now thin arms around Noel’s waist, hugging him close to him.

They were both shaking, trembling in fear. Even though Noel had seen no-one outside with me, he would have known at that point I wasn’t alone. In fact as we were speaking, 10 heavily armed law enforcement officers were now surrounding the house and ready to storm it at my signal. And Brad could sense something was terribly wrong, and was terrified Noel was about to be taken away from him.

“You can’t take him! He’s mine! Fucking look at him Evan, and see he doesn’t want to go! He’ll die without me, for fuck sake! You should go now, please, and leave us along, okay? Don’t tell anyone we’re here, please Evan?” Noel said in a scared blustering hysterical voice, trying to act like the brutish brother he used to be.

But I heard the tone of his voice change into that of a very frightened child, and suddenly he was pleading with me to leave them alone as he slid down and hugged Brad even closer to him.

“Please Evan, please just go and leave us alone.” He begged, and for the first time since I could remember, I watched tears run down Noel’s face as he started crying.

“I can’t do that Noel. Brad’s brothers and mother and father miss him so very much, and I can see he’s not very well. And Noel, father and mother want to see you too. We only want you both to be safe and sound, Noel.” I said softly.

“That’s not true Evan! You’ve come here to separate us! That’s why you’re here isn’t it? You want to destroy what we have together! Well, I won’t let you, you fucking cunt! Get the fuck out of my house before I fucking kill you!” Noel screamed at me, suddenly standing up and moving unsteadily towards me.

Instantly I stood up and smashed my fist into his gaunt face, and watching the startled expression on his grimacing frightened face change from surprise to agony as he slumped down on the floor unconscious.

Suddenly Brad wailed, throwing his arms out before himself, and I knew then something was wrong with his eye sight as he frantically felt around blindly, trying to locate where Noel had fallen. Quickly he found him and then leaning over my brother, Brad began howling and sobbing, running his trembling hands over Noel’s limp body as he tried to wake him up.

It was too much for me. Standing there, with tears pouring down my face, I shouted out the key word, and before Brad or I knew what was happening, the house was full of armed men checking out every quarter of the small dwelling. Quickly I knelt down next to Brad, who cowered away from me immediately, but I gently wrapped my arms around his thin malnourished naked body and hugged him close to my chest.

And as I watched the pandemonium happening in that small house as the law enforcement officers rolled Noel onto his stomach and cuffed his wrists behind his back, before dragging him out to the police van waiting outside, I wondered what the fuck Noel must have been thinking for them to end up like derelicts on skid row. How could he have done this to Brad? How could he have done this to himself?

Within half an hour, I carefully guided Brad out of there and into a large limousine waiting for us. Brad appeared to be suffering from some sort of eye affliction which had literally blinded him. But I kept him close to me and spoke softly as I guided him slowly into the warm interior of the vehicle that would take us both home.

7.1 Noel Morgan – A Lost Cause

(Compiled from the Confidential Testimonies of Noel Morgan)

How can I now say I’m truly sorry for all the pain I’ve caused so many people? Is it too late for me to make amends to everyone I’ve hurt over the years.

The courts have said so. They believe it’s too late for me. They even believe that ‘slavery for life’ isn’t good enough, that my punishment should be far greater to reflect the heinous nature of what I’ve done.

As I write this, I’m sitting on the cold concrete floor of a small cell I’m occupying. There’s a thin urine-stained foam mattress I use as my bed, and a hole in the ground which I use to piss and shit in. There are no windows and there’s one small rectangular metal door which I have to hunch down to enter and exit whenever the guards take me out of here for the 35 minute exercise period I’m allowed to have daily.

I’m rationed two hours of light a day, and the rest of the time I spend in pitch black, darkness so unsettling at times I fear I am going insane.

In a sense I’m being kept in solitary confinement. The authorities fear I will be instantly killed if they put me in with any other slaves or prisoners.

Not that that means much. I am not allowed to talk to anyone, not even those who guard me and who take every opportunity to come into my cell and savagely beat me with their fists and batons around my head and body. They never leave any serious marks, but they always ensure I suffer excruciating internal pain around my lower back, the soles of my feet and my stomach.

But I’ve been given permission to use this thin sliver of charcoal to write down my thoughts on the back of some toilet tissue they’ve given me.

To be honest, I don’t know why I bother. Ever since my incarceration, all I’ve really wanted to do is close my eyes and not wake up. Just dream my little dreams of being with Brad, and remember how it was before things got really tough.

Yes, I remember how I went up to New Holland and took him away from Evan.

Brad was mine, and even though I didn’t understand what was happening to me then, I came to realise I’d fallen deeply in love with him. To me, Brad was my soul mate. He was the perfect sex partner for me, the perfect sex slave, and I would have done anything to keep him close to me to protect him.

But after I’d finally smuggled him across the border, all hell seemed to break lose.

My father had suddenly disowned me, I had no access to any money, and all my contacts and friends seemed to be suddenly disappearing. Those who I could get through to advised me strongly not to head home, that Evan was on the warpath and using every available resource at his vast disposal to track me down.

I was frantic. All I knew was I had to keep Brad with me and look after him. There was nobody else who knew what he really needed, that he’s desire to be dominated needed to be done by me and by me alone. Nothing else mattered.

Luckily for both of us, I did have a large amount of cash on me. I knew it would keep us going for at least a few months, until I could come up with another plan to get us more money.

So we moved into a lovely apartment in a state south-west that really endorsed slavery, and where I felt fairly safe if anyone came snooping around. For the first month, all I could do was stay in bed with my faggot-girl, I mean Brad, and enjoy his smooth naked body to the fullest. Everything I wanted to do to him I did, and then I’d think up a whole lot more and submit him to all those sexual desires as well.

Of course, I knew I had to go out and look for work. It was up to me to feed us both, to look out for us, so I finally found the courage to go out by myself and search the ‘jobs wanted’ employment agencies.

That was when I knew I was really fucked up. Even as I sat in the small office of the local employment agency, filling out the necessary forms to enquire about any employment opportunities, all I could think about was Brad at home, lying on our bed where I’d handcuffed him to the headboard.

But more fucked up was the huge pictures of me and Brad splashed across the front of every newspaper in the city, appearing on every TV channel, of documentaries and news articles trying to locate our whereabouts.

Immediately I packed us up in the middle of the night and took us to another city in another state. Once we arrived and I’d booked us into a dingy dirty one-roomer, I rang Trevor Drummond and organised to meet me incognito in an out-of-the-way café bar.

“Look mate, I shouldn’t be here. Evan’s got everyone out looking for you, and I can’t promise I ain’t been followed either. So, what you going to do anyway?” he asked me, and I could see he was worried.

“I need money, and a lot of it! Can you give me a loan until I’ve sorted out all this shit?” I asked, trying to act as if I was in control.

“No problems Noel! I’ll give you what I got here and wire you the rest. How much are you looking at?” Trevor asked as he looked around furtively, drinking the last of his coffee.

“I need at least 1mil. Can you do that?” I asked, feeling the strain catching up with me. I knew I needed sleep, but more importantly, I needed to make sure we were safe when I slept.

“Sure, no problems… Here’s 60k until I can get home. Noel, you’re not going to like this, but I got to tell you. Steve and his whole family were enslaved last Thursday. Just like that. Don’t know why, but the news is Steve’s father was involved in some type of stocks and bonds scandal.” Trevor told me in a near whisper.

“Not only that, but it looks like three other of our guys got taken down as well. And not only them, but their whole families too. I got a feeling that someone’s after the lot of us, Noel.” Trevor said, his voice trembling.

To be honest, I didn’t give a flying fuck about anyone else’s problems. All I was concerned with was getting the money I needed to get Brad and me out of the country, a one-way ticket to a cozy island retreat where we could hold up until Evan came back to his senses, fuck him.

After an hour of idle chatter, we finally said our farewells, and that was the last I saw of him. Later I would learn he and his family were also enslaved upon his return to his family estate. I never did find out the reason, but I know I felt an invisible clammy fist start to tighten around my heart when the money never arrived and all efforts to contact him went unanswered.

Now I was desperate. For two months we stayed in that hovel. Then we were on the move again, a different state and city, stay for a little while and then moved on.

Again, all I wanted to do was fuck Brad stupid, make him tell me how much he loved me over and over again. I knew I was fixated on him, but I didn’t care, and what money we had I now began to gamble, hoping for that lucky strike that would buy us our tickets out of the country.

Also, I’d stopped hitting and hurting him. My heart was no longer in it, because suddenly I no longer wanted to see him harmed in any way.

Eventually we were down to our last few thousands, and that’s when I decided we had to sell Brad’s mouth and pussy. I had no choice but to make him available to any guys prepared to pay for a high-priced male hooker of Brad’s exceptional qualities.

At first we began raking the money in, and I could see it wouldn’t be long before we’d be on our way to our sunny island resort, but then the bottom dropped out of our thriving enterprise.

One of our regular johns, an old geezer about 50 maybe 60 years old started blackmailing us. He’d seen Brad’s and my picture in the local media and put two and two together. Before I knew what hit us, he was demanding a double act performance by both of us, wanting to watch me fucking Brad in as many positions as he could think up, and then bringing along all his friends to watch as well.

Me personally, I got to admit I liked performing in front of a crowd, especially enjoying it when they applauded and urged me on. But I put a stop to anyone thinking they could fuck my arse.

Didn’t mind them sucking my cock, but when it came to fucking pussy, well that was where I had Brad step in and offer up his cunt. I wasn’t any homo, and I didn’t care how much the old man threatened me.

And even though I was outraged at being blackmailed, we suddenly started bringing in more money than I’d imagined with our double act. It was all going along smoothly until the old cunt demanded a half a share in everything we were making, and then demanded he spend more time with Brad than I would usually allow.

That’s about the time we did another runner, because that old cunt went and hurt Brad in a way I’d not expected. As was arranged, I went to pick up Brad from the old man’s house, and as we were leaving, I saw blood trickling down the inside of his thighs from his arse cheeks. He was staggering and groaning and in the dim light, I could see he was badly beat up all over as well.

Immediately I demanded to know what the fuck had happened, and the old man had proudly announced he’d earlier in the evening shared Brad with about 20 other sicko guys who got off on shoving glass bottles and other large objects up his arsehole and then forcing him to dance and masturbate himself in front of them.

Not only that, but that old fart had been paid a fortune.

That’s when I took his own fireplace poker, went over to him to shove it up his arse after I’d beaten him around the head a bit. Problem was, I didn’t know he had armed himself with a blade and the next thing I know he’d stabbed me twice in the chest and once in the stomach.

As I’d collapsed, he’d hurried over to Brad who could hardly stand on his own two feet, and was about to slit his throat.

Instantly I jumped up and crowned him over the head with the metal poker slick, and as I freed Brad from his grip, I kept my promise and drove that poker up his arse and watched as blood came pouring out of his bowels.

I doubt it if he lived, but we weren’t going to hang around to find out. I staggered around swooning, blood leaking from my wounds until I finally located his stash. Then pocketing the 10k he’d tried to hide from me, and I somehow lifted Brad up onto his feet dragging him after me as we high-tailed it out of there.

Brad was seriously ill for about a month. It was the worse month of my entire life. I really thought I’d lose him then. I didn’t have enough money to have him or myself hospitalised, and I couldn’t afford to have a doctor look at him or me either.

10k just wasn’t enough money to have him medically seen to. Also, my greatest fear was having both of us identified while we lay there in their hospital beds, and then me being unable to stop the authorities taking Brad away from me.

As I haphazardly patched myself up, thinking I might even die on Brad at times, it was one of the few occasions I truly did consider ringing Evan and having him come down and pick Brad up.

I stayed in bed with him all the time, falling in and out of consciousness and hugging him close to me as I tried to will him and myself to get better. And as I got better and I watched him slowly recovering, not once did I leave his side.

By now he’d lost a ton of weight but slowly he did get better, but I knew he was still gravely ill. Of course, there was no way I’d ever let him out of my sight again, or sell him to anyone ever again.

That’s when I thought I’d really lost Brad forever. I just never thought anyone would do a home-invasion raid on us while we were this down and out, bursting through our front door and holding us at gun point as they tore our small one bedroom unit apart.

At first I thought it was my brother Evan’s goons finally tracked us down, but as I quickly took in the situation, I knew we were in real trouble.

Never had I been so scared, as when we were pushed onto our knees in front of the four masked intruders, four huge black men who stood glaring down on us, threatening to slit Brad’s throat if I didn’t agree to suck each of their big black dicks.

There was no choice to be made as I looked into Brad frightened trusting sickly face. I immediately turned to the big man in front of me and tasted my first cock, in fact my first black cock.

The man was truly ruthless, slapping, punching and gagging me until I sucked him off the way he liked it done. For the first time in my life, I experienced what it must have been like for Brad and his brothers, for all the guys I’d enslaved and then used for my own personal enjoyment.

