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Daddies' Boy

By Malemann54
published October 27, 2019

Larry loved his life with his two Poppas but why can’t he remember his life before he lived with his Poppas?

Daddies’ Boy It all started when Larry looked at the calendar and thought it’s Liam’s birthday and remembered he was born two days before my 43rd birthday so that would make him…. What I’m only 22 and who’s Liam?

It was an ordinary day Larry was doing his job at the Island Resort entertaining the customers and then going back home to Poppa Ted and Poppa Miguel. It was his turn to cook so he going to stop off at the market for fish and vegetables. But who was this Liam? There was no one on the Island called Liam he knew Liam was short for William and he knew several Bills and Wills, a couple of Guillermos, and even someone who liked to be called William but no called Liam, the only one he could think of was that handsome blond Australian actor, and oh yeah, take big Irish guy from the Taken movie.

I gotta start writing this stuff down and put where no one can find it. (Why do I need to do that?) Before I forget when I get home and have sex with my Pappas it feels so good I can’t think clear for hours later. It all I can do to get up and go to work having sex with one guest and three the guests, funny having sex with is greater but it doesn’t compare to being with my Poppas. I didn’t enjoy it half as much when I could fuck with one of them at a time for a while when I was in school because when I slept with both of them all I could of was being able to fuck them again, it was still better than sex with the clients. I loved giving them pleasure but some of them would treat me like a piece of furniture after they got off and some of them could only get aroused by the most ridulous fetishs, no judgement but sometimes I felt silly and I just can’t get into scat or (yuck) having sex with women.’

Maybe I should write down what I first remember. I woke up in the main bedroom and I thing it was the first time I saw it later I thought that the bed was incredibly large even with the three of us in the bed. Later when we had a party we were able to fit 15 in the bed andthe big bed was able to support our weight but the virbarations caued all the kitchenwear to fall from the shelves and three quarters of the dishs had to be replaced.

The first thing I remember is waking up and someone sucking my cockcocks and a second man with his arms wraped around me kissing me putting his tongue in my mouth and his mustache tickling me reaching up running my fingers thru his thick brown hair. Then I had a vaginal orgasm and the second shallowing my cum. They pulled back and began stroking themselves and I got a clear look at the men I would be told were my Poppa Ted and Poppa Miguelit

Miguel was 5 foot 8 with chiseled body of a male model and the features of a Native South American, no hair on his head or body except his eyebrows and lashs. Ted was 6 foot 1, the body of a 50 something pro wrestler who kept in shape, a thick head of medium brown hair and a mustache and no hair on his body below his chin. I later remember thinking all he needs is a pair of pince nez and he’d look like Theodore Roosevelt only better.

I remember being in bed with my two Poppas for what seemed to be days only stopping to take food pills and water and to fall asleep exhausted always waking with my Poppas embracing me and making me feel desired. I remember when they started to fuck me first with their tongues and fingers and then with increasing larger dildos first Poppa Miguel fucked me with his slender seven inch cockand then Poppa Ted with his shorter but much thicker cock. The fist time Poppa Ted fucked me I felt I was being spilt in half, I cried out in pain afterwards and he pulled it out and I felt empty. Then he kissed it and made it better.

I grew to love being fucked and wanted it several times a day. Soon I was sent to school The Elders could find out what kind of work I was good at. I stated to have sex with the other students and the teachers and discovered I was really attracted to older men. Young guys were alright but the way older mens faces and bodies looked really turned on. Even the guests who came to The Island who bodies weren’t as well built as the Island People their older bodies excited me.

It was then that I was put in the service of the Island Resort giving my body to the clients. The clients some of whom came for treatments to extend their lifespans, others who came to enjoy the services of the all male poulation. Taking advantage of the poitions provided by the Alchemists which couldn’t be dulipicated or effective any where but The island the many clients came to enjoy the fantasies they couldn’t have anywhere else.

I continued writing in my journal and realized there were things that didn’t make sense. Why since I had no memories did I know about random stuff like Theodore Roosevelt and male models? Why did I know it was a bad idea to tell anyone about my memories? Why in computer class did I have a vision of computers being programed with punch cards? Punch cards? I had a memory of my sister (Sister?) using punch cards to make Christmas Wreaths. My sister is Liam’s grandmother. Why do I haven’t memories of random bits of American culture but can only speak a few words of Spanish or Portuguese, which actually would be useful with some of my clients. Could I have looked it on the internet, we don’t have the internet on the Island, I’ve heard a lot of our clients complaining about this.