Of course, with no micro-chip to heighten my senses or make my body respond, I had to endure the constant beatings and bitch slaps as I orally pleasured each one of them, licking and sucking on their big black hairy balls as well, until they got sick of that and then ripped my clothes off me.

And all the time I was repeatedly getting fucked up the arse by them, all I could do was look into Brad’s sad frightened face and hope we would somehow survived this. Of course, when the ‘boss’ as he was known by first anally penetrated me, I immediately blacked out. But I woke up to one of his companion’s brutally fucking me.

I wavered in and out of consciousness, until finally they’d had there fill, and then tying me up to the headboard of the bed, they laughed and sneered at me as they dragged Brad out with them as they left.

I knew my anus had been torn up really badly, and blood continued to seep out of me as I worked at trying to untie my bindings. It took me half an hour to free myself and then, throwing on what clothes I had left, I picked up a discarded length of vacuum cleaner piping and went in search of the hotel manager.

As I’d figured, he was only too happy to tell me everything I needed to know. The men who had taken Brad were a neighbourhood gang that ran organised crime in this sector of the city.

But one of their more profitable enterprises was to kidnap good looking white teenage boys, and after raping them for weeks on end, selling them to a sadistic group of foreign nationals who took great pleasure in slowly decapitating the poor victim’s body parts a limb at a time, keeping them alive for as long as they could as they sexually abused them at the same time.

And even though I was hysterical, I took my time planning how to get Brad back, and over the course of four days, I prepared myself for the oncoming confrontation.

All it took was a stick of dynamite and a pistol, and the address of where they were keeping him.

I can tell you it came as a huge surprise for them when their front door exploded in on them, and then having me charging in there, screaming at the top of my lungs, shooting every one of them as they lay there shell-shocked.

What I didn’t expect was the two bullets that hit me in my right shoulder and my left upper arm. Of course it didn’t slow me down at all, as I spotted Brad still being sodomised by that cunt of a ‘boss’ man.

Pistol-whipped him, dragged him off Brad and then blew his cock and balls off, before I quickly pulled Brad up under my right arm and dragged him out of there to a waiting car I’d loaned that day.

We made a quick getaway out of that state and across the border, but I was nearly frantic with despair as I saw Brad was suffering from loss of blood and extreme agony.

Eventually I found a place for us to rest up, and as gently as I could, I tried to tend to Brad’s severe wounds. I didn’t care about my own injuries. They were nothing compared to Brad’s, so I found myself once again thinking of just ringing Evan.

Also, from that day on, I stopped using him, fucking him, demanding that he service me. I’d seen the pain and agony he’d suffered firsthand as he’d recuperated and I no longer wanted to see him suffering because of me. All I wanted was to make sure he was okay, and I stayed in that small cramped filthy bed hugging him to me as I watched his handsome face become gaunt and shallow and his body get thinner.

By the time Evan caught up with us, we’d finally moved all the way down south and I’d just secured a part-time job repairing simple electronic gadgets from home. We were so broke that all I could afford to rent for us was a very cheap unit to live in. I had stopped eating altogether and any money we had went on food for Brad and any legal pain killers I could buy for him.

But by now I’d seen how ill Brad really was. He was just so skinny. He wouldn’t or couldn’t eat and all he’d do was continue to try and make me happy, try to service me, even when I told him he no longer had to do that anymore.

I remember lying awake long hours, holding him tightly to me, knowing I was about to lose him for good if I didn’t get him some serious help soon.

That’s when Evan turned up on our doorstep, telling me it was time for Brad to go home to his loved ones. I knew it was the truth, but I didn’t want Evan to see the defeat in my eyes, I didn’t want him to know I knew I’d failed Brad.

So I did what I always do when I want people to think I’m tough and in control. I tried to fight him off, told him to fuck off, but he’d grown in the last year and he just swatted me down like a mosquito.

He knocked me out with one punch. It wasn’t that difficult really. I had no strength left in my own body, and I was lucky if I could even stand up.

The next thing I knew I was lying in a prison hospital bed, drips running into my arms, and a whole lot of detectives trying to interview and interrogate me. It was all so hazy what happened then. I was charged as I lay there in that bed, and before I knew it, before I was better, I was sent to the cell I now currently occupy.

Evan came and saw me once before my trial, and we had a short conversation. I remember how he looked at me, and it was a look that really scared me. As he’d sat across from me in the interview room, he asked me simply why.

“Because I love him… Because he makes me feel like I’m a real man!” I said looking at him as tears suddenly rolled down my face.

Then there was silence for a few moments.

“You call that love? What you did was an abomination of love! How can you say you love him?” Evan asked, his voice rising with anger. All I could do was look at him, unable to explain that Brad needed me to fulfill his deepest darkest needs, and that I needed Brad to so I could fill those needs for him.

“Do you hate me Evan? Will you ever be able to forgive me?” I asked him, and I could hear my voice was very small and trembling, because I knew I feared his answer.

“I hate you with all my heart Noel! I hate you for what you’ve done to Brad and his entire family! For what you’ve done to August and his family, and for what you’ve done to our family! I can never forgive you for what you’ve done!” he answered softly, and there was that look, a look of pure hatred. I had expected him to say something like this, but when he’d finally said it, it was like a ton of bricks had fallen on top of me.

Suddenly I felt so small and very, very alone. I felt myself look down at the table before me, and then felt my chest contract and heave as a loud mournful wail escaped my mouth and my tears blinded my vision.

That’s when I realised I didn’t deserve any pity, not from Evan, not from any one, and especially not from Brad. Now I knew I would be made to suffer as I’d made others suffer before me.

“I’m so sorry Evan, so very sorry for what I’ve done!” I sobbed openly to him, unable to meet his accusing hate-filled eyes as he got up and went to the door to leave.

“I know you’ve been dying to ask me about Brad, and how he is.” Evan said.

“You’ll be happy to know that he’s doing a lot better. He was suffering severe malnutrition and dehydration, as well as trachoma, which has affected his eye sight rather badly. But he’s going to pull through. I’ve got the best physicians and specialists looking after him.” And with that he walked out on me.

At my trial, it was like being at a three ring circus. The national media all turned up, and my name suddenly became synonymous with some of the greatest mass murderers and serial killers ever to be afforded such historic infamy.

I was scared and terrified as I was made to tell the jury what exactly happened and how I’d gone about enslaving August and then Brad Cahill and his family.

But the hardest part was being aware that they were all in the courtroom directly behind me, witnessing my admittance to my crimes and how I’d deliberately planned to enslave them. At no time did I have the courage to turn around and look at them, to tell them how sorry I was. I kept my eyes firmly on the table in front of me, and never lifted them for the entire court hearing.

Except for Brad! When he was finally called up to the witness box, I tried to quickly glance up at him, without him seeing me look at him. All I wanted to do was see how healthy he now looked, and I was swooning in my seat as I saw how handsome he appeared in the white suit he wore.

But once again my tears blinded me as he related to the jury how I’d enslaved him and then the whole sequence of events that led to Evan finally tracking us down in the south.

Of course I was found guilty, and I now await my sentencing.

And as I wait, I am micro-chipped, have all the hair on my body permanently removed, and then I am brutally raped and beaten, all in preparation for when I am formally told I have been enslaved for the rest of my natural life.

On top of that, regardless of my sentence, I am to be castrated and have my tongue removed without general anesthetic.

And then if I survive my mutilation, I will be sold to a mining company somewhere in Uganda.

7.2 Brad Cahill - Wings of Freedom

(Extracts From the Recently Discovered Writings by Brad Cahill – Pleasure Slave)

He comes in my dreams as an avenging angel, angry and dangerous, demanding my unconditional loyalty and love.

I give it to him immediately, open myself to him, and as I dream, I feel his wrathful arms wrap around me and squeeze the breath out of me, crushing my lungs, reducing my torso to a bloody pulp.

But then my eyelids flutter and I wake up screaming. I can feel myself being held down on my back, a soft caring voice telling me everything is alright.

My eyes adjust to the dim light, but the face above me is vague and blurred.

“It’s alright Brad. You’re safe now and lying in a comfortable soft bed, covered with soft smooth sheets to keep you nice and warm.” It is Master Evan’s voice and he is speaking so tenderly. I can feel him wiping a warm moist cloth across my forehead, and he continues to talk to me.

“Don’t worry Brad. Your eye sight has been affected a little bit, but you’ll soon be able to see clearly before you know it. Just calm down, you’re safe now and no-one will hurt you.” he says, his voice soothing me, calming me.

I remember him clearly. I recall how he came and took me away from the small suffocating room that Master Noel and I were living in. But where is Master Noel? I need him, oh God I need him, and as I think about him I feel my cock stiffening instantly to its fully erect state.

“Shhhh… That’s it Brad. Calm down. No one will hurt you or do anything to harm you ever again.” Master Evan says in a gentle voice that I find comforting, as he again wipes my forehead with the same warm moist cloth.

Again I think of Master Noel, and I wonder where he is. He cannot be far away, not if Master Evan is here looking after me. Why can’t I see him? In fact, why is everything so blurred? Then I remember what Master Evan has just told me, of the damage to my eyes.

I need to get up and search for Master Noel. Why can’t I move, or raise my arms or legs. I can’t even lift my head up without sudden pain shooting through every nerve ending of my body. Maybe I’ve been refitted with a micro-chip and Master Noel is punishing me for not getting up off my lazy backside. Yes, that must be it!

“Listen to me Brad! Now just calm down and relax. Don’t squirm about like that! Just rest up here now, yes that’s it.” Master Evan continues saying, his voice soft as velvet silk.

“You’ve been ill for a while Brad, and now you getting better. I want you to stay still and relax and rest up for me Brad. Will you do that for me Brad?” Master Evan says, insisting I stop moving about.

Suddenly I feel very, very tired, and before I know it, I fall into a deep comforting sleep.

That’s when the visions come, a rambling kaleidoscope of vivid pictures that flicker and merge into a single moving image. I know what these are. They are my memories playing out in my mind, reminding me of the past.

There in my mind, as if it were only yesterday, are my parents. They are looking a bit haggard but overjoyed as they hug Sean, Justin and me close to them. And there’s Master Evan standing aside, smiling a lonely smile, watching us as we laugh and cry, lost in our family love for each other.

But I hear the knock on the door and without thinking I walk over and open it. Suddenly someone grabs me by the front of my shirt, dragging me out and silently closing the door behind me. A huge ape of a man, unshaven and nearly bald and much taller than me, slams me up against the wall of the hallway and puts a finger up to his lips, indicating I should keep quiet, just shut my mouth as he hurriedly pushes me into an empty janitor’s room, flicks on the light and closes and locks the door behind us.

At first I am furious. I want to strike back but the way he looks down at me, a smirk across his weather-beaten face suddenly sends shivers of fear down my spine.

“I got a message for you, queer-boy! It’s from your real master down south, and I think you’re going to want to stay real quiet and not make a sound as I tell what he’s got to say!” he says in a terrifying voice that makes me tremble in fear.

“Firstly, he commends you all on getting away from him so easily. Didn’t think his own little brother had the balls to do what he did. But you, well, he’s got a message. Come back now, of your own free will, and he’ll leave the rest of your family alone.” The large man said, his voice sounding like gravel on sandpaper. And then before I know it, he is cupping the front of my crotch, feeling me up and then unzipping my fly.

“Of course, if you don’t do what he wants, he’s going to be so pissed off, and I reckon you can kiss your family goodbye forever. I’m quite sure he’d never harm you, but I doubt he’ll let any of your other family members live if you were to disagree with him.” He says as he shoves his huge calloused hand inside the front of my underwear to take my testicles in the palm of his fist.

“So, what do you say, homo? Are you going to be a good boy and come peacefully with me? Or are you going to try and fight me and go running off to your new boyfriend?” he says as he starts squeezing my balls as hard as he can.

I know I am crying now, and I know it is senseless to try and fight back. This man is humungous and will knock me about before I know what’s hit me. Also, I know I have to follow this scary man and go back to Master Noel.

I’ve already learnt how cruel Master Evan’s brother can be, and I know he’ll never let me go. When it comes to the long-term safety of my family, and doing the right thing for them, there really isn’t any choice.

“Ah that’s good! I can see you made the right decision. Now let’s get real cozy here and get to know each other a lot better. On your knees cunt!” he growls at me.

In the dim light of the small janitor’s room, I fall to my knees as he stands over me, and as I look up at him, he moves even closer to me and quickly lowers his pants. His penis is fully erect and it is huge, standing out from his hairy groin about nine inches or 10".

“Time to show Papa how good a ‘sword swallower’ you really are.”

I take his throbbing organ in my mouth and I gag as he tries to force it down my throat, not because of the thickness and length of his massive penis, but because he hasn’t washed or showered in a very long time.

His stench and the putrid taste of his foreskin makes me want to retch, to vomit, but I still my stomach and do what he demands of me.

For quite a few minutes he makes me work my lips up and down the shaft of his thickly veined cock, before he decides he wants more. Quickly he pulls me back up to my feet by my hair, and spins me around so my back is to him. He yanks my pants and underwear down around my ankles, pulls my shirt up my chest, and makes me bend over and grab my ankles.

“Now that’s real nice! I been hanging out to try me some hot faggot cunt, so you just hold tightly onto your ankles and don’t make a sound as I corn hole you, you fucking homo!” he grunts as he roughly pushes himself all the way into me.

And then he reaches over me and grabbing a fistful of my blond hair, he yanks my head up and back and starts slamming into me, fucking me as hard as he can. I feel the agony of what he is doing to me, but I also feel my body responding to his brutality. My anus starts gripping and milking his thrusting penis and I find I am pushing back my butt to get as much of him into me.

I feel ashamed of myself. I no longer have the micro-chip in my spine, but it’s as if its still there, and the pleasure level has been triggered at an extremely high setting.

“Goddam you’re good faggot! Oh yeah, I can see why he wants you back!” the man gasps out loud as he increases his fuck pace and slams into my anus over and over again while still yanking my head up even further as I stand bent over all the way, holding tightly onto my ankles.

The images blur in my mind, suddenly speeding up like the fast forward action on a movie. I see myself kneeling before the man once more, licking and sucking the slime of his recent ejaculation and my shit off his semi-flaccid cock and large hairy balls before he quickly makes me stand up again and pull my pants up before dragging me out of the janitor’s room and away from my family and friends and the Le Grand Hotel.

Bundled into the back of a car, I see vaguely the many street lamps lighting up the night, but I have no idea where we are or where we are going. The small room we enter is dusty and damp, and I sit on the side of the bed as he instructs me and watch as he sets up a digital video camera on a tripod stand facing me.

I speak the words he tells me to repeat and dutifully stand up once more, lower my pants and underwear, step out of them so he can video record me masturbating. And as I smile, I watch as he steps forward and punches me in the face.

The images speed up more as he places me in many uncomfortable positions and fucks me repeatedly. Absurdly, I watch as the images show me sucking his monstrous dick before and after each fuck session, and see myself gag as he urinates in my mouth. He continues to beat me around my head, my body and genitals, deriding me for not being a real man and not fighting back.

Instantly the images slow down a fraction as I find myself thrown down in the middle of another small room and there stands Master Noel, his face red with anger as he turns on the man, telling him to go back to his motel and wait for him to call.

I hear Master Noel’s voice as if from far away, ordering me to go take a shower and I watch myself stagger into the cubicle. I remember the warm water flowing over me has a reviving quality about it, and then before I know what has happened, I am dry and Master Noel is taking his time fucking me on my back. My knees are bent over his shoulders and he his kissing me deeply, and then as he cums, Master Noel bites my tongue and declares his undying love for me.

Suddenly I am seeing in my mind images that are running at normal speed. We are in another small compact bedroom, somewhere in the southern states, and Master Noel looks scared and worried. He is cursing Master Evan, and hugging me close to his chest. I lay there, feeling a sudden swelling of love for him, and immediately lower my head and take his semi-erect penis into my mouth.

“Good girl! Yes, that’s lovely! Take it deeper baby, and make your Daddy feel really good!” Master Noel intones to me, running his hands through my blond hair gently. It is one of his good days, where he has spared me the discipline of his fists and has momentarily let his guard down. I know I am now safe, that I have made the right decision, and that Master Noel will look after me as he has promised.

Then news reaches him that Master Evan has just picked up our trail as he continues to pursue us. If I could, I would tell Master Noel he doesn’t need to worry, as I would never leave him. But I stay silent, obediently speaking only when spoken to.

Again, another room and another city! I can feel my stomach rumbling as we haven’t eaten in such a long time. Master Noel jokes that all the protein he makes me suck out of his cock should be enough to feed a small nation, but I can see he is now really worried about me.

I remember the first man he brings home, a skinny spectacled man who takes one look at me and then hands over a large sum of money to Master Noel. Then I am ordered to pleasure him with my mouth and then lie back and let him fuck me for as long as he wants.

That night we eat our first proper hot meal in over a month, and on my knees, I smile with joy at Master Noel as I lean forward with my hands behind my back and eat from the overfilled plate of hot food on the floor placed next to him.

“Tonight you’ll be my dog, my bitch! So when you’re finished there Lassie, come over here and take my cock in your dick-sucking mouth and hump your clitty up and down my leg. And for being such a good whore, I’ll even let you shoot your load.” He says happily, watching me as I eat my fill.

As soon as I finish and lick my plate clean, I hobble over to him and push my erect cock up against his hairy leg. As I suck him off, keeping my hands behind my back, I slowly hump his leg, making sure I take my time, just the way he likes me to do it.

The feel of his coarse leg hair tickles and scratches my hairless cock and balls and before I know it, I have let myself go and I’m humping as hard as I can and as fast as I can. His large uncut penis starts spurting his manly juices into my mouth at the same time I ejaculate all over his leg. And as soon as I suck him dry and lick his balls clean, I move down and lick and suck up all the mess I’ve made on his hairy leg.

Tonight he is proud of me, and as I lay next to him, feeling his powerful arms hugging me close to him, I start kissing his hairy chest and shoulders and long thick neck.

Again the images slide forward rapidly, like a series of cardboard flip boards that suddenly stop at a scene of me on my hand and knees and Master Noel kneeling behind me, his chest flat against my back, his arms hugging my chest tightly, and his fully erect penis thrusting in and out of my gripping vagina.

“Come on boys! My friends here didn’t pay a fortune to see two sissy faggots acting like homos. We want a proper man-banging fuck performance! Now get with it!” It was the old man, and he was ridiculing the way Master Noel was fucking me.

I could tell there were about 20 odd men sitting around watching us, and Master Noel was whispering in my ear for me to push back harder, to get into the rhythm of his fuck-pace.

“I’m gonna kill that old cunt one of these days! He’s really starting to piss me off big time!” Master Noel grunted and gasped into my ear as he pounded up me even harder. I could hear the applause and wondered which of the cheering men would be fucking me next.

The images speed up once more and I watch myself standing before the old man side on, letting him stroke my erect penis as he pushed the tapered end of a large empty whisky bottle up my cunt. The pain was excruciating, but I bit my tongue and let him do it.

“Fuck you’ve got a sloppy pussy, boy! See, I’ve nearly got half the bottle up your vagina and your dick is still rock-hard. Okay then, turn around so my friends can see you and jerk off while I fuck you hard with this bottle. I want to see how far you’ll stretch before you start bleeding bitch!” the old man leered, his voice evil and filled with hate.

As instructed, I furiously masturbate myself for them as he slammed the glass bottle in and out of my pussy. I tried not to cry, but tears came and a strangled squeal of pain leapt from my throat as I felt something inside me rip at the same time I shot my girl juices.

Then there was Master Noel, standing over the unconscious dying body of the old man, screaming at him as he rams a metal poker up his arsehole. He has sustained three serious knife wounds and is bleeding badly, but without hesitating Master Noel quickly steps over to me, tears in his eyes as he hugs me close to him and helps me stagger out of the old man’s house.

Then there was nothing. No images, no visions, no pictures. I lay in a cocoon of peaceful black silence, until suddenly I opened my eyes and I can vaguely see Master Noel leaning over me, tears of joy in his eyes as he saw me looking up at his face.

We are in another city, another small one bedroom apartment. Master Noel is hugging me close to him, a desperate angry look on his face as he talks of our future. Suddenly the door crashes open and four huge masked men carrying machetes and pistols storm into the room.

Master Noel looks resigned, as if he knew this day would come, when Master Evan’s security team would eventually find us. But suddenly Master Noel yells at me to get down, screaming at the four men to stay away as he uses his body to shield me.

The next minute we are both on our knees, our wrists tied behind our backs, facing the men as they ransack our room. Master Noel is shouting at the men to take what they want and then get the fuck out.

“6k boss, just like the hotel manager said, boss!” says the thinnest of the four. They are all very tall, and three of them are verging on obese. We can’t see their faces, as they are wearing balaclavas, but their bare hands identify they are all black men.

“So what we got here? Two faggot scum living it up in a cozy hideaway retreat? And doing naughty fag stuff, no doubt? Well, I reckon that’ll cost ya big time not to be ratted on. What do ya say, HD?” the largest man says as he glares down at us.

“I say we have some fun before we go, and still give ‘em up to the cops when we leave. Nothing nastier than some fucking homos polluting the straight pool, boss!” answered his compatriot in a chilling voice.

“Okay then, fun it is!”

Instantly a long glinting blade is pressed against my throat and one of the men stands in front of Master Noel unzipping his jeans.

“I reckon you the top man, since you still dressed and all. So you get the pleasure of sucking my cock and licking my big fat hairy black balls first.” The man said sneering down into Master Noel’s horrified face.

“Mind though, we’ll give you one chance to get outta here with your cherry intact. If you don’t want to suck us all off, and then have us fuck you stupid, we’ll leave you alone and just slit your bitch’s throat before we fuck him. Then once we’re finished, you can go home, and forget this ever happened. Your choice punk?” the man said.

At first Master Noel just stared at the huge black uncut dick in front of his face, and then he turned his head my way, looking at the menacing knife pressing against my throat. And then he turned back around and without another word took that large throbbing erection into his mouth and started sliding his lips up and down its thick length.

Before I could even move, one of the other men stepped forward quickly and shoved his penis into my mouth and ordered me to suck him off.

Again the images in my mind shifted quickly ahead in time. I could see Master Noel and I had been positioned next to each other, our wrists still tied behind our backs, and we are both on our knees at the side of our bed, bent over so our faces are pushed into the mattress.

Kneeling behind us, two of the large black men are brutally fucking us, while slamming their fists into our backs if we don’t push back onto their raging thrusting cocks fast enough.

Master Noel has had his clothes ripped off him and his favourite jock strap has been shoved into his mouth gagging him. I have a pair of Master Noel’s Speedo briefs jammed into mine. Our faces are turned towards each other, and I can see the lost, daze look on Master Noel’s grimacing pain-riddled face as he is forced, like me, to take all the men’s erect penises over and over again.

The images shifted once again in time, and I recognise the cellar room where the men and 16 of their gang members hang out. I am on my back, the boss laying on top of me, my legs over his shoulders as he pounds his huge black cock in and out of my vagina.

The look in his eyes is feral and he is fucking me as hard as he can, intentionally trying to hurt me and make me cry.

“Fucking some real nice white pussy here guys! God he’s good! His pussy keeps gripping my dick so tight!” he grunts and drools as he slams himself over and over into me.

I remember how they had decided to take me with them once they’d had their way with Master Noel and me. Tying Master Noel up and then dragging me out of the room, they’d thrown me in the boot of their car and driven me here where I’d spent the next five days performing oral on all their gang members and then letting them rape me up my vagina whenever they wanted to.

I remember my mind had gone completely numb and all I could think about was Master Noel, and how he’d sacrificed his cherry to save my life.

If ever I was stunned, it was when the heavy wooden door to the cellar room I was being sodomised in suddenly blew inward, shards of splintered wood injuring many of the black men inside, and Master Noel storming in firing a gun at anything that moved. Then there was a volley of gunfire that seemed to go on forever, but as the smoke cleared, there stood Master Noel looking around for me.

As soon as he saw the boss who was still on top of me, he raced over, smashed the handle of the gun against the surprised black man’s temple and pulled him off of me. Then Master Noel rolled the man over onto his back, took aim and shot the man’s genitals off.

With Master Noel supporting me, he dragged me to a waiting car he’d stolen earlier and slammed the accelerator down as he drove us out of the city and across the state line. I could see Master Noel had been injured. He’d taken two bullets. One that had entered and passed through his upper left arm and the other having passed through his right shoulder.

After many hours, and I can see he was very groggy and weak, he finally books us into a small run-down hotel on the outskirts of a city, three states away from where we’d been robbed and raped, and looking me over carefully, he hugs me close to him as he cries and kisses me all over my startled face.

“It’s alright baby! You’re safe with me now! Come on, lie down here and try to get some sleep, okay.” He said to me gently, not worrying about his own injuries, just concerned about me.

The images of the three weeks we stayed there float through my mind as Master Noel decides once again whether to ring Master Evan to come down and collect me. But as I recover a little and he starts feeling better, he chooses to move us once again. I also know there is something wrong with my eyes now, as he is just a blurred image on the edge of my vision, but I don’t tell him.

“I’ve got to get you help, Brad! I’m really scared I might lose you if I don’t. Maybe I’d better ring Evan and have him come down here now?” he said in a whisper, mainly to himself than to me. Immediately I wrapped my arms weakly around his waist and tried to hug him close to me, tried to reassure him all was well.