I go to look for my journal and it’s not there. Has someone found it? Go home and pretend nothing happened. Next day go to meet with a new client, the room is empty. there’s a mist and I black out. Wake up and I’m home in the big bed and a kid I don’t know is fucking me. I’m on my back and he’s pounding away looks like Poppa Ted but around 15 to 18 years old. Did my Poppa Ted have a cub and not tell me? He’s great in bed but I’m not used to having sex with someone smaller than me. Feel his dick in me and he definitely inherited Poppa Ted’s best feature. Haven’t been fucked by Ted lately since I found out how much he liked getting fisted and my using didos from his toy collection. I swear one of them was larger than my leg.

I hear his speaking and his voice sounds like Poppa Ted, “Smartass, I’m going to fuck your brains out.” He keeps on fucking me and it feels so good, it’s getting harder and harder to thing clearly. Fuck Me! Fuck ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME NOW MY FRIEND!

Miguel to Ted "Well that’s started Trevor, Ronnie, and Roy are scheduled next. When was the last time we have to run a train? ’85? Will and Bill be here tomorrow.

The Elders decided that seven was needed to process Larry? You told me I only had three guys when I was bonded.

Went thru the records and it seems that the more you fight the bonding the faster it takes hold. You were a straight man born in 1902 and Larry was born in 1966 and was openly gay. Also you and I were exactually the type of men he fantasized about so he barely fought the process at all so we believed he was totally mindwiped shouldn’t have had any memories for another 10 years. The Alchemists say we have to keep him having orgasms for 3 or 4 weeks continuously and in a few months his brain should reset. Should keep his memories but he’ll be so addited to bonded sex he’ll be easy to contol.

Ted: Took me over 10 years to start remembering my old life. Just a rum runner out of Newark looking for a port to keep our ships on delivery runs. Wouldn’t have been a good choice anyway, too far the trade routes. Miguel: the Elders had only 5 years earlier decided to “hide in plain sight” as a resort for wealthy gay men. It was the Great War as they called it then and we knew there was no way we could the Island off the maps much longer, so we decided to start giving our services to the wealthy and had them use their influence to keep the rest of the world away. That didn’t keep organized crime from trying to get there cut of the action, did a lot of recruiting over the years.

Ted: How old are you anyway? Not certain, anything before 1650 the memories are fuzzy and the Spanish burned a lot of the written records when they tried conquering us in 1632. The Elders agree it was lucky that the pirates and slavers found the Island first and we able to recruit European Alchemists and Africian Magic Men to increase our knowledge. If the Spanish found us first they probably would have burned all our records and then burned us as sodomites. It’s believed that the oldest of us were a Caribbean tribe that found the fountain of youth that those Europeans were looking for and since it only works on men any women who were here with us must have died of old age.

Read Larry’s journal and who got you right Thedore Roosevelt O’Connor. Ted: I was born in 1902, half the boys in my neighborhood were named Theodore or Teddy. It was a good idea to rejuventate me when we decided to repeat Larry’s bonding I need the extra stamina to keep up, but I hate being this skinny. Miguel: You always get your size back when your body hits 25 even only living on food pills so be patient.

Ted: I’m going to miss that smartass mouth of Larry while until he’s done being a happy idiot. Miguel: It’s the bonding, works both ways. You care for him as much as he cares for you. As that TV show you like said “All Magic has a Price.” If you want to avoid the Darkside this is the mthod you have to use. Seen what happens when the Darkside is used, nasty.

Ted: Why did Larry get recruited anyway? Miguel: Part of an investigative report by an ambtious internet reporter. Larry and his friend, weren’t lovers, came to the Island posing as a newly rich Sugar Daddy and his younger boyfriend. Turns out both he and the reporter were related to this Liam he writes about but not to each other. Thought he was going to expose a child sex resort. Didn’t know that all the “young boys” are really men over a century old with teenage bodies. But Ted, you know what happens when you put an old man’s mind in a young body.

Ted: I swear I’ve even more obsessed with sex than the first time I was a teenager. You get even hornier when you know what you’re doing. Going to go back to servicing the clients just to take the edge off.

By the way who’s this Liam that triggered Larry’s memory. Miguel: Larry’s great-nephew that was born 2 days before his 43rd birthday and nephew of his reporter friend on the other side of the family. 20 years old starting college, just joined th campus Gay-Straight Allience.

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