Finally the images speed up and I see myself on my knees, trying to stay upright. I feel so weak, and I’m having trouble not falling into a deep faint. I know I have been unable to eat, that no food I take in stays down.

I hear the knock on the door and the vague outline of Master Evan stands before us. Master Noel is nearly hysterical. I can hear it in his voice. He is trying to protect me, but I know he is in bad shape too. As he has seen me getting ill over the last month, he too has stop eating.

I hear the scuffle and then the loud sound of a body hitting the floor and I know deep down it is Master Noel. Frantically I move forward, cursing my inability to see, but my hands come across him and he lays there before me unmoving.

Instantly I start howling in despair. He isn’t moving, and I know there’s something wrong with him, but suddenly I feel soft tender hands brush my shoulder and gentle arms wrap around me.

“Shhhh, Brad. Its okay! Noel’s okay too, and your safe now. Shhhh there baby!” I hear Master Evan say softly to me, hugging me ever so gently against his chest.

“Shhhh, you’re safe now. We’re going to look after you and get you all better again.” Master Evan continues and I feel myself calming down and then the images disappear and darkness descends all around me.

Noises and voices surround me, at first feint and muffled. My avenging angel appears above me with the face of Master Noel and the body of a glowing iridescent Adonis. And on pure white wings he floats down to me to cup my face gently and wipe away my tears.

“It’s time for you to move on, Brad. It’s time for you to let go of me and seek out your own destiny.” The angelic floating figure with Master Noel’s face says to me, a huge beatific smile stretched across a benign face glowing with love.

Instantly I open my eyes to see the outline of Master Evan hovering over me. I think he is smiling happily down into my face and I feel his lips gently kiss my forehead as he once again whispers to me to rest and to sleep. A rich comforting darkness swirls around me, settling over me, protecting me.

And then my eyes flutter open as bright natural sunlight awakens me. I can see better now, the figures and objects around me coming into clearer focus. There standing over me is Master Evan, just as he has always been, and I can see the details of his whole face now. He looks so handsome and tall, not like the memory I had of him as a short skinny teenage bookworm who always looked shy and timid.

Now he looks strong and vibrant, but in the back of his eyes I see the gentle kind boy I use to know. And before I know what I’m doing, my hand rises ever so slowly until I can caress his cheek.

“Thank you, Evan. Thank you so very much for saving me, my handsome young prince!” I whisper softly up to him, and I see the tears of pure joy and love spill down his cheeks as he moves his lips down onto mine and gently kisses me.

  1. Evan Morgan – A Reversal of Fortunes

(From the Private Diary of Evan Morgan)

He lies next to me sleeping peacefully. I look down on his handsome face and I feel my heart fill with joy. To me he is everything. He is my life, my love, my very being.

Since I brought him home, I have had to do a lot of soul searching. I nearly went insane when I realised how hurt he was, how badly damaged his mind and body were. But he was home with me now, and to a point, that should have been all that mattered.

But as I surveyed the horrible wreckage Noel had inflicted upon all these innocent people, on all my friends, I turned my head away from compassion and sort a vengeance that would nearly cost me my soul.

As Brad lay there seriously ill in hospital, and then at home in my bed, I stood next to him every waking moment of the day, not moving, just waiting patiently for him to wake up. I watched his wounds and bruises fade away and all the horrible scars covering his body I had surgically removed as he slept in his deep coma. In time, when he woke up, the skin on his body and face would be as smooth as the day he was born.

But as I stood there waiting, my mind was in turmoil. Instantly I resolved to have any person who’d ever raised a finger against Brad utterly destroyed.

As I’ve stated earlier, I’d already started the process many months before. Upon viewing a number of private DVD discs that had been hidden away in Noel’s bedroom, I came across footage of my brother’s month long gang-bang, just before he’d handed Brad over to me.

Also, I came across the footage of Sean’s and Justin’s rape at the hands of the law enforcement officers who’d raided the Cahill residence that very first night they’d all been enslaved. On top of that, I also came across recorded footage of what they were subjected to while incarcerated at the state-owned ‘Regional Slave Induction and Training Facility’.

It was enough for me to begin legal proceedings on Brad’s behalf against every one of them.

Steve Newby and Trevor Drummond were currently being held in a prison awaiting sentencing, along with every one of their family members.

Jessie Franklin had already been convicted and sentenced to a lifetime of slavery, and was currently serving out his time in a sleazy male slave brothel, somewhere on the east coast. His friends Mitch Ryan, Simon Dexter and Devon Willard had also been convicted and were now waiting to be sentenced.

As for Richard Summers, Craig Jessop and Marcus Fielding, their families were fighting for their very existence against the formidable resources I’d thrown against them.

Craig and Marcus were already in custody, along with every one of their siblings, while Jessie and Richard had done a runner to try and escape my wrath.

I must admit one of the happier times for me at the time I was desperately searching for Noel and Brad was when Daniel Maddox turned up on my doorstep unannounced, frightened and begging me to leave his family alone.

Of course I invited him in, got Monet to make him a coffee, and sat there listening as he asked my forgiveness for anything he might have done against me. I was astounded. He went on to say everyone back home were under the impression I was after anyone who’d done me any personal harm.

I shook my head in wonder and letting him rattle on pathetically, I inserted the DVD which showed what he’d done to Brad in crystal clear high resolution color.

As I clicked the on button, I smiled as I heard his voice taper off as he watched himself fucking Brad as hard as he could, while slamming punches into Brad’s unprotected battered and bloodied face.

“You were his best friend, weren’t you?” I asked as he stared in horror at what he was doing. Then he started stuttering, his eyes flickering back and forth between my face and the large TV monitor screen, unable to say a word.

“Well Daniel! What you see up there is exactly what’s going to happen to you, to your father and mother, and to any brother or sister you might have, and then I’m going to have you all castrated. You see, Brad’s my best friend, and what Noel did to him was illegal. And just so you know, Brad happened to be 100% straight. Noel told you a pack of lies and you and all your friends raped my friend in the most vicious way possible, and then laughed it off as some sort of guy thing. Well, I’m here to see that justice is done! You can go now!” I said quietly, and the look on his face one of pure terror.

I watched him stand up on quivering legs, his face completely white. And then before I knew what he was doing, he came back and knelt before me, his head hanging down. I could see he was crying, and his chest was heaving.

“Please don’t do this, please Evan. I’ve got three brothers younger than me! I’ll do whatever you want, but please leave my family alone, please Evan!” he sobbed, the fear in his distraught face so palpable it made me smile sadistically.

“Do you see that young slave up on the TV screen there Daniel? Yes, that’s the one! That’s Brad youngest brother Justin. And I can see you had a wonderful time fucking the shit out of him. Oh well. Hopefully we’ll all learn from our mistakes, won’t we Daniel?” I said, all pious and glaring down at him as Daniel saw himself sliding his cock in and out of young Justin’s mouth.

“I didn’t know. Honest! I thought he was a slave. I wouldn’t have done it otherwise. Please Evan I’ll do whatever you want if you leave my brothers and my family alone! I’m begging you Evan!” he said staring up at me.

And I believed him. Slowly I stood up and moved until I was staring down at him.

“Okay Daniel. I’ll leave your brothers and your family alone, but on one condition. When you leave here and get back home, I want you to go to the nearest Slave Enforcement office and voluntarily register yourself for lifetime indentured service.” I said as I glared into his horrified face.

“On the day you do this, you will call me. When I arrive, and I see that you’re there, I will then personally buy you and move you to a safe place. And when I eventually find Brad, I’ll leave it up to him to decide your fate. He’ll either let you go or sell you to someone who I guarantee will not be very nice to you. Now get out of here!” I shouted. I watched as he scampered out the front door.

To my surprise, I got a call from the slave authorities two days later, enquiring whether I was interested in purchasing a new slave who used to go by the name of Daniel Maddox. Instantly I bought him, and for the first time since I’d smuggled Brad, Sean, Justin, August and Monet out of the state, I went home for a visit.

One thing for sure is I definitely didn’t like being inside a slave facility compound. This was my first time and the whole place reeked of despair and hopelessness. The slave enforcement officers were extremely brutal, and the entire management of the centre seemed to condone severe punishment of slaves as an acceptable social necessity.

I saw the cells the slaves slept in, the horrible grayish porridge-like muck that served as food and the extreme exercise routines each slave was required to do three times a day regardless of the fact they were all micro-chipped.

Wherever I turned, there would always be a slave on his knees sucking off a staff member, or in more isolated areas of the compound, I could hear slaves being anally penetrated by zealous officers who seem to take it on themselves to treat the slaves as animals.

Finally I was brought to a small cell which housed Daniel. As soon as he saw me, he assumed the traditional mandatory slave position, with his head bowed low with his chin on his chest, his hands behind his back and his legs wide apart as he thrust his groin out to me for inspection. His penis was fully erect, and he seemed to be trying not to cry in despair as he stood there.

“So you did it. I’m actually rather proud of you Daniel. As promised, I’ve purchased you so you are now mine, and I’ve also halted all legal suits against your family. Your brothers are all safe now, you don’t have to worry.” I said softly, even kindly.

“Guards, I want him showered and made ready to leave with me now!” I stated, and then made my way to the visitor’s waiting rooms.

Once he was delivered to me, I considered my next move, which was really quite daunting when I thought about it. We were now on our way to my parent’s family estate, and I steeled myself against what I expected would be an explosive confrontation.

But I was in for a pleasant surprise. My father came rushing out and hugged me close to him and stared down into my face with pride beaming from his eyes. I was in shock, but as I looked behind him, I could see my dear mother smiling back at me, and she gave me one of those cheeky winks she always did when she wanted to make me laugh.

I couldn’t believe it! Then I realised Daniel was standing behind me in the slave position. This is why I’d come here.

I hugged my parents once again and then excused myself, promising to meet them in the family study in 15 minutes, and with Daniel following close behind me, I made my way to my old bedroom.

It was strange to stand in my room and realised nothing had been touched since I’d left. For some sentimental reason, my parents had banned all staff and slaves from entering my room, maybe on the off-chance I might come home one day.

And here I stood. Again I turned my attention to my new slave and gesturing him forward, I indicated he should stand directly in front of me. In his slave position, I had to admit he was quite nice to look at.

“You’ve got a nice compact smooth hairless body Daniel! I’m quite sure you’d be a sexual dynamo in the sack!” I watched him shake uncontrollably as my words reached him.

“Now why don’t you turn around, bent over and pull your arse cheeks apart. I want to take a look at your vagina!” I said firmly, smiling to myself as I saw him cringe at how I referred to his arsehole. Quickly obeying me, I looked upon his red raw, very sore looking anus before I told him to turn back around.

“How many times did they use you Daniel?” I asked him quietly.

“Master, ever since I signed the papers and they led me to be processed, Master!” he said sadly. As I looked into his face I realised he was on the verge of crying.

“That’s not what I ask you? How many times did they fuck you Daniel?” I asked again. Quickly he answered me, suddenly frightened by the tone in my voice.

“Master, about 30 times, Master!” he stated, keeping his eyes lowered.

“And how many blow jobs have you given since you registered yourself as a slave?” I asked slowly, my voice level yet firm.

“Master, about 50, Master!” he replied.

“How long have you been there, I mean, what day did you sign in and what time?” I asked him.

“Master, I’ve been there since 7am yesterday morning. As soon as I signed the legal papers, I was immediately taken to be micro-chipped and then straight through for processing, Master!” he answered me in fear, wondering why I was asking him all these questions.

To me, the questions were all relevant to Brad and his brothers. As I tried to calculate the abuse Daniel had suffered in this short period of time, I could only imagine what it was like for the Cahill brothers.

Standing up I went over to an old bureau I used to store old clothes and digging around inside, I threw a pair of underwear, long baggy shorts and an oversized t-shirt at Daniel.

“Here, put these on. I’ll not have you present yourself to my parents with your dick standing to attention. Besides, they know you and your family very well, and I know it would be far too embarrassing for them to see you all horned up all the time.” I said, as I picked up the micro-chip manual I been given and flicked through its pages.

“Ah, here we go. ‘Main Command Over-ride, disengage power unit 2770-423’! Well, that should do it. Daniel, look at me now.” I said as I looked up at Daniel’s confused face.

“Punishment Level 1, proceed!” I said. Daniel squawked and whimpered, cringing away from me, but nothing happened.

“Pleasure Level 3, proceed!” I stated firmly. Again nothing happened, and as Daniel looked at me in utter confusion, I realised he no longer had an erection as he quickly slid the underwear and baggy pants up over his hips.

“Daniel, you’ll be staying in here from now on, or at least until I find Brad. You will consider this room as your room and look after it like you would in your own home. You can use anything in here, watch the LCD TV, play any movies you want, any online games, but keep it clean at all times!” I said.

“Most importantly, you will continue to go to school and study, and you can go out and be with your friends whenever you want, assuming you have any left that is. You will abide by my parents house rules and be back in this house when they tell you to be home.”

“If they agree, you may be allowed to spend some nights and weekends with your own brothers and parents, but only if both our parents agree. And under no circumstances are you to tell anyone you are a slave, do you understand me?” I finished.

Daniel just stood there looking at me dumbfounded. He looked around the room and then back at me.

“Master, I… I don’t…” he stammered.

“Daniel, you will never call me Master ever again! My name is Evan. So start using it as you used to!” I added.

And to my surprise Daniel did something that made tears well up in my eyes. Quickly he dropped down on his knees directly in front of me, and then laid the side of his face on my lap.

“Oh Evan, I’m so sorry for what I’ve done to Brad. I know I deserve to be punished for how much I hurt him. Please, I’d do anything you want to make up for it!” Daniel cried in heart rending sobs that echoed through my old bedroom.

“It’s not me you should be asking forgiveness from. And don’t worry, you’ll definitely get your chance to apologise to Brad after I’ve found him. For the moment though, you’ll do what I say and enjoy my parents company. But if you piss them off, I promise I’ll reset your micro-chip and you’ll rue the day you were ever born, understand?” I said sternly, even though I was gently patting his hair.

“Yes Evan, I’ll do as you say!” he said with conviction and as I helped him back up onto his feet, he suddenly grabbed me and gave me a big hug.

Needless to say my parents were absolutely fine with this arrangement. Eventually they would be caring for another 12 young teenage guys who had the courage to front up to me and do the same thing Daniel did.

What I didn’t tell anyone, was I’d actually bought them in Brad’s name, so when I found him, he could decide their fate himself. I don’t know why I did this but it seemed Brad might one day need to face up to some of those who’d caused him great pain and hardship.

Of course, the day finally came round to when I’d finally tracked Noel down, and I knew he wouldn’t escape me this time.

Getting Brad home became my highest priority, and it took four days to eventually get him back to New Holland Mercy Hospital. As I always did, I paid for the finest specialists and physicians to take care of him, with 24 hour nursing care and security. There was no way I was going to lose him again.

And this time I made a decision that I knew angered Brad’s brothers and his parents to such an extent I actually thought they might have packed up, moved away and taken Brad with them. At the time, I didn’t care, because it seemed the right decision to make then.

The decision was I didn’t inform them when I brought Brad back with me, and I kept his whereabouts secret.

Brad’s condition was extremely critical, and I didn’t want them seeing how he was at that moment. By the time I’d gotten him to the hospital, I needed to know if he was going to die, and only then would I have notified them that I’d found him and they should hurry to see him straight away.

But I was informed he was going to make it, so it was important he first got over his delirium, where he was begging me to go get Noel for him, or pleading with me to take him to Noel.

In fact, all he talked about as he ranted and raved in his delirious state was his need to be with Noel at all times, that Noel had to be there to look after him. I just didn’t want Sam and Joan Cahill to see their eldest son in such a terrible state, and definitely didn’t want his brothers to see him in this state either.

And so I stayed with him all the time, speaking softly to him, reassuring him he was now safe. By the end of the second week, he’d finally drifted into a deep sleep that terrified me, but I was advised by the large medical team this was normal, that Brad’s body and mind was working overtime to heal themselves.

But I’ll never forget the morning he woke up finally, his face looking refreshed and youthfully handsome as usual, and he stared up into my eyes. Slowly he’d lifted his hand so he could touch my face, and as tears spilled down my cheeks, he smiled a smile that nearly knocked me off my feet.

“Thank you, Evan. Thank you so very much for saving me, my handsome young prince!” he said ever so softly as he gazed into my weeping eyes. And before I know it, I was ever so gently, tenderly kissing him on his lips. As I raised my head, I watched as he closed his blue eyes, lowered his hand and fell peacefully back into a deep sleep that lasted about 24 hours.

Again I stayed where I was, at times sitting down and nodding off as I held his warm hand, or just standing there as I kept vigil over him. Finally as the sun rose that morning and I listened with joy to his steady breathing, I picked up my mobile and rang Sam Cahill and Sean.

I admit I was exhausted by the time they turned up, and all I wanted to do was go back to my bed and sleep. But I had one more thing to do before I finally took a much needed rest.

Noel had been kept in solitary confinement ever since he’d been released from the prison hospital. For some reason I just needed to see him, to try and understand why he had done all this. I also knew he probably couldn’t answer me, because I don’t believe he really knew himself.

And so I turned up at the prison’s visitors’ rooms, and watched as they brought him in.

He looked nothing like my brother at all. He was so skinny, and he was having trouble walking as they pushed him roughly forward. All of a sudden I began worrying he’d fall over dead before his trial. His hair had been shaved down to a number one, and his face was gaunt and dark hollows ringed both his eyes.

When he saw me, he stopped for a second, and then dropped his eyes to the floor, unable to look me in the face as he stumbled and lowered his thin frame into a plastic seat opposite me. All he could do was cast casual glances up at me, looking me over.

“Jeez, I can’t believe it… It’s so good to see you Evan. How have you been? How are father and mother? I don’t usually get any visitors you know. I mean, who wants to meet the…” His voice trailed off as he seemed to go deep into his own shattered mind. I could see he was suffering immensely, that somehow what he’d done just might finally be catching up with him.

“You’re looking really good little bro. It really is so good seeing you…” He looked up at me, his eyes full of fear and his body was trembling uncontrollably.

And that’s when I asked him.

“Why? Why did you do all this to Brad, Noel?” I asked him, tears rolling down my cheeks as I stared across at him.

I watched his lower lip trembling as he finally looked up at me, and as I watched the tears spill from his eyes he answered me, and I knew then he was telling me the truth.

“Because I love him… Because he makes me feel like I’m a real man!”

All I can do is stare back at Noel. It was unbelievable! How would he know what love was, but I could see in his eyes he really believed he loved Brad.

It is too much for me. I tell him he’s warped, he’s concept of love is evil. But he looks at me, as if pleading with me, and I know now he’s hurting in a way I don’t think I’ll ever understand.

“Do you hate me Evan? Will you ever be able to forgive me?” The question shocks me, and I can see he is really scared asking it. His eyes are looking at me, so sad and deep.

And that’s when I hurt him even more. I reject him then and there, as I will never understand how he hurt the one person who went out of his way to treat me like a friend.

But what I didn’t expect was the sudden mournful howl of pure sadness and despair that rushes from his lungs as he drops his head and sobs there openly in front of me. I am stunned and I suddenly want desperately to go over and hug him and tell him everything will be alright.

But I don’t. I just sit there for a second as I watch my big brother sob and then he starts apologising to me. And again I know he is sincere.

I find myself standing at the exit door ready to leave all too soon, unable to take any more. But I do the one thing I hope will mean something to Noel, I tell him Brad is fine and he will recover in time.

That’s when I take my leave, but I don’t go home, I go straight back to the hospital to see Brad. My mind is spinning and I know if I look upon his face, everything will be okay.

Within a week, Brad was released from the hospital and placed in my care. His parents were still pretty miffed off with me and to a smaller degree so were his brothers, but eventually Brad resolved the issue by choosing to come home with me.

I was so ecstatic, unable to believe he was up and around, and he was with me. My heart was overflowing with a love I’d never experienced before, and all I could do was get in the way of Brad no matter where he went. I couldn’t help myself. I needed to be there for him, to make sure I was on hand no matter what.

Finally he took my hands in his and lifting them to his lips and kissed them. I nearly fainted! We were the living room of the executive apartment in the Le Grand Hotel, and when he led me to my bedroom, I stumbled after him as if I were floating on air.

What can I say? It was absolutely beautiful the way he made love to me, and how he opened himself up to me. I was very conscious of needing to be very gentle and tender when he opened his legs and allowed me to slide my erect cock up into his tight anus, and he was very careful and slow when he pushed his huge penis up my tight opening.

That night I shared myself with him and instantly declared my unconditional love for him. As he rode me for the third time, staring me in the eyes as I wrapped my legs around his waist and tightened them to keep him locked to me, I told him I would love him for as long as he would have me.

And as he reared up and ejaculated deep inside me, he said the words that would live with me until my dying days.

“Evan, I love you with all my heart, my wonderful brave hero!” he gasped as he stared into my eyes and I felt the last trickles of his sperm spurt deep up into me.

For the next few days all we did was stay in bed, and then finally it was time to prepare ourselves for when we attended Noel’s trial.

I hadn’t told Brad about my visit to see my brother. In fact, I’d been trying very hard to forget about it all together. And as it was, all I’d eventually ended up telling him was Noel was being looked after and he was in very good hands.

But the main issue for us now was for Brad to be ready to testify on behalf of the federal prosecution. I still wanted Noel either locked away or enslaved, and I didn’t care which. For me it was important that Brad was able to finally put this horrible nightmare behind him so he could get on and start really living his life to the fullest.

It was strange to see how hesitant Brad became as the big day drew closer. My lawyers were trying to get him to be more relaxed, guaranteeing him that Noel would never see freedom again, and if we were lucky, he’d probably be sold to some unknown country and that would be the end to it.

Brad didn’t seem happy with those conversations and would immediately get up and slam the door behind him as he left us staring in his wake in complete and utter confusion. That’s when one of my lawyers said Brad could be suffering a severe case of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, where a kidnap victim starts to identify and sympathise with his captor.

Again, it’s funny when I think back to that time, because I’d considered that as a serious issue we might need to address prior to Noel’s trial, but after I’d gone and seen him, I knew deep down it wasn’t that, or more truthfully, it was just a small part of Brad’s problem.

That night, the evening before the trial, I waited for Brad to come back from the gym where he spent a lot of time when he needed to be alone. I now knew I needed to know the true of how he really felt about Noel, as I’d been putting it off for ages.

I watched him as he came through the front door and then stripped off on his way to the shower. In a way, I thanked him silently for making a mess, because Monet loved cleaning up after us.

As soon as he’d showered and dried himself, he came over to me and cuddled me close to his body. And that’s when I asked him.

“Brad? I need to ask you a question. Do you love Noel?” as soon as I said it, I’d instantly wished I’d bitten my tongue off and choked on it instead. I mean, what did I expect him to answer?

“Of course I do, Evan. I thought you knew that.” He said so matter-of-fact.

“I don’t understand. How can you love someone who did all those terrible things to you and your family? I just don’t get it?” I said, and he could see I was jealous, that I was upset.

“I don’t understand it all myself Evan. And I know what he did was terribly wrong. But I saw a part of him where he showed his real ‘self’ to me, where even though he was all mixed up, he really did love me in his own way.” Brad said to me gently.

“And in my own way, well, I love him. Oh, he tried to look after me, and believe me when I tell you it nearly got him killed a few times. Did you know he got stabbed three times and shot twice trying to save me? And on three occasions he nearly called you to come down and get me, because he knew he was failing me. It broke his heart when you finally came knocking on the door, but I know he was so proud of you for having tracked him down.” He continued.

“You were the only person he was prepared to lose to, what with that huge stubborn ego of his. And you did win Evan. You beat him and you won me.” Brad said kindly and suddenly I was in tears, burying my face into his big smooth chest.

The next day we were all nervous. Brad because he was expected to testify against Noel, and me because suddenly I didn’t seem to see my brother as the huge monstrous ogre I thought he was. Also, I was starting to think maybe I’d been terrible wrong in not being there to support him, regardless of what he’d done. I mean, he was still my brother and he was all alone now.

But when I saw him in court, I nearly screamed blue murder.

I was livid, angrier than I’d been in a long time. Noel was in an even worse condition than the last time I’d seen him. He was coughing up blood and appeared to be disorientated most times. And even though they’d showered and shaved him, I could see he was terribly ill.

I could see his mind was still functioning though, because as the court proceedings commenced, he answered the relevant questions regarding his guilt and his understanding of the case against him. But he refused to look back at us or even acknowledge our even being there. But I watched him carefully when Brad got up in the witness box and how Noel tentatively glanced up a few times to look at him, before he buried his head in his arms and sobbed silently to himself.

I was stunned. I sat there watching Noel, completely broken and shattered and I realised I’d abandoned my own brother. I know what he did was heinous, but I was his own flesh and blood and I’d shown him no compassion whatsoever.

He’d been caught and would suffer the full weight of the law thrown against him, and all I could do was hate him even more.

That afternoon I walked out of that courthouse and went for a walk by myself to try and collect my thoughts.

Brad was tired and restless. He tried to spend more time down at his favourite gym, but his mind wasn’t with it. Finally he came back and confronted me.

“You told me he was okay, Evan! Well, he doesn’t look okay to me one bit. What’s going on? You know his dying don’t you Evan? Is that what you really want?” he said to me, his voice rising with anger.

“Of course I don’t! I never planned for any of this. It’s not my fault. I mean, I didn’t know he was that sick! Oh God, I didn’t know?” I answered softly, my heart breaking as I watched Brad standing there so hurt.

“Well you better think of something Evan, because they’re going to crucify him tomorrow, and then it’ll be all over except the funeral!” Brad said as he went into our bedroom and closed the door behind him.

I stood there stunned. More importantly, I was thinking how stupid I was that I hadn’t considered this outcome earlier. But then I knew what I had to do. For the first time I think I smiled and went straight over to make a phone call to one of my lawyers.

The next day in court was pretty much what we’d all expected. Noel was convicted for the unlawful and illegal practice of enslaving innocent persons, and for bribing state officials in public positions to assist in enslaving innocent persons.

He was to be taken straight back to his cell to await his immediate sentencing before the judge, who would now hear applications from slave merchants and traders who might be interested in purchasing Noel.

As was most common, the meeting was held in the Judge’s chambers. As I entered, staying close to the door, I noticed my lawyers were also present, as well as three other persons who appeared to be representatives of anonymous buyers.

Immediately my lawyer put forward a huge bid, which the Judge’s adjudicator logged accordingly. From there a flurry of bids were put forward. Immediately two of the bidders dropped out as the amount rose beyond their authorised amount. This left my lawyers and one single anonymous bidder left to battle it out.

What was more amazing was the bidding climbed to a figure unheard of in the history of slave auctions, and now I was starting to get really pissed off with whoever was bidding against me.

But the moment it topped $5 million, my lawyer raised it to $5.250 million, the other bidder dropped off, and the Judge immediately awarded Noel to my representatives.

Was there ever a time that I thought I might have lucked out? Never! Because I would have spent my entire fortune to secure ownership of Noel, just to keep him out of the hands of any other slave trader.

But I must admit to being absolutely exhausted. Quickly I exited and hurried back to Brad who appeared distraught and was on his mobile frantically phoning around. When he saw me, I could see tears pouring down his cheeks, and I found myself frightened for him, not knowing what the problem could be.

“I lost him, Evan! Someone came in with more than me and I lost him!” he said in the saddest tone I’d ever heard in his voice.

And then it all fell into place. He was the mystery bidder. Oh for fuck sake!

Suddenly I broke out laughing, unable to contain myself, and as he looked at me as if I’d gone insane, I took his hand and motioned for him to follow me.

Once again I stood there in the prison visitor’s room, but this time I had Brad with me. He was still confused as to what we were doing here, asking me repeatedly if I’d organised for him to see Noel for the last time before he was trucked off to his new owner.

But whatever excitement I felt, or however smug I might have been, it all vanished as Noel was escorted on unsteady stumbling legs into the room.

There stood Noel before us, my big brother, completely naked, trying to assume the traditional mandatory slave position as he wobbled there, his head bowed low with his chin resting his chest, his hands behind his back and his legs wide apart, and his groin thrust as far forward as he move his hips.

But what shattered my composure was how thin he was. His ribs showed through his chest, his arms and legs were really just flesh hanging on bone, the sharp outlines of his pelvic bones showed through the skin of his hips.

The only thing that seemed to have any physical strength and health about it was his uncircumcised penis, which jutted out from his now hairless crotch in the most obscene way.

Before I could react, Brad had rushed forward and pushed the two laughing smirking prison officers away from Noel and carefully wrapped his arms around Noel’s emaciated naked body, helping him to stay upright. I had rushed forward too, taking off my long leather coat and given it to Brad to wrap around Noel.

And Noel, as if in a daze, was looking at Brad as if he were a figment of his imagination.

“Is that really you Brad? Am I dreaming? Have you come to see me one last time? Thank you Brad, I really appreciate it, you know?” Noel said, his chest shuddering with pain as he tried to breathe, his eyelids flickering as he tried to keep them open.

“And Evan, you’re here too? Can you ever forgive me? I really am so sorry bro! I’m so sorry I turned out to be such a big disappointment to you!” he stammered, his breathing laboured as he looked at each of our faces, trying to smile.

“They tell me I’m to be taken from here to be castrated and have my tongue removed. Apparently they don’t use anesthetic. Well, if this isn’t just another hallucination I’m having, I’m glad it’s you two who will hear my last words.” Noel said, coughing violently as he tried to laugh and make light of his predicament.

And then he looked up into Brad’s face, he eyes softened and he began to cry, a soft mewling sound that wrenched our hearts as Brad held him tightly.

“Oh Brad, how much I love you! And I never saw it coming. I hope one day you can forgive me for the way I treated you!” Noel half whispered as he lost consciousness and went limp in Brad’s arms.

Immediately I felt for a pulse in his wrist and detecting it, I looked up into Brad’s horrified tear-filled eyes.

“Listen to me Brad! His alive, but just barely, so we have to get him to a hospital straight away. Also, the person you bid against today was me. As such we own him now, so hurry the fuck up and carry him to our car. I don’t know how bad he is, so let’s get a move on!” I said as quickly as I could, pulling on his arm to follow me.

Brad didn’t care. He’d heard the part I’d said about him still being alive, about us owning him and to hurry up. The next thing he was tearing ahead of me, but he didn’t stop at our limo, he raced off in the direction of the hospital two blocks away carrying Noel in his big cradling arms with me racing after them, trying to keep up.

8.1 Noel Morgan - A Strange Forgiveness

(Compiled from the Confidential Testimonies of Noel Morgan)

It’s been nine weeks now, and I’m still stuck in this fucking bed. They won’t let me up and whenever I complain, they just laugh in my face and tell me to get over it.

I can’t even play hard-ball with them anymore either. If I even try to boss them around, or get uppity with them, they just look at me somberly and shake their heads in a no-no kind of way.

When they do that, I usually shut up straight away, because I really don’t want to upset them.

But I admit I look up to them both. Brad, because I still love him dearly, though no-one understands how I can say that, and Evan, because he’s my little brother and he spent over $5 mil of his own money to keep me from being sent away to what definitely would have been my death.

I got to say, it was hard to adjust to their ways though. I always thought my brother was a fag, I mean gay, because he always seemed so shy and meek and all. And Brad, well, I just knew. But I don’t talk to them about it, because I know I’m probably the reason for the way they turned out, and for them eventually getting together.

Anyhow, I’ve come to accept their relationship, them living and sleeping together, and I feel okay about it now. It still hurts sometimes when I’m lying awake at night and I can hear them being all loving in their bedroom, but I reckon that’s part of my punishment too.

And to be honest, it’s not all that bad now. Before though, I found it really hard at first, because I was still really sick and I always considered Brad was mine.

I know. You all must think I’m off my rocker, probably thinking I’m in denial about my sexuality. Maybe I am a queer? And true, I only ever think about one guy right now, and I probably will for the rest of my life.

All I ever really wanted from the beginning was for Brad to be my fag, and I know if I’d been given enough time, I would have loved him forever. But that’s not how things worked out is it?

But when it comes to them sharing their lives together, well, I can be a man about it and admit I’m just so very jealous. Also, I’ll probably always be jealous, because they seem so happy together, something that I’d always wanted to create for me and Brad in my own heavy handed way.

Oh well, I get to go out in my new wheel chair later this week. They promised if I was really good, stopped pestering them and bitching about everything, they’d take me for a stroll outside, where I’ll actually get to see some real sunlight for the first time in nine weeks.

Yes, I love them both. How can I not? I remember how I woke up the day after Brad had rushed me to the hospital from the federal hospital. Brad was sitting in a chair next to my bed, holding onto my right hand firmly, his head slumped forward and the side of his face resting next to my hip, fast asleep. On the other side was Evan, and he too was asleep in a chair, holding on to my other hand.

At first I didn’t know what was happening. I even thought I was having the most wonderful dream, or I’d actually died and gone somewhere astral-like. I mean, the whole hospital room I was in was painted vivid white so it sure made me wonder.

But then my past memories kicked in, and I found myself staring down into Brad’s handsome sleeping face. I couldn’t help it when the tears filled my eyes and I started to cry softly. Instantly both Brad and Evan woke up, and seeing I was now awake, they jostled around me, making sure I was comfortable.

When I tried to speak to them, I found no sound would come out of my mouth and suddenly my lungs began aching as I tried to push myself up. Immense pain instantly filled my head and my body, and I found myself struggling desperately to breathe properly.

“Noel, you have to relax and not move around.” Evan said as he looked down on my grimacing face. Brad was frantically punching at a button, trying to get the attention of the hospital staff.

“Brad, would you please sit down, you’re upsetting Noel!” Evan said, his voice full of concern and rising a bit in irritation.

“Noel, you’re going to be okay. You’re suffering from a combination of pneumonia and bronchial lung infection. The doctors are treating you and say you’ll be fine, but you have to rest up.” Evan said softly. Brad had sat down in his chair and was holding my hand again, watching me carefully with distress written all over his face. Also, I could see they weren’t telling me everything, that they were keeping something back from me.

But at that moment, I didn’t seem to mind anymore. Not at that exact particular moment in time. Not about the extreme pain I was suffering, not about what was actually wrong with me.

Because I finally realised this wasn’t a dream at all. Here was Brad watching over me. He was really here!

I was stunned. I wanted to reach up and touch and caress his handsome sad face but my hands wouldn’t move. So all I could do was stare up into his face, and hope he could see how happy I was to see him, and how very, very sorry I was.

Again the tears began, and I saw him reach down with a thin tissue paper and tenderly wipe the moisture from under my eyes.

“I’m here Noel. I’m not going anywhere, so rest up for me, will you?” he said to me, a big smile on his face as he gently squeezed my hand to reassure me. And before I knew it, I’d closed my eyes and drifted back to sleep.

“How long has it been? Two weeks? Okay, you can bring him slowly out of his induced coma. His brain should have had time to recover, and the recent CAT scans relating to his stroke and heart attack should allow us to see how bad his condition is.” The voice said as I drifted in between consciousness and unconsciousness.

When I opened my eyes, it was once again to see Brad sitting there next to me holding my hand.

“Hi there, sleepy.” he said as he smiled down at me, and for the first time since I’d met him, I smiled up into his face with as much affection and love as I could muster. The reaction from him shocked me as he lowered his head and rested it next to mine.

“I’ve missed you Brad.” I tried to say to him, and found I could only whisper a short breath of air with my words on it, words which escaped from the corner of my mouth. Even saying the very words exhausted me, but I could see he’d heard me.

“Me too Noel, I’ve missed you. Now don’t speak because you’re still healing and we want you to get better soon.” Brad said as I lay there looking up at him.

“What’s happened to me? Why can’t I…?” I tried to ask, suddenly scared because nearly the entire left side of my face and body was completely numb and I couldn’t move a muscle.

Brad looked up over me and I saw Evan looking back at him, shaking his head from side to side.

Now that was scary! And as I watched Evan look down at me with a big sad smile on his face, I figured the news about my health was going to be real bad.

“Noel, the doctor will be back in a few seconds. He’s going to give you a quick once over and let us know if it’s okay to take you home with us.” Evan said.

Of course, within an hour I’d found out just how sick I was, as well as the fact I wouldn’t be getting much better any time soon.

That really made me ponder my life, and what I’d done to end up like this! I was only 20, and I’d suffered a massive heart-attack, a stroke and my lungs were damaged. On top of that, my kidneys had packed it in and my liver wasn’t functioning properly anymore.

It was all the result of the time I’d been with Brad down in the south, and then the regular beatings I got when I was in solitary confinement within the federal prison.

None of the medical staff could believe I was still alive, and it was still expected I’d not last long, maybe a few months if I was lucky.

From what I learnt, not many people were that worried about me when they found out I was seriously ill. Most were actually happy and some I heard were even now celebrating my imminent death.

As I lay there, all I could think about was how pathetic my life had been. And always my thoughts turned to Brad and what I’d done to him,

And then I started wondering. Why was Brad here? Suddenly it didn’t make sense. I had done some terrible things to him and his entire family, yet he sat next to me everyday and held onto my hand, willing me to get better.

When Brad had first turned up at high school and I’d first seen him, I’d hated him with a passion. All I’d wanted to do was destroy him and his entire family. But something happened that I couldn’t understand and the next thing I knew is that I’ve fallen in love with him and I was fighting for his very life.

That’s when I fell into a deep depression. Memories of what I’d done to Brad kept filtering up into my mind, a constant reminder of the pain I had caused him and others. Before I knew it, I was somehow pulling the drips out of my arms, wanting so much to end it all.

It felt right that it should end this way, and as I fell into a deep blackness that seemed to swallow up every fibre of my being, I heard myself faintly whispering Brad’s name over and over again.

To me it was funny to wake up feeling so rested and relaxed, yet feeling really pissed off that I was still alive. I remember chuckling to myself as I woke up to find I’d once again failed at doing something as trivial as this, of ridding the world of a despised criminal monster and slave.

But to my surprise, as I felt the tears gather in my eyes, I felt someone’s large warm body lying next to me in my bed. Big muscular arms were draped over me, hugging me tightly. At first I was confused as I realised I wasn’t in the hospital anymore either. I was in what appeared to be a really large nice room, overflowing with flowers.

A huge LCD TV was built into the wall opposite me which I could easily see, the bed I was lying in was huge, the sheets covering me smelt fresh and clean, and a large beautifully crafted crystal light hung from the ceiling.

And then I watched in astonishment as Brad lifted his head and smiled at me.

“Welcome home stranger. Evan and I are your new roomies, so we’ll be caring for you from now on. And if you ever pull another stupid stunt like you did in the hospital, we’ll have to take your pocket-money away from you for at least two weeks.” He said softly, a wide grin on his handsome face.

“Why are you doing this for me? You should hate me? All of you should? I don’t understand?” I whimpered, still unable to move and stammering out of the side of my mouth. Again I was weeping, and I could hardly see him as he drew his body closer to mine.

“Noel, you were a cunt, a horrible person who nearly destroyed everything I love. But you also saved my life down there in the south on a number of occasions.” Brad said calmly.

“Also, I really do love you. Not because of the terrible things you did to me, or to my family, but because I saw that side of you no-one else has ever seen before. You nearly died for me, twice, and I know you even killed for me as well. And then you went without food for so long to make sure I was fed and got some medication.” He continued.

“To me, you will always be a part of my life now and forever. Also, you’re my slave too, and I need to make sure you’re well looked after. You might not know this, but you cost Evan a small fortune, and then he gave you to me straight away!” he chuckled in a tender kind of way.

“But you’re not well anymore, Noel, so I want to be here to look after you until you get all better. Evan and I are going to take shifts, so we can keep an eye on you, 24 hours a day.” he added, smiling down at my exasperated confused expression.

“It doesn’t matter why Noel! Just enjoy the pampering and we’ll all try to get you better again, okay?” he finished, and as I watched him, he dragged his body up even closer to mine and lay down with his head resting lightly on my chest.

What could I say? I was shocked, stunned! Here he was, being so kind and tender. I could hardly breathe because it still made no sense. I remember finally breathing in and smelling his blond hair, how clean it was and seeing how it shone in the soft light of the room I lay in.

“I’m so very sorry, Brad. Can you ever, ever forgive me?” I said in a half whisper, and I readied myself for his negative response.

“Noel, I forgave you ages ago. I forgave you when you showed how much you really did love me. So no more being sad at yourself anymore, please?” Brad said as he lifted his head up and looked deeply into my eyes.

I fell asleep and woke up to the smell of real food wafting through my room. Instantly my mouth began to water as I felt my stomach rumble. As I looked over towards the door, I watched as Brad and Evan walked in, carrying three large dinner plates.

“We’re eating in here from now on. Time we started acting like a family once more.” Evan said happily as he sat down on the bed next to me and started to cut up my food.

Again, all I could do was watch them in a daze as they laughed and joked, ate and fed me, acting as if this was a normal thing to be done every day.

Needless to say this became a daily routine for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and as I got better and a small amount of feeling came back into the left side of my body, we began to make arrangements for when I could finally get out of my bed.

In a way, I never was able to understand how Brad could so easily forgive me, but that’s maybe because he’s genuinely a lovely sincere guy, who is more a man than I ever was, or ever will be.

The truth of my situation is I will never walk properly again without crutches, and I only have partial muscle control over a third of my body. When they told me this, I took it for what it meant to me, and that was this was all part of my punishment for all the terrible things I’d done.

And then Brad and Evan came in one day and told me about their relationship.

At first I just stared at them and then I was crying, and before I knew what was happening to me, I found I was howling inconsolably in despair. I know I had no right to feel so distraught whatsoever, but I just couldn’t believe that I’d finally lost Brad, and to my little brother.

I know that’s what I’d originally planned all along, but that was before I fell in love with Brad.

Also, now I would have to live under their roof and know they were fucking each other every night. I just couldn’t believe I would have to lie here and there was nothing I could do.

But what hurt even more was I knew I would only ever be able to look at Brad from now on and never be able to touch him ever again.

They were frantically trying to calm me down, as I’d somehow managed to knock over my drip stand and torn some of the butterfly needles from my arm. Blood was spraying everywhere.

Evan was weeping and Brad was nearly hysterical as they both held me close to them tightly, not allowing me to move at all.

Somehow, I must have cried myself into an exhausted sleep. I awoke and knew it must have been late that evening, and I found myself once more looking up into Brad’s concerned face.

Straight away I started crying again as I remembered that he and Evan were now a couple, but in that instance, I also knew once again I had no right to demand anything from them at all. I knew they owed me nothing, but I owed them everything.

As I sniffled back the tears, I tried to smile up at Brad and tell him I was alright, that I was just shocked, being stupid and childish, that’s all. I wanted him to know I was actually really happy for them both, and I wished them all the happiness in the world for their future.

Brad just smiled down at me, and then he did something that shook my very world.

He stood up and started taking his clothes off very slowly in front of me. I watched him in stunned silence as he dropped his trousers and then his underwear, unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off.

Naked, he stood there before me in the traditional mandatory slave position, his legs wide apart as he stood there before me, his hands behind his back and his groin thrust out as far as he could. His thick long penis was rock-hard and quivering, and his smooth hairless balls dangling low between his thick muscular inner thighs.

There before me stood my beautiful naked Adonis just as I remembered him from months before. When I looked into his face he was smiling, and then he quickly moved forward and crawled under the sheets to cuddle up next to me.

“Oh Noel, you don’t ever have to be jealous of Evan and me. I told you I love you, and I wasn’t just mouthing off. I’ve never forgotten what you did to save me from those terrible men down south, and I’ll always be here for you. I still find it hard to believe you got stabbed three times and also took two bullets and were still able to get me safely away each time.” He said softly as he planted soft tender kisses all over my face.

“And don’t worry about Evan either. He knows what the score is, and that you are a vital part of my life. In fact Noel, you’re a very important part of his life too. Believe it or not, he’s very proud of you. When I told him what you did to protect me, to save me, he demanded we look after you from now on.” Brad added as he gently rubbed himself up against my limp unmoving body.

“I was going to wait until you were a lot better before jumping in the sack with you, but maybe now’s as good a time as any.” he added mischievously.

I couldn’t look away from his handsome face as he gently touched me all over. Although my body was damaged internally and I couldn’t move a muscle, I still found my dick was able to respond to his caresses.

And that’s when I asked him.

“Brad, I’m dying aren’t I? That’s why you’re being so kind to me?” I asked, knowing the truth before he answered.

At first Brad just stared down at me as if I’d hit him with a crowbar across the back of his head, but then he smiled sadly, and tears came to his eyes.

“Yes Noel, you are. The doctors give you a few months more. But it isn’t why I’m being kind to you Noel. I want to be here with you right now because I do love you. I need to know my man is being looked after and being cared for, so that’s why I’m here, Noel.” Brad said so sincerely that my eyes began to fill with tears once again.

And as he smiled down at me, Brad moved ever so carefully, exploring my naked hairless body, making sure not to squash me or hurt me in any way. And as he took my throbbing cock all the way into his mouth, sucking me off as gently as he could, I thanked him and told him once again just how much I truly loved him.

8.2 Brad Cahill - Unconditional

(Extracts From the Recently Discovered Writings by Brad Cahill – Pleasure Slave)

Ten months on, as I look down into his sleeping gaunt face, I know he is dreaming of all the terrible things he did to me. His facial muscles twitch and tense constantly, and I know the memories of the past, of what he’s done, are haunting and tormenting him over and over again.

And even though I have told him I have forgiven him, that I love him with all my heart, I can still tell he despises himself completely, because he can never forgive himself for the pain he has caused me.

So how do I explain it so anyone could comprehend why it is necessary for me to look after Noel, keep him safe and love him regardless of the terrible things that have happened in the past?

To me it’s quite simple! But to others, well they just won’t or couldn’t understand.

No one will really understand. Not my brothers, not my parents, and to a certain extent, not even Evan.

And it’s not that I don’t want them to understand, it’s just that I can’t explain or articulate the reasons why.

How do I tell Evan and my family that I became addicted to the endless beatings, to the utter humiliation and shame Noel and his friends subjected me to?

How do I explain the insanity of how I looked forward to obediently stripping off my clothes before all the guys on the high school football team, slowly sliding my tight skimpy underwear down my legs and stepping out of them before being forced to masturbate in front of them?

It would be impossible for me to look all my loved ones in their eyes, and tell them how I trembled with unbridled lust every time I was pushed down onto my knees and made to perform oral sex on any of Noel’s friends who happened to want a blow job.

What would they say if they knew every time I lay on my back or got on my hands and knees to be anally penetrated over and over again I would uncontrollably ejaculate multiple times without ever having to touch myself?

To everyone who knew my situation, I would hear them politely and sympathetically say it was the slave micro-chip that made me feel so eager and enthusiastic to pleasure Noel and all his friends, and that I shouldn’t feel guilty or ashamed of what I had to do to survive.

But what no-one knew, except for Noel, was that on the afternoon I was led into his bedroom to admit I was a faggot, a queer to Steve Newby and Trevor Drummond, Noel had secretly deactivated the micro-chip implanted in my spine.

From that moment on I was fully aware of what I was doing, of how I’d submitted completely to Noel, of how I eagerly opened my smooth hairless muscled legs wide apart and let Noel and his friends mount me repeatedly.

And of course there’s so much more to the story of my total subjugation to Noel, and why he did what he did to me, but more importantly, why I accepted it.

I will always remember back to the evening Noel was stabbed three times as he tried to save me, and how he then shoved that fire poker all the way up that cruel blackmailing old man’s arsehole.

Again what no-one knows is that as he’d driven us over the state-line, where he eventually found us a place to lie low, Noel totally disregarded his own serious injuries, his punctured lungs, to tend to my needs first.

Once he’d washed me and bandaged me as best he could and then dosed me full of pain-killers, he’d collapsed unconscious on the bed in that small hovel of a motel room from complete exhaustion and loss of blood.

For the next three days he’d slipped in and out of consciousness, babbling incoherently at times in a frenzied fevered state.

That’s when I understood why he had done what he’d done. That’s when I found the sealed envelopes at the bottom of his travel backpack as I searched frantically for strips of cloth to bind his continuously bleeding wounds.

At first I ignored them as I washed the blood off his body and tried to staunch the bleeding, but I suddenly saw one of the envelopes had my name on it, and the other was addressed to Evan.

Even though I was curious, I still put the one addressed to me aside and nearly forgot about the letter as I tended to Noel. Eventually, as I lay next to him, holding him close to my chest, praying for him to pull through, it caught my eye again and I found myself carefully opening it so as not to damage the seal too much.

My dearest Brad,

I’m writing this letter having just left you in the care of my little brother Evan.

I know you are seriously hurt, and it is entirely my fault, and believe me when I say it breaks my heart to know you suffered so brutally at my and my friends’ hands.

For a whole month I let them do things that I knew would cause you great pain, hoping this was what you truly wanted, and hoping you would love me afterwards.

Yes, I know I am solely responsible for your pain and your injuries.

Also, I know whatever I say now will not make up for the terrible vicious things I have done to you and your entire family.

But I thought it was important I write this for you, and for you to receive it when the time is right.

Of course, as you hold this letter in your hands, that time is now, and as such, this must be because:

I) I am dead, or;

  1. I’ve finally been caught by Evan and the authorities, and I’ve recently been enslaved for the rest of my life as a result of my terrible crimes against you and your family…

Either way, you’ll probably be incredibly relieved that I am now out of your life forever, which is actually a heart-breaking thought for me because I truly do love you with all my heart.

How can I say this, you may ask? Well, it’s because from the moment I first saw you, I fell head over heels in love with you.

The very sight of your youthful yet masculine muscular body, your blond hair and handsome face and twinkling blue eyes nearly drove me insane with desire. The way you were so kind to everyone, the way you looked at life, at the world in general, with courage and child-like eager curiosity that made me crazed with a lust and love I dared not admit in this strange new modern world we live in.

If I were to declare openly to anyone how I felt about you, I would have been enslaved immediately, regardless of my family’s massive wealth and power. And so I played my part, being the spoilt rich brat who schemed to bring ruin to you and your family.

Also, I had watched you closely, and I now knew your secret too. You may deny it to the day you die, but I know the truth, and like me, I know you can never reveal yourself to anyone either. Only you know the truth, but if I have been right, if my intuition has been correct, then I hope one day you may be able to forgive me. If not, my time after this life will be spent in the fiery pits of hell.

So what to do in those early days when I first saw you? For me I decided the only thing I could do was to enslave you and make you mine. Then it didn’t matter what society said about us, as they would quite happily accept the master slave relationship.

But I also saw something in you that went much deeper than just being different. I could see through your tough macho rugged exterior and sports jock image and see the submissive masochist locked deep away within you.

The very moment I laid my eyes on you, I knew. I can’t explain it, but I saw you for what you really were and to me that wasn’t terrible or ugly. It was beautiful and pure, and I wanted to be a part of your blossoming, as you fulfilled your potential.

And so I chose to go down a path that would allow me to unlock it. A terrible agonising brutal path that would harden and set my heart to stone even more than it had been before. All so I could prove I was right all along, and for you to prove your absolute love, devotion and loyalty to me.

Believe it or not, but I know now I have achieved the outcome I originally sought. A month of my closest friends torturing and raping you, and I know you love and care for me too. I know now I have released you of your demons, and that you have allowed me the wonderful and glorious opportunity of sharing this with you.

Can you imagine how I have felt to be able to love you in the only way I know how?

As the memory of me dim with the passage of time, I will not ask you to forgive me for all the terrible things I’ve done to your family either. I knew from the very beginning they would suffer, but I also knew if I enslaved them and then gave them to my little brother, Evan would eventually free you all.

Your parents have not been sold to a Bauxite mine, as I once taunted you, wrote in my journals and told others so cold-heartedly. They are currently enslaved to an elderly farming couple up north who are looking after and caring for them and will sell them back to Evan when he finally hacks into my computer at home and discovers all the evidence of my crimes.

I know Evan will do it. He is very intelligent, and you can believe me when I say I don’t take him for granted at all. It is only a matter of time before my little brother comes of age and brings me to justice. I don’t even know how I can begin to tell Evan how proud I am of him.

Yes, in all my writings I sound like a pompous ass, a cruel inhuman tyrant, and yes, I did it all just so I could be with you.

My hope is I am actually dead now if you are reading this. But if I am enslaved and you read this, know that I really did love you with all my heart in the only way I knew how.

I’m sorry Brad, so truly sorry for the pain and agony I’ve put you through, so as a small recompense to you and my family, I have decreed my money and entire inheritance upon my death or enslavement to be given to you.

I know it can’t make up for the evil I have inflicted, but when Evan frees you, you will be worth over $8.6 billion, and hopefully that will be enough for you and your family to start all over again.

And what about me, you may ask?

Well I will have just spent a whole lifetime in the shortest period of time loving the most extraordinary guy I have ever known.

Always remember that you will be forever my only love as long as I live, assuming I am not dead already.

All my love!


As I’d carefully resealed the letter back in its envelope, I remember the strange feeling that resonated through my body as I looked down on him.

I already knew what he had written was all true. And indeed, he had freed that part of me that loved to be dominated and abused so severely.

I remember how in my own injured state as I tried to look after him, I then listened to Noel admit in his fevered stupor how he’d always yearned after me from the first day he’d seen me at school.

What he’d written in the letter he now freely admitted to me, that all his bravado to appear the vicious depraved enslaver of innocent persons had been a mask, a terrible cruel façade he knew would release the terrible secret buried deep down within me.

I could have escaped then, used his mobile to ring the authorities or Evan. But I chose not to. I chose instead to love him more and further enslave myself to him. I chose to look after him until he got better.

And he did get better, before we were once more confronted by the terrible realities of him being shot twice as he tried to save my life again.

Yes, I knew he cared and loved me in a way no-one could ever fully understand.

Now he lies on his back in our new luxurious home we share with Evan, and I knew he was deathly ill. I know Noel will not survive this one, as the doctors had already said his body is slowly deteriorating, that his lungs are too damaged, his kidneys have failed, and his liver was now not functioning at all.

So all I can do is make what time he has left with me as enjoyable and memorable as I can, and believe me, I will do anything to make him happy.

Tears are streaming down my face as I again undress and slide in next to him. My movements wake him and he looks up at me with a smile of pure joy.

“Brad, what time is it? Where’s Evan?” he asks contently, curiously, yawning as he stares into my eyes. Suddenly he is concerned for me as he sees I am crying.

“What’s wrong? Damned my useless body!” he says angrily, unable to sit up or even move as he tries to comfort me.

“It’s alright Noel! They’re tears of joy and I’m just happy you’re here with me.” I say, trying to calm him. Again his eyes soften, and he moans softly as I wrap my body around his and start licking his smooth hairless chest and stomach.

“Oh baby, I just wish I could hold you tightly. It would be so nice to hug you back. Maybe soon when I’m all better, hey?” he says, a wide smile stretched across his trusting face.

All I can do is smile lovingly back at him as I swat over his hips, lower my anus down onto his rigid manhood and sit down gently so his erect penis slides up all the way into my bowels as I lean forward and start kissing him on his lips.

8.3 Evan Morgan – A New Beginning

(From the Private Diary of Evan Morgan)

Noel died on the 16th July, 18 months after we’d brought him home. He went peacefully, and the doctors tell us he felt no pain whatsoever.

Brad was inconsolable. He had been there with my brother as he’d breathed his last breath.

I received the call telling me to come straight home. With a lump in my throat, my heart breaking and tears cascading down my face, I literally ran all the way back to our apartments.

As I entered the bedroom, I watched as Brad wept and howled, hugging Noel’s limp body tightly to his chest. And when he finally realised I was there, he gently placed Noel down and rushed over to me, sobbing uncontrollably as he hugged me close to him. Then he led me over to where Noel lay.

At first I didn’t want to look, but as I wiped the tears from my eyes, I looked down on his face, and I was utterly surprised at how at peace Noel looked. He looked so incredibly young and handsome.

“I got Monet to contact my brothers and parents and they’re on their way. I hope you don’t mind, but I got him to also ring your parents as well. They should be here any moment” Brad wept. All I could do was hug Brad back again as tightly as I could, letting him know I was here for him too, as I knew he was here for me.

But deep down in my heart, I felt as if a huge part of me had been rent from my soul and cast adrift. I found myself forlornly looking down at Noel and asking him over and over again to forgive me.

If only I had tried harder at finding them, just maybe I could have prevented Noel’s eventual death. If I had been more honourable and made sure he was being cared for at that federal prison during his trial, maybe he would still be with us healthy and alive.

I watched as Brad went and sat next to Noel’s body, and I felt the tears pouring down my cheeks once again as he tenderly gathered Noel up in his arms and held him against his chest.

It was Monet who took control of the situation as he always did when things needed to be done. He came up to me and put his arms around me and walked me out of the room, whispering to me that we needed to talk now.

“Your parents have arrived. I think you should go out and greet them while I look after Master Brad and Master Noel. Then you can take them in to see your brother.” Monet said kindly, moving me towards the lounge room where my parents waited.

We hugged and wept, and as I watched them both steady themselves, preparing to go into the bedroom where Noel was, Monet came out to let me know all was ready.

Finally they went in, wanting to see Noel by themselves, and as I waited for them, Monet once again came up to me.

“Master Evan, I am so sorry for your loss. But it is time for you to consider what you want to do now. Firstly, before I go on, I need to give this to you. Master Noel made me keep it, making me promise I was only to give this to you if anything were ever to happen to him.” Monet said as he handed over a letter addressed to me.

I looked at it in a daze. With trembling hands I opened it and read it.

Hi Evan,

If you’re reading this, then it means I bit the big one… And if that’s the case, I hope all is still well with you, and Brad and his family are safe and sound in your care.

Of course, if Brad is with you now, which should be the case, please look after and love him as much as you can. If my guess is right he’ll need you more than ever now, because it means I have failed him and I am no longer there to look after him.

Evan, I want you to know I love you and I’m so very proud of you. I’ve always been very proud of you, even though I never showed you or told you that before.

One last thing before I sign off. I hope that you can one day forgive me for what I am about to do. I have just this moment put into motion something so terrible that you may never be able to forgive me, but it is something I need to do. Not just for me, but for Brad too.

I’m sorry to be so vague about details but it is important you do understand that I actually do care and love Brad deeply. All I can say to justify my actions is if I can have him for just a short period time, then it will all have been worthwhile.

Take care little bro…


I read it, reread it, and then looked up at Monet.

“When did he give this to you?” I asked.

“It was well over a year and a half ago Master Evan. A month before he brought Sean and Justin home as your new pleasure slaves.” Monet said gently.

I was staggered. Suddenly it all made sense. It was never about the destruction of Brad and his family, or trying to steal my own family’s wealth and fortune. It had always been about Brad and Noel, and to a lesser extent, me.

“Didn’t you know Master Evan? I’m sorry to say, but it was quite obvious to the rest of the house slaves what Master Noel was doing. He truly did love Master Brad in a way that could only have resulted in Master Brad being enslaved. That way they could be together.” Monet said softly, his eyes sad as he realised I’d not known.

So now I understood. Noel had manipulated everyone into thinking he was a cruel sadistic animal, someone who had schemed and plotted to destroy Brad and his entire family, all because of a supposed personal high school feud.

He had let all his straight friends beat and rape Brad, maintaining his heterosexual status and once he’d broken Brad, made him love Noel back, then he’d made sure Brad was then handed over to me. Noel knew I would look after Brad and I would set him free, but I can see how my brother hadn’t realised how much in love with Brad he was.

I was amazed at the complexity of it, but I was overwhelmed by sadness that Noel knew it would ultimately destroy him when he chose to go down this route.

But what made me weep with a broken heart was Noel had been gay all along, and that he’d seen his terrible actions as being the only way he could be with Brad.

In a sense, I knew this was true as well. Our society wouldn’t have allowed him to openly confess his love for Brad, and he would have been enslaved straight away.

The funeral took place a week later. A small affair, where those close to Noel came and paid their final respects. August was there and so were Sean and Justin. My mother and father were there of course, along with Monet and myself, with Brad giving the eulogy.

A surprise was the number of high school friends who knew Noel and had played on the high school football team with him over the years. When they walked passed the open coffin in the little chapel, they kept their eyes low as they also passed by Brad.

I could see they were ashamed of what they’d done to Brad, as well as deeply saddened by Noel’s death.

Anyhow, over the next few weeks, Brad and I comforted each other, trying to come to terms with the loss of Noel from our lives.

For Brad, it was as if a true soul-mate had passed away, leaving him bereft of a major part of his life. For me, it was coming to terms with the fact that I loved my brother with all my heart and the guilt I felt for not having loved him more.

As for Brad’s brothers and parents, I think they came to understand there was much more to what had happened between Brad and Noel, and they quickly learnt to forgive my brother.

Also, my parents came to terms with the sad reality that they had just lost their eldest boy, and for many months, my mother was nearly inconsolable.

But with Noel’s passing, life seemed to strangely readjust itself around us, enabling us all to move forward. Monet stayed with us and looked after us, while August moved in permanently with us as well.

Both Sean and Justin decided they too wanted to live with us and so we all reached a decision we needed to get a bigger place.

We settled for a massive 4 storey 25 room house that overlooked the main river that ran through the centre of Morrisett City.

Now Brad attends college and will graduate with full honours. I am still studying, along with Sean and Justin, and we’re all enjoying the peace and tranquility as we spend our time with Brad.

One thing remained to be decided, and that was something only Brad could do himself.

Down at my parent’s estate remained the question of what to do with the 14 young teenage guys who had voluntarily signed up for lifetime indentured servitude. Fourteen young male slaves Brad now owned and needed to decide what to do with.

He asked me to go with him, and of course I agreed. He hadn’t told me what he was going to do, but it didn’t really matter as I would have supported him regardless.

Of course father and mother were waiting outside for us when we arrived, and to our surprise, so were every one of Brad’s slaves. Not that you could tell they were slaves. They all wore nice clothing and stood nervously around as we stepped out of the family limousine that had picked us up from the airport.

More to our surprise was how they sheepishly moved forward to surround Brad, and to my surprise, they each stepped forward with tears in their eyes, knelt down before him and asked Brad to forgive them.

Daniel Maddox was the last to come up to Brad, and falling to his knees, he wept uncontrollably as he begged for Brad to forgive him.

Brad was the most surprised, but he immediately moved forward and hugged them each, telling them they were now all free. With Daniel, he lifted him up and hugged him for ages and then kissed him on the forehead.

If there were ever a time I felt a deep love for Brad, it was then. He didn’t judge them or hate them, he didn’t choose to do anything other than let them know he had forgiven them and they could now all go home as free citizens to live with their families.

When we returned home, Daniel came with us. It wasn’t a decision Brad and I took lightly, but we knew we had to. Daniel looked and sounded very fragile, and we were so concerned he would do something to harm himself because of his intense feelings of guilt that we knew we needed to keep a close eye on him.

Of course Daniel jumped at the offer, and Brad knew that given time, Daniel would be okay and would one day be able to get on with his own life.

It’s a funny thing to look back on everything that had happened and to realise that nothing really was as it appeared.

Brad recently had a huge portrait of Noel painted, and he now spends many hours in front of the mantelpiece where it hangs, quietly contemplating about life and speaking to Noel’s image whenever he feels the need or gets down in the dumps.

And myself, I now love my older brother unconditionally, regardless of what he may have done in the past, and I still to this day hope he has forgiven me for having turned my back on him in his darkest hours.

The End

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